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Joe Chรกvez / Lifting & Safety Equipment Consultant Tel: 0928 945 5066 Office: 6071 R. Palma St.- Brgy. Poblacion, Makati 1211 e-mail

SafetyJoes Co. SafetyJoes Company provides “below the hook “consulting for government and private companies who engage in overhead lifting and work at heights . We provide onsite audits and periodic inspection s of lifting equipment and PPE Personal Protective Equipment such as wire rope slings, shackles, chain slings, lever hoist, hooks, full body harness, anchor points, safety lines, ladders etc. Classroom training is also available upon request. SafetyJoes is a newly formed company with an experienced staff comprised of Professional Rigging experts. Since our inception, the cornerstone of our success has been innovation and honesty. Our commercial, industrial, and government clients trust us to meet their safety needs by providing turnkey services, quality inspections, on-time performance and innovative solutions to difficult problems. Over time we have developed an intimate familiarity with shipyard requirements and standards. We have experience with the planning, maintenance and management of both large and small safety projects, including special designed lifting equipment. We are fortunate to have many projects recognized for their merit in quality and innovation. Our focus, however, is ever centered on the people we serve. Our customers know that we will get the job done in a safe manner, on-time, and with outstanding quality.

Shipyard work is traditionally hazardous, with an injury-accident rate more than twice that of construction and general industry. For this reason, Safety-Joes has targeted the industry in its Strategic Plan to reduce injuries and illnesses and prevent fatalities. Often times shipyards have several different operations occurring at the same time. All of these activities creates the potential for injuries.

Visual Inspections are strictly performed following established standards applicable to lifting equipment and below the hook accessories . The Norms specify WLL working load limits ,wear allowances , removal criteria and proper identification. Also we must consider the manufacturers certificate of compliance and any special instructions on proper use and maintenance of the equipment. Every piece of equipment will get a new tag to Identify last date inspected. All of our customers can download a PDF copies of past Inspections from our website using their customer ID and password. EUROPEAN MACHINE DIRECTIVE 2006/42/EC


UNE-58-524-89 INSPECTION FORMAT EN-818-4 ALLOY Grade 80 & 100 Lifting chains EN-13889 Lifting SHACKLES EN-1492-1, 2 Polyester SYNTHETIC Slings both Flat and endless round-slings EN-13414-1 WIRE ROPE EN 13414-3 Endless wire rope Grommets EN-1677-1, 2, 3, 4 Sling Accessories (rings, hooks, eyebolts. etc.) EN-13155 Lifting beam (Spreader beam)

Safety-Joes also inspects PPE -Professional Protective Equipment with a fast return time and always with a report which includes pictures of any damage s found. – All equipment will be clearly marked √ PASSED or FAILED so there is no confusion of which equipment can be put back into service . UNE-EN 795: Anchor points UNE-EN 364: Test method UNE-EN 354:2002: Lanyards UNE-EN 355:2002: Shock absorbers UNE-EN 360-2002: Retractables UNE-EN 362:2005: Conectors UNE-EN 365:2005: Guide for general user instructions and maintenace. - Full body harness also included

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