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No more mass marketing How to target a niche

Innovative Technology for





Save storage space and shipping cost of mattresses! Before Compression

After Compression


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Wrapper - PE, PVC & PU Compact design minimizes floor space Patented Serial Bus Control System Low and easy maintenance Easy to operate Automatically compress & pack one unit per minute Accepts finished mattress and soft cushions made from foam (without border wire)

Sudden Service ™ Company

This equipment is protected by one or more of the following patents: US patents: 4,280,421; 4,432,294; 4,466,367; 4,644,883; 5,134,947; 5,159,889; 5,203,270; 5,522,332; 5,524,563; 5,562,060; 5,634,418; 5,647,293; 5,657,711; 5,743,202; 5,865,135; 5,899,159; 5,915,319; 5,918,560; 5,979,345; 6,035,794; 6,055,921; 6,202,579; 6,279,869; 6,295,481; 6,494,255; 6,802,271; 6,574,815B2; 6,834,603B1; 6,968,794B1; 6,994,043B1; 7,100,525B1; 7,100,526B1; 7,210,181B1; 7,383,676 ; 7,383,780; 7,412,936; 7,543,364; 7,574,788; 7,647,876; 7,647,876. Foreign patents: 9-520,472; 0,537,323; 92,905,522.6; 96,936,922.2; 2,076,379; 2,084,055. Other U.S. and Foreign Patents Pending. Copyright 2010 Atlanta Attachment Co. 10105073010

Atlanta Attachment Company 362 Industrial Park Drive Lawrenceville, GA 30046 (770) 963-7369 • FAX (770) 963-7641

the Sewn Products Industry Worldwide!





Automatic Mattress Packaging • • • • • •

Splice film with NO WASTE! Easy replacement of Teflon® tape Upper and lower boot film holder Double seals on four sides with or without trim Optional compression module Optional multi-roll holder frees up storage space on manufacturing floor



During the Great Depression, many people stuffed their mattresses with their life savings to protect the family fortunes. Today, your fortunes depend on what goes into your bedding as well. That is why Hickory Springs provides not just one, but four exceptional foams formulated to give you and your customers the gold standard for bedding quality and performance. The newest member of our foam family is Talalay CertiPUR-US latex from Latex International, a balanced blend of synthetic and natural rubber designed with luxury and comfort in mind. CM





For more details about how Hickory Springs foams can help you increase your fortune without costing you one, call (828) 328-2201 or visit

PO Box 128 • Hickory, NC 28603 (800) 438-5341 Š2007-2009 Hickory Springs Mfg. Co.

NOV 2010

InSide Feature

14 Finding your niche

Forget the idea of a one-size-fits-all marketing plan. Given today’s demographic shifts and splintered communications channels, you need to market to a variety of different niches. BedTimes goes to the experts to find out the best ways to do so.


7 Front Matter

The U.S. mattress industry can expect modest but steady gains through 2012, according to a new forecast from the International Sleep Products Association. For 2010, both unit shipments and their wholesale dollar value are projected to be up 5.5%.

8 Company Profile

Lemoyne Sleeper, a second-generation family business, has its roots as a factory direct but is counting on a variety of revenue streams to maintain the company’s success well into the future.

11 Product Watch

Suppliers of machinery, equipment and components for the bedding industry are touting an array of products designed to improve efficiency, reduce costs and solve other problems associated with mattress production.

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a safe work environment

You will breathe easier with SABA adhesives & SABA’s integrated adhesive delivery and monitoring system SABA water-based adhesives are second to none, especially when it comes to a safe environment in your plant. And now, with the introduction of its new and exclusive Access system, SABA is taking foam bonding to a new level of efficiency and control. Applying SABA adhesives is hassle-free and optimized for efficiency. With integrated monitoring capability, you’ll receive emailed daily costing reports, re-order notices and much more. Enjoy the lowest adhesive cost per mattress produced, a cleaner plant and hassle-free production without spending a dime on equipment.

Contact SABA today for a risk-free 30 day testing period.

Call us at 810 824 4964

Email us at SABA North America LLC 5420 Lapeer Road Kimball MI 48074 USA

You do have access to SABA adhesives, right? See for yourself first hand how the SABA foam bonding adhesive system can save you money!     

Enjoy 20 to 50% reduction in adhesive costs All application equipment provided at no cost to you Highest performing water-based adhesive Cleaner and safer working environment Monitor and control adhesive usage

SABA, dedicated to foam bonding Est. 1933: 77 years of strong bonds

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We can’t ‘think’ bedbugs away


n October, I wrote about the growing bedbug problem in the United States and some of the things that the mattress industry can do to help combat it. Though I’d like to stop thinking about the little bloodsuckers, I can’t. Reports of infestations continue. Just this morning, there’s word of bedbugs at schools in Maine and New Jersey, a hospital in Kentucky and a fire station in Albuquerque. A prime reason for the spread of bedbugs is their love of travel: They like to hitch a ride to new locales in luggage, on clothing, etc. As an increasingly mobile society, we’re helping to spread them. To keep bedbugs in check, you can take some simple precautions when you travel. When staying at a hotel, don’t set your suitcase on the bed or floor. Use the luggage tray. Before you hang clothes or put them away in drawers, check the corners and edges for bugs (as babies they’re clear; as adults reddish-brown) and for tiny black flecks (blood or feces). Then check the mattress itself: Pull off the linens at the head and foot of the bed and inspect the seams. Come on, you’re already looking to see who manufactured the mattress. Spend an extra few seconds searching for the bugs. If you find anything suspicious, tell the manager and request a new room. It’s in a hotel’s best interest to deal with any bedbug problems quickly and thoroughly. Some travelers are being extra cautious and, upon returning home, leave their suitcase outside until they can check it for tagalongs and then throw all their clothes in a hot dryer. Not surprisingly, the topic of

bedbugs came up at a recent mattress industry event and I was shocked to hear the number of people who’d heard about these precautions but didn’t heed the advice. More than one said, “Bedbugs are disgusting. I’d rather not think about them.” No one wants to spend a lot of time thinking about bedbugs, but I guarantee you, if they make it into your house, they’ll be on more than your mind. Industry Conference & Exhibition The International Sleep Products Association traditionally has held its Industry Conference and Exhibition in the fall and, most recently, in November. ISPA has changed the dates for the Industry Conference and Exhibition, alternating the event with the biennial ISPA EXPO, which is held in March of even-numbered years. The conference, now held in March of odd-numbered years, will be March 16-18 at the Vinoy Renaissance St. Petersburg Resort and Golf Club in St. Petersburg, Fla. To learn more, see Pages 38-39 of this issue and check Make plans now to attend! BT

Julie A. Palm BedTimes | November 2010 |


FrontMatter Forecast: Bedding sales to rise slowly, steadily ISPA projects 5.5% gains in units & dollar values for this year


fter suffering painful year-overyear declines during the recession, the U.S. mattress industry is projected to enjoy moderate growth through 2012, according to the most recent forecast from the International Sleep Products Association. For 2010, both unit shipments (mattresses and foundations) and the dollar value of those shipments are forecast to be up 5.5%. Those gains would reverse two years of sharp decreases in 2008 and 2009 and a mixed but overall lackluster sales picture in 2007. Moderate gains are expected for 2011, as well. Unit shipments are projected to increase 5.7% and the value of those units are forecast to grow 3.5%. In 2012, projections call for unit shipments to rise 4.4% and dollar values to increase 7.8%. That would bring the total size of the U.S. mattress market to roughly $6.8 billion in 2012—or about the same size it was in 2007. As for the average unit selling price, it isn’t expected to increase in 2010 but the forecast predicts a 2.1% gain in 2011 and an additional 3.3% rise in 2012. The forecast, issued in October, is produced by ISPA’s Statistics Committee. The next forecast will be released in April. The association provides monthly and quarterly tracking of sales through its Bedding Barometer newsletter. “Given the lackluster economic recovery we have experienced to date and the substantial economic uncertainties that exist today, the committee found it especially challenging to prepare this forecast,” the Statistics Committee said in releasing the report. The forecast is based on economic analysis prepared by the University of Michigan, as well as consensus input from the ISPA Forecast Panel, which is made up of leading mattress producers and components suppliers.

