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Leadership CHARLES KLEPFER OWNER, CICI’S PIZZA 2017 CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD Picking Slidell as the location for my business has proven to be a great place to raise my family and build relationships. I believe that every business has a story and there is more behind the sign on the door. Telling that story helps people get to know you, where you have been and what direction you are going in which grows your guests. Being a part of the chamber of commerce has opened doors for me and my business. Chamber events assist me in connecting with the community and provide opportunities to promote my business of CiCi’s Pizza, partnering with local schools, non profits and other businesses. Working with the children in our community and teaching them about what the chamber does to enhance economic success is something I really enjoy. CEO, Dawn and her staff are very goal oriented and carry the strategic plan of the board of directors to keep the chamber on a path providing opportunities for the local business owners. The chamber has allowed me to meet with public officials, locally, on state and federal levels to learn more about protecting the business community. Meeting in D.C. with the U.S. Chamber, I was impressed with the education they provide local chambers to keep members informed on regulatory actions. I encourage you to utilize our chamber of commerce to build relationships, stay on top of policy issues and tell your story to advance your business opportunities.

Charles Klepfer

Serving over the years as Presidents and now Chairman of the Board, has included some old Slidell families, as well as some prominent business professionals. Only two Chairmen have served twice in the 55 years, John Smith and Joe DiGiovanni. What names do you recognize? Judge Thomas Tanner Judge Gus Fritchie, Jr. George Broom Homer Fritchie, Sr. Robert Abney M.P. Schneider, Jr. David Cooley Milton Parmelee Dr. James Sewell Ron Francis Larry Breland Robert Thorne Ronald Guth Dave Martin, Jr. Lynn Barthelemy Joe Martinez George Reine III

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DAWN SHARPE, CCE, IOM CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER I love my job! Being able to say that after 10 years is truly a blessing and it is an honor to represent the region that I call home. This year we are excited to partner with Slidell Magazine to present to you our annual Business & Community Connection Membership Directory. I still remember the first time Kendra came to visit the chamber with her dream of a local magazine in our home town. Each month, citizens visit the chamber building just to pick up the latest edition to read the community minded stories. There is always a laugh and maybe a tear that is shed learning about that EFOP, seeing what the Storyteller has up his sleeve, financial advice, sports, health updates and much more. This month, we include the promotion of our Community Partners in the Buyers Guide to support local businesses and highlight what your chamber has to offer. Our region offers you a variety of resources to satisfy your needs. From cafés to fine dining, from clothing stores to upscale boutiques, from antique shops to professional art paintings, from spas to health clubs, from auto parts to new automobiles. The list goes on and on. You can find everything you need to satisfy your professional and family needs. Help keep our local economy rolling by spending your hard earned dollars to support the businesses in our area and prove that we are proud of the businesses located here and support “Buy Local”. I understand the importance to build relationships and do business with people we can trust. Your Chamber is here to do that for you. With over 300 networking opportunities a year, we give you the venue to promote your business. With a genuine staff who truly cares about that forward progress of our business climate, it is a joy to work for our community everyday building prosperity for growth and providing opportunities for you. If you have never attended a chamber event, please visit for all community events. Please stop by and visit our Chamber home, you can shop downstairs with over 30 local artists, have a coffee with us and use our free wifi. I look forward to seeing you soon.

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Slidell Magazine & Chamber Business Connection - 82nd Edition  
Slidell Magazine & Chamber Business Connection - 82nd Edition