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War Hammer


June 2012

BLACKHAWK COMMAND UPDATE Team BlackHawk! The thousand-troopers-strong team of Combined Task Force BlackHawk are firmly set in Kandahar City. On May 14th the Squadron officially conducted their Transfer of Authority with the Troopers from Combined Task Force Bison. There is no doubt the Bison Squadron passed the baton to us at a dead sprint. Over the past few weeks the Command Sergeant Major and I have had the opportunity to spend time with most of the Troopers within the Task Force. Morale is high even as establishing basics continues. There is an immense sense of pride when you see great Troopers doing amazing things. The Task Force is focusing its efforts everyday on setting conditions to allow our Afghan partners to take the lead. We are surprised everyday at the Afghan sense of determination and resolve to bring prosperity to Kandahar City. Through our partnering with the Afghan Uniformed Police and the local government leaders, there is a sense of opportunity in the air within the city of Kandahar. We have found that as the Task Force grows, so do the number of partners we work with everyday. Elements of four Military Police Companies from across the United States are teammates in helping move the Afghan Uniformed Police towards a more professional force. The Kandahar City District Support Team from our teammates in the Department of State work with the Municipality of Kandahar City to create a lasting and sustainable governance model. The Advisory Teams work closely with our Afghan Partners within the Government of Afghanistan and the Security Forces to help them help themselves. It is amazing to see the unity of effort across the city! Recently we celebrated Memorial Day. For the Task Force it was an opportunity to reflect on the sacrifice of our Veterans and the recent sacrifices within the Task Force and the Lancer Brigade. It is also a moment to reflect on the strength of our families back home who are the reason we do what we do. Your support and strength give us the focus we need to continue to work towards transition in Afghanistan. Thank you all for your support. If there is any constant in a deployment, it is that rumors are rampant. The accelerated pace of a deployment lends itself to permutations of ideas that don't necessarily result in any defined action. Please don't hesitate to contact me, Laura Meeks, LT Steve Schwartz, or the FRG if there is anything you need clarification on. The CSM and I are resolute in making sure you all have access to the most up to date understanding we have within the limits of operational security. Again, thank you for everything you do. Courageous and Faithful!

“Saddle Up”

LTC Patrick Michaelis HAWK 6

CSM Daniel Neary HAWK 7

HELL RIDER UPDATE Volume 1, Issue 1

Hell Rider Family, Greetings from your CAV Troopers! For those who are not tracking, Team Hell Rider is bigger than the last time you saw it. We deployed with roughly 100 people and now have well over 300! We have welcomed Red Platoon from A Troop and 3 rd Platoon from the 209th MP Company out of Fort Polk into our formation. We last left JBLM with pain in our hearts as we said good bye to loved ones, and anxiety in our bellies over the months ahead. I can tell you that our Troopers have embraced their mission head on. Not a minute passes that 1SG Stewart and I are not in awe of the accomplishments of this troop. We have platoons conducting a wide variety of missions to include but not limited to; resupply, security force escort, personal security details, offensive operations on behalf of the BDE and SQDN commander, as well as putting in long hours as part of the staff to make the Blackhawk Squadron run. Every single day our Troopers are making lasting contributions to our efforts here. You can see this in the motor pool with the oil covered mechanics breaking their backs to keep us on the road. You can see it in the eyes of our troopers during their mission briefs as they learn what the day has in store for them. You can also see it in the tired and weary eyes of the staff officer who is putting in long hours to make sure orders are done right. I want to thank for your continued support, it is what keeps us going. The days are long, the mission is tough, and we are bound to have our bad days; however the letters, phone calls and care packages somehow make all that go away. As I write this on Memorial Day I cannot help but be overwhelmingly thankful for your service. As we begin our deployment, allow me to leave you with a quote which I have highlighted in a book on my wife’s nightstand. I hope it will shed some light on how much we appreciate our families: "Man's courage, to fight for his country, is great but unextraordinary. Is it not intrinsic to the nature of the male to fight and contend. It's what we were born to do, it's in our blood. What is more natural to a man than to fight or a woman to love? What could be more contrary to female nature than to stand unmoved and unmoving as her sons march off to war? Must not every sinew of her flesh call out in agony and affront at such outrage? That women summon the will to conquer this, their own deepest nature, is the reason we stand in awe of them. This is the essence of women's courage and why it is superior to men's." Gates of Fire. Thank you for all you do, HELL FOLLOWS! -Hell Rider 6 and 7 CPT Brett Gambacorta and 1SG Kevin Stewart

