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LumoFlow social workspaces

The first seamlessly integrated collaboration solution Increase a sense of community, manage the information flow and capture tacit knowledge

Manage projects with milestones and dashboards Share information by using wiki pages with attachments Delegate tasks and follow up what others are doing Discuss and share ideas in discussion forums Find upcoming events from group calendar Manage notifications and messages with inbox Integrate news, blogs and other services for media tracking Find documents, discussions, people and more with deep search Use micro-blogging to increase a sense of community

Lumo Flow is a social collaboration environment for enterprises. Flow provides a real-time stream of knowledge by combining discussions, tasks and documents into a shared workspace, and linking them contextually with syndicated content from the web. It is ideal for agile teamwork in which transparency is essential and ability to collaborate in realtime is crucial. In Flow, discussions can be turned into actions which are then streamed into each member’s task lists. Source of the activity can be easily traced as every bit of information is linked with items around it. This also encourages people to recycle the existing knowledge.

Enterprise workspace Improve cross-team communication by centralizing conversations, activities and documents into a shared knowledge base. The combination of low-barrier knowledge entering and advanced collaboration features provide a flexible tool for internal communication.

Customer workspace Enable secure sharing of information with suppliers, vendors, partners and customers. Reduce customer support calls and increase customer satisfaction by providing better possibility to participate. An additional benefit is that the extranet's content is always current.

Organize meetings and share agendas and memos, and track activities Receive email notifications of assignments and completions

Virtual workspace Provide transparency to the work of a virtual team and keep everyone clear about what they are supposed to do next. Increase a sense of community by encouraging daily communication despite the physical distance or time zone barriers.

Sign up today! Getting into Flow is just one click away. Our workspaces are available as software-as-aservice (SaaS) and requires no software to install. And much more ‌

Lumo Research provides next generation social collaboration tools for enterprises. Our mission is to improve productivity of knowledge driven work. We are located in Helsinki, Finland.

Email: Phone: +358 50 370 5540

Lumo Flow - Social Workspaces  

Lumo Flow is a new kind of collaboration environment, which combines social networking and project management to increase productivity of te...