‘The “double-dip” recession is not likely to happen, but growth will remain slow for the next few years.’ The broader outlook The forecast considers trends in the larger economy that have potential to impact the mattress industry. “The ‘double-dip’ recession is not likely to happen, but growth will remain slow for the next few years,” the forecast says in assessing the overall U.S. economic picture. Specifically: ➤ Housing “Housing sales are, and will remain an issue, especially now that the federal home-buyer tax incentives have ended,” according to the report. Sales of existing homes are expected to be up 3.4% for 2010, 8.6% in 2011 but only 4% in 2012. Housing

starts are expected to grow more robustly—10.4% in 2010, 11.1% in 2011 and 29.7% in 2012—“but the volume will remain below 1 million units.” ➤ Employment/disposable income “High unemployment will continue to contribute to minimal gains in real disposable income for 2010 (1.3%),” the forecast says. “As unemployment rates fall over the next two years, an uptick in disposable income of 2.2% is expected for 2011, followed by a further increase of 3.6% for 2012.” ➤ Consumer prices According to the forecast, “Inflation does not seem to be a major concern, with consumer prices forecast to increase only 1.8% in 2010, 1.5% in 2011 and 2% in 2012.” BT

➤ Learn more For more information or to read the entire forecast, check

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CompanyProfile Lemoyne Sleeper builds on factory-direct roots

Expansion of wholesale, contract segments helps company grow By Dorothy Whitcomb


ndrew Pearlman, president of Lemoyne Sleeper, is committed to three principles he believes are crucial to the continuing success of his family business. First, growth should be slow and steady. Second, fair play, integrity and a commitment to quality—the values his father, Jerry Pearlman, founded the company on in 1964—are as important today as they were then. Third, a multipronged business model that builds on Lemoyne’s roots as a factory direct is vital. Pearlman began working at Lemoyne Sleeper when he was just 15. While he was learning the intricacies of the business from the ground up, he also absorbed what may have been the most important lesson his father had to teach. “I learned how to treat our employees fairly and with respect. We are very family-oriented. There are people who work here that I’ve known longer than I knew my dad. They’re like my brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles,” Pearlman says. “We can laugh and joke around and still work very hard. It makes a big difference.” Jerry Pearlman died in 2002. His partner at the time, Marty Lowy, continued in the business, helping Andrew Pearlman to run the company. Lowy is now retired, though still serves as a financial consultant. When Pearlman took Lemoyne’s helm three years ago, he brought in Donald Kreisberg as a partner and chief executive officer. In October, he purchased Kreisberg’s share of the business and Kreisberg is now a business development consultant for the company.

8 | BedTimes | November 2010

Employee loyalty Lemoyne Sleeper places high value on its workers. Norm McClellan started with the company in 1974 and though semiretired, he remains a valued helper and source of information on the factory floor.

A foundation as a factory direct Lemoyne Sleeper employs about 50 people at its 100,000-square-foot headquarters in Lemoyne, Pa. The facility houses a 30,000-square-foot factory, as well as a warehouse, office space and a retail showroom. “We produce about 250 pieces a day, except in the summer when sales for dormitories are high and we go to about 350 pieces a day,” Pearlman says. In 2009, the company posted close to $10 million in annual sales. Thus far in 2010, sales are tracking a little ahead of last year. “Five years ago, we were at almost $12 million in annual sales,” Pearlman says. “We saw a gradual decline because of the recession and now we’re seeing a gradual increase.” Sales through the company’s 10 Lemoyne Sleeper retail stores account for about 45% of Lemoyne’s annual revenue. Wholesale sales to

independent retailers and small chains contribute another 30%. The balance comes from the institutional, hospitality and contract segments. In addition to the company’s mattresses, Lemoyne Sleeper stores sell bedroom furniture and sleep accessories, including chests, mirrors, headboards and footboards, futons, sheets, comforters and window treatments. “Furniture and accessories are important add-on sales,” Pearlman says. “I’d like to see this category grow, but things are even tougher on the furniture side than they are with bedding right now.” Pearlman owns half the factorydirect retail outlets; the other five are independently operated under licensing agreements. All are located in Pennsylvania. Pearlman recently closed two unprofitable stores and is guardedly optimistic about the performance of the rest. “I don’t see huge magic happening as we come out of the recession,” he says. “The key is to maintain steady growth and, when we look at samestore sales, all are steady or up from last year.” The factory-direct model gives the company an advantage over other mattress retailers, Pearlman believes. “As a factory direct, we have a unique edge in the community. We’re always bringing new product to market, which expands our retail operations, and we manufacture product that competes well in both quality and price with national brands,” he says. Susan Cahill, senior vice president of retail sales, adds, “We offer better value for the price. The community knows that they are not paying middleman prices and that if they have an issue they can come back directly to us.”

Though its foundation is as a factory direct, Lemoyne has a robust wholesale business, selling to about 80 dealers in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. While Pearlman would like to grow the segment, he doesn’t want to spread resources too thin. “The wholesale side is volumedriven and very competitive,” he says. “We insist on maintaining our integrity in terms of quality and customer service, so we try to focus our energy on retailers in Pennsylvania and the surrounding states.” Product particulars Cahill joined the company in 1993 as a sales associate in a Lemoyne Sleeper store. Today, much of her job involves making certain that the 15-person sales staff is knowledgeable about the products the company sells and can communicate effectively with customers. “Consumers have changed in the last five years. They used to walk in and purchase what they wanted; now they are focused on need,” Cahill says. “They don’t purchase mattresses very frequently and a lot has evolved in the product. It’s so important that our customers get educated about product and feel comfortable with their purchase.” Lemoyne offers 45 models in five lines at its retail stores. The midrange Chiro-Guard collection features innerspring mattresses priced between $999 and $1,499 for a queen set. (The company’s innersprings start at $299.) The company’s two premium collections are Night of Luxury and Natural Luxury. Night of Luxury includes seven models constructed with various combinations of memory foam, latex and innersprings. Natural Luxury features five latex models. Queen sets in the two collections retail for between $1,299 and $3,999. Although innerspring sales have remained flat, the company has seen significant growth in specialty beds. “When you look at memory foam compared to all other products, it’s been our fastest growing segment,” Pearlman says.

Geographic considerations With headquarters in Lemoyne, Pa., Lemoyne Sleeper has 10 factory-direct stores in the state. Its wholesale business extends to six other states, but Andrew Pearlman (above) doesn’t want to venture far outside the region in order to maintain quality and service standards.

‘As an industry, we could do ourselves a favor by focusing more on the importance of sleep.’ The company is focusing much of its research and development on products made using visco-elastic and latex, with a special focus on bringing items to market that are made from environmentally sustainable materials. Pearlman isn’t ready to divulge details but says he has plans to introduce soon a product based “on ideas I’ve never seen in the market before.” Boosting business In the past, the company has relied on print and broadcast media to reach consumers. It recently beefed up its direct-mail efforts and has added online advertising on newspaper and television websites. Lemoyne also has revamped its own website. “We are seriously looking at the Internet as a place to focus our marketing efforts,” Pearlman says. Becoming a Bemco licensee in 2008 added a new dimension to Lemoyne’s wholesale business. “While Bemco is currently a small

percentage of our business, we see it growing,” Pearlman says. “It gives us another brand name to offer retailers and also presents multimillion dollar opportunities on the contract side of our business.” Lemoyne’s contract business, which includes truck and dormitory mattresses, as well as beds for hotels, hospitals and nursing homes, dropped by 2% during the recession. The company recently hired a new sales representative dedicated to the segment and is hopeful about restoring lost sales. Although Pearlman is cautiously optimistic about the direction of the economy as a whole, he is concerned about attitudes within the bedding industry that he believes work against sustained growth. “From a manufacturing/wholesale perspective, my biggest challenge is trying to maintain our commitment to quality, integrity and service while staying competitive,” Pearlman says. “As an industry, we could do ourselves a favor by focusing more on the importance of sleep and its relationship to health. As a group, we have the power to awaken’ our customers’ desire for better health through better sleep.” BT

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The savings could be Infinite. Material cost only $8.90 per unit

Infinity Unit Specification

• • • • •

5 Unique Sleep Zones 916 Coils In A Queen Size Unit 59” x 78” 61/4” Unit Height Full Continuous Wire Spring Unit Material Cost Only $8.90 Per Unit

