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September - October 2015

SLEEP WELL EXPO-Istanbul opens with greater success!


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Sleep Well Expo, almost doubled in a year! It was beyond expectations when it was first launched last year. Some world giants especially in the technology and components parts had participated in the first edition of the show. It was the main signal to show that the fair would be developed fast. It has come true. This year, all of those big brands returned and a great many new prestigious brands have also been added to the list. So, it is going fast on becoming a world brand in the world sleep products show industry.

Turkey is en emerging and stabile market with its fast growing population, advantageous location and developing economy. The mattress industry, mattress machinery and equipment are among the fastest growing sectors in Turkey. The developments experienced in the sector and the innovations, the collaboration among industrialists are the important factors motivating the improvement of the mattress and bedding industry in Turkey. All these positive developments urged a fair in the industry and that’s how SLEEPWELL EXPO” show was born. It is held at the opposite side of Istanbul’s most famous international airport, Ataturk International Airport from where you can get the exhibition grounds in a few minutes. It is almost very clear that the fair will be one of the strongest fairs in the bedding industry worldwide in the very near future. The fair is held one week before the early general elections. Although the macro economic indicators are strong we wish the political stability is also becomes strong for a real powerful and sustainable economy. Let’s hope that everybody involved in our show gets lucrative business and the country attains stability again in a very short time after the elections.


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Atlanta Attachment Company The Company that

Sudden Service built


New Era in Mattress Exhibitions


Ă–nder Honi

Except for America and the Central Europe, the mattress industry conducted its activities as a sub-sector of furniture industry. However, the industrialists of the sector have become an independent sector within the last decade. As known ISPA fairs are organized in different states of the USA biennially. The events attract visitors from the Northern and Central America, including Latin American countries and around the world. American customers generally prefer softer and higher mattresses generally. The fabrics of mattresses differ from those of other countries. Besides, flame retardancy standards of America also differ. The culture of mattress changes from country to country. For this reason, we can say that ISPA fairs cannot assume an international position in terms of mattress market penetration. Apart from ISPA, High Point Market and Las Vegas Market are the other significant events of the region. The Central and Western Europe are the two other remarkable mattress markets. Among the major fairs of this region, Interzum Cologne Fair, displaying the latest developments and innovations of the sector, becomes marked with its 60,000 visitors from 150 countries. IMM Cologne is another fair predominantly designed for furniture sector but also for the mattress industry. These fairs target the Euro-

pean markets in particular. Apart from these two fairs of Germany, MeubelBeurs of Belgium, Salon De Meuble of France, Meble Polska of Poland and NBF Bed Show of the United Kingdom are the other major fairs of Europe. Interzum of China particularly focuses on inputs for the mattress industry. Turkey’s ISMOB particularly targets furniture and mattress industry. Based on the facts mentioned above, we can say that SleepTech Magazine, being the specialist publication of the sector, has turned out to be successful from the standpoint of conveying the message of Turkish mattress industrialists. The leading industrialists of the sector and I proposed the idea of establishing a specialist mattress fair. Voli Fair Services Company organized the first one, SleepWell Expo last year. The Fair proved to be an ideal ground for the state-of-the art technologies, innovative products and latest collections of the mattress and supplier industry. Recording a remarkable success in 2014, SleepWell Expo is organized for the second time this year, 22-25 October, at Istanbul Expo Center. I am convinced that SleepWell Expo will pave the way for remarkable business opportunities in European, Asian and African markets. I wish success for all participants of the Fair.

Latex, a gift of nature Latexco is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of latex foam components for the bedding industry. Thanks to 60 years’ experience and a fine selection of the best raw materials, Latexco ensures the very best sleeping comfort.

All Latexco products are guaranteed: • minimum 20% natural latex • unequalled elasticity and perfect body support • optimal ventilation • Excellent durability • equal pressure distribution • a hygienic and healthy micro-climate • anti-bacterial and resistant to mold, mildew and dust mites • certified quality

Visit d u r i nu s Sleep g w Hall ell Expo 10 - B 03

Sint-Amandstraat 8bis - 8700 Tielt (BE) - Tel. +32 (0)51 40 14 31 - Fax +32 (0)51 40 55 66 Contact Stefaan Reynaert - Area Sales Manager - - -


INDEX ADS Boyteks............................................. Back cover Boyçelik................................ Inside back cover Mert Makine......................... Inside front cover Mert Makine...................................................... 1 Artilat.................................................................. 2 Ümit Makina...................................................... 4 Atlanta Attachment......................................... 7 Latexco.............................................................. 9 Nova................................................................. 10 Aydın Tekstil...................................................... 11 ELektroteks....................................................... 12 Özdemir Malzeme.......................................... 15 Deslee Clama................................................. 16 Kisbu................................................................. 18 Eraform............................................................. 21 Reform.............................................................. 23 Yılmar................................................................ 25 Arda Kimya...................................................... 27 Balkan Makina................................................ 29 Qaliteks............................................................ 31 Onur Kapitone................................................. 32 Comfytex......................................................... 34 Ersan Madeni..................................................40 Casoon Makina..............................................44 Giz Grup...........................................................46 Histeks............................................................... 51 Ekici Makine.....................................................55 Özak Makine...................................................56 Allbeco............................................................. 61 Artintech..........................................................65 Bekaert............................................................. 67 Boyteks............................................................. 71 Bünteks............................................................. 73 Covercomp..................................................... 75 Doğuş Ofset..................................................... 77 Feryal................................................................ 85 İMS Makina...................................................... 93 İskeçeli.............................................................. 95 Jakarteks.......................................................... 97 Kırayteks......................................................... 101 Ercansoy......................................................... 104 Legget............................................................ 107 Nerteks............................................................119 Pomax............................................................ 125 Punteks........................................................... 127 Akpoli............................................................. 131 Şiteks............................................................... 137 Karas............................................................... 145 Uniitech Expo................................................ 147


Malouf Takes Gold in Packaging Design at 8th International Design Awards Self Clear fabrics: A new product of Comfytex



BOYTEKS, the innovation leader of the sector, is among the branded export giants of Turkey



“SleepWell Expo can be another Interzum for the industry”

FORM SUNGER at 42 countries in 4 continents




Culture of traders and artisans blossoming again in Kayseri OIZ

We have 250cm spunbond line. Thanks to this line we have fast service to mattress and pocket spring industry with different size, color and weight.


Let’s wake up in Istanbul on October 22! Dear Readers and Valuable Exhibitors and Visitors of Sleepwell Expo,

Ömer Faruk GÖRÜN

Published first in 2011 our publication Sleep Well was so successful that in a short time it forced us to publish a second publication named Sleep Tech, a new publication focused on technical sides of the business. Presenting Turkish mattress and its supply industries to the world markets, these publications have always been at the service of both domestic producers and foreign companies who have interested in the development in Turkish sleep industry. We hope that with our publications and with our activities we will be at the service of our business partners for many years to come. While at the beginning, from the early days of our publication, we had been informing about our dreams of organizing a special fair for mattress and sleep products. Several names in this business, including Onder Honi, Berna Ilter, Mustafa Cetinbulut, Mustafa Nebi Dogan, and others have always encouraged, motivated and supported us with their valuable ideas. At the end of talks, last year we have decided to organize the first and only trade fair focused on sleep products, the Sleep Well Expo, borrowing the name of our publications. We may have act somehow unprepared in the first edition. We had both problems and also excitement for success. In Turkish we have special saying for these cases, something to be translated as “Caravan is made up as it runs along”. As it may be the first but our guests and participating companies were mostly happy when leaving the event. Number of participants was about 50. Their number reached more than a hundred. Many new international companies were with us.

In this special edition of our publication you will find detailed information about participating companies. I had dared to say, “this is the first and the only fair in the world”. I really meant it. There are only a few mattress and supply industries fairs in the world. Some of mattress manufacturers are participating in the fairs focused on furniture industry. However, there is no other event in the world that brings all partners in the mattress and sleep products industry with all their machinery, products, services and components, etc. The fair needs your genuine support for further expansion of the fair. You will find a special interview with Erol Boydak who says, “Sleep Well Expo is really an exciting fair for us. Evteks, Ismob have become the largest fairs in the world. With the potential Turkey has, this event may be a new Interzum in the world. To this end, we, the industrialists, have to extend our powers and contribution in this great investment for Turkish economy. We as companies in this segment, have to be both visitors and participants in this fair. We have been producing the best products and mattresses in the world, why not we have the largest fair in this field?” I appreciate the encouraging words of Erol Boydak. He efficiently reflected our sense and mission. Starting with this issue, I personally will inform about the latest development in our publications, fair activities and in our industry. For now, I say goodbye to you, and welcome to our visitors. Those friends of ours, who could not get a chance to participate in or visit to the fair this year we remind them to take


Malouf Takes Gold in th Packaging Design at 8 International Design Awards Malouf is awarded first place in packaging and receives multiple honorable mentions at the 8th International Design Awards.

LOGAN, Utah (PRWEB) Malouf, an upscale bedding manufacturer of sheets, pillows, protectors, toppers and frames, has been awarded first place in packaging design and received multiple honorable mentions at the 8th International Design Awards, an annual competition drawing more than 1,000 entries from 52 countries throughout the world. Competing with some of the largest brands in the world, Malouf received the ‘Gold’ award for its elegant, highend Italian Collection sheet packaging. In 2014, Malouf

updated the design of its Italian Collection packaging to match the superior product found within, 100 percent Egyptian cotton sheets hand-tailored by Italian artisans. The updated package employs matte fabric board to make a two-piece box crafted in traditional Italian linen style. All typography on the box is stamped in silver foil with the size and color hand marked to emphasize hands-on artistry. After removing the lid, a layer of printed white tissue veils beautifully folded and arranged linens. Tucked


inside, in bold black against the soft white of the sheets, is a handsigned care card completed by the artisan who conducted the final inspection. “It is a great honor to be awarded first place in one of the most prestigious design awards in the world,” said Emily Bunnell, Malouf’s creative director. “This level of recognition paints a picture of the incredibly talented people at Malouf whose hard work is now celebrated among the highest circles in the design community.” Malouf also received honorable mentions in professional multimedia for its newly redesigned website and an instructional video describing its trend-setting online account management system. The new Malouf website integrates cutting-edge design principles that facilitate its goal to educate buyers and customers on the brand and products within. The home page and primary product pages feature a full-width video produced to showcase the key points of the company and respective product families. Most of Malouf’s custom-

The company exhibits its new award-winning Italian Collection packaging, its website and account management video, among other things, at its permanent tradeshow spaces in Las Vegas, New York, High Point, and Tupelo. to design the website to be in the award-winning category so it’s great to see it in the same arena,” said Amber Evertsen, the lead designer for Malouf’s website.

ers use the website to learn about its products so the product pages were designed with large, high-resolution photographs and complementary copy to help consumers understand the detail behind each product. “From the beginning we wanted

Malouf’s video is a brief, animation created by its in-house design and video team to educate its buyers about the powerful online account management tools it created to make ordering, managing and paying easy. “Last year we launched our online account management system to help our retail partners access all

the information they needed at any time they wanted it,” said Chad Andrews, Malouf’s video animation specialist and graphic designer. “The video was a fun project that allowed us to be creative and educate about something very functional. We’ve had great feedback from our retail partners already, so it’s cool to get this kind of recognition as well.” This wasn’t the first time Malouf was awarded for its packaging. Four years earlier, Malouf received ‘Silver’ at the 4th International Design Awards for its Sleep Tite mattress protector line packaging. Malouf will exhibit its new award-winning Italian Collection packaging, its website and account management video, among other things, at its permanent tradeshow spaces in Las Vegas, New York, High Point, and Tupelo.


Sustainable product stewardship and transparency along the textile supply chain Hohenstein Institute offers branded and retail companies and production plants customized solutions for implementation of the objectives of the German Textiles Partnership BÖNNIGHEIM – At the beginning of June the lead bodies and some 30 blue-chip branded and retail companies from the textile industry joined the “Partnership for Sustainable Textiles” set up by the German government. The aim of this partnership is to work with politicians and the relevant NGOs to improve social and environmental standards along the textile production and supply chain with the help of an action plan. As a founding member of the International OEKO-TEX® Association the Hohenstein Institute has for many years provided companies all along the textile value-added chain with systematic support in successfully fulfilling their responsibility in relation to human-ecological product safety, environmentally friendly production processes and fair working conditions. OEKO-TEX® offers partnership members from trade

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 - The OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is an independent testing and certification system for textile raw materials, intermediate, and end products at all stages of production.

and industry independent certification and services to ensure focused achievement of the sustainability objectives laid down in the action plan.

The Textiles Partnership and the OEKO-TEX® System revolve around the continuous improvement of current processes and conditions existing in textile manufacturing throughout the world. STeP by


OEKO-TEX® product plant certification permits for example complete analysis and assessment of the sustainability of production facilities based on a comprehensive evaluation of data and on-site validation of the data collected. The OEKO-TEX® System enables our experts from the Hohenstein Institute to assist all companies with the development of their own sustainability strategies, starting with the assessment of materials and ending with the finished textile product. The comprehensive OEKO-TEX® concept offers a range of solutions in terms of product stewardship. This includes chemicals / environmental management systems conforming with ZDHC and DETOX, which ensure transparent monitoring of the objectives defined in each case. The OEKO-TEX® System additionally focuses on safety at the workplace and compliance with the UN Conventions on Human Rights and ILO core labor standards. A transparent assessment system is used here to demonstrate to companies where there is need for optimization on the path towards “Best Practice” in terms of sustainability. The criteria applied for testing textiles for harmful substances to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 are tightened up on a yearly basis. In parallel regular adjustment of the STeP requirements ensures further develop-

STeP by OEKO-TEX® - STeP (“Sustainable Textile Production”) by OEKO-TEX® is an independent certification system for brands, retail companies and manufacturers from the textile chain who want to analyze, certify and optimize their production facilities with respect to sustainable and socially responsible manufacturing conditions.

Made in Green by OEKO-TEX® - Made in Green by OEKO-TEX® is an independent textile label for highlighting consumer articles and textiles at all levels of the textile value creation chain that are made from materials tested for harmful substances and have been manufactured using environmentally friendly processes and under safe and socially responsible working conditions.

ment by the OEKO-TEX® partner companies of their responsibility for products, the environment and employees step by step.

As regards the central requirement of the Textiles Partnership for transparency throughout the supply chain, the OEKO-TEX® System already delivers practical answers


in order to inform all stakeholder groups about advances and new developments in the textile sector. In this context the MySTeP database allows companies to map the sustainability of their supply chain at a b2b level using key performance indicators (KPIs), so monitoring, improving and driving forward this aspect with targeted measures. In conjunction with the consumer label Made in Green by OEKO-TEX® this in particular permits branded-and retail companies to directly advertise on the product itself that it has been manufactured under environmentally friendly and socially responsible conditions. Thanks to a unique product ID shown on the Made in Green label consumers can trace the path taken by a textile item during production. Another element of the action plan for sustainable textiles is the undertaking of member companies to submit to an independent review process, which is designed to ensure the transparent monitoring of objectives. Under the STeP certification program for example the OEKO-TEX® System already requires companies to commit to environmental, social and economic objectives over a specific time frame and to provide detailed reporting of the measures implemented here. Validation is carried out on site at the production plant by independent experts from the Hohenstein Institute. Audits also

MySteP by OEKO-TEX® - MySTeP by OEKO-TEX® is a database for brands, retailers, and manufacturers, which enables them to manage their own supply chains whether or not they are OEKO-TEX® certified.

offer the opportunity of discussing any problems with our experienced textiles specialists and to jointly develop appropriate solutions. It is a shared aspiration of OEKO-TEX® and the Textiles Partnership to monitor linkage with European and international initiatives / institutions to create a level playing field in terms of competition. Since being founded in 1992, OEKO-TEX® has actively striven to harmonize its own requirements through standards and global initiatives in the textiles sector to ensure the greatest possible comparability with other third-party suppliers. The matrix for the assessment of sustainable production plants has thus already been coordinated with the Higg Index of the

Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) and the requirements of the ZDHC initiative. Thanks to the integrative approach existing works certifications and sustainability measures can be directly incorporated in the OEKO-TEX® System, so avoiding the duplication of investments. This also systematically adds to the current level of engagement, so permitting consolidation under one roof. With the OEKO-TEX® System the Hohenstein Institute offers globally standardized sustainability services, not just to small and medium-sized enterprises but also to international branded and retail companies to ensure it can efficiently cater for their individual requirements.

Self Clear fabrics: A new product of Comfytex 36

Established two year ago, Comfytex is now exporting to 45 countries. Recently launched a new product namely Self Clear, Hasan Kucuk, chairman of the company introduces his company and informs about plans for the future.

Would you share your assessment about the last two years of the company?

Hasan Kucuk, Chairman of the company

During the last two years our customers have been so happy from us. We have become a known brand in the market. We sell our products to 45 markets. We have a trustful customer base. 60% of our

manufacture is exported, we plan to make it 80%. We sell to major companies in domestic market including Kilim, Yatas, Ipek, Alfemo, Laressa, Gundogdu and Modalife.

Do you have any new investment? Next year we will buy new machinery of about 5 million dollars. We start to produce mattress covers besides mattress fabrics.

Do you have plans to enter new markets? Our target for the next year is the USA. It has high potential and a profitable market. Their orders are


ten times voluminous than the Europeans’. Besides sleep culture is more mature. 600 thousand mattresses are sold in this market daily. It means about 2.5 million meters of fabrics for mattresses. US companies buy their fabrics mostly from China.

What kind of products do you produce? What is the recent one, and what specs that has? Recently we developed a new product and named it Self Clear, having active elements in it that cleans itself. The fabric is also able to remove noxious scent, bacteria, nicotine, toxin, sooties, viruses and other organic dirt. They are, antibacterial, against staphylococcus aureus, klebsiella pneumonia, E.coli bacillus and MRSA microorganisms. They deodorize, removes body scents, ammonium, ascetic acid, formaldehyde scent in tobacco smoke. They remove stains of both exterior stains caused by sweat, mud, and earth and difficult to remove stains caused by some proteins and oily materials. Self clear fabrics removes these by decomposing them under sun light. To be effective, fabrics should have been moisturized, stains or dirt should be contacted an there must be light. Self clear fabrics are hydrophilic and breathable, thus the moisture caused by sweat is removed fast from materials, and the skin is dried. Main characteristics of self clear fabrics do not lessens by washing and daily usage. Photo catalytic effects are protected and are active under light. They are natural and skin and environment friendly.


