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In this issue Block Chair Report The Block Captain Program ‘04 Apartment Burglaries Alert Officer “Kiwi” Promoted Easter Egg-Stravaganza Francis Park Update Business District Update Missouri SeniorRX Program Hills Street News Advertising SLH Website Update Francis Park Update cont. Strike Out Stroke Fourth Annual Tree Lighting Park Clean Up Day – May 15 Holiday Party Follow Up Lighting Contest Winners Tree Program Sign Up Time The Block Captain Program ‘04 cont. Project Blitz 2004 Trash Instructions St. Gabriel’s Announces … From the President Calendar of Events A Word From the 16th Ward Alderman, Donna Baringer

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Bob and Kelly Klasek, Co Chair Block Captain Program


We’ll see you at the park clean up!

We would like to thank everyone who provided our neighborhood with beautiful holiday displays this past season! We enjoyed watching those in cars traveling slowly around the area taking in the lights. The SLHNA individual and block award winners are listed in this issue. Also in this issue you will find information regarding area business updates, scheduled improvements for Francis Park, changes in our Police Department and a change in policy at St. Gabriel’s Church and School. Please take special note of the information about the changes the Block Captain Program is undergoing to improve communication to our neighborhood. The change of seasons is one of the pleasures of Midwest living. The cold weather makes us all look so very forward to the warmer days of spring. We also look forward to seeing our neighbors more often on the sunnier days.


Bob & Kelly

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The Block Captain Program 2004 Bob & Kelly Klasek


SLHNA GENERAL MEETING Thursday, March 4, 7:00 p.m. Word Of Life Gymnasium Speaker: Police Chief Joe Mokwa

Preorder your $10 car club now. (See page 12 for more details.)

February 2004 Vol. VIIII No. I

Hello again. In the past several months, we have fielded many questions about the Block Captain program from neighbors, block captains and zone captains. In hopes to effectively communicate existing expectations the program has of a block captain, we’ve put together answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. The Block Captain committee has included new expectations and incentives for participation. These include: •

Each Block Captain must be a St. Louis Hills Neighborhood Association member. Continued page 9

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Officer “Kiwi” Promoted to Sergeant

Apartment Burglaries A Crime Alert from Captain Greg Wurm

On January 21, Officer Tom Kwiatkowski, known by many of us as “Officer Kiwi,” was promoted to sergeant. Sergeant Kiwi has served as the “bicycle-cop” in St. Louis Hills for five and a half of the last six years.

During the daytime hours, some unknown person(s) have been entering 4 family apartment complexes and burglarizing all 4 units. When the residents return home from work, they discover the incident. I encourage people who live in apartment complexes to be cognizant of people in the unit and ask questions to determine if the people inside are supposed to be there. If you don't wish to confront an unknown person, call 911. This type of incident has happened twice in the past 3 weeks, once in the St. Louis Hills neighborhood.

Tom grew up in North St. Louis and graduated from Hazelwood Senior High School in 1975. His first assignment after graduating from the Police Academy in 1979 was with the 6th district. He moved to the 2nd district in 1998. Tom credits his experience in the 2nd district with providing him the knowledge necessary to pass the sergeant’s exam. He hopes to pass that knowledge on to the five officers he now supervises. Tom is responsible for the area south of Arsenal in the 2nd district. Four officers have interviewed with Captain Wurm for the bicycle patrol position. Captain Wurm plans to fill that position by February 9. Please join me in congratulating Sergeant Kwiatkowski on his promotion. Janice Starbuck, Hills Street News Editor


Calling all children, parents and grandparents . . . mark your calendars now for the St. Louis Hills Neighborhood Association’s annual Easter Egg Hunt in Francis Park. The Easter Bunny and his helpers will be hiding approximately 2,500 eggs stuffed with candy and prize coupons. Children will be grouped by age, ranging from toddler to 3rd grade. Date: Saturday, April 10, 2004 Time: 11:00 a.m. Place: Francis Park Near the playground area Little ones should bring their Easter basket and adults will definitely want to bring their cameras. Another fine event sponsored by the SLHNA. Non-members are welcome to purchase a membership at the event.

