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Do You Know Your Personality Type?

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Introduction to Sloanology We are invitation only, so when SLOAN! Magazine features a product or service it is a recommendation you know you can trust.


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It has been an pleasure to work with my team to produce this supplement on Sloanology to complement The Sloan Perception Blog. A big thank you to all. Sloanology provides information about personality types and how to use them to your advantage to get the life you want. The key components to a more fulfilled life include understanding yourself and others and this comes from improving communication skills and developing yourself into the person necessary to achieve that which you desire and deserve.


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Sloanology can be adapted to use in work situations, romantic relationships, family life, health decisions and success coaching. The insight and knowledge it provides about yourself & others is fundamental to getting the results you want in life. Ultimately the aim is to put you in a position where you can work out the rules as they apply to your life and adapt habits that have not been working for you by emulating patterns of behaviour that have proved successful time and time again in producing results.



My orginal concept has been over a decade in the making and takes into consideration a multitude of influences from personality type models to spiritual teachings and dream theory. I hope to inspire readers to reflect on life with a different viewpoint to turn around that which has not been working for them into a more positive move towards their goal. Life coaching can play such an important part in people’s lives. I hope you enjoy reading about Sloanology.


Sloanology What animal are you? What temperament are you?

Over the last decade as a life strategist Sloan Sheridan-Williams has adapted famous personality type models. astrology and ancient wisdom along with her own observations and come up with 4 temperament styles each with 5 sub-sections. Sloanology can be used to highlight areas of compatability and discord in romantic, family and working relationships but can also be used to help you adapt your habits to produce the results you want. For fast results book a personality typing session or course today on 07715 474 602 or email, to just dip your toe in the water we have included a few key points for each temperament and the 20 animals free in this supplemental guide to Sloan’s Blog - The Sloan Perception.

What animal are you? Sloan or one of her associates can personality type you in session or via e-mail with a few short questions.

However, if you would like to trial out Sloanology for free, you can figure out what temperament you are by reading the opposite page. Each temperament has 5 animals, you will be drawn to one over the others however at this stage be careful this is who you really are and not an idealised version of yourself or how you want to be? A good start to determining your temperament is to ask yourself what drives me: Connection (Companions), Logic and Reason (Cerebrals), Ideas (Inspirationals) or Excitement (Adventurers)

Get Your Power Back Coaching gives you the ability to embody and embrace other animal qualities that can get you ahead in love, life or work. Many clients say they believe they have benefited from a heads up with regard to the pitfalls and pleasures of personal and working relationships using Sloan’s compatibility rules. Personality typing gives you a head start navigating the complex journey of life.

Sloanology is about taking the power back with personality typing, and not settling for being one type but pushing the boundaries to be whoever you want to be. Sloan has now decided to share the secrets behind how her clients achieve long lasting fulfilling relationships at work aswell as with family and loved ones in her blog The Sloan Perception. This supplement compliments her blog.

Feel free to e-mail us and we will send you a quiz to make sure you know which animal personality type you are and how to use it to your advantage


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Adventurers Spontaneous and easygoing, Adventurers thrive on excitement and approach life with an open mind. They are creative, persuasive yet flexible and often do artistic jobs or hobbies. They talk about facts rather than theories and are practical hands-on types. They are attracted to people who share their fun-loving impulsive nature and who give them the freedom to continue their adventure. Adventurers like to be the centre of attention and tend to be the life and soul of a party. They are confident and playful people who enjoy physical attractiveness, sensuality & variety. In work & personal relationships they avoid confrontation. Adventurers tend to be drawn to jobs that involve skill. This could be a wide range of things from pilots, paramedics, performers, musicians, chefs and designers. Adventurers often lose track of time and therefore are most likely to be late for a date or a meeting. They will arrive upbeat and be playful in conversation while regailing you with extreme stories such as how drunk they got or how they are perfect for a role because they love mountain climbing, sky diving etc..

Companions Companions like to look after others and prefer order and routine in life. They are conservative, following rules and schedules with attention to detail. They are stable and dependable people who rarely act on impulse so they like to pair with those with similar family or work values. Companions enjoy the etiquette and chivalry of traditional dating and tend to be cautious with strict values when entering new partnerships. Companions are drawn to caring professions where they can help others such as the civil service, police, nurses, therapist, social work, estate agents, photographers, receptionists and retail. Socially companions won’t feel comfortable at bustling parties but prefer

quieter events enjoying nature, the Arts or restaurant recommendations. They do however enjoy large gatherings of friends and family. The Companion male is known for having traditional manners be it opening a car door or showing gentlemanly attentiveness to his date. He is respectful, always arriving on time having already confirmed the restaurant booking or theatre tickets to make sure the date goes without a hitch. The Companion female can often get lost in the details when getting ready but unlike Adventurers who lose track of time Companions are late because they are trying to look perfect for their meeting.

Cerebrals Cerebrals are complex thoughtful characters who value honesty, logic and reason. They are curious and skeptical, often singleminded and can get obsessed by work while being highly efficient and focused. Cerebrals enjoy serious discussions to frivolity. They have a calm, composed and controlled nature and tend to keep their personal life private. When dating, they invest only as much as they expect to get back but they can be determined and committed once they start a serious relationship. Cerebrals can often find people challenging. Some overcompensate by being falsely playful whereas others come across as conservative and intellectual. They are likely to be more into books, computers and business strategy over sports, parties and social activities. Some Cerebrals might casually date and experiment but such experimentation is not a product of impulse but one of choice. They are private about past relationships and are unlikely to divulge much information about current relationships with their friends. Cerebrals can appear cold, especially on the first meeting, and they can have very high expectations but they are fiercely loyal, respectful and supportive if they have chosen to have you in their life. Cerebrals often appear very in control and rarely have their head in the clouds. Female Cerebrals will often have a checklist for their perfect partner. They are easily distinguishable as they love solving problems, and tend to be typical

workaholics often oblivious to the most obvious daily news and events that other temperaments are aware of. Cerebrals will normally be the most efficient people in the room driven by logic rational thinking and concrete thought. They are found in occupations such as senior executives, stockbrokers, analysts, engineers, scientific researchers, inventors, politicians, venture capitalists, architects, surgeons, lawyers, mathematicians and chemists. They will often be found debating ideas and theories or having heated discussions about a myriad of topics. They might even throw a verbal grenade into the mix on a first date to stimulate intellectual conversation.

Inspirationals Enthusiastic and emotional, Inspirationals are true romantics who are looking for their soul mate and believe in deep meaningful relationships with their ideal mate. They can be intense and imaginative people who are passionate, sensitive and get touched deeply. Inspirationals have an idealized view of relationships and often use poetry and symbolism to express emotion. They quickly open up to the people they get close and share their deepest innermost thoughts as such they do not handle rejection very well. Typical job roles of Inspirationals include teacher, counsellor, consultant, writer, artist, journalist, publicist, dancer, librarian and clergyman. Inspirationals like talking about abstract ideas and they will often be heard talking about beliefs, values, life stages, ambitions and worthwhile causes. They are also interested in local culture, be it art galleries, concerts and poetry readings but rather than socialising they prefer to discuss the significance of what they’ve just experienced. Inspirationals can lose interest on dates that require physical or other activities that do not allow them the chance to connect with their date. They prefer to be more personable and ask probing questions on first meeting that are usually best left for second or third encounters. Inspirationals live up to their namesake and make inspiring additions to your life.

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Typing your personality can help you achieve success in love, work, health and all life’s challenges. Read below for the 5 step process Sloan & Associates implement to help you achieve the life you desire and deserve through personality typing.

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For those of you who have read or taken the Sloan SECRET course, you already know that taking personal responsibility is the most important starting point of any of Sloan’s coaching models and Sloanology is no different.

Your subconscious works towards that which you focus on, therefore in order to bring your circumstances into alignment with your desired personality, you have to educate yourself about the temperaments and their respective animals.

Unlike other personality typing methods or astrological charts which state you are a particular type with little scope for change, Sloanology allows you to adapt just like living organisms do in nature.

You have to ask the right questions to get the right answers. A life coach at Sloan & Associates can help you through this journey however if you wish to see how Sloanology relates in every day life then follow Sloan’s blog The Sloan Perception to see how you can use the same principles in your life to get your desired outcome.

The idea is as long as you can see where you are and where you want to be, you can work out the difference and adapt to achieve the results. So to start you need to select which temperament you are, by looking at the characteristics you display most strongly then you need to decide which of the five animals within that group you have the most affinity for. You can do this by flicking through the pages in this supplement. Once you work out who you are you can deduce who you need to be and work out if they are the same.



