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Editor’s Letter When you mention Carol Decker, the response is normally one of two things; either to burst into a (varying quality) rendition of T’Pau’s ‘China in Your Hand’ – or to recall that she’s a striking redhead. Not only did her Autumnal locks look wonderful on our cover but we learned that she’s also an inspirational mother to Scarlett and Dylan (not to mention a menagerie of animals…) Autumn also signifies the dreaded Back to School week: suddenly we’re forced to hone our talents as nimble nametape seamstresses or sandwich-makers extraordinaire as we say goodbye to duvet-mornings and remind our yawning little troupes that aertex, homework and punctuality contribute to the melange of ‘the best days of their lives’. Personally, I love the change in seasons; the chance to wrap up in colourful knits, pull on chunky boots and sip Pumpkin lattes. And how adorably cosy is this blanket from Cheltenham based boutique The Stripy Company?

Editor —

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Slick Mummy CONTENTS 06: Curated By Clare: expert picks for what to see and do this Autumn. 07: Carol Decker: “son Dylan was named after the rabbit,” the 80s icon shares… 10: In Search of Swallows and Amazons: if the film floated your boat. 12: Fashion Story: Clare Bowes shoots outerwear for boys. 16: Becky Mantin: our celeb mumpreneur columnist lives in the moment. 17: Waxing Lyrical: at home beauty solutions that beat the bush. 18: MMHA16 Winners: find out who scooped our annual award. 20: Baby Wearing: how to keep calm and carry on. 21: Janey Holliday: our life coach columnist tackles stress. 22: What’s in your changing bag? We ask DJ and Dad of four Jon Carter. 24: SM Chats to Carol Smillie: the conversation was totally pants. 25: Clever Clogs Products: we saw, we were impressed. 26: Buggy Love: our SM testers put strollers through their paces. 28: Wild’s World: our lil tyke starts school. 29: Boutique Focus: Marloe London tell us why bigger is better. 31: Sticky Fingered Chefs: GBBO Winner Nadiya Hussain makes fondants. 32: Ten Minutes With… Rebecca Campora from 7am Enfant. 34: The Lowdown: the good and badass about Ugly Drinks. 35: Caitlin’s Column: her LBD gets an outing. 37: Cajoled Dad: Matt Rowntree goes spooky-door-knocking. 38: Lovely Little Things: nice stuff? Yes please. 40: Behind the Design: the stunning Bugaboo Cameleon3 Elements.


Amy Atkins, Sarah Benn, Nick Delaney, Firgas Esack, Caitlin Hayward, Clare Heal, Rich Hendry Photography,


Megan Davies.


Anna, Carolyn, Leila and Emma.


Carol Decker and Sarah Maitland at Danesfield House.

Wild Hendry, Janey Holliday, Kara Kyne, Becky Mantin, Matt Rowntree, Laura Zotova.

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Curated By Clare Our Culture Queen shares her Autumn treasures… Atwood Be Telling The most anticipated publication of the autumn wasn’t a novel. Or at least not a traditional, literary one. Angel Catbird is Margaret Atwood’s first foray into graphic novel territory and tells the story of bespectacled scientist Strig Feleedus who has the inevitable genetic accident and develops a cat’s head and the wings of an owl. Illustrated by artist Johnny Christmas it is full of the Candian author’s genrebending inventiveness. £12.50. More information: darkhorse.com

Follow Clare Heal on Twitter: @ClarenceHeal

This Little Pig As the nights draw in, kitchen thoughts shift from salads to soups and stews or slow-simmered gravy soaking into pie crust. But for such things to achieve peak deliciousness you need some really top-notch stock and who reliably has the time to make their own? There’s no need to settle for inferior, crumbly cubes though. Fergus Henderson’s St John restaurant is making its famous Trotter Gear, an unctuous concoction of shredded pigs trotters in Maderia-enriched stock, available to the public. A pouch of this stuff is your secret weapon and will pep up almost any autumnal dish. Their supremely savoury Welsh Rarebit Mixture is available too. You can get both from Ocado. Trotter Gear: £5.50 Welsh Rarebit Mixture: £4.25. More information: stjohngroup.uk.com Put A Ring On It I first encountered The Workbench at Port Eliot Festival in Cornwall but they’re based in London. I whiled away a lovely hour or so whittling a doughnut of jeweller’s wax into my own unique ring design which was then taken away, cast in silver and posted back to me. They run workshops for £59 or, if you can’t make it along in person, sell boxes for £95 containing everything you need to have a go at home. More information and booking: www.theworkbenchlondon.com Six

Comic Booking With five nominations but no win, James Acaster has set a record for missing out on the top comedy prize at Edinburgh Fringe. Unfairly I think as his off-kilter whimsy and petulant existentialism is absolutely the best thing out there. He’s on tour all autumn with his show Reset and I urge you to go. Dates: www.jamesacaster.com

Going Down A Storm I don’t care if it pours. In fact I hope it does. Because I have a new raincoat by Kate Sheridan. The Clapton-based designer’s batwing beauties all have a waxed cotton exterior, soft cotton lining, flattering shape, voluminous hood and deep pockets. The new range includes a particularly gorgeous sand-coloured number with checked lining. Add some wellies and you’re all set for splashing through the seasons most stylish puddles. £295 from katesheridan.com

Carol Decker Eternal Flame.

It’s Friday night; 80s icon Carol Decker – frontwoman of multi-platinum album selling band T’Pau - is waiting for me at The Club at The Ivy. At 59, in six-inch heels and a green lace minidress, she’s one red hot mama. As she tousles her trademark fiery mane she tells me that whilst it’s good to have a night out in London, it’s also a long drive home. Home these days for Carol and her husband Richard Coates (Executive Chef of Bodean’s) is picturesque Henley-onThames. They have a house with a pool; although Carol insists “...it isn’t a fancy pool. Richard does the chemicals and I scrub it. But we’re very lucky, I always wanted to live in a house with a pool…”

Carol explains she just came late to the motherhood game. “I was 40 when I had Scarlett and 45 when I had Dylan – I never expected to be a mother, I was always the first to complain about other people’s noisy kids in restaurants. After a couple of failed relationships I met Richard and he wanted a family. I guess around 1996 I kind of grew up…”

Idyllic domestic bliss or a popstar mansion?


And now her brood includes her teenagers, pet ducks Joey and Chandler, chickens and Murphy the red setter. She considers herself proficient in chicken rearing (“... they just eat, walk and sh*t.”) but recounts the sorry tale of the day they let the chickens out of the cage and a couple were slaughtered by a fox; “...the children cried about that, it was such a waste of life, they kill for sport, not to feed their cubs or anything…” Scarlett is a budding video-maker. “I know I sound like a proud mother but her work is really impressive. From the point of view of someone who has been in so many videos,” enthuses Carol. “Scarlett also likes Pokémon – when we were on holiday she was tracking them down playing Pokémon Go! Dylan – we’re not sure what he wants to be yet. All the usual boy stuff, like a fireman. We recently were walking through East London and saw a glassblowing workshop and then for about a fortnight he wanted to be a glassblower. It was amazing actually, although Richard and I only popped in for the mulled wine and mince pies…” With a restauranteur for a father I enquire whether the children embrace their 5-a-day. “I cook in our house. I’m a Plain Jane cook but the kids will always eat my homemade meatballs, Richard showed me how to make them from scratch, it’s so easy…” (She mimes rolling balls of mincemeat).


“I like to know what’s in my food, we don’t do ready meals, Richard makes sauces and stocks, we always have amazing sauces in the fridge. And I do a good roast.”

