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“New generation matress”



A promising year ahead! We have conducted a comprehensive interview with Turkish manufacturers about the current situation of the industry and the future of the industry. We found most of them excited and motivated. Not as good as 1990s Turkey has been doing well although the world has been going through a diverse economic and financial crisis. Progressing on the way to be a world brand in sleep products Turkey has some respectful and recognized names exporting mattresses and other items of the industry. The variety of mattresses is not as developed as America; however, we can mention a wide of supply industry items from fabrics, wires, felts, foams, springs, chemicals to machinery lines. Sleep Well and Sleep Tech magazines are proud of promoting the industry around the world and they have been playing the role of communication between the industry members in Turkey. Raw material suppliers and mattress manufacturers find each other usually through Sleep Well and Sleep Tech magazines. The most impressive and influential platform to bring all related parties together is perhaps Sleep Well Expo held in Istanbul and supported by these two sister publications. The magazines are in Germany this January as has been the case for many years. We will be in Frankfurt first for Heimtextil to give out free copies from our booth at Galleria. The second destination will be Domotex in Hannover and we will end up with IMM held in Cologne. These three shows are always interconnected. The last day of one becomes the opening day of the other in order to make it easy and practical for industry professionals to see all. It is a wise idea of course to relate them in a way to be convenient for visitors. We will be at all as always and as the only magazine group from Turkey. We wish a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015 for all!

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Discover the world of furniture at ISMOB, Istanbul!

No deviation from fiscal discipline and balanced growth


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Intellectual property and its significance

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Turkey’s mattress exports developing fast

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The sleep segment at imm cologne: Hall 9 turns 9 years old


Discover the world of furniture at ISMOB, Istanbul!

ISMOB, the 11th Istanbul Furniture Fair set to showcase latest global furniture trends, finest home furnishings and interior designs, 27 January-01 February 2015. Istanbul Furniture Fair ranking among the top three important fairs in the world is 10 years old. “ISMOB ”, global platform of Turkish furniture industry, to bring manufacturers, designers and buyer groups together in CNR EXPO center between, 27 January -01 February 2015.

ISMOB is going to be held in cooperation with Istanbul Fuarcılık and MOSDER – Association of Turkish Furniture Industrialists. The success Turkish furniture sector that achieved export to more than 200 countries on five continents has got on quality, workmanship and design is shared with the whole world. In the fair, furniture


manufactured through traditional methods are also made debut. Competition of Turkey, a country of furniture manufacturing, with furniture countries that are worldwide brands in the fields of quality, price, technology and design is increasing day by day. According to the data announced by MOSDER, Turkey closed the year 2012 in furniture export with 15% increase as 1.849.467.042 Dollars compared to the previous year. In 2013, 10% increase in export is expected.� Until the year 2023, Turkish furniture industry is aiming to become 5th largest furniture manufacturer in the word with export expectation of 10 billion dollars. ISMOB has some great advantages from many aspects: •Spanning two continents, Istanbul has always been a crossroad for ideas and innovation. It is no surprise that the city has the unique combination of historical and cultural treasures with modern infrastructure, amazing hospitality and quality accommodations.


Over 450 exhibitor suppliers to be hosted on an area of 120,000 square meters will meet with demand for their latest collections. •Located in the landscape known as “Afro-Eurasia”, Turkey serves as a gateway to Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and Pan Euro-Mediterranean region.

and with USD 22 trillion GDP.

•Turkish Export strategy aims to reach 500 billion dollars of exports volume in 2023.

•Designer Contest Ceremony which will help buyers to meet the latest designing features of the furniture industry.

•The central location of Turkey provides an efficient and cost effective outlet to major market, with a 1.5 billion consumer population

•With the 2 billion dollars of export, ISMOB is the global trade platform of the furniture industry

•As visa requirement was eliminated between Turkey and neighboring countries, more businessmen and professionals prefer Turkey for

visiting trade fairs, meeting associates and making investments. ISMOB has perfect timing to meet your purchasing demands with its high quality product portfolio, the diversity of the product ranges and increased number of international exhibitors. With its modern lifestyle and historical architecture, Istanbul offers the perfect atmosphere for the sole furniture fair of Turkey.

No deviation from fiscal discipline and balanced growth 16

Turkey will not deviate from fiscal discipline despite a recovery in its current account deficit, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan in charge of economy said . “Complacency is not an option in the face of declining oil prices. We will maintain the budget discipline, our efforts to improve savings rates and our will for reform like these prices never fell,” Ali Babacan told the Anadolu Agency.

Turkey’s recently announced medium-term program envisages a narrowing current account deficit as a percentage of GDP and increased gross domestic product growth. Despite these turn of events in its favor caused by plummeting crude prices, Babacan reaffirmed Turkey’s commitment to budget discipline, stressing that crude prices are subject to change.

Brent crude oil prices have declined for five months as weaker demand coupled with abundant supply push prices lower. Prices fell to their lowest in five years , hitting $68.54 a barrel. For almost four years crude prices had ranged between $90 and $110 until this summer when they began to slide. Turkey depends on imports for most of its energy needs and has benefitted from lower crude prices. Its 12-month current account deficit dropped by more than a third in September compared to a year earlier to $2.22 billion, the lowest since 2011.

Ali Babacan Turkish Deputy Prime Minister

Babacan said Turkey’s current account deficit and inflation narrow by 0.5 percentage points with every $10 drop in oil prices. “We set our medium-term economic program assuming that the prices will be $102 per barrel. So, if they hit $72, this will yield a current account deficit and an inflation rate 1.5 percentage points lower than the estimations,” he said.

“In combatting current account deficit, our structural reforms in the coming future will be very important. These reforms will reduce our dependence on energy imports and improve the savings rates of our country,” he said. “We need to be cautious and never loosen our will for reform.” Babacan also weighed in on a planned free trade deal between the U.S. and the European Union. “Exclusion of Turkey from such a huge trading structure is something unimaginable. We will put


in every kind of effort to be a part of it,” he said referring to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership agreement currently being negotiated between the U.S. and the 28-member EU. He said there are deliberations on several options to ensure Turkey’s inclusion in the deal. Turkey is not an EU member but in a Customs Union since 1995. “One of these options is to establish a separate free trade agreement between the U.S. and Turkey,” he said. “Another option is the addition of Turkey to the 28-member European block as a 29th party.” One of the first countries to seek close cooperation with the

European Economic Community, Turkey began full accession talks with the EU in 2005. The EU and Turkey established a Customs Union in 1995, which is considered a stepping stone toward becoming a full EU member. The customs agreement removed some of the trade restrictions between Turkey and EU members. The accession negotiations entered into a stalemate in 2007 because of the Cyprus issue and the opposition of the German and French governments. Since 1974, the Cyprus island has been divided into a Greek south and Turkish noth zones. Turkey’s European Union ambitions are entwined in a solution

to the dispute over the future of island. Babacan said Norway and Switzerland, which are not EU members, should also be included in the Transatlantic deal. Turkish officials argue that future Free Trade Agreements signed by the EU with other countries, such as the U.S., would effectively open Turkey’s market to exports from these states because Ankara is a signatory to the Customs Union agreement. But, at the same time, it would also effectively block Turkish exports from benefiting from tax advantages in those same states, should Ankara not be a party to the free trade deals negotiated by the EU.

Kustuyu Furniture


produces quality beds Have been producing economical mattresses for ten years, Aksoy family started to produce quality beds in their company they formed two years ago. General manager of Kustuyu Furniture company, Mahmut Aksoy said they think about everything to make their customers satisfied. He informed about products and their activities.

On production policy of the company

Mahmut Aksoy, General Manager of KuĹ&#x;tĂźyĂź Yatak

Our company has been progressing fast on the way to customer satisfaction, quality production and technological development since its establishment in 2012. Having a factory in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone, we produce

under the principles of quality control and quality management in our modern facility. Presently, we produce 100 mattresses and 100 bases daily. We consider every possibility to produce more comfort for our customers.

On characteristics of products We improved our product quality. Earlier we produce more economical kind of mattresses. We have several types and models of beds. We use bonnel springs and visco technologies in our products. They have air capsules for better ventilation that prevents perspiration and pressure is dispersed evenly thanks to the hard felt used in the manufacturing.


Human spine should be supported in the best way for better sleep and for health of the body. In products that were made of hercules springs, side supports are at the highest level and they are covered with 100 percent cotton fabrics. In ametist kind of beds, knitted fabrics are used to produce an

original outlook, and hercules springs are used, as well. They help to get out the stress and problems in the muscles and help them to rejuvenate. Alice named beds are supported on sides that carry the body and the belly in the right way. It is comfortable and keeps its form for years. Fabrics are made of softer

and glossy materials. It is both hard and elastic. It gets the form of the body and provides maximum comfort.

Target: “Quality means Kustuyu� We guide consumers on the way to comfortable sleep. We choose the best materials for them with-


out any compromise on quality. We try to establish a motto, quality means Kustuyu. Quality is delicately produced in the process by using the latex foams, ametist and bamboo materials. We focused on product quality not on the variety.

Not bed but sleep production We think about what mean the quality in bed. What are the requirements? Quality is to be able to deliver the products without any defects. It necessitates a complete team of staff for quality bed production. Otherwise, the meaning of quality is lost. We produce not only mattresses but we offer better sleep experience for our customers.

On export markets Presently we export only to eight countries, due to the limitations of our production capacity, such as Belgium, Holland, England, Italy, Ethiopia, etc. New products are important in exports. We consider new plans and prepare our company for more sales in abroad.

Quality sleep means quality of life 2014 has passed highly active for us and for our competitors. Our expectation for 2015 is to emphasize on quality even more and help customers to sleep well. In our business, quality of life depends on the quality of sleep. For this reason, our first job has to explain the importance of sleep for the buyers. Buyers first have to see the quality in mattresses and then decide on the best. There are numerous markets in the world that we did not reach by now. We are trying to show our products and our quality.


The retail market for home furniture & bedding in US Industry Market Research Report from IBISWorld Updated Bolstered by rising consumer confidence and housing starts, the home furniture and bedding retailing industry is expected to grow over the five years to 2019; additionally, access to credit is expected to rise substantially over the five-year period, boosting the ability of consumers to purchase big-ticket items, such as furniture. For these reasons, industry research firm IBISWorld has updated a report on the The Retail Market for Home Furniture & Bedding industry in its growing industry report collection.

26 New York, NY (PRWEB)

Despite a moderate degree of sales volatility, rebounding consumer confidence and housing starts have spurred purchases for home furniture and bedding retailers in recent years. Industry operators span a diverse range of retail channels, selling bedding, sofas, chairs and other furniture for household use. While the price of the industry’s average product is expected to increase slowly, rising sales volumes have driven revenue growth for industry operators over the five-year period. More specifically, given that all of the industry’s products are ultimately destined for the homes of consumers, the annualized growth anticipated for housing starts from the end of 2009 to 2014 has allowed industry revenue to recover from recessionary lows. More specifically, over the five years to 2014, industry revenue is expected to increase at an annualized rate. According to IBISWorld Industry Analyst Stephen Hoopes, “Con-

trasting the industry’s moderate degree of revenue volatility, the industry’s target markets have remained consistent.” The largest market segment for home furniture and bedding retailers remains consumers aged 35 to 44. These consumers are the top spenders with respect to furniture purchases, largely because the group includes a number of first-time homebuyers. Alternatively, the second-largest market segment for industry operators comprises of consumers aged 55 to 64. While this segment ranks second in terms of furniture spending, they spend significantly more on bedding than any other consumer segment. Perhaps the largest change in the industry’s markets has stemmed from younger consumers. For example, given

climbing student loan debt levels among individuals aged 25 to 34, this consumer segment’s share of market revenue has declined from the end of 2009 to 2014. Over the five years to 2019, industry revenue is forecast to rise at an annualized rate. “Spurred by renewed sales, the industry’s average profit margin is forecast to rise slightly over the period,” says Hoopes. Capital improvements also explain a portion of the industry’s improving profitability, with efficiency gains lowering operating costs to a certain degree. However, home furniture and bedding retailers are anticipated to remain heavily reliant on labor for sales, with wages failing to keep pace with revenue explaining a larger portion of the industry’s forecast improvement in profitability.

