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Gresham HS • Integrated Media Dept • Graphic Design 2 • Mr. Cook


GD2 K. Davis



Design Statement:

This portfolio represents. . . All the projects I have done this semester in Graphic Design 2. Most were assigned, but two are things I created in my own time. Programs used are Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign. All of which were the CS5 products. The material in this portfolio include outlines using the pen tool, photo manipulation, and creative layouts designed to catch someone’s eye.

Name p3 Illustration Page 4: Shoe Name p3 Illustration Page 5: Leaf Name p3 Illustration Page 6: Ipod Name p3 Name p3


Page 7:Name Photop3Montage Page 8:Name Photop3Manipulation Page 9:Name Photoshop Tutorial p3 Page 12: Photoshop Tutorial Name p3 Page 13: Photoshop Tutorial Name p3


Page 10: Magazine Ad Page 11: Stubticket Design

K. Davis GD2


Line Art Shoe Illustration

Create a Shoe in Illustrator (8 x 5 inches) I needed to take a picture of a shoe off the internet and I needed to outline and color it. The assignment was to see how we used tools within Illustrator to create the details and color. Mainly used the pen tool for this assignment.


GD2 K.Davis

Fall Leaves

Tracing the Outline of Leaves in Illustrator (7 x 10 inches.) The purpose of this assignmetn was to become familiar with the pen tool in Illustrator. With the pen tool, one would have to trace the outline of the leaves and then fill them in with various fall colors. Only some, not all of the leaves had to be traced.

K. Davis GD2


Ipod Illustration

Creating/Outlining a Ipod in Illustrator (6.5 x 8 inches) The assignment was to further develop the use of the Pen tool lin Illustrator as well as some other tools like the Ellipse tool. I was to take a picture of an ipod and trace it with the Pen tool. I also had to use the Type tool and to put color in it.


Playlists Artists Songs Settings About




GD2 K.Davis

Photo Montage

Gather several items that describeyou and place them together on one page (7.2 x 7.2 inches) The point of the assingment was to show our skill with Photoshop. The assignment taken place after many Photoshop tutorials, so we were to show off that we knew how to use Photoshop correctly. We had to gather items that represent or describe us. Examples could be thing you like or interested in. We were to place them into the same picture, but make it look realistic, like a picture. So we had to add shadows and reflections. We also had to use Free Transform and Distort to make the perspective of some of the items right.

K. Davis GD2


Photo Manipulation

Ta ke a p h o t o a n d m a n i p u l a t e i t (5.4 x 5.8 inches) The point of this assignment was once again to show the development of skill in Photoshop. I had to take a picture and manipulate or distort it in some way, but also make it look “real”. I had taken a picture of a frog and by using the Smudge and Blur tool, I was able to make the frog look like it was melting. I had also used a little Bevel to make the reflection of the liquid more life like. However, it would’ve been easier had I found the Liquify tool es dolorrores essit


GD2 K.Davis

Photoshop Tutorial

Find a Photoshop tutorial and complete it (4.5 x 7 inches)The objective of this assignment was to get us into Photoshop. Teach us how to use it. I was to go online and find a Photoshop tutorial to follow. I chose how to make a sphere. I chose it because I thought I could use it later in a different project. While the sphere itself didn’t have any use later in my projects, the Gradient tool did appear in other assignments, so the practice in this one helped me a bit.

K. Davis GD2


Magazine Advertisement

Make a magazine Advertisement with Photoshop and Indesign. (6 x 8 inches) The point of this assignment was to allow us to be creative and come up with eye-catching designs that could help us later if we go into the designing business. I chose the product Bryce 3D to use as my magazine ad. I used a picture of a complicated and abstract art that was created by Bryce 3D as the main selling point and or picture, because anybody interested in it would want to see its 3D capibilites. I added a lot of white space so the eye can rest and added a small column of words to present the product. I also added the actual product on the other side with few plants, representing its ability to create landscaping art.


GD2 K.Davis

Admission Ticket

Create an admission ticket for an even t of your choice. (4 x 6 inches) Like the Magazine Advertisement assignment, the point is to be creative and practice Indesign. We had to pick an event and make a ticket for said event with a design that would catch people’s eyes, had all the necessary information that a normal ticket would have and put it all in a way that would look appealing to someone who glanced at it. I had to use color schemes and patterns to help boost its credibility.

ADMIT ONE: August 7-11

Si g g r

Full Conference Pass -Access to ALL conference programs and events, including the Exhibition, Computer Animation Festival, and Reception. Also includes the Full Conference DVD-ROM.

Non-Member $995.00 No refunds


“This ticket is a revocable license and may be revoked and admission refused upon refunding the printed price thereon. This ticket may not be resold at a premium nor may the ticket holder thereof transmit or aid in transmitting beyond the limits of the stadium described in such ticket, in whole or in part, any description, account, picture, reproduction or result of the event or exhibition to which this ticket admits him; if the holder hereof does so, this license is automatically terminated.

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Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver Conference Cente

K. Davis GD2



Ta k i n g a p i c t u re a n d fo l d i n g i t (7 x 5 inches) The point of this assignment was to learn how to use Photoshop better. This one is just practice I did on my own. Following a tutorial, I took a picture of some field and used many color effects (Screen, Soft Light, Saturation) to make it look like I was peeling back an old picture and revealing a new one.


GD2 K.Davis

Power Button Design

Create something in Photoshohp. (5.6 x 5. 6 inches) This was another thing I had done on my own. I found a tutorial on how to create a power button in photoshop. I used many tools including the Ellipse tool and various Gradients. This was just to further improve my abilities in Photoshop help me later on.

K. Davis GD2


GreshamHS GD2 SP11 Davis  

All the projects I have done this semester in Graphic Design 2. Most were assigned, but two are things I created in my own time. Programs...

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