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From Newbie to Gorgeous The Tango Implant Craze Second Love Allure Walks the Runway

Boys and Their Toys Spotlight – Marx Cuppens Stalkers

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Lycan by Dark

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From Newbie to Gorgeous Part II Your First Steps in your new SLife By Bahira Rain We see you out there. Ladies with a skirts over your jeans, bald with a box stuck to your hand. Men with backpacks on and your arm outstretched in awkard angles running all over the place. You wonder if you’ll ever understand what all these little files are in that box that says inventory. You’re lost and confused wandering through the welcome centers and safe hubs ready to hit the red X. Don’t do it. You’ll get the hang of it. Afterall we were all new once.

Those avatars you see that look nearly as good as real people all started out looking just like you…or worse. They got help. SLives is your help. In coming articles we will cover the steps to making your SLife an incredible journey full of confidence and fun. You’ll learn where and how to get the look you want for free or nearly free, how to move more fluidly and how to optimize your experience using the latest technology supported by Linden Labs(LL).

Phase I -The Look Your avatar is made up of many different textures. We won’t go into the technical here but we will focus on the importance of understanding how to be sure you are getting the most out of the textures you choose to create your look. The diagram below shows basic parts that are needed to make up your avatar or avie appear in the game(in world).

Bald Hair base/eyebrow shaper




If any of these parts fail to load, your avie will fail to load and you will appear to others and yourself as cloud particles. In Firestorm, these body parts on a brand new avi appear like this in your inventory:

Skin Shape

Please notice the avatar pictured is not wearing any clothes but still appears as if she is wearing underwear. This is because as a new avie you are given a basic starter skin that has the underwear made on. To get rid of this we need to begin the transformation with choosing a skin.

A quality skin will give you just that…skin with better skin tone, freckles or even beauty marks if you wish. It will also give your avie the appearance of chest hair, muscles, breasts, facial hair, pubic hair, underlying bone structure, fingernails and toenails. There are thousands of residents that create and sell skins and with so much to choose from it can be extremely

virtually any luck that you desire such as human furry cyborg robot goth and yes vampire. On first glance it can be very confusing as to how to choose the skin. Always choose to try the demo that way you’ll be able to judge whether or not the maker can offer the look you want. Typically the demos are free or about 1L. Went to get a hang of viewing the picture in

Now don’t be fooled, a low price or free is not always a bargain difficult to make a decision. The best rule of thumb is to try before you buy. Because there are so many and with widely varying cost, you do not want to spend Lindens(Ls = SecondLife money) on something that does not give the look you desire. The best place to start is usually going to be marketplace. A marketplace you can find

judging the quality by the picture you can then make a more informed decision choice. There are many makers that create entire avatars including close shoes and accessories with varying price points. A little trick that I’ve learned is to enter into the search the word promo then selecting avatar components then skin. This little trick gives

you the sales prices and sales packages offered on marketplace by many different makers will be quite surprised at just what you can get for very few L s. Now don’t be fooled, a low price or free is not always a bargain. With varying qualities of skins available, you’ll want to try all the demos you can before you make your purchase. Once you’ve decided on the skin that you want to select, you’ll want to find out what shades are available. Just as in the real world there are many many skin tones available in Second Life. You can select very pale or goth, or you may choose to select a more vibrant color such as royal blue. The choices are endless. Another component or body part of your avatar is the shape. The shape should be considered the bones of your

avatar. It gives your face contours, cheekbones, a jawline, hip with, height, shoulder width , breasts size, breasts shape, muscle mass, and body fat. Usually the shape comes with the skin, but cause the skin and shape are completely separate body parts you can mix and match the as you like. Some shapes may not offer a wide enough to or broad enough chest, still others won’t give your face the bone structure that you’re looking for. It’s really all your decision. But whatever you decide, be sure that it is decision that you have made for your satisfaction. After all this is your SLife! In the editions to come, we will discuss the choices of eyes, hair base, tanners and how to use ‘edit appearance’ in your viewer to get the exact look you want.

From this… this As you can see, the application of skin and shape drastically changes the look of your avatar from cartoon-like to more realistic. The skin used on this avatar only costs 10Ls, that’s approximately .35 cents US. This includes the shape, skin, underwear and more. Be sure to check Delish out on Market place . Happy Shopping!! Next Edition: Hair!!!!