Firm Soft Formula for costing - Unit weight 8.9kgs Wire cost per kilo $1.008 x 8.9kgs = $8.90 (Material cost without frame, Wire cost based on data supplied by UK manufacturers)

Delivering comfort through design

Newline Industrial Estate, Newline, Bacup, OL13 9RW England. T: +44 [0] 1706 878 558 F: +44 [0] 1706 878 288 E: W:

ProductWatch A selection of offerings from mattress suppliers


attress industry suppliers are providing products to help streamline manufacturing processes, save both time and money and help meet other challenges of producing and selling beds today. For a comprehensive list of products and services available to the mattress industry, check the BedTimes Supplies

Guide. The 2011 guide will be published in the December issue of the magazine. The guide also is available online at Descriptions and images in this section were provided by the companies. Product claims are not endorsed by BedTimes.


a response to the problem of body impressions. Rollator tests have shown that mattresses topped with Softech’s encased coils maintain their structural integrity and are less susceptible to body impressions than those made with visco-elastic and polyurethane foams, according to the company. Other benefits include the fact that the “encased coils stay fresh, airy and never need turning,” the company says. Softech is designed for mattress toppers but can be used in other applications. ➤ The VertiCoil Edge innerspring is designed to deliver equal support from edge to edge of the mattress. “It firms and responds to body weight and natural sleep movements, offering advantages sleepers can feel,” L&P says. The unit has a coil count 21% higher than the industry average. According to research conducted at Kansas State University and the Institute of Environmental Research, mattresses made with VertiCoil Edge innersprings sleep 28% cooler than foam. Phone 417-358-8131 Email vicki.hale@

Advance Fiber Technologies Corp. (AFT) Advance Fiber Technologies Corp. (AFT), which is headquartered in Hackensack, N.J., offers SQ-63, an enhanced quilting thread designed to solve tack-andjump sewing problems. The thread virtually eliminates repairs, as well as the need to trim loose ends on tack-and-jump panels, according to the company. Unlike traditional quilting threads, SQ-63 is engineered to sew through the thick layers of foam and FR barriers used in today’s mattresses. It is resistant to heat and abrasion and has lower elongation, which yields cleanly cut ends. Phone 800-631-1930 Email Contact Rick Brumfield ADVANSA ADVANSA, a manufacturer of polyester fiber and filament with world headquarters in Hoofddorp, Netherlands, is promoting two products: ➤ Suprelle Memory, a fiber for top-of-bed applications, is a polyester microfiber made from a modified polymer that mimics properties of visco-elastic foam. The patent-pending

technology can be used in pillows to help them mold to the sleeper’s head and neck. The fiber provides greater support than typical polyester fiber fill and sleeps cooler than foams, according to the company. ➤ Thermo°Cool is a thermo-regulating yarn that combines hollow-core fibers with ridged-surface fibers. Textiles made with Thermo°Cool wick away perspiration and accelerate the evaporation process via channeled fibers, while the hollow fibers capture air and act as a natural insulator. The yarn offers flexibility when developing fabrics of any structure or weight. Its temperatureregulating characteristics are permanent—they will not decrease over time due to wear or washings, according to the company. It’s currently being used in ticking by DesleeClama. Phone 704-535-6139 Email Web Contact Tom Taylor

INNERSPRINGS Leggett & Platt Leggett & Platt, based in Carthage, Mo., is touting two innerspring technologies: ➤ The Softech innerspring unit for mattress toppers is

Web www.bedding Contact Vicki Hale

MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT Farnsworth Logistics Farnsworth Logistics, with headquarters in Lexington, N.C., offers a variety of fabric roll racks for product transportation. The racks are designed to eliminate waste throughout the supply chain. They Fabric roll racks are customized to roll dimensions, enabling safe, clean and damage-free transport of fabric from vendor location to manufacturing destination and quilting station. The racks allow for forklift unloading, increasing unloading efficiency by 75%, according to the company. By eliminating waste and keeping textiles off the floor, they also increase plant safety. Phone 404-361-8542 Email marym@ Web www.farnsworth Contact Mary Mullinax

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FillMatic GmbH FillMatic GmbH, which is based in Mannheim, Germany, offers two foam handling machines: ➤ The FillMatic Model ATE 220 Automatic Stocking Filling Station is an automated unit that encases ATE 220 foam Automatic and latex Stocking Filling cores Station within a fabric sleeve. Key components of the ATE 220 are a mattress core feeding station, filling machine, sewing unit and receiving station. The foam cores are transported via a centering station to filling arms, which encase the cores in a knit stocking. The stocking is sewn closed and excess fabric is trimmed. The core is then transported to a receiving station. ➤ The FillMatic Model SEK 250 Profile Foam Cutout Peeler cleans foam cores of their profile cutouts by brushing them out and SEK 250 Profile transFoam Cutout Peeler porting them to a waste collection basket. Foam core is transported into the SEK and through the cleaning station. After passing crushing rollers (optional), the core arrives back on the conveyor, ready for another pass to clean the other side of the foam.

12 | BedTimes | November 2010

Phone 952-448-1935 Email or Web Contact Peter Poulsen/ P. Bjerre Inc. Global Systems Group Gribetz International and Porter International of Leggett & Platt’s Global Systems Group in Sunrise, Fla., as well as Teknomac, a GSG partner company, are promoting new and re-engineered equipment for mattress manufacturing. ➤ The PALS-2000 SemiAutomatic Border Label Machine from Porter International is the latest addition to the PALS auto-label machine series. The PALS2000 stitches labels while allowing the operator to PALS-2000 perform Semi-Automatic other Border Label tasks Machine between loading and unloading. A range of label sizes can be programmed with zig-zag or straight stitches. Other key features include deskilled operation, pneumatic clip assembly to hold labels, sewing area up to 6 inches by 9 inches, capability to handle materials up to 6 inches thick and high-speed operation. It can yield 500 or more labels per eighthour shift.

➤ The SSB-300U HeavyDuty Binder from Porter International handles heavy, thick quilt panels. The multitasking machine builds a singlesided “buckSSB-300U Heavy-Duty et” Binder with nonskid base or attaches a border to the mattress top panel, adding tape and flange in the same process. It’s well suited to lean manufacturing as it reduces production steps and improves productivity, according to the company. The SSB-300U prepares either side of “no-flip” bedding; has a compound walking foot for better control; allows the operator to sit down or stand up; has a single-needle, chain-stitch sewing head; eliminates preflanging; and accepts border rolls or preclosed borders. ➤ The PVH-3500 Vertical Border Handle System from Porter International is dePVH-3500 signed Vertical Border for Handle System highvolume production. Zig-zag stitching secures precut handles to the top and bottom edges of border sections. The small, modular design makes it easy to incorporate into a plant’s existing border operation, according to the company. Other fea-

tures include electronic, automatic foot lift; a selfoiling sewing head; and a needle positioner. It can produce as many as 360 queen-size borders with four handles during an eight-hour shift. ➤ The PZM-2500 Compact Mattress Zipper Machine from Porter International adds zippers that PZM-2500 Compact join Mattress Zipper matMachine tress borders to mattress quilt tops at the tape-edge. In an easy sewing operation, the machine allows you to sew the zipper to the border section, close the border loop, flip it over and attach it to the mattress top with binding tape, the company says. The PZM-2500 performs as many as 2,500 stitches per inch. It works with specific fit-to-length zippers, as well as roll-fed zippers. The machine can produce 180 or more queen-size removable-top mattresses per eight-hour shift. ➤ B-45 Border Quilter from Gribetz International improves the efficiency of quilted B-45 Border border Quilter work cells by producing enough quilted border to supply two panel quilters. The machine is half the width of a typical multineedle

quilter, reducing material waste and the need for frequent changes to needle settings. A built-in winder collects quilted material. Built-in slitter blades enable you to take material straight from the quilter to the border department. The B-45’s shortened material path between needle bars and slitter blades creates more accurate patterns on mattress borders, according to the company. ➤ The TK306A Roll Pack Machine from Teknomac has been redesigned to accommodate larger mattresses TK306A Roll Pack and Machine offers a range of product packaging options. It compresses and rolls mattresses, coil units, foam and latex. The roll pack adjusts to handle small or large units, creating a packaged product with diameters of 12 inches to 16 inches. Following compression, the machine can roll product into more symmetrical, circular shapes, which enhance shipping, storing and product presentation, the company says. Other updates include a heavier compression platen, heavier platen-drive assembly and tighter rolling of thicker mattresses. Phone 417-358-8131, Ext. 4890 Email randy.metcalf@ Web www.gsg Contact Randy Metcalf