Greater access to credit will allow more people to purchase bigticket items, like furniture


Finding a back-friendly mattress: 6 tips” from Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Spine Health Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Spine Health has focused on the type of mattress playing a key role in your health. Excerpts:

The type of mattress you sleep on plays a key role in the health of your spine. But one style does not fit all when it comes to mattresses. Your body weight, shape and personal preference determine whether an innerspring or a foam mattress will be most comfortable for you, says physical therapist Marleen Caldwell, PT, MS, Cred MDT, of Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Spine Health.

Clues that you may need a new mattress include: -Morning pain or stiffness -Restless sleep -Sleeping better when you’re away from home -Visible mattress sagging or lumpiness

Here are 6 tips for settling on the right mattress: 1. Spend at least 15 minutes on a mattress you want to buy. Lie on your sides, your back and your stomach (if you sleep

prone), to make sure the mattress is right for you. It will be a wise investment of time, and your back will thank you for it! 2. Weigh the benefits of foam versus innerspring. Innerspring mattresses support you with coils that exert an equal force opposing the weight placed on them, producing pressure points on the back of the skull, tailbone, shoulder blades and heels. Foam mattresses contour to the entire body, but can make it more difficult to turn and get out of bed.


Sleeping on a rigid surface (top) versus a softer surface (bottom) affects the position of your pelvis and lower spine. 3. Consider your body type. If your hips are wider than your waist, a softer mattress can accommodate the width of your pelvis and allow your spine to remain neutral. If your hips and waist are in a relatively straight line, a more rigid surface offers better support. A spring mattress can produce

pressure points at the back of the head, the shoulder blades, the tailbone and the heels, and does not support the curves of the spine at your neck or lower back. 4. Make sure there are enough coils. If you go with an innerspring mattress, more coils mean more support and firmness. The thicker the coil, the firmer the mattress, with heavy-gauge coils providing the most support. There are no magic numbers for coils, but steer clear of mat-

tresses with few of them. They’ll quickly become lumpy. 5. Spring for a good foundation. The box spring produces a softer mattress and significantly increases mattress life by absorbing nightly wear and tear. It also helps maintain mattress shape. Consumer Reports estimates that a new mattress lasts 10 years on a new box spring, but just three to four years on an old box spring. 6. Don’t waste money on expensive upholstery. Fabric layers provide insulation and cushioning between your body and the mattress springs. Wool or silk padding over a foam or cotton mattress may feel luxurious. But these layers are easily compressed and can make your mattress feel as though it is sagging long before the springs give out. Foam mattress toppers are inexpensive alternatives that can be changed easily when the foam wears out. And remember – to continue to reap the benefits of a good mattress, keep it in optimal condition and replace it when necessary.


Low oil prices ease external pressures on Turkey The fall in oil prices will reduce external pressures on Turkey and India because it will hold down headline inflation, said International credit ratings agency Fitch. “Lower oil prices will increase the pressure on developing countries’ credit rating. The prices will benefit consumption in developed markets, hold down headline inflation and ease external pressures in large energy importers such as Turkey and India. There are other exceptions in emerging markets, where reform has boosted growth or lowered vulnerability to crises,” Fitch said in its official website.

According to Fitch, the balance of outlooks in the Eurozone points to a mild improvement in credit quality and crisis-hit countries started to recover and rebalance. Fitch said that global growth will pick up some pace and the countries credit outlook will be constant in 2015. “Outlooks on global sovereign ratings are more evenly balanced than they were at the end of 2013 when there were twice as many negative as positive outlooks,” the agency added.

Fitch also drew attention to China’s deceleration in the economic growth rate and said that it expects China to slow, Russia to enter a recession and Brazil to post a sluggish recovery. The credit ratings agency stressed that future elections, which will be held in 2015 in Spain, Portugal and Greece pose risks to the policy direction of these countries.


BRN Sleep Products-Plugged into Progress for 2015 We have recently interviewed Berna İlter, general manager of BRN Yatak. She focused on the activities of the Company headquartered in Kayseri. As for the manufacturing line of the Company, Berna İlter pointed out that BRN has turned out to be competitive in terms of price and quality both in domestic and foreign markets. Berna İlter General Manager of BRN Bed

“The Company is determined to upgrade its dynamic performance in 2015 as well.” BRN has been operating in a 26500-sqm factory in Kayseri Free Zone. Being one of the export leaders of the sector, the Company has a full line of products, ranging from premium bedding to quality sets with inner spring mattresses and memory foam and



latex mattresses with full health benefits, hand crafted mattresses with all natural fillings and frame beds with full comfort.” She pointed out. “BRN was awarded by Ruban D’Honneur enterprise for Innovation, Excellence and Best Practice within the framework of European Business Award. The Company was also awarded as Fast Growth 25 –being the fastest growing company in Turkey by All World Network organized by Harvard University and The Union of Chambers of Turkey,” Berna İlter disclosed. Berna İlter noted, “ Exporting to around the globe, we display our products in Turkey’s leading 11 shopping malls. Our sleep products, including hand-crafted products under the title of Royal Coil attract great interest from the customers. Actually, innovation has turned to be a way of life and the key strategy of BRN and become the strategic part of company’s long-term growth. Instead of focusing on competitors, BRN has been keeping the pulse of


its customers around the globe in each continent and building loyalty through the introduction of relevant and innovative solutions geared to the needs of consumer lifestyles.” “After years of experience BRN SLEEP PRODUCTS has reached the ultimate combination of superior comfort and durability.While meeting any of sleep needs, all our mattresses are geared to meet diverse range of consumer preferences efficiently.“ She added. Asked on the SLEEPWell Expo held in 2014, she underlined, “This fair assumes significance for me for personal reasons. With a few young idealist friends we were dreaming such a fair. I am happy that it was realized in a short time and our dream came true. I am thankful to everybody involved and contributed.”

September edition of CIFF moves to Shanghai 38

From 2015 on, the September edition of CIFF will move to Shanghai while the March edition will continue to take place in Guangzhou

Shanghai China Expo Complex

The 34th edition of CIFF, the largest exhibition in the world in the furniture industry and the main business platform in Asia, was held in Guangzhou, 5 through 8 September 2014 and was attended by 1,030 companies (13,4% more than previous year) on an

exhibition surface of more than 200,000 square meters and by buyers from all over the world, as well as delegations of European, Russian, American, Australian, Turkish and Japanese designers and qualified operators.

In preparation for a 2015 that will bring significant novelties, enthusiasm and new business opportunities in the largest integrated exhibition platform at an international level, CIFF September widened its range of products by adding new sectors,

PARİS / 23-27 OCAK 2015 / 4-8 EYLÜL 2015












office furniture, hotel furnishings and furnishings for large public spaces, machinery for the furniture industry and raw materials, to the traditional ones: home furnishings, outdoor and leisure-time furniture, accessories and decorations for the home and furnishing textiles, thus making CIFF

an essential event where it is possible to assist to the entire supply chain of the furniture market.

CIFF 2015 Shanghai From the year 2015, the September edition of CIFF will move to Shanghai within the magnificent National Exhibition and Conven-

tion Center (Shanghai), a futuristic structure with a surface of about 1.5 million sqm, of which 400,000 of exhibition space; just inaugurated, the complex is close to the Shanghai-Hongqiao airport. CIFF 2015 Shanghai will be held from 8 to 12 September 2015 on the scale of about 200.000 sqm.


The two phases of the March edition (CIFF-Home Furniture and CIFF-Office Show) will go on taking place in Guangzhou as always. In a moment of great transformation for the whole China, CIFF evolves too; it moves and changes by confirming to be a dynamic reality, always seeking the very best for its exhibitors and the utmost satisfaction for its visitors. In Shanghai all of the CIFF’s sectors will be represented: home furniture; decorations, household accessories and textiles; outdoor; office furniture; furniture machinery and raw materials. It will be a totally renewed CIFF, even more efficient and more attentive towards the environmental sustainability. The CIFF’s organizer, the China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition General Corp., besides to be leader in the realization and management of fairs, with its 57 years of successes, is making great and substantial efforts aimed at offering the very best to exhibitors and buyers. Moreover, the China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition General Corp., aware of the importance of being always efficient and competitive in global markets, opens to the collaboration with other national and foreign fair groups in order to be able to always offer more choices and opportunities for success.

Intellectual property and its significance 44

Intellectual property (IP) involves specific, exclusive rights concerning creativity and intellectual capital. An important characteristic of intellectual property is that it includes non-material ideas or objects that are highly valuable and require protection in most instances. In other words, the primary objective of intellectual property is to find a proper way to exercise the rights concerning the non-material assets of individuals or companies, and at the same time, to provide sufficient protection against unauthorized actions and illegal behaviours by third parties. In the general sense, it is possible to distinguish three types of assets:

∙∙ Movable assets, such as computers or cars, ∙∙ Immovable properties, such as houses, etc. ∙∙ Non-material assets or intellectual capital, such as an invention or design.

Ömer KOCAKUŞAK Chairman of the Board of Directors Bilen Patent

The need to establish group rights for protecting the products of creativity is related with the idiosyncratic features of these assets when compared with movable or immovable material assets. In this regard, one of the most significant features of non-material assets is the opportunity to provide impossible, unlimited production for material assets. There are two types of intellectual properties: Industrial rights and copyrights.


Industrial Property Industrial property includes inventions (Patent and Utility Models), integrated circuit topographies, industrial designs, brands and appellations of origin.

Copyright Copyright includes literary and artistic works, such as novels, poems, plays, films, musical works, drawings, paintings, photographs, sculptures, architectural designs and computer programs. Performances of performance artists, phonograms in producers’ records and works of broadcasters in radio and television programs are also within the scope of copyrights. I would like to focus on industrial property rights further. Companies should officially register all of the products or services that they produce, and all of the brands and logos that they sell at home or abroad. Otherwise, I call this “commercial suicide”, because then, they invest on a brand which may possibly belong to another (now or in the future). The changes in

product images resulting from long-continued efforts, or the inventions developed during innovation processes such as R&D or P&D operations are in the same vein. Companies can remain standing as long as they make differences. Now, this is a fact known by everyone. Most of the time, a difference is made by modifying products or services, or altering the methods for reaching customers. Industrial rights are a matter of products or services. If we are planning on producing a different product or service from that of our rivals, we should first consider protecting it. Do more appealing designs with different shapes than the standard, constantly-offered product not excite the customer? For instance, do we not prefer a certain cell phone only for its design or brand? The product design that draws

the attention of our customers is worth protecting. The important thing is to apply for official registration before launching our product to the market, thinking that it may appeal to customers.

What about patent? In industrialized modern nations, technological advancement and economic power substantially depend on the patent system. In our time, the wealth of a nation does not primarily depend on its natural resources anymore. The innovative capacity and the awareness for the need of protecting the aforementioned new ideas have become a basic instrument for the development and prosperity in modern communities. Patent has become the “key point” in this field.

Alright, what kind of a thing is a patent consequently? It is the right that bestows


As we will discuss later as part of this course later, patent is rendered accessible for the public by means of not only official publications, but also the numerous patent databases in all corners of the world.

the privilege of exclusive use for a limited time (20 years beginning from the application date) on the owner of the invention (inventor or applicant) and is given by the state. The term “patent” originates from the Latin patere, which means “to make available for public inspection” and patent certificate originates from “letters patent”, which was a royal decree granting exclusive rights to specific persons or institutions. According to its literal definition, one of its social objectives is to lead the inventor to share the information for the progress of society in exchange for exclusive rights for a limited time. Patents provide the inventor with the opportunity of monopoly during the production process of the invention, and this encourages research and development. Without the protection of patents, most of the individuals and companies may not take risks, or invest money and time for designing and developing new products. The society could have been destitute of thousands of innovations from mouse traps to new medicines, communication systems, energy resources, etc., and the global economy would have rapidly stagnated without the new products and technologies.