In this supplement myself and my associates will help guide you, using our knowledge and experience of Sloanology’s success, towards deciding on more helpful ways that will serve to move you forwards in your life rather than holding you back. Call today on 07715 474 602 and we can tell you which animal you are for free.

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The moment of change happens in an instant but psychologically and practically it takes many days if not weeks for a permanent lasting change to take place. One of the components to successfully bring about change is to have options and flexibilty which helps in making a solid commitment to keep doing what needs doing and not fall back into old patterns of behaviour which may feel comfortable but are in fact slowly deteriorating the very fabric of the person’s existence. The fact that unlike other typing systems you can embrace your animal or change it you never feel trapped by life or this system as you will continue to grow as your life grows with you. By emulating the positive aspects of other animals you can re-align beliefs that don’t work for you. Using Sloanology you can learn from other animal personality types and add strategies to your arsenal. Nature has an adapt or die philosophy and utilising this strategy for a positve outcome has long lasting effects.

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Those who have taken what looks like the easy option in life by sitting back and being a spectator in their own life will not be able to live a happy well-adjusted existence because they will be constantly at the mercy of the influence of others. These are the type of people who say “things happen to me” and they have little control in their destiny. The people who have stopped being a spectator in life are the ones who are happier and healthier, because they have adapted and are playing to win. These are the people who say “I make things happen.” We live with the same belief systems for all if not most of our lives unless we have the insight to realise that our current way of being is not supporting our goals and ambitions.



One of the best ways to grow and develop is to identify people who share your desired personality type to be your role models. This can be someone you know or indeed someone in the public eye. To help you adapt to your animal of choice you can also utilise the Reticular Activating System in your brain by pinning pictures on your vision board or changing your screen saver or buying a piece of jewellery of your animal. Some clients have been highly inventive and bought home interiors with fake fur of their animal and those who think the most laterally have had outstanding results. The best way to learn what works and what doesn’t is to talk to people you admire about their success and the path they took in life.

Life coaching for all Celebrity Life Coach Sloan SheridanWilliams believes that life coaching can benefit everyone and has created Sloan & Associates (a team of talented life coaches all mentored personally by Sloan) to use her coaching models together with her tried and tested

Sloanology is about modelling behaviour. As any life stategist will tell you, you learn by the success and the mistakes of others. Studying behaviour a life coach will be able to pinpoint exactly what you need to do to get the results you want. Sloanology helps bring you tips and techniques through personality typing to get you fast results with the minimal of coaching hours. To learn a new habit or new way of being, one must repeat that new action or behaviour time and time again until it becomes second nature. Once you have learned how to adapt your pesonality and how to live an extraordinary life you must compound that learning by repeating the action or behaviours every time you get an opportunity. Over time the new way of being will have been gradually hardwired into your brain by the repetitive compounding.

techniques. There are rates to suit every budget with prices from as little as £89 per session. Coaching is via e-mail, telephone or in person. For more information and to book a free no obligation consultation, call us today on 07715 474602 or e-mail hello@ @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Sloan advice

Using Sloanology How to use Sloanology to help you understand yourself and others. Determine your personality There are many ways to use Sloanology however the main uses satisy the human needs for love and connection, significance, variety and personal growth.

Sloan Sheridan-Williams

Sloan Sheridan-Williams, the founder of Sloanology, is a celebrity life coach who has featured in over 80 print & online media including national newspapers, glossy magazines and high profile websites. She achieves extraordinary outcomes for her VIP clients in the UK and overseas. She mentors a team of talented associates who provide life coaching in London to suit every budget. To discover how Sloan & Associates can help you get the most out of life call today on 07715 474 602 or e-mail

Whoever you are, the best starting point is to work out what animal type you are. You can either find out the animal personality we think you are by e-mailing us on or calling us on 07715 474 602 or you can take control and identify which animal you think you are by reading Sloan’s blog (The Sloan Perception) or by using this supplement to identify your animal. The key to accuracy is to work out what temperament you are first and then decide which of the five animals best suits you. When looking at individual animals we have noted down which star signs and MBTI types are drawn to which animals but this classification is not a replication of any other model and as such these are only guidelines to help those who have not signed up for a Sloanology coaching course.

Ways to Use Sloanology We have gone into more detail across the page but the most common ways of using Sloanology in session is to:• Embrace your animal • Change your animal • Learn from other animal personalites • Creating lasting love with an animal personality that compliments you • Create a winning team at work with the right pack of animal personalities

Why Animals?

A good start to determining your temperament is to ask yourself what drives me: Connection (Companions), Logic and Reason (Cerebrals), Ideas (Inspirationals) or Excitement (Adventurers)


Some people consider animals to be pure consciousness without the perceptions and ego driven behaviours of humans. They are thought to exhibit a more authentic state of living. A scorpion knows it has a sting in it’s tail and it does not hide the fact. Animals are about adaptation and instinct, with so much science becoming more in the public arena about brain cells and gut instincts being more than just a feeling, Sloanology utlitises science, psychology

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and experience to help relate success to nature. Like animals we can cater to our strengths and learn from our weaknesses without judgement.

Rules for Pairing The rules for pairing are never simple and there are some exceptions but in short Adventurers will understand and complement other Adventurers and Companions likewise other Companions whereas, Inspirationals and Cerebrals need to cross match to rise to new heights. Furthermore Adventurers and Companions share the same sub rules a) For females: Extrovert females do better with extravert counterparts and women who are driven by thought and logic over feelings and emotions will compliment and need a man with the same. b) For males: The quiet man needs an introverted female and a man who is more in touch with his emotions would do well to find a female of the same persuasion. Inspirationals and Cerebrals adhere to the old adage opposites attract with respect to a) Extroverts are best suited to introverts to compliment them. b) People who rely on judgement and snap decisions could learn and benefit from being paired with their opposite to reach new heights and achievements. With any type of classification there are obviously exceptions and Sloanology theory works on the premise that for a fuller picture one needs to take intrinsic drives, birth order, life stages and values into account when analysing whether personalities will complement one another. However, using the 4 temperaments and sub rules as a first port of call gives a high accuracy when considering pairing personlity types for work or love and will help navigate life’s challenges. Call 07715 474 602 or e-mail us at for your free consulation on how we can help you achieve success in any area of your life and delve deeper into how Sloanology can work work for you.

Here are ten of the most common ways Sloanology can help you achieve results.


Understanding personality types at work and how to communicate better with others is fundamental to establishing strong productive working relationships with both your colleagues and clients. Whether you are an entrepreneur, business leader or senior executive, Sloanology helps you and your team get ahead at work by improving communication, teamwork, motivation, decision making and promotion prospects.


In established relationships you can use Sloanology to focus on strengths and conquer weaknesses within your relationship by increasing communication and reconnection with your partner and rejuvenate your love life. If you are single, this personality model will help you make better choices when dating and attract the right person to fall in love with you for long lasting love.


By satisfying the emotional need of Contribution, extraordinary results can be achieved enabling you to function at a higher level. This shift from unhelpful ways of being to a more resourceful state will allow you to save time and energy in many areas of your life giving you the freedom necessary to give back to your community and contribute to the lives of others.

Cerebrals Complex Thoughtful Logical Skeptical Obsessive Highly Efficient Focused Serious Considered Conservative Intellectual

Inspirationals Enthusiastic Emotional Romantic Intense Imaginative Passionate Sensitive Idealised Open Abstract Cultured



Improve your health by taking the stress out of your life by using Sloanology to create healthier interactions with the people you encounter on a daily basis. Learning to appreciate differences and adapting your behaviour to reach the best outcomes for everyone will reduce tension, stress and anxiety whilst decreasing the risk of depression & substance abuse.


Connecting with parents, siblings, children and other relatives is not always easy and we often need more than just biology to strengthen blood bonds. Sloanology can be applied to all family issues and such a non judgemental approach to behaviours can help strengthen the relationship between family members by increasing understanding. Often fights revolve around type differences and not actual facts.


Used effectively Sloanology can improve interpersonal relationships which will allow you to grow and develop as an individual. Constant progression forward is key to ensuring genuine happiness and greater life satisfaction. Sloanology teaches you 6. not to feel pigeon-holed by old patterns of behaviour or rigid personality typing. Your greatest successes will come from having the ability to intelligently shift from one type to another to achieve fast results.