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June 2012


HHT Support Platoon

FRG Corner Contact the FRG:

ARIKARA UPDATE Volume 1, Issue 1

June 2012

Greetings to the families of Arikara Troop and the Blackhawk Squadron! I would like to take this time to thank all of you for your enduring support over the past month with our deployment to OEF XII. We have all arrived safely and in good health! Our home away from home has begun to settle in on us and we are quickly adapting to our new environment. The troop has already started to make positive partnerships with our Afghan counterparts ranging from Afghan police officers, commanders, and the Sub-District Manager. We are finding new ways everyday to help the Afghan police better serve and provide security for the people of Malajat, Afghanistan. We find ourselves in a part of Kandahar City that is a major producer of agriculture 1SG Weimer and CPT Williams at the and helps stock the local markets with produce. The people are very thankful of Arikara Troop Transfer of Authority our presence along with the AUP, and the fact that they have a stable environment to live in. The platoons have established partnerships with their respective Police Sub Stations and have daily interactions with them. We are focusing on helping the police become a more professional and well trained security force able to serve the people. Our partners are willing to take the lead for their county and it shows through their actions daily. We recently had two Soldiers recognized for their hard work and dedication while conducting Relief in Place (RIP) with Apache 1-10 CAV, and supporting the 303rd MPs RIP. SGT Wombles was recognized by the Command Team of Apache for his support and dedication in helping with the transfer of all property on ACS 4. SPC Workman was recognized by the 303rd Command Team for lending support as a driver during a convoy to another base. He conducted 36 hours of support in which he was always enthusiastic while helping them out. SPC Philpot was recognized by the Brigade CSM for conducting a thorough tower guard brief that allowed the CSM to understand the immediate environment when it comes to our base protection. Again, all the troopers of Arikara thank you for your continued support and prayers that are sent our way. We applaud our FRG members for their quick response of items needed for the base to make living conditions easier and healthier. This proves that we have a family support system that cares, and will do what it takes to ensure we have a successful mission! Thank you for all you do and the sacrifices you have made in order to support our Military!

FRG Corner Contact the FRG: Walk to Afghanistan Miles: 3,070

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BEAR UPDATE Volume 1, Issue 1

Dear Bear FamiliesGreetings from a warm Kandahar summer. I'm pleased to share with you that the Troop and our Troopers are doing great, and I wanted to give you some highlights from the first month of our deployment. First, our mission and reason for being here. Our Troop works on the edge of Kandahar City in an area that combines some aspects of the city as well as some aspects of the country. For the past several years, US Forces and our Afghan partners have made amazing progress in the security situation here. Our foremost goal here is to preserve those security accomplishments and continue to defend the Afghan people who live in our area of responsibility. At the same time, we are transitioning from being the leading force on security here to a role supporting the Afghan police as they provide that security. We also work with Americans from the Department of State who are similarly partnered with Afghan government officials. To be sure, this is challenging work— it is also work that the professionally disciplined and adaptively independent leaders and Troopers of Bear are ideally suited for. Our working environment is relatively consistent across our area of operations and the three operating bases we work from. On patrol, we work in small villages consisting of large mudwalled compounds, connected by farm fields with mostly wheat as well as orchards with pomegranates, grapes, apricots and plums. Although we're on the edge of the desert, our area borders on the Arghendab River which brings cold snow-melt waters from the Hindu Kush down into our fields and communities. Many patrols cross canals and streams- the cool water is a relief to walk through on a hot afternoon. As for our bases, across Bear Troop, our Soldiers inherited decent enough quarters and immediately made them better. The First Sergeant and I have been proud to watch as our Soldiers took our living spaces and made them our own, from cleaning and organizing gyms, fixing up barracks, cleaning generators, and painting red and white guidons until we ran out of paint. The care packages and supplies you've been mailing us from home are making our outposts even nicer—mail coming in is probably the highlight of our time here. Our Troopers themselves amaze me daily. From the three Bear Troop scout platoons to our attached platoon from Comanche Troop, to our attached Military Police platoon that mentors the Afghan police directly, to our attached cooks and medics and mechanics, it is a privilege to be here working alongside these Troopers getting after this important mission of helping the Afghans secure and govern themselves. The First Sergeant and I are grateful for everyone of them, and for the support of the families that both enables and drives what we do here every day. Sincerely, Paul