The company adheres its basic principle of ‘unconditional customer satisfaction’

YILMAR exports to 50 countries on 5 continents Starting his way in 2001 as a member of Yilmaz Enterprises Group, Yılmar today appears to be one of the leading companies in Turkey steel wire production with an annual capacity of 50,000 tons. Concurrently with the export business, which is geared to the needs of the furniture and automotive industries in 50 countries on 5 continents, Yılmar affirms its leading position in the sector with its R & D activities.

Zübeyde Yılmaz, Supply Chain Manager of Yılmar Çelik

Qualify fifty-first among the two hundred and fifty largest export companies in Bursa for 2014, Yılmar carries on his production activity in an area of 30,000 square meters

with the help of a staff of 400 professionals. To achieve increased its target for 2015, Yılmar realized investments in the production of the latest technology and equipment and also conducts educational program among which serve the purpose of planning and continuous development and progress.

According BCCI’s leaves for realized export for 2014 Yılmar ranked fifty-first Acting on the principle of continuous improvement of its quality, cost reduction and technological development, Yılmar develops its production activities according to the principles of ISO9001.


Referring to the principles of quality production and unconditional customer satisfaction, the Director of the Department of chain supply Zubeyde Yilmaz said: “With a professional approach, perform strict control of our production processes and thereby achieve high quality. To increase customer confidence, our dynamic leadership is quick solutions to all requests and suggestions. In fact, our entire team works on the principle of unconditional satisfaction customers. Today we realize exports to 50 countries from 5 continents and

are ranked fifty-first place among the largest export companies registered in BCCI. Simultaneously, we are among the 250 largest companies on Bursa. Moreover, according to data Turkish Exporters Assembly, we are among the top 1,000 largest export companies of Turkey. Seen in line with our strategic objectives, these results are a cause for pride. By improving production and our export performance in 2015, our goal is to be among the first 150 export companies of Bursa.”

Yılmar took its place at this year’s Sleepwell Expo Drawing attention to environmentally friendly and innovative products, Yılmar manufactures its products without use of health and environmental harmful chemicals. Reacting to the demand and market needs, Yılmar closely monitoring sectoral fairs. During the conducted between 22 and 25 October this year fair for Beds Technologies Sleepwell Expo, Yılmar will share with its customers many of his products and technologies.


Ersan Madeni designs exclusive solutions for the mattress industry Ersan, the global leading company of sleeping sector, has started its first business life at the metal sector. In a Professional meaning it has the capability of producing more over 30 years. In free zone, during year 2011 has passed to soft bedding group, moved its metal experience to the bedding sector with the same aesthetic and quality concept. Ersan within its concept, designed the products as the foreign market required and at the 70000m2

modern facilities it developed sleep collection like serial and boutique production according to the market needs. These are, stable and adjustable boxspring bed sets, pullback rail system boxspring. At the same time stone wash beds, bunkbeds and folding beds are found at its production group which are produced in modern washing and painting units. In addition to these, Ersan produces interior constructions of the electrical box-


springs, first quality mattresses for home and hotel concept. Ersan has achieved to remain at the top of list by overtaking trend and developing technology, has strengthened its customer with their brand name at the market, has increased the sales and giving distributorship. By the way under the brand name A&E Primus Betten which states in LĂśhne Germany, presents top level fantastic designs to the customer interest and improve that local market day by day. It submits aesthetic products people who have different and high standard life styles. Giving priority to R&D activities with the purpose of carrying out pioneering projects in the bedding sector, using its cumulative knowledge through its trading experience and with its professional staff who are innovative and have a broad vision, Staying updated, following the ever progressing technology without losing the first excitement of entrepreneurship in the state of art manufacturing facilities founded with the newest technologies in mind, Promoting the vision of comfort, aesthetic and quality in our country, taking care of the ever-changing consumer preferences via its professional staff and partners, and finally, promoting its trademark international market via taking an active role in the world bedding market required by the market conditions in which it exists, Ersan adapts its commercial doctrines and vision in the direction of researcher soul to all personnel. In addition to having professional team and it offers solutions, suggestions with new ideas to the market requirements. It aims to present “Ersan Sleep Comfortâ€? for every home it goes on progressing with innovative perspective in accordance with its principles.

HC3500 Yeni Yüksek Hızlı Bilgisayarlı Çok İğneli Zincir Dikişli Kapitone Makinesi

Tam bağımsız sistemi ile hayal gücünüzün sınırlarını zorlayın! Siz hayal edin o gerçekleştirsin.

Special Function / Özel Fonksiyonlar • In dependent sewing heads allows quit with simple patterns, T&J patterns and single head quiting patterns. (Patented product) Bağımsız çalışan dikiş barları ile alışılmışın dışında çok farklı kapitone desenleri Patantli kendine özel T&J desenler ve tek kafa kapitone desenleri • State of the art tracking, superior tracking system allows effortless movement of foam to be fed into quiter (Patented product) Dünyada hiçbir makinede bulunmayan yalnızca size özel patantli haraketli sünger besleyici tasarımı • Adjustable presser foot lifting mechanism enables you to qualit a broad renge of material thickness and patterns. Ayarlana bilir baskı ayağı kaldırma mekanizması sayesindegeniş bir yelpazede kapitone yapar. • A high powered fast speed controlled servo motor for thick quilting with accuracy. Ultra hassas kalın kapitoneler için yüksek enerjili hızlı kontrollü servo motor • New main shaft control for easy timing adjustment. Using high quality sealed bearings. Yüksük kaliteli sızdırmaz yataklar kullanan kolay zamanlama ayarı için yeni ana şaft • Newly updated software allowing quick design changes of operation. Hızlı tasarım yapabilme olanağı sağlayan en güncel yazılım • Thread brake detector. Ultra hassas digital ip kopmalarını algılayan sensörler • Using air cylinder for thread cutting tail length. İplik kesme ve kuyruk uzunluğu ayarı için hava silindiri. • Emergency safety devices. En güncel standartlarda acil güvenlik cihazları • Diagnostic detection. Diagnostik algılayıcı dedektör

Application / Uygulama Alanı

Yatak paneli, yatak pedleri, yatak örtüleri, yorgan, yatak, döşeme ve daha fazla alanda kullanıma uygundur. Technical Specification / Teknik Özellikler Boyutlar

Daha geniş çalışma ekranı

Ağırlık Kapitone Genişliği Dönüş Hızı Üretim Hızı İğne Ölçüleri İğne Düzeni

Bağımsız ip koptu dedektörü

Max. Yatay Hareket İğne Boşluğu Voltaj Dikiş Aralığı Güç Kapitone Kalınlığı

Yüksek hızlı kontrollü servo motor

Yeni ana şaft kontrolü

HC2500 Yüksek Hızlı Bilgisayarlı Çok İğneli Zincir Dikişli Kapitone Makinesi

Application / Uygulama Alanı

Special Function / Özel Fonksiyonlar • New Fabric loading design. Easy loading material. Kolay kumaş yükleme şekli kolay malzeme besleme • Tilted body design. Easy to operate and maintain. Eğimli gövde şikli, kolay kullanım ve koruma

Yatak paneli, yatak pedleri, yatak örtüleri, yorgan, yatak, döşeme ve daha fazla alanda kullanıma uygundur.

• Thread brake detector İğne Kopma alğılayıcı

19inch LCD ekran

Technical Specification / Teknik Özellikler

• Using air cylinder for thread cutting tail length Hava silindiri ile ipin kuyruk uzunluğu kesimi • Operated using high quality sealed bearings that do not need lubrication. Yüksek kaliteli yağlama ihtiyacı olmayan kapalı rulmanlar • Adjustable presser foot lifting mechanism enables you to quilt a broad range of material thickness. Ayarlanabilir ayak bastı kaldırma sistemi ile geniş sıralı kalın kapitone yapabilme

En yeni çift rulman iğne sıra desteği

Ağırlık Kapitone Genişliği Dönüş Hızı Üretim Hızı

• Emergency safety devices Enerji tasarruf cihazı

İğne Ölçüleri

• Improved quilting software control system allows more precise and stable quilting operations. Geliştirilmiş yazılım ile daha hassas ve sağlam kapitone

İğne Düzeni

• CAD Pattern drawing ,pattern system allows you to create your own designs. CAD desen çizim sistemi kendi desenlerinizi uygulama sistemi verir

İğne Boşluğu

• Machine comes with 100-300 design patterns. Makine 100-300 desen ile birlikte gelir • Error problem detection system. Hata tespit etme sistemi

Ayarlanabilir malzama tutucular


• Pattern compensation. Desen düzeltme

Max. Yatay Hareket

Voltaj Dikiş Aralığı Güç Kapitone Kalınlığı


Basit güç besleme kolay koruma

Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 16. Cadde No:32 Melikgazi - Kayseri / TÜRKİYE Tel: +90 352 321 12 60 Fax: +90 352 321 32 67 China: +86-150 880 61060 |


New investment of Giz Group Giz Group expands monthly capacity to 4 million meters by investing in machinery.


Erhan Karakaslar General Manager of Giz Grup

A producer of bands, air capsules, and labels for mattress manufacturers, Giz Group is growing in the sector. Erhan Karakaslar, general manager of the company informed about his company and their activities in the sleep products industry.

On recent developments in the industry and Turkey’s share in the world In line with the developments in world markets, purchasing power of the people, their standard of lives, their consciousness about healthy sleep, and demand for better beds and sleep products have been increasing in the last decade. As a result of this growing demand, numerous companies started to invest in this segment to get their shares

from the market. All of these are the main reason of the proliferation of products varieties and hardening of the competition. It also brought growth, quality and focused operations in the market. Turkish companies became successful players in world markets as well.

On the contributions of SleepWell Expo of which second edition will be held this year. I believe that, all of these are made possible only by the activities mentioned above and the efforts and contributions of your SleepWell magazine. For all of your contributions and benefits you offered us, I and my company express our deep appreciations to your organization.


On the investments the company has made recently Mattress producers, machinery manufacturers, raw material and end products suppliers are increasing their business volumes, production capacities and technologies up to the world standards. Turkish companies are encouraged to enter new markets, visit or participate in trade fairs in the world. We, as Giz Group, are improving our products and ourselves continuously. We invest to increase our sales in domestic and in international markets. This year, we expanded our production capacity for mattress bands up to 4 million meters per month. We continue to serve our customers with our other products including air capsules, mattress carrying bands, and product labels, etc.

Leggett & Platt, a world brand of most brandy companies 52

“By taking part in SleepWell Expo we are intending to expand our interests in Turkey, support the industry, and demonstrate its longterm importance to us. Our presence at this show will also allow us to identify and attract new customers/prospects, as this territory is a gateway to Middle East business and also business from India,” says Ali Anil, Sales Manager of Leggett & Platt. Along with him, Mr. Max Acdarian, International Sales Director, and Mr. Chris France, Marketing Manager furnished us with details of their success story.

Leggett & Platt, Incorporated Leggett & Platt is a diversified manufacturer (and member of the S&P 500) that conceives, designs, and produces a broad variety of engineered components and products that can be found in most homes, offices, and automobiles. Leggett & Platt serves a broad suite of customers that comprise a “Who’s Who” of U.S. and Interna-

tional manufacturers. The 132-yearold company (founded in 1883) is made of 18 business units, 20,000 employee-partners and 130 facilities located in 19 countries.

Leggett & Platt, International Bedding Components Formed in 1998, Leggett & Platt International Bedding Components was developed over the last 17


years to strategically position Leggett & Platt as the largest supplier of innerspring components to the bedding and furniture industry within Europe, South Africa, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific. As one of Leggett’s core business units, International Bedding Components is part of the largest business segment (Residential Furnishings) and has more than 1,000 employee-partners.

Benefits of innerspring mattresses Whether open or pocketed, the engineering of innersprings offers exceptional support. With a breathable design, innersprings allow a lot of airflow, keeping the sleep surface up to 28% cooler than foam mattresses. Innersprings also offer the ability to customize a mattress to individual preferences by adjusting coil counts, wire gauges, coil geometry, and coil turns within the

unit. And, because they’re made of steel, innersprings are extremely durable and resist sagging, settling, or taking a body impression. Innersprings can typically be found in three system types; open coil, continuous coil, and pocketed coil.

tops and bottoms. Continuous coil innersprings consist of entire rows of coils formed using only one piece of wire. All three springs are helically laced using a spiral wire that holds the coils (and/or rows) together, creating the unit.

Open and Continuous Coil Innersprings

Pocketed Coil Innersprings

Open coil innersprings are made from individual coils laced together to form rows: Knotted Bonnell with rounded tops and bottoms, and offset with open-end squared-off

Pocketed coil innersprings are made by encasing individual coils in their own flexible, breathable fabric pockets. Those pockets are then ultrasonically welded or glued together so coils can


move independently, cradling and conforming to the sleeper. Before they’re placed in the pocket, the coils can be pre-compressed, giving them greater firmness and support. Because pocketed coils can be customized to almost any specification and comfort level, they can produce a variety of unique feels. When used as a comfort layer, pocketed coils can offer higher coil counts and a resiliency that other comfort layers, like foam and latex, can’t provide. Pocketed coils can be stacked or layered together, and since each coil is individually wrapped, coil heights can vary within a row, further expanding their potential.

Platt, Mira-Coil and the equipment required to manufacture it are protected patents.

Coolflow® (pocket coil product example); A new level of cool, comfortable sleep Beyond customization – introducing the Coolflow pocket combination system. This advanced configuration concept fuses some of the finest pocketed innerspring technology in the industry, maximizing airflow and creating one of the coolest – and most comfortable – sleep surfaces possible. • Premium-quality, high-coil-count pocket combination system. • Expanded airflow means the mattress does not trap heat, resulting in a cooler sleep environment and reduced moisture buildup.

VertiCoil® Edge (open coil product example) We’re proud to introduce VertiCoil Edge, the latest in Leggett & Platt’s long line of bedding innovations. This revolutionary new open-offset alternating coil innerspring will set the standard with sleep benefits that start with consistent support anywhere on the mattress. That consistency means that sleepers will feel better the next day – better in their approach to their job or whatever the day holds.

• Provides a high degree of softness and comfort, with lasting performance that supports all body types, weights, and shapes. Pocketed innersprings help prevent partner disturbance and roll-together.

About Sleepwell Expo

Mira-Coil® (continuous coil product example) Since its introduction, Mira-Coil has been acclaimed the most innovative sleeping surface development in the world. Utilising advanced wire-forming technology; Mira-Coil has earned its reputation within the bedding industry as a premier innerspring of quality. Mira-Coil is made up of continuous strands

of specially formed wire. This “pioneering innerspring system” provides the optimum in surface comfort, weight distribution, body conformity, and essential support. Produced only by Leggett &

What are we trying to achieve with this effort? Expand our interests in Turkey, support the industry, and demonstrate its long-term importance to us. Our presence at this show will also allow us to identify and attract new customers/prospects, as this territory is a gateway to Middle East business and also business from India. “It’s about attracting new business/prospects from new and existing territories. It’s about supporting the industry, showing its importance to us, and our commitment to it.”




From machinery, springs, foams, fabrics and chemicals to end product, all raw materials, technologies and components will be on display in SleepWell Expo Istanbul. To give an impression on latest products and technologies we offer the following snapshots for the readers especially for the visitors to lead them to the correct stands at the venue.SleepWell Expo SHOW PREVIEWS From machinery, springs, foams, fabrics and chemicals to end product, all raw materials, technologies and components will be on display in SleepWell Expo Istanbul. To give an impression on latest products and technologies we offer the following snapshots for the readers especially for the visitors to lead them to the correct stands at the venue.


Selรงuk VARLI, Director, Allbeco:

Allbeco has been known in international markets in a very short time although it is a young company. Allbeco has been a sales partner for customers in South Caucasus, Turkey, the Middle East, and Central Asia with respectful brands like KO-SI Slovenia, LATEXCO Belgium, Manifattura Maiano, Fast Zipper, Tekna Barrier and many other international companies. Also Allbeco is selling outside the world of mattress fabric material produced in Turkey. ALBECO was established in Kayseri by Turkish and Italian companies as a joint venture to operate in the mattress sector. The demand for natural concept mattress Allbeco offers you to use your products and get easily such products like the coolness of cotton, thermal comfort of wool, natural comfort of horsehair, the natural

antibacterial and comfort effect of coco, the effect quick drying and not affected by moisture of camel hair and of course the Latex foam containing natural rubber. For more information, please visit

Export Georgia, Iran, Ethiopia, Moldova, Kosovo, Armenia, Italy, Nigeria, Trinitrate Tobago, Guinea, Netherlands, Romania

Product Range Natural mattress materials, mattress materials

About Sleepwell Expo Come together and talk about the advantages of natural products in mattress market with domestic and overseas manufacturers and be a force in mattress market.


Selรงuk VARLI, Director, Allbemac:

Export On 2012 it established a new company as ALLBEMAC which is our brand name in international markets and provides the machines on all over the World. In a short time, thanks to its quality, trust, fast service and innovation, we success to export 25 countries and expanding its World market rapidly.

Product Range We produce machines for the mattress industry as ALLBEMAC; Automatic tape edge machine, Manual tape edge machine, single head quilting machine, Spacer Bordur machine, Automatic Wrapping machine, Press & Roll Pack Machine, Quilted panel cutting machine and roll fabric cutting machine. We also

producing Full Automatic Mattress Production Lines Project according to customers factory plans.

About Sleepwell Expo Sleepwell Expo most important fair of the sector that brings together to big companies about mattress and mattress Technologies and visitors from around the World. For this reason, We are proud to present for lastest technology machines and innovative ideas to our visitors. Taking into consideration the ideas of our customers, we will continue to effective, efficient and ease to operate machine design.