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Francis Park Update: Mike Flowers, Francis Park Committee Chairman Wintertime is a planning time for Francis Park. Toward that end the Francis Park Committee of the St Louis Hills Neighborhood Association is planning some improvements and corrections to the water drainage throughout the Park. As some of you may know, there are low areas throughout the park that hold water during normal and heavy rains, including in the heat of the summer. The City has identified many of these low pooling spots as mosquito-breeding areas. Continued page 5

Business District Update

Gary Weinhold Commercial District Manager St. Louis Development Corp. 353-4631

Target Store: The city of St. Louis received a favorable ruling in the case for Target from the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Condemnation proceedings can now continue. If all goes well, Target could close in January of 2005, and re-open in October of 2005. Old Steak ‘n Shake: The construction of the new Del Taco is slated for the end of February, to be completed in one hundred days. Taco Bell: The new owners closed on the property on January 30, 2004. This enables them to begin negotiations with either Bandana’s Barbecue, or Crazy Bowls ‘n Wraps. Waste Containers: We now have forty decorative waste containers scattered throughout the Hampton / Chippewa Business District. These were funded through the Aldermen of the 16th, 23rd, and 24th Wards. Each container, before it was placed, required a signed agreement form to empty these containers in a timely manner. Hampton / Chippewa Business Association Breakfast Meeting: The H.C.B.A. is holding a breakfast meeting at Gino’s Restaurant on February 5th at 8:00 am. Our featured speaker will be Rollin Stanley of Planning & Urban Design for the city of St. Louis. We will present low cost options to improve the look of the Hampton Avenue Business District. Thank you, and feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

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A MESSAGE FROM FRED KRATKY, STATE REPRESENTATIVE DISTRICT #65 Dear Member of the Senior Community: Those of us who do our best to represent your interests at the State Capitol are well aware that it has become difficult and expensive for many seniors to meet their prescription drug expenses. In many instances, seniors' incomes are too low to meet their basic needs and purchase prescription drug coverage plans. Caseworkers indicate that in addition to sacrificing food, many seniors skip dosages of their medications in order to ration their medications, or turn off air conditioners or heaters to reduce monthly costs to afford their medications. Others watch their lifetime savings depleted in a few short years as a result of the exorbitant costs of pharmaceuticals they so desperately need. As prescription drugs play an ever-expanding role in overall medical care, it is critical that we demonstrate an increased level of commitment to assist seniors in meeting their prescription drug needs through a comprehensive, affordable, and fiscally responsible prescription drug program. In the legislature, we came to an agreement that it was imperative the state provide relief immediately to the most needy seniors in the state. This attitude led to the actions of the Missouri General Assembly during the 2001 Special Session that resulted in the legislature overwhelmingly passing House Bill 3 and Senate Bill 4, which created the Missouri SeniorRX Program within the Division of Aging in the Department of Health and Senior Services. This program was created to help defray the cost of prescription drugs for elderly Missouri residents. It is now my goal to ensure that seniors who are interested and eligible become enrolled in this program. The basic guidelines for eligibility and costs are as follows: •

Individuals must be age 65 or older by July 1, 2004

Individuals must have lived in Missouri for the past 12 months.

Seniors with incomes up to $12,000 for a single person or up to $17,000 for a married couple will be required to pay a $250 deductible and $25 enrollment fee per person.

Seniors with incomes of $12,001 - $17,000 for a single person or $17,001 to $23,000 for a married couple will be required to pay a $500 deductible and $35 enrollment fee per person.

The enrollment fee and deductible must be paid for each plan year.

Interested seniors should complete and submit an application during the program's open-enrollment period. This enrollment period takes place each year beginning January 1 and ending February 28. It is critical that anyone who applies makes certain his or her application is postmarked by February 28. During the enrollment period, you may pick up an application at your local pharmacy or Area Agency on Aging; download one from the website at or call the toll-free customer service line at 1-866-556-9316 to request one. In addition, I urge you to contact my office if you have questions about the prescription drug program or any other senior-related issues. To do so, please feel free to call me at 573-751-4220. Please take advantage of the resources and programs that are available. Through these and other efforts we hope to give you more time to enjoy your retirement years.