Patent is both a vital source for the progress of societies, and an important resource for employers, researchers, inventors, academics, and others who want to keep pace with the developments in their fields. As is seen, there are several rights on intellectual works. Each of these rights protects immovable assets in different ways. In fact, these rights can act together for the purpose of protecting the aforementioned assets in order to provide a more common, more effective and stronger protection. As such, it is possible to see that a product is protected by patent, industrial design and brand. So, we can say that patent is the most effective way to encourage technology transfer: each patent certificate defines a different aspect of technology with clear and distinct terms and can be read by anyone. Patents are especially made accessible for the public in order to support information sharing.

The design of a cell phone can be protected under industrial design; A technical solution can be protected by a patent; A cell phone can be protected by a brand. Have a nice day...


“KAYBED, neither the oldest nor the biggest mattress manufacturer”

“… but it is the best in his work and the youngest mattress manufacturer at the same time!”


By the support from its automatic assembly line, KAYBED has a production capacity of 1,000 mattress/day installed on modern and hygienic facilities planted on 10,000 square meters area located at Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone. As well as having an expertized and experienced line in the sector, KAYBED with its INNOVATIVE mark aims to increment standard line of mattress manufacturing in the sector by its MODERN production and marketing apprehension. KAYBED which has a sense of social responsibility consciousness and shows respect to ethical values yet innovative plays an important and pioneering role in the sector. The company strengthens its corporate management pattern and develops strategies that increases yield in local and international markets by stable and balanced growth. Each phase of integrated production line was programmed to proceed from scratch. Each piece of raw material which is to be processed enters to line from starting point and they become a component to be used in mattress manufacturing. During these procedures, by showing a environmental friendly approach and SENSITIVITY, none of materials which


are risky to public health and not in accordance with international standards shall be used. Combining quality with aesthetics and elegance, KAYBED offers latest trends complemented with its style to its customers. Mattresses, Base, Headboard and Mattress Products are standing ready at KAYBED’s modern factory and

warehouse facilities. KAYBED who combines numerous technologies, has a customer oriented production mission in its “MATTRES FACTORY”. Towards this mission; KAYBED targets unconditional customer satisfaction by keeping product design and QUALITY at its best, accomplishing after sales services with care and steadiness. One of the most important

exceptions that makes KAYBED distinctive from other manufacturers is that it designs products that fit other countries’ sleeping culture and needs, tastes and expectancies. KAYBED, named particularly as “PRIVATE LABEL” and positioned as a manufacturing vendor; offers special branding, collections and designs according to demands.


KAYBED sees each customer as a new project and deals with identical interest, thus, is glad that customers have their products at their homes.

There are a lot of reasons to prefer KAYBED: •KAYBED is an important player of the mattress sector. KAYBED has Turkey’s most modern production plant, and its production is full automatic plant on 10.000 SQM. At the same time, it manufactures special handmade mattresses.

customer-driven, hygienic and steady packing with its roll, press and duplex plastic technics.

be regarded as central Turkey, and to the whole World thanks to its proximity to the Mersin Port.

•Of course, we benefit from the longtime experiences of Mert Makina, which is under the same Group as us -Mert Group. Mert Makina produces for several years’ machines for the mattress sector and has an important position in this category.

•One of KAYBEDs main target for the year 2015 is to export in 50 countries.

•We are in possession of Quality Certificate ISO 9001: 2008 and go on with continuous, powerful and innovative R&D activities.

•Wide range of Products thanks different materials: Bonnell, Pocket Spring, Memory Foam (Visco) and Latex are part of the production from KAYBED. Furthermore KAYBED has an extra capacity for the production of mattress covers.

•KAYBED which is experienced in the topic of Hotel Mattresses, have developed a separate collection for this target group.

•With its innovative packing systems, KAYBED is able to do

•KAYBED opens up to the domestic market with its location which can

•KAYBED is actively involved in government projects.

KAYBED’s Private Label Program “Trademarks are international on the advance” - This showed a study (sketch), from the market research enterprise ACNielsen, which had examined [by the order of the world association of the private Label Manufacturers (www.plma. com)] in 38 countries, the business with trademarks in more than 80 categories. With the Private Label Program KAYBED designs and produces, in addition to its collection, customized and exclusive products for distributors and retailers under their own brand.


Fast success of Niron Yatak First in online bed sales in Turkey, Niron Yatak produces special mattresses for hotels and hospitals

In line with growing businesses in hotel and hospital industries demand for mattresses have also been improved in a short time period. Founder of Niron Yatak Eren Caglar, introduced his company and online sales of mattresses:

On his company and its services

Eren Çaglar, Owner of Niron

I personally got to know about bed industry in my university years. My met with a Japan brand who in in direct marketing business. I started to sell special and high price beds on line. Sales were limited, then I added low price beds I bought from a company in Ankara. After graduation I founded Niron Yatak company and I began to outsource the bed production. In 2010 we started to


produce our beds in the factory. Since then we accumulated about 500 customers in hotel business. Other companies then entered online sales of mattresses following our success. We solve some of the special problems of our customer hotels by supplying them special ordered additional beds. There was only one size among alternatives. We offered five different collapsible beds that were focused on the needs of hotels.

On the reason why customers prefer his company

The two-parts base products that are sold in retail shops had been found un practical because of their joint. We developed inova bases that are split on width not on length. It was the first in the world and was accepted by women.

A quality bed should be produced under hygienic conditions by using right and quality raw materials. Outlook is not so important but the materials and parts used inside are important.

Since at the beginning we have been a customer centric company. We offer them choices to meet their needs and desires. Thanks to our flexible production structure we can easily adapt to changing conditions of contracts and offer hem right products.

On quality of beds


On exports We supply beds for hotel project in abroad by cooperating with large architecture companies in Europe, Russia, Cyprus and Iraq. In 2015 we begin to sell to African market. There is a powerful industry in Turkey for mattress manufacturing that supplies domestic facilities. The industry even sells some of its production in export market. Bed manufacturers have extended their both visions, activities and sales in the world markets. They follow the developments in their field of expertise. As long as Turkish companies keep their efforts to product and to develop their product qualities, they will be more successful in the future. When companies who compete on price is eliminated, the prestige of Turkish companies will raise more.

On problems in bed industry As in all other industries, the industry demands qualified labor and technical staff. In this regard, vocational schools are important. Unfair competition in the sector is also a problem. Customer can sometimes be deceived by irresponsible companies. Specifications of products are all should be tested and certified by real authorities. Some of the awards can be bought to be used as a promotional tool. Additionally, 18 % value-added taxes are rather high and that increase prices and cost to buyers.

On the performance of 2014 Slight recession in domestic market in bed industry, has forced us to go to export markets to fill the gap. In the new year we will invest in the new markets we entered and improve our marketing power in export. Also our online sales will continue in 2015. We are the first and the leading company in this regard.


Easy to transport beds from Indivani

Launched at the beginning of 2014 by Indivani, vacuumed roll beds attracted interest in the market. Having serious feedbacks about their product the company prepares for other surprises. Tahmina Konnieva, export manager, introduced their activities:

ests of visitors for its being easy to transport. We got good responses and serious demands from prospects. This has encouraged us to expand our manufacturing capacity by installing new machinery.

On vacuumed roll bed

It was a positive and profitable year for us. We hit our targets for the year. We earned new buyers and discovered new markets. With the patent we got we made our product unique. The industry has also

By participating in ISMOB fair in 2014 we took the first step on the way to international markets. Especially our vacuumed roll beds attracted inter-

On the year’s performance


progressed in 2014. Turkey has several competitive advantages in terms of labor, energy, raw materials and geographical location. Additionally the innovations in the bed industry have been fuelled. In 2015 we keep our efforts increasing to launch more new and innovative products. We have some surprising plans.

On exports Presently, 60 % of our production is sold to export markets. We have customers in Middle East, African, Central Asian, European, Balkans and Caucuses countries. We delivered beds to Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Georgia, Switzerland, Turkmenistan, Senegal, and Nigeria. They will be more in the years ahead.


Pofuduk continues to grow Spending its twenty years of business experience for mattress manufacturing, Pofuduk Yatak recorded a growth rate of 47% in 2014.

Resul İhsan Hamzaoglu, Board Member of Pofuduk

Tamer Kaynar, Board Member of Pofuduk

“Mattress manufacturing is our business” says Resul Ihsan Hamzaoglu, member of the board of Pofuduk Yatak. “The government should support medium-sized companies such as Pofuduk especially in machinery purchases in order to help them to grow. Another board member Tamer Kaynar evaluated 2014 and briefed us about their latest mattresses in an interview.

How do you describe the importance of a mattress as a company manufacturing only mattresses?

We should first say that a mattress is a product related to health. A mattress would be given as a promotion with furniture but it gained momentum in time and now it has a respectful position in stores. People have become more conscious with good presentations. Our main problem is visuality. Many times we have to make long time works. In other words, a mattress has to visually be good and should be comfortable from the standpoint of health. Our only business is to manufacture mattresses and we continue


our work by giving first priority to human health and visual quality. We manage to do the same work of big companies do in integrated plants at our small size scales.

Government should support providing machinery Small and medium size companies as our company should get benefit of state investments. We have problems at this sense. The most important one of these incentives is support for machinery. We used our own capital when we established this company. We export productS which we developed with our own capital. Big companies get state support at this regard but we cannot get any benefit. We want to get the same

support. This will increase production and exports. The state support is, of course, is not enough. The government should inspect after the support to check if the companies are using the incentive with the right way. Under the counter production, the biggest trouble of the sector, cause problems for the manufacturers. They print features such as bamboo, anti-stress, etc. but when you have a closer look, you see that there is not any quality feature.

How was 2014 for your company? Can you mention your 2015 targets? We realized a growth rate of 47%

in 2014, representing a higher growth than our plans. We are targeting to provide same growth in 2015 too. We intend to travel all over the world. I hope the government supports us for further growth. If we invest our capital in machinery it would be difficult for us grow in production and export.

Exports We started exporting this year. We export 30% of our production. We produced a new product namely “Roll Pack� which gets rid of freight problem in exports. We ship 300 mattresses instead of 100. We are now exporting to Kenya, Angola, Nigeria, Libya, Northern Iraq and Kazakhstan.


NEW PRODUCTS Kajam Visco Developed as sensitive to body temperature, visco elastic foam supports pressing parts such as back, hip and shoulders thereby minimizing movements during sleep and offering solution to insomnia. The case produced specially from cashmere fabric provides humidity and heat control to offer uninterrupted comfort in sleep.

Ankaa Visco Extra comfort has been provided in Ankaa mattress by using high-density visco materials. Ankaa 80 Density mattress

supports your health with special Hy Care finishing applied fabric which provides extra hygiene and protects the users from mites, fungus, bacteria and other microorganisms. It also prevents from any possible mildew smudges and microbiologic smells thereby preserving the first-day freshness and visuality of the mattress.

Triks 60-70 Density Visco Made from bamboo fabric this mattress case gives a silky softness and an elegant visuality to mattress. The fibers made from bamboo leaves have a natural feature absorbing humidity fast and help to dry fast thereby offering extra comfort thanks to

their antibacterial feature and the micro features they naturally have.

Natural Visco; As Sleeping in the Arms of the Nature Natural Mattress; featured flexibility especially in the shoulder and knee parts to provide zero pressure this special cut high density visco elastic foam production is a wonder. Thanks to this feature it minimizes the movements during sleep and offers an interrupted comfortable sleep. It has an anti perspiration facing because of its special organic fabric. Made from natural yarns it helps getting rid of insomnia originating from heat imbalances.


Exporting to Europe and America Ali Izmirlioglu, general manager of Uyku Dunyasi says, “We aimed to be in top five”.

