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Events Calendar 2018 Term 1 Hokitika Library Visit

20th March

Leadership Camp

21-23 March

South Westland A & P Show Whataroa

24th March

Fox Glacier Cluster Swimming Sports

Tues 6th March

Duffy Theatre

Thurs 8th March

Good Friday

Fri 30th March

Easter Monday

Mon 1st April

Outdoor Challenge Day (Haast)

Tues 10th April

Shanty Town Experience Day Jackson Bay.

Wed 11th April

Outdoor Challenge Postponement Day

Thurs 12th April

Last day of Term 1

Fri 13th April

First Day Term 2

Mon 30th April

We have a few Outdated Afghan Cookies available for just $1.00. Available anytime.

Sunblock is a must at this time of year. Please put it on your child's face and arms before school. It is school policy that students wear hats if outside. Children must wear sun hats and sun screen outside during Term 4 and Term 1. We want to protect their skin.

HAAST PRIMARY SCHOOL P.O. Box 43 Haast, South Westland

Phone 03 7500853 email:

Growing Individuals for the Future 15th February 2018 Hi Everyone


We are all settling down into the rhythm of school again now. We have looked at our own identities and that of people from other countries. We all enjoyed Swiss day on Friday with Ms Widmer and have almost completed our mural for the A and P show. Each child has a collaged umbrella of their personality floating up from Cherry Tree Lane-Mary Poppins has been a popular theme! It takes a village to raise a child‌ and many people contribute to the school in different ways. Thank you to Paul Gurney and Shane Metcalfe, for getting the wood split for winter, Rachel Roxburgh for her work in the gardens, the kind family from Invercargill who donated a new basketball hoop after their boys slam dunked our old one and bent it, Fonterra for the daily school milk and also to Alex Braddick, who has made a significant difference to our grounds while completing his community service. Michelle Green


The Board of Trustees welcomes Danni Eggeling as our third parent representative, replacing Nat Giroux. She was elected unopposed and takes office tomorrow. The next full election is in May 2019. Next BoT Meeting: Thursday 22nd Feb 5pm at school Welcome back to school, Connor. He has been helping his parents and grandparents at Hunts Beach. There will no doubt be a lot more work involved in cleaning up and rebuilding- we are all thinking of you.

On Friday Ms Widmer (Marianne) taught the children some things about her home country Switzerland. For lunch we had Raclette. Potatoes from our garden, tomatoes donated by Mauryne and melted cheese-Yum!

Community Meeting From Westland District Council

We will be concentrating on punctuation and grammar to begin with this year in writing- here’s a great example of creative writing with super punctuation:

Okuru Hall Friday 16th February 7pm—8pm to meet people who were affected by the 1st February storm and suffered damage.

Miro’s Imaginary Place My special place is wonderful. Colourful birds fly past. Trees rustle in the wind. Suddenly, the clouds grow dark. The sky is sad. Rain falls until it fills up the whole rainforest. Swans fly down to the sparkling lake. The sky darkens and stars illuminate the forest. The sky watches over the animals as they close their eyes… That’s what happens in my special place. I’m sure you’d want to visit me there. But you can’t. Only I can. Because my special place is kept safe in my head.

Mathletics Awards Charlotte Anderson Tessa Norton

Silver Bronze

Scholastic Book Club Orders back by Monday 19th February

Miro Gurney For excellent learning and effort in writing

15th feb 2018  
15th feb 2018