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Ten ways to keep life simple Annette Spanski

as we age

Anti-ageing coach and blogger Annette Spanski’s top ten tips for embracing the joys of ageing.

#1 Balance your hormones: Regular hormone checks will ensure you keep your hormones balanced and healthy. Doing so will help you age with vibrant health (now who doesn’t want that?), happiness, and with all your marbles intact. #2 Put yourself first: It isn’t selfish; it’s essential, because when you feel good, everyone in your life receives the best of you. #3 Supplement wisely: It can help to supplement our diet in order to maintain optimal health, especially as we age. Just ensure you do your research before you spend your hard earned dollars on any supplements, as many may not be as effective as they claim to be. #4 Think positively: You attract in your life whatever you give your attention, energy and focus to, whether positive or negative; so focus on the positive. #5 Move your body: We hear it over and over again, but it always rings true: if you want to avoid having an unhealthy, untoned body, you must work out regularly. Forget the latest exercise craze, choose something that you will stick with and make it an enjoyable activity. My favourites are weight training, yoga and walking. #6 Chill and learn to relax: Too much stress makes you age prematurely. Apart from the grey hair and wrinkles, there could be memory problems, fatigue, anxiety, and high blood pressure possibly heading your way. So learn to chill out and don’t “stress yourself old”.

#7 Avoid pharmaceuticals: Unless it’s absolutely necessary, try to avoid taking medication, and only use medication according to its intended use. Too many of us today reach for the quick fix, Band-Aid cure of pharmaceuticals. A healthy body is a master at healing itself. Whenever you can treat a problem or condition without pharmaceuticals long term, it can be the better and safer path to choose. #8 Sleep well: Getting sleep, staying asleep, and waking up rested is vital to your body’s health. It also improves your moods and lets you enthusiastically begin your day. #9 Technology time-out: Try spending a day with friends and family, without making calls, reading or sending texts. Abandon Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the internet during a get-together. #10 Put health first: My grandmother used to say, “Without your health, you have nothing: Ask yourself this question when life becomes stressful and you begin putting other priorities before your wellbeing: “Is it worth risking my health over?”. Annette Spanski, anti-ageing coach & blogger @ “Sharing my quest to looking and feeling fantastic at forty something.”

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