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(Lyrics to Fergie- Big Girls Don’t Cry) The smell of your skin lingers on me now You’re probably on your flight back to your home townI need some shelter of my own protection babyTo be with myself and centerClarity peace, serenity

(To be with my self and center) I took this picture from a downward angle in order to show that the girl was on the floor. I wanted the viewer to understand that she was down on her luck and in desperate need to get thing in order in her life.

(I need some shelter of my own protection baby) This shows the girl trying to hide and protect herself from the outer world. The cover over the head symbolizes what the average kid would do, when scared or troubled in some way. The reason that the shot is crooked is because I wanted to make it seem as if her life was spinning out of control. The last thing that matters in the picture is the messy room. It shows that she is in a state that she doesn’t care.

(You’re probably on your flight back to your home town) The lyrics speak for themselves in this picture. Over his shoulder is a backpack and duffle bag, and he is heading out the door. The door represents the girl’s life that he’s leaving from. The reason its dark everywhere else is because once he steps out of the door there will be no turning back.

(The smell of your skin lingers on me now) This picture simply shoes a girl in dark state. She’s dwelling on her past with her ex-boyfriend, while wearing his old shirt and smelling his scent. If you look to the left of the desk you can see a blade, it makes you think she’s considering abuse in result of the break up.

(Clarity Peace Serenity) This shows her finally being able to close the door to her past relationship. I left her hand there say that it was such a hard thing to do, that she still can’t take her hand on the doorknob. The black and white represents the end of a story.

Wrap Up I guess you could say my visual aesthetics is the typical bad romantic movie. Women crying, man walking out, and sad scenes. I wanted the light to play a big factor in the pictures because it highlighted the main characters’ true feelings. It singlelized the character turning all attention on them.

Big Girls Don't Cry  

A few versus from Fergies' song "Big Girls Don't Cry", and pictures that make a story to them.