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PLAY TRUE DAY in Slovenia Play True Day is a day dedicated to the clean sport. It was originally initiated by 17 South American countries, which, in cooperation with WADA and based on Montevideo Declaration, declared 10th of April as “Play True Day”. The purpose of “Play True Day” is to acquaint sport and public with global fight against doping. In the scope of Erasmus+ project, Slovenian Anti-Doping Organisation as well as other partner countries in the project (Estonia, Latvia, Croatia and Malta) decided to enforce the Play True Day in Europe as well and organize numerus doping prevention activities in the week before and after 10th of April. In Slovenia Play True Day was organized for different target groups – from athletes and their support personnel to students and lawyers. Play True Day campaign was carried out at more than 64 different sport events and we managed to gather more than 2.700 signatures for the support of clean sport. Several Slovenian media published the news about the Play True Day. This report contains main activities that were carried out in Slovenia. Play True day was also celebrated in Romania, countries of Caribbean RADO (16 countries), Puerto Rico and in Paraguay.


Play True Day for athletes of Football Association of Slovenia Football Association of Slovenia together with SLOADO prepared a special campaign for football players. The campaign was carried out and entirely financed by Football Association. Prevention activities were carried out for the players of first Slovenian league, junior and cadet league, members of national team under 21 years and woman’s national team. All the players in above mentioned leagues and national teams signed a special pledge that they will act according to the Code and that they will not use doping in their carriers. On all first league, junior and cadet league competitions on 9th and 10th of April players wore Tshirts with Play True Day design when they walked on the playing fields. Members of woman's national team wore the T-shirts on the qualification match with Macedonia on 12 of April in Lendava. Activities were documented and promoted on web side and social media of Football Association, SLOADO and football clubs. The pledge was also available on were young athletes could signed it and print it and with this show their commitment to clean sport. Prevention activities were carried out on 23 different football matches. 36 club teams, 2 national teams, around 800 players, over 200 members of athletes support personnel, judges and delegates were included in this campaign as well as spectators on the matches and people watching these matches over television.


Play True Day at Marathon Istra In the cooperation with the organizers Play True Day was carried out at 3rd Banka Marathon Istra in PortoroĹž. Slovenian Anti-Doping Ambassadors had an outreach program on 9th of April when there were children's and junior's runs and on 10th of April when there was marathon race. Outreach stand was located at the start / finish area. Participants had an option to test their knowledge with prePLAY quiz, talk to ambassadors or sign on the transparent to show their support to clean sport. There were also informational materials available. More





members of their families and spectators visited our stand.

Play True Day for coaches With the support of Ministry for Education, Science and Sport and Municipality of Ljubljana SLOADO organized a conference for athletes that are included into the sport programs of Ministry, Municipality of Ljubljana or National Sport Federations. At the seminar all the contents of fight against that are important for coaches’ successful work were presented. Seminar took place on 5th of April in Ljubljana. 181 coaches from 28 different sports were present.


Play True Day for athletes at schools Since 2011 SLOADO is carrying out lectures for athletes at Slovenian high schools with sport departments. Based on good cooperation with schools and with the support from ministry for education, Science and sport we decided to enforce Play True day in schools as well. SLOADO prepared materials for antidoping discussions which were carried out by physical education professors. Activities were carried out in all schools (17) with sport departments and 1.119 athletes were part of it.

Play True Day at Spring Day of Sport in Ljubljana In the scope of the project ÂťRazgibajmo LjubljanoÂŤ (Lets exercise Ljubljana) outreach program was carried out on 16th of April at Spring Day of Sport in Ljubljana. At Spring Day of sport Ljubljana's sport clubs presented their sport programs for children. SLOADO prepared some special materials and games for children and we had prePLAY quiz and informational materials for their parents. 202 people visited SLOADO stand.


Play True Day for lawyers In cooperation with Association for sport law and Faculty for law SLOADO organized legal seminar in Ljubljana on 13th of April. The seminar addressed legal aspects of fight against doping. Prominent experts from different fields presented their view on the fight against doping. There were 72 participants at the seminar. At the end they actively participated in the discussion and they asked many interesting questions and exposed the problems of certain areas.

Play True Day for medical students and professor and Medical Faculty in Maribor In the scope of Cogito project Association of medical students of Maribor prepared a round table with the title »The role of physicians in the fight for clean sport« on 13th of April 2016. Guests from different fields (pharmacy, psychology, philosophy) discussed the legalization of doping, communication between physicians and athletes, doping mentality and consequences of lack of knowledge in doping field by physicians. Round table was intended primarily for students and professor at medical faculty of Maribor. It was prepared and lead by Slovenian Anti-Doping Ambassador Živa Ledinek.


Play True Day in shopping malls in Slovenian major cities Outreach programs at shopping malls in Slovenian major cities were targeting general public and were carried out in cooperation with Intersport Slovenia. Between 2nd and 17th of April ambassadors visited Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje, Novo Mesto, Kranj and Koper. They had outreach stands at Mercator malls where they talked to the people and had some games for children. They were also collecting signatures for the support of clean sport – 359 people signed on the board.

Play True Day in cooperation with National Sport Federations and Sport Clubs SLOADO invited all national sport federation and clubs to join them in celebrating Play True Day. Beside Football Association of Slovenia, Slovenian Shooting Federation, Slovenian Floorball Association, Slovenian American Football Association, Speed roller Skating Federation Slovenia, Table Tennis club Fužinar, XP Fitness Centre, Institute for Sport Ajdovščina and Centre Urban Roof responded. There were posters and informational materials for athletes and spectator on 10 competitions.


Play True Day in Slovenian media News about Play True Day were mentioned in some of Slovenian media. We would like to stress out the contribution in the news and in the programme Good morning at national television and on one of the most important web media

National Sport Federations, Sport Clubs and schools with sport departments published the news about the Play True day and their activities in the scope of this campaign on their websites and on their social media.


Slovenia - Play True Day report  
Slovenia - Play True Day report