Conny Dils - Patrick Jakob, Artilat NV:

Artilat holds a leading European position as a manufacturer of a well-balanced range of latex foam products. Thanks to our close collaboration with the bedding industry, we are able to supply our partners with top quality products.


M. Alpaslan ŞAHIN, Sales And Marketing Manager, Artintechs:

“Artintechs presents solution partnership with unconditional customer satisfaction a b o u t designing and manufacturing of Display Systems. Artintechs’ products are Mattress Display Systems, Curtain Display Systems and Special Product Designing. All advertising tools must be used effectively in order to present the products correctly to the target market . Artintechs, always targets express service to ensure customer satisfaction by following the innovations in the sector with the principles “ Brilliant Idea, Correct Design, Perfect Production’. Our Company with its educated, experienced and talented team will be pleased to be a solution partner for you with all its projects.”

Export USA,Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Kosovo, Austria, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Russıa, Australıa, New Zealand, China, INDIA, Nigeria, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Iran, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Israel.

Product Range Mattress displaying systems, Pillow displaying systems, Bed Base displaying systems and ad boards, Base Board displaying systems, Mattress crossing displaying systems, Special design sleep center systems, Prototype mattress systems (for homes and hotels)

About Sleepwell Expo To promote our new products to our existing customers and to meet new potential buyers from domestic and international markets.




Ersin KOÇ, Sales Manager, Bekaert Textiles:

Product Range: Jacquared Woven and Knitted Mattress Fabric

Export Worldwide

What do you expect from Sleepwell Expo? Expect to see new customers from where Bekaert is not currently existing in those markets and also show latest developments and collections to the existing customers.


HALL 8 F02



Popa G. Marius, Bestfoam Srl

BESTFOAM SRL are a leading Romanian based manufacturer of band knife blades and band saw blades. We export to over 35 countries worldwide, our band knife blades are manufactured in European Union, that can provide you a big advantage to arrange customs clearance for export/import. BESTFOAM SRL uses in its production the highest quality steel available from Germany, Sweden, England, Italy, USA and Korea, and ultimate technology for welding and sharpening. BESTFOAM SRL offers a wide range of products to meet your needs and deserve industry, and can be sharp to cut: foam, paper, cork, plastic, cloth,

leather, E.V.A. (ethylene vinyl acetate), L.D.P.E. (low density ethylene), C.R. (chloroprene rubber), E.P.D.M. (ethylene propylene dine methylene). BESTFOAM SRL offer you a wide range of services, including: · Advisory selection & sizing production lines · Installing and commissioning for new machines · Machine maintenance · Production removals · Technological flows optimization · Users training


Feridun TOSUN, Export Manager, Boyçelik: and products in conformity to these certificates of quality. Boyçelik derives strength from customer satisfaction upon quality service and products, continuing to be a manufacturing power of the past and the future.” “Boyçelik is one of the outstanding investments of Boydak Holding, an industrial leader in Turkey and all over the world… It is a raw materials supplier of Europe’s largest mattress and furniture manufacturers… It is a forerunner in the manufacturing industry with quality products and on-time service.

Export We export to 65 countries mainly to European countries and to the USA, Turkic Republics, Middle East and North African countries.

Product Range

Operating on 112.000m2 total area of which 62.000m2 is covered and 50.000m2 is open, Boyçelik manufactures wire in a variety of diameters, springs and spring systems of numerous different specifications, round and rectangular tubes of several dimensions in 2 main facilities.

Boyçelik manufactures wire in a variety of diameters, springs and spring systems of numerous different specifications, round and rectangular tubes of several dimensions

With complete and strict control at every stage of each process, Boyçelik complies with national and international quality control systems such as TSE -ISO-EN-9000 (QMS), TSE -ISO-EN-14000 (EMS), ISGOHSAS TS18001, CE and TSE, always providing service

We expect more positive results from the second edition of the show than the first one held last year. We believe that there will be visitors from different geographies. Sleepwell expo will contribute to the Turkish mattress industry a lot.

About Sleepwell Expo


Deniz BOYDAK, Assistant General Manager for Sales And Marketing, Boyteks:

One of the prominent manufacturers of mattress ticking and upholstery fabric both in Turkey and in the world, Boyteks manufactures its mattress ticking in Kayseri and upholstery fabric in Bursa. Having started carpet manufacturing in the second half of 2011, all processes from yarns to fabric manufacturing are conducted in fully integrated facilities working with the ERP system. Boyteks fulfills the customer needs in the fastest way with its high production capacity and wide distribution network, and exports to over 90 countries around the world today. Offering brand-new pattern and fabric collections to customers at international fairs every year, Boyteks attaches great importance

to flammability and chemical finishing processes in production. The company designs infinite selections of patterns and construction with its expert design team to Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

through our innovative products. For instance, ’Triple Fresh’ mattress ticking fabric cleaning the air of the environment, ‘Biorytmic Sleep’ and ‘Proactive’ mattress ticking fabrics which regulate the bio rhythm of body continue attract interest. In addition, we developed ‘Biorytmic Sleep’ with an inspiration from minerals used at acupunctures and stone therapies.


About Sleepwell Expo

Boyteks exports to countries in different continents of the world, mainly to America, England, Italy and Poland. Last year the company exported to more than 1400 customers in 90 countries from Mauritius to Peru, from Japan to Chili.

Having such a fair for the first time in Turkey offers the opportunity of observing the innovations and latest product ranges. It is clear that the show will bring a different perspective to the sector. It will also be an important platform for those who want to involve in the mattress sector, which is gaining more ground every day in the world. We will be there at the show with our stand.

Product Range We follow the trends in textiles very closely. It is our mission to improve standards and living quality


Cemal ASLANDAĞ, General Manager, Bünteks:


About Sleepwell Expo

We’re exporting to 21 countries. Some of these Saudi Bringing the mattress main industry and its equipArabia, United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, Greece, Ser- ment together the show will be a good venue for our products to find new markets and new customers. We bia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, are also aiming to meet our existing customers and Albania, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Ger- to develop our relations with them further to make many, Netherlands. new plans with them for the future. We are planning to get maximum benefits from this well-organized fair and to set up good working areas for ourselves in Product Range the middle and long runs. We are taking our part in Woven mattress ticking fabric this show with the expectations that the number of exhibitors will be high and to address a wider area Bed Base fabric to make our presence felt all over the world.


Hikmet Burak AyazoÄ&#x;lu, Director, Coverconf:

Knitted Mattress Ticking fabric has brought very healthy and useful innovations in last 15 years in the world and the last 10 years in the Turkey. For meet the industry’s serious demand Coverconf was built in 2010 in Italy also opened its second factoryin Kayseri, Turkey in 2015 with the joint venture. Production with Mattress cover is the most ideal for the mattress manufacturers and provides benefits in many ways. The first of these advantages is to reduce high labor costs. Second one is to add new mattress models of your collection without making any new investments. For the mattress manufacturers it is easy to add Rich Borderline Mattress Sheathed Covers to your collection by CoverConf. CoverConf continues to be a pioneer about Knitted

Mattress Ticking covers. For following the design in the mattress industry Coverconf expects you to its showrooms and the factories and the website.

Export Italy, Nigeria

Product Range Mattress covers, pillow covers

About Sleepwell Expo Come together and talk about the advantages of natural products and knitted fabric in mattress cover market with domestic and overseas manufacturers and be a force in mattress cover market.


Bilal Karakuş, General Manager, Doğuş Ofset:

Product Range Dogus Ofset is a leaser company of Turkey about the mattress and furniture sector. We have been producing especially mattress labels and printing for showroom materials. Also we produce cata-

Mattress Labels, Pillow Boxes, Catalogues, Brochures, Magazines, Posters, Paper Bags, Stand Cards, Business Cards, Folders, Roll up Banners, X Banners

logues and brochures, etc. We have a customer cli-

About Sleepwell Expo

entele in over 30 countries. They are very satisfied

Considering that it will be first in Turkey we wanted to support and especially to develop our foreign market for the future years and to meet new customers. We have full confidence that this fair will develop soon and will enter among the top fairs of the world in its sector just like Istanbul Furniture Fair. We would like to be part of this potential for our own advantage as well as for the benefit of our country.

because of our prices, service and quality.

Export We mainly export to 25 countries in America, Africa and Middle East.


Ruby Cai, Dongguan Chishing Machinery:

Dongguan Chishing Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in ufac1989. It is the first manturer to produce multi needle quilting machines, mattress machinery, and bobbin winder. Quilting machine can be used to process the handbags, garments, quilts, bedcovers and mattress cover, kitchen sets.

ranged. 4. The Machine core parts use famous products: two drivers and two servomotors and 1 invertor all are:

Panasonic brand, Bearing and shaft: Japanese Ease brand Belt: Samsung and Italy Industrial computer: Evoc.

The advantages of our CHISHING company:

Steel: Japan imported then process in our own fac-

1. More than 26years experience to produce quilting machine.

tory (needle bar, shuttle holder, shuttle bed and the

2. After sell service offices all over big city in China and abroad also has agents to service the customers

machine frame and clamping board, etc. are extra

3. Total more than 15-20 technicians can be ar-

four main shafts, pressing board etc.) the shaft and stronger than other supplier. 5. The machine comes with one-year guarantee 6. We make design for the customers free of charge


Serkan GĂœler, Sales Director, Elektroteks: - Packing Machines: Automatic Packing Machines, Manual Packaging Machines and Rolling Lines

Export As Elektroteks Team, we have succeeded to reach 70 countries within 4-5 years in the international market. Our main focus from now on is to develop our production capacity, and increase our market share on specific markets.

- Border Machines: Full Border Processing Lines, Different Decorative Border Stitching Machines, Handle Machines and Auxiliary Machines. But of course these ranges are dynamic all the time and 30% of our production is all the time new machines, systems, developments.

About Sleepwell Expo

Sleepwell Expo was a very successful exhibition although it was the first time in 2014. We are totally Product Range satisfied with the quality of visitors and exhibitors. Elektroteks divides its product group into 4 as listed In order to have a stronger impact on the global market these exhibitions are very important for the below: country. That is why our expectations for this year is - Mattress Production Lines: Automatic Glue Lines, even higher and we are almost sure that the profile Conveyors and Tape Edge Machines of the visitors and exhibitors will be better. We will always support this organization in order to make it - Quilting Machines: Single Head, Double Heads more prestigious global brand name. Continuous Quilting Machines, Single Head Frame Type Quilting Machines



Hello from Enkev. We make quality products from natural fibers. Since our foundation we have become the leading processor of natural fibers. We make 100% natural filling materials for the mattress industry. We use the best natural sources to make our products. Nature constantly replenishes these raw materials, which are unsurpassed in resilience, durability and ventilation. Enkev supplies the complete environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic materials, such as: Comfort materials, filling pads, insulator pads and new innovative cores layers. These all natural products go well with our skin; they are extremely comfortable. Our products therefore deliver excellent benefits to both your customer and the world we live in. Our factories are in Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland and the UK. We’re looking forward to meeting you in Istanbul!


Ali Oğuzbaş, General Manager, Erike Tekstil:

Export The Netherlands, Belgium, Moldova, Iran, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Jordan, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia.

Product Range • Bed Closing Tapes from 10 mm up to 80 mm in 120 colors • 0,5 cm – 10 cm Narrow Woven • Bed Handles • Elastic Colon at 40-45% stretch • Load to Lift Equipment • Auto Trail Rope

About Sleepwell Expo We are taking part in this show to display our new products and to get new customers.


Aynur ERMAN, General Manager, Ersan Madeni:


About Sleepwell Expo

Israel, South Africa, UK, Hungary, Greece, Bosnia

We are exhibiting to lead the sector with our new designs and R&D studies and to increase our market share with our quality and aesthetical approach.

and Herzegovina, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany,

Product Range Mattresses, Bed Bases, Movable Mattress Mechanisms, Folding Spring Mattress, Bedsteads, Metal Bedsteads, Bunk Beds.


Mustafa Çeti̇nbulut, Member Of Board, Felteks-Mitsan-Lifos:

Export We export approximately 35 countries.

Product Range Soft and Hard Felts, Paddings, Visco Elastic Foam Mattresses and Pillows

About Sleepwelll Expo I believe that the fair will be a good show if necessary support is granted.


Ak覺n Bebek, General Manager, Feryal Fermuar:


About Sleepwell Expo

Russia, Serbia, Poland, Romania and Sweden.

This fair is the first of its kind in Turkey. It is very important for us, the manufacturers, as well as for the organizers. I believe that Turkey will be a leader in this field because of this fair. There should be a lot to be done by the organizers. The more domestic and foreign exhibitors attend the more continuous the fair will be. Also the booths should not be empty because they are never tolerated and they have a negative effect in overall situation of the show.

Product Range Our company produces all kinds of zippers. Our main branch is producing zippers for mattresses and mattress covers, home textiles and shoes and we have two patents in this field. As a type of zipper, we produce Nylon (N#3, N#4, N#5 and N#6), Delrin (D#5 and D#9) and Metal (M#3,M#4 and M#8). These kinds can be open-end, close-end, two-way and zipper which have not stop with slider.


Arif Emre Ölmeztoprak, Sales And Marketing Manager, Form Sünger:

Export We are exporting to 42 countries in 4 continents.

Product Range Polyurethane Foam, Foam, HR Foam, FR Foam, Visco Foam, Visco Pillow. With a foam production capacity of 7,000 m2 we are not only the biggest manufacturer of the country but also of the region.

About Sleepwell Expo We have positive expectations from the fair’s second edition this year. As per the information we got there will be visitors from farther countries this year. We believe that the fair will address to the far geographies in addition to its success in regional success. Although it was the first edition of the fair the premiere edition was still successful from the standpoints of quantity and quality of visitors. I hope that the number of visitors will double this year. We are supporting it since the beginning in order to make it more influential in the region. I hope that it attracts more interest in the future thereby filling an important gap in the sector.



Exports: Canada, Germany, France, Malaysia, USA, Thailand, UK, Dubai, Korea, Brazil, Poland, Italy, Columbia

Products range: Nonwoven fabrics

What is your expectation from Sleepwell Expo? We’d like to show our best products on the Sleepwell Expo and obtain approval as much as possible from people all over the world.


Ahmet Koray Atamer, General Manager, Furnicin:

Export We are shipping the products of the brands which we represent, to Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria and Azerbaijan.

Product Range Bonnel Spring and Pocket Spring Machines

About Sleepwell Expo We are participating in this fair to make an excellent promotion and to reach more customers and visitors.


Erhan KarakaĹ&#x;lar, General Manager, Giz Group:

Export Russia, Ukraine, Turkic Republics, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Tunisia and Algiers.

Product Range

About Sleepwell Expo Sleepwell Expo is the only fair of the sector in the country. For that reason, we believe that it will be successful. We are hoping to meet customers coming from domestic and foreign markets. We hope that it will be a satisfactory event.

We are serving the mattress sector with Gizteks, Gizplast and Gizgrafik brands with products as Mattress Tapes, Speacers, Speacer Machines, Woven Tapes, Ticking Handles, Mattress Ventilators, Mattress Handles, Corner Guards and Mattress Labels.



Mattress fabric (Knit fabric, Jacquard fabric, Mesh fabric, printing fabric)


Mehmet Ergüneş, General Manager, Huzur Malzeme:


“Dating back to 1983, Huzur Materials company has achieved to be always one step ahead of change

Egypt, Tajikistan, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Dubai, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Kyrgyzstan, Syria, Macedonia, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, China, Tunisia, Twain, Korea, Poland, Vietnam, Nigeria, Pakistan, Romania, Albania, Bahrain, Belgium, Belarus, UAE, Algiers, Estonia, Armenia, Morocco, Palestine, Georgia, Montenegro, Cyprus, Hungary, Mongolia, Moldova and Uzbekistan.

and one of the biggest and most successful suppliers not only in Turkey but also in Europe in its over 32-

Product Range

year business life.

Mattress glue, tape, felt, fiber, padding and yarn

Now, the firm works studiously in order to get more

About Sleepwell Expo?

advance towards future with its 16000 m2 open and 5000 m2 covered area and nearly 80 employees expert in their field, over 1000 product sorts, sales network via two centers, sister production firms in its structure. “

We would like to meet new customers and to increase our sales. I also believe that this fair will increase our brand value as well. Besides, we want to maintain continuity with our existing customers by increasing our product range.


Murat Toparlak, General Manager, Ä°ms Makina:

Export Azerbaijan

Product range We offer our own products as Mattress Overlock Flange Machine, Side Border Automats, and every kind of sewing machines upon demand.

About Sleepwell Expo Sleepwell is our first fair attendance. The main reason is our Flange Overlock Machine. The feedbacks are very promising and we get the reference of Turkey’s most respectful firms. This machine is referred as the best flange overlock machine. I hope we have a chance to promote ourselves well and increase our sales. It will be a great chance for us to increase our exports too. We hope that there will be great attendance from abroad and the show becomes an unforgettable one.


Türker Çıplak, Foreign Trade Manager, İskeçeli Yay:

Iskeçeli Kanepe Ltd. has been operating in the furniture industry for 35 years, supplying demands of the local and global market. İskeçeli Çelik Yay Tel Yan Ürünleri San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. was established in 2002 with the brand of COMFY SPRINGS. The factory is located in Değirmenköy - Silivri / İSTANBUL, 3500 m² open, 8000 m² closed area. Comfy Springs is manufacturing steel wire, bonnell springs and pocket spring systems for furniture and mattress manufacturer requirements. Comfy Springs exports 95 percent of its production to

over 15 countries around the world.

We are center of Innovation Our technical team is skilled and experienced and they have been working together for more than 15 years. Comfy Springs focused on producing innovative and patented products. We invested latest technological machineries in 2011 which makes Comfy Springs to lead in pocket spring production in Turkey. As always Comfy Springs approached trend creation with innovative products and focused on luxury, comfort and quality.

We anticipate a lot of interest in the pocket spring products during high-end goods production and know our customers will have a lot of success in their competition.”

Export England,



France, Israel, USA, Spain, Portugal.

Product Range Pocket, Bonnell Springs

About Sleepwell Expo We are expecting that there will be a great number of visitors from Turkey and abroad.