Developing effective communication skills using Sloanology will improve self-confidence & increase your self-worth which helps satisfy your need for significance. This benefits you psychologically & physiologically but also generates assertive & respectful interactions with others.

the Law of 9. Make Abundance work for you

by communicating with others effectively using Sloanology to improve interpersonal relations allowing you to live a life where anything is possible. Having taken personal responsibility to tackle situations using the most effective approach you can live within abundance and gratitude in a world where perception is everything taking your life to new heights. Sloanology is an 10. extraordinary model of communication and personality typing which focuses on the fluidity of the individual to adapt to the circumstances faced on a daily basis. Such a unique and innovative concept allows you to achieve your goals & become more successful than those around you stuck in rigid ways of thinking which hold them back. Sloanology puts the power back in your hands.

Caring Conservative Detailed Dependable Cautious Strict Family Orientated Traditional Well-Mannered Respectful Punctual

Adventurers Spontaneous Easygoing Open Minded Creative Persuasive Flexible Practical Fun-Loving Impulsive Confident Playful Aesthetic

@sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Lion The


Lion personalities easily attract mates but they need to a partner that will complement them. They take their relationships seriously devoting time and energy to making them work and using their creativity to keep things interesting. Their dominant personality can be overbearing if not kept in check and they need a partner who seeks to create the extraordinary with them.


Lions can be impatient and intolerant and this may translate into behaviour which others find overbearing or intimidating. They can be dismissive of feelings in themselves and others which can make them seem cold and uncaring. Lions are more likely to suffer from stress-related illness and exhaustion because they push themselves hard and don’t take enough time off.

Lion personalities have the drive and determination to succeed and overcome any challenge so are natural entrepreneurs and visionary leaders. They are skilled at keeping work structured and on track and do not accept inefficiency or laziness in their team. They are clear and concise communicators and expert strategists making them excellent lawyers.

identity career

About the Lion

People who have the Lion personality type make determined and courageous leaders. They are confident, charismatic and authoritative. Lions focus on personal growth and development as well as inspiring those around them to improve themselves. Their energy and drive is inspirational but they can be insensitive to those they see as incompetent. The only thing they truly trust in this world is logic and reason. Lions tend to gather a large repetoire of skills but tend to only use a small proportion of the skills they aquire. I have put Lions first in this book as they were created to be leaders and as such would only turn to this page first anyway. Lions tend to have little interest in starting with a section that is not directly related to them.

People who tend to identify with these Earth animals are likely to be of a Cerebral temperament as defined by Sloanology. The most likely MBTI who will relate with Lions are ENTJs like Margaret Thatcher. Napoleon Bonaparte and Julius Caesar. Some Librans are also likely to relate to Lions and a famous example of a Libran Lion is Simon Cowell.

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• Determined • Confident

• Stubborn • Intolerant

• Strategic • Charismatic

• Ruthless • Direct

• Efficient • Inspiring

• Impatient • Dominant

Lion personalities love to run the show and often have problems with authority at work or keeping a happy balance in their relationships. Coaching Lions tends to focus on how they relate to others to get their own way in a more positive manner. Lion types have good intuition but need to work on trusting as their desire to be logical can often send them down the wrong career/relationship path.


SLOAN SHERIDAN-WILLIAMS LIFE STRATEGIST @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Gorilla The


These are very sociable people who love to be surrounded by people. In their younger days they can be quite shallow and like to be around those who look up to them and make them feel entertained. As they get older they realise that lasting love needs stability and a calmer approach. Gorillas need constant support for their ideas from a mate or they lose interest.


Gorilla personality types tend to suffer from low self-esteem as they tend to seek external validation for their ideas rather than working on firing up their internal drive. For Gorillas who have taken a risk and lost, confidence knocks are harder to recover from than a more laid back personality type. Gorillas also tend to burn out like Lions.

often result in all or nothing, They are inspired by ideas that can shoot them to the top of their field overnight, but just as possibly they can lose everything by taking a large risk from a lack of judgement.

What others see as overbearing socially can be interpreted as confidence in the business world, making Gorillas expert negotiators and excellent at promoting both themselves and the brand they represent. They are good at solving problems and enjoy any role that challenges them mentally or physically. The love to invent both tangible ideas and actual designs.

identity career

About the Gorilla

It’s not surprising that people who share the Gorilla personality type all are larger than life characters. Their big persona can seem overwhelming to some but they care more about the people who see them for who they really are. Some can be aggressive attention seekers and tend to get moody when the spotlight moves off them. Gorilla type behaviours

People who tend to identify with the Gorilla pesonality are of the Cerebral temperament as defined by Sloanology. The most likely star sign drawn towards Gorilla is the Aries especially those passionate about ideas. ENTP personality types such as the inventor are also associated with this Earth animal. Famous Gorillas include Bette Davies, Andy Garcia and Celine Dion.

12 CEREBRALS | To find out more about your personality type call us on 0771 547 4602



• Energetic • Analytical

• Superficial • Insecure

• Enthusiastic • Creative

• Needy • Risk Takers

• Moody • Selfish

• Outgoing • Sociable

When working with Gorilla type tempraments we often start with a self-esteem boost, where I teach my client how to validate their own self-worth giving them independence from anyone that takes their power away by manipulating their need for affirmation be it a boss, co-worker or a partner. Time management is also an important tool that helps Gorilla types manage their ideas without burning out.


SLOAN SHERIDAN-WILLIAMS LIFE STRATEGIST @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams





People with the Fox personality type attract people to them like a magnet and make friends very easily. Others find them easygoing and fun but if pushed, Foxes can become stubborn and over-dramatic. They take their time when entering into a new relationship but once they fall in love, they can be very attentive and generous. If hurt, they do not forgive easily.


This personality type can have a hidden dark side which shows itself during times of stress or when they feel they are losing control. They can be domineering, difficult and irritable when they feel less than those around them. Foxes can be quite needy although rarely let on that is what is the driving force behind their sadness. Failures hit them harder than most.

Fox personality types prefer jobs which allow them to be social, influential and allow them to share concepts and discuss ideas. Like Gorillas they are full of ideas. They make good leaders and teachers. It is important that they do something they enjoy to remain balanced however people who share the Fox’s personality traits tend to make good career choices and get ahead in life.

identity career

About the Fox

Those drawn to the Fox tend to have expensive tastes and enjoy quality but not extravagence. They know what they want and will pursue it relentlessly using their power to influence others. They like to be comfortable and do things they enjoy. Outside of their comfort zone they can become controlling and edgy using expert lies to get them back to a place of security. They often use their charm to get what they want however deep down they want affirmation of their ideas and love and companionship to satisfy their emotional need for connection.

People who tend to identify with these Earth animals are likely to be of a Cerebral temperament as defined by Sloanology. The most likely MBTI who will identify with this Earth animal are ENTPs like Winston Churchill, Oscar Wilde and Barack Obama. The most likely star sign drawn towards Fox are Leos such as Daniel Radcliffe and J.K. Rowling.

14 CEREBRALS | To find out more about your personality type call us on 0771 547 4602



• Elegant • Intuitive

• Manipulative • Moody

• Dreamers • Charismatic

• Vain • Calculating

• Easygoing • Charming

• Stubborn • Crafty

It is not uncommon for Fox type personalities to present in session as suffering from exhaustion. They often find themselves overstretched because they are so full of ideas they never stop to enjoy the journey. Coaching Foxes involves helping them shift their focus appropriately on to that which makes them happy and that which is important to the end goals.


SLOAN SHERIDAN-WILLIAMS LIFE STRATEGIST @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Owl The


Loyalty and trust are very important to these personalities and they value their close friendships. However Owl types place a great emphasis on work so relationships are often placed on hold or not pursued. They may find it difficult to connect on a deeper level with a loved one because they can find it difficult to open up and display their emotions to their partner.


Owls are objective by their very nature so they can be disproportionately hurt when attacks seem personal and subjective which results in Owl types holding grudges longer than most. This can cause them stress and anxiety if they do not learn to let go. Such stress and conflict tends to isolate Owl types meaning they don’t seek help from friends or professionals.

own worst critics and are internally driven by a need to be the most competent at what they do and strive to achieve a self mastery that others do not even deam possible to achieve. They can let their feathers out sometimes and make for a great addition to family events or social functions as they provide an injection of fun into events by their desire to explore new ideas and places.

