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Pregnancy is an exciting chapter in a woman's life. Welcoming a new baby into our home is truly a wonderful experience. From the fact that a woman will be an instrument in bringing in new life into this world, she will also become a mother. And with this role comes a lot of responsibilities. And with the anticipation comes a lot of apprehensions and worries. Research has it that women are pre-disposed to experience panic attacks, and pregnant women are the most vulnerable. Pregnant women are under a lot of pressure and a lot of stress. The hormonal changes that accompany the physical alterations play a vital role in maintaining the mood swings, preferences and stress level of a pregnant woman. As a number of stress factors have been pointed as triggering elements, the most common panic attack sign is the fear of the unknown or the fear of the what's to come. The first trimester of the pregnancy is where pregnant women are at the highest level of risk. At the onset of the term, women are still coming into the terms of the physical and emotional changes. With this miracle, the idea and gravity of responsibility is the first worry factor: Questions like "Am I ready to be a mother?", "Will my baby be healthy and normal?" Where will I send my kid to school?" "Could I provide her needs?" are just a few concerns that a mother thinks with and grapples with. Excessive worry, a feeling of inadequacy and insecurity and the hormonal and physical changes tend to overwhelm any individual, and will certainly overwhelm any pregnant woman. Panic attacks are characterized by these endless worries, unfounded or exaggerated fears, shaking, sweating, loss of appetite, difficulty in breathing, and irregular behaviors. These panic attacks are terrifying and if it becomes frequent may be a sign of a panic disorder. Anxiety during pregnancy is a critical matter and must be taken seriously. These attacks not only affect the mother's health but also the baby's. Foremost consideration during the whole course of pregnancy is to remove all feelings of insecurity, fear and doubts by constant reassurance, showering of affection and thorough understanding of the whole cycle and expectations. A few advices in keeping your stress level at a minimum:

Engage in relaxing activities. Learn pregnancy yoga and meditation. This will help you come into terms with pregnancy if you are surrounded by women just like you, and at the same time learn the proper techniques of breathing correctly. Clearing your mind and declogging your emotional worries will help you rest more and sleep easy at night.

Eat Healthy. This would not only keep the pounds off but also keep you upbeat. Getting the proper nutrition will help your body adjust easily to the many changes in store for you. Your hormonal changes won't be as erratic as it usually is and you would fee better without the mood swings due to too much sugar intake.

Talk about it. Talk to your partner, your friends and loved ones about your feelings. Let them know of your apprehensions and expectations so they could understand you and the changes that you are going through. This is not an easy time for you, but this is not an easy time for your partner as well. Meet halfway and learn that motherhood and pregnancy is a very exciting experience!

Panic attacks can be avoided and stress levels can be reduced. Make time to understand the nature of these attacks and you will know that a lot of people experience the same kind of episodes. Don't fret, help for panic attacks is just around the corner. Talk to your medical advisor if you need to know about professional therapy and medications safe for you and for your baby.

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==== ==== Want to know the facts about Pregnancy related Anxiety. Click the link below. ==== ====

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