Semra Avci Demir, General Manager, Jakarteks:

Export “The production which started with weaving in mattress ticking, increased with knitted ticking , with the changes in market demands.

Bükreş, Transilvanya, Romanya

We serve our products after developing extra performance in safety, comfort and hygiene due to customer demands within the finishing department of our production line.

Upholstery fabrics

Our priority is environmentally friendly production with high quality and rapid supply while we are following the market’s demands in a changing and developing world. We work with customers in domestic and foreign markets of this quality assurance with a dynamic team.”

Product Range

About Sleepwell Expo We believe that Sleepwell Expo will be a good opportunity to promote our company.


Mehmet Demİrsoy, Board Chairman, Kar Makina:

Export USA, Holland, France, Romania, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan “As KAR MAKİNA, working on mattress, sofa and sewing machines, our firm continuously performs R & D developments and joins fairs, the manufactured machines have been offered to our dear customers’ admiration in the best way.

Product Range

We export 60% of our production. We are producing mattress machines, sofa machines and sewing machines which have all been tasted in world Having machines in many countries across the world is markets and have reached the world standards. We have capacity to design and produce customized a pride for KAR MAKİNA. There is absolutely a choice of our dear customers as the furniture manufacturers in machinery. We will be happy to offer our innovative products for our customers. KAR Machinery products. As the furniture manufacturers, if you make your products as the highest quality and also state-of-the-art products in a quick way, we, About Sleepwell Expo as KAR MAKİNA, will continue to serve and support We will make an impressive promotion at Sleepyou with our machines. “ well. We believe that this fair will grow further and will be a world fair in its field.


Ahmet KATER, Owner, Katermak:

Export Japan, Indonesia, Nigeria, South Africa, Lebanon, Morocco, USA, Canada, Finland, Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Belgium, The Netherlands, Morocco, Tunisia, Algiers

Product Range

Single head continuous quilting machine Width and length fabric cutting machine Fiber opening machine

About Sleepwell Expo Our goal is to increase the number of our export countries, to reach new companies and to promote our new products through the fair.

Multi – needle quilting machine. Chain stitch quilting machine Twin head continuous quilting machine


Onur KIRAYOĞLU, Board Member, Kırayteks:

Kırayteks. Our company, which is continuing the production of jacquard and straight fabric for home textile for a period of more than 20 years, also serves to domestic and foreign markets as result of its previous and ongoing investments on new technologies. Our product types are consisting of fabrics for roller blind, mattress ticking and technical textile with numerous design, type and composition.

Export Russia, England, Germany, The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Poland, Serbia, Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Cyprus, Greece, Azerbaijan, Spain, Italy, Canada, Australia

Product Range Knitted and woven bed tick (since 1975), curtain fabric (mainly roller blinds), technical textile industrial fabrics (value added, flame retardant, antibacterial, stainless, etc.)

About Sleepwell Expo The first edition of Sleepwell Expo had been very successful beyond our expectations. I believe that it is an attractive fair for nearby countries. I think it pulled the regional attention first. There should be more foreign participation this year. This will support to pull more visitors to the fair.


Mahir Korucu, Export Manager, Kaytekstil: Export With a considerable investment in a modern MADE IN KAYTEKS packing system, Kayteks R&D department has now achieved an competitive advantage in terms of loading optimization. Kayteks is now able to load between 2-4 tons more per Truck / 40HC than his competitors. This enabled customers to reduce their transport costs and buy almost 30% more in one Truck/Container purchase. Kayteks propose different range of packing systems adapted to customers’ logistics equipment situations not to discriminate smaller sized companies from big multinationals. This service enabled Kayteks to reach and serve all type of companies throughout the World. Besides packing systems, Kayteks has also considerably invested in highly qualified, experienced and multilingual Export Personals in order to respond wider range of customers’ demand. Kayteks Export Team is now exporting over 20 countries throughout 4 continents and has double its Production capacity booked for EXPORTS from

700 tons to 1400tons per month. Whilst expanding its exports, it has also invested in quality control department in order to continually improve himself and produce different range of products which are used in different region of the World. Today Kayteks is able to meet most of the demand of various type of felt used in Worldwide. Product Range With the investment on the new Production line MADE IN KAYTEKS, Kayteks widened its product range to meet the international demand. We now produce from soft to ultra hard felt and from Thermobonded to lower grammage felt. We can also produce different colored felt ranging from dark to brighter. All our products are the result of a recycling process of textile wastes. The advantageous effects of using our own machines in our products mainly lies on the superior quality of the felt especially on the homogeneity of products and continuous hardness / softness in a raw.

About Sleepwell Expo? As Kayteks we totally support the Sleep Well fair because, this organization is the first in Europe, Africa, Asia to be 100% focused on Sleep Technologies and Sleep Products. All actors in this field can catch the chance to meet any producers responding to different level of the Mattress Supply Chain. For Example, a visitor have the chance to meet under the same roof the spring manufacturer as well as Felt manufacturer or Fabric or Glue or Foam manufacturers. Along with machinery producers in this field. This is a very good opportunity to get to know each other, see and analyze the market closer in order to make strong business relationship. Also, This fair being organized in Istanbul, bring the advantage of being near to European Mattress Manufacturers, African Manufacturers, Middle Eastern Manufacturers and Asian Manufacturers. Wider range of Visitors are able to come and visit Sleep Well Fair because of Visa-free Entry for most countries that increase the chance of company who make his Show to tie business deals.After a successfull organization in 2014, this year we expect more visitors from all around the World.


Stefaan Reynaert, Area Sales Manager, Latexco: In recent years Latexco invested a great deal in production and logistical units all over the world and started up sales office in each continent. The main goal of this effort was to be able to serve our customers from nearby in a globalizing market place. This resulted in a worldwide presence, improved service and reduced unnecessary transport costs. Exports: Latexco is a worldwide player exporting to over 70 countries. Product Range: Latexco is the world’s leading producer of latex products for the bedding industry. For over 60 years we have further developed and fine-tuned the formulations and production process resulting in specific Latexco know-how and proprietary production technologies. We produce three types of latex products through our traditional Dunlop process: Latex mattresses - Wide range of sizes (length, width, height, standard or exclusive design) - Hard-

ness: S-M-F - Standard range with 3, 5 or 7 comfort zones & exclusive models - All ranges are based on sound biomechanical, orthopedic and ergonomic principles. Our latex mattresses can be perfectly combined with slat bases as well as with a box spring base. Thanks to their superior biomechanical and microclimatic properties, they perform better on box spring supports than many other bedding component technologies (tested by the Ergonomic Institute Munich - Dr. Heidinger, Dr Jaspert & Dr. Hocke GmbH EIM). Latex pillows - Wide range of sizes Hardness: S-M - Standard, orthopedic and exclusive models. Latex toppers available in sheets or rolls - Hardness: S-M-F - Thickness: 1 - 5 cm - Solid, perforated (max. 7 zones), combined with other materials (textile, PU, etc.), convoluted - Used as topper mattress, quilting material or comfort layer for various mattress types. Beside the traditional Dunlop process, Latexco developed and patented the SonoCore method which is a revolutionary production technology. The production process is based on dielectric heating. With this technology the latex is vulcanised endoge-

nous, i.e. from inside to outside. By combining its new latex compound formulation with the brand-new SonoCore technology, Latexco has created the softest, most resilient, best ventilating, strongest and most durable latex foam ever made: PULSE. Your benefits? The SonoCore process makes the PULSE latex foam feel extremely comfortable and exceptionally durable at the same time. The unique SonoCore technology combined with the Reshape formula offers perfect smoothness and breathability in all seasons. Latex toppers Pulse available in sheets or rolls - Thickness: 3 - 8 cm Reshape, new generation slow recovery latex – available in sheets or rolls – Thickness 3-5 cm What is your expectation about Sleepwell Expo 2015? The Turkish market is a growing market for latex, therefor we want to be present at Sleepwell Expo to further support our existing customer base and of course to get in touch with new contacts/potential customers not only from Turkey but also the neighboring countries. We know that Sleepwell Expo is a professional fair attended by a lot of high quality and professional visitors / decision makers from within our industry.


Ali Anil, Sales Manager, Leggett & Platt:

Export Along with other products and other markets, Leggett & Platt is the largest supplier of innerspring components to the bedding and furniture industry within Europe, South Africa, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific.

Product Range Leggett & Platt (NYSE: LEG) is a diversified manufacturer (and member of the S&P 500) that conceives, designs, and produces a broad variety of engineered components and products that can be found in most homes, offices, and automobiles.

About Sleepwell Expo What are we trying to achieve with this effort? Expand our interests in Turkey, support the industry, and demonstrate its long-term importance to us. Our presence at this show will also allow us to identify and attract new customers/ prospects, as this territory is a gateway to Middle East business and also business from India. “It’s about attracting new business/prospects from new and existing territories. It’s about supporting the industry, showing its importance to us, and our commitment to it.”


Aytuğ Aydın, General Manager, Leotext:


Leofil fr - flame retardant polyester sewing thread

Middle East and European countries, Russia, Ukraine, America, China and Australia

Leotech - technical yarns - fire retardant/water resistant/antistatic/silicon free

Product Range

Leolmp - polyester yarn melting in low heat

Leofil - high tenacity polyester sewing thread

Sleepwell Expo

Leovis - viscose Rayon embroidery yarn

We have an intention of promoting our company and products better and to find new customers. I believe that the fairs contributing to providing customer relations support the increase of business volume of the country. It is pleasing that the fairs held in foreign countries for years being held in our country.

Leotext - texturized polyester sewing thread Leospun - spun polyester sewing thread Leocore - polyester core-spun sewing thread Leovis - rayon embroidery thread Leosoft - polyester embroıdery thread


Vu Hoang, International Business Developer, Lien A:

With advanced technology, Lien A can control unstable natural features of raw latex and fulfil all requests from the toughest customers. The quality consistency is also proven through the achievement of certificates: ISO 9001:2008, ECO, LGA, etc.

EXPORTS: We are currently exporting to 31 countries: Canada, USA, Germany, Russia, France, Switzerland, Arab Saudi, Bahrain, Lebanon, Pakistan, UAE, India, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, China, Australia, Philippine, New Zealand, Kazakhstan,

Belarus, Poland, Netherland, Finland, Marocco, South Africa.

PRODUCTS: 100% natural latex mattress, pillow, topper/roll, blanket, baby set. All of our products in the line stay true to our slogan: PURE & CONSISTENT.

Pure: 100% NATURAL LATEX from rubber tree There are very few latex manufacturers around the world that can produce purely 100% natural latex without synthetic latex like Lien A. To ensure the premium quality of Lien A’s products, the

finest latex fluid is carefully selected and inspected by experts among 881.600 tons of latex in Vietnam.

What is your expectation from sleepwell expo ? We expect to expand our international network as much as possible. We believe Sleepwell EXPO is a wonderful place to meet new potential business partners, especially businesses from Turkey, Europe and Middle East. On the other hand, we would like to introduce our name, our premium quality products to elevate the image of Vietnamese export products to our friends around the world.


Silvia Georgieva, Foreign Trade Expert, Machinehead:

MACHINEHEAD is a Bulgarian machine-building company specialising in design, manufacture, maintenance and after-sale service of machines for mattresses - conveyors, roll-pack, wrapping and compressing machines. All electronic designs are automatic, managed by means of touch screen and labour-saving, offering clever decisions for the industry. As an additional service, installation and training is provided for the operators to ensure proper maintenance and exploitation. The general policy of MACHINEHEAD is to offer high quality products and services which respond to the specific needs and requirements of the business customers. The company supplies furniture producers, especially in the bedding industry, and manages individual projects. Innovation and professional

attitude help provide excellent results. In 2010 MACHINEHEAD established a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the international standard BS EN ISO 9001:2008. Company services include repair, maintenance and upgrade of machines and equipment for furniture manufacturing, as follows: • Regular facility and installation check-up and maintenance to ensure correct processing; • Installation parameters and tolerance set up; • Total technical service including general repair; • Technical consulting on machines, equipment and installations. We aim for complete customer satisfaction in respect to high quality product at reasonable price, with expert technical support and after-sale service.


Hüseyin Başak, General Manager, Mavera Kimya:

“Our company, which was founded in 2005,in Kayseri / TURKEY by its founders who had an experience of over 20 years in the adhesive sector under the name of BKS CHEMISTRY, got the name of MAVERA CHEMISTRY in 2011 in its new integrated foundation. Sponge adhesives in the furniture sector and hot-melts coming first, our company produces chemicals and industrial adhesives in shoe, building, automotive, textile and packing sectors by making use of the latest technology. Since the first day it was established, our company has had a principle of the highest quality and delivering on time. Therefore, it is one of the leading companies in the sector. Both with its points of sale in do-

mestic and abroad, it is now a company being looked for. With its young, dynamic and professional staff, our company believes that the most important thing in production is quality. So, it controls quality from acquaring raw material to controlling the production. MAVERA CHEMISTRY together with its workers and customers continues to produce more qualified and technological products.”

Export We export to countries such as Russia, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Serbia, Poland, Moldova, Morocco, and Ukraine.

Product range Evamelt Pocket Spring Hotmelt Adhesives, Evamelt PSA Hotmelt Adhesives, Enzel Solvent Based Adhesives, Fomtex Solvent Based Adhesives, Potakim Solvent Based Adhesives, Evamelt Packing Hotmelt Adhesives, Evamelt Edge Banding Hotmelt Adhesives, Evamelt Profile Wrapping Hotmelt Adhesives, Evamelt Bookbinding Hotmelt Adhesives, Evamelt Carpet Fringe Hotmelt Adhesives, Evamelt Labelling Hotmelt Adhesives, Evamelt Filter Bonding Hotmelt Adhesives

About Sleepwell Expo Sleepwell is the first fair of the sector in Turkey. So, we wish success. We expecting professional visitors first from Turkey and then from foreign countries.


Mustafa Nebi Doğan, Sales & Marketing Director, Mert Makina:

Export Algeria, America, Angola, Argentina,Armenia, Azerbaijan,Bahrain, Belarus, Slovakia, Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Brazil,Bulgaria, Cameron, Cuba, Cyprus, Denmark, Egypt, Ethiopia,Finland, Georgia,Ghana, Greece, Hungary, India, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Ivory Coast, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Lithuania, Mali, Malta, Morocco, The Netherlands, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine, Peru, Republic of Guinee, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Serbia, Spain, Tanzania, Togo, Tunisie, Turkmenistan, Ukraine. United Kingdom Product Range •Quilting Machines (Chain and Lock Stitch & Single Head and Dou-

ble Head) •Tape Edge Machines (Automatic or Manuel) •Mattress Packing Machines (Automatic or Manuel & Roll and Flat) •Bonnell Coiling & Bonnell Coil Assembly Machines •Spring Carcass Fatigue & Grinding Machines •Quilted Panel & Roll Fabric Cutting Machines •Border & Spacer Machines •Automatic Mattress Gluing (HotMelt) & Tape Edge and Packing Lines

About Sleepwell Expo Sleepwell expo is expected to be the most important and successful organisation considering that Turkey holds a strong and competi-

tive mattress industry. The sector is growing continuously at an exponential rate which imposes the Sleepwell Expo to be designed especially to create an atmosphere where customers can find the suitable supplier. It is also required that it also provides the opportunity for new product offerings and exciting trends in the mattress production sector with in respect to the unmatched efficiency. Comparison and coverage of the latest innovations in machinery, equipment, supplies and service of the mattress industry shouldn’t be forgotten in this organisation and should guide with new market explorations with the acquirement of these development in the most efficient places. Every visitor must leave with new ideas gained and inspiration to us to achieve the potential of our market.


Mehmet Salih Başöz, General Manager, Mesa Etiket

“MESA ETIKET was established in Denizli in 1990 as a first woven label manufacturer in Anatolia and since that time it has grown up continuosly with its own capital. Our company works with ERP software; it has OEKO-TEX STANDARDS 100 as well as ISO 9001: 2008 certificates since 2006. Mesa Etiket is not only serving to lots of famous brands but also is an official licenced producer of Disney and La Martina brands. Every year; it measures all the feedbacks obtained from its regular Customer Satisfaction Surveys; it continues to develop itself. Our product range; Mattress Tape, Mattress Label, Woven

Edge Woven Label and Ribbon, Jacquard Woven Label and Ribbon, Badge, Zip Puller, Artificial Leather Label, Heat Transferred Label, Laser Processed Serial Number Labels, Digitally Printed Label and Ribbon and also supply of Print Label, Sticker, Swing Ticket but also Keychain, Wristband, Calender, Bookmark, Miniature Carpet, Flag, Digital Printing.

Canada, Finland, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Hong Kong

Mesa Etiket has also a contact and service office in Istanbul.”

Product Range Mattress Tape, Mattress Label, Woven Edge Woven Label and Ribbon, Jacquard Woven Label and Ribbon, Badge, Zip Puller, Artificial Leather Label, Heat Transferred Label, Laser Processed Serial Number Labels, Digitally Printed Label and Ribbon and also supply of Print Label, Sticker, Swing Ticket but also Keychain, Wristband, Calendar, Bookmark, Miniature Carpet, Flag, Digital Printing and Lanyard.

Export Britain, Germany, France, USA, Netherlands, Austria, Australia, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Spain,

About Sleepwell Expo We aim at increasing our current market share and getting new customers.


Oğuz ÖZEV, Sales Manager, Milkay:


About Sleepwell Expo

Arabia, Egypt, Dubaı, Unıted Kıngdom, Poland, Romania, Serbıa USA, Brazil, Chılı, Dominican Republıc, Panama, Bahamas, Paraguay, Uruguay, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgıa, Indıa, Pakıstan, Morocco, Lıbya, Senegal, Angola, Congo and all Afrıca.

We are one of the biggest felt producers in the world and we must exhibit in the fair. We sent invitations to all customers around the world.