THIS EDITION’S NEWBIE SHOPPING TIP: As you begin to visit stores and shops in world, be sure to join their group if you like the products. Many stores and shops will give away group gifts every month. But be careful, there are some groups that you have to pay to join and as you are a beginner you may not be able to afford this. Also there are support groups such as fabulously free, where vendors advertise and offer free gifts to any member of fabulously free. So be sure to look up fabulously free pay attention to the notices and shop to you drop.

The Tango Implant Craze By Angel Blackhawk So this past month has been quite a busy one for me in RL. It’s funny how RL just rears its not so attractive head at times isn’t it? Though I can’t say it wasn’t fun at times. By far the best time I and our Senior editor, Payten, had was when we got to meet our friend and graphic designer for Furoque Magazine Sway in RL. Let me just say she is just as awesome sauce in RL as she is in SL, but then I guess I am a bit biased hehe. If you are an implant wearer you know that not only is Sway and epic person, but she is also the designer of Stacked. So it was when she was visiting us in RL that I brought up the question to her jokingly as to why she didn’t make Tangos appliers yet. Her response was “What is with tangos all of a sudden” as she laughed. But she did tell me that she planned on updating her outfits. And that some are updated just not fully

released yet which is pawesome. But it got me to thinking when she asked that, what is the big deal with Tangos? I mean personally I have worn more different types of implants then I care to admit to. But I have gone from the overly filled look of ecorps, to the somewhat perky Lola’s push-ups, and even got into the milking scene with Mused Milk Maid breast.

I will admit that the Mused milkers had become my favorite breast for the longest time. I loved how they were round and full, but not overly round like the ecorp overfills that I had used. But then the milk market started to crash, just like the great stock market crash. They say too much of a good thing can be bad for you, and in the case of the Mused Milk Maid breast, no bigger sentiment is true.

There are a lot of people, both human and fur, wearing the milkers out there. Which means a lot of milk is floating around all over the place or being stock piled. When I started I used to be able to sell a liter of milk for about 45L. When I left the milk market a few months ago I was lucky to even get 28L a liter. Which to give you a time frame, I was only wearing my milker breast for about 5 months total. So the milk market being what it was I have thought about a few ways that Mused could bring the milk market back up if they would ever consider the ideas.

in abundance would end up being used up. And the price of milk would start to rise again due to the demand of it. Now granted Mused also has grass but in that same 16 hour period you wouldn’t make nearly as much milk so they could stay on for sale. I mean if you think about it, it very easily could help reduce the market crash in as little as a few months.

So once the market crashed I started to look for another pair of implants to wear until the market bounced back, which it still hasn’t. At that point I had seen a new mesh breast that was being worn. My initial First, the hormone shots. reaction was they looked They produce massive amounts ridiculous and too perky/pointy. of milk in a 4 hour period. Add I am of course talking about to that the volumax and you are Lola’s Tangos. Yes at first I dealing with a lot of milk. I used thought Tangos looked just to be able to fill a 20 liter tank weird, until my friend showed in a span of 16 hours when my up wearing them to one of my insomnia kicked in. If mused DJ gigs. On the ad they looked would simply take both items overly perky and just odd. In off the market for a period of person they looked amazing. time, the milk that is out there Their shape is perky but not like

you have had too many breast lifts. Not to mention the added breast bone that makes for easier line up and less guessing. So no longer do you have to ask a friend “Do my tits look right or are they too saggy?” Besides the overall looks they have amazing customization. If you are a fur worth your weight you know how to play with custom textures. And the tangos make it even easier to skin match with their developer kit in the box, which contains uv maps and the appliers you will need. I love them because I can make all my own skin matches now easily and efficiently.