Shot on location at Danesfield House Hotel. Photography - Rich Hendry Stylist - Kara Kyne MUA - Amy Atkins. Eight

A far cry from the tour buses and hotel rooms of the 80s, then? “We moved to Henley for the schools…” Carol continues. I ask if she’s ever used her celeb status to get her kids out of trouble. “Never! It’s normally the other way round actually, they want me to do stuff - like charity auctions. Next week I’m giving a talk about motivation – although I’m not sure what I have to say will be what the head teacher wants to hear.” (She laughs). “No, I’m strict with the kids; I tell them they need to get their qualifications so that they have choices. And then if later in life one door closes maybe another window will open. I wasn’t academic, but I loved the arts and read all the classics – including Mary Shelley, whom I wrote ‘China in Your Hand’ about. I say ‘Do as I say not as I do’. But Scarlett is…” (she counts on her fingers) “...18 and a half now so I need to give her really valid reasons about why she can’t do something. More than just ‘because I say so”.

Scarlett has just passed her Driving Theory Test, although Carol seems a little apprehensive about her being on the road. “...we got her a Citroen C1, they are the cheapest to insure…” Celeb friends do occasionally pop over chez Decker-Coates, but more likely houseguests will be neighbours and their kids. “We have Sunday lunch and we hang out in the pool,” she says. But life has come a full 360 and now she also needs to make room for a ‘second wind’ of fame in her family life. Touring again – and with an autobiography and album to promote – she’s thriving on a busy schedule. “There’s a demand for the 80s again: this year I did 31 shows with Nik Kershaw and Go West and 23 with my band promoting my new album. Of course I’m older now so not so keen on a 10.45pm stage time!” (She giggles). “But we’ve had some wild nights, I’m still a girl who likes to party, you know? I’m not completely grown up…”

Carol’s autobiography ‘Heart and Soul’ is available on Amazon and T’Pau’s latest album ‘Pleasure and Pain’ is available on iTunes or Amazon. Keep up with Carol and T’Pau on Twitter @CarolDecker and online www.tpau.co.uk


In Search Of

Swallows & Amazons. Has the recent film adaptation of Arthur Ransome’s classic has left you with a desire to sail off into the sunset in search of pirates (armed with grog and pemmican)? Us too…

John Hitchcox, CEO, Lakes By Yoo

We have designed an environment which is both ecologically responsible and breathtakingly beautiful. The array of fun filled activities available at the Lakes means that the whole family has the chance to indulge in an immersive Swallows and Amazons-style experience.


To do lakeside living in ultimate luxury, book at stay at Lakes By Yoo in the Cotswolds (pictured). ‘Swallows and Amazons’ actually inspired the design of this eco-chic wilderness retreat, which includes interior design by Kate Moss, Jade Jagger and Kelly Hoppen.

In the Lake District The Water Park at Coniston Water is where Gondola spent time as a private houseboat. “Whilst filming, we were in the middle of this massive Coniston lake at about midnight with the moon above us, and you look back and you just see the silhouette of the hills, and this clear lake, and the moon just reflecting off the lake, and you thought ‘My God, this is perfect and it’s going to look absolutely stunning on film.’” (Dan Skinner, Russian spy, Zukin) The Copper mines and slate quarries around Coniston provided the inspiration for Pigeon Post – the sixth in the series of the 12 Swallows & Amazons books –, which see the characters on the hunt for precious metals on the Lakes fells. “This was one of the most beautiful locations I have ever filmed in.” (Rafe Spall, Captain Flint)

“We’re not creating a world. It’s there. But it’s got to have a magical realism, and it’s just a question of teasing out those little spots,” (Jethro Ensor, Swallows & Amazons, Location Manager) Camp at Hoathwaite campsite, which runs directly down to the Coniston lakeshore. If you bring your own boat, you can launch it straight from the campsite. Want to really – ahem – push the boat out? Rose Castle Cottage is situated high above Tarn Hows and sleeps up to four people. “We hope the film can send a message from the past to the present about how we bring up our children, and to make us aware of another way of enjoying ourselves out in the open; sailing or climbing or camping or any of these things, which are almost for free and which are nothing to do with technology. I think it brings a wonderful sense of freedom and adventure to children.” (Philippa Lowthorpe, Swallows & Amazons Director)

Product image credits: Ship mug, mackerel mug and Captain Cat’s cheese biscuits from Royal Museums Greenwich, Lewis & Clark compass from Natural History Museum shop, knitted pirate by Blade and Rose. Page Credit: With thanks to The National Trust and StudioCanal. Find out more at www swallowsandamazonsforever.co.uk


And maybe he don’t dress fine, But I don’t really mind, Because every time he pulls me near, I just want to cheer…

Let’s he for th Photographed by Clare Bowes on location at Tynemouth Swimming Pool, Longsands Beach (clarebowesphoto.com) Stylist - Laurel Outterside

Models Brandon and Arjun at Tyne Tees Models

Lyrics - ‘Let’s Hear It For The Boy’ (Snow/Pitchford/Columbia) Twelve

Arjun (L) wears Blazer Molo €69.95 Breton long sleeved top JoJo Maman Bebe £12 Beige cords JoJo Maman Bebe £16 Marla trainers step2wo.com from £54 Brandon (R) wears Duffel coat JoJo Maman Bebe £39 Long sleeve stripe top JoJo Maman Bebe £12 Grey trousers Molo €39.95

ear it he boys!



One Arjun wears Classic Peacoat Rachel Riley £109 Mini houndstooth shirt Rachel Riley £45 Grey trousers Molo €39.95 Vintage transport backpack Ella James £10 Two Brandon wears Orange sweatshirt Molo €39.95 Stripey scarf Molo €49.95 Navy trousers JoJo Maman Bebe £16 Three -

4 2 Fourteen

Brandon (L) wears Polka dot sweater Molo €54.95 Beige cords JoJo Maman Bebe £16 Shoes models own Arjun (R) wears Check shirt Molo €54.95 Navy trousers JoJo Maman Bebe £16 Vintage transport lunchbox Ella James £3.75



Four Arjun wears Fox hat JoJo Maman Bebe £14 Blazer Molo €69.95 Breton long sleeved top JoJo Maman Bebe £12 Bag (strap just seen) Bax & Bay £45 Five Brandon wears Red duffel coat JoJo Maman Bebe £39 Grey trousers Molo €39.95



Becky Mantin And The Great Juggle Struggle Trials & tribulations of a working mum of three at the vast array of advertising for Valentines Day being put up. And if Valentines Day begins as Christmas, Easter begins on Valentines Day, summer begins as Easter, Back To School begins on the first day of the summer holidays, and the Christmas Grottos open on 1st August (Harrods… please step forward!) then is it any wonder that we seem stuck racing along in fifth gear?

Well that’s our first summer holidays over — On the last day of term they seem to promise endless opportunity and unscheduled time. If anything though, I think that holiday time seems to pass by even faster and before anyone knows it, the new term is beckoning.

Perhaps it ’s simply the nature of juggling three small children with a new business and the usual demands of running a household but sometimes I feel like time trickles away like water through cupped hands. And for me, that feels a lit tle sad. These are precious years – ahrgh moments and all! We’ll all look back on this time with rose tinted spectacles and marvel at the innocence of it all – yet the speed at which it seems to pass sometimes feels like looking out of a train window and watching scener y flash by. Why? Has life really got faster or do we just feel more overloaded? Probably a little of both really. I remember last Christmas standing in a checkout queue on the 27th December gazing in bewilderment


Whilst the advertisers play these Cold War interrogation style tricks on us – surely to extend retailer buying seasons – our smartphones beep and buzz with alerts and messages demanding attention. The fact is that everything can be done on them – from supermarket shopping to arranging a coffee, booking a meeting to checking the forecast – let alone the social media hamster that never, ever stops - are our minds ever truly allowed to quiet? A few weeks ago, I was in Southwold visiting family. We’d had, as always, a wonderful time but with my business having a particularly busy period on top of the usual wonderful family chaos, it was all flashing past. I was just standing up from switching a child’s shoes back to the correct feet, whilst making lunch arrangements with mum and remembering that I’d left my purse at the house, when my attention was caught by a town map sign. Clearly mid-refurb, the map itself was missing but the words above a blank metal picture still stated ‘ You Are Here’.