June 2012

Bear Troop TOA

FRG Corner Contact the FRG: Bear Troop FaceBook: bear.troop Adopt a Bear Program: An opportunity to support a Bear Troop soldier, selected at random, by writing letters and sending packages. For more information, see the Bear Troop FaceBook page (above), or contact the FRG. New Bears: SPC Joseph and Mrs. Maria Parnass welcomed Marily Conchita Parnass into this world, 2:23 on May 14th, 2012 3 lbs 10 oz

PAUL F. TANGHE Captain, U.S. Army Commanding

PFC Robby and Mrs. Danetta Largmann welcomed Elana Elizabeth Betty Marie Largmann into this world, 12:41 AM on June 4th, 2012 7 lbs 8oz 19 1/2 in. long Walk to Afghanistan Miles: 3,578

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COMANCHE UPDATE Volume 1, Issue 1

June 2012

Dear Comanche and Blackhawk families, I would like to take this time to express my warmest regards. You have been there for us supporting our Soldiers as we have made our deployment to Sub-District 7 (SD7), Kandahar City, Afghanistan, OEF XII. Comanche conducted a seamless handover with Crazy 1-10 CAV and we have made our transition into our new homes for the upcoming months. Comanche Troop has partnered with our Afghan Uniformed Police (AUP) Counterparts with two different Police Sub Stations, two Kandack Companies as well as working with the local Wahkeils and Sub-District Manager. We are constantly meeting between the security and governance entities to make progress that will last within the Sub District so the Taliban cannot gain control. The Sub-District has many types of terrain from farms to mountains to urban compounds. The AUP that each of the platoons are partnered with are very knowledgeable of their areas of operation, conduct joint patrols daily, and are taking the lead in the security of the sub district. We are very fortunate to be working with the AUP here and will work tirelessly to make them the most professional force possible. In every operation we have conducted, they have been in the lead. Comanche Troop thanks our families for their much needed support. Although we all are very tough, we need the love and support of our families. The tireless work of the FRG is much appreciated. On 25MAY2012 we had 3 Troopers wounded in action as many of you know about. Two will be returned to duty with minor injuries in the near future and one has been evacuated to Landstuhl, Germany on his way back to the US to recover. We will reunite when we return. Currently the Soldier is stable and in good spirits. Despite this, the Troop has grown closer. We ask for your continued prayers for these Soldiers and the Troop. We have a team that is close and is focused on having a successful mission! Thanks again for your continued support and your service to the Troop and nation! One Step Ahead!

“Saddle Up”

Comanche TOA

FRG Corner Contact the FRG: Comanche FaceBook Page: ComancheTroop8.1CAV “Like” our page to receive updates from the Commander and to view pictures of the Troop.

MOJAVE UPDATE Volume 1, Issue 1

June 2012

Soldiers, Families, and Friends of the 572nd Military Intelligence Company, It is with great pride that I write this letter to you all today to let you know what a great job our men and women continue doing. They are truly committed to the task at hand. You should be proud of them and what they have accomplished in just over a month in RC-S, Afghanistan. Trust me when I say we are continuing to make a difference. I would like to thank all of the families and friends from our company personally for keeping the men and women’s morale high during their time away from home while they have been deployed. Please continue to support your loved ones. I would like to exhort and invite everyone, service members, Family and friends to participate in our Family Readiness Group meetings. These meetings are an opportunity to share important information with family members, provide education on important topics, and foster connections with family members. To our Family and volunteers that have joined and would like to join, I can’t thank you enough for your dedication and support to Soldiers and Families. You can be proud of the assistance you provide. Your service to the Army is invaluable. Family readiness is critical to the Soldier readiness and the unit readiness, and it has made the company the outstanding organization it is. The platoons have had a very busy month that included their arrival to RCSouth, relief in place with 2-4 HBCT from Fort Carson, CO, and the transition of authority completed on 14 May 2012 at Camp Nathan Smith, Kandahar City. This may sound minor in words, but in actions they speak much louder. The company has personnel in multiple locations throughout southern Afghanistan that have been performing admirably. The units they are supporting provide thoughts and feedback of them as consummate professionals who are making a difference every day. Our analysts on Camp Nathan Smith and elsewhere have been providing timely, accurate intelligence to the warfighter, ensuring they are armed with the right information while they are operating on the battlefield and ensuring their success. Our HUMINT and SIGINT Soldiers’ months of aggressive training and preparation are paying off, providing our Squadron and Infantry Battalions the necessary expertise in their respective fields. The Soldiers of Mojave continue to be indebted to your support; your words of encouragement, thoughts, and prayers are keeping them safe in mind and body. Our FRG, through its tireless efforts, have continued to keep our families and friends at home well informed and no doubt continue to be the outstanding organization they have always been. Our most sincere thanks for all that you do at home and abroad, and we look forward to our return. Sincerely, JOSHUA M. BAL CPT, MI