They work hard and earn the respect of their peers and managers. Owls are very successful at work because they apply willpower, confidence and determination to get results even if they are not naturally gifted in a particular task. They are perfectionists and enjoy feeling powerful, choosing careers which allow them to move quickly up the ranks.

identity career

About the Owl

People who have the Owl personality type are intuitive and can see beyond the obvious which enables them to make sound decisions based on all the facts. They are authoritative and command respect whilst being hard working and determined. They are the epitome of the absent minded professor or the hard working perfectionist. Owls are their

Owls are identifiable by their love of problem solving. The most likely MBTIs who will identify with Owls are INTPs. Famous INTP Owls include Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein and Marie Curie. Not all Scorpios are Owls but a large proportion of Owl Temperaments are Scorpio. Two famous Scorpio Owls are Ellen Pompeo and Matthew McConaughey.

16 CEREBRALS | To find out more about your personality type call us on 0771 547 4602



• Willpower • Objective

• Irrational • Perfectionists

• Wise • Insightful

• Repress Their Feelings

• Confidence • Determination

• Pride • Easily Offended

Owl clients often need to take a step back from perceived conflict and shift their focus on to how the situation really is rather than making it worse than it is. Conflicts at work or at home often start from the sensitve nature of the Owl and their ability to hold grudges. Letting go with life coaching tools or under hypnosis helps them reach new heights leaving the past behind them.


SLOAN SHERIDAN-WILLIAMS LIFE STRATEGIST @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Woodpecker The


Woodpeckers need balance but an active social life helps them stay happy and optimistic. They tend to be very popular and are 100% committed to the right partner even if they seemed like an eternally single and a commitment-phobe. They tend to be the last ones to settle down possibly because they are strongly independent.


It is important for Woodpeckers not to let their self-confidence turn into egocentricity. If you are a social Woodpecker you may find that a loss of connection with loved ones and friends can leave you miserable. You may feel melancholic, disinterested, conceited but learning to let go will leave you feeling optimistic and cheerful.

Woodpeckers are hard working and good planners. They are detailed orientated and are good with figures, statistics and administration. They rise up the career ladder by seeking recognition for status, rank or power. Woodpeckers thrive in intellectual or creative professions such as engineers, surveyors and those in uniform.

identity career

About the Woodpecker

People who feel an affinity with the Woodpecker tend to be independent and adaptable following their gut instinct and focusing on the big picture rather than getting bogged down by the minutiae. Woodpeckers enjoy mental challenges like puzzles and gain validation through achieving their goals and this supports their high levels of self-esteem. Woodpeckers are often shocked to think some find them aloof or distant because underneath their rational logical surface lies a loyal, caring and sensitive side. Woodpeckers strive for self improvement and often perform well in tests demonstrating such.

Not all Capricorns are Woodpeckers but a large proportion of Woodpeckers are Capricorns. Examples of Capricorn Woodpeckers include Jason Bateman and Christy Turlington. Those who use MBTI may like to know that INTJs such as : Stephen Hawking, Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon all have displayed Woodpeck personality types.

18 CEREBRALS | To find out more about your personality type call us on 0771 547 4602



• Confident • Popular

• Prone To Melancholy

• Focused • Logical

• Hesitant • Selfish

• Independent • Loyal

• Can be Egocentric

Woodpeckers are motivated by the bigger picture and as such can be picky when choosing a partner or push their chosen partner away by neglecting the finer details. Reframing hardwired patterns in coaching sessions of the way a woodpecker relates to people has demonstarted an increase in productivity at work as well as an increase in connection with family.


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Dog The


The Dog believes their way is right whether based on fact or not and this can be the cause of arguments in a relationship. However they are loyal and generous and responsible for their half of the relationship. Their best match is with a dominant partner who shares their values and supports them while letting them roam independently once in a while.


Decisions tend to be made on emotions rather than logic which can lead to unhealthy outcomes as anxieties and phobias take hold. These can be overcome with a pack like mentality and support from a trusted few. Dogs rely on luck rather than planning and if things fail they can get downhearted and overwhelmed which pairs with anxiety excerbating difficult situations.

Their charisma and passion make Dogs personalities born communicators and they are attracted to careers that allow them to do good and connect with others. They are happiest and most productive when they can make a career out of something they love be it Sales, PR, Event organising, Humanitarian work or full time parents.

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About the Dog

The Dog has a strong personality and is not afraid to sit up and make its voice heard. People with an affinity to this Earth animal tend to have traditional values and an optimistic nature. They take personal responsibilty for their actions and are disappointed in others when they don’t do the same. They can have strong opinions and find it hard to see others point of view although they remain loyal to those chosen. They enjoy exploration and adventure often taking part in thrilling hobbies but most importantly they like people. They put others first without making them feel guilty and bring joy and vibrancy to those in their pack.

People who tend to identify with these Earth animals are of the Inspirational temperament as defined by Sloanology. The most likely star sign drawn towards Dog is the optimistic but philiosphical Sagittarian. The most similar MBTI personality type is smooth talking ENFJ. Famous examples of this personality type are Uri Geller and Stephen Spielberg.

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• Giving • Passionate

• Emotional • Impulsive

• Generous • Joyful

• Overwhelms Easily

• Loyal • Kind

• Defensive • Stubborn

Anxieties run high in dog type personalities. It is not uncommon to see separation anxiety, empty nest syndrome and love addiction display in these clients. Creating a support network and making the journey as fun as the destination while keeping fears in perspective rather than an exaggerated overwhelming emotion is the key to a contented life.



Dolphin The


A busy social life is an absolute necessity for a Dolphin. Their excitement and passion for life is infectious and their charming nature is very attractive to a potential partner. Dolphins make devoted and affectionate partners and handle long distance relationships easily. They can be spontaneous and erratic which some may find unsettling.


Dolphins have a short attention span when doing boring tasks that don’t inspire them and can be prone to depression. They can overthink things and spend sleepless nights worrying about hidden meanings. They are very sensitive and get stressed easily if feeling overwhelmed. Dolphins have a tendency towards emotional outbursts under pressure.

Without the right balance, Dolphins can become too focused on work and let it consume them until they become overwhelmed and burned out. Alternatively they can play the fool and not take things seriously enough which results in missed deadlines and lost opportunities. It helps them to have a few projects on the go to keep them interested.

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About the Dolphin

These water creatures are energetic, playful, intelligent, lovable and adaptable. Dolphins are free spirits but enjoy bonding and socialising in groups rather than being hedonistic. They can get distracted and lose interest quickly because their need for fun is so great. Dolphins tend to be creative and mystical in addition to being sensitive and emotional. Dolphin personality types succeed in getting the best out of life. They are also the most likely type to not want to be typed in any manner although as Sloanolgy gives them flexibity they may just tolerate it this once!

In Sloanology, Dolphins have the Inspirational temperament and people who are ENFP under the MBTI classification are most likely to identify with Dolphins. Famous ENFP Dolphins include Ellen Degeneres and Robin Williams. Of the star signs, some Aquarians feel drawn to the Dolphin personality type. Justin Timberlake and Mia Farrow are two such examples.

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• Curious • Communicative

• Easily Stressed • Rebellious

• Possibility Orientated

• Opinionated • Bores Easily

• Playful • Energetic

• Overthinking • Lack focus

Dolphin type personalities need to work on focusing on that which they want to achieve. With a lack of focus the reticular activating system cannot bring forth that which they desire as easily. Whether we create a vision board, gratitude journal or action plan, Dolphins respond well to targeting their focus and drive in the right direction.



Seal The


Seals are charming & charismatic on the surface but underneath can appear very selfish and tend to neglect the needs of their partner as they are unable to display the same warm emotions they recieve. In addition Seals can struggle to observe social norms and manners which makes it difficult for them to maintain relationships even though they attract new partners easily.


These Water animals are risk takers and tend to have an addictive personality. Their overconfidence hides a deep routed fear of loneliness but they lack insight to overcome these emotional challenges. The duplicity between their exterior demeanour and their true feelings often end up creating emotional turmoil and gastrointestinal problems

Seals prefer to work alone as they like to be their own boss and have issues answering to authority. They do not enjoy doing admin tasks and therefore need someone to pick up this role while they focus on the fun creative side. As they like to be on the move, jobs that require travel appeal to them. Finances can be a problem as they tend to spend money indiscriminately.

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About the Seal

Those with the Seal personality type are highly sociable and thrive on exciting and challenging experiences. They love to chat and gossip with friends and share stories about their latest adventure. They can be disorganised and messy preferring to live for today than do chores or housework. Seals are always seeking the next thrill for fear of getting bored. They are internally driven by the need for self identity, self expression and an acquisition of knowledge. They are a great asset in a work environment as they are inspirational and creative. As partners they can be a challenge but one that is worth the effort to break through their emotional walls.