A lot has been written about mindfulness and it ’s meditative benefits to the overloaded parent. It ’s been on my ‘to-do’ list for a while – the irony doesn’ t escape me! I ’ ve never quite managed meditation but I remember once being told that smell is one of your greatest aids to memory. So, if something particularly lovely is happening I try to stop (when I remember!) and take a few deep breaths. I try to take a picture of it in my mind. And occasionally if I’m having a very good day, I try and note it down in my woefully neglected journal – even if it ’s just a couple of sentences; ‘boys standing on a fence watching the Combine Harvester. Blue sky, smell of fresh cut grass, warm breeze.

I stood very still for a moment. How hadn’t I noticed how warm the sun was on the side of my face. The slight smell of salt in the air and taste on my lips. The softness of my boy’s hand in mine was suddenly even more tender. They were right. Suddenly - I Was There.

And… Click! The picture is taken. And just for a moment; the merrygo-round stops. And I Am There - reminded anew what it ’s really all about. Follow Becky on Twitter: @BeckyMantinLtd

Waxing Lyrical Years ago, I had a school chum who cheerfully confided “I don’t go to salons, I have this fabulous woman, she just comes to my house and I get everything done…” “Oh, but the salon!” I cried “The wafts of Jo Malone, the relaxing music, the free chamgagne… the possibility of spotting a celebrity…”

Fif teen years, three kids and t wo episiotomies later and I’m desperately yearning for a ‘ fabulous woman’. The salon? Hmm, that would involve get ting a babysit ter, finding a parking space in Kensing ton – oh – and also get ting dressed. Mother and PR Emily Ewar t-Perks was clearly thinking along these lines too when she launched her company Secret Spa. Modelled on the Addison Lee app, you simply request the beaut y treatment you need and within a few hours a trained professional comes to deal with your bristly leg fur in the comfor t of your home – and doesn’t judge you for the over f lowing laundr y basket or f loor full of Lego. Celebs such as Ashley James and Bink y Felstead have been calling on Secret Spa for emergenc y make up or tanning solutions before red carpet events (no being spot ted by starstruck schoolgirls for them!) Milk is a mobile beaut y ser vice, whose therapists (trained at the Milk Academy) arrive in nat t y lit tle Fiat 500s and whose clientele includes royalt y and rockstars. You just book your treatments online (or take out a monthly subscription, if tending your lady-garden is the sor t of thing you’re likely to forget…)

Image: Amedeo Modiglian


M.M.H.A Mummy Must Have Award Winners 2016 The MMHA Shortlist was selected by out editorial panel and celeb mum judges, then the winners decided on social media by our readers.

1. Bee Good Youth Enhancing Plump and Firm Moisturiser “Our honey, beeswax and propolis comes from both our own bees as well as several bee farmers in the UK where we sponsor new apprentices working with them to create a sustainable industry in the UK.” Simon Cavill, Bee Good

2. Mon Breton

3. Bambini & Me We are thrilled to win this incredibly stylish award, especially as we only launched our eco-friendly baby bamboo clothing and accessories this Spring and were up against some truly deserving competition. It is very rewarding to have had this accolade from Slick Mummy and we couldn’t have done this without votes of confidence from our loyal customers and the judging panel, so a huge thanks! Melissa De Pascalis, Founder of Bambini & Me Eighteen

Slick Mummy was one of the first to champion Mon Breton and we are so proud to have won the “Mummy Must Have” award this year. Thank you for all your support, with love from the Mon Breton team!



Tiffany Rose

Organic Balm Company Mother and Baby Nourish Balm

“I love Tiffany Rose for pregnancy & nursing clothes” Becky Mantin, Presenter & mum

“We are delighted our Mother and Baby Nourish Balm has won this award. We have loved creating a 100% organic product that’s effective yet gentle enough for Mother-to-be, Mother and Baby - and with a stylish edge, something you can slip in the changing bag or your bag for work. So thank you to the Slick Mummy judging panel and all those who voted for us!”

Rachael Giacomuzzi, The Organic Balm Co


Splash About Wetsuits

“It’s fantastic that Splash About has been recognised as a Must Have brand by Slick Mummy! All our swimwear is designed for babies, children - and their parents - to have a happy, safe, stress-free fun time in the water which are all ‘must have’ essentials in our book!” Bernadette Spofforth, Splash About CEO


7. Laurence King Books

“You can never go wrong with a colouring book and pencils, it’s such a nice thing to do and luckily the kids agree. Creativity is so important.” Model/designer and mum Jasmine Guinness)



Bobux shoes

We’re chuffed!

“Thank you so much for this Mummy Must Have Award. You’ve made everyone at Bobux HQ very happy. Our aim is to always design shoes that are the best thing parents can do for their kids feet. It’s so important to us to design shoes that are not only stylish but are good for kids too. So to get the recognition from mums that we’re achieving both is awesome!”

Oh Arthur



“This is one of my all-time favourites. It is so convenient for travelling or even if you need to pop out quickly. So many people comment on it when they see it because it’s such a clever invention.” Presenter and mum Laura Hamilton


Baby Wearing Carrying one’s baby in a sling, wrap or harness has many benefits; from bonding or improving lactation to getting out and about. It’s obviously also a handy way to have your hands free for browsing Amazon, putting on mascara or feeding the cat…

The JPMBB wrap is very dense and can be used to wear children from birth up to 14kg, even for long periods of time. You can carry newborn with the Originale, the BASIC or the Little Wrap Without a knot depending of your preferences and budget.The most important thing, and what makes a good carry, is that you know how baby should be positioned in the wrap and adjust it accordingly - whether you’re wearing him in a woven or knit wrap, in a Kangaroo Carry, an Off-Centre Front Carry, a Vertical / Seated Cradle Carry, a Front Double Hammock...JPMBB tutorials videos will give you information and tips.”

Different styles of baby wearing suit different parents (and babies) but a few of our faves include the gorgeous colourways of Je Porte Mon Bébé’s stretchy wraps, the simple but efficient baby sling from Rockin Baby (whose Mother to Mother campaign means for every sling sold another is gifted to a mother in Haiti or Kenya) and BabyBjörn, whose ‘The Woods Collection’ includes variations of The One Carrier in gorgeous earthy, Autumnal tones.