572nd MICO TOA

FRG Corner Contact the FRG: MICO FaceBook Page: pages/572-MICOFRG/206715606061075 Walk to Afghanistan Miles: 8,891 Total families participating: 21 Upcoming Events 21 June - details to come at a later date

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WAR HAMMER UPDATE Volume 1, Issue 1

June 2012

Greetings to the families and loved ones of the 303D MP Co. I apologize for taking so long to get correspondence out to you. As many of you probably already know, the 303D MP Co has been graciously adopted by the 8-1 Cavalry Squadron (Combined Task Force Blackhawk). The majority of the Company has been sectioned off in 13 Soldiers teams and work with Stability Transition Teams located throughout the city of Kandahar. These teams are partnered with senior level U.S. Police/Combat advisors from the Cavalry Squadron. Their mission is to advise, train, and assist the Afghanistan senior police leadership at the Police Garrison Commands throughout the city. 1st Platoon is embedded with the local Afghanistan Uniformed Police (AUP) at one of the local police stations and conducts daily patrols and operations with the AUP. Their mission is to assist with daily police services and mentor the AUP in order to ensure that the AUP become a professional and capable police force that can provide stability and security throughout the district. It might be comforting for some of you to know that the security forces of Afghanistan have made significant strides in terms of providing security and effectively fighting the insurgency with little assistance from Coalition Forces. The people here are very thankful for the AUP and our presence, and they feel safe in their neighborhoods. The Company is in the process of making a FaceBook page to share some of our thoughts and photographs with you. The site will be monitored to ensure that the pictures and the posts are within Army guidelines and standards to ensure Soldier safety. I look forward to being able to share our experiences with you as well as improving communications between the Soldiers and our loved ones at home. 1SG Cook, the Soldiers, and I would like to thank all of you for the sacrifices that you have made to support the 303D MP Company and your Soldier. Thanks to the FRG and Rear Detachment for your efforts and stability that you provide to the company and our families. Most of all, thank you to the War Hammer Soldiers that give their all….everyday, to ensure mission success and bring stability to the people of Kandahar. War Hammer-06

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CENTURION UPDATE Volume 1, Issue 1