Seals fall within the Inspirational temperament in Sloanology and often share characteristics with the INFP personality type when relating them to Myers Briggs, Seal INFPs include A-listers such as Bjorn Borg and LaToya Jackson. Astrologically, some Geminis have an affinity with the Seal personality type. Famous Seal Geminis include Kylie Minogue and Venus Williams.

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• Resilient • Innovative

• Disorganised • Loneliness

• Witty • Creative

• Overly Idealistic

• Charismatic • Exciting

• Selfish • Lack Empathy

The dichotomy wihtin the Seal of showing one face to the world and feeling another within results in this personality type preseting in session with problems such as IBS, diverticulitis and other stress related gastrointestinal disorders. The solution requires merging the two halves of the personality and reducing internal conflict within the Seal’s identity.



Elephant The


Elephants value respect in their relationships and need to respect and feel respected by their partner. They are idealists leading to unrealistic expectations and they give expecting to receive in return. They are very caring but can have unhealthy personal relationships and often exhibit patterns of co-dependency or enabling behaviours.


Elephants believe in everything in moderation and enjoy the benefits of rest and relaxation. However they can be easily frustrated or depressed so need social interaction not to feel isolated. They are good at lowering their expectations but keeping standards high for example seeking a second opinion when they are unwell.

Elephants are hard workers and can be inspiring leaders however they prefer specialist roles rather than general management. They are good at creative roles and enjoy having security and certainty in their jobs. They have a balanced outlook and succeed in professions that require such. Elephant personalities often gravitate towards being judges, lawyers, politicians, and nurses.

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About the Elephant

People who share Elephant personality traits are often balanced, genuine and trustworthy individuals who have high standards and use their intelligence to judge situations fairly which allows them to earn the respect of those around. However Elephants are very smart and can bore easily if their minds are not engaged or stimulated. Elephants are gentle and compassionate bourn from their balanced outlook and cautious nature. They can be stubborn but in it’s positive form their strong will and determination is a quiet strength that enables them to put passion behind their goals and create tangible results from their creative ideas and inspirational thoughts.

Famous people who demonstrate Elephant personality traits include Librans such as Gore Vidal, Neve Campbell, Sigourney Weaver and Bruce Springsteen. Not all Librans are Elephants but many INFJs share similar characteristic to the Elephant personality type such as Plato, Carl Jung, Mahatma Ghandi, Cate Blanchett and Al Pacino.

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• Trustworthy • Caring

• Overly Cautious

• Romantic • Creative

• Need External Validation

• Stylish • Balanced

• Co-Dependent • Sensitive

Elephants in relationships are often considered stable and dependable but slightly removed. This works in long term relationships but in the early stages of dating can prove problematic. It is important when working with Elephant personalities to help them in the art of flirting and communicating so their partner knows they are interested.


SLOAN SHERIDAN-WILLIAMS LIFE STRATEGIST @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Leopard The


Being such a big character, Leopards tend to work best in a relationship with a more understated partner but someone who still shares their passion for adventure. Having an alpha role in the relationship is a must if it is to work long term. Although the Leopard enjoys the spotlight, they need their partner to be popular and assertive to maintain balance.


Such strong personalities can both lift and drag down the spirits of those around them depending on the mood of the Leopard. They have a tendency towards the eccentric and thrive on complementary medicine. Leopards tend to be different and as such often fall foul of hard to diagnose disorders such as ME and chronic fatigue syndrome. Their other downfall is taking on too much resulting in accidents.

Leopard personalities can use their natural talents to produce amazing outcomes. They are natural politicians and entrepreneurs. Leopards gravitate towards roles where they can make a difference and have their opinions heard. It is important that they learn to delegate giving positive affirmations to their team and relinquish the need to do everything themselves.

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About the Leopard

You can recognise someone who has a Leopard personality because they will always be hard to ignore. They tend to be eccentric, larger than life characters who are naturally assertive yet balanced with a gentle compassionate side. Leopards are good at accepting responsiblity which is very useful in terms of parenting or leadership but can be detrimental if they do not learn to share such responsibility. Their intrinsic driver is their intuition which helps provide ideas and inspiration for a seemingly constant source of projects.

People who tend to identify with these Earth animals are likely to be of an Inspirational temperament as defined by Sloanology. The most likely star sign drawn towards Leopard is Aquarius but not all Aquarians are Leopards. In terms of MBTI, the inspirational INFJ personality type is associated with the Leopard. Examples include Matt Dillon and Ayn Rand.

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• Influential • Assertive

• Lacks Boundaries • Aloof

• Fun • Independent

• Egotistical • Unpredictable

• Passionate • Committed

• Proud • Suspicious

Leopards long for harmony and balance in their relationships. Clients facing conflict in their work or family life are internally driven to avoid and diffuse conflict. They would do better to address their internal conflict first and coaching provides them action plans and exercises to tackle these areas.



Penguin The


Connection is very important for Penguins so they like to develop a close knit group of loved ones, family and friends and they are very supportive and caring to the group. They attract others to them easily by being charming and likeable. In relationships they can give up too easily but tend to choose the same type of partner each time.


Penguins are very good at filtering out the negativity around them. However they need to be part of a social group as isolation can lead to depression. Due to their high intellect, Penguins have high expectations placed on them from a young age. Not living up to these expectations in later life can cause conflict. They must avoid wasting their talents by staying positive.

Penguins encourage teamwork and working for the greater good. They enjoy analytical roles or tasks that allow them to think creatively. Penguins are natural guardians and enjoy caring for others including charity work. Jobs such as psychologist, therapist, teacher, clergy, nursing and accounting suit them best.

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About the Penguin

Those drawn to the Penguin personality type have no trouble communicating and being sociable in large groups, in fact they prefer not to be alone. They are very adaptable, curious and intelligent. They enjoy solving challenges, are motivated by achieving results and they like to share their success with others. A Penguin’s environment and home life is often the centre of their field of focus and when they are taken from the comfort provided by that, they exhibit a neediness and insecurity until the fun and happiness is restored to their home life.

People who tend to identify with these Water creatures are likely to be of a Companion temperament as defined by Sloanology. The most likely MBTI personality type who will identify with this Water creature are ESFJs like Victoria Beckham and Michael Palin. The most likely star sign drawn towards Penguins are Virgos such Salma Hayek and Chris Pine.

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• Ambitious • Detailed

• Uncertainty • Insecure

• Analytical • Inventive

• Preoccupied With Social Status

• Smart • Resilient

• Judgemental • Loneliness

Clients who exhibit Penguin personalities often seek coaching around the time of merging two families. Home life is extremely important to the Penguin and diffusing conflict before it arises is an art they need to learn to enable them to maintain the comfort and security of their home life which is a fundamental need for a Penguin personality.



Panda The


Pandas value their privacy and make loyal and committed companions. They need partners who do not take themselves too seriously and have a light hearted approach to life. Pandas can feel insecure in relationships as they tend to have trust issues and doubt their instincts. They are romantic but need loved ones to share their interests to feel validated.


Being so busy all the time means that Pandas find it hard to relax. They can be anxious and overly self critical which can have a negative effect on their selfesteem. Pandas tend to be more vulnerable than most to pressure and stress and some may react to these pressures by displaying obsessive behaviour as a way of coping.

Pandas are highly successful and will prioritise work often neglecting their home life. Their ultimate goal is to create their own empire even if it means being a big fish in a little pond. They need help to realise that there is enough time available for a healthy work-life balance. Typical jobs include scientists, interior designers, TV presenters, hairdressers and actors.

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About the Panda

Pandas like to be the best and spend time improving their own lives and surroundings. Due to the fact that they are ambitious, like to be in charge and are success driven, Pandas can often be accused of being self-centred but this works for them. They are sensitive, taking things personally with many choosing to live in their own little bubble. Panda internal drives include duty, obedience, integrity and taking responsiblity in an orderly and well thought out fashion. Their loyalty is second to none, and although this may make them appear quite considered and serious at times they are actually quite fun to be around.

In Sloanology, these Earth animals are Companions and people who share Panda traits tend to be Scorpios but not exclusively. If your MBTI personality type is ISFJ or you relate to having a high sense of duty, then you may feel an affinity with Panda personality traits. Famous Pandas include Whoopi Goldberg, Michael Caine, Elijah Wood and Megan Mullally.

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• Ambitious • Adaptable

• Uncertain • Unforgiving

• Creative • Independent

• Oversensitive • Shy

• Considered • Focused

• Controlling • Self Critical

Panda personalities tend to have overly developed inner critics. Working on ego strengthening, self confidence and shifting focus away from the unrealistic blueprint they have created for themselves and others helps them on the road to a more fulfilled life. Reducing stress and anxiety is also important and managing a Panda’s expectations promotes a more positive outlook on life.



