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“Play True day” “Play true Day” was originally initiated by 17 South American countries, which, in cooperation with WADA and based on Montevideo Declaration, declared 10th of April as “Play True Day”. All countries in Caribbean RADO (15 all together) formally adopted the idea in 2015. In the scope of Erasmus+ project, five European countries (Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Croatia and Malta) and Romania decided to enforce the “Play True Day” in Europe in the year 2016. Many South American and Caribbean countries are celebrating this day in 2016 as well. Insight in “Play True day” events in Latvia: It all started with a long and hard preparation, but our first event was on 02.04.2016. – an outreach at Kipsala event center, exhibition Sport and Relaxation 2016. Sport and Relaxation exhibition 2016

On 8th of April we gave an interview for LTV-1 news about Play True day as well as some radio interviews: Afterwards on 9th of April we organized an outreach at Rezeknes halfmarathon with 152 participants. Rezeknes halfmarathon

On 10th of April in Mezaparks happened our organized public antidoping run for clean sports “Zaļais skrējiens par tīru sportu” with 52 participants. Run for clean sports, Mezaparks

In the afternoon latvian antidoping team had an outreach in Elektrum Olympic centre, where it was possible to come and ask some questions about doping, take an antidoping quiz (created by WADA and PrePlay). And antidoping team was participating in LUVentspils basketball game and Floorball game with antidoping quiz where people had a chance to win some prizes.

Outreach at elektrum Olymmpic centre

Outreach at floorball game

Antidoping outreach - quiz, LU-Ventspils basketball game

And also our ambassadors Oskars Stals and Arturs Cirulis were visiting Estonia and joined estonian NADO for Estonian-Latvian women's basketball league games on 8-9th of April. Anti-doping ambassador Oskars from Latvia explains the importance of the clean sport to the Latvian fans during the Estonian-Latvian women's basketball league games

Latvia - Play True Day report  
Latvia - Play True Day report