June 2012

Greetings to all of our Families and Friends from all the Soldiers, NCO’s, and Officers of the 287 th Military Police Company “Centurions.” As the Centurion Soldiers enter our 6 th month of the deployment we are excited to join the CTF Blackhawk team here in Kandahar and look forward to finishing our last 6 months with team Blackhawk. We would like to thank the Squadron Headquarters and Troops for welcoming us to the team in the most professional manner during their seamless transition between CTF Bison and CTF Blackhawk. We really do appreciate it! All the Soldiers of the Centurion team have been working hard partnering with the Afghan Police at our multiple Police Sub Stations and have found the experience with Police Mentorship to be both challenging and rewarding. We have watched our Afghan Uniformed Police (AUP) grow and become a more tactically sound security force capable of helping in the security needs of the people of Kandahar City. We look forward to helping them take complete control of the security of Afghanistan as our Country begins to draw down forces. We know this will not be an easy job, but this is Centurion Transfer of Authority (TOA) a job the AUP are energized to do. Our AUP Partners are working diligently to learn how to depend upon their own resources and supply chain rather than ours. This is the major hurdle we have found in our time here. We express to our AUP that using their resources rather than ours is the ke y to success of the AUP once US Forces are no longer in Afghanistan. This is a slow process but steps forward are being taken every day. On COP Shurandam the Soldiers were pleased to see the opening of our new “Hard Site” dining facility on Memorial Day, which allows them to eat better food in a more comfortable setting rather than eating in a cramped tent. What made this day even more special to all the Soldiers was the unveiling of the Memorial plaque to our fallen comrade SSG Jesse Grindey. This plaque now hangs in the dining facility for all to see. Our Headquarters and 1 st Platoon work tirelessly to keep operations going in the hub of the “Centurion World” on COP Shurandam. Conducting everything from Maintenance, Base Defense, Food service, Communication Support, and AUP Mentorship in the largest sub district in Kandahar City is no easy task, but the Soldiers make it look effortle ss. Out at PSS 10 our 3rd Platoon is always on the go. These Soldiers are always finding new ways to improve their station, conducting joint patrols with their AUP, and conducting operations to support the Squadron. 3 rd Platoon also just welcomed new Platoon Leader 2LT Boeschling to the team while saying good bye to 1LT Keil as he moves to the Company Headquarters to become the Stability Offi cer. At PSS 3 the Soldiers of 2nd Platoon continue to amaze everyone with their never quit attitude. These Soldiers are always busy and are making great things happen with their AUP for the people of Kandahar. 2nd Platoon also welcomed a new Platoon Leader 1LT Ball to the team. The Centurion Family back at Fort Riley, KS has grown in the past few months and we would all like to say congratulations to the Johnson Family for the birth of their twins, the Walston Family for the birth of their son, and the Garabote Family fo r the birth of their daughter. “STRENGTH AND HONOR” CPT Scott M. Grimsey Centurion 6

1SG Jason Vankleeck Centurion 7

“Saddle Up”

EAGLE UPDATE Volume 1, Issue 1

June 2012

From the desk of Eagle-06 and Eagle-07: On behalf of Stability-Transition Team 10, MSG Silverhorn and I are pleased and proud to be serving with the Lancer Brigade. We represent a combined team of seven Combat Advisors attached to 2-1 IN; thirteen police mentors assigned to 303d MP Co (USAR) "Warhammers"; one Afghan-American linguist; and five Afghan linguists. Together, our mission is to advise, train, and assist the 1st Kandahar City Police Garrison and help them secure the people of Afghanistan. We would like to extend our appreciation for the Legion for its support in our predeployment efforts and for taking care of our families, the Blackhawks for resourcing us for the mission and supporting our efforts in Kandahar City, and the Mustangs for making us feel at home on FOB Walton. Our first month has gone very well. With the support of the three battalions and the Warhammers described above, we have successfully assumed mission LTC Coffey ahead of schedule, no small feat given the fact we're the first set of mentors for the 1st KC Police Garrison. We've watched great improvements in our Police counterparts in the past month and have witnessed their commitment to their jobs and to provide professional security inside Kandahar City. It's very inspiring. The Soldiers of the Eagle Team also appreciate the support of the FRGs and Rear-Detachments from across the brigade. Morale is high on both ends, and we look forward to continued successful operations with our Afghan counterparts! ROSS M. COFFEY LTC, IN Commanding


Right: SECFOR on the range, 25 May 2012

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GLACIER UPDATE Volume 1, Issue 1

June 2012

Through all the turmoil and troubles, we have finally come together on station in the city of Kandahar. First of all we would like to thank SFAT 5, 2-4 Warhorse Brigade for welcoming us, and bringing us up to speed in a short amount of time we had with them prior to their redeployment. They were well prepared to hand over the mission to us as efficiently as possible. God speed to them as they return home to their loved ones. We would also like to thank the 209th MP Company for helping us with security while we waited for the arrival of our own security force. SFC Payne and his crew are true professionals who were essential in our ability to conduct our operations and prepare our security for operations. We welcome to the team our Security Force: 1st rd Squad, 3 Platoon, 303rd MP Company, led by SSG Scott Underwood, joined by 3rd Platoon Leader, 1LT Scott Sale. They are proving to be a very capable, professional team that will be a great asset to our mission. We also welcome LTC(P) Cordell Fox who has been assigned to lead our team. An Engineer with vast experience, LTC Fox will find a rewarding challenge in our work here with the Municipal Government of Kandahar. 1LT Jared Dahl has been with the Lancer Brigade, but fully joined the team upon arrival in theatre. He has knowledge beyond his years that will certainly be an asset.

