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From the editor.. Keep ‘em Guessing… Sita Writer Like the fog rising from heather strewn Scottish moor… the iridescent mist from Aladdin’s lamp…the smoke from the red hot embers of a fire…SL Fierce has awakened from a deep, dark slumber to celebrate this time of year. You could spend years creating a look and air of mystery and intrigue… this issue of SL Fierce will make that easy for you. Our images run the gamut from exotic to macabre with everything between. We are from anywhere and from everywhere and not easily forgotten. Practicing a inscrutable looks --- thrilling…. Chilling and the classic “you think you know me look… we will keep you tantalized – guessing and ready to be oh so Fierce.

In Memoriam

Styles by Danielle - Dani Plassitz Sita Writer

“For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one.” Khalil Gibran When SL Fierce first started to publish, we ran a contest supported by Dani Plassitz, CEO and designer of Styles by Danielle, an iconic fashion house in SL. Many of her designs have graced our pages and have made us all feel elegant when wearing one of her lavish gowns. Dani loved elegance and was nominated for many years as an Avi Choice Designer for formal apparel for women. Two days before her death, the final gown she designed was for a MVW contestant representing the U.K. It is a lavish green and gold silk brocade mermaid styled gown with a hint of lavender at the hemline. It has elegant golden lace sleeves, hip lace punctuated by a lavender bow, gold flowers and a lovely tiara with roses that added to the elegance of this look. Dani toiled with the details late into the night even though she was not feeling well. She was committed to making this gown perfect for the MVW contestant (this is not an endorsement for the contestant, it is what happened). Dani had a discerning eye for color and detail and was committed to the SL world of fashion as she was connected to this industry in RL. Dani was uniquely blessed, she was not “only” a designer, she also sang like an angel and was nominated as an Avi Choice award for her Live Performances. Dani’s live performances were fun, she was fun and truly enjoyed interacting with her audience… she sang everything from Doris Day to Evanescence; she would even take requests from her fans! She had a soft sweet voice and hit the high notes with ease. She was often compared to Amy Grant and Carole King with a little Faith Hill mixed in. Fans dubbed Dani as the Kate Bush of SL; especially after she performed “Wuthering Heights”. Dani had been complaining that she wasn’t feeling well on Monday, Dec. 12 -- and after some persuasion, her RL husband took her to the Hospital. Dani Plassitz passed away suddenly on 13 Dec 2017 when she collapsed in her RL husband arms after returning from the hospital. Her sudden death was because of her very low hemoglobin iron count. Dani’s death was unexpected and tragic, she was only 45. SL Fierce sincerely thanks and hugs Dani for her contributions to the SL world of fashion, music and friendship…from around the world -- we will cherish her memory, always. I believe she now sings with the angels... Music: Video:

The Dreams of Shantal Gravois The Face of Vero Modero –2017 Sita Writer

S hantal Gravois is a well -respected model that is known for her sense of beauty and style as well as for her eye for detail. “Beauty is the thing that lives within you, and pleases others.

SL is the perfect world to understand beauty. We are all aesthetically beautiful ... and even then, that inner energy is perceived. ”Shantal discovered SL from a seminar she took at her RL place of work. “We were discussing new ways to market and advertise. One of the participants in the seminar talked about SL; noting “It’s dangerous and addictive”! At that very moment, I knew that I had to check it out. And yes, it can be addictive, dangerous, maybe ... I think it all depends on each person” In SL, Shantal realized that she could try things that she couldn’t do in RL. She thinks that this is part of the allure and charm of SL. “I tried a little of everything in SL and discovered that “playing a model” is fascinating, challenging and creative.” SL got Shantal’s creative juices flowing and because of her exquisite eye for style, it is no surprise that she has just been awarded the highly prestigious title of the Face of Vero Modero 2017. “I decided to enter the Vero Modero contest for two reasons – the first was that I wanted to get back on the runway. I was away for a while and wanted to feel that mixture of “Nerves and Lag” grrrr ! The second reason was because I have been a fan of Bouquet’s designs for a long time. She designed my 2012 MVW evening dress when I had the honor to represent my country, Nicaragua. When I saw the contest announcement for the Face of Vero Modero, I immediately thought: “It’s an opportunity to return to the SL world of fashion and modeling. “Shantal worked hard to find just the right look for the contest. “You try and try and change and change until you get that look that makes you feel “the hunch”. Most importantly, I decided to have fun... enjoy the experience and even enjoy the lag, and the crashes ... lol!” Shantal’s win was a wonderful learning experience and of course, it was a great to be back in the world of SL modeling. “Of course it’s beautiful to win! It is nice to receive congratulations, it is beautiful the admiration of some people’s very fulfilling. However, the fun, the experience, the exchange of experiences, the opportunity to meet and interact with other people ... that is the main prize! And all the participants won the title.” As for advice to those aspiring to be the Face of Vero Modero 2018, Shantal’s is spot on. “Make sure to have fun ... and always be responsible! Although SL is a “game”, if you make a commitment, it’s a REAL commitment. The results are directly proportional to the work that one invests in it, so always do the right thing and work hard!” Like many of us, Shantal wants to give back to SL. “We all enter this imaginary world, wanting to add happiness to our lives. I would like to be able to contribute a little bit of joy, sincere friendship and support, to the people with whom I interact. I am a simple person with dreams, with illusions, with flaws and virtues wanting to “living la vida loca” in second life haha ... It’s not true ... it’s not a crazy life, I just try to make it different, fulfill and fun. For me, there is nothing more powerful than the power to imagine. That creative energy is positive for everyone’s real life.So dreamers of dreams ... let’s keep dreaming!”

SPEAK NO EVIL Cyberbullying is a relatively new phenomenon. Kids have been bullying other kids for generations. However, with the introduction of technology to expand their horizons, the latest generation have been able to bully others through the use of these technologies. Cyberbullying itself is defined as the “willful and repeated harm inflicted through the use of computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices.” And, unfortunately those of us in Second Life are not immune. With the rise of anonymous blogs and other forums where one can make comments under protection of anonymity, it seems that bullying has become more and more prevalent. These comments are defaming, hurtful and have ruined reputations, businesses and forced some to leave SL entirely. In a platform where we have the opportunity to learn about other cultures and the tolerance that goes along with it, this type of behavior should not be allowed to happen, but it does. We as a fashion community in Second Life have decided it’s time to raise awareness of this issue and let those who are committing the bullying know that we see what they are doing, and will no longer stand and let them have the upper hand. So Models Giving Back has decided to start the “Speak No Evil” initiative. This initiative is a collaborative effort of several modeling agencies here in Second Life and will run the month of February, the month of Love. We ask that all members of the SL Fashion community join us as we take a stand against cyberbullying. This month long event will have two parts to it: *A Shopping Event with 100% of the sales going to The Cybersmile Foundation to fight cyberbullying of adults. *A month long photo campaign where those who wish can create their own photo and post it to their blogs, our flickr page, and other social media sites. We will ask that all who participate make it their profile photo inworld as well as on their social media sites for the month of February. More details will be released soon on our website. This event is sponsored by Models Giving Back in conjunction with BOSL, AIM, L’Amour Diversity, ModeLS Magazine, Models Workshop, Versus Magazine, SL Fierce Magazine and more. For questions, please NC Jamee Sandalwood inworld or IM on Facebook. Event Website: