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(M2) April 2005


premium insulated façades for long term protection and performance

Over the last 20 to 30 years both tenant expectations and statutory requirements have accelerated sharply, which has left many structurally sound social housing developments seriously deficient. Depressing external appearance and substandard thermal insulation combine to the detriment of overall tenant wellbeing, as well as generating high running costs for the housing provider.

transforming housing stock with assured comfort for tenants M.R. External Wall Insulation Systems

can be a ‘one stop’ solution to these challenges, providing at the same time: ■

Reducing heating bills

A high performance insulation around the existing building

Alumasc M.R. external wall insulation systems are:

envelope, dramatically reducing both heating costs and

carbon dioxide emissions ■

Long lasting weather protection and visual enhancement from a wide choice of render finishes


M.R. External wall insulation systems from Alumasc have

Complete façade systems comprising a decorative watertight

been used across many different housing stock types and it

finish and a choice of insulation materials

is proven that heat loss through walls is significantly

Available with a wide choice of facing materials for both restoration and remodelling of building façades

reduced. A typical saving of approximately 25% on a dwelling's fuel bill can be expected.


cost effective solutions for all variet ies of housing stock Housing stock in need of façade remodelling and thermal upgrading can call for widely differing design approaches, depending on method of construction, location, and the general character of the development.

Key Product and System features: ■

BBA certified with proven life expectancy in excess of 30 years

The only External Wall Insulation System to be approved by BRE for use without fire barriers

Differing requirements for thermal upgrade ■

The level of thermal upgrade required will vary

Differing approaches to visual enhancement ■

(subject to insulation specification) ■

Highly resistant impact damage

Requires minimal routine maintenance and damage sustained by accident or vandalism is easily rectified

Some buildings and locations may call for a sensitive,

Allows the fabric of the building to act as a heat-

from project to project, and in addition, solid

restoration orientated design approach whilst others

masonry structures can provide for continuous fixing,

may require a choice of materials to help soften a harsh and

store, increasing thermal efficiency, whilst preventing

whereas concrete frame or panel construction

forbidding façade, perhaps combined with bright, vibrant

cold bridging, condensation and mould growth

generally needs a support system for the external

colours to lighten a drab environment.

Stabilises the structural fabric, limiting movement due to thermal shock

wall insulation. ■

Contributes to sound reduction

The Alumasc M.R. range of External Wall Insulation Systems, extensively proven in use over many years on all types of housing development, reconciles these requirements through three key areas of choice:


Choice of fixing methods

Choice of insulation

Choice of render finishes


wide ranging specification options A Choice of Fixing Methods

A Choice of Insulation Materials

A Choice of Render Finishes from the M.R. Polymer

A choice of fixing methods caters for both solid masonry and

A choice of insulation materials enables specifiers to

Cement and Lightweight ranges

frame construction, including the many concrete and steel frame

balance economy and performance to suit project

system-built structures used in social housing over the last


30 - 40 years, such as BISF, Cornish and Airey Duo-Slab. Insulation

general purpose use;

is secured direct to solid masonry structures, by mechanical fixing and/or adhesive. On framed structures and building systems

Expanded polystyrene for economy and

Phenolic for maximum thermal performance with

gives unrivalled freedom in architectural treatment to suit restoration or remodelling, depending on project requirements.

it is generally supported on horizontal steel rails, but the cork

minimum thickness of material, to give minimum

insulation option, which takes the form of interlocking sandwich

projection from the existing wall;

M.R. Polymer Cement Renders

Mineral wool for use where a non-combustible

From the M.R. Polymer Cement range there is extensive choice

façade is required.

of plain finishes, dashed renders and simulated brickwork.

panels with a sheet facing each side, will usually span between

available supports, avoiding the need for steel rails. ■

Natural cork is the optimum ecological choice for sustainability and recyclability, and with special acoustic properties. Also rot proof and self extinguishing.

Fig. 1: Application to solid masonry



M.R. Swisslab

Fig. 2: Application to framed structures and building systems



M.R. Swisspan

Fig. 3: Application to framed structures using natural cork for insulation

M.R. Lightweight Renders The M.R. Silicone and Mineral ranges are available in scraped and grooved textures and in a wide range of colours from the Alumasc Colour System.