So I guess this brings us to the end of yet another one of my rants. I am a tango wearer and will always be that way. So many more clothing designers are jumping on the tango band wagon every day. Means more outfits for us in the fur community. Which is why I also do the various outfit pictures you see in the magazine as well. As furs we do have more options than just walking around half naked, unless that’s your thing of course. But that’s pretty much all I have to say and for now I am off to wander the great SL, if you have any topics you want covered in the coming months please don’t hesitate to stop by Furoque Headquarters and drop me a line via my message board. I am an insomniac so I am on pretty much all day hehe. Stay fluffy fuzzbutts. Loves, huggles, and humps. Angel B.

with Hollywood

Welcome to SecondLove, where I dip my nose up all in the business of those who love, have loved or thought about loving in SecondLife & just haven't got around to it, and then throw in my 2 cents whether they want it or not! *cheese* Ok ladies, so you've had a long RL day & you pop in here to chill to some smooth music at your favorite spot (in this case Soul Vibrations, which is ALWAYS packed, I don't even know how they rezzed well enough to see each other, but that's another topic). But once you ARE able to see, you spot this tall, dark chocolate brotha rockin' some dreads and one of those washboard stomachs. Before you know it, you're in each other's box chattin' away, he's stimulating your mind, got you feelin' giddy & next thing you're an item. Fast

forward 5-6 months. Your RL work schedules change, & you both realize that you're unable to get that quality time that you're used to getting, & just so you don't find yourself in a dark place, you offer him an out. You say "You know what babe, I know that our schedules aren't in sync like they used to be & I don't want to jeopardize your experience here by you feeling obligated to be with me. I'll certainly understand if you want to explore other options." And then he responds with something like "Don't even talk like that. I love you so I'm sure we can find ways to work this out." (I'm paraphrasing, but it sounds good in my head, so I'ma keep goin'.) Now your butterflies are all running into each other because you're thinking in the back of your mind, "Wow, I found a good one." Fast forward 6 months.

Hmm...what's this? Someone has left a message in your box. Some chick that you've never met is telling you that she knows all about you & has been dating YOUR man for the past 4-5 months. She's sending you proof of their having been disrespectfully intimate & tells you that she's not giving him up. (Balls...big ones.) Naturally you call up your soon-to-becallin-Tyrone-boothang to clarify some of this crap she's just dropped in your mailbox. He starts with the "Naw, she's lying, I don't know who or what you're talking about." Until you mention the very vivid 512 x 512's that have been laid on the table, & now he's singin' "I'm sorry, I just don't want to be in a serious relationship." (crickets)

WHAT??! Don't you think it's a little late for that Sir? Do you know all the things a person can do within a year? For this woman to choose to invest time out of her life to create a loving fantasy with you & for you choose to treat it as

though it was nothing is quite disrespectful. You had opportunities to get out and "do you" without leaving a hurtful trail, but you chose to keep up the facade. You must have had some sort of feelings at one point to offer RL contact info, which means that it crossed the line of "fantasy" & into a realm of at LEAST friendship. Is this how you treat your friends? Karma is a B...remember that. Don't worry Queen, get back in that SecondLove saddle because your King is right around the corner & he'll be everything that you THOUGHT you had in the this last one. And if you're a guy reading this, please don't think I'm a man-basher, I'm an equal opportunity basher, so if you have some lady troubles, holla at me! Love, Hợℓℓƴωợợȡ

Straight to the

point of style

Billionaire Motors


By Bahira Rain

Mesh goes slinky sexy and curvy with these beautiful cowl neck dresses. From bold colors to muted brocades Allure gets it right.


“design by passion and drive�-Athayus Quan Athayus Quan pays attention to the female form offering great shapes and style in dresses that go from casual sexy to dressy by adding only a few

Chic, bold, gorgeous describes the Allure casuals this release. From jeans to corset to bodysuits, amazing patterns and textures catch and please the eye.


Gorgeous in animal print, or leather these pants offer a tailor fitted look and a bit of bling with studding on the outer seams. Coupled with Stink Pretty Corset or an Allure Jacket and you’ll be sure to be covered in crosshairs

“all of this is done as creative outlet” – Athayus Quan


No matter the occasion, a beach party, a night on the town or a romantic evening of dinner and dancing, Allure has the dress. Bold colors giving an island feel or smooth luxurious silks or exotic animal patterns or classic brocades make choice nearly impossible. Why choose? Get them all at Allure. At allure I strive to build clothing that women feel sexy in with fashion that is elegant, sensual, seductive, urban, sporty and classy. All designs created at allure are made with hand painted textures and fully rigged mesh. Every attention to detail is given to provide the best fit for our clothing. ~Athayus Quan

