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Anyone who has ever considered quitting their job and starting a mobile car wash or auto detailing company has wondered if they will make enough money to support their current life style. One question we get a lot is "What time do you usually start and end your car wash operations?" In fact the question is so common that it needs to be addressed. Indeed such a mobile service business can be run as a 9-5 job, although any small business often exceeds such corporate employee type hours Much of the operational times will be up to you, as you are now calling the shots. So really the correct answer would be; "Well you tell me?" But I am sure that answer is not what one who is looking to take the plunge into their own small business wants to here. So let me shed some light on this topic. I recommend that you do not wash Personal cars before 9:30 Am. Indeed those just getting to work have other things on their mind, not their car wash. If you are an early riser, then I suggest you go find some fleet vehicles to wash and you can start around sunrise if you wish, again your choice. If you really want to run a mobile cleaning business and make the most amount of money you should run a full schedule and never end, only refresh water and new crew. You can run these mobile washing units 24-hours if you know what you are doing, especially if you have a hot water pressure washer, which are also often called steam cleaners. Think of them as a portable money machine. Fleets of vehicles are parked after hours that is when you wash them. You could clean concrete, bus stops, postal boxes, etc. in the middle of the night and then graffiti at daybreak. You know you if you limit yourself you will not generate the revenue you are looking for, do not think linear or ask linear questions. Now that you have this new information, re-think the mobile washing business from a businessman's point of view. Because if you quit your job and go for it, there is no turning back.

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