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the specialist integrated marcomms company

Successful marketing is 90% science and 10%…what, exactly? Art? Maybe. Inspiration? Perhaps. Creativity? Certainly.

When really skilled practitioners in the art of creativity get to work, however, there’s only one word for it: Magic. What happens when creative wizardry and sound business strategy come together? In our case, it’s clients in the construction sector who feel the benefit. First, from our deep industry knowledge and years of experience. And second from that indefinable something that transforms mere marketing communications into a campaign that works its spell on sales, awareness and ROI. You can see it at work in the following case studies. Each one with a single ‘eureka’ moment of creativity that makes all the difference. When you’ve taken a look, why not give us a call and see if we can do the same for you?

the specialist integrated marcomms company


Polypipe Water Management Solutions are a leading provider of Sustainable Drainage Systems (Suds) for surface water management to the building industry. SLG developed this web-based solution that allows specifiers to identify, select and design the optimum waste management solution for their project using a suite of specialised online tools.

Water Management Solutions Project Online specification tool development Tools Website design and build EDM

Project BSEC Exhibition 2009 Tools Exhibition stand design

At a show the size of BSEC, standing out is a tall order. Our stand designs for architects Race Cottam successfully harnessed creativity, light effects and a larger than life giveaway pencil to raise the company’s profile and perceived market position among the thousands of delegates who attended.

CORUS COLOURS Project Colorcoat HPS200 launch Tools Press advertising Direct mail Literature EDM

The introduction of Corus Colorcoat HPS200 cladding took the specifier’s choice of colours into the hundreds. We examined that notion of evolution and multiplication and created this spectacular DNA style double helix for a dramatic and effective trade press campaign.

Old fashioned copper piping is slow, awkward to handle and a magnet for thieves. We brought those disadvantages to life by creating these ‘copper characters’ for a trade press advertising campaign extolling the virtues of the quick, easy, economical Polypipe Systems.

TERRAIN Project Challenging Traditions Tools 3D illustration Press advertising EDM

For Multibuild’s 25th anniversary, we created this attention grabbing DM campaign around two of the most memorable icons of the early eighties. The Rubik’s cube and the Audi Quattro. Mailed to a carefully targeted audience of just over 100, it emphasised the longevity and timelessness of a trusted brand, as well as underlining how far the company had come in the intervening years.

Project Where were we in ‘83 Tools Direct mail

Sometimes, less is more. TriAxTM is a geogrid for stabilising newly laid sub-surfaces with a triangular, rather than a four cornered, mesh. That means it’s stronger and less susceptible to shear. Which in turn can mean using up to 50% less aggregate. When a product benefit is this strong, the best thing you can do is simply show it at work‌

TENSAR INTERNATIONAL Project TriAx™ Launch 360°/0°








Minimum Tensar biaxial geogrid stiffness Minimum Tensar TriAx geogrid stiffness Tensar biaxial geogrid stiffness Tensar TriAx geogrid stiffness

Tools 3D illustration Direct mail EDM Literature design Advertising

VISTA ENGINEERING Project Merchant literature Tools 3D illustration Literature design

It was Arthur C. Clarke who said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is virtually indistinguishable from magic.” That’s certainly true for Vista, in whose product catalogues the computer-generated images of wall ties and other building products are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. By creating 3D illustrations we were able to help Vista compete with and even outperform, much bigger rivals on a much smaller budget.

“If the case studies in this brochure prove anything, it’s that experience, knowledge and strategy are where successful marketing campaigns start life. But it’s inspiration, insight and creativity that actually breathe life into them. We can show you many more examples of how that combination of business brains and creative magic have had a real, long term effect on our clients’ business. Or, we can show you how it can do the same for yours. If you’d like to talk, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.” Mark Gill Managing Director

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It takes a touch of magic...  
It takes a touch of magic...  

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