(Sophie Huard, JPMBB)

“Rockin’ Baby slings are very similar to the womb, and make the baby feel swaddled as they were in utero. The 100% cotton fabric snuggles around the babies’ body in the most natural way, so that the mother and baby move as one. The sling/pouch is easy to store and keep with you all the time. As a Mama of six, I would keep the sling on wherever I went because the textiles were so beautiful. When I needed to carry my babies, it was super convenient and easy to move freely with very age. All babies like to be carried! Wriggly babies just might take longer to get comfy. I would take it slowly, and put the baby in while not upset. When a baby starts to cry, it is tough for them to want to be carried. If that happens, I would hold off until they are happy again…” (Kathryn Wiley, Rockin Baby)

“Je Porte Mon Bébé’s wrap is conceived as a hybrid between woven and knit wrap; the fabric is 95% cotton and 5% spandex and created exclusively for us. This means the JPMBB wrap stretches but won’t sag even after an extensive use and the wrap has ‘memory’ to stretch in all directions so the baby is held with even tension. Twenty

“Being close to mum or dad is the most wonderful thing for a little baby and the more the better. We have therefore always strived to design carriers, both functionally and style-wise, that both parents can feel comfortable with. At BabyBjörn we strongly believe that if the parent feels that the carrier suits their style and doesn’t make them feel different they will enjoy babywearing more and as a result have more time close to their baby. “ (Annika Sander-Lofmark, Head of Communications, BabyBjörn Sweden)

If stress is a choice, why do so many people choose it? Janey Holliday, stress management and female health expert shares her top tips on how to obliterate stress from your life.

In the 21st Century, people glorify stress. Without often realizing it, it has become culturally accepted that stress has become a normal part of day to day life (particularly for Mums). We throw the word around like no tomorrow and create stressful scenarios and reactions to almost everything. Stress nowadays comes from the mind, i.e. emotions and thoughts rather than actual physical stress. The result being so much cortisol (the hormone we release when we’re stressed) flying around the country, resulting in women’s tummies getting fatter as cortisol increases abdominal fat. Digestion is impaired massively because when you’re stress blood supply shuts down to the gut by 80% which causes a long list of problems from leaky gut syndrome to malnourishment. And repetitive stress causes things like hormone imbalances and adrenal fatigue, which often manifest in exhaustion, burn out, low immunity, depression, cancer and more. I would argue that stress is the biggest secret killer of modern times - but stress is a choice. Being stressed is a feeling you have that comes from thoughts you are allowing yourself to think. It can also come from living a pressured life that you are choosing to put yourself through. We have the ability to change our thoughts, our actions and our lives at anytime. So at any moment you choose, you can create a much less stressed life! Here’s some starting points for you to consider….

Everything is a choice - I work with lots of women who are stressed because they are working Mums, they ‘have’ to work to help pay for the mortgage, school fees and holidays each year. Errrr - no you don’t ‘have’ to, you ‘choose’ to lead that life. You design your own life and if you’re shattered and stressed and ill from it, only you can change it! I help many women positively downsize their life and one of their biggest roadblocks is what others think of them. One of the top 5 regrets of the dying is that they didn’t live a life that was really authentic to them and choose to do the things that really mattered to them and made them happy. Don’t stay stuck because you think you have to. On the odd occasion life throws some curveballs that maybe you didn’t specifically choose, you can choose how you respond. There is no need to respond stressfully to anything and in fact being stressed about

things makes them a million times worse! Remove comparison - Comparison is the thief of joy Eleanor Roosevelt once said and I couldn’t agree more. Comparison nowadays comes from thinking everyone has it better than you (exacerbated ten fold by social media). But many people compare their back of house with someone’s front of house. A good example of this is you see a celeb in an advert, having been in hair and make up for hours, typically airbrushed with camera filters and you compare yourself standing in PJs, no make up, after a rough night’s sleep in your bathroom mirror! You see, you aren’t comparing like for like. Sometimes clients tell me that they have compared themselves to their friends who they deem to have the ‘perfect’ life for years and years, causing them all sorts of misery. But then were angry when the perfect couple split up and didn’t have the perfect life she thought they had. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors. Focus on you only and if you’re going to compare yourself to anyone, compare yourself to someone who is much worse off than you. Lowering stress is very much about shifting perspective and ignoring the noise around you. Be authentic - Put your energy on what YOU want out of YOUR life., not what you think you should or ought to, what your friends think you should do or what you’ve got caught up doing. Authenticity lowers stress levels massively. Ask yourself, what does success mean for YOU? What does happiness mean to YOU? What does work-life balance mean for YOU? What makes YOU thrive? What do YOU want to do less of or more of? What job to YOU want? Do YOU want to work? What do YOU want for your family? What works for YOU in YOUR life? If everyone focused on themselves rather than other people, the world would be a truly beautiful and stress-free place. Manage your thoughts - You decide the thoughts you have and so the foundation of lowering stressful feelings is lowering the thoughts you have that make you feel stressed. Take me for example. I’ve been a single Mum to my 8 year old twin boys for 7 years and I had my daughter by myself in March. I could start the day feeling rubbish about my circumstances, the financial pressures, the daily grind from having all three children every morning, evening and night 365 days a year. I could compare myself to my friends who have a lot more money than me, a supportive husband, three holidays a year etc. But if I do that I feel pants and my stress levels soar. Instead I start everyday being grateful for all the wonderful things I have in my life, like three healthy children, a job I love, a roof over my

head, living in a safe country etc. I put my focus on enjoying the now, whilst building a better future. There is no stress involved whatsoever! People always say ‘How do you do it?” and the answer is simple, I’m in control of my thoughts, my actions and my responses. Positive juggle - in other words attack challenges with a smile on your face, or be busy without the huffing and puffing! Who says being busy has to be negative? Try what I call happily-doing, where you just get stuck into your to do list happily and positively see the week’s challenges as just that, rather than negative stresses. Learn to say no to things you don’t really want or have to do and create a to don’t list. Again, as a single, working Mum of three I’m one of the busiest jugglers I know, but I’m never stressed! Because a) I strip out the things that I don’t really have to/need to/ want to do and then I happily do the rest. Plus I practice what I preach, i.e. the advice above every single day of my life.

If you need help to lower stress or to design your own authentic life, Janey runs an uplifting annual online coaching program called BEST. For full details visit: www.makingthingseasy.com The next program starts in October.

Janey Holliday is a lifestyle coach and women’s health expert with 15 years experience. She is a single Mum of three and runs — www.makingthingseasy.com which helps women improve their life online.

Twenty One

What’s in your changing bag...

Jon Carter? Jon Carter; DJ, Producer and Entrepreneur once called music ‘, the best job I ever had.’ Now a proud Dad of four (including adorable new twins Izzy and Maisie), we find out how fatherhood compares…

Before I had kids I packed a music system. Always something for sounds. Plus vinyl. Travelling for 20 years as a vinyl DJ meant I was heavily laden down, never light. If I could get a trip away, I just packed a sound system. These days I never leave the house without my damn iPhone. Addictive little things.

I’ve been to a few outdoor gigs with my older children, but tend to go home and not camp.

I got totally sick of a megaphone that made my daughter’s voice into a distorted Dalek. It used to cut right though me. And a toy trumpet I was given on a Japanese tour with Fatboy Slim following the 2002 World Cup England Team. Still got it as a souvenir. A souvenir that drives me mad.

A standout parenting product for me would be Tommee Tippee nappy bin every time.

The baby twins are not identical but some days are so similar. They have different pouts, dimples, backs of heads and now one is definitely bigger than the other.

My playlist to get babies to sleep includes anything from classical/ lullaby style classical, Nick Drake, Simon and Garfunkel and Bob Dylan and loads more…

My ‘Dad saying’ - just “Boooooooo”

My parenting fails - getting the twins mixed up. And getting specialist baby food sent to the wrong address!

Twenty Two

My wife and I are opening a collection of Holiday Lets scattered round our farm, with a large barn conversion to accompany them. It’s a very exciting project and we’ll be opening fully next year. Follow Jon on Twitter @MonkeyMafiaJC Pictured - Kaos Ransel changing bag in black, Nor-Folk ‘Play Hard’ tshirt and Ricepapa Noodoll – all available from www.MeandBuddy.com

This survey was conducted by The Natural Baby Shower.