IDM Instruments Pty. Ltd. IDM Instruments Pty. Ltd., a manufacturer of testing and measuring equipment based in Hallam, Australia, showcases the Model F0025 Universal Testing Machine. The unit offers twin testing capabilities—compression testing within the inner frame and tensile testing on the outer frame. It can be used to test polyurethane foams, plastics, rubber, textiles, springs and more. The machine reduces operator fatigue and speeds production by running an array of tests without requiring a change of compression platens or tensile grips, according to the company. The testing instrument is controlled by PC-compatible proprietary software. Phone 61-397-08-68-85 Email info@idm Web www.idm Contact Julia Lucey MAMMUT/ Nähmaschinenfabrik Emil Stutznäcker GmbH & Co. KG The high-speed MAMMUT VMK Select Chain-Stitch Multineedle Quilter comes from machine maker NähmaschinenVMK Select Chain-Stitch fabrik Multineedle Quilter Emil Stutznäcker GmbH & Co. KG with headquarters in Cologne, Germany. It has two needle bars and 64 individually program-

mable sewing positions as standard equipment. Options include as many as 144 sewing positions on two needle bars capable of creating patterns at speeds as high as 1,600 rpm. Pattern changes require no tools, just a touch of a button, according to the company. Every sewing position has top and bottom thread cutters. The multineedle quilter handles material up to 106 inches wide. Phone 952-448-1935 Email or Web Contact Peter Poulsen/P. Bjerre Inc.

MATTRESS FABRICS Innofa Innofa, a mattress fabric producer with world headquarters in Tilburg, Netherlands, showcases its patented AirVent, a fabric AirVent fabric that improves mattress ventilation. According to the company, the ticking increases sleep-surface air flow, creating a more comfortable environment that helps reduce tossing and turning. Depending on mattress construction, AirVent can improve ventilation by 100% over double-knit covers of similar weight, the company says. The fabrics have breathable air grids whose placement varies from design to design. The grids can be customized to align with existing air channels in a mattress core.

Phone 31-135-29-99-60 Email Web Contact Job Dröge

OTHER PRODUCTS Albatross USA Inc. Albatross USA Inc., a cleaning products supplier with headquarters in Long Island City, N.Y., offers NPE II, a cleaning solvent blend. The cleaning fluid doesn’t contain any NPE II chemicals restricted or regulated by California’s Proposition 65 (the state’s Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986). Other nonflammable spot removers can contain chlorinated solvents or brominated hydrocarbons, which are Prop 65-listed chemicals that require the posting of a warning sign at all facility entrances, according to the company. NPE II will not damage fabrics and is suitable for cleaning stained bedding products. Phone 800-233-4468 Email sales@ Web www.albatross Contact Paul Fields

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Marketing: Mass i Delving into demographic targeting

By Patricia Frank f you’ve felt a big demographic quake-shake in recent years, you’re not imagining things. We’re in the midst of a huge shift. In certain large metro areas— Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles—minorities (collectively) have become the majority. By 2020, minorities are expected to account for 40% of the U.S. population. It’s not just our complexion that’s changing. The purchasing and influencing power of diverse age groups— from baby boomers to members of Generation Y—are forcing companies to rethink how they reach all types of consumers. “These shifts and burgeoning segments signal a new game for marketers. One thing’s clear: It’s not business


14 | BedTimes | November 2010

as usual. Mass marketing is somewhere past its prime,” says Jim Lucas, executive vice president and director of retail insight and strategy for Draftfcb, a global advertising agency. The Hispanic segment is booming, social and youthful. Too often ignored, brand-loyal, educated black consumers represent low-hanging fruit for marketers. Asians, while making up a smaller piece of the demographic pie, are a rich slice with high incomes and discretionary spending power. Youthful Gen Y is mobile and hip. They are setting up new households— and need bedding products to do so. This group bears watching as digital trendsetters. They consume new media in new ways. What’s next after Facebook? Baby boomers, a popular target for

is out; niche is in

mattress makers—are undergoing important changes. Instead of retiring in masses, many are staying on the job longer or returning to part-time work to cope with the shaky economy. As they age and their medical needs increase, they’re keen for sleep products that promise comfort and wellness. What it all means How can you best reach these diverse cultural and age groups? Can general branding strategies speak to everyone or should specific cultural messaging be crafted for each group? For answers, BedTimes turned to advertising pros with specific niche expertise. “Whereas in the last 10 to 15 years, multicultural programs have been considered good options, they are now increasingly being viewed by

top corporate executives as business imperatives,” says Saul Gitlin, executive vice president of strategic marketing services and new business at New York-based Kang & Lee Advertising. Niche marketing works, though some industries and companies are better at it than others. Take McDonald’s, for example. It has won customer loyalty, established brand recognition, increased market penetration and reaped significant return on investment with sophisticated niche marketing strategies, particularly those targeting black consumers. (See story on Page 18.) Let’s look at some key U.S. demographic groups, their needs and wants—and how you might best reach them.

BedTimes | November 2010 |


Hispanics Young and vital, the Hispanic niche offers great potential for mattress marketers. Made up of consumers with origins in dozens of countries, this category may best be viewed as three different groups distinguished by three acculturation levels. José Villa, president of Los Angeles-based ad agency Sensis,

tive to messages about organic and environmentally sustainable products. Keep in mind also that the Hispanic consumer, in general, tends to be younger—62% of Hispanics are under the age of 34; 25% are under 18, according to Villa. Targeting this group can create lifetime brand loyalty and a high ROI over time. Blacks Broadly targeted marketing efforts often fail to speak successfully to black Americans, according to marketing experts. “It’s a fallacy to say that America’s a ‘melting pot,’ ” says Al Anderson, chairman and founder of Atlanta-based Anderson Communications, which specializes in marketing to black consumers. “We’re more like a salad bowl—if a tomato’s in that salad bowl, it’s still a tomato. African-Americans have different aspirations, consume different media and hold different values. Blacks are not dark-skinned white people.” Context, relevancy and a respect for differences are requisites for creating effective brand messages aimed at blacks. “Often marketers, in attempting to target the African-American market, just take a general market message and put in a black person or take a radio spot and use a rhythm-and-blues music background and say ‘job done,’ explains Gene Morris, chairman and chief executive officer of E. Morris Communications Inc. in Chicago. “But each of us is the sum total of all of our experiences. The ‘black experience’ is different from a general market experience.” He continues: “We (African-Americans) tend be critical and

explains: “The ‘Un-acculturated’ are recent arrivals with Spanish as their main language. They represent 52% of the demographic. About 20% of the market is the ‘Middle Acculturated.’ They speak both English and Spanish, though Spanish may be spoken mostly at home. The ‘Fully Acculturated’ make up 30% of the market. They’re fluent in English and English is generally spoken at home.” Villa continues: “Historically, advertising campaigns targeting Hispanics have been executed in Spanish, but as numbers in the Acculturated group demonstrate significant growth, the focus has shifted from language to more emphasis on lifestyle and cultural insights. In this shift beyond language, an advertiser might sponsor a musical event that features performers avidly followed by the Hispanic population.” Hispanic households are generally larger—with more children but also because multiple generations are living together—and their purchasing decisions may be driven by constrained budgets, Villa says. One effective strategy for reaching this group is a loyalty discount or frequent-buyer program. Typically, value-messaging works. Hispanic decision-makers will pay more for quality that lasts. “Households are often headed by a strong female who controls the buying,” Villa says. “She wants the best for her family.” Because close family connections are key in Hispanic culture, messaging that promotes strong relationships and family can pay off. This segment, especially Hispanic moms, can be recep-

16 | BedTimes | November 2010

highly sensitive to advertising messages. Marketers have to be cautious and aware to avoid patronizing or offending. Testing your messaging and creative is crucial.” One failed approach Morris has seen marketers take in


