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Surfing legend Tom Carroll shares the tricks of the trade to sweating it out on a stand up paddleboard. As one of the most effective cross training activities you can do, it’s no wonder celebs such as Jennifer Hawkins, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, Matthew McConaughey and Australia’s ultimate bachelor, Tim Robards, have been snapped SUPing (that’s Stand Up Paddleboading to the uninitiated). As an activity that’s loads of fun and simple for almost anyone to master, it’s no surprise that SUPing is quickly becoming the most popular water sport around. Australian surfing legend Tom Carroll has recently launched his own range of high-performance Stand Up Paddle Boards – Tom Carroll Paddle Surf, through Global Surf Industries. “Anyone who tries stand up paddling for the first time will feel the effects the next day,” Tom says. “What’s great about stand-up, is it’s a full body workout. When you’re paddling hard, everything is working – your lats, your back, your shoulders, your arms, even your hands and feet. Think about doing 1,500 side sit-ups with rotations per hour. That’s pretty much what you do when you go for a hard stand up paddle workout,” he said. Tom’s tips for getting the most out of a SUP workout:


“As with most sports, technique is really important when it comes to mastering the SUP,” says Tom. He suggests taking a lesson, getting a coach or watching a training video when starting out. “This way, you’re likely to get the hang of things more swiftly, then you’ll be able to get the most out of paddling by starting out with excellent technique and setting up good muscle memory from the outset.”


With surf, racing, flat water and all-rounder SUPs available, Tom emphasises the importance of choosing a board that is appropriate for your skill level. “The Allrounder style is best for most beginners and a good board to start out on is the Adventure Paddleboarding Bamboo All Rounder SUP (RRP from $1,020). If you’re a little more advanced and are keen to mix up flatwater SUPing with some wave riding, opt for the Adventure Paddleboarding Sixty Forty SUP (RRP

From $1,293), and if you’re really advanced and want to get some serious wave action while working out, try my Tom Carroll Paddle Surf Long Grain SUP (RRP $2,200),” he said.


“The type of paddle you use is equally as important as the board itself and when you’re holding a paddle for an hour or more, the weight of the paddle is critical,” says Tom. “It’s well worth investing in a top of the line carbon paddle that’s super light and easy to manoeuvre.”


“It’s important to select a board according to your weight,” says Tom. “If you’ve got too much length, it will be much harder to push all that extra board around.” Tom suggests using the manufacturer’s suggested rider weights as a guide and then having a good chat with your retailer before choosing your board length.


According to Tom, the reason you can lose balance when leaning too far forward or leaning over the board is because of the significant weight of your head, compared to the rest of your body. “Keep your gaze up and become aware of the horizontal plane ahead and practice resisting the temptation to control by looking downward to the board. This does two things; one, it keeps your head over the centre of balance and two, it increases awareness of where you are. Also by maintaining a slight bend at your knees you will create natural shock absorbers, keep shoulders centred over your hips, and feel the movement throughout your body, like a dance with the water, this starts the process of awakening your stabilisers. Before you know it your up and going!” he says. For more information on Tom Carroll Paddle Surf go to

Photo credit: Tom Carroll Paddle Surf, Global Surf Industries

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Tom’s training tips

To up the ante on your SUP workout, Tom suggests incorporating some High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). He suggests repeating the below routine five to 10 times per paddling session to get “one hell of a workout.” Always warm up at moderate pace (approx 60 percent), within your best form stroke for 10-15 minutes (minimum). • Paddle 100 percent for one minute. • Paddle at 80 percent of your fastest pace for three more minutes. • Rest for one minute. • Repeat five to 10 times. • Paddle at a slow pace for 10 minutes. • Stretch to cool down. 47

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