Selling in 125 points in Turkey, Uyku Dunyasi is raising its targets in export markets. Mr. Izmirlioglu informed about his company

Right mattress for better sleep

Ali İzmirlioğlu, General Maneger of Uyku Dünyası

Quality of sleep depends on the quality of bed. A good bed helps to protect natural form of spine while others may cause back pains by pressing on veins nerves. We try to produce healthy products to remove sleep problems.


On production and exports In our factory of 6 thousand sqm we produce mattresses that are sold in 125 stores in Turkey and exported to several countries including France, Belgium, Canada and America. Employing 50 people, we try to offer the better quality and services than our competitors to our buyers. Materials and machinery are always improving in mattress industry, so this forces us to invest in them.

On importance of springs for beds Spring is one of the most important parts of the comfort of a bed. Steel and systems preferred in the springs used in beds are directly related with quality of end product. As Uyku Dunyasi, we have been using a special spring system with their comfort, hardness, design and


support. We use bonnell springs and pocket springs, because they have some advantages over other kinds. They contains more element per sqm, so they are orthopedic. It has tree fold higher collapse strength. Springs can move independently so the bed gets the form of the body. Support power may be adjusted by using pocket springs. Since they are packed in pockets they are more hygienic. Multizone beds are possible by using different springs. They make no noise.

On bed industry’s progress We observe that promotional activities for furniture industry gains momentum with an aim to get more share from export markets. More brands are needed to feed the long lasting efforts of companies. We hope that, in 2015 the industry and companies will be more profitable. About 70 countries are active in furniture trade in the world. The biggest exporters are China, Germany, Italy and Poland. Branding is a must for further development.


Turkey’s mattress exports developing fast 68

The Turkish mattress industry has been developing at all aspects. The production has been improving dramatically. The latest technologies and innovations such as latex, memory foam, organic and value added mattresses with various features gained momentum in recent years. There are a wide variety

of featured mattresses of all kinds manufactured in Turkey. Turkish industrialists use every possible contemporary raw material from goose feather and horsehair to bamboo and corn fibers, and develop every kind of smart and functional quilts, pillows and mattresses.

In fact, the last decade witnessed radical changes and fast development in almost all industries. The mattress industry is no exception. Many foreign mattress machinery manufacturers granted dealerships to Turkish companies and the Turkish mattress manufacturers have been developed well. The industry


grew by variety, quantity and quality. Kayseri takes the lead in this development. Istanbul is also a strong base for the industry. Available data shows that Turkey’s leading mattress markets are Iraq, Libya, Saudi Arabia and Germany. Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan follow them. These six markets accounted for almost 65% of the total exports of the country in recent years. Selling to 116 countries excluding free zone sales, Turkish mattress exports are expected to continue its growth steadily every year in the next decade. Turkey is en emerging and stabile market with its fast growing population, advantageous


location and developing economy. The mattress industry, mattress machinery and equipment are among the fastest growing sectors in Turkey. The developments experienced in the sector and the innovations, the collaboration among industrialists are the important factors motivating the improvement of the mattress and bedding industry in Turkey. All these positive developments urged a fair in the industry and that’s how SLEEPWELL EXPO� show was born. It is held at the opposite side of Istanbul’s


most famous international airport, Ataturk International Airport from where you can get the exhibition grounds in a few minutes. It is almost very clear that the fair will be one of the strongest fairs in the bedding industry worldwide in the very near future. There are some big mattress producing companies in Turkey and they are producing almost all kinds of mattresses including innerspring mattresses, visco mattresses, latex mattresses, adjustable mattresses, sleeping systems, roll mattresses, visco

pillows, medical pillows, cribs and kids’ beds, mattress-protecting alezes, movable beds, customized beds, round mattresses, organic mattresses and intelligent mattresses, etc. Turkish mattress industry has some world brands in mattress ticking, felt, wire, spring, boxspring, furniture, foam, chemicals and other supply material manufacturers for the mattress production. Some mattress manufacturers import raw materials and some use domestic brands while some others use both. The overall situation of

the industry is improving at all aspects, supplying raw materials, mattress production and exports. The leading brands such as Isbir, BRN, Istikbal, Mondi, Yatas, Idas, Mekan, Polya, Bellona, Sunsa, Indivani, Tempo, Bambi, Kilim, Monessa, Laressa, Weltew, Cennet, etc. have been sparing no efforts to develop new products and to innovate very unique features such as antibacterial, flame retardant, cooling in summer and heating in winter, intelligent, antiperspirant, etc. on the one hand, varieties of hardness, different choices at one


mattress, adjustable, multi-functional, etc. on the other. These innovative products and revolutionary mattresses boost the exports. The Sleepwell Expo Istanbul is another factor pushing the boosting the mattress and other sleep products exports of Turkey. The premiere edition of the show attracted a great deal of interest from almost all countries. The organizers set a better date for the second edition, 22-25 October 2015, and will run a better-known fair next year. It is strongly believed that the show will contribute to the exports of Turkey’s sleep products in the future. The show brings all professionals of the sleep products industry together and visitors


come from all parts of the world especially from the neighboring countries. The fair attracted especially the interest of those world brands who want to sell to the Turkish market, and those who want to invest in and penetrate into Turkish market. The CEOs of the world mattress industry, top officials, purchasing managers, manu-

facturers, consumers, domestic and foreign representatives and dealers all attend the fair. The Sleepwell Expo Show embraces and brings all collaborators of the sector together. It is a real trade platform for all branches including the main industry, the supply industry, machinery and equipment industrialists. There are also some very good fur-

niture fairs where the mattress industry takes a big part. Ismob is the largest home furniture fair of Turkey and in the region. Kayseri and Inegol furniture fairs are also well-established and very functional fairs held in Turkey and visited by mostly Middle Eastern, Balkan and European countries and central Asian Turkik republics.


Heimtextil satisfactory for sleep products, too! Heimtextil develops its sleep products category more every year. Hall 8 has more sleep products than many sleep products fairs.


The home textile industry enters every new year in Frankfurt where Heimtextil takes place. A respectful number of Turkish exhibitors also fly to Frankfurt in the first week of the year after they ship their competitive products for display at this number one trade platform of the industry. This year over 150 Turkish exhibitors will showcase a wide range of home textile products from curtains to bedroom and bathroom textiles. Heimtextil, the world’s biggest trade fair for home and contract textiles, opens its doors in Frankfurt am Main from 14 to 17

January 2015. 151 Turkish exhibitors will display a wide range of home textile products from fabrics, draperies, bed and bath products, accessories, etc. Hall 8 has a great number of sleep products even mattress machinery every year from different parts of the world. The product range at the fair has a wide variety from mattresses to machinery. The sleep products industry product suppliers as well as buyers find the show very lucrative. Other halls also have some exhibits of the industry.

In addition to an unrivalled range of products for the window, upholstery, floors, walls and sun-protection segments, as well as bathroom, bedroom and table textiles, Heimtextil 2015 will be distinguished by visionary trend presentations, informative events, international awards and other occasions for the sector. “Our aim is to offer the international sector not only the most comprehensive range of products at Heimtextil 2015 but also the earliest possible overview of tomorrow’s themes and trends”, says Olaf Schmidt, Vice President


Textiles & Textile Technologies. “I am confident that Heimtextil 2015 will achieve this goal, an optimism that is reinforced by the positive echo from the exhibitor side and our plans for a new, lavish trend area.”

Outstanding number of exhibitor registrations The fair is well on the way to being distinguished by an excellent number of exhibitors. In 2014, 2,714 companies made presentations and set a new record for exhibitor numbers at the fair. This positive development is continuing in 2015, as reflected not only by an increase in the exhibition space already booked but also by the fact that several renowned new exhibitors are coming to Heimtextil 2015. They include, in the home-textiles section, Boras Cotton, Epson Europe, J. Pansu and Perla Texbiar and Toray, and, in the case of household textiles, Andersen Textiles, bb&dd, EG.Heild, Fossflakers, GI.PE. Tex, Mistral Professional Textiles, Sot. Sboras, Spacio Repos, Tejidos Acabados Teycu, Udden, Värnamo Sängkläder, Visco Foam, ‘von Erika’ and Westmark. Several renowned companies that did not take part in recent editions of Heimtextil have decided to


return in 2015. In the home-textiles segment, they include Diaz Sunprotection, Eisenkolb, Fine, Fine Art, Gebrüder Munzert, J. Pansu Paris, Johanna Gullichsen Oy, Ledieu-Houriez, Lodetex, Nelen & Delbeke, NMC, Nooteboom Textil and Tilldekor. Among the returnees in the household textiles segment are C-ENG, David Fussenegger, Fussenegger Heimtextilien, Steiner and Zoeppritz.

Hall 4.0 to be occupied for the first time as the hotspot for tomorrow’s trends In addition to the exhibition space used at previous events, Hall 4.0 will also be integrated into Heimtextil 2015 as the first port of call for all visitors looking for particularly innovative products and the latest trends, e.g., the booming field of digital printing, for which

key players such as Epson Europe and Hewlett Packard will be taking part. Supplementing the exhibitors’ product presentations will be the 2nd European Digital Textile Conference, which is being organized again in cooperation with the World Textile Information Network (WtiN).

New ‘Theme Park’ trend area The event highlight in Hall 4.0 will be the ‘Heimtextil Theme Park’, which expands the previous Trend Show and moves from the ‘Forum’ to Hall 4.0 where it will provide a completely new form of presentation for the trends. The ‘Theme Park’ has room for a comprehensive show of future-oriented themes relevant to the sector. A series of measures will guide visitors’ attention to design-oriented, contemporary

aspects including a ‘Material Gallery’ with specially selected exhibitor products, which provides an overview of the home-textile trends categorized by the trend themes for 2015/2016. The latest color trends will be presented at the ‘Color Pavilion’. Additionally, the ‘Theme Park’ will include hospitality, retail and sustainability areas. At the ‘Conference Space’ and ‘Community Area’, visitors can attend lectures given by top speakers and take advantage of the opportunity to exchange ideas and information with colleagues. But that’s not all: films will also be shown at the ‘Theme Park Cinema’. The visionary presentations at the ‘Heimtextil Theme Park’ will be based on the trend forecasts of the Heimtextil Trend 2015/2016, which was prepared by an international Trendtable of six renowned design studios under the motto


‘Experience’. The lead studio this year is Stijlinstituut Amsterdam from the Netherlands, which has also compiled the Heimtextil Trend Book.

Trend Spots for wall (3.1), sun (5.1) and retail (11.1) Selected design aspects from the ‘Theme Park’ will be integrated into other exhibition halls in the form of Trend Spots. For example, there will be a presentation on the subject of ‘walls’ in Hall 3.1 showing exemplary applications for the wallpaper product group. In Hall 5.1, a Trend Spot revolving around the ‘sun’ will show the impact the trend forecasts for 2015/2016 could have on the choice and presentation of sun-protection products. In Hall 11.1, the retail trade will find valuable inspiration and examples for implementing the trend themes tailored especially to their requirements.

‘New & Next’: spotlighting young design As at past events, the 2015 edition of ‘New & Next’ will reveal the creative design ideas of the coming generation. For the first time at the coming fair, however, this special presentation by start-ups and young designers will transcend the household textiles segment and embrace all Heimtextil product groups. The participants will include highly promising labels such as bb&dd from Tunisia, Maison des Dunes from Morocco, Sirftex from Portugal, Udden from Slovenia and von Erika from Germany. All are characterized by especially creative designs that, in many cases, are based on sustainable company concepts.