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geting ethnic groups is creating a “United Nations ad”—jamming a variety of ethnicities and cultures together. “That doesn’t speak to the unique cultural experiences,” he says. General media buys can miss the mark, too. “Black and white audiences don’t watch the same TV programs,” Morris says. “ ‘Seinfeld,’ at its peak, was No. 1 among white audiences—and 129th among blacks. ‘Friends’ ranked high in the general market, but scored low among AfricanAmericans.” Anderson adds, “Social media has been embraced by African-Americans, who are early adopters. Younger AfricanAmericans use Twitter, Black Planet and Black America Web in large numbers. But radio is the media that reaches better than 94% of urban black audiences.” One way to reach educated, professional black women is affinity-based marketing through proprietary mailing lists of large black sororities such as Delta Sigma Theta and Alpha Kappa Alpha. “With more attention being paid to the Hispanic segment, manufacturers can find that the African-American market can be low-hanging fruit ready to harvest,” Morris says. “Look at McDonald’s. They’re the ‘gold standard’ of success in winning and building brand loyalty among African-Americans.”

of Hispanic and African-Americans and they’re more than $9,000 ahead of non-Hispanic white households,” Gitlin says. This segment is often attracted to high-end products with lasting value and brand-name recognition. “Right now, savvy marketers can fly under the radar in targeting this group,” he says. “The Asian-American market remains largely uncharted territory. Brands can enjoy what may be the last frontier of first-mover advantage, thus establishing

Asians Asians make up a small percentage of the U.S. population, but tend to be better educated with higher disposable incomes than some other groups, according to marketing experts. “Asian-Americans exceed the median household incomes

The gold standard for niche marketing: The Golden Arches Praised by the advertising agencies BedTimes interviewed for its successful outreach to black consumers, we took a closer look at how McDonald’s has made a commitment to the segment and achieved significant market penetration. McDonald’s isn’t shy about its efforts, which it explains on a micro-website, “At McDonald’s, we believe that African-American culture and achievement should be celebrated 365 days a year—not just during Black History Month. That’s the idea behind It’s a place where you can learn more about education, employment, career advancement and entrepreneurship opportunities, and meet real people whose lives have been touched by McDonald’s. Plus, you can also have a chance to win exciting once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. So make sure you visit often—you just might get inspired.” As the website indicates, McDonald’s efforts to reach black consumers go beyond TV commercials, radio spots or viral videos aimed at the segment. The fast food giant has created scholarships, promotes black-owned stores and relationships with black suppliers, and sponsors events, such as awards programs, sporting events and concerts, that appeal specifically to its black customers.

18 | BedTimes | November 2010

a solid position in a market that will inevitably be addressed by all competitors.” To reach Asians effectively, consider which specific group you’re targeting. Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Filipinos, etc. Each has different cultural considerations. For instance, many Chinese prefer their advertising messages be in Mandarin—even if they’re fluent in English. Generation Y These young trendsetters are sometimes overlooked by marketers of bedding and furniture. That’s a mistake. Members of Gen Y—largely the children of baby boomers who were born from 1982 to 1995—are going off to college, getting married, moving for jobs, setting up households. All those new nests require mattresses, pillows and more. “This audience wants a relationship with the company and the product. Some may be economically challenged, but if a product meets their ‘spin,’ they’ll buy it. This untapped market is extremely brand loyal,” says Kevin Walker, managing partner of Dallas-based CultureLab, a marketing firm that targets young adults. Apple is one of the companies that has earned this group’s loyalty. Gen Y drives social media trends, influencing other demographics’ use of media platforms, outlets and technologies.

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Think Facebook, which was founded and popularized by Gen Yers. Marketers who capture the attention of Gen Y also reap the benefit of “earned media,” as these younger consumers spread the word about their favorite products through tweets, text, links, forums, blogs, etc. “Learn where Gen Ys lurk, then build a strong social media presence there,” Walker says. “Be authentic in voice. Gen Y wants honesty and has an extreme sense of BS—they can sniff it out. Build a two-way relationship.” He adds, “This group is very snobby about how things are built and the materials used. (They want to know) the story behind the product—and the company. What makes one

mattress more desirable over another? They’ll drill down to the manufacturing process. They want transparency.” Product attributes that typically resonate with Gen Y: affordable, portable, hip, cool, natural. Baby boomers Baby boomers—much studied and marketed to—remain a highly desirable consumer demographic. “Baby Boomers and older customers are the single largest economic group in America with annual spending power of more than $2 trillion,” says Jim Gilmartin, president of Wheaton, Ill.-based Coming of Age, an agency that targets the demographic. However, the recession has taken a toll on boomers. Faced with shrinking stock portfolios, retirement savings and home valuations, many older workers are postponing retirement or returning to the job market after an initial retirement. For the first time, working seniors outnumber teens in the labor force, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. By 2018, it’s predicted that 22% of older workers will continue to work

20 | BedTimes | November 2010

beyond the typical retirement age. “Boomers expect value for their money. They do careful research before they spend. They’re more responsive to ‘companies with a conscience’ than younger customers,” Gilmartin says. “And they’re very attentive to warranty issues and a company’s reputation in honoring its warranties.” Boomers may want value, but they are likely to tune out litanies of product features and benefits, Gilmartin says. “All of us have basic values and motivators that drive us, but we manifest them differently as we move through life,” he says. “Focusing on product features and benefits often results in a losing strategy. Emotions drive boomers in their purchase decisions.” Storytelling works well with this demographic. “Be vulnerable, honest and open about who you really are,” Gilmartin says. “Whoever tells the best story wins.” Don’t discount boomers use of social media, the experts say. Consumers age 50 and older go online more frequently for news than those under 20 and more than 90% of older consumers use the Internet to research products prior to purchase. Other things to consider when targeting boomers: ➤ Avoid hyperbole Boomers have lived long enough to know hype when they see it. They want unadorned facts— and more of them. Goods and services must perform as advertised. Boomers put a lot of faith in word-of-mouth referrals. ➤ Be careful with imagery A 60-year-old boomer sees her 40-something self when she looks in the mirror. Avoid images of elderly consumers in favor of people in middle age when selling to seniors. Likewise, avoid the words “senior,” “baby boomer” or “boomer” in text. Treat older consumers as individuals.











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➤ Learn more ➤ The website of Multicultural Marketing Resources Inc., a New York-based marketing, advertising, publishing and consulting firm. A source for articles and other information to help you market to a variety of ethnic and other niche markets. ➤ Blog on marketing by Linda P. Morton, a public relations professional and professor emeritus at the University of Oklahoma. ➤ Blog on multiculturalism by José Villa, president of Los Angeles-based ad agency Sensis. ➤“Black Is the New Green: Marketing to Affluent AfricanAmericans” by Leonard E. Burnett Jr. and Andrea Hoffman; Palgrave Macmillian ➤“Boomer Consumer: Ten New Rules for Marketing to America’s Largest, Wealthiest and Most Influential Group” by Matt Thornhill and John Martin; LINX Corp. ➤“Market Smart: The Best in Age & Lifestyle Specific Design” by Jim Gilmartin, David Bonner, Daniel Acuff and Dave Siegel; HarperCollins Publishers ➤“Marketing to Hispanics: A Strategic Approach to Assessing and Planning Your Initiative” by Terry Soto; Kaplan Publishing ➤“The Mature Mind: The Positive Power of the Aging Brain” by Gene D. Cohen; Basic Books ➤“Prime Time Women: How to Win the Hearts, Minds and Business of Boomer Big Spenders” by Martha Barletta; Kaplan Publishing

22 | BedTimes | November 2010

The media & the message Today’s media landscape is dizzying—print, direct, outdoor, broadcast, radio, transit, storefront/in-store, banner ads, pay-per-click, social media, mobile electronic devices. Part of niche marketing is choosing the right media for your message. Social media is popular with virtually all niches. Right now, Facebook tops the social media sites visited by Asians (57%), Hispanics (54%), blacks (48%) and whites (43%). Users often raise their hands and self-identify themselves—this helps advertisers target their message. But traditional marketing still pays off and an integrated campaign across an array of media is probably the best bet for success. A smart strategy may be to tap the expertise of segment specialists like the ones BedTimes interviewed to help craft a media program that zeros in on your targets. When all is said and done, it’s the relevant message, in the right language, placed in the right media that wins— just as it always has. BT Patricia Frank, a former advertising executive, reports on trends and lifestyle topics. She can be reached at

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IndustryNews Spring Air inks deal with major Chinese producer


oston-based licensing group Spring Air International has signed an agreement with Suibao Furniture Group, one of China’s largest mattress makers and retailers. The Chinese government recently named the company the country’s “Top Brand” and “Most Valuable Mattress Brand.” “This is one of the most meaningful international partnerships we have ever formed,” said Eric Spitzer, Spring Air senior vice president. “The Suibao Group is not only a major force in China in terms of its size, reach, brand power and technological strength, it’s also the first bedding manufacturer in China to introduce and distribute to its own base of mattress stores.” Suibao Furniture Group will sell a full line of Spring Air products through its retail locations. Founded in 1972 and headquartered in Guangzhou, the Chinese company has additional manufacturing plants in Hebei, Shanghai and

Sealing the deal Eric Spitzer, (left) senior vice president of Spring Air International, and Deng Zhi, chief executive officer and chairwoman of Suibao Furniture Group, shake on their new licensing agreement, which will put Spring Air brand mattresses in the Chinese company’s many retail outlets.