Product Range Hard Felt, Soft Felt, Cotton Felt, Wool Felt, Jute Felt, Soft Gray Pad, Cotton Pad, Polyester Felt, Needle Punched Felt, Polysterter Pad, Ball Fıber


Xiangxiang Li, Nantong Healthcare Machinery:

Nantong Healthcare Machinery Co., Ltd was founded in 2003, specializing in research, design and manufacturing of CNC contour cutting equipment. We are the largest and most successful manufacturer of CNC equipment in China. From the beginning we have operated with the spirit of “good faith� business philosophy. We are a proactive, innovative company striving to provide customers the highest quality products and best customer service available in the industry. An installed base of more than 1,300 machines worldwide speaks to our success. Further testament to our success is that we have captured more than 65% of the Chinese market.


Uses Chen, Nantong Muye Machinerym:

NANTONG MUYE MAC H I N E R Y CO.,LTD is specializing in design, manufacture and sales of CNC foam contour cutting machine. With empowered by an experienced technical engineering team we are capable of producing performance contour cutting machines to meet precision cutting demands. Presently, UYE has been ISO9001 certified and MUYE products have been CE certified. We have also earned multiple technical patents.Companies adhere to the “”quality supreme, virtue frist”” business philosophy and is popular by the foam and furniture manufacture at CHINA and overseas, and get the majority of customer recognition and praise.


Bülent Tuna, General Manager, Onur Kapitone:

“Established in 1992, ONUR KAPİTONE Industry offers quick and reliable business opportunity to its customers through its wide machinery park by promoting itself in the past period. Serving to our customers, we have always paid attention to development of our high in quality product and production policy. Keeping our current success, making higher quality projects is our objective by following technological developments in a quick, active way. Producing effective and swift solutions, our firm has achieved to convert this understanding into high in quality products for our customers. Entering the Turkish market along with Hengye Machinery since 2011, we have contributed significantly to the production of Turkey and Europe in recent period. Continuous

highest quality production by renewing our production line, the interest of our customers in our firm makes us, as Onur Kapitone, enjoy business motivation and feel proud. We also continue painstakingly to our business in order to reflect this pleasure to our quality.”

Export We ship the products of the companies which we represent, to the UK, The Netherlands, Serbia, Romania, Russia, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan and Latvia.

Product Range Multi-needle quilting

About Sleepwell Expo We are planning to make an influential promotion and to reach a great many customers and visitors.


F覺rat Ak覺nc覺, Sales Representative, Nerteks

Export Romania, Brazil, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Togo, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Germany.

Product range Master (Staple Spun Polyester Sewing Thread) Spring Staple Spun Polyester Sewing Thread) Polymax (Polyester Covered Corespun Sewing Thread) Nefleks (CF Polyester Sewing Thread) On (%100 Mercerized Cotton Sewing Thread)

Ner Koza (Quilting Sewing Thread) Nerteks (Texturized Sewing Thread) Spring (Texturized Polyester Thread)

About Sleepwell Expo We, as Nerteks Iplik, have been manufacturing in our factory in line with the needs of the sector. As every company, we are also targeting to find new markets. Our target markets are the esteemed exhibitors of the show and the visitors. We thought that we can promote us better and we can meet different companies in the show. I wish lucrative business for all exhibitors on myself and on behalf of my company.

Denim Iplik (Polyester Corespun With Cotton Wrap Sewing)


Adnan Türker, Domestic Marketing Manager, Özen İplik:

Export We export to 32 countries around the world.

Product Range 100% Polyester Cut Filament Poly-Poly

Nonflammable Waterproof Yarns Industrial Yarns Braided Yarns Yarns for Weaving Shuttle

Poly – Cotton

About Sleepwell Expo

Continuous Filaments

We are participating in this show to maintain our position in the sector and to meet with new customers.

Texturized 100% Nylon Continuous Filaments Technical Textile Yarns


Ahmet Ă–zkan, General Menager, Ă–zka Makina:

Export Bulgaria, Tunisia, Egypt, Iran, Syria, Uzbekistan, Libya, Romania.

Product Range Silicon round balers Silicon opening and dredging machine Silicon bead machine Pillow filling machine Pillow pressing machine Toy filling machine

About Sleepwell Expo Our expectation from Sleepwell Expo is to make our presence felt in the mattress and supply industry, which is getting more ground every day, and to enter in this market.


Kaya Kırıkkaya, Sales And Marketing Manager, Po-Max:

“YAPI LIDER Chemistry (POMAX) which is located in Ankara, manufactures adhesives (glues) mainly used in the furniture industry, spring beds industry, mattress industry, packaging industry and print-house industry in order to join (wooden parts, metal surfaces) to (foam, cloth, felt, etc). We develop, produce and sale non-flammable, odorless, nature friendly adhesive within Turkey and abroad. Our adhesive does not need heating and heating equipment. It bonds sponge-to-sponge, felt-to-felt, coir-to-coir, foam-to-foam, any hard surface to soft, any soft surface hard and vise-verse. It is applied with spray gun. Our production costs are procurable, and service is of high quality. The main goal of our company is customer satisfaction.”

Export Russia, Greece, Romania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Azerbaijan, Iran, Bulgaria, Morocco, Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Jordan, Algiers.

Prooduct Range Inflammable and unscented solvent-based furniture adhesives for mattresses and soft group furniture.

About Sleepwell Expo We plan to host our existing customers in our stand at Sleepwell Expo and also we are considering the show as an important opportunity for us to host potential customers. Besides, the appearance and presence of our products will be increased. We are planning to improve our brand value and to find new customers.


Nazlı Cansu Coşkun, Import&Export Manager, Punteks:

Export USA, England, Ireland, Egypt, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Russia, Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia, Finland, Italy, Spain, Croatia

Product Range Hard Felt, Ultra Hard Felt, Soft Felt, Blue Felt, Medium Hard Felt, White Felt, Cottonflex, Ioogreen, PP Felt, Thermoplastic Felt, Blueflex.

About Sleepwell Expo The mattress industry has been developing more everyday. I believe that as a first and the only fair in its field, Sleepwell Expo will host more visitors every year. It will be a fair attracting interest from re countries of the region and from Europe. I hope it becomes a lucrative show not too much crowded but with business-focused visitors.


Patrıck Elıssen, Manager Busıness Development – Cees Zıelman, General Manager, Radıumfoam, Vıta-Talalay:

Vita Talalay is a Dutch producer of the most breathable, most supportive, softest comfortable material in the world. This material automatically adapts to the body. The round, open cellular structure is unique and unparalleled, offering optimal ventilation. The open, round cellular structure directs moisture and heat optimally away from the body, helping you sleep better, healthier and more hygienically. The open, round cellular structure also creates superior spot elasticity that adapts fully to your body. You could compare it to a space hopper that is elastic and bounces back where necessary.This provides optimal support that re-

lieves your body’s pressure points and prevents pain in bones, joints and muscles. At the same time, Vita Talalay feels amazingly elastic and soft.

EXPORTS We export our products to more than 35 countries (among which also Turkey) worldwide in several continents. What is your expectation from sleepwell expo ? Beside our valued customers we also hope to meet new potential customers from surrounding countries. We will show our different Talalay products such as our

Natural Talalay latex but also our Talalay Embrace Radium Foam has applied all its knowledge and expertise to create Vita Talalay® Embrace. This mattress boasts unsurpassed features in terms of ventilation and durability in combination with perfect support. The Vita Talalay® Embrace was developed for people who like the feel of memory foam, yet prefer better pressure relief and ventilation properties. Unlike other memory foam mattresses, Vita Talalay® Embrace ensures you don’t sink into a hollow, or indentation in the mattress. This makes it easier for you to turn over which is necessary to remain in a deep REM sleep, thus ensuring you will wake up the next morning feeling well-rested. This product is also available in the Turkish market


Ramazan Çelik, Owner, Sefox:

We are the biggest and leading adhesive manufacturer in Turkey and working with reputable mattress and furniture producers all around the world, we are exporting our products more than 60 countries. We have top performing industrial adhesives , solvent based adhesives and hotmelt adhesives. Please contact with us in order to use our premium quality adhesives.�

Export We export to 40 countries around the world.

Product Range We are producing solvent-based and hotmelt kinds for the mattress, furniture and shoe sectors.

About Sleepwell Expo It will be a lucrative show for meeting with new customers and existing customers.


Akpoli continues with second generation As one of the experienced and recognized companies in the sector Akpoli is now managed by the second generation. An official of the company outlines their success story: “Second generation of our family which deals with the bedding industry since 1984 conducts the business with experience, knowledge and high energy under the name Akpoli. As an Akpoli company the most important thing is that we know well the bedding production. In order to minimize the problems occurring mattress tape sewing, plastic accessories and label implementation, 3D Spacer fabric assembly to the border of the mattress during the production process of bedding manufacturer, we continue to develop our products.

Mattress Tape: Mattress tape implemented during last stage of the bedding production is used to combine cover and side wall of the bed. Mattress tapes with various color and pattern hold all the material together and contributes to differentiate different models in bed collection. Edges of the bed are

quite attractive with a well-chosen mattress tape which contributes aesthetic appearance to the bed.

Plastic Accessories: It provides air circulation to the mattress while ensures the inner quality of the bed is reflected by the outer side with various size, color and patterns.

3D Spacer Fabric: While creating high level of air permeability implementing various sizes and colors to the border of the mattress, it enhances the appearance of the bed too. Recently, mattress manufacturers use this product with high quantity.

Mattress Label: Labels are implemented as sewn or glued. It is an important material used to tell the customer the quality of the manufacturer company when the bed properties are specified.�


İzzet Şeritçioğlu, Ceo, Şeritçioğlu

Export Macedonia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Russia, Serbia, Kosovo, Ukraine

Product Range

Clips and Application Gun For Bed Plastic and Foam Flex profiles

About Sleepwell Expo

Capsules and Machines

We intend to consolidate our feature of manufacturing innovative and solution-based products in the consideration of our customers, to promote our new products, to increase our cooperation with current customers and to meet with new customers.

Two Components Water Based Adhesives and Spraying Systems

Protective Net is Alternative to Nonwoven. It can be Applied by Hand or Machine

Bed Mechanisms

Cleaning and Protection Products

Head Mechanisms

Leather Imitated and Nylon Buttons

Fabrics Laminated With Foam and Nonwoven Used With One Side Velcro Aleze Fabric

Audio Technologies Led


Carmen Kwok, Shunde Dıstrıct, Foshan Cıty, Sendme:

Non-WovenSendme® Non-woven Co.,Ltd , was established since2010, ,which is full of youth and innovation as specialized in spun-bonded non-woven fabric .Company own three automatic production lines. Including 2 single spun-bonded and 1 double spun-bonded. The width from 8cm to 320cm.Weight from 12grams to 240grams . All colors are available. With the high quality, competitive price, fast delivery time and efficient service .Sendme® has been an excellent reputation in this field! We keep moving forward in the market.


Adhesive users are often faced with the problem that applying adhesive with a spray gun creates overspray. This arises because user and equipment relevant factors do not match optimally one another. Adhesive that atomizes like this can’t be used and is lost. To eliminate the variables that cause overspray, we have developed an adhesive that produces a netlike spray pattern when applied. This prevents that individual adhesive particles can swirl and overspray arises. With this new overspray-free technology, foam and upholstery materials can be bonded immediately, there is no overspray and

the system contributes to a clean and safe working environment. This technology is now also available for 2-component adhesives for the first time. SIMALFA® 820 OF is a water-based 2-component adhesive which connects the OF technology with a very high initial tack. Wherever it comes to the bonding of foams or upholstery materials SIMALFA® 820 OF is used and impresses with its outstanding features. In addition to the OF technology and the high initial tack, the glue line between the materials remains very soft, the system is

completely free of solvents and extremely economical in use. SIMALFA® 820 OF can be processed with the specially for SIMALFA® developed free-flowing system. This application system not only impresses with its high efficiency and low acquisition costs, but also with its simplicity. Only the SIMALFA® Primus 2K spray gun and the relevant hose kit are required. Conveying devices, pressure pots, pumps, etc. can be omitted. •Overspray Free •Available for one- and two-component adhesives •High Yield •Instant Bond •Soft Bond Line •Solvent Free


Altan Bayat, General Manager, Telchmelt:

Product Range

Export Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Iran

About Sleepwell Expo Our goal is to increase our exports and to find new customers.

• Hot and cold glue systems • Spare parts • Technical services • Glue Machines with Micron Piston Pump • Manuel Glue Machines • Macro System Glue Machines • Drum Melter PS20 – PS200 Series • Air Drier System • Hot Glue Hoses • Automatic – Manuel – Transfer Hoses • Glue Guns for Spot – Linear Application • Swirl and Spray Application Guns • Continuously Application Guns • Interval Application Guns • Modules • Nozzles • Inline Filter – Solerold Valve • PLC Control Systems • Photocell - Encoder


Ahmet Enver, Export Manager, Şiteks:

Export We export to almost 40 countries. We ship to markets mainly to European countries and almost to all countries in Middle East and North African countries, Russia and Eastern Block countries. In addition, we export to Latin America, North America and Far Eastern countries.

Product Range Some of our products; • Hard (Thermofix) Cotton Felts

• Soft Cotton felts (Needle Punched) • Orijinal Woll and Cotton Felts • Fire Retardant Felts • Felt with Foam • Ultra Hard Felt for Mattress Bases • Felt With Jute Backing We produce felts which are antimicrobial, extra flame retardant, any thickness from 200 gsm up to 4000 gsm, from 2 mm to 100 mm roll or cut pieces. We can combine

synthetic, jute and nonwovens. We can also produce felts made from natural cotton and wool addressing to the automotive and white appliances sectors.

About Sleepwell Expo We have been participating in foreign fairs since 1997. Fairs are successful and high-rate feedback providing organizations. Since we observe that the domestic fairs are also developing considerably, we are attending this fair too.


Cenk Ăœmit, International Sales & Marketing Executive, Ăœmit Makina:

Export We are exporting to 77 countries mainly to America, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, England, Egypt, Russia, Ukraine, Italy, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Poland, Morocco, Algiers, Bulgaria, Greece, Bosnia Herzegovina, Belarus, Kenya, Angola, Gabon, Congo, Nigeria, Tanzania, Iran, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Azerbaijan, Libya, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Georgia.

Product Range Our company has been manufacturing industrial machinery addressing to the mattress manufacturing companies. The machines are: Bonnel Spring Coiling Machines, Bonnel Spring Assembly Machines, Mattress Tape Edge Machines, Pocket Spring Assembly Machines, Packing Machines, Surface Bonding Line, Gluing Line, Pocket Spring Transfer Assembly Machines, Panel Quilting Machines, Wire Straightening Machines, Spiral Machines, Pillow Press Machines.

About Sleepwell Expo We believe that this fair will be useful for us in increasing our market and sale share and to reach new customers. Providing product variety we are targeting to reach new customer groups. We are planning to increase our sales potential by promoting our machines to new firms. We believe that we will be able to promote our company and products to the visitors with the best way.


Mehtap Akkoyun, Export Manager, Unimet:

Export Holland, Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Dubai, Saudi Arabia

Product Range We are exporter/producer of Metal Beds, Adjustable Beds and Adjustable Bed Frames. We also produce Adjustable Bed Base which is called Plume. This is a patented product, in the name of ‘’Unimet’’.

About Sleepwell Expo Since we recently received many requests for our new product from different countries, now we are planning to show our products and to give general information to visitors. We will represent the range of quality and the specifications of the products. We believe that Sleepwell Expo 2015 shall be a great Fair and all the participants shall be satisfied.


Yalçın Kütüklü, Board Chairman, Veysel Kütüklü:

Export We are exporting to 48 countries in four continents mainly to South America, Africa, Europe and Asia. Our exports constitute 70% our tape production. We are planning to increase our export share to 80% by improving our stable growth every year.

Product Range VKY 65 Bonnell Spring Coiling Machine VKD 2000 Bonnell Spring Assembler Machine VPA 200-S Pocket Spring Assembler Machine

VPC – 80 Pocket Spring Coiling Machine Nexus 3500 Tape Edge Machine

About Sleepwell Expo Our company has always attached great importance on leading fairs and tried to attend the fairs which are related to the sector. We consider fairs as gates opening to the world. As a Turkish company, we are pleased to be present in these events. Besides, we are trying to meet with new customers and to follow new technologic innovations.

Sleepwell Expo excites us since it is a first in Turkey. It is very pleasant for Turkey to have a fair like this. We consider this show as a big opportunity for our company as well as for other Turkish companies. We believe that our important visitors coming from all over the world and everybody will be impressed with this only exhibition of the mattress industry. Being a show dedicated only to the mattress industry makes it possible for us to set our goals clearer and make specific efforts.


Wa覺man Suen, Wr覺ght Global Graph覺cs:

EXPORTS Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Oman, U.A.E., Pakinstan, Australia, India, Sri Lanka, Russia, U.K., Israel, Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, U.S.A.

PRODUCT RANGE Manufacturing all kinds of components for your bedding, such as Mattress Labels, Matel Corner Guard and Medallions, Plastic Corners Guards and Ventilators, Clips and Staples, Pillow and Foot Protector.

What is your expectation from sleepwell expo ? Meet more customers and show our product. Development the market in Turkey


Feng X覺aoj覺n, X覺dengbao Mattress Mach覺nery Guangzhou:

Xidengbao Mattress Machinery Guangzhou co.,Limited is a Hi-tech enterprise who is specialized in manufacturing mattress machines,. At present, the main products are bonnell spring machine, pocket spring machine, foam machine, quilting machine, tape edge machine, mattress packing machine and mattress border sewing machines, etc.


Laura Shaw, Yabao Prıntıng Company:

Our company mainly produces mattress fabric such as polyester fabric, blended fabric and etc, with main products’ series including PONGEE, SATIN, GOLDEN POWDER,TRICOT,BRUSHED POLY, T/C etc. We also provide services on processing customer’s materials or printing patterns. Our products and services have a worldwide popularity and reputation especially in the markets of Southeast Asia, China, Middle East, South America,Africa and East Europe.


Oğuz Sarıoğlu, Zelu Kimya

ZELU offers specially developed and tested adhesive systems for every kind of practice ranging from super quality automotive interior upholster to comfortable mattresses. Our quality is in the upper level, production all of our products that are made in Germany is under our guarantee.