The world fair of home textiles opens once more with a great capacity. 151 Turkish exhibitors to exhibit a broad range of products



‘Green Village’: the center of sustainability expertise For the first time, there will be a special platform for label issuers, certifiers and interest groups from the sustainability field. Heimtextil has been taking account of the on-going trend towards sustainable and fairly produced home, household and contract textiles for many years. Now, with the ‘Green Village’ in Galleria 1, it goes a step further and is adding a meeting place where

visitors can gather information to the existing features. Moreover, they will also be able to obtain professional advice on the subject of sustainability. On the Friday of the fair, the ‘Green Village’ will offer a program of lectures on environmental issues and be the starting point for a ‘Green Tour’ during which participants will have the opportunity to make contact with companies operating with sustainable policies. Besides the ‘Green Village’, the Heimtextil offers a practical orientation aid for

visitors looking for exhibitors with sustainable corporate policies: the ‘Green Directory’. Young Creations Award: Upcycling 2015 open to young designers from all over Europe The subject of sustainability is also a firmly-established part of the ‘Young Creations Award: Upcycling’ competition, which opens to young designers from all over Europe for the first time in 2015. The award goes to the


best works submitted by young international designers and spotlights the subjects of textiles, sustainability and design. This time, the focus will be more than ever before on the textile character of the projects. Thus, the rules now stipulate that textiles must account for at least 30 percent of the materials employed. In distinction to recycling, the aim of upcycling is to create higher-grade products using waste materials. With the competition, Heimtextil not only helps young designers but also reflects an innovative trend in the interior field that reveals unused potential for sustainable material procurement and production. A selection of the most creative interior-design products will be on show in Hall 4.2.

Webchance Academy 2.0 Heimtextil visitors can look forward to a comprehensive seminar and lecture program focusing on the online business and marketing in the ‘Lecture Square’ of Galleria 1 on the Wednesday of the fair. The expert lectures will include examples of practical applications. Heimtextil 2015 will also offer basic lectures for e-commerce newcomers. And, for retailers with prior experience, advanced lectures will give them the chance to update their knowledge. All lectures will be translated simultaneously into English and are, therefore, of interest to both national and international attendees.


Yaysan dresses up beds of Europe

One of the oldest companies in the field, Polya Foreign Trade company will produce 6,000 bed covers daily, top in Europe, in 2015. Temel Cetkin, general manager of Yaysan, introduced his company.

On products of Polya company

On investments

It was established by Tomsire Cetkin in 1987 and had been producing beds of spring and foam types by 2000. Then it focused on the production of bed covers, by securing a great amount of order from a German company. Now our company expands its buyers in Germany. Besides, we produce 150 beds daily for domestic market under Polya brand name.

We employ about 300 people in our factory of 12 thousand sqm where we produces bed covers on about 170 machinery for quilt, zipping and industrial sewing. Some of them are automatic. We have a daily capacity of 3 thousand pieces of bed covers. Next year it will be doubled. Our headquarter is in Istanbul, other functions including manufacturing and logistics have been carried out in the factory in Tavsanli, Kutahya.


On basic product, bed covers The line seems to be a simple production. However, number of factors is important, including the quality of fabrics, zippers and fibers. They have to be combined accordingly. Productivity and efficiency in manufacturing operations are also important. Human factor and faults are another field for focusing on. We have successfully been preferred by buyers in Germany.



On export markets In our field, Germany, Austria and Poland are major countries. Poland has the lion’s share. Estimates show that in these three countries about 1.5 million pieces of bed covers is produced annually. Our share is about 10%. 90% of our production goes to exports. We also export to Switzerland, Belgium, France, Holland, Island, Finland and Sweden. In 2014 we sold about half million pieces in export markets. The volume will be higher when our operations an new factory gained momentum.

On developing automation of machinery In some cases standard machinery would not suit best to our processes. In these cases we seek better ways to do our work. By visiting fairs and exhibitions our experts find and develop solutions for productivity and quality of the work.

On mattress production We produce mattresses made of bonnell and pocked springs in our factory besides latex and visco

kinds. We use bed covers that we produce. Beds are mainly sold in domestic market. Some of our oldest buyers in export markets are also demanding beds from us. Sales of beds and pillows depend on the cultural and aesthetic choices of customers. In Turkey, people prefer harder beds, while Europeans sleeps on softer beds. Recent reports on the outlook of bed industry in the world point out that Turkish people replace their furniture more than their beds. Younger generations seem to change the sleep culture.


The sleep segment at imm cologne: Hall 9 turns 9 years old


Booked out! Some exhibitors have had to be moved to Hall 5.1

“9 turns 9”: at imm cologne 2015, Hall 9 celebrates the 9th anniversary of the Sleep segment, while the Matratzen-Industrie e.V. trade association, partner of Koelnmesse in the Sleep sector, celebrates its 10th anniversary. And that’s reason enough to turn the association’s exhibition area - the Sleep Lounge - into a cinema this year: adorned with motifs from the still relatively short history of the association, its areas of expertise as well as highlights from the classic cinema of the

50’s and 60’s. Once again in 2015, Hall 9 is completely booked out! Some exhibitors have already had to be moved to Hall 5.1. imm cologne co-operates with a range of different trade associations in order to specifically cater to the different needs of the industry. In the Sleep segment, the fair works with the Matratzen-Industrie e.V. trade association based in Essen. The history of the association is closely connected to that of the international furnish-


ing trade fair: in the coming year, the interest group will celebrate its 10th anniversary and its 9th time participating in imm cologne in Hall 9. “We believe that that’s worthy of a film! And we will welcome our guests with the best scenes of the past years in the Lounge cinema of Sleep 2015,” says the Association’s Managing Director, Dr. Ulrich Leifeld. The Lounge will be decorated with motifs from the anniversary film itself and from the classic cinema of the 50’s and 60’s. Some of the film clips specifically reflect the association’s different fields of competence. The traditional “meetsleep” party takes places once again on the Tuesday of the fair, this year as an anniversary party. Family-run business Rummel-Matratzen has been a member of the association right from the start and also celebrates its 9th year in Hall 9 in 2015. The reasons for exhibiting at the fair remain unaltered to this day. “Many manufacturers of bedroom furniture had come to the furniture fair in Cologne for some time, that’s why the offer nine years ago to exhibit together in one joint hall appealed to us very much. At the time, the decision was made easier by the


The Fachverband Matratzen-Industrie e.V., the Trade Association of the German mattress industry celebrates its 9th anniversary at imm cologne in Hall 9 in parallel with its own 10th anniversary


prospects of the association’s exhibition area being the setting and a neutral communication platform as well as the organization of an individual industry party on the Tuesday of the fair”, says Klaus Neudecker, Managing Director of Rummel-Matratzen in Neustadt/ Aisch. “From our perspective, the concept has already proved to be a success. imm cologne is recognized as the most important furniture fair in Europe and the products’ life cycles have been adapted in line with the fair.” Hall 9 is already completely booked out for the upcoming imm cologne in January 2015. Taking into account the current, rather difficult economic climate of the industry, this is certainly a good sign and a strong vote of confidence in the importance of the fair. Some exhibitors from

The anniversary party “meetsleep” will be celebrated on the Tuesday of the fair in the Sleep Lounge


the Sleep sector, like association member Tempur, for example, will have to be moved to Hall 5.1, diagonally opposite Hall 9. Currently, 96 exhibitors have registered for the Sleep segment, 56 of them manufacturers from abroad. Among the first-time exhibitors are Schlossatelier from Switzerland, luxury bed manufacturer Kluft from the USA, mattress manufacturer Permaflex from Italy, suppliers of the Dorsoo sleep system from the Netherlands and Schlafraum Manufaktur from M端nster, Germany. For those wondering where to find association members Schlaraffia and Fey, we recommend checking the Sleep segment of the 2016 edition of imm cologne: both companies will be back on board, having decided to participate in the fair every two years.


Sleep tight, sleep cool with Private Mattress, an aesthetical mattress developed by Doğtaş.

Pinky dreams with Doğtaş Yatak Offering 28% cooler than regular mattresses thanks to its technical features, Doğtaş Sleep Cool Private mattress and Valdy mattress bases offer excellent sleep. Fitting with the anatomy and ergonomic shape of human body and supporting different pressure zones of sleeper with different spring types, Private accelerates the blood circulation and offer uninterrupted sleep. Supporting the body two and a half percent more than regular mattresses to lessen joint and muscle pains, Private support every point of the body as much as that part needs.

Valdy base designed for pinky dreams Unique for its modern line and minimal style Vald bed bases offer durability for many years thanks to its wooden skeleton. It can easily be taken out and mounted thanks to its special upholstered headboard and its Velcro fabric.


Doğtaş provides products and services to 65 countries with its over 200 stores and approximately 1200 employees by operating with production, marketing, merchandizing and after sales support services in the furniture sector. By means of its international viewpoint, the company continuously improves its wide product

range, prepared in a compliant manner to the market structure of every country in the three continents where Doğtaş operates. Its most important aim is to beautify all of the regions of houses, from the bedroom to the dining room and from the kid’s room to mattresses, thanks to its design and quality superiority.

Stilo Furniture urges for quality sleep 94

Dedicated to produce utmost consumer satisfaction

Almost seven years ago, Stilo Furniture Co. embarked on its activities within an area of 500 square meters. Stilo Furniture has been producing diverse range of sofas, bed bases, box springs and mattresses in its integrated facilities currently. We have recently interviewed Mr, Lütfü Şahin, Member of Board, Stilo Furniture Co. He has furnished us detailed information on the activities of the Company.

What do you produce for a healthy and quality sleep? Could you mention about Stilo’s products such as sofas, mattresses and bed bases? Stilo produces sofas, variety of mattresses, patented bed bases Lütfü Sahin, Board Member of Stilo

and box springs with a keen eye on quality and expertise. We have been producing diverse range of products for a healthy and quality sleep. Stilo puts emphasis on R&D in its field of specialization. We are planning to launch three technical projects by cooperating with The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK), the leading agency for management, funding and conduct of research in Turkey. Our R&D department has been coordinating our activities with a keen eye on high-tech and innovation. Our passion is to develop stylish and smart products that will inspire comfort and protect the customer.


What are the major export markets to which Stilo exports?

As for your production line and investments, could you inform us on this point?

We export to Italy and Germany including some African countries and the Turkic Republics.

We have integrated facilities in order to upgrade customer satisfaction.

We target to expand our export network further particularly in European markets in 2015. The fairs, as an indispensable marketing tool, have always assumed utmost significance for us. To sum up, the fairs pave the way for new customers and markets. We will display our export products during 2015 ISMOB Fair in order to increase our market penetration not only in domestic markets but also in export markets.

Imagine a comfort conscious mattress that has its own natural defenses for all imperfections, we produce it. Innovative, high-performance materials from Stilo now make all these possible, minimizing the risk of allergies and discomfort, and allowing customers to enjoy a trouble-free sleep. Stilo offers training and marketÂŹing advice to the customers who purchase these quality products. Retail training sesÂŹsions are also

given to salespeople, so that they understand the innovative concepts and designs and can explain the benefits to the end users.

Finally, what do you want to say? Actually, innovation is not a department, it is a mindset that has become part of the company ethic and is embraced by every person from top management to the workers on the factory floor within Stilo. We aim at expanding our market share in domestic and export markets. Our company is working tirelessly to ensure that their customers can rest better each night.


Istanbul’s Sleep Well Expo growing‌

After the successful premiere of the fair in 2014, it was scheduled to be at the same venue but instead of 2 halls and the big foyer, there will be an extra hall at the second edition, October 22-25, 2015.