Tianjing. It operates 1,300 retail outlets in the eastern half of the country. The company rose to prominence in the 1990s, when it adopted state-ofthe-art manufacturing methods in mattress production and introduced mattress concept stores. “Our relationship with Spring Air will bring to Chinese customers a

Lenzing expands production of fibers


he Lenzing Group, a supplier of cellulosic fibers headquartered in Lenzing, Austria, is investing $166 million in manufacturing projects. The initiative is a response to increased demand for its products, the company said. Applications of its specialty fibers Lenzing Modal and Tencel have tripled since 2000. “We expect moisture-managing cellulose fibers to be increasingly in demand in the future, as the world’s population continues to grow and areas of land used for cotton cultivation are directly competing with land used to cultivate foodstuffs,” said Dieter Eichinger, who oversees Lenzing’s Textile Fibers business unit. The company is investing in pulp supply operations in Austria and fiber production and factory renovation in Austria and England. Lenzing plans a significant increase in production capacity for Modal—all fiber production at its headquarters facility will be Modal. Production of Tencel will increase at the company’s plant in Heiligenkreuz, Austria, and will double at its Grimsby, England, facility. The expansion projects are expected to be completed in 2011.

new collection of innovative, quality mattress products from a wellrecognized and respected U.S. brand,” said Deng Zhi, chief executive officer and chairwoman of Suibao Furniture Group. “We’re very excited to become a member of the Spring Air International family. It’s a milestone in our development.”

Innofa opens facility outside Mexico City

Knitted mattress fabric supplier Innofa has expanded its global production capabilities with a third manufacturing facility. The Tilburg, Netherlands-based company’s newest plant is located in Puebla, Mexico, which is within a two-hour drive of Mexico City. Innofa Mexico S.A. de C.V. began knit production in October and is adding dyeing and finishing departments. The facility is managed by Andreas Flatschacher. The plant is producing fabric mainly for the Mexican market, but also will service mattress manufacturers in the Caribbean, Central America and South America. In addition to its manufacturing operation at its headquarters in Tilburg, Innofa has a manufacturing facility in Eden, N.C. that operates as Innofa USA.

BedTimes | November 2010 |



Mattress Firm unveils climate-controlled bed S

leep-shop chain Mattress Firm has introduced YuMe, a climatecontrolled mattress that provides separate cooling and heating options for both sides of the bed. The Houston-based retailer introduced the proprietary mattress at the Texas State Fair held Sept. 24 to Oct. 17 in Dallas. The bed incorporates thermo-

electronic technology from Northfield, Mich.-based Amerigon into a luxury mattress manufactured by Sleep Inc. in Corsicana, Texas. “We explored multiple innovative options before developing something truly unique for our customers,” said Dave Brummett, Mattress Firm vice president of product development.

“We are excited to offer a product that not only pushes the bedding industry, but addresses a significant factor in the sleep environment. Studies show that the right temperature can help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and get better quality sleep.” The heating and cooling technology, which is operated with two wireless remotes, is the same as that found in luxury automobile seats. It uses ambient air to warm and cool the bed’s surface. The all-foam mattress has a 1-inch visco-elastic comfort layer with 30% renewable content derived from coconut oil. The bed has a ventilated Climate Diffusion Layer beneath the visco layer and is upholstered in threedimensional spacer fabric. “This is an unprecedented product that marries proven technology from very different industries,” said Steve Stagner, Mattress Firm chief executive officer. “It combines expertise from the finest automotive technology with luxury bedding materials to give consumers personalized control over what may be keeping them up at night.”

Correction A Las Vegas Market report in the September issue of BedTimes incorrectly represented the licensing arrangement for the Ernest Hemingway Fine Bedding line, introduced by North Brunswick, N.J.-based Mattress Development Co., parent company of the Eclipse and Eastman House Brands. The licensor of the Ernest Hemingway collection of products is Hemingway Ltd. through New York-based Fashion Licensing of America Inc. The licensor approached Mattress Development Co. and asked it to produce the line, said Stuart Carlitz, president of the mattress manufacturer and licensing group.

28 | BedTimes | November 2010

Sleep to Live adds West Coast plant S

leep to Live, a division of mattress maker Kingsdown Inc., has opened a new manufacturing facility in Stockton, Calif. The 50,000-square-foot plant brings the company’s domestic manufacturing plants to six. Kingsdown has two international facilities.

“The Stockton plant helps us provide even faster service and fulfillment for our growing brands on the West Coast,” said Eric Hinshaw, chairman and chief executive officer of the company, which has headquarters in Mebane, N.C. “Through this distribution hub, we

can deliver our products to more retailers in a region where we are expanding our presence.” The plant, which is expected to be fully operational by the end of November, will employ between 30 and 35 full-time staff.

Shorts Natura holds pet bed contest Mattress maker Natura World held a “Reclaim Your Bed” pet photo contest in October. Contestants posted pictures of their pets at the Cambridge, Ontario-based company’s Facebook page and a winner was to be selected on Nov. 1 to receive a Natura Natural Pet Bed. The beds are filled with granulated latex and have a moisture-wicking wool top, which blocks the growth of dust mites and bacteria. “Pampering your pooch or kitty with a luxuriously comfortable, naturally healthy bed of their own is a guilt-free way to reclaim your own sleep sanctuary,” said Julia Rosien, Natura World communications director.

U.S. mattress sales up 6.3% The U.S. bedding industry saw unit sales (mattresses and foundations) increase 6.3% in August over the same month in 2009, according to the most recent Bedding Barometer, a monthly sales trend report from the International Sleep Products Association. The dollar value of those sales rose 7.9% over August 2009. The average unit selling price inched up 1.4%.


BedTimes | November 2010 |



Carpenter pillow video is YouTube sensation A video done for sleep accessories and industry components supplier Carpenter Co. has quickly gone viral, reaching millions of viewers and earning a “Most Favorited” designation on YouTube. The music video, “2 Guys 600 Pillows,” was posted on YouTube Sept. 14. By Sept. 15, it had 85,000 views and was featured on YouTube’s home page among the “Most Favorited,” according to the company. By early October, it had more than 2.7 million views. To watch the video, check The video’s song, “My Favorite Pillow” is written and performed by self-described “internetainers” Rhett & Link, a creative team with a strong online following. The video combines a catchy tune and lyrics with special effects involving more than 600 pillows and mattress toppers. Along the way, viewers learn that

30 | BedTimes | November 2010

their old pillows are laden with sweat, dead skin cells and other unpleasant things. At the end of the video, Rhett & Link urge viewers to go to Carpenter’s website,, to watch another version. To date, hundreds of thousands of visitors have clicked over to Carpenter’s website, not just to see the video, but also to read articles about how and when to replace old pillows. “We are obviously thrilled about the massive popularity of our first viral video, but the fact that the video has communicated one of our key industry messages so clearly is most gratifying,” said Dan Schecter, vice president of consumer products for the Richmond, Va.based company. “It is clear from the response and traffic on that viewers understand the benefits of getting new bedding equipment and they are actively looking for more information for purchasing.”

Short Bargoose lock seals out bugs Bargoose Home Textiles, with headquarters in Lynnbrook, N.Y., has added a patent-pending Zip-N-Stick lock to its BedBug Solution line of mattress protectors for the hospitality industry. The zipper tape locks bedbugs in or out, the company says. The housekeeping staff knows the seal is engaged when the tape is fastened securely over the zipper pull. The company’s protector line includes a waterproof, six-gauge vinyl cover for the box spring and “a water-vapor transmissive” mattress cover fabricated from stretch polyester knit with urethane.

