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months, she was confined to the bed and kept sedated most of the time. It is not known who made the first move. It was most likely the Colonel. In the past, he had had his share of the ladies in Memphis and a few in other places. On the other hand, it is no exaggeration to admit that Beatrice would have used any means to exact revenge on Jake for his indiscretions, and she was an opportunist. She felt Jake’s actions were intentionally planned to hurt her. She also had never forgotten what it was like to work in the sugar cane fields and the tailor shop. She would not let that happen. Beatrice had lived in the home with the Colonel and Stella for almost a year when Stella passed away. A month after the funeral, the Colonel went to St. Louis on business. He took Beatrice with him. Three months later, they were married. Jake and Emily not only disapproved of these happenings, they were embarrassed. In just over two years after the marriage, Beatrice gave the Colonel a beautiful

baby girl. The Colonel gave both of them anything they wanted, which only added to the resentment Jake had for his father, poisoning their relationship even further. After six years of marriage, the Colonel died. ***** It was a spring day in 1947 when Jake met Beatrice at his father ’s attorney’s office in Greenville. Stanford Potter was not only the Colonel’s attorney, he was also Jake’s. “Jake, I am going to read the Colonel’s last will and testament. I think I should warn you, you will not like it. It does, however, reflect his wishes, and he was of sound mind. I compiled the will myself.” A lot of words were read that were legal precursors of the document, but the bottom line was Beatrice had inherited all of the Colonel’s worldly possessions, including real estate, livestock, and crops in the field. Jake and Emily were able to keep the home they lived in and 400 acres. Rose Ann got $10,000.

***** Emily and Jake inherited her father ’s property and managed well, after the farm subsidy was established and he was paid not to work. Jake continued his duplicitous lifestyle; and it appears only Emily, the innocent one, was punished. In the Delta, it was gossiped that Beatrice would spend a week every December at the Peabody Hotel, buying lavish Christmas gifts for only herself and her daughter. She would also occasionally return to New Orleans where she would check into the Roosevelt Hotel, always requesting the best suite. It is said that she, still a graceful beauty, was often seen dancing with younger men in the Blue Room, and that her favorite request of the orchestra was to play, “Always”.

 John Case May 2017

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Slidell Magazine & Chamber Business Connection - 82nd Edition  
Slidell Magazine & Chamber Business Connection - 82nd Edition