Our Pure Foam Systems ZELU PURE – Foam systems: The most superior quality


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BOYTEKS, the 148

innovation leader of the sector, is among the branded export giants of Turkey

Boyteks, one of the businesses of Boydak Holding in the textile sector and the major manufacturer of mattress ticking, upholstery fabric and carpet of Turkey and the world, has been proceeding its steady growth with the innovations performed in industrial textile. The objective of the company, which has achieved a growth rate of 10 percent last year, is to be the first preferred brand throughout the world in its sector.

Deniz Boydak Sales & Marketing Manager of Boyteks

Deniz Boydak, Vice General Manager in charge of Sales and Marketing said ‘We have been carrying on with the growth accomplishedly in our sector through our

successful business strategies that we consistently sustain since the foundation of the company, our strength to accommodate ourselves to rapidly and constantly changing world and our effective sales and marketing strategy. Our ‘Boyteks’ branded products has become the number one preference of bedding and furniture manufacturers in more than 90 countries. Boyteks has become 95th biggest exporter of Turkey last year. Furthermore, we have achieved to be one of the first 10 companies in the branded export of Turkey and we will keep up to be the pride of our country in this field.’


Boyteks, operating with the mattress ticking factory that was established in Kayseri in 2002, upholstery fabric factory that was established in Bursa in 2003 and the carpet factory that commenced manufacturing in Kayseri in 2011, has accomplished a growth rate of more than 20 percent in the last year. Deniz Boydak, who mentioned that they intend to increase their slice of the export cake each year, stated that their most significant target is to make Boyteks as a world’s leading brand. Boydak, who emphasized that they carry on their work in the direction of achieving this objective, added to his words as ‘We are blazing a trail with our innovations in the textile sector. Each year, our customers await these innovations and novelties with impatience. Boyteks products not only boost their sales and revenues but also enable their company images to be regarded as

innovative. Our competitors as well are in hot pursuit of us and therefore we encounter many duplicates and reproductions. International trade fairs that three companies of ours participate annually are perfect opportunities for us to demonstrate our R&D products and coalesce with our customers. We have been increasing our technological breakthroughs with each passing day. Our mattress ticking factory is a facility with the most manufacturing capacity under a single roof in the entire world. This facility of ours puts its best foot forward in the sector with its jacquard woven and knitted mattress ticking manufacturing. Boydak, addressing that their objective as Boyteks is to providing a concept service in their field and said that ‘We want from the consumers to find everything they are looking for in us regarding

mattress ticking, upholstery fabric and carpet. Right now we are able to respond the need for jerseys, woven fabrics, spacers, tape edge, velour and terry. For the upholstery fabrics, we are also able to address the need for woven upholstery fabric, warp knitting, garden fabrics, office furniture slipcovers and velvet through our bedding fabric facility and we blend aesthetics and fashion together with the decorations of homes both in Turkey and worldwide.’ He also added that ‘latest fabrics, in various kinds, developed in our corporation for comfortable sleep of high quality are presented to the consumers by bedding companies that are also our customers incorporated with their own innovations and draw intense interest. We will proceed to introduce technical textiles, innovations and technology to conventional sleep products ’

Milkay raises its share in global market 150

It forces the companies to act more dynamically. Milkay Technic Textile industry we offer solutions, facilities and advantages in their needs for felt to companies all over the world who produce mattresses, coaches and sofas. We also support to our customers by reducing their procurement and stock keeping costs.

Depending on its recent investments and rising production, Milkay has expanded its export markets to 76. Oguz Ozev, sales and marketing manager of the company informed about their export activities.

What was the return of your recent investments you made in the production from global markets? With the recent investments we made in our factory, we have become one of the largest producers of felts in the world. In a global world that channels of communication were proliferated, companies can reach to the products they

Oguz Ozev need and the suppliers of them. Sales and Marketing Manager

What countries do you target to enter? Since our foundation, our sales in export markets are growing continuously. By now, customers in 76 countries have encountered with our Milkay felts. By participating


in related fairs, we aim to expand our market coverage and share especially in American and African continents.

What should be the specifications of felts that are used in mattress manufacturing? Basically it is made of by recycling of textile wastes and has an important function in the manufacturing of mattresses. Felt is a material that carries a critical role for the comfort and durability of the mattress. The hardness of the felt may be adjusted according to the desires and preferences of end users. However, both the quality of the raw materials used in the felt production and the quality of felt that is the result of experience in the production are both important for our company. When compared with total cost of mattresses, the cost/price ratio of felt seems to become negligible for some cases. The up-to-date technology in Milkay textile is the most important factor in the quality of the product. We produce at the highest productivity rates in our factory. Using quality raw materials and operating on modern machinery in the factory we can be able to produce high grade of felts. We have TSEK and ISO quality certificates that were supported by other systems and process development procedures.

What differences are between the felts produced in Turkey and in abroad? Which country takes the lead? And why? Our products can be grouped by their hardness. Hard felts are used as top of the mattress over springs. Jute fiber felts are used in coaches and softer products as supporting material. Other kinds that we produce are, cotton-woolen black felt that used in quilts, thermo bond felts are for home appliance and construc-

tion industries, and automotive felts for automotive industry. In our business, every stage of the production is important from selection and procurement of raw materials, quality of labor, and the selling stage. Having required equipment as in the other fields, Turkish exporters have proved the value of “Made in Turkey� motto in all countries in the globe. Local producers and Chinese companies are our major competitors in certain markets in abroad.


“SleepWell Expo can be another Interzum for the industry” Boycelik prepares for

SleepWell Expo event

Erol Boydak, General Manager of Boyçelik


Its second edition will be held this year, the first trade fair for sleep and sleep products SleepWell is soon to be held. Erol Boydak of Boycelik company, informed about the developments in the sector and expressed his optimism about the future of Turkish economy.

In the light of recent developments what is your opinion about their effects on Turkish exports? One of the major topics of the last seven months is the ongoing devaluation of currency. Normally it would have positive effects on exports; imports would slow down and foreign trade balance would be leveled. This time it was a global process and every country has taken its share. In short, all countries, except those that do not use American dollar in foreign trade, felt the effects of devaluation. Their purchasing

powers were lowered while our power in exports was increasing. Soon the countries began to adjust their activities and positions. As a result, our company has also been affected and for the first time in 8 years our exports were slowed down in 2015. May other causes be thought about for this result. In 2014 we had been working hard to keep our promises.

Do you think that the trend will keep up in the coming period? How do you think about the end of the year performances in exports? Turkey’s target for the year 2023 is to export 500 billion dollars worth of goods. General outlook says that this is becoming and utopia. We need more investments in energy and high-value products industries. Unit values of exported products are important. State statistics show that the product that is produced in our industry are valued about 1.5


dollar per kilogram. This figure is up to 5 to 6 dollars in some other countries.

What are the main problems of the industry? One of the problems is unregistered, unaccounted economy. We have to reduce its share in national economy. People have to understand the importance of paying due taxes. There are some good signals that the ratio is down from 80% level by 50% since the 1990’s. Every company should have pay their shares. Tax system in the country is actually a good opportunity for companies to control their expenses and activities. Companies can grow more when unregistered dealings were lowered.


What do you want to mention about SleepWell trade fair? What is your opinion about its future? Actually, we need SleepWell Expo even more. It excites us. Evteks and Ismob, both have become international fairs in their categories. With the potential that Turkey has, I believe that this fair can be another Interzum fair in the world. More companies have to participate in the event if they want the growth of the fair. Every company has to assume a responsibility on this matter. The fair is a major investment for Turkish economy. We want Turkey is to be at the center of mattress fair in the world. We produce best mattresses, so, why not we do not have the largest fair for the industry.


Rise of the machines: ‘Mert Makina’ Mert Makina has progressed successfully in the sector ‘mattress production machinery’ for more than 22 years. reached their target for the year 2015 by exporting to 70 different countries and is proud to say that they will definitely reach 75 in the year 2016. He also added that their markets are mainly in Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Russian Federation and Asia.

The brand Mert Makina has become one of the most known and reliable firms among the mattress machinery manufacturers. Mert Makina’s strategy towards the customers and manufacturing processes helped a lot to match the brand name to trust, high quality, and innovation. Mert Makina has managed to export 90 % of their production to numerous countries. They have more than three thousand machineries operating in the mattress production industry throughout the world. Their target is to raise this rate up to 95 % at the end of 2015. Mr. Mustafa Nebi Doğan, Sales and Marketing Director of Mert Makina, said that they

M. Nebi Doğan, Sales & Marketing Director, Mert Makina

Their company is specialized in “Full Automatic Mattress Finishing Line”, “Automatic Hotmelt Glue Line with Conveyor System” and “Turnkey Projects” as well as providing technical services and assistance after closing the deal. Mert Makina has recently been focused on automatic mattress manufacturing lines in order to decrease the operational costs and to increase the quality of


the products. “Mert Makina’s high quality is combined with the latest technology, which makes the mattress production a simple job”, is what their customers say. The inception of relieving starts in your mind. The first thing Mert Makina does is to show you how many mattresses you can produce a day with the lowest costs. They are firstly demonstrating the manageable aspects and continue to prepare a perfectly fitting project according to your factory’s layout. A guaranteed customer satisfaction awaits you at the completion of the project. They explain all the steps of the mattress production with the required hygiene on the mattress during these years. Their system maximizes the occupational health and safety measures. Many stories could be written about the doubling of capacities with Mert Makina’s machineries. Automation is covering all our


life nowadays and unfortunately those who ignore to move without this innovation won’t be able to succeed in business. Imagine producing a mattress within minutes, this will spectacularly lower your costs and the time spent. Mert Makina has managed as a team to make this dream come true. As they were one of the first manufacturers that produced automatic mattress production lines, they have become an experienced company and know all the crucial benefits which cannot be ignored, and they use it to assist their customers towards better, faster and stable production. They continue to provide you with the necessary information about the mattress production procedure. Mert Makina is also very well known for all other Mattress Production Machineries, such as Quilters, Wrappers, Edge Tapers, Coiler, ad Assemblers. The company has been producing these machineries for over 22 years now. In the early years of Mert Makina, a faultless Mechanical Multi Needle Quilting Machine was well inspired by the biggest mattress, sofa, and bed linen manufacturers since this first machine was able to sew the thickest materials used by these sectors with the perfect stitches. Couple of years later, Mert Makina has embodied its experiences to the mechanical model. It was one of the first quilters to work with a computer, allowing the operators to choose multiple designs in no time. This machine is developed with the fully computerized Multi Needle Quilting Machine. Thanks to its brilliant history, Mert Makina has done a perfect work as an outcome.

After long R&D works and exchange of know-how among the Mattress Manufacturers, Mert Makina is producing the first Roll & Flat Mattress Package systems in Turkey since 2014. Competing with the European Manufacturers, the Roll & Flat Mattress Packing has brought much interest during the exhibition Interzum which was held in Cologne Germany in May 2015. On the other hand, the new Double and Single Head Quilting Machine of Mert Makine has one of the highest speeds with lowest vibrations on the planet, which is tested during the exhibition and observed by visitors how it works stable on 3000 rpm speed. The new generation Single & Double


Head Quilting Machines of Mert Makine seemed to be a mixture of know-how, European Raw Material Quality and long term experience of Multi Needle Quilting Machines. Every customer is a project for Mert Makina. They are both friends and business partners with their customers and a guide showing all the developments and new opportunities in the sector for their clients. Transferring the knowledge is an easy task for Mert Makina, the knowledge comes from the heart of Mattress Business itself and let them make more operator-friendly machines. This has a headache-free outcome and provides more easiness. Mert Makina should be considered as a model to competitors with this kind of development and innovations.

Qualified products from Lifos to world markets 160

Brought a new approach in high density visco and latex foam mattress production Lifos, designs its products ergonomically. Burhan Cetinbulut, chairman of the board, informed us about their products and the target markets for them.

Burhan Cetinbulut, Chairman of the board

On characteristics of the mattresses of Lifos Quality is our first and the most important principle in the mattresses we produced as Lifos brand. With this understanding we try to launch new and different products in the market. We made extraordinary products having ventilation channels on CNC cutting machines. Our products are

sold in the world with ten years of guarantee. All our products are made of high density foams having spring effects and designed to provide the best form to support spine and prevent interruptions during sleep. We are happy the results we got from our satisfied

customers on our qualified products.

On the differences from other visco and latex sleep products We both produce high-density visco and latex foams and mattress-


es made of this material. Latex is made of natural materials while visco is made by utilizing chemicals. When the quality materials are used, the foams and mattresses that are made of them would be at higher quality. We deliver better products at lower costs. All mattresses are hand made and controlled strictly, reducing the defects in the production. We also use better and healthier fabrics in our production.

On export markets and export activities We sell our products to customers in North Africa, Middle East and European Union countries. Exports are rising gradually and we can supply large amount of orders for special projects. Thanks to rollpack system we used, logistics and transport of the exported product have become more practical and less costly. On the trend toward foam mattresses There seems a growing interest toward this kind of mattresses. They are more practical to use, to clean and to maintain. Besides, in line with the increase in health issues, such as belly, back and neck pains, demand for foam mattresses are growing. In visco and latex kinds, bacteria and mites can be prevented in mattresses. They also disperse the body pressure evenly and reduce pains. Covering fabrics can be made of aloe vera, bamboo and cotton; all are healthier than others. On differences of the position of foam of mattresses in Turkey and in the world Turkey is one of the developing countries in terms of foam mattress production, there is more

potential in the sector. Breakdown of the foam and spring type of beds are almost even in the world. In Turkey, spring mattresses are produced and sold more. The ratio of foam mattresses is about 5%. It is changing gradually.

On his views on foam production Foam production is on the rise

in Turkey. Number of producing companies is sufficient though there are marginal producers. We can promote ourselves even more in the world markets to increase our competitive power.

On his view on SleepWell fair The first edition of the fair was efficient though there were limited number of visitors. With additional supports and incentives it will be more productive and profitable. It helps to producers to increase their promotional efforts. So, we find it efficient and productive and participate it regularly.


ALLBECO stands for supplying all raw materials for mattress manufacturing Allbeco whose foundation was laid in 2013, has already become known in the international markets although it is a young company in a very short time has been the sales partner status South Caucasus / Southern Caucasus, Turkey, the Middle East, and Central Asia like KO-SI - Slovenia, LATEXCO Belgium, Manifattura Maiano, Fast Zipper, Tekna Barrier and many international companies. Outside of this representation Allbeco is selling outside the world of mattress fabric material produced in Turkey. ALBECO has established in Kayseri by Turkish and Italian companies as a joint venture to operate in the mattress sector. The main philosophy is convey innovation in mattress industry from world to Turkey and from Turkey to the world for all mattress manufacturer. ALBECO can supply all the necessary raw materials for the mattress industry. Allbeco’s most important feature is to sell the appropriate materials to domestic market and overseas markets parallel to the development of the mattress industry’s expectation. Allbeco is closely monitoring the mattress market. Companies see


closely this when they starts to work with Allbeco. Allbeco is make cooperation with who want to produce innovative production in mattress industry every time. They following new products in World industry with accurate and delivered this products to mattress manufacturers. Allbeco is supporting their customers always with their experience, knowledge and providing the right product at the right time with the right price. The demand for natural concept mattress, which the world mattress industry recently mostly talks about, is increasing. People who against the deteriorating ecological system and has sensitivity for synthetics are want to see more natural ingredients in the products they use. Allbeco offers you to use your product and get easily such products like the coolness of cotton, thermal comfort effect of wool, incredible natural comfort of horsehair, the natural antibacterial and comfort effect of coco (pads made from coconut fiber), The effect quick drying and not affected by moisture of camel hair and of course the Latex foam containing natural rubber.More Upholstered Furniture Look Concepts; With base, borders, Headboards and Foot boards the Mattresses and bed sets are becoming more Furniture look than before. Allbeco and has solutions base and border materials, fabrics, readymade bases, headboards, footboards or

cover of the bases. Compressed and Roll Packed Mattresses, To sell far distances there are solutions for bedding industry, you will have more products in the vehicles, demented bases, compressed Mattresses, roll packed Mattresses, please contact with us for efficient solution and technical support. Except those Allbeco offers standard materials like mattress label, zipper, foam adhesive, edge wick, wire-spring, foam, spun bonded nonwoven, felt, mechanism.

Erike Textile th celebrates 20 anniversary 164

Founded as Nesic, Erike textile has been producing for the mattress industry for two decades. Aiming to produce 1 million meters of trimming cords, tapes, ropes etc. per month, Ali Oguzbas, general manager of Erike Textile, informed about his activities and targets.

Ali Oguzbas, General Manager of Erike

On brief history of Nesic and Erike companies Our company was first founded as Nesic Co. to produce mattress tapes, plastic colons, stretching bands and narrow bands used in the mattress and furniture industries. Our monthly production is about one million meters. 45% of our production is sold in export markets. We have no problems in terms of color, model, pattern or motifs. We are improving our products and processes year after year. Our products are sold to 12 countries including Greece and Bulgaria. On the investment in production facilities It has been about six years since we have upgraded our machinery

inventory completely. With this investment, we made our products inflammable and have a dyeing unit. We use them in the production of colons and bands. We are adding new machinery in line. Presently we operate 48 machines in the factory. We will increase their number because there may come large amount of orders with short delivery times. We also want to enlarge the size of the factory of 2.2 thousand sqm. When these were done we will be able to produce 1 million meters of product monthly.

On the importance of their products for the mattresses We produce products that complete the mattresses. They encompass all the materials used in the mattress production. Our products put the last stamp on the end product. Without cords, mattresses will not be seen well. Stretching cords keep the form of the mattress. 8 cm spacer bands, 2 cm trimming cords, and side


bands are produced. We also supply band for transportation of mattresses. We are able to produce variety of bands as narrow as 1 cm and as wide as 10 cm. Some of them are delivered in markets abroad.

used in the bulk. We produce at every flammable level depending on the needs and orders of customers. We can adjust it by chemical preparations. We cooperate with a laboratory in Bursa to develop products.

