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What I  Am  

A First  Grade  Art  Lesson  on  Identity   Sheryl  Lamme            

What I  Am  

First Grade       Big  Idea  –  Identity       Humans  are  unique,  set  apart  by  the  characteristics  that  make  them  who  they  are.     Key  Concepts  –     Identity  is  more  than  physical  appearance.   Identity  has  the  capacity  to  grow  and  change.   Identity  is  developed  through  family  and  cultural  connections.   Memory,  beliefs,  values,  and  tradition  are  all  a  part  of  identity.     Essential  Investigative  Questions:   Why  is  it  important  to  be  unique?     What  makes  you  special?   How  are  you  like  other  people?   How  are  you  different  from  others?     Thinking  like  an  artist:     Looking  closely  at  oneself  involves:  noticing  deeply,  looking  at  others,  examining  the   things  we  value,  and  the  connections  we  have.     Images  for  VTS      

                                                   Me  and  My  Parrots  (1941)  Self  Portrait  With  a  Monkey  (1940)  

Images will  be  displayed  side-­‐by-­‐side.  These  images  were  selected  because  I  want   students  to  notice  background  details,  clothing,  use  of  space,  and  physical   characteristics.  I  hope  that  they  will  compare  and  contrast  the  two  images.  

The Crown  Heights  Children's  Story  Quilt,  1996,  Faith  Ringgold  

Image selected  for  it’s  strong  narrative,  multiple  images,  and  cultural  connotations.          

  Tom  Hussey,  Mirror  Series   Image  selected  for  ease  of  accessibility,  narrative  and  mood  -­‐  hopefully  students  will   discuss  aging  and  memories.    

Instructional Activities:   Day  1   VTS  Kahlo  Self-­‐Portraits  (15-­‐20  minutes)       View  and  Discuss  Sesame  Street  Wil  I  Am  music  video,  watch  two  time  -­‐  Sesame  Street  Lyrics   If  what  I  am  is  what's  in  me     Then  I'll  stay  strong     That's  who  I'll  be     And  I  will  always  be  the  best   Me  that  I  can  be     There's  only  one  me     I  am  it     Have  a  dream   I'll  follow  it     It's  up  to  me  to  try   .         And  what  I  Am  is  THOUGHTFUL.     And  what  I  AM  is  MUSICAL.       And  what  I  AM  is  SMART.       And  what  I  AM  is  BRAVE.       And  what  I  AM  is  HELPFUL.       And  what  I  AM  is  SPECIAL.           There's  nothing  I  can't  achieve       Because  in  myself  I  believe  in  love       Gonna  keep  our  heads  up  high...  HIGH!     Keep  on  reachin'  high...  HIGH!     Never  gonna  quit     Just  keep  gettin'  stronger.         And  nothins'  gonna  bring  us  down...  No!     Never  givin'  up  gotta  go...  Go!     cause  I  know  I'll  keep  gettin'  stronger.         What  I  AM  is  SUPER.       What  I  AM  is  PROUD.       What  I  AM  is  FRIENDLY.      

Oh,  imma  keep  my  head  up  high...  HIGH!     Keep  on  reachin'  high...  HIGH!     Never  gonna  quit  I'll  keep  gettin'  stronger.         And  nothins  gonna  bring  me  down...  No!     Never  gonna  stop  gotta  go...  Go!     Because  I  know     I'll  keep  gettin'  stronger What  I  AM  is  GROUCHY.       What  you  are  is  MAGICAL.       What  you  are  is  SPECIAL.           There's  nothing  I  can't  achieve    cause  in  myself  I  believe  in  NO  (?)    Gonna  hold  my  head  up  high     Keep  on  reachin'  high     I'm  never  gonna  stop   I'll  keep  gettin'  stonger.         Nothins’  gonna  bring  me  down     Never  givin'  up    Gotta  go     Yeah...     I'll  keep  gettin'  stronger.  

VTSque  discussion  of  the  song-­‐   What  was  the  song  about?  What  did  you  hear  that  makes  you  say  that?  What  more   did  you  hear?     What  does  it  mean  to  be:  super,  proud,  friendly,  grouchy,  magical,  special,   thoughtful,  musical,  smart,  brave,  helpful?  What  does  it  mean  to  hold  your  head  up   high?  To  keep  on  getting  stronger?     Play  activity  –  Use  manila  paper  and  crayon  to  draw  a  picture  of  yourself  doing   something  you  enjoy  doing.        

Day 2   VTS  Ringgold  Image  (15  minutes)       Play  song  from  Sesame  Street  video.   Use  18”  x  24”  manila  paper  folded  into  fourths  as  a  graphic  organizer  to  record:  me,   doing  one  thing  I’m  good  at,  one  family  celebration  or  tradition,  a  memory  of  the   best  day  ever,  and  my  favorite  possession/s.    Allow  plenty  of  freedom  for  personal   interpretation.  (30  minutes)   Day  3     VTS  –  Tom  Hussey,  Mirror  Series  (15-­‐20  minutes)   Have  students  number  off  1-­‐5,  and  get  into  groups  per  number.  Distribute  drawings   created  last  period.  Students  will  share  drawings  with  group  and  interview   classmates  about  their  drawings.  Review  rules  for  respectful  discussion.  Return  to   seats.  (15  minutes)  Question  for  group  discussion:  What  new  information  did  you   learn  about  a  classmate  as  a  result  of  your  interview?  What  do  you  have  in  common   with  your  classmate?  How  are  you  different?  (10-­‐15  minutes)         Art  Making  Activity   Introduce  the  concept  of  wearable  art  –  View  and  Discuss   Day  4   Supplies:  18”  X  24”  manila  paper,  crayon.     Repeat  viewing  of  prezi.  Use  the  drawing  created  on  day  two  to  generate  several   ideas  for  a  piece  of  wearable  art.  (30  minutes)  Discuss  ideas  with  table  group.  (10   minutes)  Select  favorite  idea  and  refine  idea.  (10  minutes.)   Day  5   Supplies:  newspaper,  construction  paper,  bulletin  board  roll  paper,  fabric  sraps,   buttons,  scissors,  glue,  tape,  staplers,  miscellaneous  trim     Review  draft,  how  does  it  communicate  the  idea  of  who  you  are  and  how  you  are   special?  Make  any  additions  or  changes.   Assemble  supplies.  Begin  construction.   Days  6  –  7   Continue  construction  of  wearable  art.  

Day 8   Class  fashion  show.  Invite  library  media  specialist  to  photograph  each  student   modeling  his  or  her  piece.    Compile  still  photos  into  iMovie  with  Sesame  Street  song   as  soundtrack.     Day  9   Watch  video.  Class  will  participate  in  vtseque  discussion  of  individual  photographs.   (Teacher  will  ask  for  volunteers  who  would  like  having  their  piece  discussed.)     Assessment  Checklist:  

Notices  Deeply  (Details)   Makes  Connections  (Expresses   memories,  Uses  metaphor)       Persists  (Concentrates  /  Not   discouraged)       Uses  Narrative     Uses  Humor    





Skills  for  the  Conceptual  Age  –  Students  will  create  a  meaningful  design  where  all   parts  work  together  to  communicate  a  personal  narrative  about  their  identity.   Sharing  ideas  with  others  promotes  empathy.   Teachers  example:  

Cover  page  clip  art  courtesy  Ray  Larabie,­‐  

What I Am  
What I Am  

A First grade Unit on Identity: looking closely at oneself involves: noticing deeply, looking at others, examining the things we value, and...