Squirrel The


When it comes to love, ambition can get in the way of long lasting relationships for Squirrels. They find it easy to find a date because they are witty and charming, but without a healthly work-life balance they struggle to keep relationships going meaning it is not uncommon for them to settle down later in life. For a successful match they need a strong partner to keep them stable.


Squirrels tend to live life at extremes either being a fitness freak or neglecting their health altogether. They can be workaholics with a poor work-life balance and possibly have health issues if they have a sedentary job and do not have an active lifestyle. They are most likely to suffer minor accidents such as slips, trips and falls and hence suffer from orthopaedic problems later in life.

Squirrels are intelligent, very successful and accomplishment driven. They work best when they are passionate about the subject. Squirrels have great instincts and an unstoppable focus to achieve results. They push boundaries be they physical, ethical or moral but never break the law. Typical jobs include CEO, Entrepreneur, Musician, Artist, Charity Fundraiser and Auctioneer.

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About the Squirrel

Squirrels belong to the Companion temperament and exhibit loyalty and dependability that can appear guardian-like in nature. People drawn to the Squirrel type personality often stand out for being risk takers who are strong willed and adventurous but with the balance, determination and courage that makes for the perfect foundations of success. Squirrel types are independent, adaptable and highly capable with a strong work ethic. Squirrels are survivors and can be loyal but selfish. They are impatient but also take the time to build strong foundations in work and in love. They are energetic, creative and use their imagination to think outside of the box.

People who identify with these Earth animals are likely to be of a Companion temperament. A high percentage of Squirrels tend to be Taurean including Mark Zuckerberg and William Shakespeare. For those familiar with Myers Briggs classification, ISTJs seem to identify with Squirrels. Famous Squirrel ISTJs include George Washington and Anthony Hopkins.

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• Depndable • Intelligent

• Workaholic

• Courageous • Motivated

• Represses Feelings

• Adaptable • Determined

• Selfish • Impatient

Squirrel clients looking for help with relationship issues need to address their work-life balance. A common issue is that squirrel personality types are self sufficient so can give the appearance of being rigid. Embracing exercises to bring out their great sense of humour with a partner making dating and relationships more playful and fun is a important starting point to bringing healthy emotions to the surface. SLOAN SHERIDAN-WILLIAMS LIFE STRATEGIST SLOAN SHERIDAN-WILLIAMS @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Turtle The


It takes time to get to know a Turtle but once they accept you into their close knit group they are extremely loyal and protective. However they will drop anyone who deceives them or betrays their trust. Once they fall in love, Turtles find it hard to let go so risk remaining in unhealthy relationships.


Turtles tend to attract hurt and broken individuals into their lives and their caring nature can lead to bad relationships where they become an enabler. They can also develop co-dependency issues because of their need to be in a relationship. When they break up this dependence can turn to addicition. Their sensitive and fragile nature means they get hurt easily.

Turtles value knowledge and learning so make excellent librarians or historians. They enjoy writing and do well as authors but prefer to avoid the limelight. Their focus on family also means they enjoy staying at home and creating a warm welcoming family home. Careers include military, police, surgeons and accounting.

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About the Turtle

Turtle personalities are quiet, pragmatic, sensitive and reserved. They like to live a simple happy life with a constant person/partner by their side. They are house proud and carry out their household chores in an efficient and organised manner. This water creature surprises many by being highly capable, organised and well presented. Family and the home are more important than wealth and drive them forward to provide for their loved ones but Turtles still spend most of their money creating a beautiful home and environment.

People who tend to identify with these Water creatures have a Companion temperament as defined by Sloanology. The most likely star sign drawn towards Turtle is Cancer and they have affinity with the ISTJ Myers Briggs personality type who revolve around doing what should be done. George H W Bush, Robin Williams and Terrence Stamp are famous Turtles.

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• Family Orientated

• Reserved • Dependent

• Organised • Dutiful

• Stubborn • Judgemental

• Creative • Caring

• Shy • Sensitive

Turtle clients are easily identified as they often present hiding behind another person and will therefore be accompanied to a session. Their co-dependency and need for comfort and certainity is the first issue that needs to be addressed enabling them to take personal responsibilty and their power back to make more informed choices for a brighter future.


SLOAN SHERIDAN-WILLIAMS LIFE STRATEGIST @sloansw_london | Sloan Sheridan-Williams


Bee The


Bees like deep and meaningful relationships both in their professional life when networking and in their personal life when cultivating friendships. They are deeply loyal and level headed. Bees recharge by interacting with others and achieve balance by focusing on their relationship when not working.


Work-life balance is always an issue because these people can push themselves hard at work in a bid to achieve their dreams in the fastest possible time. They tend to be very critical of their work and can be deprecatory of themselves and others which can chip away at their confidence and create enemies or a hostile working environment which ultimately leads to an increase in stress.

They are not afraid to take any opportunity to shine sometimes interrupting others because they feel the need to be seen and heard. They are known to work obsessively hard on their goals. They see their work as their legacy and most want to build up their own little empire to be remembered. Professions include investors, entrepreneurs and auditors.

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About the Bee

Hardworking, honest and proud, the energetic Bee is helpful and friendly to all. They have trouble letting go so tend to take on too much and their exceptionally high standards are difficult for others to live up to. The bee understands that self determination is key to success. Bee types are resourceful and persevere to achieve their goals, sometimes by treading on others toes. They are noticeably outgoing, assertive yet practical and stubborn with a touch of optimism and a gentle heart. They earn respect by satisfying their need for contribution and are frustrated when they do not receive the recognition they think they deserve.

People who tend to identify with these Air creatures have the Companion temperament as defined by Sloanology. The most likely star sign drawn towards the Bee is Capricorn and those who have the adminstrator ESTJ Myers Briggs personality type can identify with the Bee. The Duchess of Cambridge and Dolly Parton both have the Bee personality type.

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• Uncomplicated • Honest

• Demanding • Overstretched

• Dedicated • Reliable

• Inflexible • Judgemental

• Diligent • Optimistic

• Direct • Self Critical

Bees hold strong opinions about themselves and others. Re-aligning their belief system to one that works for them and produces results is a challenge but well worth the effort. Coaching provides an invaluable tool for Bees to re-evaluate that which they originally believed to be true but later find out to require flexibility and adaptation to make it work.



Zebra The


They tend to have many acquaintances and do not find it easy to develop deep friendships because they are too busy fitting everything into their social diary. They don’t always pick the best partners because they are too trusting and optimistic. They go with their heart not their head and this can lead to heartache.


This personality type is sensitive and can get overemotional when faced with challenging circumstances. Zebras can therefore be susceptible to illness and some have delicate constitutions that take longer to fight infections and colds. They also suffer from inflammatory problems that are excerbated by stress and conflict.

Zebras are adept at networking and have a gentle polite nature which makes them interesting and easy to get to know. They enjoy the arts, community or charitable work although they work best donating their time or money rather than running the organisation as they are not natural leaders.

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About the Zebra

Although some may find them a little eccentric, this Earth animal is dependable and sincere. They value individuality and prefer to live life according to their rules rather than to conform to society’s expectations. Zebras can be creative and artistic. They can be shy about promoting their talents and as such you need to know a Zebra well before seeing their true abilities. Zebras love to find new ways of approaching the mundane parts of life, keeping their environment fresh, exciting and ever-changing. This makes them unpredicatble but they are the least controlling or competitive of all the animals and as such their unpredicatbility is charming not domineering.

People who tend to identify with these Earth animals are of the Adventurer temperament as defined by Sloanology. The most likely star sign drawn towards Zebra is Pisces and the most likely MBTI personality type to share traits in common is ISFP. Glenn Close, Britney Spears, Elizabeth Taylor, Christopher Reeve and John Travolta are famous Zebras.

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• Artistic • Charismatic

• Unorganised • Naive

• Charming • Harmonious

• Unpredicatable • Competitive

• Relaxed • Compassionate

• Sensitive • Emotional

Zebras find it easy to attract a mate but they find it hard to take relationships past the early days because they are so busy with their social diary they forget to make time for the intricacies of dating. Relationship coaching of how to behave on the early dates makes for a more successful conversion of meeting a potential mate and turning it into a relationship.



