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跨文化關懷在亞洲 系列座談分享 104.09.25 貧民中看得見的一雙手-孟加拉篇 ( Bangladesh )

• 孟加拉人民共和國,簡稱孟加拉或孟加拉國,南亞國 家,位於孟加拉灣之北,東南山區一小部份與緬甸為 鄰,其它的領土與印度銜接。 • 官方語言:孟加拉語 • 宗教:人口的 66 % 信奉伊斯蘭教, 33 % 信奉印度 教, 1 % 其它。 • 首都:達卡 • 世界上人口密度最高的國家之一

• 孟加拉以紡織業為重要的出 口國 • 以農業為主 • 常常受到水災的肆瘧 • 大部份的人口活在貧困中

貧困中的困難  衛生(食物,水,垃圾,環境。。。)  服事地點的交通往返  性別歧視  文化的不同  溝通的語言

His Love 祂的愛 I love You 我愛你 Ami tomake bhalo bashi

Journey of Commitment  v=tFT9X7L1NHU

孟加拉兒童成長的環境跟發展 過程 - UNICEF (聯合國兒 童基金會) Year 1970 ~ 2000 Onwards


Who We Are & What  Tranzsend is registered withDo the New Zealand We Charities commission as a charitable entity under its legal name, the New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society

 My Hope Training center has started since year 2006 till now; in 5 different slum areas; helping more than 500 children with age 5~ 10 years old

 We are teaching English, Bangla (Mother Language), Basic Math, Creativity & Arts; Singing & Dancing;

 Student sponsorship for those children who are too poor to attend the school

 Home visit to rebuild the family and the community

Where Are We? (Slum Area)

Where Are We? (Slum Area)

Home Visit @ Slum Area

The Children …

My Hope School

Coloring & Self Exploration

Coloring & Self Exploration

Coloring & Self Exploration

Drawing Book

Creativity & Arts

Creativity & Arts

We also learn different cultures‌.

The Grace of our Lord!

The Grace of our Lord!

Song & Dance!!

10 Little Bangla Boys

Shishu Polli Plus (Children Village Plus)

Sumi Story

Who We Are & What We  UK based charity group Do  Shishu Polli Plus (SPP) – offer shelter to abandoned children as well as to underprivileged women and their children

 Till this year, there are more than 550 children and 150 mothers are supported by SPP

 In SPP project, we are offering food, clothing, medical center, education…

 Rebuild the life of mothers and the children to prepare them to re-enter the community

 A drop in center for the street children in the city center  Developing Job skills for the mothers …

It began from a truck!

We LOVE Pat Mom !!

Shishu Polli Plus

Our Playground

Entertainment & Sports

Assembly Center

Our Swimming POOL!

OUR Home @ SPP

Cooking with the mothers

FUN!!! Kitchen & Big Dinning Room

Beneficiary in 5 categories  BABY  Little BOYS & GIRLS  Middle age BOYS & GIRLS  BIG BOYS & GIRLS  MOTHERS

2013 Building Collapse

BABY 大合照


BABY Project

Little Boys & Girls Project

Little boys & girls

Little Boys & Girls (Singing)

Middle Age Children Project

Middle Age Boys & Girls English Class

Singing & Dancing

~Big Girls & Boys Project~

Creative Artwork

Creative Artwork


We put creative art to work; helping the big girls & boys to develop their personal skills and self exploration.

Toys for Toddler

Toys for Toddler

One-day Outings

Outings with the big girls & boys

Enjoy our time together

EID Gift

Letters from ‌

NEXT …  On site training for the big boys & girls  Home / Family Visit (Every Thursday Morning)  School visit (Grade 7~ 10)  Job skills for mothers: Christmas card, scarf, notebook, design bags, soap, candle…

We are preparing for ----Hats, Scarf, Socks, Blanket~

Planting the AVOCADO!! ( 酪梨)

把愛 , 玩具 , 書 , 笑容 送至孟加拉有需要的兒童


Local Dhaka Church (AOG – 6 slum schools + children house)

Chinese Church


把愛與書香送至孟加拉 @ 10 月

Toys Donation

Toys Donation to SPP

Local Church & Its Ministry 與當地教會的連結

AOG Church Girl House JO Y

AOG Church Girl House – Creativity & Arts

AOG Church Girl House – Creativity & Arts

AOG Church Sunday School

AOG Church Sunday School

Local Chinese Church – Sunday School

貧窮服事 -見證分享 0918

Other Ministries  Prison ministry  Compassion / Slum ministry (Age 4~ 12)  Student ministry (Age 16~30)  Children house ministry (Age 5~16)

Thankful to our LORD!  Homemade cookies  Homemade cakes  Chocolates & Candies  Children story & drawing books…  Fruits & Drinks  Toys  Drawing & hand crafts materials  LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

Pray for Bangladesh 為孟加拉禱告

~ Pray for Bangladesh ~ 為孟加拉禱告: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

不要受伊斯蘭國 (ISIS) 的迫害 為當地的宣教士及非營利組織能夠有效率的改 善當地的貧困生活禱告 為當地的教會跟基督徒禱告,求主與祂的兒女 同在,一起傳揚主的愛 為穆斯林信徒禱告,求主柔軟他們的心,一起 來接受耶穌 為當地的兒童禱告,有好的營養跟學習環境 禱告能夠有更多的基督徒企業家為孟加拉增加 更多的工作機會 透過在孟加拉的企業團體來建立宣教平台

Thank you! 謝謝! Donnobad!

0925 presentation  
0925 presentation