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can also select an alarm time and preferred sounds on the app to make getting up easier. From the tempering of the springs to the assembly of the bed frame – and even bedtime stories for you to fall asleep to via an app – Schramm has worked hard to find suitable recipes for its clients’ well-deserved rest. With a commitment to being authentic and expert in everything it produces, Schramm really is the home of sleep.

« For 2019, Schramm has introduced new designs for its Purebeds collection, which includes Purebeds Ell from reputable design brand Kaschkasch. Known for its intelligent modular designs and timeless pieces, Kaschkasch has created a classically contemporary bed with a full-length removable fabric cover. Angela Schramm has also lent her hand to creating an exclusive new range of headboards. Elegant and radiant in burgundy velvet, Flair headboards are extendable and come with classic pipe stitching. Alongside this, Schramm will now be offering another ingredient to its revolutionary sleep systems in the form of the Origins Change Daylight system. Comprising a light and custom-built app, the system ensures optimal light conditions in the bedroom at all times, making it much easier to fall asleep, sleep well and wake up refreshed. You 166

CLOCKWISE FROM ABOVELEFT Bedlinen “Fritz” and Plaid “Milo from Schramm Home Collection; Details of Purebeds “Ell”, designed by Kaschkasch with extension table in colour umbragrey; Bed Origins “Daylight” with light system at the headboard.

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FOUR Vol. 3 2019  

FOUR Vol. 3 2019