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Hills Street News Advertising Advertisers in this newsletter are required to be members of the Hampton-Chippewa Business Association and pay an annual fee for advertisement. Questions regarding advertising should be directed to Ken Crecelius at 351-7070.

Porch Lights On From Dust ‘Til Dawn Reduces Crime update Janice Starbuck, webmaster Just a quick thank you to the three businesses that have submitted coupons for the new coupon page on the St. Louis Hills website, • James Contracting: 10% off of labor for first job for first-time customers. • Mary Kay® - Agnes Boul: 15% discount on first purchase for first-time customers. • Max Tax - Income Tax Services: 10% discount off tax preparations. Any St. Louis City based business is welcome to advertise in “coupon form” on the website for free. If you are interested, please drop me a line,

Francis Park Update: continued from page 3 To address these low spots and get them to drain appropriately, the Francis Park Committee has developed a plan, with the assistance of City forces, to re-grade selected low areas in the Park. This year will bring some major dirt work to the east side of the Park. The area to be re-graded will be bounded by the tree line on the east side of the lily pond, base of the sledding hill along Tamm Avenue and run from the creek bed area on the north, south to the sidewalk running east/west (near Tamm & Walsh). It is anticipated that the project will be completed in two phases. The first phase will consist of installing new subsurface drainage systems (inlets & pipe), which will take place this spring. The second phase of the project will be the major regrading, which will take place in the middle of the summer, when the soil dries out enough to be moved around. This project will also require that a temporary gravel drive (for construction equipment) be constructed, most likely off of Tamm Ave. This temporary roadbed will be removed, re-graded and reseeded. Once everything is re-graded and a finish level grade is achieved, we will be seeding and strawing the entire area to get new grass growing as soon as possible. We will likely need to over-seed bare areas again in the fall. While this will be a big project in the Park thru the summer, the long-term goals of eliminating mosquito-breeding areas and improving drainage within the Park will be realized. Thank you in advance for your understanding, patience and respect for this project as we improve Francis Park for years to come.

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STRIKE OUT STROKE! What is the number one risk for having a stroke you say? Carotid artery disease results from a build up of plaque in the carotid arteries (vessels carrying blood flow to the brain from the aorta). In fact up to 80% of all strokes are ischemic which result from fatty build up blockage (plaque), a blood clot, or a combination. Twenty percent of strokes result from a hemorrhage. The National Stroke Association states that up to 50% of stroke victims had no prior warning of the impending stroke! The good news is that the number one risk for stroke, carotid artery disease, is predictable and therefore can result in stroke prevention. Knowing the amount of plaque in your carotid arteries can help determine when you might fall victim to the #3 killer in the United States. If you experience symptoms such as dizziness, numbness in the face, arm or leg, have difficulty speaking, have blurred vision, or have a severe headache please notify your family physician. He or she will be able to order testing to determine if or when a stroke occurred. However, if you have risks for a stroke (see below) but do not have symptoms as reported for up to 50% of stroke victims, insurance will not likely pay for you to be tested. You now have a convenient and affordable option. On Tuesday, May 4th, 2004 Ascension Lutheran Church will host a one-day preventive health screening. Four different Doppler color-flow ultrasound tests will be available for persons with risks of the disease but who do not have symptoms. Stroke and aneurysm risks include the following: S: T: R: O: K:

Smoking; current or a history of smoking Transient Ischemic Attack or mini-strokes Raised or high blood pressure Obesity Known heart disease, including irregular heartbeat or aneurysms either for the person themselves or a family history E: Elevated Cholesterol In 2003, a total of 231 South St. Louis City residents chose to be tested for carotid artery disease through Life Line Screening. Of the 231 people, seventy-five (32.5%) had moderate to critical findings! All of these individuals were given a copy of their ultrasound films along with their reports to share with their own personal physician for follow up care.

