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Make Powerful Presentations with Designer PowerPoint Charts

Use of charts in a presentation is one of the most persuasive elements to grab viewer’s attention. It is a representation of all the activities in the project that are compared against units of time. It helps project managers show the progress or lack of progress of specific task or total project itself. It may also be used to represent fundamentals of a task or to communicate the significance of your statistics. To make a great chart, you need to collect all the details of the task or project that you want to display and make sure the message of your chart should be easily understandable by the viewers that they don’t need to study it. Nowadays, there is an exquisite range of PowerPoint charts are available on the various websites that you can download easily and use as a part of your presentation. Basically, there are three most commonly used types of charts such as:

Bar Charts These are used to compare the groups of data and are easy to interpret because most of the people are familiar with seeing data in this format.

Pie Charts These are ideal for showing percentage of a greater whole. These are in the shape of pie which represents the total data and each slice shows data from the particular group.

Line Graphs

The line graphs show the data around x-axis and y-axis, which are used to show or compare trends, cycles or increase and decrease over the time.

Therefore, you can use any type of chart according to your requirements. There are plenty of websites available that allow you to download




presentation powerful and catchy.





Make Powerful Presentations with Designer PowerPoint Charts