As the Turkish housing construction sector developing very fast and the population is growing faster, new houses are being built at a tremendous number and the need for filling these houses is growing considerably. Sleep products are among the basic needs of these needs. The industry has been growing also in line with the living conditions of people on the one hand; it has been growing in line with people being more conscious for better sleep products on the other. The Turkish sleep products industry has been prospering fast at all aspects from mattress to machinery, from pillows to quilts, from box spring to headboards. It adapts the latest trends and technologies. The organizer has started to sell spaces and many exhibitors rebooked their stands including Boyteks, Form Sunger, Boy-


celik, BRN, Allbeco, Milkay, Sefox, Nerteks, Siteks, Stilo Yatak, Kirayteks, Latexco, Tempo Yatak, Mavera Kimya, Feryal Fermuar, Dogus Ofset, Kayteks, Ersan Madeni Esya, Elit Medikal, Polya Yatak, Giz Grup, Jakarteks, Niron Yatak, Pomax, MKR Tekstil, Palmflex, SPM Sunger, Umit Makina, Elektroteks, Katermak, ISM Makina, Onur Kapitone and many more‌ As the first and the only fair in its field in Turkey, SLEEP WELL EXPO is a show bringing mattress main industry, sub-industry, machinery and components industry professionals together. The fair is an excellent platform to launch and to see the latest technologies,

innovative products and latest collections. To be held on October 22-25, 2015, the fair was introduced in 2014 and the premiere edition was welcomed very well by the industry. The show brings all professionals of the sleep products industry together and visitors come from all parts of the world especially from the neighboring countries. The fair attracted especially the interest of those world brands who want to sell to the Turkish market, and those who want to invest in and penetrate into Turkish market. The CEOs of the world mattress industry, top officials, purchasing managers, manufacturers, consumers, domestic and foreign repre-



sentatives and dealers all attend the fair. The Sleepwell Expo Show embraces and brings all collaborators of the sector together. It is a real trade platform for all branches including the main industry, the supply industry, machinery and equipment industrialists. As the only specialty fair in its field in Turkey, Sleep Well Expo has been an ideal venue for the whole industry in its 2014 premiere edition with the participation of 67 exhibitors of which 8 were foreigners and 5,171 visitors. Turkey is en emerging and stabile market with its fast growing population, advantageous location and developing economy. The mattress industry, mattress machinery and equipment are among the fastest growing sectors in Turkey. The developments experienced in the sector and the innovations, the collaboration among industrialists are the important factors motivating the improvement of the mattress and bedding industry in Turkey. All these positive developments urged a fair in the industry and that’s how SLEEPWELL



EXPO” show was born. It is held at the opposite side of Istanbul’s most famous international airport, Ataturk International Airport from where you can get the exhibition grounds in a few minutes. It is almost very clear that the fair will be one of the strongest fairs in the bedding industry worldwide in the very near future. The industry imports a lot, too. Turkey is a good market for machinery, some types of mattresses and raw materials. The first and only fair dedicated to the sleep products industry in Turkey, SLEEP WELL EXPO ISTANBUL was held April 17-20, 2014 and recorded a huge success which almost all industry professionals applause. Now the second edition of the fair is shaping up. Over 70% of exhibitors have already booked their spaces according to the officials of Voli Fair Organization, the organizers of the show. The fair was scheduled to be at the same venue but instead of 2 halls and the big foyer, there will

be an extra hall at the second edition, October 22-25, 2015. Stating that the fair attracted a great deal of interest from domestic market and by companies from different countries, Omer Faruk Gorun, Project Manager of Sleep Well Expo outlined, “Sleep Well Expo covers the mattress main
industry, sub industry, machinery and equipment. The venue of this important fair is Istanbul Expo Center, which is exactly facing the Istanbul Ataturk International Airport. When an exhibitor or a visitor arrives at Istanbul by air, he or she could even walk to the exhibition ground. The premiere edition of this annual event was held in April 17-20, 2014. As the first of its kind in Turkey, Sleep Well Expo contributes to Turkey’s being a production hub for the mattress industry. Sleep Well Expo will host a professional platform where the latest technologies and products will be showcased altogether. Because of ever increasing value of mattress and


other sleep products the fair will be an important organization which will bring once again
leading companies and reps of the industry together. Many international companies doing business with Turkey in this industry have already shown their interest in the fair which will bring together CEOs, top level officials, purchasing managers, producers, consumers, foreign and domestic
dealers and representatives. Product groups of the fair include Turkish mattress producers, mattress importers, furniture and mattress stores, foreign mattress producers, sub-industry products, mattress and quilting machinery and equipment, etc.
The visitor portfolio includes experts and high-level officials of the private sector, buyers from different sectors to realize projects, businessmen, investors, mattress industry authorities, dealers
and representatives, chambers of commerce, associations, furniture manufacturers, purchasing officials of tourism, hotel and hospitality industry, etc.”
 There will be seminars and different activities related to new products, technologies and applications. Istanbul unites its natural beauties with its historical and cultural wealth and modern infrastructure, ascending in world league as the new favorite city for international organizations. Istanbul has an historical and cultural heritage acknowledged by the whole world. Apart from its historical and natural beauties the city is quite assertive with its hotels, fair, congress and
meeting halls at world standards. The visitors coming for meetings, congresses and fairs have the
opportunity to experience the eastern and the western cultures together amongst the artworks reflecting a history of thousands of years.


Natural pillows of Yatsan: Amore and Felicita Aiming to produce more hygienic new products Yatsan added two new products in its line.

Amore emphasizes on producing a sense of coolness by encapsulating air molecules and its cotton stuff. Felicita is made of linen fibers that is also a good transporter of moisture and is good for natural ventilation. Both products also are helpful to prevent perspiration in bed and protect the bodily moisture of the skin. Pillows offer comfort and an uninterrupted sleep experience. They are especially for the people having high level of perspirations. Products are sold in Yatsan stores.


National Sleep Foundation brings awareness to dangers of falling asleep at the wheel Drowsy Driving Awareness Week held early November 2014

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) organized its annual Drowsy Driving Prevention Week, November 2-9. Last year, the NSF encouraged all drivers to take a pledge against drowsy driving and urged state legislators to seriously examine drowsy driving in their states. Drowsy driving is the result of a driver’s impaired abilities to focus and stay alert, due to a lack of sleep. The Pledge Against Drowsy Driving is a National Sleep Foundation initiative that raises public awareness about the dangers of drowsy driving, explains its effect on drivers, and advises how it can be avoided. Drivers can take the Pledge at drowsy-driving. As part of Drowsy Driving Prevention Week the NSF also asked

state legislators to examine the prevalence of drowsy driving, evaluate current laws, regulations and enforcement, and provide recommendations on road safety. The NSF recently released model legislation, the Drowsy Driving Reduction Act of 2015, to assist states in their drowsy driving prevention efforts. “Drowsy driving is a public safety issue that needs to be addressed,” said David Cloud, CEO of the National Sleep Foundation. “We believe the public can help decrease drowsy driving and improve the safety of our roads by taking the Pledge, contacting local legislators to support drowsy driving prevention efforts, and establishing a routine that fights fatigue and supports a healthy sleep lifestyle.”


While the dangers of drinking and driving are widely recognized, drowsy driving is a less known peril with parallel risks. Cognitive impairment after approximately 18 hours awake is similar to that of someone with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.05 percent. Cognitive impairment after 24 hours awake is equivalent to a BAC of 0.10 percent, which is higher than the legal limit in the U.S., according to the National Institutes of Health . Data shows that more and more Americans are driving while sleep deprived. • 36 percent of Americans have fallen asleep at the wheel while driving, according to the 2008 Sleep in America® Poll.

• 60 percent of Americans said that they have driven a vehicle while feeling drowsy, according to the 2005 Sleep in America® Poll. • The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety estimates that 12.5 percent of fatal crashes involve drowsy driving – this is thought to be an underestimation. For more information and tools to avoid drowsy driving, including the Pledge, visit sleepfoundation. org/drowsy-driving.


A pouf as a seat and as a bed

Designing original, functional and joyful products for babies, kids and teens, Cilek introduces Sleepy Pouf that can be converted to a seat or a bed.

Functionality of the pouf attracts attention of kids and parents with its sharp colors as well. Having red or turquoise color alternatives the Sleepy Pouf offers different alternative uses in their rooms. When off-zipped the product turns into a bed. Filled with felt covered laminate beads and fiber stuff it keeps its form. Patented by Cilek company the product is sold exclusively in the stores of the company. As the all other products of

Cilek, it is produced to protect health of kids. When opened it becomes a kind of toy for kids. The fabric used in Sleepy Pouf is anti-bacterial, durable and easy to clean.


Be ready for winter with Venessa Bedroom of Ider Mobilya Always designing chick and romantic models for its collections, Ider Mobilye prepared Venessa collection for bedrooms, the most private part of homes. The collection reflects the simplicity and peace of the color white. Ider Mobilya’s bedroom set is distinguished with its large scale rolling wardrobe model, the collection also covers, chest of drawers, bed, two bedside tables and bed bases.

Instead of drawer handles the sliding chest drawers and double nightstands provide more ease of opening and make a modern outlook. Having powerful designs Ider Mobilya makes its bedroom collection more unique with its interesting bedstead and bed frame made of white leather. Ider’s bedroom sets can be enriched with wing coaches, carpets and accessories.


Legendary touch on bedroom from Fuga Mobilya When Tchaikovsky’s dancing fairies start to wander for innovation, the only thing that could emerge would be a perfect design. Now it is, in charming Pia bedrooms produced in smoked colored and blue colors having an oval bedstead, designed by Fuga. The latest product offer from Fuga Mobilya that develops modern and original furniture, Pia bedroom collection is launched for modern times.

Story of Pia has art in it. It proved that softer lines, rebellious attitude of metal, geometric details, tamed colors of light and other contrasts can be turned into a product of art. The model awaits potential customers who do not accept what is common in their bedrooms and who seek for the fairies of Tchaikovsky. Several options in color and in fabrics and the material used in the set are available.

Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics 2014

This year’s Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics – Autumn Edition broke all records in what doubled as a celebration of the fair’s 20th anniversary. A total of 3,844 exhibitors from 30 countries and regions – a 2% increase compared to 2013 – took part, while 71,138 visitors from 93 countries and regions attended the fair – a 3% rise on last year. The top 10 visitor countries and regions, excluding Mainland China, were Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, the US, Taiwan, Turkey, Russia, Indonesia, the UK and India. Both the exhibitor and visitor figures represented new records for the show which was held across 15

halls and 175,020 sqm, making it the largest in the event’s history. The fair took place at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre from 20 – 23 October. With so much on offer at the fair, a number of pavilions and product zones have been created to help buyers streamline their sourcing experience. These include the SalonEurope which housed pavilions from Germany, the Milano Unica Pavilion from Italy, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and the UK, as well as the French zone. Turkish companies captivated all city with their energy.


Uludag Textile Exporters Association (UTİB) had organized national participation organization with 17 Turkish firms. And UTİB has attracted great attention with its “TURKISH FASHION FABRICS” theme. Turkish exhibitors include: Acar Tekstil, Akelgrup Tekstil, Aker Tekstıl, Almodo Altunlar Tekstıl, Bezsan Tekstil Bossa T.a.ş., Canlıoğlu Tekstil, Elyaf Tekstil, Form Dış Ticaret, Gencorme Tekstıl, Kaynak Tekstil, Kıvanç Tekstil, Kipaş Pazarlama, Konak Tül Perde, Ozlem Kumas, Shamrock Tekstil, Söktaş Dokuma


Home&Tex fascinated!

The show grew by 50% and welcomed a visitor flood from 55 countries

The second edition of Home&Tex was held successfully, November 19-22, 2014. It is only the second edition of the even the most coveted names in home fashion industry with a more enriched content filled up the fairground. Over 500 highend exporter and importer brands presented their latest collections in home textile, contract textile, floor and wall covering, decorative accessories, houseware and lighting on a 120,000-sqm area.

The fair welcomed a visitor flood from 55 countries. Interior designers, design and lifestyle stores, furniture showrooms, distributors, importers, contractors and hotels from Middle East, the Arabian Gulf, Russia, Turkic Republics, North Africa, America and Europe visited the fair. Single type, special designed stands were used at HOME&TEX, offering exhibitors the most convenient presentation for their latest collections during the show time.