Testing available costs a total of $99 for all vascular tests: carotid artery disease/stroke prevention; abdominal aortic aneurysm; and peripheral arterial disease. Individually the tests cost $45. Appointments made in advance are required. Please call 1.800.643.6075 to reserve your preferred time. The screening is open to the community so please share the information with friends and family alike. Remember, STRIKE OUT STROKE!

Amanda J. Hite Southeast Missouri & Southern Illinois Health Service Coordinator

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FOURTH ANNUAL CHRISTMAS TREE LIGHTING In near perfect weather, a large crowd of St. Louis Hills neighbors and friends ushered in the 2003 Holiday Season at the Fourth Annual Christmas Tree Lighting on November 30, 2003. U.S. Senator Jim Talent and Mayor Francis Slay jointly lighted the St. Louis Hills Christmas Tree in Francis Park. Although the St. Louis Hills Neighborhood Association (SLHNA) underwrites most of the costs, the added generosity of several individuals and businesses enable us to host this successful event each year. Along with good weather, By Rosemary Spitler we had the right ingredients for a fun event. They were: GOOD FOOD - Boar's Head Meat Co. and LeGrand's Market donated and served 600 gourmet hot dogs. Forty dozen donuts from St. Louis Hills Donut Shop and forty-two pounds of DAD's Cookies were provided by the SLHNA. Approximately 2200 cups of hot chocolate, coffee and punch were provided by the SLHNA and prepared and served by LeGrand's Market staff. NESTLE USA and Mr. Dave Wiethop, a St. Louis Hills' resident, donated 1250 delicious candy bars and 72 pounds of hot chocolate mix. GOOD MUSIC - St. Louis Hills’ resident, Jeremy Roeder, donated his D.J. services and provided great Christmas music. The St. Raphael Church Choir entertained us with beautiful Christmas carols. GOOD FUN - The appearance of FREDBIRD was generously provided by the St. Louis Cardinals. Thanks to escort, Tom Magnan, for keeping FREDBIRD's zany antics under some control. (Thanks to Mitch Hanneken for arranging FREDBIRD's visit.) Santa and Mrs. Claus visited us thanks to Ted Gierse and Jeanne Magnan. Special thanks to Finale Costumes for donating the Mrs. Claus outfit. The new Cat In The Hat Booth was funded by the SLHNA and found homes for 25 stuffed Cats In The Hat and 300 small stuffed fish and dogs. GREAT RIDES - St. Louis Carriage Co. provided horse-drawn carriage rides funded by the SLHNA. BEAUTIFUL TREE - Thanks to Mr. Tom Gilmore and Gilmore Electric Co. for installing the tree lights. Mother Nature provided many weather challenges. That coupled with problems with the lights forced them to decorate and take down the lights three times. Thanks to Gilmore Electric's Al Cody for his patience and diligence in decorating the tree in cold and windy conditions. GREAT PEOPLE - Thankfully, many volunteers helped with the refreshments, carriage rides, booths, setup and clean up. All the residents, friends and families who attended the event are the main reason it's such a special evening. Mark your calendars for this year’s tree lighting on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, November 28, 2004, 7:00p.m. See you there! IF YOU ARE NOT A MEMBER OF THE ST. LOUIS HILLS NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION, PLEASE JOIN. IT IS YOUR DUES THAT ENABLE US TO FUND WONDERFUL EVENTS SUCH AS THIS.

PARK CLEAN UP DAY – Saturday, May 15 Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 15, for the first 2004 Francis and Willmore parks clean up and spring planting day. Meet at either Tamm & Nottingham (Francis) or Hampton & Jamieson (Willmore) at 8:30 a.m. with gloves and garden tools. If you don't have tools, we'll provide them. We'll need lots of volunteers for a successful flower planting and park clean up, so plan to spend that Saturday morning with us.