LTC Dean Denter, MAJ Terry Howell, and SFC Dana Woodley have been training together for months prior to departure. Through the seemingly endless classes, and the waiting, we all come together on station. We can officially say that Security Transition Team 21 is here and on the job. Happy news is even happening already. On 25 May, we had the privilege of promoting Nathan Morgan to the rank of Specialist. A hardworking Soldier who has proven he is capable of accomplishing any mission he is given. All of our gratitude goes to our families back home who support us every step of the way. -Glacier 7

MAJ Howell, SFC Woodley, and 1LT Sale

“Saddle Up�

MAJ Howell and 1LT Sale

REDHAWK UPDATE Volume 1, Issue 1

June 2012

BlackHawk Families and Friends, 1SG Alcorn and I are proud to be serving as 8-1 CAV’s Rear Detachment. We have had a seamless transition since LTC Michaelis and our deployed soldiers have left, and are working diligently to keep our soldiers and families back home trained, safe, and informed. Our first Town Hall meeting on May 21st went exceedingly well. We were able to Skype with LTC Michaelis and MAJ Chezem down range. It’s amazing how far we’ve come in the past 100 years. We were very grateful for their time and commitment to addressing our families, and updating us on all of the Troops. I welcome all of you to join us on June 29th at N. Fort Chapel from 6-8PM for our next Rear Detachment Town Hall meeting—it will be great information and community. We also have a variety of other events going on, so please read the “Family Readiness” section of the newsletter for how to get involved. On the Redhawk Soldier side of the house, we have a number of Soldiers representing the Squadron well. Our tasks keep us split up, with the majority of our formation supporting JBLM’s annual Warrior Forge Cadet training event, some in Yakima assisting in training the National Guard, and the remaining Soldiers supporting day to day operations in support of the Blackhawks forward and the families here. We look forward to representing the Squadron at the upcoming events, in particular: the Army Ball, I Corps Change of Command ceremony, and MG Miles’ retirement ceremony. I’d like to thank all of our Senior Advisor, FRG leaders, treasurers, key callers, and other volunteers for the work they’re putting into family events during this deployment. Without them, we would not be able to experience the great sense of community and support that we find here in 8-1. It is rare thing to find such well-functioning and active FRG. On the other side, it also takes a lot for families to step out in trust and participate in the FRG events and activities. I would like to commend you for seeking friendships and connections while your soldier is gone—it is not an easy thing to do. I will do everything I can to make sure that our Family Readiness Program continues to be a strong organization and a positive environment for all. If you ever feel like this is not the case, please let me, the FRSA, or your FRG leaders know right away. We are all working for your benefit. One last thing I would like to address is rumors. Please come directly to your FRG leader, the FRSA, or the Rear Detachment with anything that you are unsure about. We are always here to answer your questions. Again, it is an honor to serve you, and we send our best wishes to you and your family. Stephen Schwartz 1LT, MI Commanding

“Saddle Up”


June 2012

8-1 Cav Events for June 2012

Resource Roundup 8-1 Cav FaceBook Page: Out of Town Link builder/form/0zt0Jf1ej80aapyD6Xc Virtual FRG (vFRG): (For registration instructions, ask your FRG or the FRSA) Child and Youth Services: Military Family Life Consultants: Mr. Rick Bata, Located at 8-1 Cav on Mondays, 14PM for walk-ins and appointments (253) 363-6973 Mrs. Alexandria Horton (253) 495-8427 Rear Detachment Mrs. Laura Meeks Family Readiness Support Assistant M-F, 8:30-5, and by appointment (253) 967-1493 1LT Stephen Schwartz Rear Detachment Commander (651) 246-2095 SFC Kirk Alcorn Rear Detachment First Sergeant (360) 701-9723

