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CONTENT Introduction 2. Indamage animals 1.

1. Clouded leopard 2. Tiger 3. White lion 4. Bobcats 5. White seals

Because the actually global development capitalism and consumerism where are envolve we make less important things like our heaalth quality life and specifty our enviroment human greed doesn`t have limits, we can see how the multinational enterprises do eventhing they want and they can to feel their pockets, exploit destroy and invade no thinking the cultural enveramental and economical damage they will make to society. ď‚ž We can name some examples like minerals explotation gold digging oil diging and they don`t think the place where they are working on used to be the home ot several species making a damage the enverometal equilibrium. ď‚ž

The clouded leopard was not extinguished. The news circulating through social media is false. The cloudy Leopard Project The organization (which translates to something like The Clouded Leopard Project) working in the research and conservation of this species since 2000. Its headquarters Washington (USA) and several tests that the animal still exists. For example, The Leopard Project Cloudy published five months ago in your Facebook account puppies two species were gathered at a zoo called Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, located in Washington, in order to reproduce and keep the species.

Tigers are the largest members of the cat family and are renowned for their power and strength. At the time there were eight tiger subspecies, but three became extinct during the twentieth century. In the last hundred years, hunting and forest destruction have reduced tiger populations from hundreds of thousands to perhaps fewer than 2,500. Tigers are hunted as trophies, and also some body parts used in traditional Chinese medicine. The five remaining tiger subspecies are endangered, and have been implemented a

lot ot conservation programs



The white lion is occasionally found in natural lasreservas South Africa, and selectively breeding many zoos around the world. According to African belief, this animal is divine and if crosses your path brings happiness. [Citation needed] Its existence has been relevant to the public since the 1970s by Chris McBride in his book The White Lions of Timbavati (The White Lions of Timbavati). According to popular belief, genetics has always been in the normal lions, but because it is a recessive gene, it is very rare you see such lions (that's why he had just seen for the first time in 70s) in the wild and can not survive long, since by its white fur, has no camouflage indicated that normal allows them to hunt lions without any problem.

. The Iberian lynx is a feline much larger than a domestic cat size. It is characterized by its rugged appearance , his long legs and short tail with a black tassel on the end. His ears are topped by a characteristic brushes composed of rigid black hairs possibly aiming to break the round silhouette of his head, thus favoring its mimicry. Its color varies from brown to gray to black mottled flanks . Adult differ in size between males and females. However, males and females are very similar in size during the first year of life.


By protecting seals and make changes now, we will have to wait until the numbers are drastically low. A species of seal that really need help is the Mediterranean monk seal, endangered at this time. This species lives along the coast of Africa, it is believed that fewer than 500 of them survive today.

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Over two thirds of these seals were eliminated in 1997 due to a type of virus. Since then efforts are made to protect them, and the numbers are rising slowly. Another threat are the humans who live nearby. It is known that these seals hunted for their meat, although they are protected, these people are so poor that they will do anything in order to survive.

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Why if rain forest could be more important than rain (by santiago lince)  
Why if rain forest could be more important than rain (by santiago lince)