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HOLIDAY PARTY FOLLOW UP – Janice Starbuck Two-hundred-and-seventeen St. Louis Hills’ residents and friends gathered at the annual Holiday Party for an evening of wine, dinner, music and dancing. The blocks that reserved their tables in advance seemed to have a particularly great time. (Sorry, folks, no incriminating photos to share.) Hopefully next year more blocks will take this opportunity to gather together to celebrate the holiday season. A huge thanks goes out to the many volunteers that helped out with the setup, decorating and clean up jobs. Also, I would like to thank the 31 people that took the time to fill out and return the surveys we left on the tables. We achieved a 50% return rate, which is phenomenal! Be assured that your comments and suggestions are being carefully considered in our planning of next year’s party. Pictured here: Santa raffle winner, Carol Wilson, with Santa, himself! Lots of thanks for Ted Gierse for using his connections to bring Santa to our party. HOLIDAY LIGHTING CONTEST WINNERS – Sam Fanara Congratulations to the 6500 block of Murdoch, two-time winners of the St. Louis Hills Block Lighting award. Once again, the block was a knock out. Congratulations to all who participated! The following is a list of the individual holiday lighting award winners. Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Behan 4925 McCausland Ave.

Joseph & Elizabeth Evola 4924 Tamm Ave.

Nicholas & Patricia Funk 5405 Donovan Ave.

Gregory & Victoria Hammel 6419 Devonshire Ave.

Vincent & Aimee Imo 60 Willmore Rd.

Ed & Carla Kaiser 6373 Murdoch Ave.

Mary Ann & Steve Malle 5866 Loran Ave.

Charles & Denise Marnati 6225 Helm Drive

Larry & Donna McEvoy 5809 Delor St.

Cathy & Jim Panopoulos 6409 Bishops Place

Jim & Krissy Ryan 6235 Itaska St.

Paul & Joanie Sharkey 6275 Kinsey Place

Gary & Cheryl Steffens 62 Willmore Rd.

Kenny & Julie Sturma 6416 Winona Ave.

Jim & Amma Wurm 6776 Eichelberger St.


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TREE PROGRAM SIGN UP TIME Now is the time to submit your request for a “curb tree.” Street Trees are available for planting in the area between the sidewalk and the curb. These trees will be planted by the City at NO COST to the individual property owner. If you would like to have a tree, please fill out the form below and return it to me as quickly as possible. I will turn it over to the Forestry Division with the request that they plant the tree. The Forestry Division will check to see if the space available for the planting is adequate to accommodate a tree. These trees will be planted either in the fall or early spring. Trees do a great deal to make our neighborhoods more beautiful, more valuable and help our environment. Please help us accomplish this by giving a tree a good home.

___________________________________________________________ MAIL TO:

Alderman Donna M.C. Baringer Board of Aldermen City Hall - Room 230 1200 Market Street St. Louis, MO 63103-2873

____ I WISH TO REQUEST A TREE. NAME:___________________________________________________ TELEPHONE NUMBER __________________ ADDRESS:_____________________________________________________________________ZIP CODE:_________ (Where tree is to be planted)

The Block Captain Program continued from page 1 • • • • •

Representation from each block at the Block Captain meetings is vital to the program for newsletter and information distribution. Therefore, if a block is not represented for two consecutive meetings, the Block Captain will be excused from the program. Perfect attendance by a Block Captain for the 2004 meetings, February 16th, May 17th, August 16th, and November 15, qualifies you for a raffle of 10 individual passes to the St. Louis Hills Neighborhood Association Holiday Party. Newsletters will normally be distributed after Block Captain Meetings. (1 hour max.) If a block is not represented at the meeting, Block Captains should contact their Zone Captain to receive their newsletters. Newsletters are to be distributed to individuals on each block within 48 hours of Block Captain Meetings listed above.

Please notify the Zone Captain or Bob & Kelly Klasek if you do not receive your newsletter on time. Thanks to all of the dedicated volunteers of the St. Louis Hills Neighborhood Association.

Hills Street News



1. Trash pick-up will begin at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday April 24th. Please have all large items at your bulk pick-up site by 10:00 a.m. Different trucks will pick up different items throughout the day. Car batteries, used motor oil, large appliances and tires will be recycled, please separate from household items such as furniture, mattresses, etc. Branches more than two inches in diameter must be bundled in lengths no longer than 3-4 feet and placed with bulk items for collection. Do not call about slow pick-ups until 3 p.m. Then call the hotline at 772-4646.

2. Placement of items: Place all small items in trash dumpster. Be careful not to overload the dumpster. If you do not have an alley, please place all small items in your rollout cart. If you have a through alley, place large items, such as appliances and furniture directly behind your home at the alley line. (This is your regular bulk pick-up site.) If you have dumpsters directly behind your house, make sure your bulk items are at least four feet away from the dumpster. NO LARGE ITEMS SHOULD BE PLACED NEXT TO OR BEHIND THE DUMPSTERS. If you do not have an alley, place large items in front of your home at the curb. (THIS IS YOU REGULAR BULK PICK-UP SITE.) NO LARGE ITEMS SHOULD BE PLACED NEXT TO OR BEHIND THE DUMPSTERS. TRASH TRUCKS WILL NOT BE ABLE TO EMPTY TRASH RECEPTACLES IF THERE IS ANY MATERIAL PLACED WITHIN FOUR FEET OF ANY DUMPSTER OR ROLL-OUT CART. DO NOT BLOCK STREETS, ALLEYS OR SIDEWALKS WITH BULK ITEMS. ITEMS PLACED ON PRIVATE PROPERTY WILL NOT BE PICKED UP. ALL DEBRIS MUST BE BAGGED AND PUT INTO TRASH RECEPTACLES. THE TRUCKS WILL NOT PICK UP LOOSE DEBRIS.

St. Gabriel’s Announces Change in School Admissions Policy In a letter to St. Gabriel’s parish, Rev. Charles Burgoon indicates that the Parish Board of Education has amended the admissions policy such that St. Gabriel’s is now able to accept students who live inside the parish boundaries who are not Catholic, and Catholic students that live outside of the parish, if their parish does not have a school of its own. However, non-Catholic students will be limited to 5% of the total student body and incur “an additional charge to attend, in addition to the tuition.” In the same letter, Rev. Burgoon requests that each Catholic Household in the parish fill out a registration form and a Time and Talent Survey to aid in parish and school planning.

Hills Street News

From the President - By Wayne Myrick, President SLHNA Have you ever had a car broken into or stolen? I’ve experienced this on three occasions but none of the incidents occurred while I was living in the City. It’s an experience that stirs feelings of anger as someone has violated you and your right of property ownership. The anger gives way to the frustration and aggravation of waiting for your damaged vehicle to be recovered, cleaned and repaired. Sometimes the car is never found and your insurance company will pay you the actual cash value of it less your deductible. Regardless of the outcome, dealing with automobile theft is not a pleasant experience. I’ll never forget my state of disbelief in 1989 when someone had the nerve to pluck my new, flash red convertible right out of a parking lot in broad daylight. They stripped it for parts and barbequed it in the County. For a 22 year old right out of college, that was some kind of welcome to the real world. So what does this have to do with St. Louis Hills? It appears that our area has recently been identified as a great place for a free ride as vehicular theft has increased by 79% over the last 12 months. The prevention of auto thefts has become a priority for the St. Louis Police Department as they have dedicated more time and manpower to reduce this citywide problem. Our officers will be successful in curbing auto theft but only if we help them in some very simple ways: Report suspicious activity around your homes and vehicles by calling 911. Lock your car and do not leave any possessions, regardless of value, in a spot visible from the car’s exterior. Do not start your car in the morning and run inside for a minute to let it warm up. You may be surprised when you return to where the car had been parked. Do park your car in your garage. I realize this may be difficult for many of us but what a great time to prepare to spring clean some of that invaluable “stuff” out of your garage and at least park one car in there. Protect your vehicle with an anti-theft device. Your choices range from using a club type device or an alarm system. The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, with the assistance of the 2nd District Police Business Association, will be offering The Club at the deeply discounted price of $10 to residents of the 16th Ward. Please see Alderman Baringer’s article about how to place your order which will be distributed at the March 4 St. Louis Hills General Membership Meeting. It is well known that most car thieves will pass right by a car that hinders their ability to easily access the vehicle. After my SUV was stolen in 1994, I started using a club device and have now made it 10 years without incident. Hopefully, you will learn a little more quickly than I did and invest a small amount of money in The Club to protect one of your most valuable assets.


