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On that distant Wednesday we were awakened

for this hullabaloo. At this point we stopped trying to

by a yell that sounded late in the evening. At first we

make sense of Señor Ignacio and said that some miracle

thought someone had died (clarity never comes with

must have kept that cripple (and those stitches) from

disrupted sleep) and it was a murderous enough sound

tragedy and shame since he had landed on his feet (and

for a few, that is, the most curious of us, to respond.

his moon-shaped belly continued to jiggle without rip-

So like a strange monster (with heads protruding

ping his pants).

from the windows of the edifice) we saw a man running

Laughter. One of us said that maybe the muertos

barefoot down the Grand Concourse. He had on a pair

were chasing him because he tapped that palo the

of black pants that were held up by suspenders that

wrong way. Our eyes closed hard to fight off the tears,

crossed over his big exposed belly, and he screamed

lost in laughter. Then, one minute he was in front of the

some foolishness into the night. The infamous palo

vivero and, moments later, he seemed to have disap-

abandoned at the building entrance gave way to his

peared. That’s when one of us said that Señor Ignacio

identification. It was Señor Ignacio Perú. By the way he

must have heard us, took one look over his shoulder, saw

was moving we thought he was drunk (and confirmed it

us cackling and flew.

after he rushed past some corner bum and knocked him

Once we realized we were watching the dark we got

off the milk crate he sat on), but when he jumped into

angry. We screamed at him and called him a mamão for

the air, it seemed that he’d clicked his heels, and we real-

wasting our time. Yet we stayed at the windows for a

ized that alcohol alone could not bear the responsibility

while longer, laughing at our own stupidity—really wait-


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2/25/12 6:05 PM

Slice: Issue 10  

This issue celebrates growth, but, as we’ve discovered with Slice, growth is rarely what we expect. In the following pages, you’ll encounter...

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