Twenty Three

SM chats to Carol Smillie. Carol Smillie’s latest venture with chum and tennis star Annabel Croft is a range of pants called Diary Dolls which provide extra protection after childbirth, for those with weak bladders and at that time of the month. Carol feels that talking openly about periods is one of the last taboos that society should overcome. So, we went there…

SM: You’ve obviously changed the lives of a lot of women with this product; any great feedback you can share? CS: Every week we get amazing emails from women with stories of layering up several pairs of knickers, or wearing multiple tampons like the barrel of a gun, women who have weak pelvic floors, endometriosis, or are having their first baby, mum’s with daughters about to start their first period, women with cystitis, crohn’s or colitis, haemophilia, the list is endless, but the message is always the same, “DiaryDolls are life-changing, I wish they’d been around sooner, thank you!”

SM: Annabel was an early target for the ‘upskirt’ shot in her tennis career but you’ve rocked your fair share of skimpy outfits, including those on ‘Strictly’. Any plans to create a ‘celebrity’ range of Diary Dolls? Sequins perhaps..? CS: Errr, no. SM: Talking about periods is something you’re keen to get out in the open. Any tips on how to get the conversation started? CS: Just get a bunch of women together, and you’ll find it comes naturally! Same with pelvic floor problems. Just mention ‘anyone fancy a jump on the trampoline?’ and sit back.

SM: Aside from period pants, is there anything else you wish you’d invented for your children? CS: Loads of things! Facebook or Snapchat would have been number one, or ‘How To Pass Exams Easily’ App! SM: So we hear Diary Dolls came about after a holiday chat with Annabel? It must be a special sort of friendship where you can discuss gussets by the pool...?! CS: Actually it began with our daughters talking about their concerns over a sleepover at a friend’s house when their period was due. We all chipped in our personal stories and Annabel shared her time as a 15yr old tennis player touring the worlds and mortified when she had an ‘accident’ through the night when staying with host families. She then had to go on and play tennis in a short white skirt all day. I was amazed there was nothing out there to cope with the most basic and obvious problems we, as women, face. SM: Who thought of the name? CS: That was me. How to tackle something in a palatable, pretty way, without mentioning horrible words like ‘leak’ or stain’. When I was younger, I always store when my cycle began in my diary to make sure I wasn’t caught out each month. SM: Were you surprised this product didn’t already exist? CS: I was amazed! In a world where we buy knickers that make us thin for a night, or enhance our bum shape, sports bras to protect our breasts, but absolutely nothing for an issue that affects half the population their entire adult lives, yet nobody was addressing it in a feminine, pretty way.

Twenty Four

SM: How did the partnership with Endometriosis UK come about? CS: We received a Facebook message from a lady called Kate from Liverpool, who told us she was so happy to have found us, because she was now able to leave the house with confidence and even able to hold down a job for the first time in years, thanks to our pants. I was gobsmacked, as I’d never even heard of Endometriosis before. It is so misunderstood as there are no outward physical signs of illness, yet 1 in 10 UK women suffer from it and can go undiagnosed for up to 35 years! We are now the number one driver to their website and have regular bloggers on the topic. I’m very proud to be involved with them. Find out more at www.diarydoll.com DiaryDolls are also available from www.boots.com

Clever Clogs Products Ingenious stuff to make life better.

Tag a Teddy create smart ID tags for favourite toys. “Tag a Teddy was created in 2004 after my little boy lost his favourite teddy. He was distraught as was I. unfortunately Bramble was nowhere to be found and I immediately researched to see if there was anything I could purchase that would stop us from having to go through this again. I came to realise that there was no solution and so If set to work to create my own. Everyday there are hundreds of posts on social media of parents pleading to the public to help find their children’s lost teddies some even offering large rewards. Being a mother myself and having experienced the heartache that my child suffered as a result of him losing his best friend I was in no doubt that anyone who finds a little ones teddy would be more than happy to help return a teddy if they found one. With our tags we have made it so simple for this to be done.” Jade Ecclestone Founder - Tag a Teddy

Scooterpegs attach to the wall and provide a practical solution to a hallway cluttered with scooters. “Because the scooters roll around on the floor they’re particularly hazardous and I duly tripped over a one trying to navigate all this stuff one day resulting in a badly sprained wrist. After a visit to A&E we were bemoaning all this family clutter which everyone seems to have, and noticed that whilst my husband’s bike was nicely up out of the way on a bike rack, how frustrating it was that there wasn’t any way to hang the scooters up, and the idea just sprang from there.Kids adapt to using them so easily, they know exactly how they work and what they’re supposed to do. There’s also very clear ownership about whose peg is whose and they won’t tolerate their sibling hanging their scooter on the wrong peg!” Becca Lalonde Inventor/Director - Scooterpeg

Lit tle The Lu st Nib ite bli Pla m cem ng Si lico tab at ne les s and ticks ma to kes tra por ys ad and tio odd nc le. ont Dis ro hw saf ash l e to er o.

Twenty Five

Buggy Love These two nippy little newcomers really impressed our testers...

Britax Affinity 2 (left) The Britax Affinity 2 is a brilliant birth-topreschool solution, with the option of a bassinet or a seat which can be parent or world facing. The whole thing is super-intuitive to assemble, fold, recline – and it handles like a dream (even for my 6ft-something other half!) Enough shopping space to hold big stuff (packs of nappies, washing powder or boxes of wine, perhaps?) We tested the Flame Red colourway – it’s the same shade as Lulu Guinness’ red lips clutch (hint, hint husbands reading this!) Overall a fab option for power walking through your daily errands and it will last a buggy-lifetime.

Joie Litetrax (right) The Joie Litetrax 4 is a great value super sporty run-around. We adore the snazzy one handed folding mechanism; it makes the difference between taking public transport or not and the buggy also fits into a tiny car boot when folded. Cute touches include the holder for coffee/ sippy cups/keys/phone – and the fact that you manoeuvre it one handed whilst chatting or enjoying your latte. The huge hood keeps off the sun without a muslin and you barely need to get the raincover out. My toddler loves the Litetrax so much he gives it a little pat when he climbs in.

Photography - Rich Hendry

carseat/stroller toy. (Joie) Marloe London dip-dye muslin, Jo

Models - Drummond and Baird, Location E20

Jo Maman Bebe buggy clip and rabbit blanket, Sazac Island

Pictured - (Britax) Pacapod Richmond bag in navy/

Kigurumi fox rucksack.

herringbone, The Stripy Company Cambridge blanket, Infantino

Find out more at www.britax.co.uk and www.joiebaby.com

Twenty Six

Come and

be jolly 11 Nov 2016 – 25 Jan 2017

supported by

A Magical Stick Man Screening & Show Enjoy the awardwinning Stick Man on the big screen, followed by songs, storytelling and live illustration. For ages 5-8

Duckie Poggle A warm-hearted, dance theatre piece with live music and comedy throughout. For ages 6 months to 5 years


A fresh take on the classic tale of The Ugly Duckling. For ages 6+

Presented by: Le Gateau Chocolat

Wild Hendry’ s Wild World London’s Youngest Blogger Starts School… When a chap called Neil Armstrong flew to the moon he parked up his space rocket and said something about it being a small step for a man but a giant leap for mankind. Afterwards, if he had flown back to where I live, he could have said the same thing about me and my friends a few weeks ago when we all started BIG SCHOOL. Big School does look really scary when you come up to the big metal gates and they tell you that your Mummy or Daddy needs to leave you and go to work now – but on the other side of the big gates you can see lots of things that look like they might be rather fun, like a big sandpit, a treehouse and lots and lots of messy paint.