KK Designs KK-91-GT

Boys and Their Toys

The limit is apparently the most exhilarating place to be these days. is an engine that delivers greater power, drives faster and maintains composure even in the red zone. The innovative high-revving engine of the new KK-91-GT exploits its 3.8-litre capacity to generate a power output that amazes all who drive it while speed can propel you to the limit


Spotlight On Creator of Nin9

Marx Cuppens An interview by Glenv

Glenv: Tell me a little about yourself personally and creatively/personally. Marx: I'm Marc Cuppens aka Marx Catteneo i live in the Netherlands I’m an RL/SL photographer/videographer

Glenv: What first got you interested in films/moviemaking? Marx: Film and TV have fascinated me since i first saw it, moving images are a medium that despite the fact it's an abstraction or stylist level it can give such a "real feeling" of course the combination with sound and or music makes it complete. Music can touch me and a book can keep me thrilled but there's no other medium that can make me feel as much personified with a character or the opposite repulsed or rejecting the person's actions Glenv: What are some of your favorite American films? Foreign films? Television shows? Marx: evergreens like;Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Catch 22, Doctor Strangelove, The Shining, Sergio Leone's westerns. more recent; Fight Club, Memento, Se7en, AmĂŠlie, El Secreto de sus Ojos.

real person in a theater or in an actual real life situation :)I think both will keep their value and will remain to coexist.

Glenv: What do you consider the elements of a good film? A great one? Marx: Vivacious, overwhelming, real to life, absurd, over the top, dynamics, ups and downs, contrast in any meaning of the word. Glenv: What sort of things do you study and consider when watching a film? Marx: Well i try to watch the film itself, but there's always the filmmaker in me who's watching with me. For instance when i was watching the visually amazing Children of Men, i was completely overwhelmed by a scene in which they are running from a door all the way to a building under siege meeting multiple situations halfway and at some moment i realized it was still the same shot, that's when the filmmaker wakes up despite the impact of the entire visuals but i can still enjoy a movie ;-) Glenv: Where do you hope to see yourself in ten years?

Marx: I'll be 55 in ten years i should have made a few outstanding productions by then and have generated enough funds with (mainstream) projects to keep doing my own projects that will be more my own way. Glenv: Where can readers view your films and learn more about you?

Marx: My RL website(needs an update): my youtube channels are:,, Glenv: At what age or time in life did filmmaking cross from a hobby to something more serious? Marx: I have been at that border for a very long time, but things definitely changed when i started renting a studio in RL in 2011. Also in SL i have a more professional approach to film nowadays. Glenv: What and when was your first action of pursuing a filmmaking career after high school? Marx: Video recording concerts at the age of 25. Glenv: How did you finance your first feature/short film? Marx: Own money, my first short movie had a budget of around 250 us$ of which most was spent on food.

Glenv: How would you define the actual role that a director is supposed to fill? Marx: The director decides on every creative and technological aspect. Depending on the size of a production many of the specialist tasks will be taken over by others so the director has to let certain things go as well, but remains the one with the veto. A director needs a vision on the end result, guidance to cast and crew when needed.

Glenv: What are some qualities in yourself and others that make one suitable for film directing?

Marx: I guess one needs a mix of a creative and a technical mind, though depending on the level of specialist taking over certain tasks within the film porces the technical side doesn't need the depth it would need when one does everything him/herself. Glenv: What's the best advice you could give someone new to filmmaking? Marx: Pursue your dreams work hard and try to have some fun too. Glenv: Tell us about your latest project NIN9. Marx: Nin9 is a project i have been working on for many months now, it will incorporate all my accumulated skills and will be a true challenge in every field, i try to delegate as much as possible but also on a very low budget as this is a non-commercial project i don't pay my actors and try to get as many as possible sponsors for props and avatar (attachments) and so on. Being the perfectionist i am, this project has run into some delays because of the avatar for the lead character, try buying a mesh suit for a fat man in SL and you will know what i ran into. With many thanx to my set builder Rachelle Raviprakash, and to the RL mesh artist who made me a suit model Chris Kautz The enthusiasm of all actors has pulled me through the hard times too and we are about to start the actual shoots around june 1st.

