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Online gambling refers to gambling using the Internet. Of significance to note is that in 1997, there were only 32 online gambling sites. By 2003, the number of gambling sites went up to 1400. Today, there are more than 2000 gambling sites. The gambling world is changing and it is now becoming a socially acceptable pastime. Researches show that, on an average, top online gambling sites attract more than 9,000 players simultaneously and there are around 4,000,000 registered gamblers. This rise in online gambling led to the introduction of online gambling awards and this in turn led to increased competitiveness amongst online gambling operators. There are hundreds of award categories for online gambling such as The Most Honest Online Casino, Best Online Casino, Best Slots Site, Best Poker Site, Best Bingo Site, Best Miscellaneous Gambling site, Best Free Games Site, Best Blackjack site, etc. Awards are also given for Best Online Gambling Personality, Best Gambling Software provider, etc. It is worth mentioning at this point that, an online poker card room founded in 1999, has won industry awards such as Poker Site of the Year from the UK Gambling Awards in 2006 and Top Poker Software from the Online Gambling Magazine Awards in 2005. These online gambling awards, in a way, intrigues people who work in the online gambling industry to work hard to stay close to the heart of the online player. This also enables the gambling software producers to innovate more challenging games and software. These awards are decided either on the basis of people's poll online or through a panel of judges who are experts in online gambling industry. Various organizations involved in online gambling announce these awards and new categories are added every year. Besides these, various gambling sites have also introduced awards to create interest the players such as the best no-limit player, best heads-up player, etc. Understanding the bad effects of online gambling, awards are also given for those who work to educate players on the hazards of online gambling. Such awards include problem-gambling prevention award, problem-gambling treatment award, etc.

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==== ==== Interested in the Best Gambling experience Online well come on in and click on one of the links below and have a good time. ==== ====

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