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table of contents About Vitamin Zzz & Call for Submissions for 2018     6 CLINICAL: An Introduction by Tamara Sellman     7 "Insomniac"     8 

"I'm in Love With a Tooth Grinder"   15

"Go to Sleep"    9

"At Bay"   16

"Taste of Sleep"   10

"An A"   16

"Insomniac Roommate"    10

"Arms of Night"    17

"Eating Glass"    12

"German Murphy"    18

"Sleep"    12

"Idiopathic Narcolepsy"    19

"Nocturne Without a Magician"     13  

"The Three A.M. Wake Up Call"    21

"Palinode: Myoclonus"    14

"lines from an apnea bride"     23

   Sally Zakariya                                                                                           Jennifer                      Perrine                   Elaine Reardon

  Jacalyn Carley

  Eileen Malone

  Jacalyn Carley

   Eileen Malone

   Elya Braden

   Bill McCloud

   Carl "Papa" Palmer

   Bill McCloud      Emily Rose Cole

   Jennifer Perrine

   F.J. Bergmann

   Jocleyn Moore

   Jennifer Hambrick


Vitamin ZZZ [Winter 2018]: "Clinical"  
Vitamin ZZZ [Winter 2018]: "Clinical"  

From narcolepsy to sleep studies, restless legs to sleepwalking, insomnia to jet lag, this collection of poems and personal prose captures j...