The next Home&Tex Home Textile and Decoration fair will be held in Istanbul, 28-31 October 2015 Organized by CNR Sectorial Trade Fairs of CNR Holding at CNR Expo Center, Istanbul, the fair is supported by TETSIAD (Association of Turkish Home Textile Industrialists and Businessmen) on an area of 120,000 sqm. Located in the landscape known as “Afro Eurasia�, Turkey serves as a gateway to Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East and Pan Euro-Mediterranean region. The central location of Turkey provides an efficient and cost effective outlet to major markets, with a 1,5 million consumer population and with USD 22 trillion GDP. As visa requirements are eliminated between Turkey and some neighboring countries, more businessmen and professionals prefer Turkey for visiting trade shows, meeting associates and making investments. HOME&TEX has perfect timing to meet purchasing demands with its high quality product portfolio, the diversity of the product ranges and increased number of international exhibitors. With its modern lifestyle and historical architecture, Istanbul offers the perfect atmosphere for the sole home fashion fair of Turkey.


United Breast Cancer Foundation distributes new Tempur-Pedic mattresses to the needy

United Breast Cancer Foundation distributes new Tempur-Pedic mattresses to the needy For the third consecutive year, the national nonprofit United Breast Cancer Foundation(UBCF) provided brand new Tempur-Pedic mattresses to women, men and families in need in rural Southwest Virginia. UBCF’s Director of Operations, Ms. Beth Reichart, coordinated and managed the donations. “UBCF

is honored to provide these beautiful Tempur-Pedic mattresses to so many folks in need

year after year. A good night’s sleep is a vital component to a healthy, productive life,” said Ms. Reichart. Twenty-eight volunteers from UBCF, The Health Wagon, UVA Wise and OptaFuel gathered on November 22nd, a sunny Saturday, in Norton, VA, to distribute 126 mattresses. UBCF took the opportunity


to educate the community on breast health wellness and the cancer services provided through UBCF’s life-supporting patient and family programs: Breast Screening, Breast Reconstruction, Individual Grant, Audrey B. Mastroianni College Scholarship, Child Sponsorship, Holistic Care and Community Service Programs. UBCF plans to distribute additional mattresses later this month at their headquarters office in Huntington Station, NY. Beth, and Stephanie Mastroianni, Executive Director of UBCF, wish to thank the supporters

that make the UBCF Mattress Donation Giveaway possible. Stephanie points out that UBCF was recently approved to receive donations through Amazon Smile, eBay Giving and America Gives Back. “During the Holiday Season supporters can make a donation simply by selecting UBCF as their favorite charity. A percentage of each purchase goes directly to UBCF”. If you would like to make a tax deductible, year-end contribution towards UBCF’s mission, please visit Donors

can also mail a donation to UBCF, 205 Depot Road, Huntington Station, NY 11746. UBCF is also an approved Charity through the Combined Federal Campaign Support (#77934). UBCF gratefully accepts property vehicle donations. Says Beth, “It’s the perfect time of year to donate your vehicle or property and receive a 2014 tax deduction! No matter how you choose to make a donation, your financial support makes our programs possible! Call toll-free, 1-888-433-6207 to set-up your donation today”.

Heimtextil Russia held successfully 114

Deputy Chairman of UTIB Pinar Tasdelen Engin said, “We have been exhibiting upper segment products of Turkish textile people in four corners of the world.” International Trade Fair for home textiles, floor coverings and interior furnishings Heimtextil Russia took place in Moscow on September 24 – 26, having opened with great success the autumn season 2014 in home textile and interior design industry. The leading textile trade fair of Russia was organized on its traditional grounds – the exposition of Heimtextil Russia 2014 with the total area of 19 520 sqm took place in Pavilion 1 of IEC Crocus Expo. During the three days 15 873 professional visitors managed to see the products, presented by 319 exhibitors from 23 countries. While the new slogan of “Turkey: Discover the Potential”, that was introduced recently by TIM, Turkish Assembly of Exporters, has been gaining awareness in all markets in the world, UTIB’s participation in Heimtextil Russia Fair was successfully held in Moscow. 55 home textile companies participated in national stand in the fair, with their premium and specially designed products. In her follow up assessment on the event, Ms. Pinar Tasdelen Engin, Deputy Chairwoman of Uludag Textile Exporters’ Association, said, “Professionals from Russia, Europe and the USA have

shown great interest in the fair. Participants all have been aware of the powerful position of Turkish home textile industries. The textile industry in Turkey exported 8.39 billion dollars of products in 2013. Having a 5% share in world home textile markets, Turkish home textile industry exported 3.1 billion dollars of exports. They sell their special collections to high competition markets such as Europe and North America successfully. Besides they are highly active in developing markets in Asia, Middle East


and far east. In the first 8 months of 2014 exports were 2.1 billion dollars.” She said, “Data about exports to Russion markets shows that there is more potential for further growth in Russian market. Exports to this country totaled 215 million dollars in 2009, and in 2013 it rose to 215 million dollars. Total volume of textile exports to this country is 1.1 billion dollars.” Engin also said that from 2009 till 2014, number of home textile exporters to Russian market rose from 11 to 55. Heimtextil Russia is a professional exposition for professional visitors; it offers the best collections of home and interior textile and the most topical textile trends of the future in the region. Turkish national exhibitors included: AGM Pazarlama, Ağaoğlu Tekstil, Akden Tekstil, Akman Tekstil, Aleran Tekstil, Alfa Grup Tekstil, Altınbaşak Tekstil, Avrupa Tekstil, Baylanlar Tekstil, Bilge Ev Tekstil, Burkay Tekstil, Cegi Tekstil, Çarşafsan Tekstil, Dersiyon Tekstil, Dilhan Tekstil, Dizayn Ev Tekstil, Doğpaş Özsamet Tekstil, Dökmetaş Brode, Elvin Tekstil, Erem Tekstil, Eskar Tekstil, ETG Tekstil, Faruk Aras Tekstil, Fırat Tekstil, Hatem Tekstil, İma Tekstil, İremce Tekstil, Kaçkar Tekstil Karteks İmalat Tekstil, Kaya Dokuma Emprime TEkstil, Kılıç Tekstil Köseoğlu Dış Ticaret, Maya Tekstil, Megapol Tül Tekstil, Mertul Tekstil, Metropol Tül Tekstil, Mink Tekstil, MS Uluslararası Tekstil, Nil Tekstil, Novatex Tekstil, Oruç Perde Dokuma, Ozanteks Tekstil, Özkaymak Tekstil, Perde Home Grup Tekstil, Persan Tekstil, Pırlanta Tekstil, Rönesans, Sama Tekstil, Sümaş Tekstil, Turan Tekstil, Turkuaz Tekstil, Tuvana Ev Tekstil, Verona Ev Tekstil, Vip Vual Tekstil and Yad Tekstil. The next edition of Heimtextil Russia will take place on September 23 – 25, 2015 in IEC Crocus Expo, Moscow, Russia.


Tidy up your summer dresses and make room for your winter dresses Together with the fresh air that takes effect dayby-day, summer dresses give place to winter dresses little by little. To make room for winter dresses in your wardrobe, you can get help from the bed base of Konfor and easily keep your summer dresses in the wide bed storage of Myles, Neil and Piyogo.

Before passing to autumn and winter seasons, it is high time to glorify our living spaces with the energy of brand new season‌ The first step of this change is to make room for winter dresses by reviewing the summer dresses‌. Konfor Furniture which attracts attention with its functional and up-to-date furniture, organizes your rooms with the wide internal volume storage beds.


Konfor brand which specifies the trends of home decorations with its unique and modern designs, meets new season with the products that goes with winter decoration. Konfor with its 23 concept stores and 600 selling points throughout Turkey gives the pleasure of being at home with its innovative and functional products. Konfor Furniture which has been serving at furniture sector since 1938 with its qualified, unique and elegant designs, improved itself by reshaping its long service experiment and recognition with ‘Konfor Identity’ store concept in 2011. Konfor that crossed the world’s limits and became one of the national brands of Izmir with the motto of ‘Konfor Identity’, brings its innovative and trend designs together with the consumers in 43 countries. In the product range of Konfor Identity which serves with 23 concept stores and over 650 selling points across Turkey includes bedrooms, dining rooms, kidrooms, seating groups, corner sets, sofas, tv units, coffee tables, chairs, armchairs and beddings.


Soley visco elite adds value to sleep

Sleep quality is important for a healthy and happy life. Produced by using quality inputs for the comfort of the body, Visco elite beds are offered by Soley company. Adaptability of mattress to the form of body is important for improving the quality of sleep experience. Hercule spring systems used in Soley visco elite beds is for the purpose to cover the body as much as possible. It is durable against any risk of collapse and extends the life of product. Having a high-density cover that was produced by innerspring

Nasa’s studies, the product gets the shape of body through its heat and pressure. Originally visco materials are passive, but when used with herkcule springs it becomes active and facilitates body movements. The visco elite beds are made of high percentage of cotton fabrics and quilts and the offer aesthetic and functional solutions.

Spectacular view of Como’s lakeside with spectacular products Turkish Deco Team will be in Como, Italy 26-29 April 2015. Uludag Textile Exporters Association (UTIB) will organize a solo fair with the participation of 14 Turkish firms. UTIB’s event will attract visitors with its “CENTER OF CREATIVITY IN HOME TEXTILES” theme. Exhibitors will present a wide range of highest quality and unique home textiles products.

National Participants: Akarca Tekstil Aydin Tekstil Bırce İnşaat Tekstil Burkay Tekstil Elvin Tekstil Güleser Tekstil Kaçar Turizm Yatirim İnşaat Küçükerler Tekstil Onem Tekstil Prestij Mensucat Rekor Dokumacilik Teksko Tekstil Turizm ve İnş Tosunoglu Tekstil Yakar Tekstil



Maison & Objet opens for 20 time th


Having launched its first event in 1995, Maison & Objet, the world-famous design trade fair held in France, Singapore and now the United States, celebrates its 20th anniversary. A lot of attention has been paid to the 2015 edition, as it marks the show’s remarkable two decades of success. Over the past twenty years, MAISON&OBJET has met the challenge of making Paris the world capital of design. Taking advantage of the French capital’s powerful appeal, the unmatched and unique savoirfaire found in the country, the vibrant creative tapestry of France and the personality of the most influential designers of the day, this major fair, founded in 1995, has ceaselessly expanded in surface area, exhibitor participation and visitor numbers. It has thereby evolved from being a Europe-wide event to a global co-creative platform, one that now


boasts equal shares of international and French exhibitors and visitors. At the same time, this fair – which, in its early days, focused mainly on distribution – has adapted to changes in the décor markets, providing exhibitors with new springboards for growth: • By maintaining a highly selective offer (including through creating a luxury and design hub, unlike anything in the world), • Through a policy of active promotion to international prescribers (project owners, architects, decorators, interior designers), • By generating tools for optimizing the visibility and voice of the fair,


• And, through substantial work on structuring inspirational universes and stand presentation, MAISON&OBJET has found a recipe for success that now stretches across the globe. The key meeting place for professionals in the art of living brings together a 360° offer that is in line with the diverse needs of global markets. For 20 years this large lifestyle platform, at the crossroads of business and

creativity, provides solutions that meet the needs of visitors from around the world. An event unlike any other in the world, it is not to be missed! “2015 is a symbolic year for Maison& Objet,” says Elodie Renaud, marketing director. “For 20 years now, Maison & Objet has brought together home decor and design professionals around an eclectic and creative selection of products.”

In celebration of its anniversary, Maison & Object is putting the spotlight on its community of French and international designers that have grown alongside the show, establishing not only their own careers but helping develop the Maison & Objet name. Showcased one by one from January to September in various spaces, will be different visuals that pay tribute to the Maison & Objet family of brands.