Glenv: Have you any new project planned that will excite the viewers? Marx: I'm doing machinimatography for a very large machinimaproject by an American Director but i can't tell much about that,it's gonna be an awesome film and it has been and still is a great learning experience we are just over halfway the entire footage. Besides the other projects i am also involved in a project by Doc Grun, he has been working on this for years now and i have hooked up to do directing and machinimatography for it, there's a teaser edited by myself online for this and also visible at the SL10B sim inworld. Glenv: Any last words?


Marx: No.



PoseESion from Slives Magazine

Every things Cozy and can be for you every day. This is what I thought to myself when I started the legacy of just isn't about your home on Second Life, it's about that place you run to at the end of every hectic day that holds you, your family, your friends and loved ones together. Home is where the heart is, and heart starts with "Cozy". – Paige Raven

You'll see that " " isn't only about the house that you are going to live in, its about the smile you'll get when opening that door and stepping inside, it's about the adventure you and your loved one are about to take when enjoying a completely COZY lifestyle. Let me share my smiles and joy with you. Cozy Homes, Cozy Essentials, Cozy Kids & Baby

If you are viewing this Magazine inworld, you are about to view a Media On A Prim (MOAP). If the video does not load be sure to check your media settings and make sure you are using a viewer based on v.2 technology at the least. Please choose to allow media to auto play for improved performance.


Click the Gift Tab to get a free gift. Item pictured not included.

Dj Cinfull

DJ Cinfull rocks da party by mixing and blending sexy R&B and reggae dancehall and hard hitting hip hop all while being humorous, sexy and flirtatious on the mic. You can come party with DJ Cinfull and find out why she is respected by long time real world professional DJs at : Serenity Groove Radio Mondays 6-8 pm slt & Fridays 8-10 pm slt

STALKERS By Sammy Reaos Heartsdale

In this article we will cover some of the different styles and types of stalking. There are many forms, and only a little time to touch on the basic aspects of it. This will cover a few situations so that you can better understand why people stalk others.

Stalking starts for a number of reasons, from paranoia, jealousy, anger, or just wanting to get to know someone better. Its also considered stalking if there's a breach of boundaries from one to the other too. Date stalking This is one of the most common things that people stalk each other over. Many people don't know they do it, and some do. I've heard many stories on why people keep tabs on there dates. One is because they suspect them of cheating. Other reasons can be from breaking up a relationship, to engineering a situation to cause a rift in a group of friends, or relationship. Situation for Dating A guy partners a girl here in second life. They are an exclusive relationship and the guy is known to cheat. The girl has a incline of something going on, but cant really prove it. So before making an accusation, she wants to get evidence for it. So she either hires someone to figure out if the guy is doing it.

There are a few ways you can go about figuring out if someone's cheating or not. Ask them Asking is the most direct way of seeing if they have or have not. Not the best or easiest way to do get that, but it usually solves the problem. If however you don't trust them, see if they get defensive or change there story about the situation. Ask them who, what, when, where. If they can't or try to dodge a question, then there may be something to look into down the road. However, that's just for someone who is paranoid and can see through what others say.

Huds There are also a number of huds that allow you to track someone grid wide. Some need you to have them wear a prim, others don't. Some huds relay chat, some can relay chat, location, and who there with, and who’s closest. Others are just simple single function items, where as others can have up too 20 functions. Groups Groups are a complex network of ideas and people who come together to work with similar objectives. This is not always the case, but when it happens, a lot of magic can be made. I have been in situations where i needed to infiltrate a large group and gather in-tell. Now getting in was the easy part really. Talk to the owners, get to know them, and get introduced to the rest of the group. Now as you get into a group, each group has there own humor, there own way of doing things, and there own filter system. Some serious, some are not, but when your in, you either are in and stay in, or are in and clash with some people.

Groups can sometimes be tough because they all have some sort of influence over each other and some sort of command structure, even if it is a civilian style. Someone is powerful enough to be heard and listened too. Someone has face, or some sort of position that allows them to get things done. Large groups usually have a core, a group of people that run the mass of the group, with other cliques or other circles that work on other things. Those are the toughest people to get in with because each group is responsible for there own. Small groups are just there because a group of friends want to do something together. They also have the like minded needs and wishes, or skills that can benefit the group one way or another.

