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Unfortunately, while hair stylists and make-up technicians can do wonders, they cannot teach grace and social skills. Beatrice received a crash course on how to walk, but there was no time to work on diction or vocabulary. Instead, she was given a warning, “Keep your mouth shut.”

“We love the food and friends at Terry Lynn’s Cafe!”

***** Miraculously, Emily had not only survived the night, she made it through the next day and into the day of the wedding. Still, she was growing weaker by the moment, and wandered in and out of consciousness. Two ministers would take turns by her bedside the entire time. Each would intermittently say prayers. That’s when Mossey appeared. Mossey was a black lady who must have been 90 years old at the time. She was frightfully thin, with snow white hair and perfect, shiny white teeth. Some said she was part Cherokee Indian. Whatever her lineage, she was a source of respect and fear to both the white and colored races. She knew Voodoo and she knew Christianity. Better still, she knew if or when to use each. In Mossey’s hand was a hollow gourd filled with liquid. “I comes to cure Ms. Emily,” she told the minister at Emily’s bedside. “Get out of here, Mossey, and take that filthy gourd with you,” the minister practically shouted.

~ Sheriff Randy Smith & Adele Smith

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“Can’t make me. You let me see Dr. Herrington.” The minister glared at Mossey for a moment, then ordered, “He will be here in a few minutes. Wait outside.” “I wait right ‘chere,” she said firmly. Shortly, Dr. Herrington arrived. He spoke respectfully to Mossey. Dr. Herrington had come to know that a large part of healing is believing, and some people believed in Mossey more than they did in him. Examining Emily, he knew that her time was now measured in just hours. “Mossey, what are you doing here?” the doctor questioned. “Comes to cure Ms. Emily.” “How do you propose to do that?” “I got my potion.” At this point, the minister spoke up. “You are not listening to that crazy devil worshiper, are you, Doctor?” “I don’t know, it depends on what she has got to say.” “I talk to you, Doc. I won’t talk to him. He don’t believe,” Mossey said, refusing to even look in the minister ’s direction. She whispered to the doctor that she had boiled willow bark and sassafras for a full day. She also had dropped a chicken feather into the pot, just to make the potion act quickly.


Slidell Magazine & Chamber Business Connection - 82nd Edition  
Slidell Magazine & Chamber Business Connection - 82nd Edition