Hills Street News


A Word From the 16th Ward Alderman, Donna Baringer

Calendar of Events Compiled by Carol Pariani

February 25



Ascension Lutheran will have Lenten Services every Wednesday morning at 11a.m. followed by lunch at Noon and evening services at 7 p.m. preceded by dinner at 6:00 p.m. Thru Easter. Call 8325600 for info. Hope United Church of Christ has Ash Wednesday Services @ 10:30 a.m & 7:30 p.m. St. Gabriel’s Fish Fry – every Friday through Good Friday, 4 – 7 p.m.

March 4 6

13 13

SLHNA General Meeting – Word of Life Gym, 7 p.m. Speaker: Police Chief Mokwa Bishop DuBourg annual dinner/auction "Moments to Remember." Doors open at 5 p.m. and Dinner is served at 6:15 p.m. Hope United Church of Christ Trivia Night. Starts at 7 p.m. 353-2288 for more info. St. Gabriel's Annual Dinner Auction at Orlando Gardens. Doors open at 5 p.m. $40 per person. Call Lisa @ 351-6653 for info.

April 4

10 11 24

Hope United Church of Christ Sader Dinner at 4 p.m. on Palm Sunday. Call 353-2288 for details. Easter Egg Hunt – Francis Park near playground, 11a.m. Easter breakfast @ Ascension Lutheran at 7 a.m. Call 832-5600 for more info. Hope United Church of Christ hosts a Mother-Daughter afternoon tea. Call 353-2288 for time and place.

As many of you know, Second District Captain Greg Wurm and myself have been working on a Car Club Program for the St. Louis Hills neighborhood. It is unfortunate that the crime statistics show that St. Louis Hills experienced one of the largest increases in auto theft. Because of this, it’s very important that the thief’s car of choice be equipped with clubs on the steering wheels. Those areas of the City that once had the higher car theft statistics are now seeing a significant decrease because of the steering wheel club. We have been made aware of who is stealing the cars: juveniles averaging from 13 to 15 years of age. They are stealing cars simply to joyride because it is so easy. If we make the cars less accessible for stealing, they will move on. If you own a Chrysler or older GM model car, you will reduce the chances of your car being stolen by putting a club on the steering wheel. But there has also been a rise in other makes of cars as well, so car clubs are encouraged for all makes and models. The Second District Police Business Association and Steve Thrower of Allstate have stepped forward to help underwrite the cost of this Car Club Program. To encourage more people to use the clubs, they are being offered at a discounted rate. The discounted rate for the car model is $10; the larger model for a truck or SUV is $18. Make your check out to: 2nd District Police Business Association Mail your check to: Wayne Myrick, President St. Louis Hills Neighborhood Association Car Club Program P.O. Box 190314 St. Louis, MO 63119 Preorders must be received no later than February 27th. The preordered car clubs will be distributed at 6:30PM before the SLHNA general meeting on Thursday, March 4th. A limited amount of clubs will be available for sale at this meeting for those who haven’t preordered.

May 10

St. Raphael's annual School Picnic. Parade starts @ 10 a.m. with picnic starting at 11a.m. until 9:30 p.m. or so.

Hills Street News is a quarterly publication of the St. Louis Hills Neighborhood Association's Block Captain Program. P.O. Box 190314, St. Louis, MO 63119-6314 The Block Captain Committee: Terry Arthur, Ben Birch, Victor Cowell, Bee Danback, Judith Doss, Dave Ehnes, Sam Fanara, Dan & Patty Faust, Kathy Fernandez, Ray Goedeker, Anne Hacker, Morty Jones, Donna McEvoy, Lynn Muench, Bill Olson, Steve Pariani, Herb Wuertz Hill Street News Editor: Janice Starbuck (

FEB 2004 SLHNA Newsletter  

FEB 2004 SLHNA Newsletter

FEB 2004 SLHNA Newsletter  

FEB 2004 SLHNA Newsletter