Twenty Eight

On my first day I got a big hug outside the gates from my friend Harry (it was his first day too) and we took small steps in together. Because at Big School, even though it is scary, when you take the first small step, when you get inside you might just meet a leaping giant… And that would be even more awesome than landing on the moon. Love Wild x PS - I’ve loved splashing about in my paddling pool, which my Dad got from Aldi – it’s fantastic! It will be sad to pack it away for the Winter.

Follow Wild’s adventures on Twitter @RealWildHendry Image: Laura Zotova

Boutique Focus­­: Marloe London Marloe London sells the ultimate luxury staple motherhood accessory: muslin scarf blankets. Creators Marina Sevier and Chloe Riddell tell us why theirs are bigger, hipper and double-dippier – and why the brand is growing a cult following.

How did Marloe London come about?

(Marina) My daughter is never without her

and absorbent. The dip dye Marloes are hand-

We saw a gap in the market – and genuinely

Bright Pink Dip Dye Marloe… it’s lucky I have a

dyed in a uniform style but each one is ever so

wanted a muslin that was stylish as well as

few at hand!

slightly unique.

muslins with us more than any other accessory,

At 140x140 your muslins must be one the

What are your biggest challenges, running

it would be great to have something that felt

biggest out there - what made you decide to

the business?

more sophisticated and not just for babies.

go supersize?

Each with two young children we are often

We wanted to create a luxury, beautiful and

Supersize and super soft makes our muslins

exhausted but our friendship enables us to be

practical product that was genuinely as much

extra versatile and useful. The Marloe is

supportive, understanding and pick up the slack

for a mother and a baby.

the equivalent of a Swiss army penknife for

for one another when it is needed. Whatsapp

mothers and babies- as much a scarf,

is invaluable to our daily communication when

Which are your bestselling items?

shawl, sarong as it is a beach towel, baby

juggling work and children.

Personalisation is really big – name, date or

blanket, swaddle, buggy shade…the list of

even a special place. The lilac dip dye is the

uses goes on.

practical. Both of us felt that since we had

most popular with mums-to-be that don’t know whether they’re expecting a boy or a girl – it

Where are your products made?

works well for both. The Duck Egg and the

We’ve kept to our original goal to have most

Bright Pink Dip Dye are a close second. And of

of the production in Britain – Marloe scarf

course, the traditional powder pink and blue

blankets are dyed, finished, embroidered

will always be popular.

and packaged here. The organic cotton and bamboo is grown in China where it is woven

And which do your own family like best?

into our bespoke fabric. The organic cotton

With four children between us, we created a

used has GOTS certification and fabric is

product which addressed a genuine need…

OEKO-TEX Class 1 which is the most rigorous

Testament to this is we both use our product

testing for garments and accessories used for

on a daily basis! We’re currently testing our

0-3 years olds. And your proudest moment?

new Autumn/Winter Indigo and Emerald Marloe. Our children all use Marloes as night and travel

What considerations go into the manufacture

Both of us launching our business with two

blankets (as well as for dens and superhero


little ones under two! We are thrilled with our


We approached our design with an equal focus

Marloe scarves – and hope other mothers enjoy

on style, practicality and quality. Our dyes

them too.

and fabric have all been thoroughly tested; an important responsibility when making baby-

Any celeb mums and babies you’d like to see

related products.

in Marloe? Jools Oliver and her new cub (River Rocket) – she

We spent months experimenting with different

is an inspiration…

blends, weaves and thread counts before finding the perfect ratio of organic cotton and

What’s next for the business?

bamboo. The end result is a fabric that is strong

Our dream would be global success with

but silky soft (and gets softer the more it is

Marloe becoming synonymous with style in

washed). Bamboo is great for sensitive skin and


is known for being anti-bacterial and thermoregulating; while organic cotton is breathable

Shop online at: marloelondon.com

Twenty Nine

Sticky Fingered Chefs Chocolate fondants have a horrible reputation of being among the scariest desserts to bake. It took me until my late twenties to even attempt this beast. I want to tell you it went horribly wrong, that it was an inedible disaster. But I’m sorry to say it went really well, and it always has. This is a safe and easy recipe for a melt-in-themiddle sensation. Crusty on the outside, warm and gooey on the inside with the distinctive, lingering aroma of anise.

Nadiya Hussain shares her yummy recipe for Chocolate and Star Anise Fondants.

For the coating: 50g unsalted butter, melted cocoa powder, for dusting For the fondants: 200g dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids), melted 200g unsalted butter, melted 200g caster sugar 4 whole medium eggs plus 4 egg yolks 200g plain flour, sifted 4 teaspoons star anise, ground with a pestle and mortar and passed through a small, fine sieve (Can be frozen before baking) Prep: 20 minutes, plus chilling Cook: 15 minutes Serves 8

everything together. Now add the flour and star anise, and fold in using a large metal spoon. Put the ramekins on a baking tray. Divide the mixture between the ramekins, leaving a 1cm gap at the top of each. Cook for 10–12 minutes, no longer. The fondants will start to come away from the sides of the ramekins. Take the fondants out of the oven, and leave in the ramekins for 1 minute only. They will still be hot, but they need to be turned out straight away and served, otherwise the residual heat will cook them right through. You can freeze the fondants before baking, ready for another occasion. If you are cooking from frozen, cook at 200°C/fan 180°C for 17 minutes.

To coat the ramekins: Brush 8 ramekins with melted butter, making upward strokes. Place the ramekins on a baking tray in the freezer for 10 minutes. Take the ramekins out again and brush them once more with melted butter, and put them back in the freezer for 10 minutes. Take them out and dust the insides with cocoa powder, making sure to tap out any excess. To make the fondants: Preheat the oven to 200°C/fan 180°C. Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a pan of simmering water, being careful not to allow the bowl to touch the water. Roughly chop the butter and add to the chocolate, stirring until it melts in. Whisk the sugar and eggs until they are light and fluffy and doubled in size. This will take about 5 minutes in a stand mixer, or 5–10 minutes with a handheld mixer. Add the butter and chocolate mixture, and mix

Nadiya will be cooking live at the BBC Good Food Show (London Olympia 11-13 November and Birmingham NEC 24-27 November) Tickets on sale now: www.bbcgoodfoodshow.com

Thirty One

10 minutes with: Rebecca Campora from 7am Enfant

7am Enfant’s range of urban chic baby accessories is adored by celeb parents and are so hip it hurts. We caught up with the brand’s French-born-but-nowNYC-resident founder and designer Rebecca Campora over her morning coffee…

Where in your busy day does this interview fit in...? I’m just sitting down to my desk, espresso in hand, ready to start the day. I’ve got a few new designs to work on, so I am excited to jump into that project today. How did the brand come about? When my youngest was born, my son Liam, my family lived (and still lives) in Lower Manhattan. Right on the East Rivers, the winds are blistery and your standard blanket doesn’t keep little ones warm. As a designer, I felt compelled to create something to fill this void. So my first design in the 7AM collection was born: Le Sac Igloo. Where does the name come from? 7AM represents a moment of tenderness, with the family before the daily routine and the hectic rhythm of transit, work, meals and school activities. It is symbolic of everything that is yet to come and the new

What considerations go into the designs?

day ahead. 7AM Enfant is our collection for children and toddlers; our

Versatility, safety and style are core requirements of our design. It’s all

travel bags line is called 7AM Voyage.

in our mantra: Style and peace of mind on-the-go. Our products are created to increase the bonding time a family spends together while

Did you design specifically for New York winters?

allowing parents to worry less.

