Adjustable Bamboo Pillow - Love Binds With Long Soulful Naps

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Adjustable Bamboo Pillow - Love Binds With Long Soulful Naps

These bamboo pillows are filled with thick shredded memory foam which leads to fit with your back, neck, head and shoulder as per your comfort. The specification of these pillows is specially designed for pregnancy cases including all extreme comforts make your sleep healthy. These natural adjustable bamboo pillows are anti-allergy, mould-resistant, dust mites resistant and you get soft thick supportive back to your head & neck while sleeping.

Buy Adjustable Bamboo Pillow on Amazon Things you must know about the adjustable bamboo pillow: â—? The adjustable luxurious bamboo pillow offers adjustable thickness which aligns to your support back-side and stomach side position. This adjustable bamboo pillow is filled with ultra-soft bamboo material which is cover by viscose bamboo filling layer provides perfect support head, neck and shoulder while sleeping â—? These adjustable pillows are natural hypoallergenic which makes an ideal choice who suffers from an allergy.

● These adjustable memory foam pillows are perfectly adjustable to your all sleeping modes with all comfort features. The inner zipper inside the pillow fits according to your twists & turns while sleeping. ● These natural bamboo filling pillow enhance more comfort and reliable sleeping during whole night. These pillows are less fluffy in nature and gives Eco-friendly sustainable soft support to your head & neck while sleeping. ● These shredded memory foam pillow are temperature adaptable which adjust itself according to the weather conditions. ● These adjustable bamboo memory foam pillows offer superior, durability, comfort-ability and support align to your neck, head & shoulder.

Buy IK Adjustable Bamboo Pillow on Amazon How to wash adjustable bamboo pillows? Firstly remove the cover of these adjustable bamboo pillows then soak in lukewarm water with bleach-free detergent. For better results, washed bamboo pillows dry under the sun rays. The adjustable bamboo pillow gives you all comforts with 1 year guarantee

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