Jacquard Textile adds knitting capacity


attress fabric supplier Jacquard Textile Group Ltd. has added a $10 million knitting facility to a manufacturing plant at its headquarters in Phetchaburi, Thailand. The new facility has 42 knitting machines, as well as in-line finishing Knitting now Jacquard Textile Group Ltd. expects to produce and packaging equipment more than 546,000 yards of knit mattress fabrics a month at its with the capacity to pro- headquarters plant in Phetchaburi, Thailand. duce more than 546,000 yards of finished goods per month. The company is celebrating its 10th anniversary of serving mattress manufacturers in Asia and Australia. It was founded in 2000 with technology and design support from Stellini Textile Group in Italy. Jacquard Textile Group also has factories in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Coimbatore, India. The company has not released details but construction of a fourth plant is planned for 2011.

BedTimes | November 2010 |



Gribetz International turns 70 Q

uilting equipment supplier Gribetz International, part of Leggett & Platt’s Global Systems Group in Sunrise, Fla., is celebrating its 70th anniversary. The company was founded by Dan Gribetz, who began manufacturing king-size, lock-stitch quilting machines in 1940.

The Gribetz brand of quilters counts a number of milestones in its history. In the 1970s, it developed a positive drive to accommodate thick quilt packages. In the 1980s, Gribetz pioneered the first three needle-bar quilter for sewing plush, 12-inch patterns. Its first computerized quilter,

the Gribetz Ultra 12, allowed manufacturers to create 360-degree patterns and the tack-and-jump quilting style. In the late 1980s, Gribetz produced the multineedle chain-stitch machine, the DG2000 series. In the 1990s, the company’s highspeed machinery introductions and new software helped reduce waste and better organize quilt production. Its newest Axiom quilter is even faster and its dual-bridge, multihead sewing system enhances creativity and productivity, according to the company.

Short Sapsa revamps look, website

Innovations and technology for the future



32 | BedTimes | November 2010



Paris-based industry supplier Sapsa Latex has created a new visual identity and redesigned its website, The new logo—with a fluid, dynamic “S” in a midnight blue, pebble-shaped color block—is intended to convey relaxation and sleep. The phrase “Original since 1929” evokes the company’s long heritage and continuous manufacturing process. The website provides a range of product information, research and videos and can be translated into seven languages. Sapsa Latex has an 80-year history of manufacturing latex foam cores for various uses.


Carpenter Co. offering CertiPUR-US foams


omponents supplier and sleep accessories producer Carpenter Co. of Richmond, Va., is providing CertiPURUS certified foams for bedding and upholstered furniture. “At Carpenter Co., we continually apply new technologies and the highest standards of quality for our cushioning products,” said Scott Pugh, director of Carpenter’s Reinhart Technical Center. “The CertiPUR-US certification gives our customers assurance that our focus remains on quality, performance, comfort and the environment.” CertiPUR-US is a voluntary testing, analysis and certification program of the Alliance for Flexible Polyurethane Foam, based in Loudon, Tenn. Certified products must be low-emission for indoor air quality and made without

ozone-depleters, formaldehyde, PBDEs, prohibited phthalates, lead, mercury and other materials of concern. CertiPURUS also sets baseline standards for physical attributes that contribute to foam comfort and durability. Other flexible polyurethane foam producers participating in the

Short Classic Brands aids ‘Extreme Makeover’ home Specialty sleep maker Classic Brands donated Dormia Classic memory foam mattresses to furnish nine bedrooms of Girls Hope of Baltimore, a group home for girls. Construction of the facility was featured on the ABC television series “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” in September. “Classic Brands has a long history of community service…and when we received the call from the design team at ‘Extreme Makeover,’ we felt honored to get involved in their Baltimore build,” said Mike Zippelli, chief executive officer of the Jessup, Md.-based company.

hello feel natural

program include Advanced Urethane Technologies/Sleep Innovations, Flexible Foam Products Inc., Future Foam, FXI Foamex Innovations, Healthcare/ HK Foam, Hickory Springs Mfg. Co., NCFI Polyurethanes, Premier Foam Inc., Prestige Fabricators and Sinomax USA Inc.

We are Enkev, and we make quality products from natural fibres. Since our foundation we have become the leading processor of natural fibres. We make 100% natural filling materials for the mattress industry. We use the best natural sources to make our products. Nature constantly replenishes these raw materials, which are unsurpassed in resilience, durability and ventilation. Enkev supplies the complete environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic materials. These all natural products go well with our skin; they are extremely comfortable. Our products therefore deliver excellent benefits to both your customer and the world we live in.

We look forward to receiving your inquiries through

natural fibres ENKEV_Ad_177,8 x 123,8mm.indd 2

34 | BedTimes | November 2010

19-01-2010 18:54:51

Simmons QR tags launch at JCPenney S

immons Bedding Co.’s new Quick Response tagging application for its Beautyrest line has rolled out nationwide in partnership with department store JCPenney. The QR tags are a small barcode that can be read by smart phones. Scanning the tag makes additional online information, images and videos easily available to consumers. Smart phone owners first must download a free Microsoft tag reader at in order to begin scanning QR tags with their phone. “Mattress shopping can be an overwhelming experience given the plethora of brands and the fact that it is often an infrequent and big-ticket purchase,” said John Tighe, senior vice president and general merchandise manager of home at JCPenney, which

has headquarters in Plano, Texas. “QR tags aim to assist with the process and provide an enhanced customer experience, leading to a richer and more informed dialogue between the consumer and the sales associate.” Using the Simmons QR tags, consumers can see additional images of a bed, watch videos about its construction and access detailed information about components. “QR tags bring point-of-sale to life, educating and engaging the consumer at the point where purchase decisions are made,” said Tim Oakhill, executive vice president of marketing for Atlantabased Simmons. “We’re proud of the fact that Simmons is the first major mattress manufacturer to have QR tag technology ready for retailers to incorporate into their store environments.”

A. Lava & Son Co. Introduces Our New Kit Line

xQ Centrix

Stretch K


& ck a T




icks T c ani

Org Earth Be d


ue L l a V

4800 S. Kilbourn Ave. Chicago, Il 60632

A. Lava & Son Co. Sewing Threads and Bedding Textiles

Ph: (800) 777-5282 Fax: (773) 254-0800

BedTimes | November 2010 |



Shorts Vi-Spring goes with British wool Mattress maker ViSpring said it has committed to using “only the highest quality, pure British fleece wool across its entire collection, with real Shetland Isle wool being used in its top-of-the-range beds.” The move comes in support of the Campaign for Wool launched earlier this year by the Prince of Wales. Wool is a natural, sustainable fiber that lends softness, warmth and resilience to beds, the company said. “We’re proud to be using one of Britain’s finest natural resources while supporting a

36 | BedTimes | November 2010

campaign that aims to increase demand for wool and raise its worth to upland farmers,” said Mike Meehan, managing director of the Devon, England-based company.

American Textile celebrates 85 years American Textile Co. is marking 85 years in business this year and celebrated with a party Oct. 2 at its headquarters in Duquesne, Pa. “American Textile Co. has remained strong throughout many changes in the economic climate,” said Reid Ruttenberg, American Textile Co. chairman. “I attribute our success to several factors: anticipating market needs, developing new product line extensions and providing valuebased solutions to our customers.” The company supplies mattress and pillow protectors, bed pillows and mattress pads to retailers in the United States and Canada under brand names such as Aller-Ease, Rest Right, DermaTherapy and Cool Sensations.

One-Stop Shop for ALL Expendable Parts Needs Atlanta Parts Depot, a division of Atlanta Attachment Company, has recently purchased the inventory of a major parts supplier and currently stocks over $5.5 million of spare parts.

• Needles • Hooks • Loopers • Spreaders • Knives & more A few of the product lines we handle: • • • • • • • • • • • •

Atlanta Attachment Company Cash • Gribetz Galkin • Brother Juki • Singer Mitsubishi • W&G Porter • Union Special Pegasus • United Yamato • Consew Pfaff • Schmetz Organ • Groz-Beckert Efka • SunStar Tajima • Meistergram

Contact a sales representative to negotiate a special discount when signing your annual expendable parts agreement. As the leading supplier of automated sewing workstations, we are proud to offer a 72 hours or FREE policy. AAC pledges unequaled service and support to our valued customers. We pledge to maintain inventories of the recommended expendable spare parts for our automated workstations and to ship those replacement parts within 72 hours. If the expendable replacement parts are not shipped within 72 hours they will be... Free of Charge! Contact sales for the recommended spare parts list and the model workstations covered. • Atlanta Parts Depot ® is a division of Atlanta Attachment Company ® © 2010 Atlanta Attachment Company. All rights reserved.