ChiliPad warming and cooling mattress pad now for children also Chili Technology announces the safety of ChiliPad warming and cooling mattress pad for kids’ use (EMAILWIRE.COM) Titusville, FL According to, 40% of children – at some point in their lives - have sleep problems that their parents’ deem significant or serious. Parents of these kids could use some help from ChiliPad warming and Cooling Mattress Pad. In the first two weeks of life, babies cannot distinguish between day and night. They do not have a concept of day and night in the womb. That is why pregnant mothers who are in their second or third trimester cannot sleep at night sometimes because their baby is “playing” or “doing some karate” inside. The most common sleep problem among infants and toddlers is sleeplessness. Based on the report from, it is recommended that babies be given consistent routines beginning the time that they are born. The difference between day and night must be established. To successfully overcome the problem with sleeplessness,

WebMD recommends turning off all electronics during bed time, making sure the room is quiet and dark, and keeping the

child’s temperature comfortable. ChiliPad Cube may be used to address those aforementioned concerns. This equipment works


by having water flow through its soft in-bed coils to adjust the temperature of the bed; thus, putting the child’s core body temperature at a comfortable level as well. Its control unit is also relatively quieter than most air-conditioning units. In addition to this, it emits only a speck of light that should not affect the sleepiness of the child. Unlike other electric blankets, ChiliPads are reported never to emit electromagnetic fields that are reported to increase the risk of cancer, and cause migraines and headaches. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) noted that extremely low frequency (ELF) magnetic fields are “possibly carcinogenic to humans.” No electricity flows inside

ChiliPad Cube cooling mattress pads. The electric activity happens inside the control unit or the cube, which can be placed as far as six feet away from the bed. The company guarantees its customers’ children’s safety against ELF magnetic fields. Midwest Health Solutions is an authorized seller of ChiliCube products that can be purchased through Amazon. Beth, and Stephanie Mastroianni, Executive Director of UBCF, wish to thank the supporters that make the UBCF Mattress Donation Giveaway possible. Stephanie points out that UBCF was recently approved to receive donations through Amazon Smile, eBay Giving and America Gives Back. “During the Holiday Season supporters can make a

donation simply by selecting UBCF as their favorite charity. A percentage of each purchase goes directly to UBCF”. If you would like to make a tax deductible, year-end contribution towards UBCF’s mission, please visit Donors can also mail a donation to UBCF, 205 Depot Road, Huntington Station, NY 11746. UBCF is also an approved Charity through the Combined Federal Campaign Support (#77934). UBCF gratefully accepts property vehicle donations. Says Beth, “It’s the perfect time of year to donate your vehicle or property and receive a 2014 tax deduction! No matter how you choose to make a donation, your financial support makes our programs possible! Call toll-free, 1-888-433-6207 to set-up your donation today”.


Breathe easy with organic, American-made natural latex mattresses – a green sleep environment made with all natural materials All-Latex and LatexCore mattress options give consumers a luxurious, ecofriendly sleep environment, offering a natural alternative to traditional spring mattresses without sacrificing comfort White Lotus Home, a US-based manufacturer of organic and bedding products, has been helping Americans improve the quality of their sleep environment for over 33 years. Combining the benefits of organic wool and cotton fibers with the long-term comfort and support of 100% natural latex, mattress artisans at White Lotus Home have developed the LOTUS Sleep System. The LOTUS name embodies the key properties of the sleep environment: Latex

Organic Tranquil US-handcrafted Sleep System. Consumers are increasingly concerned about hazardous manmade chemicals and materials in the home. Health-conscious customers are rightly worried about off-gases from synthetic petroleum-based materials in their bedding. About 1/3 of our life in spent in bed, so it is important to ensure that the bedding materials we use are healthful, not harmful. The LOTUS Sleep System provides a

naturally resilient and luxurious sleeping surface, which helps regulate the body temperature to promote a deeper, longer sleep. The LOTUS Sleep System is composed of a 7-inch natural Talalay Latex mattress plus a 3-inch topper. The special process used to develop Talalay Latex provides a spring-like responsive feel in a natural product, certified to contain no harmful chemicals or substances.


Consumers are increasingly concerned about hazardous manmade chemicals and materials in the home. Healthconscious customers are rightly worried about off-gases from synthetic petroleumbased materials in their bedding.

Each item in the LOTUS Sleep System starts with 100% natural Talalay Latex Rubber, sourced from the Hevea Brasiliensis rubber tree and free of synthetic materials. This is then wrapped in 100% virgin lambs wool, and encased in a soft organic cotton casing. The mattresses are constructed here in the US by skilled artisans and are designed to retain their firmness for more than 15 years. Natural latex has a number of important benefits that make it a perfect choice for a healthy sleeping environment. Not only does it offer excellent shape retention by returning to its shape instantly, it offers good breathability, without the toxic off gassing of chemicals used in synthetic foam cores. It is also biodegradable, making it

a smart choice for the environmentally conscious buyer. White Lotus Home is unique in that it uses a 100% natural latex instead of the oil-based synthetic latex found in other mattresses, creating a chemical-free sleep experience. “Our unique handcrafting process and range of natural materials gives us the flexibility to make your mattress softer or firmer and to personalize the product to your needs,” says Marlon Pando, President of White Lotus Home. “We offer a range of products that cater to every member of the family from newborn to grandparent, allowing everyone to receive the gift of a healthier sleep while doing something good for the environment.”

128 introduces comprehensive, all-inclusive ratings section More Than 20,000 Unbiased User Reviews Help Consumers Make Informed Purchase Decisions As part of their ongoing commitment to provide essential, impartial information to consumers interested in buying a new mattress, WhatsTheBest-Mattress. com recently added a ratings section to their website that aggregates more than 20,000 reviews from across the Internet. The comprehensive new feature displays ratings and owner contentment by type of mattress, as well as owner contentment for the big mattress brands. By clicking on the links, users can drill further into specific categories to obtain meaningful statistics and real-world feedback, enabling them to make more informed mattress buying decisions. “Our new ratings system is the largest you’ll find online, and it’s been specifically designed to give consumers one place to go to research the best mattress for them,” explained Craig Welch, president of What’s The Best, Inc., who also operates similar sites for enthusiasts of other products. “Whether they access the reviews before comparing mattresses at retail

stores or before placing their order online, the feedback is timely, relevant, impartial and, most importantly, from people just like them.” A leading online mattress buying guide since 1999, is a one-stop destination for people looking for a better sleep experience. As a publisher of editorial content, the company is not paid to sell mattresses and receives no commissions, thus enabling them to provide unbiased, balanced information.

For the past 16 years, millions of consumers have utilized the site to learn what they need to know before purchasing a new mattress or bed; research leading brands such as Sealy, Serta, Simmons and Tempur-Pedic; compare different types of mattress options, ranging from memory foam and air mattresses to innerspring mattresses and water beds; obtain tips on negotiating prices with retailers; and have questions answered in the mattress forum. SOURCE:


Growth and excitement ® across Americasmart’s home collection New floors, new amenities and new and expanded showrooms open in January 2015. From bedding to accessories, Americasmart® offers all home decorative items


ATLANTA – Home drives AmericasMart’s January 2015 show momentum when design-led furniture, home furnishings, accents, area rugs and more converge in one unrivaled collection at The Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishings
Market® (Showrooms: Tuesday, January 6 – Tuesday, January 13; Temporaries: Thursday, January 8 - Monday, January 12) and The Atlanta International Area Rug Market® featuring the National Oriental Rug Show sponsored by The Oriental Rug Importers Association (ORIA) (Showrooms: Wednesday, January 7 - Saturday, January 10; Temporaries: Thursday, January 8 - Saturday, January 10).

With new and expanded showrooms on nearly every floor, attending designers, retailers, specifiers and tastemakers encounter what’s new and next across AmericasMart’s vast permanent showroom and trade show home furnishings resources. In Building One, innovative lines such as POLaRT (Floor 9), Lu Cushing & Associates (Floor 10) and Emporium Home (Floor 9) – a popular HD Home temporary exhibitor – join the collection as celebrated lines including Leftbank Art Co. (Floor

13), Phillips Scott (Floor 13), JLA Home / (Floor 13), Ella Home (Floor 14), Zeugma Import, Inc (Floor 13), Europe 2 You (Floor 10) and sister collections Jamie Dietrich and Grace & Blake (Floor 10) expand their footprints. Jaipur Rugs relocates to the heart of the home collections on Floor 12 as part of AmericasMart’s continued integration of the HOME and RUG collections. The Holiday & Floral/Home Décor collection showcases an unmatched assortment of the in-


dustry’s best seasonal and faux botanical lines. Highlights include new showrooms Koopman International (Floor 17), Harvest Imports (Floor 19) and Dregeno Seiffen (Floor 20); expansions by S.N.K. Home Décor (Floor 17), 5th Season (Floor 18), Maxsilk Inc. (Floor 19), Alexander International, LLC (Floor 20) and more; and the relocation to the collection by longtime AmericasMart exhibitor Select Artificials (Floor 19). Also new to the collection is a Buyer’s Lounge on Floor 19. The HOME & RUG collections continue to grow with celebrated lines occupying significant square footage across the Marketplace. Leading the growth is Devgiri

Exports in its 12,000- square-foot showroom on Floor 5 and ELK Group International with 10,000 square feet on Floor 6. Additional advancement on the floors includes Capel Rugs relocating to Floor 3 and Light Garden opening a new showroom on Floor 6. The HOME & RUG collection is also home to AmericasMart’s newest bridge, connecting Floor 6 of Building 1 to the GIFT collection on Floor 6 of Building 2. The expansive permanent Casual Furniture offering in the Living. Outdoor/Indoor.® The Gardens.® collection on Building Two Floors 9 and 10 is also highlighted by myriad new and expanded collections.



Supplementing the permanent HOME collections are notable temporary offerings. The celebrated HD Home collection returns to its landmark location on Floor 1 of Building One accompanied by the Area Rug temporaries on Floor 2 and Home Accents, Home Furnishings, Home Textiles and Fine Linen temporaries on Floor 7. The temporary Living. Outdoor/Indoor.® The Gardens.® collection is located

on Building Two Floor 4 and the Halloween and Holiday, Floral and Baskets collections are on Building Three Floor 1. AmericasMart’s Market programming for HOME and RUG buyers offers diverse and exciting educational opportunities. Highlights of the January 2015 programming includes Pantone presenting color trends and the methodology of its color of the year; Stylebeat blogger Marisa Marcantonio

leading a discussion of building home brands in the digital world; creating emotional design environments with Jamie Durie of HGTV’s “The Outdoor Room”; and home decorating tips from celebrity wedding and entertainment expert David Tutera. Oriental Rug Retailer of America (ORRA) again presents exclusive at-Market programming including a discussion of the future of the rug industry, educational programs and walking tours of the Market.


AmericasMart celebrates the creativity, artistry and passion of the Area Rug industry at its annual America’s Magnificent Carpets® Awards on Friday, January 9 at 6 p.m. in the Peachtree Ballroom at the Westin Peachtree Plaza, connected to AmericasMart Building 1. AmericasMart Building 1 in January 2015 continues as the Market destination for all things HOME across 18 full floors of merchandise—all categorized for optimum efficiency. The Building 1 HOME collections include: Floor 1: HD Home, the exclusive juried collection of design-focused home furnishings & décor. Floor 2: Area rugs presented in the National Oriental Rug Show

Temporaries collection. Floors 3—6: Area rugs, furniture, lighting and accessories.
Floor 7: Furniture, accessories, lighting, fine linens, home textiles and more in the HOME Temporaries collection. Floors 9—10: Home accents, furniture and fine linens.
Floors 11—15: Furniture, home accents and accessories, lighting, and area rugs. Floors 16—20: Holiday, floral and home décor. AmericasMart Atlanta is the nation’s only global wholesale marketplace housing the world’s single-largest collection of home, gift, area rug and apparel merchandise. The largest of AmericasMart’s 14 annual Markets and shows, The Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market

and The Atlanta International Area Rug Market in January and July are the ignition switch for global retailing with buyers from every U.S. state and as many as 90 countries discovering product in more than 1,400 showrooms and more than 2,500 temporary exhibiting companies. Located in downtown Atlanta, the AmericasMart complex contains more than seven million square feet of space. It’s a huge global stage on which manufacturers, designers and sales representatives unveil new lines, launch new designs and introduce new categories – all for the benefit of buyers seeking all that is fresh and first in the home, rug, gift and apparel arenas.

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