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Getting paid to read emails sounds like a too good to be true offer. Well I'll be honest with you, it's not. There are many "paid to read" or PTR websites online. But why would anyone want to pay you to read an email? When somebody starts a paid to read website they need to find advertisers who will pay them to send their advertisement email to the members. When signing up for a paid to read email site most of them have you check boxes for what you are interested in. They do this so someone who has an online sports store can send emails to people who are interested in sports. This is called targeted advertising. Now after the advertiser pays the paid to read website owner they send out the email advertisement to all the members interested in whatever the advertiser was advertising. Since most people who read the email don't actually end up buying anything from his website advertisers aren't willing to spend that much money on the advertisements and therefore the paid to read email website owner does not pay the members that much. An average rate per email is around 1 cent per email opened for the allotted amount of time, usually around 15- 45 seconds. Usually paid to read email websites have a minimum payout that the member must reach before they get paid. This is to prevent the owner from having to send hundreds of tiny payments every day. One thing to avoid when signing up for a paid to read website is signing up for one that has a very high minimum payment. A lot of the times when paid to read websites have a huge minimum payout the owner is paying an amount per email that he can't possibly actually pay and he is relying on the fact that most people will never make the minimum payout and all the money that he was supposed to pay you will just go back into his own pocket. Think about it, realistically you are never going to make a thousand dollars reading fifty one cent emails everyday. I would recommend joining a get paid to read email website with a minimum payment no higher than ten dollars. When starting joining get paid to read email websites you should have already made a separate email address specifically for this. Be prepared to get bombarded with hundreds of emails every day. You can pick and choose which ones to read. Usually in the title it will say how much each email pays. Just joining one paid to read website is a sure fire way to limit your earnings. When you sign up for a paid to read site there are usually other paid to read sites advertising themselves on the pages. You can just go from site to site joining them and therefore get more emails and, in turn, more money. Also you can visit this directory of paid to read sites.

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==== ==== Sign up for free make money!! Get paid to read emails ==== ====

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