On inflammable products and their development process These are produced upon orders. They are compulsory for the mattresses that will be utilized in schools, hostels and hospitals,

On his views about the mattress production industry in Turkey Products and services in Turkey are so good. We are producing up to highest standards. Alternative of our products come from China and

India. Chinese products are cheap but lower quality. Our products are sold well with their qualities. Also Indian products are cheap. Our customer base is composed of developed markets, and elite segments who seek innovative and quality products. Our buyers in abroad and in the country mostly are respectful companies. Although a relatively smaller city, the biggest players of furniture and mattress industries have operations in Kayseri. So, we are doing business with all of them.


FORM SUNGER at 42 countries in 4 continents Arif Ölmeztoprak, export manager of Form Sünger ve Yatak AS (Form Foam & Mattress Inc.): “Although it was the first edition last year, we were happy with the performance of SLEEPWELL EXPO ISTANBUL from the standpoints of the number and quality of participants. According to the initial information we obtained from our customers there will be participants from even far countries.”


Arif Ölmeztoprak, Export Manager of Form Sünger ve Yatak AS

As one of the most renowned brands in the foam industry with the R&D and new product studies, Form Sunger continues to its new product works continuously. Pointing out that their studies on new products such as “Aloevera Soft” and “Gelcell visco 40” were completed and offered to the market, Mr. Arif Ölmeztoprak, export manager of the company, underlined that they have been operating in a sector where innovation is inevitable. Commenting on SLEEPWELL EXPO Fair also, Ölmeztoprak said that the premiere edition of the fair was very satisfactory from the standpoints of quality and quantity of participants and that he expected that the show would perform better this year. He answered the questions of Sleep Tech:

How do you interpret the latest events taking place around the world and in your region? Needless to say, this year has been full of major events at every level. The political unrest in the Middle East has compacted the problems already prevalent in the region. The dramatic plight of the peoples of this region is heart wrenching and continues to take its toll on the economy as well, most effectively by severing our trust in the economy. On the other hand, the unexpected fluctuations in exchange rates have compounded economic instability, causing a severe drop in purchase power of many countries. The fall in petroleum prices have consequently impacted the economies of petroleum producing countries as much as the countries that work closely with them.


Unfortunately, 2015 hasn’t been a pretty picture to look at. It is our hope that the next year will be more favorable with respect to the improvement of the human condition and the economy.

How do you evaluate Form Foam’s 2015 activities? Our exports continued to grow through 2015, in spite of the numerous unfavorable challenges encountered. As of October, our exports span to 42 countries on 4 continents. The Interzum and Evteks exhibitions which we participated in May continues to be rewarding in terms of generating new business. As you are aware of, our second production facility commenced activities as of April this year. The additional support we received from the second facility helped improve our export marketing activities. For now, 10% of our total production is exported. We’re proud of being able to add new partners to our existing portfolio. I’d like to thank our board of directors and our R&D and Production teams for their contribution to this success.

Would you share your insights about the foam industry with us? Foam is a product that we come across in many shapes and forms all through life. As we do this interview, we’re sitting on a sofa made of foam. Foam brings the comfort we seek to furniture and objects in our homes, cars, shoes, and clothing. Simply put, foam surrounds us. Form Foam supplies the foam needs of mattress, furniture, automotive, textile and footwear industries. Latest figures show that the global polyurethane foam production in 2014 reached 46 billion dollars. That figure is expected to reach 72 billion dollars in 2020. The fact that


this material welcomes innovation, its use will be even more prevalent, especially in the mattress and furniture industries. Form Foam has a solid place in the Turkish foam industry. Our aim is to introduce our nationally well-known brand to international markets as well.

Would you be able to share with us some of the upcoming products and your R&D activities? Our industry relies heavily on innovation, and research & development is a must. Our experienced R&D department works on introducing the innovation we need, working in a fully equipped laboratory. Their diligent work brought about the introduction of Aloevera Soft, Gelcell visco 40 and Gelcell Liquid to our customers.

product is a comfortable foam that balances heat all night long.

Aloevera Soft combines Aloevera known to moisturize the skin and retard the signs of aging with the comfort of soft foam.

Finally, may we have your thoughts on Sleepwell Exhibition? Where do you see the future of this exhibition?

Gelcell Visco 40 presents gel technology and visco foam properties in one. Gel technology has been prevalent for some time now. When gel particles are combined with closed cell visco, the end

Our positive experience with participating in the first ever Sleepwell exhibition motivated our decision to participate next year as well. We believe strongly in the need for this kind of exhibition in the

Gelcell Liquid product provides an active cool feel by using visco foam in combination with liquid gel.

region. Directly related to Turkey’s growing mattress industry, the need for mattress industry components is growing as well. Even though last year was the first ever Sleepwell sleep products exhibition, we were impressed with the quantity and quality of the visitors as well as participants. According to reports from our customers, there will be new participants this year, even from countries from a further distance. So long as the exhibit is marketed well, this exhibition will reach a prominent place in the region.


Coverconf produces Italian fashion mattress covers in Turkey Parallel to the developments in the mattress industry, innovations show itself in mattress fabric and in the form of the use of mattress fabrics. Knitted mattress ticking (knitted fabric) has brought a very healthy and useful innovation in last 15 years in the world and the last 10 years in Turkey. Air circulation is high, the touch is very soft and very stylish look is another feature of this fabric like it is washable. The mattress sector offers mattress containing washable mattress cover. It has re-

ceived very positive feedbacks about the home need to use in hospitals, dormitories, military units, guesthouses, hotels, medical use of babies and elderly people who are in need of care. Washability mattress became a very important position especially at hotels, hospitals and dormitories, and in the medical field such as contaminated rapidly. On the other hand developed countries want to reduce financial labor by purchases of semi-finished form. For meet the industry’s two


serious demands Coverconf has built in 2010 in Quarrata, Italy also has opened its second factory in 2015 in Kayseri, Turkey with the joint venture. It has been confirmed with researches that healthy people sweat 500-1000 ml per day and most of that happens at night. Mattress and pillow covers, engaged in this case and protect people from harmful bacteria and also protect in the liquid as it passes to the bed. Even if passed it can be washed easily. That’s why mattress and pillow covers are becoming important today. Production with mattress cover is the most ideal way for the mattress manufacturers and provides benefits in many ways. The first of these advantages is to reduce high labor costs. Second one is to add to new mattress models of your collection without making any new investments. For the mattress manufacturers it is easy to add rich borderline mattress sheathed covers to your collection by CoverConf. As is known, Italy is one of the masterpieces about the fashion industry. Fashion in the mattress industry also comes from Italy. One of the World’s best cover producers CoverConf S.r.L. Company has started to produce in Turkey and to offer Italian fashion covers to the customers. With its new investment CoverConf will offer Italian design mattresses with innovations. CoverConf continues to be a pioneer with confidence about knitted mattress ticking covers. To get more information about the Italian design mattress covers produced with Turkish/Italian collaboration you can apply to the website of the company at


ALLBEMAC, an innovative power in all bedding machinery

Our company ALLBEMAC; environmentally friendly, focused on health and well being, always on the track for improvement, continuous research, providing many choices and quick delivery has fortified our position as the machine world's new innovation power. Sel癟uk Varl覺, Board Member of Allbemac


Founded as a small company which started its production with manual tape edge machine and stepped fast and confidently and provide many new machine to its customers that makes Allbemac company today one of the big and reliable company in sector. The founder of the company outlined their story:

tape edge machine, single head quilting machine, Spacer Border machine, Automatic Wrapping machine, Press & Roll Pack Machine, Quilted panel cutting machine and roll fabric cutting machine. We also producing Full Automatic Mattress Production Lines Project according to customers factory plans.

the service. If our costumers needs technical support, We provide solution to our costumers within 24 hours. If the solutions can not be resolved remotely, we send our operators within 48 – 72 hours..

Our position in foreign markets

Our vision

On 2012 it established a new brand as ALLBEMAC which is our brand name in international markets and provides the machines on all over the World. In a short time, thanks to its quality, trust, fast service and innovation, we succeeded exports to 25 countries and we are expanding our market rapidly.

Our Company having global vision; also we export the multi needle quilting machine, 3 heads and 5 heads multi – station border machine and different machines needed by firms from China and Italy to Europe – Africa – America and Middle East with ALLBEMAC technic service assurance.

ALLBEMAC is tracking to world furniture market closely and improving new projects according customers needs. We have focused on our projects which target quality and fast of your productions and makes you market leader

Wide product range

In parallel to developing technology, We use in machinery manufacturing materials that always the latest series and known trademarks. Our spare parts can be easily found in every country.

Sleepwell Expo is the most important fair of the sector that brings together to big companies about mattress and mattress Technologies and visitors from around the World. For this reason, we are proud to present the latest technology machines and innovative ideas to our visitors. Taking into consideration the ideas of our customers, we will continue to effective, efficient and easy to operate machine designs.

We produce machines for the mattress industry as ALLBEMAC; Automatic tape edge machine, Manual

The most important issue that our company does not compromise

Our expectations from the sleepwell fair

1100 percent growth of exports from Kayteks 174

Having a large share in felt exports from Turkey, Kayteks has increased its exports by 1100 percent during 2012 to 2015 period

Established in 1994 to produce parts for spring machinery in mattress industry, the company added felt production line into its factory and its 21 years of experience. Mahir Korucu, export manager of Kayteks, informed about his company and its activities.

On Kayteks company in general Founded in 1994 to produce gears for tank engines and machinery to produce spring for mattresses, the company has turned its interest completely to mattress industry in 1998, by producing wadding

by using by-products of textile industry. Then in 2007 it started the production of felt under Made in Kayteks label. Utilizing the 21 years of experience in mechanical engineering, its own production technology and knowledge and domestically procured raw materials, the company has become a dependable and growing company which is growing through complete customer satisfaction. We have now a large customer base both in Turkey and in abroad. Sharing his successful experiences with the


ministry of development in Turkey, the company was rewarded by incentives for its contributions in the recycling of textile wastes by the government’s central Anatolian development agency. Kayteks has a monthly production capacity for 1.8 thousand tons of felt in its 7 thousand sqm. factory with its 30 personnel. We are the supplier of felt for more than 350 companies in 30 countries who are active in mattress and construction businesses.

On recent investments made in the felt production In Turkey, world’s 17th largest producer and consumer in mattress industry, about 900 thousand tons of textile wastes are produced and the population increases 1 % annually. Half of these textile wastes is disposed through non-ecological ways. We decided in 2014 to establish a recycling line with an aim to meet

the demand for felt needed by the growing industry of mattress manufacturers and both with ecological reasons. Our project was accepted by the ministry of development and our factory was built. Our aim now, is to expand our customer base both in the country and in abroad.

On exports and export performances Felt and wadding sales in Turkey has been experiencing an exponential growth pattern. The reason behind this is the abundance and low cost of textile wastes and the quality of felts produced out of these materials. Thus, Turkey’s competitive power and exports


have been remarkably improved and is now able to sell in the five continents. Kayteks played an important role in this progress, and increased its investments on people and machinery in the production and its exports by 1100 percent between the years 2012 and 2015.

Turkey’s position in felt production There is limited competition for Turkish companies in the field of

felt, out of the Chinese. It means that Turkey is in a leading position in this field. Every country has their own felt producers, however, their production capacities are limited.

On the importance of felt in mattress production Felt is indispensable in the spring type of mattresses. It is also the least costly and the most important input for mattresses. The qual-

ity of felt almost directly defines the quality of mattress by having it made more balanced and more durable. High density of felt is preferable for quality mattresses. Lower density of felts may be used in mattresses that are demanded by hotel businesses because they replace mattresses more frequently in about 6 months or one year. Felt also performs as an insulation material for keeping springs from other materials in the mattresses.


Leotext, hopeful about new period

Producers in the mattress industry began to think that businesses are becoming more optimistic about future following the turmoil in foreign currency rates and resulting slowdown in sales. One of the companies supplying yarn for the industry, Leotext helps their customers on their efforts to reduce costs. Aytug Aydin, general manager of the company informed us about their views and his hopes for the possibilities in Turkey and in abroad.

How was the year 2015 for the producers of sleep products?

Aytug Aydin, General Manager of Leotext

Volume of market in sleep products is affected by the number of housings in the country and the conditions in export markets. The industry was happy about the number of new housings and num-

ber of household in Turkey. They demanded variety of sleep and home textile products. Half of the population in Turkey are below 30 years of age, younger people demand more comfortable and healthier products. At the end, the demand in domestic market is on the rise and spending are growing.

How are the conditions in abroad? What were the effects of recent waves in exports? Foreign demand for sleep products maintain its volume however, in some of the export markets local


producers began to emerge and they are now demanding machinery and equipment for the manufacture of mattresses in their countries. Naturally, it reflected to the volume of the industry positively. Exporting became more profitable for the exporters because of the devaluation of Turkish lira. As a result, Turkish mattress producers began to get some share of the mattress producers in East European countries. Producers began to shift their choices on better machinery, equipment, fabrics, metal and plastic materials, accessories and yarns at higher prices. Besides promotional activities in fairs help the companies to expand their customer bases and to find alternatives for supply.


What is your expectation for the year 2016 about the industry? I predict that the sleep products industry has maintained its position in 2015. 2016 will be more profitable than the year before. Mattress production in the world increased 6 % in 2014. The industry keeps growing. When the developed countries will overcome the year of crisis, national economies will be affected positively. Low prices of oil is another factor that feed our hopes for the future. What are your suggestions for further growth of the sleep industry? Sleep products are one of the basic needs for humans. On the other hand these products are thought to be in the discretionary items category that are demanded for comfort, health, aesthetics reasons. Players in the industry should take these considerations into account when they are developing their sales strategies. They have to produce better products and competitive prices. Volume of mattress industry in the world is about 20 billion dollars. 67 percent of the total production is carried out by 5 largest producers. Share of producing companies in Asian and Pasific countries reached to 22 percent. Producers and sellers have to choose their targets carefully. What are the targets of Leotext for the coming periods? We keep our policy to produce quality products at lowers costs with a lean production philosophy for the needs of developed countries. In this regard, we help our industrial buyers in terms of costs and effectiveness.

Kar Machinery starts production in new plant 180

Recently sold its newly developed machinery in abroad, the company focused on tufting machinery. Mehmet Demirsoy, chairman of the board of the company, informed about his organization and training activities.

On the new production facility of the company

Mehmet Demirsoy, Chairman of the Board

We started our operations in the new factory of 5 thousand sqm of which 3 thousand sqm. part is covered. We produce machinery for mattress manufacturers. Our line includes bedding and sawing machinery besides multi-needle

quilt making, adhesive application machinery for mattress and tufting machinery.

On the characteristics of the machinery It has multiple needles and is able to produce plain patterns of 1,200 meters in eight-hour shift. At sequenced patterns the capacity is about 700 to 800 meter per hour. Adhesive units are for mattress lines. We first delivered this machine to Holland. They liked it much. It overtook the job of five people. The machine is completely


Developing products and new processes at 5 thousand sqm factory, Kar Machinery company also trains qualified staff developed by our own staff. In it is the only machine in Turkey. We are the sole producer of this machine in Turkey. We have also sold this machinery to buyers in England, Holland and Saudi Arabia. Now we have two orders from Kayseri.

On training of the workers for the use of machinery We established a training center where we train users of the machinery. Masters and plain workers of our customer companies are educated about our machinery. That means also that we train workers in mattress industry. On export of products At the moment, we export 60 % of our manufacture. Saudi Arabia, Ukraine and France are our new target markets. We sold to 20 countries in total. We are working to increase the number of qualified products and have new plans. On Sleepwell fair We always support to SleepWell fair. It is a nice fair. It is important for us to exhibit especially our new machinery. We will be a supporter of this fair as much as our resources permit us to participate.


Reform Foam produces bondex for mattress industry Reform Foam company has been producing rebounded bondex foams using by-product of production processes on its factory of 13.5 thousand sqm., of which 6.5 thousands sqm. is closed.


Hüseyin Budak General Manager of Reform Sünger

“We have a daily capacity to process 8 tons of waste products and 500 meter cube foam cutting. We have been serving to furniture, bed and automotive industries for two years.,” says Huseyin Budak, general manager of the company. He informed about their products and production.

On the process and products of the company Our company, re-established in 2013, is located in Kayseri to

produce and cut foams from either directly or by recycling. We produce special forms and orders on demand of customers. Our process is called bondex, rebounded of foams out of foam pieces and wastes. Out of bondex types, we also cut and form foams upon demand and orders of our buyers. We are able to process 8 tons of waste daily and 500 qubic meters of cutting capacities. We serve the needs of mattress, furniture producers and the companies in automotive industry.


On their services to the mattress industry We supply softer products for furniture and mattress manufacturers, bondex foams to companies in construction and automotive industries. Bondex is both economic and ergonomic for our customers. We supply many companies in the industry, including the BRN, Ipek, Kilim and Ergul.

On the use of the material in several fields In construction, bondex is used as moist and sound insulations in construction sites and sold a plates of 100X200 cm. Besides they are demanded by sound studios, cin-


ema halls, and theaters for sound insulation. In sports halls, they are used as mats for gymnastics and wrestling having special coverings of 100 to 140 density foams. Durableness is important in this market, and they should be robust enough to resist hard hits and soft enough to protect the human touches. They may even be used as wall cover in studios. In mattress manufacturing it is used to balance the pressure on the surface of mattresses. It is the most suitable material used for the comfort of mattresses. It can be felt

beyond the fabrics of the mattress when touched. I personally do not advice the use of spring type of mattresses. Foam types are healthier. Other products and services of the company, are the cutting of polyurethane foams of 14 to 60 density, that were sold as viscoform, highform, duraform, flexiform, softform, flareform, etc. Every size of pillows in the range of 400 grams and 1.500 grams are filled, besides foam wedges of 14x4 and 15x5 sizes are cut.

Bunteks exhibits lux fabrics at Sleepwell Expo 186

Producing fabrics for mattress producers Bunteks aimed to upscale lux fabrics segment. New class of products will be launched at Sleepwell Expo Fair in Istanbul, as their first attempt in a fair. Cemal Aslandag, proprietor of the company informed us about his company and activities.

