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Aldo Zilli: Cooking with my kids. “ I have chosen an Italian sausage dish with borlotti beans which is really easy, but a little bit more exciting than the classic teatime combo of bangers and baked beans! Everyone loves sausages so they are guaranteed to go down a treat. I often serve these up to my two youngest kids Rocco and Twiggy for a quick family supper. If you have an Italian deli near you then do try and get proper Salsiccia which should traditionally be seasoned with fennel as it really brings the dish to life and the flavours go so well together with the garlic and sage. If you are serving it to kids who might not like the strong fennel taste then a good quality pork sausage will do. And do make sure you use the very best you can get – it does make all the difference!”

Ingredients (Serves 4) · 8x Italian sausages (approx. 600g) · 400g Borlotti butter beans

Method — ­ · Prepare the Borlotti beans according to instructions. · Prick the sausages and boil in water for 5 min’s to allow the fats


to release from the sausage. · Rub the sausages with Olive Oil, crushed Garlic and


season, grill for 10 min’s turning occasionally until cooked & browned. · Drain and crush the Borlotti Beans with either the side of your knife

· 3 gloves of garlic · 50g Butter · 100ml extra Virgin Olive Oil · A handful of fresh Sage leaves (chopped)

· Salt & Pepper


Aldo Zilli is the Chef Consigliere at San Carlo Restaurants which has recently opened Fumo in Covent Garden and hosts is own radio show “Buongiorno with Aldo Zilli” on Soho Radio every Monday from 11am – 12noon.

or a potato masher until all broken apart, season to taste. · Meanwhile melt the butter in a pan and add the chopped sage, sauté for a minute to release the flavour in the herbs and add to the bean mix. · Serve alongside the cooked sausages. Season to taste.

Slick Mummy Issue 4 Winter 2016/7  
Slick Mummy Issue 4 Winter 2016/7  

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