Not at all! Our fleece NIDO, for example, is a favourite in the Southern States of the U.S. where chilly winter evenings are common, but snow

Which are your best selling items?

and cold days are rare. Our Pookie Poncho is a favourite in Japan where

Our Blanket212 Evolution and Le Sac Igloo are out best-known buntings;

babywearing moms desire cosy covers for their little ones. Every parent

however, items like the Pookie Poncho baby carrier cover and NIDO car

and child around the world has their own set of unique needs, and we

seat cover are also hugely popular. Our WarMMuffs are a hit as well –

design a variety of products for every family.

parents & caretakers love having these warm stroller mittens to keep their hands warm during winter strolls. Who was your first celeb fan? Jessica Alba and Sarah Jessica Parker were two of our earliest celeb fans. 7AM Enfant was born in New York, so Manhattan moms were the first ones to learn about the brand. Where is the best place in NYC to go with a baby? I may be a bit biased because this is where our headquarters are, but Lower Manhattan and South Street Seaport. The cobblestone roads and views of the Brooklyn & Manhattan Bridges are unparalleled. Also, Central Park, Battery Park – Manhattan parks all have wonderful playgrounds. Park Slope in Brooklyn is another favourite of mine – it is a very family-oriented neighbourhood.

Shop online at www.7amenfant.co.uk

Thirty Two

The Lowdown... When a delivery of Ugly Drinks arrived at our office we were intrigued. No sugar, nothing artificial – essentially a drink with no guilt attached. A week of gluggery later, we were all converts to the Ugly-bug ball… Joe Benn and Hugh Thomas (the chaps behind the brand) told us more about it…

How did the concept for Ugly drinks come about?

Did you have ‘proper jobs’ before you set out on this venture?

We first had the idea for Ugly Drinks back in 2013. We had become

We both used to work for coconut water company, Vita Coco, and joined

really aware of the impact of sugary and sweetened drinks on the UK

the company when it was only very small in the UK. We worked there

population (a growth in obesity and diabetes) and felt like things needed

for almost 4 years in the sales (Joe) and marketing (Hugh) teams before

to change. We set out to create a drink free of sugars and sweeteners

setting out on our own adventure. We had an amazing time at Vita Coco

and Ugly was born. Ugly is a 100% natural fruit-infused sparkling water

and learnt a huge amount in the process.

with no sugar, no sweeteners, no calories and no artificial sweeteners.

Let’s cut to the chase. Can you suggest a cocktail we can make with Ugly water?

Tell us about the flavours?

Take 10 mint leaves…the juice from half a lime…60ml of white rum

Ugly launched with two flavours initially (and hopefully more to come).

and 330ml Ugly Lemon & Lime…muddle the mint leaves with the lime

Right now we have Lemon & Lime, which is super refreshing and

juice in the bottom of the glass before adding ice, the rum and the Ugly

perfect ice cold alongside Grapefruit & Pineapple which is fruity with

Water! DELICIOUS…and light!

tropical vibes! What’s next for the brand? Who designed the logo and packaging?

We’re looking forward to growing the Ugly brand into 2017 and we’re

We worked with our friends at our branding agency to collaborate and

excited to add new flavours to the Ugly range. Suggestions are always

design a logo and pack that really communicated the fun side of the

welcome, so get in touch to let us know your favourite flavour combo!

Ugly brand. We wanted to stand out on shelf and really disrupt a fridge that’s been stocked with sugary and sweetened drinks for too long.

And finally, you describe the Grapefruit and Pineapple Ugly as ‘as disco in a can’. What tune would you suggest we drink it to...?

Who is your dream ‘Ugly Drinker’?

‘I Want Your Love – CHIC’ … obviously :)

There are so many…but we love Cara Delevingne. She’s super talented and works in some serious professions but manages to retain an awesome impish sense of fun…we love it!

Thirty Four

Find out more at www.uglydrinks.com

How to get back into your Little Black Dress Caitlin Hayward is the director of theatre company The Pantaloons.

I needed something drastic. I just wanted to lose a couple more pounds and then I reckon I could stuff myself (a bit like a sausage) into some holding-in pants and my dress. I’d heard great things about juice diets, so decided to try a Raw Juice diet by Nosh, who send you a variety of different fruit and vegetable juices for the three-day detox. This is NOT for the faint hearted and those who love coffee. I felt terrible, despite the juices tasting pretty good, as all the caffeine left my body. But after the first day, I actually felt pretty good. After the third day, my tummy was less bloated and I didn’t feel hungry. I lost five pounds in three days. Yay!

I had that phone call last month that many mothers dread. It went something like this “Hi Caitlin, it’s Beth (my gorgeous,

“My staple go-to is a comfy baggy top and jeans and I am fully aware that this will not cut the mustard while I’m cutting the rug ”

childless and totally cool friend). We’re going to a very trendy West London bar for my birthday. You’re coming. Click”. Damn. Not only are trendy West London bars not my thing nowadays

I got my hair done, re-mortgaged my house to buy some new

(and haven’t been for the past ten years), but I honestly have

shoes to squeeze my fat trotters into and even shaved my legs.

nothing suitable to wear. My staple go-to is a comfy baggy

My dress (just about) fitted.

top and jeans and I am fully aware that this will not cut the

And how was the night? A bloody disaster. They played ‘trendy

mustard while I’m cutting the rug. But, I need a night out and

music’ with no words, the drinks were over-priced and over-

Beth is a good friend. I need to shape up and get back into my

watered and the place filled with hipsters. Honestly, what did

Little Black Dress and what better excuse than the knowledge

I expect? I crept off early, got home and put on my pyjamas.

that I will soon be rubbing shoulders against a load of people

Then I ordered pizza (large, thank you very much). And threw

who could not give a damn about me. Ahem.

my bloomin’ dress in the bin. It’s just not me. I love a pub, lots of food, my mummy tummy (begrudgingly) and sleep. And my

So, I decide to try a diet I found called Body Chef for two

kids, I suppose.

weeks. I am a busy, working Mum of two boys and do not have time for cooking these elaborate meals in books, which is why I loved the idea of Body Chef so much. It is sent to your door every three days, all freshly prepared in little pots for you, from a tasty fish pie to some blueberries via pitta bread and cottage cheese. I had nothing to prepare and could easily wonder about how I was going to keep up with all the shot drinking at Beth’s birthday whilst munching on a home-made trifle from Body Chef. I even lost four pounds, but the party was looming and I just couldn’t squeeze into my dress still. (However, for those of you that have more time, I would

Caitlin would like to thank -

actually really recommend this diet, especially if, like me, you

www.bodychef.com and www.noshdetox.com

have no time to prepare healthy meals.)

Follow her @thePantaloons Thirty Five

Beautiful, simplistic & versatile accessories for parents and children baxandbay.com

The Cajoled Dad Halloween Tricks and Treats Today, several decades later, Halloween has gone bananas. Fancy dress is de rigueur - facepainting the kids is not nearly enough. Last year the wife bought a wedding dress before distressing it and covering it in blood before making herself up as a zombie bride.

How times have changed since I was a child. Halloween was very much in the shadow of Guy Fawkes night, also known as Bonfire Night or Fireworks Night when I was younger and growing up in London.

I had friends who ‘trick or treated’, and if I delve deep enough into my memories, I could be convinced I joined them once, but I might be making that up. I certainly had more friends that did ‘Penny for the Guy’. Those that did ‘trick or treat ’ tended to be those who had parents who had been to the US, or worked for US companies. Or maybe I was just sheltered in an environment where it wasn’t altogether safe to go out after dark and knock on strangers’ doors. I remember from time to time we would get a pumpkin to carve, but the skill and effort were more blunt knife and spoon to create holes big enough to see the candle inside, than anything more intricate or extravagant.