1. Spouse's Workshop: "Deployment Survival" MONDAY, JUNE 11TH, 6-7PM @ Squadron Building #11278 Is this your first deployment? Do you have experience and tips to share? Could things be going a little easier? Maybe you want help making a plan? Join us for an exciting, personalized, and interactive discussion with our very own Military Family Life Consultant, Mr. Rick Bata. (No childcare provided, but children are welcome. Please bring an activity or toy to keep them occupied.) 2. June Town Hall Meeting FRIDAY, JUNE 29TH, 6-8PM @ N. Fort Chapel Reserve your child care with the FRSA at or 253-967-1493. Please include: Your Name Your Cell phone number (for contact during meeting) Child's Name Child's Age Allergies, if any (All children must be CYSS registered. Call 253-967-CYSS for more information)

First Play Group Meeting, May 9th

Spouse’s Social, May 10th

3. June Play Dates 6/2 - 10AM @ American Lake Playground (If rained out, Raindrops and Rainbows) 6/6 - 10AM @ Steilacoom park Playground and Trails. 6/16 - 10AM @ Point Defiance Beach. Address: 6/20 - 10AM @ Splash Park on Main Post (If too cold, the playground adjacent to it) 6/30 - 10:30AM @ Lakewood Library - Summer Stories and Crafts For questions or to join the group, please contact Mrs. Amanda McKellips, at

Staff Duty (253) 966-8307* no longer answered 24/7, only regular business hours CQ: 253-966-0638 (answered 24/7) Emergencies Sexual Assault Reporting/Victim Advocates 253-966-SAFE (7233) National Suicide Prevention 1-800-273-TALK (8255) Army Emergency Relief (AER): 253-976-9852

Spouse’s Potluck, June 7th

“Saddle Up”

Choo Choo Train, Spouse’s Potluck, June 7th

CHAPPY’S CORNER Volume 1, Issue 1

A Note about Care Packages from CH CPT Rivers: After about a month of handling care packages for our Soldiers, I have learned a few lessons that I would like to pass along. Things such as beef jerky, trail mix, and other items don't travel well in zip lock bags (trust me, it is nasty). However, some things do. Anytime you send any liquids (i.e. shampoo, detergents, etc.) place them in a zip lock bag. I have had to throw away many packages because of things exploding. Canned food (which I get a lot of) are also undesirable. They are hard to transport. Also, fruit cups NEVER make it, and ruin entire packages. Items such as hard candy (jolly ranchers), 5hr drinks, razors, foot powder, deodorant, sunflower seeds, and shaving cream are a hit. The smaller the bottle/item, the better. Keep doing what you do. It goes a long way out here, and you are greatly appreciated!

June 2012

I sit here today in Arikira's TOC, embedded in with our Troopers. This trip marks the completion of my circulation of all the Troops and their AO's. My next stop will be with the MP’s who we are sharing a battle space with. I can easily say that this has been the best few weeks of my military career. I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel from Troop to Troop and SGT Beasley and CH CPT Rivers share in their everyday lives. Sgt Beasley and I have been on foot patrols, slept in open tents with no AC, gotten food poisoning, and ridden on 18 hour trips in vehicles with no AC. And you know what? I wouldn't trade a single minute of it for anything else. This is what I believe God has called me to do. I left the comfort of the Air Force Chaplaincy for this very reason, so I could be with the Soldiers. Yes, I do miss my wife and home, but I know that this is an important season in all our lives. We are all called to give and sacrifice while being deployed. I taught a service last night in which the main point was perspective. How you view the things that surround you will determine your level of joy and happiness. As soon as I had said those words to the group, the power went out and things went pitch back. I had a moment of hesitation before a Soldier spoke up and told me to "keep going Chappy". Even though it was dark and we had to break out the flashlights to see, we pressed on. We kept things in their proper perspective. I encourage you to do the same. Use this time apart to strengthen the bond between yourself and your Soldier. Write letters. Send care packages. Find activities that you can share in such as a book study, or even a TV series. Keep your perspective positive. As the Apostle Paul wrote in Philippians, in all things rejoice. Use this time for your benefit and find something to rejoice in. We will be home before you know it. -Chappy

CH CPT Rivers reading from Ecclesiastes 3

“Saddle Up”

Blackhawk Newsletter V.1 Issue 1  

Here is the June Blackhawk Newsletter