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The Obesity Epidemic: Portion Control Diet Plan Obesity is considered a public health crisis in the United States. While there is a difference between being overweight and being Obese, everybody should strive to maintain their ideal body weight based on their BMI, Body Mass Index. The health risks with being overweight are well known, and should be an impetus for all of us to watch what we eat. The problem is that people do not control how much they eat, and food serving establishments do not control the amount that goes on each plate, as it can differ greatly. In reality, you may be getting a lot of unhealthy foods, and meager portions of healthy foods. Even when you eat at home, little thought usually goes in to how much to put on the plate. The Problem With Diets Diets are hard to maintain. It is a matter of Dieter’s Compliance. In other words, when a diet becomes uncomfortable, the dieter gives-up. What is needed is a fool-proof way to maintain a diet without feeling like you are starving, and have no energy. Many diets demand that you give up all of the foods you enjoy, hence, you dread eating. This is clearly not the way to design a sustainable diet. Sure you can take diet pills, but not without consequences.

Portion Control Enters The Discussion It turns out that the most effective method of dieting is portion control. Clinical Studies bare this out. Now we must consider what I call “Intelligent Portion Control”, which can be thought of as a Weight Loss Plate. This means controlling portions of each of the food groups. A meal should consist of Proteins, Carbs and healthy fats, but in the right portion sizes. In the past this meant using a food scale to determine portion sizes, and looking things up on a calorie table. It doesn’t have to be that way. There Is A Better Way The better way turns out to be The SlimPlate System, which is a Portion Control Diet Plan. It seems to solve all of the problems with controlling the diet. Two well-known weight loss Physicians came-up with the system, based around the concept of a Diet Portion Control Plate. This system is ideal, in that it makes it easy to be on a diet. You don’t have to give-up the foods you love, just eat the correct portion sizes. It is an ingenious system that comes with a package of tableware that has colored lined clearly delineated on each piece. All you have to do is keep the food items within the lines, that’s it! No weighting of foods, no running to caloric tables. There is even a set of “Portion Control Cutters” which can be used with odd shaped food items, such as: Waffles, Pancakes and sandwiches. The system suggests five meals spaced throughout the day. This will give your body all the fuel it needs for your metabolism to be revved-up all day long and burning calories. It also enables your energy levels to be boosted to keep you going at a steady pace for our busy lifestyles. The SlimPlate System makes dieting easy.

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Portion size plates  
Portion size plates  

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