400 co-ordinated colour shades 16 basic colour shades each with 25 lighter or darker shades.



total support from Alumasc Alumasc provides a fully comprehensive and seamless

Project monitoring

package of advice and hands on management backup,

Regular visits to site to provide technical support

extending through site installation to warranties and

Conduct a final inspection of the work to ensure warranty compliance

maintenance schedules. Implementation is led by the Alumasc Façade Manager appointed to the project.

Ensure that appropriate recommendations are made for a maintenance regime to fulfil clients needs and the requirements of the warranty commitment is realised

Technical support

National network of M.R. Façade specialist installers

Thermal calculations

Wind loading calculations

Detailed written specification (to NBS format if required)

Project specific CAD working drawings

Project specific CAD working drawings

Compliance with project specifications

Material safety data sheets

Compliance with project programmes

General compliance with good working practice on site

At the inception of a refurbishment project a fully detailed

Alumasc provide a network of carefully selected installation specialists, all of whom have received instruction in the installation techniques for M.R. Façade systems and whose project performance is rigorously monitored in terms of:

Alumasc partnering Alumasc’s long-standing service ethic is the ideal platform from which to develop partnering arrangements, providing

project report will be prepared, to include: ■

total peace of mind to the client during a long term contract.

Evaluation of the general condition, based on visual field

Consistency of performance is ensured in terms of product

investigations, pull-out tests and condensation analysis

and service.

Budget costs via approved contractors

Alumasc M.R. Façade warranties Alumasc offers a

Alumasc can also arrange

comprehensive choice of

third party insurance backing

warranties covering both

giving up to 20 years cover

product and installation to

subject to independent final

suit the specified design life

inspection, documented

of the installed product.

compliance with an agreed

Alumasc backed warranties

maintenance schedule and

are available for 10, 15 or 20

pre-payment of the relevant

years supported by public and


product liability insurances with a total indemnity limit of £50 million on an annually

Alumasc quality assurance Alumasc Exterior Building Products Ltd has a quality assurance management system which complies with BS EN ISO 9001: 2000 and has also implemented an environmental management system.

Lifecycle support Where specifically required by the client, the Alumasc Façade Manager will liaise with the approved contractor for the project to ensure that: ■

Agreed maintenance checks are carried out to schedule and to specification

renewable basis. ■

A response time of 48 hours for emergency repairs is adhered to where possible



M.R. premium façade systems from Alumasc Alumasc has an impressive track record in providing many external

façade systems and solutions for social housing stock throughout the

UK, from two storey houses to multi-storey high rise. In refurbishment, Alumasc has transformed poor housing conditions into warm, dry,

Premium solutions for the housing provider

energy efficient housing with total weatherproof protection and

A premium quality product, supported by comprehensive insurance backed guarantees, provides long term peace of mind

improved aesthetics.

For the tenant Alumasc credentials All Alumasc Façade Systems are extensively endorsed to ensure

Project listing:

Minimal disruption whilst contract is in progress and leaves room sizes unaffected

Glasgow Housing Association


B.I.S.F Homes


Plymouth Grove PFI


Render and Cladding Association which promotes good practice

Wimpy No fines


in design, manufacture and installation.

Haley Court Multi-storey


Trusteel 3M Homes

Ashfield Homes

Assheton House Multi-storey


Unity Houses

Gateshead MBC

solution, and in the hands of the network of fully trained installers, fault free installation to tight programme

Wimpey No Fines

Chantry Housing

requirements is ensured

Hawthorn Leslie Houses

Gateshead MBC

Airey Duo Slab

Gateshead MBC

Wates Houses

Ashfield Homes

peace of mind and confidence in performance. This includes BBA certification and membership of INCA, the Insulated











For the designer and specifier ■

Attractive façades can be restored, whilst unattractive façades can be transformed - bringing the building up to date in both thermal performance and aesthetics in a single contract

For the procurement agency/contractor ■

The combination of logistical benefits makes M.R. External Wall Insulation the most cost effective refurbishment

proven by track record

Wates Houses ■ Wimpy No Fines ■ Airey Duo Slab ■ B.I.S.F. ■ Unity ■ Reema ■ Tarran Houses ■ Orlit ■ Wates Houses ■ Wimpy No Fines ■ Airey Duo Slab ■ B.I.S.F. ■ Unity ■ Reema ■ Tarran Houses ■ Orlit ■ Wates House 10


premium products • proven solutions



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