For stalkers, this is the basic information on what they want to gather so that they can either just know about the group, or do something to benefit it, or do harm to it in one way or another. You most likely will never know what a professional stalker is up too unless they make a critical error or something. After they gather all that, that's when they start playing off angles and creating openings and opportunities to advance to a position to cause even more harm to something. A new stalker or simplistic one is very transparent most of the time, and can usually be avoided with a little bit of care. This however doesn't mean you should be paranoid of everyone you meet. That only hinders the fun you can have in second life. This is a guide to some of the warning signs that someone may be trying to keep tabs on you.

So a few tips before we wrap up: Be Cautious when someone approaches you about your group. Work with your group and introduce them to the others. If they fit in well, then they should be good to go, if there's some question as to there nature, then consult with your group to see weather or not to shut them out.

Have a filter. If they trigger something, grill them. If they pass, then don't worry about it. If they don't, then just keep that in mind before you promote them or date someone. If something is too good to be true, always ask for the catch, or grill them on the why they want too. Sometime its legit but when in doubt, ask. And always have the landlords of your sims on speed dial if you need to sim ban someone for griefing or stalking you. Always good to do rather then get the lindens involved. If its a multiple sim effort, then you should contact them for harassment. There will be a follow up article on Alt Warfare and more advanced techniques in stalking and in-tell gathering. Thanks for reading!




An interview with Dainie Fraina By Martine Lorefield

Martine: Welcome welcome! I am so happy that you've decided to do the interview with SLives! Just wanted to express my gratitude for your time today as well Dainie Fraina: I'm honored you're having me :) I'm glad we were finally able to meet up, we're too busy ladies obviously lol Martine: isn't that the truth! If you don't mind just explaining artizana and what does the artizana style signify? Dainie Fraina: well to me Artizana is really a celebration and creative expression of culture. it's my hope that the pieces I create will allow people to explore a part of themselves they may not have the freedom or willingness to explore in RL, and open them up to a way of expression they may not have even considered to explore in RL. I also love African culture, it's very much a part of who I am, and SL has given me the tools and the freedom to express that love creatively. Martine: Dainie, what got you to think of the styles you have created? I know your styles have a heavy influence in the African culture, but what is your experiences (RL & SL) that help create those styles and designs you have displayed Dainie Fraina: well I'm inspired really by RL fashions, primarily from West Africa, as that's what I'm most familiar with. Some of my outfits I've designed after outfits I have myself in RL, either the fabric or the style, and then added my own little flair to it to make it my own. Old photos from events I've been to inspire me, the different head dresses and gowns and the combinations of colors. I also research the web and look for ideas for styles and colors.

But most of the outfits I make are based off something I've seen in RL and tried to translate into SL using the different tools available here for creating fashions in SL. I mostly work with mesh, I find it gives me the most freedom to make the pieces look the way I want. Martine: well great! that was going to be my next question which is what do you primarily use to create your designs. What are you thinking of doing for future projects?

Dainie Fraina: I'll clarify though, I use mesh templates, I don't create mesh myself, although I hope to have the time and patience to teach myself one day, hehe Martine: ah ok good to know! Yea, must be tough Dainie Fraina: well, learning how to make mesh myself is up there on my list of to-do's, but it's not a huge priority for me at the moment since there are so many great template designers out there, and my styles are unique enough that even if the next designer uses the same template, I know that mine will still be very unique. For 2013 I want to focus a lot more on growing my business; I recently reduced my commitments to other projects in SL and it's given me a lot more time to really focus on developing my line more, learning new design techniques, and getting the business side of things more in order; marketing, customer service, etc. Mainly I just want to continue with my vision as it stands though and hopefully become a household name for ethnic fashions in SL. :) I recently was asked to do my first fashion show, so that was very exciting, I'm hoping to more of those as well. Martine: awesome! I am sure you are well on your way to success! your clothes are definitely upscale and favorable Dainie Fraina: thank you :))

