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Done-For-You Corporate Wellness Newsletter Pack (Sample Content) Slideberry


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Done-For-You Corporate Wellness Newsletter Pack (Sample Content) Slideberry

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New Year Resolution :: 5 Simple Strategies to Achieving Your New Year Resolution


Sugar (Valentine’s day)

Mar Apr

Spring Detox Stress Management

May Jun

Weight Loss (get ready for summer) Nutrition For Energy


Deciphering Foods Labels (survive summer travel!)


Digestive Wellness


Food-Mood Connection


Deconstructing Cravings (more cravings during winter months)


Surviving the Holidays

Suggested Tie-In Offering (If you do offer those services) Health coaching program, focusing on how support can help achieve goals Beat the Sugar Blues - How and Why to Step off the Sugar Roller Coaster! Detox 101 Workshop Stress Management Workshop Weight Loss Workshop Nutrition For Energy Workshop Deciphering Food Labels Workshop Digestive Wellness Workshop Nutrition and Mood Workshop Deconstruct and Combat Cravings - What Your Cravings are Telling You & How to Address Them Surviving the Holidays


Mindful Eating (as a way to moderate indulgence during the holidays)

Mindful Eating – How and Why to Focus on Your Food

In this packet, each article comes in two formats – the complete article that you can use as article on printed materials or blog post on your website; and the shortened version (“excerpt for newsletter article”) that you can use in your newsletter. Direction/copy is included to have your readers click through to your website to read the rest of the article – this will help drive traffic to your website, get your readers to know your work better, and keep the length the newsletter manageable so that your readers will actually scroll through and read your offerings and promotions.

Done-For-You Corporate Wellness Newsletter Pack (Sample Content) Slideberry

January Content Excerpt for newsletter article: 5 Simple Strategies to Achieving Your New Year Resolution by [your name], Certified Holistic Health Coach [hyperlink to your website] Do you know that 80% of Americans fail to follow through and achieve their New Year Resolutions? What has been your success rate in the past? Do you want to be the successful 20% who stick with it and make your health and wellness goals a reality? The key to successfully achieving your goals is not simply how hard you work or how strong your willpower is – although these are important components, you also need to structure your goals in a way such that you are setting yourself up for success, find the right motivation to carry you through the rough patches, and have the right kind of support system to cheer you along and pick you up when you fall off the wagon. It is easy to put a few goals down on paper on New Year’s Day, however, have you set yourself up for success when career, family, and personal responsibilities start to take up your days (just think of that email inbox after 2 weeks off!) and you realize you don’t have time to take the steps towards achieving your health goals? Click here and see the 5 things that you can do right away to set yourself up for success and start 2013 right. [hyperlink to article on website] If you are interested in getting support through a health coaching program, talk to your employer about [your company’s name]’s [health coaching program name; with link to webpage if applicable] and see how you can get the support and improve your health right here at your workplace! [Feature your health coaching program in the “Featured Offering” area. For ideas to put together topic-specific programs, check out Slideberry’s Done-For-You programs:]

Done-For-You Corporate Wellness Newsletter Pack (Sample Content) Slideberry

February Content For use as article/blog post on website: 3 Ways to Kick Your Sugar Habit by [your name], Certified Holistic Health Coach [hyperlink to your website] Sugar has a lot of negative health impacts: it can suppress the immune system, weaken eyesight, cause hypoglycemia, cause weight gain, exacerbate arthritis, contribute to the development of osteoporosis, increase cholesterol, lead to prostate and ovarian cancer, contribute to development of diabetes, speed up skin aging, increase fluid retention, cause poor concentration, and lead to mood swings and depression. Sugar is also related to ADD and ADHD, in both adults and children. Reducing sugar intake can help you lose weight, increase your energy, boost your mental clarity, and balance your mood. Unfortunately, sugar is an addictive substance, and there are physical triggers behind your cravings. Often it’s not simply a matter of willpower when it comes to kicking your sugar habit. There are ways less “brutal” than just going “cold turkey” when it comes to weaning your body from its sugar dependency. The key is to understand the underlying reasons of your sugar cravings, so that you can use the right strategies to balance your body. Here are a few reasons that lead to sugar cravings, and some tips to help you counter these triggers, instead of hitting the vending machine at 4pm for your Snickers fix: 1.

Need for quick energy fix: Cravings for sugar or refined carbohydrates can happen when our body needs energy immediately. Our body can extract energy from sugar very quickly, therefore sugary food is the “food of choice” when a quick fix is needed. To avoid the need for an energy quick fix, eat for sustained energy. Eat meals that are low in glycemic load – whole unprocessed foods such as whole grains, vegetables, and beans are great choices. They are high in fiber, which moderates the speed at which the sugar (from digested carbohydrates) is absorbed by the body. Also, make sure you include a moderate amount of good fats and lean protein to slow down stomach emptying and increase satiety.

2. Dehydration: Cravings and fatigue can be caused by dehydration. Our body often misinterprets the sensation of thirst as hunger. Next time when you feel your cravings coming on, drink a glass of water, wait 15 minutes, and see if you are still hungry. Fill a

Done-For-You Corporate Wellness Newsletter  

To purchase, visit Content for 12 monthly newsletters on seasonal topics, targeting he...

Done-For-You Corporate Wellness Newsletter  

To purchase, visit Content for 12 monthly newsletters on seasonal topics, targeting he...