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the choice of champions From Andy Murray, to Elle Macpherson, to Daniel Craig, Bikram yoga is the celebrity choice. More and more people are embracing Bikram yoga as a form of exercise for the mind, body and soul. Bikram yoga, developed by Bikram Choudhury, is a form of hatha yoga which takes place in a room heated to 40 degrees celsius with around 40 percent humidity. The 60 or 90 minute classes consist of a series of 26 postures, which are repeated twice and held for between ten seconds to a minute. Controlled breathing sets the pace of the class with a “savasana” or break between each pose when the focus is on being completely still in both body and mind. An accredited Bikram yoga instructor guides you through each pose, taking your mind away from the troubles of your day and making you concentrate on achieving the best possible pose for you at that time.

ga benefits of bikram yo • Works every organ, gland, nerve, tendon, ligament and muscle in the whole body every Bikram Yoga session • Expands your capacity to breathe deeply and fully • Prevents injury and may prevent or improve chronic illness • Improvement in T-cell function and your immune system • Promotes better sleep, you may even need to sleep less • Improvement in posture and body awareness • Improve the healing and regenerative powers of your body • Lengthening and strengthening of muscles • Muscular and skeletal network are enhanced • Weight bearing exercise will help prevent osteoporosis • Improves heart and lung function • Improves back conditions of pain and misalignment • Helps cultivate a sense of wellbeing and a more peaceful mind • Improves flexibility of your spine in its range of motion in all directions allowing the improvement in function of your central nervous system. Better nervous system communication means a better functioning body and mind • Integration of both sides of the brain to improve memory, learning, body coordination and balance • Builds mental strength and teaches you to hold your mind in a focused and meditative state.

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