Otter The


Otters are charming and adorable which attracts a lot of attention towards them. This can be difficult for other dominant personality types who see this as competition. They enjoy new experiences and prefer to stay independent and free for as long as possible until they meet the right person who respects their needs and shares a similar social group.


Otters will readily share good advice about health and wellbeing but will rarely listen to such advice themselves. Otters can appear to suffer from ADHD as are constantly flitting from one thing to the next. This lack of focus can lead to the need for excitement in the form of drug taking and risky sexual behaviour.

Otters prefer a role of responsibility which gives them respect and attention but they work hard to become the best. They are very proud and always want to do things their way not always playing by the rules. Otters tend to look down on those of similar age who are less successful than they are. They make ideal entrepreneurs, entertainers, wedding planners or politicians.

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About the Otter

The Otter personality type attracts those who have a natural warmth and gregarious nature. Personal appearance is very important to them but they do not feel tied down to any particular place as home preferring to travel from place to place before settling down later in life. They have a good sense of humour and have great stories to share. They are the life and soul of the party but sometimes push things a littel too far. They are big hearted and take rejection very personally. They are fun to be around, outgoing and need to be constantly on the go.

People who tend to identify with these Water animals are likely to be of an Adventurer temperament as defined by Sloanology. The most likely MBTI who will identify with Otters are the ESFP who live for the moment. Examples include Marilyn Monroe, Miley Cyrus and Justin Beiber. The most likely star sign drawn towards Otters are Leos such as Ben Affleck and Robert Redford.

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• Outgoing • Funny

• Greedy • Narrow-Minded

• Excellent People Skills

• Act Now Pay Later Mentality

• Feisty • Clever

• Judgmental • Ignores Rules

Otters will benefit from learning how to balance their need for significance and attention and their need to be loved and adored. Shifting focus on to the bigger picture allows them to avoid actions that result in consequences that they were not prepared for. Action plans and long term goals help Otters avoid the pitfalls of impulsive behaviour.



Butterfly The


Although they can be quite spiritual and mature, Butterflies can be judgemental and superficial when it comes to choosing a mate valuing good looks and romantic ideals. They avoid conflict at all costs and would rather leave the room than engage in an argument. They have high expectations of their other half which can be difficult to live up to.


Butterflies get stressed easily in uncomfortable situations so prefer to stay calm and peaceful often turning to yoga or meditation to help them relax. Stress can affect them in a variety of ways including upper gastric disorders and hormonal irregularities. When Butterflies is out of balance they tend to be consumed by anger and aggression which turned inwards leads to depression.

Because they have an innate skill to make things beautiful, you will find Butterflies in any job that requires an eye for detail and aesthetic sensibilities. They make excellent artists, beauty therapists, actors, models and antique dealers. They do well in customer-focused roles where they deal directly with people and they enjoy working with others.

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About the Butterfly

People of this personality type are truly social butterflies who like nothing more than being in the spotlight and encouraging everyone to have a good time. They are spontaneous, entertaining and very generous. They like aesthetics, taking pride in their appearance and surrounding themselves with beautiful things. Butterflies live in the moment resulting in them missing opportunities by being too narrowly focused and easily distracted. They attempt many things rarely following through but when they hit upon the right venture or relationship they often reach the intangible and extraordinary.

People who tend to identify with this Air creature are of the Adventurer temperament as defined by Sloanology. The most likely star sign drawn to the Butterfly personality type is Libra. Zac Efron and Kate Winslet are examples of this. ESFPs also share much in common with the Butterfly personality type.

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• Generous • Friendly

• Sensitive • Avoids Conflict

• Sociable • Passionate

• Judgemental • Self-Indulgent

• Balance • Tactful

• Unrealistic Expectations Butterflies have been accused of being passive aggressive in relationships as they tend to avoid conflict but still feel the negative emotions of frustration and anger. Relationship coaching with their partner is beneficial for a harmonious environment at home and they can have fast long lasting results with small tweaks to their communication style.



Goat The


This personality type tends to prefer a solitary life and is extremely independent. Goats can push people away and can be very fussy about the right partner but once they fall in love they are dependable and loyal partners. They need connection but don’t realise this early on and tend to settle down later in life.


Goats can be stubborn, insensitive, easily bored and reckless which can lead them to take unnecessary risks just for the fun of it. Some may encourage conflict and danger without caring about the outcome which can lead to severely challenged situations if they lose control. Goats are prone to accidents and often find themselves in A&E.

Goats have a tendency to break through accepted boundaries and rarely take no for an answer so make good scientists, explorers, forensic analysts, high risk daredevils, mechanics and engineers. They are practical and like to work with tools to solve problems or get creative. They tend to solve the problems others have been trying to fathom out.

identity career

About the Goat

People who have a connection with the Goat personality like to have their own space and enjoy being independent. They relish growth and development being naturally inquisitive and intelligent. They can be adventurous and enjoy exploring new things but they tend to stand their ground on points of principle and their likes and dislikes. Goats are inquisitive and curious creatures. They have their finger on the pulse of what is going on around them. They dream big looking for opportunities and solutions where others don’t.

People who tend to identify with these Earth animals have an Adventurer temperament as defined by Sloanology. Those who relate to the ISTP personality type will have an affinity with the Goat. Examples of ISTPs include Tom Cruise, Clint Eastwood, Steve Jobs, Eminem, Kristen Stewart, Demi Moore and Christian Bale.

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• Spontaneous • Relaxed

• Private • Reckless

• Push Boundaries

• Commitment Phobic

• Vibrant • Practical

• Insensitive • Stubborn

Goats are great at pushing boundaries but at a high cost to their health and wellbeing. Coaching Goat type personalities includes helping restore balance to the way they carry out their need for spontaneity and achievement, with action plans that are less risky and more sustainable long term to produce consistent results over a long period of time.



Peacock The


Peacocks fall hard in love and whilst they may shower attention and affection on their partner, they can also be dominant and controlling in relationships. Peacocks are charming and charismatic and enjoy being sociable however Peacocks can be challenging as partners. They like to have a large group of acquaintances around them but prefer a small circle of friends.


Peacocks can be compulsive with some displaying OCD to a lesser or greater extent. In extreme cases they can be narcissists or neurotic. Many Peacocks have dependency or entitlement issues and some may appear spoilt. Such expectations of others can result in the Peaock being alone or unsatisfied with what they have leading to depression and lack of validation.

Peacocks like to take on roles which give them an opportunity to shine. They are very confident and extremely capable often becoming good leaders if they are passionate about something. Peacocks need constant external validation and make this clearly known. Typical job roles include athletes, actors, teachers, performers and hairdressers.

identity career

About the Peacock

Those with Peacock personalities tend to be witty and dramatic, highly confident and enjoy drama and controversy if it gets them attention. Peacocks hate being ignored, they are strong willed, proud, extravagant and self-centred. They need to always be right and love to be admired and praised. The Peacock lives for the moment and is unconventional in their approach to life and societal rules. They like their day to unfold rather than be confined by rigid rules and structure. They are regarded as successful in their field and love the limelight that this brings. They indulge in risky behaviour which is their biggest downfall.

Of all the signs of the zodiac Leo tends to have the greatest affinity with Peacock personalities. Some famous Leos include Roger Federer and Jennifer Lopez. The MBTI personality type ESTP also corresponds well to Peacock traits. Well-known Peacock ESTPs include Madonna, Robin Thicke, Taylor Swift, Amy Winehouse, Jack Nicholson, Donald Trump, Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie.

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• Independent • Capable

• Lacks Humility • Unpredicatble

• Charming • Flamboyant

• Rely On Others For Validation

• Sociable • Confident

• Attention Seeking • Selfish

Peacocks need to come to terms with the fact that people are defined by the daily habits that they perform. Peacocks although realists often do so on their perception of the world. Re-focusing one’s attention on more positive habits to get the right kind of attention is key to a more balanced life opening themselves up to love and connection.



Why hire a life coach? If you want to lose weight you hire a PT but who do you go to when you need to get the edge in your life.

Life coaching gets you the results you want in the fastest possible time Each and every coaching session with Sloan takes you forward on your journey towards reaching that state of overall wellbeing, putting you in the right frame of mind to deal with anything life puts before you. Sloan’s sessions aim to purge you of negative thoughts, which enables clarity of mind and body. Just one session fills you with enough positivity to face the rest of the day, if not the whole week with a spring in your step. Sessions can be designed to tackle specific problems or as a maintenance for an ongoing healthy way of being.Sloan might not be able to whisk you away to Hawaii in your lunch break, but she does make you feel as relaxed & rejuvenated as if you had. If you can hand on heart say that you are 100% happy with your life, work, relationship and health right now then congratulations for achieving all the success and rewards you deserve for putting in so much time, effort and resources to create an extraordinary life. However if you’re not, help is available.

