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THE DREAMWORKERS FOUR looks into the world of Schramm, luxury bespoke beds that are designed and handmade in Germany.


or three generations, Schramm workshops have specialised in sleep comfort that has been handmade in Germany. Founded in 1923, the company was originally an upholstery and saddlery workshop, but during the mid-1960s Schramm switched its focus to manufacturing high-quality mattresses and base mattresses. Several bed creations and fully integrated boxspring systems have since followed, creating an entirely comprehensive sleep system that is enhanced consistently for quality and comfort continuity. In each of Schramm’s carpentry, upholstery and tailor’s workshops, skilled staff members create high-end sleeping comfort with the utmost handcraft precision and considerable personal dedication. Demonstrative luxury plays an insignificant role among Germans, whereas unobtrusive luxury that enhances one’s own wellbeing is particularly popular. Therefore, in striving

CLOCKWISE FROM ABOVELEFT Details of headboard “Flair”, designed by Angela Schramm. Bedlinen “John”, 100 % Cotton with a small pattern, headboard “Flair” is extendable and looks most beautiful in velvet fabrics, as in the picture in opulent burgundy velvet.

for highest quality and ever-perfect solutions, Schramm keeps the customer at the centre of all concerns. In a far cry from mass-production, the brand has remained faithful to its handicraft for nearly 100 years. In its company mission, Schramm describes sound sleep as the “cradle of a healthy life”. And this is precisely what its sleep systems aim to provide. By choosing Schramm’s dual mattress system, you opt for the combination of a resilient top mattress and a stable base mattress, which are perfectly tuned to each other, providing total relaxation and regeneration of body, mind and soul during the night. The independently responding top mattress adjusts to your individual dimensions and sleeping habits, thereby bedding the body in an optimal anatomic position; the stable base mattress cushions every movement smoothly and evenly, providing the foundation for sound sleep. » 165

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FOUR Vol. 3 2019