And the effort I need to go to each year to create something new with the pumpkin is ridiculous - a scalpel, paring knives, peelers, chisels and so much more. Often there are competitions at work for the best pumpkin creation. And god forbid anything should go to waste. We dry the seeds and make pumpkin pie with the leftovers.

But I don’t see many, if any, people doing ‘penny for the guy’ anymore. Indeed, I’m not entirely sure I’ve seen a ‘Guy’ on the top of any bonfires in recent times - perhaps it ’s considered too gruesome in these times of political correctness and protecting our little ones, but then you didn’t see my wife the zombie bride last year. Are we losing sight of the historical significance of Guy Fawkes Night in favour of sweets, dressing up and spectacular fireworks displays?

Sleepy Hollow, Salem and Hollywood’s bastardisation of various witch and vampire stories have Americanised a Christian ‘observance’ that we have wholeheartedly embraced. And to be honest, I love it.

I do hope not. But bring on the carving competition - I have a brilliant plan this year. Follow Cajoled Dad Matt Rowntree on Twitter @mattrowntree Images: Associated Press, Zombie Pumpkins, Pumpkin Wayne

Thirty Seven

Lovely Little Things Beautiful bits to squander the grocery money on…

Goya Black Rose perfume was worn by fabulous

Coco Rose London’s ‘Royal Ballet Alice’ folding flats are

fashionistas in the Fifties, then discontinued in 1984.

designed for those who swap their heels for ‘sensible shoes’

Recently recreated – right down to the original packaging

after a night out; but we think they are too pretty to be

– our olfactory senses can have a #throwback as we waft

stored in handbags simply for staggering into taxis. Made

about in a decadently divine cloud of rose, clove and

from super supple leather, they are lighter-than-air to wear


and delightfully offset simple jeans and a Breton top. P Middy is often spotted skipping along the King’s Road in

Harry Rocks’ ‘Trinity Triangle’ bracelet is a delicate but distinctive piece; stack up for luxe layering or wear alone as a simple, understated touch to compliment the last glimmers of your tan.

Thirty Eight



Nipple with a natural design and four separate flow rates.


The bottle comes in three sizes: 180, 260 and 330 ml. Easy grip-design and robust plastic with great heat retention.



Seal the container with the lid that accompanies it.

Effectively dissolves the solution and prevents clogging.



Keeps dirt and bacteria away from the nipple.

Practical container holds servings of up to 100 ml.


@twistshakebaby /twistshake




Behind The Design:

As Bugaboo’s latest version of the Cameleon takes to the urban catwalk, CEO Max Barenbrug filled us in on his brainchild, which has become one of the world’s most iconic parenting products. • The central joint is the mechanism that brings a very complex structure into a very simple and clean axis. Although it may look sleek and simple, inside is where the magic happens. This is what makes the Bugaboo Cameleon³ multifunctional, and enables all the different configurations. The central joint links all the functionalities: the brake, the two-wheel position, the reversible handlebar, the two piece fold… Also it gives the Bugaboo Cameleon its instantly recognizable shape and silhouette. • A hand-stitched leather-look handle bar and carry handle adds a touch of luxury and matches other black details on the pushchair. • On the moodboard when it was designed: natural elements like the sea, the wind and the rocks. • The Bugaboo Cameleon³ Elements features a new herringbone fabric on the carrycot, seat and sun canopy, which has a natural-style, unrefined texture. The overall top colour is a river-stone shade - a grey mélange made up from three distinct colour tones. The standout feature is a unique gradient colour effect on the carrycot and back of the seat: deepest sea blue slowly changes and fades to grey mélange.

wa s bo o uga B l ina and o r ig en ( r m “ The o f en d gne d m de si ante w d I laxe en). d re n wo m a de s t ood y el el g M e f . r ai to to s hch rs t a pu e fi h h t t i .” s w 20 01 r wa g hte rs i n i a dau h c pu s h t he te s t Forty

“ The

“When you see a design icon you immediately understand how it works just by looking at it; it’s self-explanatory” “...Ultimately, creating a design icon is all about bringing complexity back to its simplest form, and at Bugaboo, that’s what we’re good at. We make things possible that didn’t exist before. The Bugaboo Cameleon3, which is still our best-selling stroller after 15 years in the market, has become an icon because it completely changed the look, functionality and desirability of strollers. Not just for our own company, but throughout the whole industry.” RRP £999; Stockist www.bugaboo.com


e bu gabo

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Forty One

Little Black Book Where to shop for what’s on our pages…

Aldi - www.aldi.co.uk BabyBjörn - www.babybjorn.co.uk Bambini and Me - www.bambiniandme.com


Bee Good - www.beegood.co.uk Bobux - www.bobux.co.uk

Cheer up a stroller or car seat

Coco Rose London - www.cocoroselondon.com

with a spiral toy. Stockists at :

Diary Doll - www.diarydoll.com


The Stripy Company Life gets linear with their fabulous blankets and accessories. Selection at: www.thestripycompany.co.uk

Doona - www.simpleparenting.co Ella James - www.ellajames.co.uk Goya Black Rose - www.goyablackrose.com


Harry Rocks - www.harryrocks.com

The chic herringbone Richmond bag has a place for everything.

Je Porte Mon Bébé - www.jeportemonbebe.com Jojo Maman Bébé - www.jojomamanbebe.co.uk Laurence King - www.laurenceking.com

RRP £85 www.pacapod.com

Marloe London - www.marloelondon.com Milk Beauty - www.milkbeauty.co.uk

Secret Spa Book your beauty treatments on the hush-hush at: www.secretspa.co.uk

Molo - www.molo.com Mon Breton - www.monbreton.com Nibbling - www.nibbling.co.uk

Tag a Teddy When the thought of losing teddy is un-bear-able, tag it! Selection at www.tagateddy.com

Oh Arthur - www.oharthur.co.uk Rachel Riley - www.rachelriley.co.uk Rockin Baby - www.rockinbaby.com Scooterpeg - www.scooterpeg.co.uk Splash About - www.splashabout.com The Organic Balm Company - www.theorganicbalm.com Tiffany Rose - www.tiffanyrose.com Tommee Tippee - www.tommeetippee.co.uk

Forty Two

Nappy Grab Bags Hello! I’m really excited to introduce you to my new product the Nappy Grab Bag! It’s a neat little pack that contains everything you need for a single nappy change on the go. Each pack contains: • 1 Naty by Nature Babycare nappy (sizes 1 to 6) • 4 Jackson Reece organic wipes • 1 sachet of Weleda Calendula Nappy Change Cream The pack unwraps to reveal a hygienic changing surface and integrated, resealable dirties pouch. Perfect for shoving in your pocket and running out the door. Or - wonder of wonders - maybe even reclaiming your favourite handbag and popping one in there! I REALLY hope they make life easier and I’d love to hear what you think. Drop me a line at hello@beckymantin.com. Parenting... the best job in the world!

Love Becky x Available to buy at Ocado.com, Amazon.co.uk, Kiddicare, Whole Foods, Booths and Spirit of Nature. Check out our ‘Where to Buy’ page on our website for all stockists. 5



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Slick Mummy Magazine - Autumn 2016  

Issue 3 features: Carol Decker, MMHA16 Winners, Carol Smillie, Nadiya Hussain and much more... Columnists: Becky Mantin, Janey Holliday, Cai...

Slick Mummy Magazine - Autumn 2016  

Issue 3 features: Carol Decker, MMHA16 Winners, Carol Smillie, Nadiya Hussain and much more... Columnists: Becky Mantin, Janey Holliday, Cai...