Cemal AslandaÄ&#x;, General Manager of BĂźnteks

Is there any development in Bunteks about exports? Recently we have been going abroad more frequently to get closer with our customers. Sleepwell will be our first experience in a fair participation. Then we plan to go to Cologne fair. We do not expect much from local and

other international fairs. I think that Sleepwell Expo will meet all our expectations. There are more people visiting fairs than the professional buyers.

What is the general outlook in the sector? A slowdown has been felt in the country following the recent national elections and currency rates waved hard. Its impact was deeper felt in the country than in other countries. We lost our momentum in Arab markets, while we were a little bit good in European markets. Market of fabrics for mattresses can be


segmented into two. China is the largest producer and their prices were down remarkably in line with their qualities. So, China began to lose its credibility. Demand for our fabrics of economic segment was down, because prices in China were cut down seriously. In those countries such as England and Saudi Arabia, mostly Chinese products are used. The buyers in these markets started to seek upscale products. Now they demand distinguished products. If we are able to use this opportunity to our advantage we will be profitable.

Which countries and markets are your targets? We started with buyers in Holland and Germany. Then we increased our efforts in Balkan countries to balance the developments in Arabian markets. We visit our potential customers in export markets more frequently. Our next step will bin in American market. To this aim, we applied to participate in the Interzum fair. This is a both attractive and curious market. The US is still has something to say in the world, both in terms of economy and of politics. Reaching other markets in our side is easier than to the


dealing with the US market. We can easily deliver our products to Russia, Ukraine or Middle East countries.

What are your new products that will be introduced in the market? We prepared upscale mattress fabrics especially for SleepWell Expo. Normally we do not produce these kinds of fabrics at large volumes. But, this fair has brought an opportunity for us, and we wanted to upgrade our product versions. Prices for these fabrics are in the 6 to14 dollars scale. We expect a great interest. We have been dealing on this line for about two months. Developments experienced in export markets have been forcing us to upgrade our customer segment, and we did this. Raw material prices also push us toward upscale categories. We made our preparations and are waiting for promising results.

How did you develop these new products? We developed them in two months. We used several imported materials. We developed new finishing processes. Products are now to be sold. The main targets for these products are the buyers in America, Canada and England because the fabrics that are sold in these markets are both luxury and top quality. What was the impact of these products on production volumes? Earlier we had been producing about 350 thousand meters monthly. Now our production volume is about to reach 500 thousand meters. That means 1.1 million meters per year. We achieved these volumes after replacing our machinery inventory. We will emphasize on the production of lux class of fabrics.

Any additional comments? We are going to start production and selling of polyester yarns, as well. This is important for us, because by now we had been imported the polyester yarns. We will be a seller of these products in domestic market.


On history of the company Bilal Karakus, General Manager of Dogus Ofset

Export’s share up in Dogus Offset Producing label for mattress manufacturers, Dogus printing house products are seen in 25 countries. General Manager Bilal Karakus, informed about his company and activities.

Our company is 30 years old in the printing industry in Kayseri. In line with growing numbers of bed producers in the province, we focused on printing labels, booklets and other materials. Now we have a wide range of products in our portfolio. Companies began to export their products and we started to participate in the fair in abroad to enter in export markets. We are producing labels especially and mostly for mattress manufacturers for 20 years.

On the customers of the company We sell to almost all companies operating in this sector. We have about 60 clients in our customer portfolio list. We try to serve major companies those that pay their dues and emphasize on quality not on price. We use imported materials and quality ink. We sell to both producers of economic and luxury beds. Label is important and is part of the bed’s quality and marketing. It is less costly but has high effect. At showrooms where about fifty beds are exhibited labels signal first about the image and the quality of the product. We mostly render service for high-end mattress manufacturers.


On exports of the products Bed industry is more powerful in Europe and in the USA. Producers are more loyal to their suppliers in those countries. We also want to establish sustainable relations with our clients and to work with professional companies. Our products are sold in more than 30 countries; about 25 of them are loyal customers. Though its volume is limited the label-printing segment accounts 15 % of our total production. We also produce other printed materials including brochures, booklets, catalogues and user manuals. We aim to be to sole supplier of bed manufacturers for their printed material needs. We participate in fairs in Germany to promote our business. We got some new customers, one in Holland. We want to increase the number of buyers in abroad. Recently I made a cold visit to a company in Syria, I showed them our productions and in two hours


time, we got a deal. Personal visits and contacts are important. A label costs about only one lira, but it’s added value on the product is priceless.

On printing business We try to be a specialized printing house focused on mattresses. We try to get more work from our customers related with all kinds of printing, including cardboard printing. We participate fairs with an aim to find and develop new varieties, new materials and new techniques. We study to print on leather and

special effect glossy printing. We try to attract attention.

On new investments, and plans for 2015 2014 was not a good year economically. We kept our sales though it was the worst year of the last 8 years. There were problems in neighboring countries, Syria, Iraq and Azerbaijan, though they are ideal target markets for us. We keep our investments for 2015, and bought three new machines. Now we are able to produce more fantastic printings.


Culture of traders and artisans blossoming again in Kayseri OIZ One of the largest production centers in Turkey with 1150 industrial establishments on 24 million sqm area, Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone also hosts the largest manufacturers in the mattress and furniture industry. A new management team of Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone started new projects in the zone. Elected in May, chairman of the board of the special zone Tahir Nursacan and his team aim to inoculate the historical culture of traders and artisans into the relations among companies who have been acting as competitors for years. He hopes that a positive synergy will emerge as a result of this softened competition. He also hinted that a vocational technical training center and a vocational college will be opened in the zone. He answered our questions:

First of all we wish you success in your new post. May we get info about KOSB, Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone, about the activities and capacities? Since May my team and I have been on duty. Our doors are open to all producers active in the zone. We bear our responsibilities by serving our members equally and justly.

Elected as the chairman of the board of KOIZ in May this year, Tahir Nursacan has also been assuming the task of Indonesia honorary consul in Kayseri.

on 24 million sqm land. Our aim

What do you want to say about mattress manufacturing in KOSB?

is to produce qualified, original

Kayseri is the hub of mattress

and quality products. Technical

manufacturing in Turkey besides a capital for furniture. Largest mattress producers and supplier companies for the industry are

There are 1150 industrial facility

and professional teams of the zone are working to attract more industrialists to our zone.


located in Kayseri. In the zone, we also have companies who make machinery for mattress manufacturers and producing quality mattresses at large volumes. That means, we are working to improve sleep quality of Turkish people.

What should be done in order to improve production quality and for being a trendsetter country? Recent developments in the economy have shown us that when Turkey has began to stride, some circles have scared and became nervous. Some centers in the world do not want that we work, we produce, we learn. We need more knowledge and education in every field. People mostly watch TV and spend their time on the internet while reading only one minute in a day.


What are the producing companies should do in this regard? KOSB is one of the major production centers in Turkey. We provide every support to our industrial complexes. However, they have some other responsibilities including obeying the regulations, law and rules. Rules are for the benefit of all parties, including the producers. We have to behave respectfully to each other and we will help them to make their jobs done.

In the field of education, what can be done to solve the problems caused by the lack of qualified personnel in the production? Will you engage in some initiatives? We have a vocational school, METEM, in the zone. Presently 1017 student are registered. They will finish their educations at the end of the educational season. Vocational schools are important even it is a national problem for the country. Next year we aim to establish a

high school for vocational education. We have talks with the rector of Erciyes University for cooperation and with a philanthropist businessman in the city. There are more than 25 thousand students enrolled in technical vocational schools in Holland. As KOSB management, we assumed this responsibility and plan to establish a new METEM for three thousand students.

lowest level of stocks are important global markets. All sides of participants in the value producing chain have to be ready and act efficiently. It is not a one-man show. Objective expectations such as quality, speed, thrust, stability and other unwritten expectations including consistency, devotion and loyalty stood side by side. Companies who share this common culture should be aware of the truth that price and cost are not everything; they have to develop an attitude emphasizing on giving rather then taking. First they have to produce value and satisfaction and then can demand their dues from their customers. We want to funnel this attitude and business culture in our zone. It is not so difficult to implement. We know our responsibilities and they will know theirs’.

Do you have plans for developing exports?

A peer culture is emerging in the industry

Meeting the demands of customers for quality products and services on time and by keeping

Humans die and their works are remembered. We are going to get rid of companies who have


no benefit either their neighbors and their professions. We are going to end cut throat competition and to replace it with support and cooperation among peers. In 2013 220 billion dollars worth of furniture is sold in the world. 60 billion of them are from Chinese. Germany has a volume of 13 million, and the Italians as such. Turkey has sold 2.2 million dollars of furniture to abroad. Only 1% of total volume. 340 million dollars of the sales is made by companies in Kayseri. Only we, the Kayserian producers have to sell by 2.2 dollars worth of furniture. These are important details, however, Kayseri will develop, progress its trade and industry. We heartily believe this.

What kind of innovations do you plan in your term in KOSB? We bought 5 high performance fire extinguisher vehicle and are building fire department in the zone. The vehicles will be delivered in December. Since flammable materials such as foam, mattresses, fibers and felts are produced in the area, we have to be able to act immediately to extinguish fire in emergencies.

MOBESE for KOSB Mobese network for visual activities are to be established. We are expanding the solar energy center even more. Earlier we have a generator for 6 MW, now it is upgraded up to 16 MW when our application for the environmental ministry was approved. Land leveling operations are going on. We are also working on the establishment of Kayseri Fair and congress center, in cooperation with TOBB, Turkish Union of chambers and trade exchanges.

FORMAT Foam recycles wasted foams 196

Started to collect wasted foam for recycling them Format Company processes more than 200 hundred tons of them monthly. “We have certificate approved officially,� says, Abidin Sezgin, a partner of the company and informs about their company.

Abidin Sezgin General Manager of Format Foam

On main activities of the company Our company was established in 2013 by having a certificate from the ministry of environment to recollect the wastages of foam producers in the country. We are recycling them by putting them into pieces, shredding, re-sizing, and re-forming. Then they are offered to other customers. We are one of the largest businesses in this field.


On facilities We have a facility of 4 thousand sqm on a 7-thousand sqm land where more than 200 tons of waste is processed monthly. We process every kind of foams. Latex and visco kinds are demanded less than other kinds. Density may change from 14 to 80 density.

On the certificate of the ministry of environment About 25 foam factories are in the operation in Turkey. The ministry has carried out a study on this matter, however, some of its predictions are not be observed strictly. According to the regulation, these producers have to sell their waste foams to certified companies in order to be disposed by them safely and economically. Since they are made of chemicals the waste should not be left into nature for disposal. We spend about 65 thousand lira to get the certificate. We are one of the three companies working on permission in Kayseri.

On foam production in Turkey There should be more things to be done in Turkey. Foam production

has somehow been regionalized. We have 25 foam factories in the country, while France, having a population of 60 million, has only 5 foam producers. Products of foam factories are sold to about 15 cutters of foams. Establishing a foam factory costs at least about 10 million dollars. Cutters may be founded by lesser investments. Of 25 foam producers only 5 of them can meet all demand of Turkish market. There are an over-capacity in the market. Export volume of the products are very limited.

On the differences in the recycling of foam between Turkey and abroad Europeans are much more ahead of us. They are able to produce higher density product that are used in several fields including the heat and sound isolations. The government offices should improve their controls about the rules of recycling. Producers may give their wastages to any company they find. It reduces our business volume.


Plume by Unimet

We are exporter/producer of Metal Beds, Adjustable Beds and Adjustable Bed Frames. We also produce Adjustable Bed Base which is called Plume. This is a patented product, in the name of ‘’Unimet’’. Plume is a speacial product. It is preferred because of motility and the use of base area. As a resutl of its high quality and innovation, our

product is in a great demand in export market. With version changes in Plume, we produce side opening base which is called by a customer ‘’ Butterfly ‘’. Add to this, Butterfly is different from Plume with special crosstie system. We are giving a feeling of weightlessness and total comfort for every part of the body such as Boxsprings. The bed has stable, designed legs giving


you nothing less then heavenly comfort. Plume and Butterfly are our more exclusive Adjustable Beds. The builtin motor is virtually silent and has a remote control for seamless adjustment of both bed ends. Both version of Plume giving comfort and relaxation. Comparing ordinary beds with Plume is like comparing a motorbike to a sport car, even though they may look almost similar to the naked eye. This is the reason of our slogan ‘’ We do not talk about quality, we provide it.’’ Mehtap Akkoyun, Export Manager of Unimet

Sleepwell Expo Since we recently received many requests for our new product from different countries, now we are planning to show our products and to give general informations to visitors. We will represent the range of quality and the specifications of the products. We believe that Sleepwell Expo 2015 shall be a great Fair and all the participants shall be satisfied.

SLEEP WELL EXPO-Istanbul opens with greater success! 200

World leaders such as Leggett Platt, Boyteks, Bekaert, Isbir, Yataş, Nova Sünger, BRN, Latexco, Artilat, etc. take part.


There are only a few exhibitions dedicated only to the sleep products industry in the world. There is only one in a big geography covering Turkey, Balkans, East Europe, former Soviet Block countries and Middle East. It is in Istanbul titled “Sleep Well Expo� organized by Voli Fuar and supported by Sleep Well and Sleep Tech magazines. The Turkish sleep products industry has been prospering fast at all aspects from mattress to machinery, from pillows to quilts, from box spring to headboards. It adapts the latest trends and technologies. As the Turkish housing construction sector developing very fast and the population is growing faster, new houses are being built at a tremendous number and the need for filling these houses is growing considerably. Sleep products are among the basic needs of these


Omer Faruk Gorun, Project Manager of Sleep Well Expo, “Our show has already proven to be a truly international fair. I am positive that it will continue by growing even faster.”

needs. The industry has been growing also in line with the living conditions of people on the one hand; it has been growing in line with people being more conscious for better sleep products on the other. Many exhibitors from last year’s premiere edition rebooked their stands including Boyteks, Form Sunger, Boycelik, BRN, Allbeco, Milkay, Sefox, Nerteks, Siteks, Stilo Yatak, Kirayteks, Latexco, Tempo Yatak, Mavera Kimya, Feryal Fermuar, Dogus Ofset, Kayteks, Ersan Madeni Esya, Elit Medikal, Polya Yatak, Giz Grup, Jakarteks, Niron Yatak, Pomax, MKR Tekstil, Palmflex, SPM Sunger, Umit Makina, Elektroteks, Katermak, ISM Makina, Onur Kapitone and many more… As the first and the only fair in its field in Turkey, SLEEP WELL EXPO is




a show bringing the main mattress industry, sub-industry, machinery and components industry professionals together. The fair is an excellent platform to launch and to see the latest technologies, innovative products and latest collections. To be held on October 22-25, 2015, the fair was introduced in 2014 and the premiere edition was welcomed very well by the industry. The show brings all professionals of the sleep products industry together and visitors come from all parts of the world especially from the neighboring countries. The fair attracted especially the interest of those world brands who want to sell to the Turkish market, and those who want to invest in and penetrate into Turkish market. The CEOs of the world mattress industry, top officials, purchasing managers, manufacturers, consumers, domestic and foreign representatives and dealers all attend the fair. The

Sleepwell Expo Show embraces and brings all collaborators of the sector together. It is a real trade platform for all branches including the main industry, the supply industry, machinery and equipment industrialists. Turkey is an emerging and stabile market with its fast growing population, advantageous location and developing economy. The mattress industry, mattress machinery and equipment are among the fastest growing sectors in Turkey. The developments experienced in the sector and the innovations, the collaboration among industrialists are the important factors motivating the improvement of the mattress and bedding industry in Turkey. All these positive developments urged a fair in the industry and that’s how SLEEPWELL EXPO� show was born. It is held at the opposite side of Istanbul’s most famous international airport, Ataturk International Airport from


The show hosts all sleep related products from mattresses to machinery, chemicals, mattress production lines, raw materials, accessories, components and all about sleep products industry, Istanbul Expo Center, October 22-25, 2015.


where you can get the exhibition grounds in a few minutes. It is almost very clear that the fair will be one of the strongest fairs in the bedding industry worldwide in the very near future. The industry imports a lot, too. Turkey is a good market for machinery, some types of mattresses and raw materials. The first and only fair dedicated to the sleep products industry in Turkey, SLEEP WELL EXPO ISTANBUL was held April 17-20, 2014 and recorded a huge success which almost all industry professionals applause. Now the second edition of the fair is shaping up. Over 70% of exhibitors have already booked their spaces according to the officials of Voli Fair Organization, the organizers of the show. The fair was scheduled to be at the same venue but instead of 2 halls and the big foyer, there will be an extra hall at the second edition, October 22-25, 2015. Stating that the fair attracted a great deal of interest from domestic market and by companies from different countries, Omer Faruk Gorun, Project Manager of Sleep Well Expo outlined, “Sleep Well Expo covers the mattress main
industry, sub industry, machinery and equipment. The venue of this important fair is Istanbul Expo Center, which is exactly facing the Istanbul Ataturk International Airport. When an exhibitor or a visitor arrives at Istanbul by air, he or she could even walk to the exhibition ground. The first edition of this annual event was held in April 17-20, 2014. As the first of its kind in Turkey, Sleep Well Expo contributes to Turkey’s being a production hub for the mattress industry. Sleep Well Expo


is now hosting a professional platform where the latest technologies and products are on display altogether. Because of ever increasing value of mattress and other sleep products the fair has been an important organization to bring once again
leading companies and reps of the industry together. Many international companies doing business with Turkey in this industry have already shown their interest in the fair which will bring together CEOs, top level officials, purchasing managers, producers, consumers, foreign and domestic
dealers and represen-

tatives. Product groups of the fair include Turkish mattress producers, mattress importers, furniture and mattress stores, foreign mattress producers, sub-industry products, mattress and quilting machinery and equipment, etc.
The visitor portfolio includes experts and high-level officials of the private sector, buyers from different sectors to realize projects, businessmen, investors, mattress industry authorities, dealers
and representatives, chambers of commerce, associations, furniture manufacturers, purchasing officials of tourism, hotel and hospitality industry, etc.”

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Sleeptech / September-October 2015  


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