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DO YOU THINK YOU HAVE A SIGNATURE STYLE? I like to look at the heritage of a brand when I am developing a new design. I strongly believe that even though we all seek innovation in the design world, looking to the past is a good way to interpret the future correctly and profoundly. I look at the past with positive eyes to successfully link legacy to contemporaneity. HOW IMPORTANT IS IT THAT YOU SUPPORT LOCAL CRAFTSMEN? This is an aspect of the design world that is right to highlight and try to do as often as possible. Projects can be very complex, but if there is the possibility of supporting local craft, I strongly believe in this. Not only does it help create that story that becomes the emotional component to design, it also is a kind of innovation, the direction in which I think the world will move back to. For example, local expert craftsmen in India make all of Gan Rugs’ products using natural fibres. Their ongoing projects in India help local communities and sponsor women's development in more rural areas. WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE FUTURE OF DESIGN? This is a very interesting time to be in design, and I believe that the next generations will live through a sort of revolution; the world and the way in which we will live will see an incredible change. We will witness a dramatic change in materials – in how we use them but also how we will create them: technology will redefine how we think of material-sourcing. We will learn to give a new life to all material waste in order to 170

ABOVE The ‘Bowy’ sofa designed by Patricia Urquiola and Cassina. BELOW Designs such as Patricia’s Backwing chair reflect her emphatic yet gentle style.

reinvent sustainability: it will be an incredible time for the creative industry. WHAT’S NEXT FOR YOU? With the studio we continuously work towards new projects and ideas. When we start approaching the Salone del Mobile, our biggest event of the year, there is an energy around everybody. With Cassina I have a very close relationship where we strive to keep on pushing towards quality, and also innovation in terms of design.

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FOUR Vol. 3 2019  

FOUR Vol. 3 2019