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SLIM Expert Taylor Cecil

Taylor Cecil of Taylor Made Coaching shares his expert advice for achieving and maintaining complete, holistic health.

nce a professional triathlete, Taylor Cecil has dedicated his life to learning, practicing and teaching holistic health and fitness. Having reached the heights of professional sportsmanship, Taylor decided to extend his skills and knowledge base and set out to learn all he could about exactly what it takes to achieve true wellness. “I studied movement and posture, diet, body mechanics, stress management, sports specific training and injury prevention,” Taylor tells SLIM. Taylor says that when it comes to training, planning is essential. “I take a holistic approach to everything I do and training is no exception,” Taylor says. “I focus on integrating all areas of the body for balance, strength, posture, flexibility and wellness.” If you are looking to start exercising, but have never trained before, Taylor says to start off slow and simple. “Get back to basics and do it for the love of movement,” Taylor says. “It’s in you to move! Don’t be hard on yourself and understand that each session you do is a ‘drop in the bucket’. Utilise what you have around you; the walkway, the beach, the ocean, the gym. Put yourself in a culture of people who inspire you. Remember, ‘if’ you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always ‘gotten’.”

A very real risk for those just starting out – and those who have been exercising a while – is that of injury. Taylor says to focus on your posture at all times to avoid injury. “Stress and overused patterns are the main contributors to poor posture, so next time you are running or walking, keep your chest up.” When it comes to weight-loss, Taylor says not all exercises are equal. “Corrective strength training is best for your metabolism, but this needs to be coupled with the right food for your body. Eat organic foods, avoid highly processed foods, and avoid sugar. Remember, you are what you eat.” It’s all well and good having the tools to live a healthier, fitter life, but as we all know, motivation is the key. Taylor says those of us who lack motivation need to ask ourselves the questions; ‘What is your dream? What is your love?’. “If answering this is hard, you may be on a rollercoaster with exercise. Find out what it is that makes you tick, then write it down with a long-term goal, a short-term goal, and a daily planner that will put – and keep – you on the right track.” Contact Taylor at Taylor Made Coaching on 0421 767 781 or go to 35

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