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Now that you have delivered your bundle of joy, you are wondering how life is going to be after pregnancy? The first thing that you will probably insure is your baby's health. That assured, you would begin to worry about issues such as whether to consider cord blood banking or breastfeeding related issues. Once you know that everything is fine, you can take your bundle of joy back home. Life after Pregnancy: Life after pregnancy will bring with itself a lot of excitement, anxiety and a whole bunch of questions. The first thing that most women notice after delivery is post partum depression, which is a feeling of sadness an anxiety about this new phase of life that involves taking care of your baby. This feeling is quite common and there are ways to deal with it. Next on your agenda would be to lose those extra pounds after pregnancy. You obviously will need to monitor and regulate your after pregnancy diet carefully. Stretch marks can be quite an eyesore to many women as they begin to worry about how to get rid of these. A lot of questions are bound to pop up in your head, such as how soon can you have sex after child-birth. What kind of contraception must one use after pregnancy? Are creams the solution for those ugly pregnancy stretch marks? Most women have to deal with hormonal changes in their body that may appear in the form of excessive hair loss. Medical Treatments: However, by far the most important query you want answered is about after pregnancy weight loss. You would like to know how to get back in shape after pregnancy. Most women would have gained 25 to 40 pounds after pregnancy. Now, you would like to shed these extra pounds as quickly as you can. While exercise and monitored diet may help, the new-age science has some other solutions to offer. Tummy tuck surgery and abdominoplasty can help you get back your flat stomach. Another procedure for losing weight is getting that extra fat sucked out medically from areas, such as your tummy, hips or buttocks. This procedure is called lipoplasty or liposuction. After delivery, your breasts are most likely to lose their shape, especially if you are breastfeeding your baby. However, there are medical treatments available, such as breast lift surgery and breast augmentation with implants that can help you get back in shape. Other procedures, such as labiaplasty and labioplasty can help you treat your torn genitals. Although, all the above procedures are known to have helped many women, you must extensively research before getting these done. When do you start to menstruate after pregnancy? If you are breastfeeding, then you are likely to start your regular period anytime after two months of delivery until you stop breastfeeding. Mostly

doctors advise about refraining from sexual intercourse for at least 28 to 42 days after childbirth. It is safer to use a contraceptive if you decide to have sex after the birth of your baby, as it is not possible to guess the exact time of ovulation. Life after pregnancy has its own charm especially if you take care of yourself and your child.

Life after pregnancy also requires special care and protection with issues like childcare, breastfeeding, cord blood banking and losing weight or diet and nutrition after pregnancy gaining prominence. Pregnancy-Period.Com has answers to all your questions and doubts about pregnancy, delivery and post pregnancy period.

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