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PLAY TRUE DAY ACTIVITIES IN MALTA Play True Day was designated to be celebrated on 10th April 2016 by agreement among prePLAY partners following the activity in South America in previous years. In Malta we decided to have several activities in the period before and after 10th April. We adopted the slogan ‘Train Hard Win Clean!’ and incorporated these into signing boards that we ask the participants to sign as a pledge to clean sports. The board is then donated to the club so it can be displayed in a prominent place to serve as a reminder to the athletes of their commitment to clean sports. We also used one of these boards with a cut out to serve as a frame for pictures of the participants to show their commitment. These then were shared on social media. The following were the activities intended to promote Play True Day. Swum of these activities had to be postponed to a later date than planned due to unforeseen circumstances.

23RD March 2016 Outreach for Handball Coaches This was an outreach activity held during the Continuing Professional Development Seminar for Handball Coaches. There were 34 coaches and aspiring coaches present. They appreciated information on the Doping Control process, In and Out of competition testing, the Prohibited List, Therapeutic Use Exemptions and Results Management.

4th April 2016 Sliema Wanderers Football nursery This activity was held at the football training ground of Sliema Wanderers Football Club. It was attended by 50 children aged between 8 and 16 years. The children particularly enjoyed the games emphasising cheating and having an unfair advantage.

9th April 2016 Aquatic Sports Association prePLAY ambassadors organised an activity with the Junior National Waterpolo Teams aged 12-16 years. 30 athletes were present and took an active part in discussion son values, cheating, fair play etc. At the end the players signed the pledge to keep sports clean.

16th April 2016 Royal Golf Club Malta Two groups of junior golfers aged 12-17 years and 8-12 years were treated to activities at the driving range in Marsa. The atmosphere was very relaxed and enjoyable. The kids formed groups and worked on values for sports and had interactive sessions with golf training incorporated.

6th May 2016 National Sports School Two prePLAY ambassadors vsited the National Sports School and worked with 30 students in 4th Form. These future elite athletes aged 15 years from different sports were given a lesson on Fair Play, Clean Sport, the Values of Sport and asked to sign the pledge to ‘Train Hard Win Clean’.

7th May 2016 Mosta Cycling club 16 6-16yrs This activity was targeting all the young cyclists from this club. They were aged between 6 and 16 years. They were treated to talks and activities at their training ground in Ta Qali.

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