DO YOU ANSWER YES TO ANY OF THESE QUESTIONS? You feel at a crossroads You want more energy in your life You feel as though fear is holding you back You want the control back in your life You feel you make the wrong choices You want to stop people pleasing You procrastinate You feel you have gone off course You want that promotion at work You don’t know how to achieve your goals You are in a bad relationship You want to become your ideal weight


If this sounds like you then you would definitely benefit from life coaching. Sloan Sheridan-Williams knows how to get you the results you want in the shortest time possible.

CAN YOU AFFORD NOT TO WORK WITH HER? Sloan tailors her approach to help you achieve a life you love while breaking things down into manageable, easy to complete tasks. She will explain your personality type, work on your intrinsic drives and help you create coping strategies encorporating tried and tested techniques which will help you attain each and every one of your goals. Using her exceptional skills and experience, Sloan not only helps with everyday issues but can use her knowledge to give you invaluable coaching in all aspects of your life. You will find that whatever the issue, after just the first consult, you are taking the steps to a life you truly love.

ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS TO GET THE RIGHT RESULTS If there is even a small part of your life that you are unhappy with then ask yourself: “What do I need to do to overcome this?” and “Why am I not doing it already?”. If you know the answer then write it down and take action now. If you don’t know the answer or are still reading this then you are the type of person who would benefit from working with a life coach who will steer you down the best path and get you back on track when you go off course. Friends and family can provide a good support network but for true progress you need someone with an unbiased objective view on your life that cuts through the stories you tell yourself and gets you where you want to be in the shortest possible time. Sloan is one of those people. Those who say life coaching is not for them yet continue to struggle to make long lasting positive changes in their life will always have two things stopping them; their belief system and their perception of time and money.

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Belief systems can trap people into old ways of thinking which initially may have made them feel safe and given them certainty but over time these beliefs have become less than helpful and trapped them into a way of thinking solely based on the past which is not serving them well in the present. For example, not so long ago, personal trainers were seen as a luxury used by only celebrities and the ultra rich. Now it is commonplace to see people using personal trainers in gyms and parks up and down the country. The same is true for life coaches. Once seen as indulgent and only for the privileged few, life coaching is now becoming a necessity for anyone from any background who wants to take their lives to the next level. You have to ask the right questions to get the right results. Do you know the questions? Do you have the drive to achieve your dreams? Are you ready to create the life you not only desire but deserve yet don’t know where to start?

DO YOU HAVE THE DRIVE TO BE PRESENT IN SLOAN’S COACHING SESSIONS? If you are ready to know the rules to getting what you really want, then book a free life strategy session today on 07715 474 602 or e-mail for further information.

“An extraordinary life coach inspires you to create the life you desire and deserve. I deliver extraordinary outcomes. I do not accept average and neither do my clients.” SLOAN SHERIDAN-WILLIAMS

Life Coaches are not just for those who are in crisis, they are there to help people reach their full potential and keep them at the top of their game.

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When all is said and done, it is within our power to control negative unhelpful emotions and take personal responsibility.

e c r e t

I often tell my clients that they are the common factor. It is not that I believe they are the cause of all their problems but I do believe the way people interpret what is truly going on within themselves and assumptions they make about others has a huge impact on their daily life.

I developed The Sloan SECRET coaching model after studying in some of the UK’s finest institutions and practising as a life coach for over a decade. My extensive experience working with clients on a wide range of issues allowed me to formulate a highly effective 6-step process to help my clients find solutions to practically any problem they are faced with. The Sloan SECRET concept is easily explained, but to get true benefits one needs to compound the teachings so they become habits helping you get the most out of life. It is in this magazine that myself and the SLOAN! Team bring you information and experience to help open up the possibilities to an extraordinary life. All of the products and ideas in this magazine have been tested by one of the SLOAN! team and in some lucky circumstances my clients. I do not accept advertising and as such the recommendations are truly genuine.

S Simplify The first part of The Sloan SECRET shows you how to move forward. Constant progression is one of the keys to a fulfilling life. Adapting Einstein’s definition of insanity, I teach that to do the same act over and over again expecting a different result will severely challenge your hopes and dreams. If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got and if that is working for you great, but nine times out of ten there are so many other possibilities awaiting us to limit ourselves to just one or two seems an enormous waste of opportunity. So in the first part we simplify everything including looking at your work-life balance and working out what goals are important to you and what is holding you back.




Your subconscious works towards that which you focus on, therefore in order to bring your circumstances into alignment with your desired outcomes, you have to shift your focus. You have to ask the right questions to get the right answers. A good life coach can give you support. A great life coach can help you find answers. But an extraordinary life coach can inspire you and get results. During the second stage of The Sloan SECRET we explore all the different ways you can learn, grow and develop. With the practically limitless possibilities opened up by internet searches and the like.

My team of experts will help guide you through their knowledge, experience and helpful Q&A’s towards deciding on more helpful beliefs that will serve to move you forwards in your life rather than holding you back.



The moment of change happens in an instant but psychologically and practically it takes many days if not weeks for a permanent lasting change takes place. One of the components to successfully bring about change is to make a solid commitment to keep doing what needs doing and not fall back into old patterns of behaviour which may feel comfortable but are in fact slowly deteriorating the very fabric of the person’s existence. Those who have taken what looks like the easy option in life by sitting back and being a spectator in their own life will not be able to live a happy well-adjusted existence because they will be constantly at the mercy of the influence of others. These are the type of people who say “things happen to me” and they have little control on their destiny. The people who have stopped being a spectator in life are the ones who are happier and healthier, because they have joined the game on the pitch and are playing to win. These are the people who say “I make things happen”.

Sloan r

Realign Beliefs

We live with the same belief systems for all if not most of our lives unless we have the insight to realise that the current way of being is not supporting our goals and ambitions. When things are not going your way and you make a commitment to do things differently, you need to work out what you need in your life for it to be successful and what you need to let go. If you let the past dictate your future your life will most definitely be severely challenged. In the same way that you wouldn’t drive a car by only looking in the rear view mirror, so too you will find life a whole lot more challenging when you go through life only focusing on the past rather than shifting your perspective and concentrating on the present or a happier future.

Read more... pAgE 12 In the article, “How To Deal With Overwhelming Emotions” on page 12, I discussed how the way we react to life determines how happy, unhappy, overwhelmed or inspired we feel about any given situation.

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PAGE 4 The Sloan SECRET coaching model.

By taking responsibility for our actions we take the first truly significant stage to tackling problems. I deliver extraordinary results to my clients and inspire them the live the life they not only desire but deserve.

Coaching model



One of the best ways to grow and develop is to identify inspirational people to be your role models. This can be someone you know or indeed someone in the public eye. The best way to learn what works and what doesn’t is to talk to people you admire about their success and what they had to do to get where they are in life. Study their behaviours and action to pinpoint exactly what they do to get the results they want. Read the autobiographies of great inspirational leaders or successful famous people who share the same personality type as you. Throughout this magazine we include comments, articles and Q&A’s from people who have been where you are now and who have found coping strategies to move through the tough times and to fly even higher when they were at the top of their game.



To learn a new habit or new way of being, one must repeat that new action or behaviour time and time again until it becomes second nature. Once you have learnt how to solve your issues and how to live an extraordinary person you must compound that learning by repeating the action or behaviours every time you get an opportunity.


Over time the new way of being will have been gradually hardwired into your brain by the repetitive compounding. This is the only way to ensure that new behaviours, traits and habits stick with you and contribute to a healthier happier life for yourself and those around you.

pAgE 18

pAgE 28

If you haven’t done so already, please read the article on page 18 about how certain areas of your brain actually seek out that which you desire and with correct techniques you can attract them to you, no magic, just physiology.

Check out page 28 for an impactful list of items and resource that makes it easier for anyone to make a commitment and stick to it.

@sloansw_london |


Heston Blumenthal - How to stand out


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Connection is fundamental to happiness. Your partner is already born, let us help you find them and keep them.

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Life coaching is not just for personal issues it can also help take your business to the next level.


Sloan is often referred to as a diagnostician for the mind. She fixes problems others cannot.


Celebrity Life Coach Sloan Sheridan-Williams introduces her innovative personality coaching model. Learn how to adapt your way to success us...


Celebrity Life Coach Sloan Sheridan-Williams introduces her innovative personality coaching model. Learn how to adapt your way to success us...