Martine: with that said, what do you think of sl fashion today? where do you think it may head in the future? Dainie Fraina: I think it's a beautiful thing that so many new designers are popping up on the grid. It's amazing and inspiring to see so many people expressing themselves creatively. I don't pay a whole lot of attention to what other designers are doing, I kind of stay focused on my own thing, but I definitely have my favorites, and I'm always combining their styles with my own for my ads and marketing materials. I've grown to be friends with some other designers as well and we all help each other out, there's a real sense of community. It's really all in how you approach it; I'm not in fashion to compete at all, it's just an outlet of creative expression for me. I think if designers approach the fashion industry in SL with a similar attitude, there's no room for anything but really positive movement. Martine: I totally agree. It's interesting that you brought up the community aspect of SL and how a lot of businesses are picking up this way of networking ideas and positive energy Dainie Fraina: my sister (and Artizana manager, BrookLynn Baxter) will tell you that I'm actually pretty clueless about the industry itself in SL, haha! I really tend to mind my own business and just do what I love. Martine: I wanted to ask you what advice can you give to the sl community in terms of searching for the right style?

Dainie Fraina: There is SO much out there to explore and that's part of the beauty of this world. It's relatively effortless to go out and find things / places / people that you identify with and that bring positive energy into your life. and that's a good segue into answering your question... really the best way to find the right style for yourself is to just explore and mix and match whatever "speaks" to you, whatever you identify with; put some feeling into it. Our avatars are also a creative expression of the essence of who we are, and there's so many beautiful creations in SL that can help us with that expression. Blogs, SL Marketplace, malls, fashion shows, even just going to in-world events and finding inspiration in how others express themselves, I don't think there's anything wrong with that at all. Some people get posessive about the look they create for themselves because they spend a lot of time and energy in putting it all together, but for me I feel flattered when somebody IMs me and says "wow I love what you're wearing, can I ask where you found that?" Martine: :-) how rewarding is that right? Dainie Fraina: it's like, wow, my sense of style inspires somebody else, how awesome; plus I get an opportunity to support my favorite designers as well, so it's all paying it forward.

Martine: fantastic! In your opinion, what do you think is hot in sl fashion today? Dainie Fraina: well perhaps ironically, ethnic fashion seems to really be "trending" on the grid right now, from what I hear. I guess that's lucky in my case, lol! I am seeing a lot of big-name designers throwing ethnic pieces into their collections now, which I think is very cool. There has been an extreme shortage of ethnic fashions in SL up until recently, so I'm really grateful and honored to be a part of propagating that trend. Mesh, of course, is also hugely popular. Once mesh becomes "adjustable" in the main SL clients, I think the sky is the limit from there, mesh

will really take off then, and it's only a matter of time. For now I'm happy to work around the limitations and do my best to bring people quality fashions. :) I'm working with some templates now from a designer who makes Flexi mesh, which is adjustable in some beta viewers, so that's really exciting. Martine: oooo interesting! Dainie Fraina: these jeans actually are Flexi mesh :) so once the technology in the mainstream viewers are able to support Flexi mesh, it becomes a whole new playing field!


“MY FIRST DAYS IN SL� By Nekos Ok so hopefully SL hasn't eaten this NC by time I get it done grrrrr Ok so I been asked to give some feedback on my first days in SL so here goes from what bits I can remember.. bare in mind it was like ummmm 10 years ago now

was a newb and my avi looked like some Barbie doll on crack at the time (yes avis were unbelievably ugly back in that time)

So we launched ourselves onto this path... first step was to come up against a billboard and click it.. you were then given info about movement Ok so back in 2003 I was controls.... then you had to hunting around for a good move a few more steps MMORPG or world to visit following this maze of paths online and stumbled across to the next billboard... which Secondlife... I read a few gave you camera controls write ups on it and decided to info... then the next which give it a try... so when you had clothes (now these first log into SL back in the weren't clothes like you see beta days you had to follow them today.. oh no) the the newbie path as they clothes of the beta stage were called it back then... this was just simple pants or simple something that I can only skirt and a simple top... describe as the biggest pain in probably something you the butt part of the game I wouldn't even have ever done. Yes I know I

look twice at these days and would end up in trash in no time.

days) I then decided perhaps SL wasn't for me and logged out..... It was only months later when I decided to give SL But anyway yet again I ventured another go.. after some write on to next billboard.. this was ups were online promoting about appearance.... ok now improvements to the game.. so lets just stop for a moment and I ventured in again only to find talk about the avi... the avi back out my first avi had been in the beta stage was ugly as all deleted due to being inactive hell.. skins were very basic and for so long (yes another bug the hair on the avis was like a bare of those days. And I lump of plasticine welded to created another avatar and the head (nope back in beta decided to give it a go... at least days you couldn't change hair) you could see the subtle you felt like a fugly molded improvements... hair you could plastic doll... sorry that's only change.. which gave you bit way i can describe my av back more artistic change on avis in those days. and the way you appearance... and the clothes walked looked like you had seemed to be getting a little pooed ya pants (yep AOs were better as the first designers nowhere near anything like started to hit SL. todays) Anyway after doing numerous billboards for which you needed the patience of a saint (and you couldn't get off this path until completed in those


balance every month of about 500 lindens I think it was then... even clubs and stores got lindens for their traffic if it was in the top 10 (yes I know you dont see that now cos of all the scams to get traffic LL pulled the plug on payments for good traffic)

servers were so laggy back in those days even trying to fly across mainland was a joke unless you had settings down to minimal.

So yep anyway despite what seems like painting a horrible picture of SL you got to remember this was all back in So in early memories to sum it the beta days... and things have up of what I can remember... vastly improved since then... the Avatars looked awful.. you over time we have gained the couldnt change your hair... your ability to have better clothes had to do the newbie path thanks to many designers whether you wanted to or not coming into world... we have to get into full world... every flexi prims.. and mega prims.. land parcel you came across first flexi hair... skins that make us of all seemed to look like a look so real we have to look at sandbox with stuff scattered our avatars twice sometimes to everywhere... greifers were a believe we have actually created normal every day occurance... them ourselves... plus and we didnt have as bigger animations in abundance thanks map as you see today.. if you to the amazing abilities we have look at the biggest part of given us today. mainland on the map that was So before anyone says SL is just how big the world was to begin all about sex it isnt... and never with.. the other mainland has been... yes sex sells thats islands were added later... plus

obvious to anyone who sees the amount of money is made in that industry in real. But there is the other wide of SL to.. where you can explore amazing places... meet amazing people from all over the world without having to move out of your armchair.. Secondlife has grown into an amazing world.. and even so realistic these days that people are hoooked and live in it for days without a break... so it has some very addictive qualities. The main part of SL that fascinates me to and which I completely love is.. it gives those of less able body the chance to do things with their avatars that they cannot do in the rl world.. people who are wheelchair bound in rl can make their avatars walk.. run... jump.. and even fly People can also take their avatar

to a whole new level.. explore different appearances... be it furry... pixies... elfs... dragons.. vampires... or whatever creative ideas they can come up with. It never ceases to amaze me how far exactly SL has come over 10 years of existance.

From no movement to amazing AOs that can make your avatar do anything. But the biggest thing in those days was how to make money or get lindens... if you subscribed to a premium account you got a linden. From moulded hair to flexi to the new mesh.. where it moves with your avatars body. From a powdered pinky coating on your avatar to amazing lifelike skins that look so real in pictures sometimes its amazing From a small wardrobe of 1 dress and a pair shoes to an inventory heaving with clothes.. shoes.

jewellry.. eyes... hair... and yes the attachments to make the guys even more real lol Secondlife has grown in 10 years from a simple playground with a barbie doll... into a full virtual world that more than eminates that of our real worlds... and for some even takes over our real worlds... and even provides income for some with their designs and creativity. It has come a long way and no matter what it throws at us with lag and bugs and non rezzing issues, there is something that captures our attention and holds us here... and makes us keep wanting to come back for more no matter what. So to end this rambling on about little bits of SL... Secondlife does need to be given a chance.. if people listen to what the critics say they would miss out on a whole new experience... and yes we all know if LL had the

resources things could be a lot better... but we have all been taught in real to put up and make do with what we are given.. and as long as this makes people happy they are going to keep coming back for more for a good few years yet. So as far as Secondlife goes... as the saying goes "dont knock it til you have tried it"

hugs Nekos


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By Dina Herrera

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