Atlanta Parts Depot ® 362 Industrial Park Drive Lawrenceville, GA 30046


New Strategies for Reshaping Your Business

RegisteR eaRly and save! Keynote: ‘Blue Oceans’ – Navigating your way to undiscovered markets

The All-Industry Event for Mattress Manufacturers, Retailers, and Suppliers l




Discover how to transform your business by changing the way you interact with customers Hear a panel of mattress manufacturing and retail executives as they discuss the issues and obstacles to establishing more productive, collaborative partnerships Learn about the latest developments in used mattress recycling, including the results of a recent pilot program, retailer involvement and emerging trends Hear important information for manufacturers and retailers on how the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act will affect your business

Exhibits included!

Dr. Roch Parayre, business strategist and fellow at the Wharton School will share how companies such as Netflix and Southwest Airlines have achieved industry dominance, not by battling competitors, but by identifying “blue oceans,” the untapped innovative market spaces ready for growth. Find how how you can help your business flourish by uncovering your own “blue oceans.”

March 16-18, 2011 | St. Petersburg, FL Timely, information-packed sessions with expert guest speakers Manufacturer-Retailer Panel: How Can We Work Better…Together? In a candid discussion

you’ll hear what industry executives have to say about the issues, the obstacles and their perspectives on how retailers and manufacturers can establish more productive, collaborative partnerships to grow the mattress business for all.

Put Money in Your Pocket: Redesigning the Customer Experience. Businesses from car dealer-

ships to hospitals have achieved excellent results by making dynamic changes to their customer experiences. Join Mike Wittenstein to find out how applying customer experience design concepts to the mattress business can mean big gains for manufacturers, suppliers and retailers.

The Power of Social and Digital Media. Your social media presence is more important than ever. Hear from the Better Sleep Council’s new public relations firm about the importance of using social and digital media to communicate with the masses. Also learn why video is becoming the platform of choice to reach consumers. The Sustainable Mattress.

Recycling continues to be an important issue for the mattress industry, as more communities are either refusing used mattresses in landfills or are charging large disposal fees. Hear about ongoing used mattress recycling programs, new mattress recyclers and technology, retailer involvement and other efforts to address these issues.

CPSIA Implementation: Am I Complying?

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 included many new testing and certification requirements for manufacturers and presents significant questions manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers of consumer products. This overview will help you navigate the new rules and understand your new obligations.

Network and Build Relationships at Relaxed Social Events! Connect with customers, colleagues, and business partners. Don’t miss the annual ISPA Golf Tournament!

ISPA Women’s Network Cocktail Reception Calling all women in the mattress industry! Help celebrate the new ISPA Women’s Network, a volunteer networking and professional group established to serve the rapidly growing number of women in all sectors of the industry — manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers!

Renaissance Vinoy® Resort & Golf Club Bring your family or guest to this elegant hotel on Tampa Bay featuring a championship golf course and spa just minutes from the excitement of St. Pete Beach. Discounted hotel rates for Conference attendees. Book your hotel room now — before they sell out!

To register and for conference and hotel details, visit IndustryConference

One spouse/guest registration is free (receptions only) with each full conference registration! Early bird registration by February 4, 2011

NewsMakers Mattress Firm co-founder rejoins retail chain


ndustry veteran Steve of Simmons Bedding Fendrich has returned Co. Prior to that, he was to Mattress Firm as chief president and chief exstrategy officer, a new poecutive officer of retailer sition for the retailer. He Sleep Country USA. reports to Steve Stagner, “I have a long profeschief executive officer sional and personal of the Houston-based history with Steve that company. dates back over 18 Fendrich was a coyears,” Stagner said. “I trust in his vision, founder of Mattress leadership and ability Firm, which opened Steve Fendrich to strategically drive with one store in 1986. sustainable and profitHe spent 15 years with able growth. Steve’s experience and the company, focusing primarily on relationships across the industry finance, franchising and real estate afford him a unique position to help functions. Most recently, he was us accomplish our aggressive goals. president and chief operating officer

40 | BedTimes | November 2010

We are excited to have an in-house expert who will keep the company focused through the formulation and execution of our strategy.” Mattress Firm has more than 560 stores in 38 markets. In his new role, Fendrich is responsible for the strategic planning and oversight of Mattress Firm’s growth plans, which include a focus on new stores, new markets, multichannel sales, franchising and acquisitions. “I am thrilled to be coming back to my roots and rejoining Mattress Firm,” Fendrich said. “I can’t think of a more exciting opportunity in the industry than this one.”

Atlanta Attachment adds QC specialist M

attress machinery supplier Atlanta Attachment Co. has hired David Crowe as a quality control specialist responsible for managing the company’s quality David Crowe control department. The Lawrenceville, Ga.-based company describes its facility as state of the art, with coordinate measuring machines (CMM), gauge blocks and hand-held measuring devices. Crowe has 22 years of experience in computer numerical controls (CNC) programming and machining, CMM programming and quality control. He has worked for ZF Industries, Siemens and the Tool & Gage House.

Comfort Solutions names sales VP Comfort Solutions, a licensing group with headquarters in Willowbrook, Ill., has appointed Bill Wingard to the new post vice president of sales. Wingard’s primary area of responsibility is managing Comfort Solutions’ Rooms To Go account. He reports to David Binke, executive vice president of sales. A veteran industry sales executive, Wingard served as an account manager for the former Spring Air Co. from 2001 to 2009. Prior to that, he worked for Serta for eight years. “Before joining Comfort Solutions, Bill spent 17 years in the industry honing his expertise in overseeing major retail accounts and managing sales staff,” Binke said. “We know Bill will make significant contributions to the growth of our business with key accounts.”

BedTimes | November 2010 |


Calendar November

Nov. 24-25 The Sleep Event Business Design Centre London, U.K.

2011 January

Jan. 15-18 The Canadian Home Furnishings Market International Centre Toronto, Canada Phone 514-866-3631 Jan. 18-23 IMM Cologne Koelnmesse Cologne, Germany 49-221-821-3387 Jan. 24-28 Las Vegas Market World Market Center Las Vegas, Nev., U.S. Phone 888-416-8600


Feb. 18-20 Tupelo Furniture Market Mississippi & Tupelo complexes Tupelo, Miss., U.S. Phone 662-842-4442 tfm@tupelo www.tupelo


➤ March 16-18 ISPA Industry Conference & Exhibition Vinoy Renaissance St. Petersburg Resort & Golf Club St. Petersburg, Fla., U.S. Phone 703-683-8371 clyons@sleep


April 2-7 High Point Market International Home Furnishings Center & other locations High Point, N.C., U.S. Phone 336-869-1000 dawn@highpoint www.highpoint


Las Vegas Market The show will be Jan. 24-28 at the World Market Center in Las Vegas.

42 | BedTimes | November 2010

May 25-28 Interzum Cologne Koelnmesse Cologne, Germany Phone 49-221-821-3816

ISPANews ISPA hires membership & communications VP M ary Helen Uusimaki has joined the International Sleep Products Association as vice president of membership and communications. Uusimaki has more than 15 years of experience in sales, marketing, customer service and retention and has a demonstrated ability to identify the evolving interests and diverse needs of national and international clients, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to nonprofit organizations and trade associations. Uusimaki brings a wealth of experience spanning the sales and service spectrum to include communications, grassroots campaigns and business development. “Mary Helen’s proven track record of building rapport and trust with new

tion, as well as employee and existing clients will development. Earlier in her strengthen ISPA’s ability to career, Uusimaki worked in develop and retain mattress sales and recruiting posiindustry members, which tions. are the very lifeblood of an “I am thrilled with this organization like ours. Mary new opportunity and look Helen will help us make forward to contributing to sure that ISPA is listening to ISPA’s growth and success,” and serving our members’ Uusimaki said. “I underneeds,” said ISPA President Mary Helen Uusimaki stand the importance of Ryan Trainer. communicating customer value to new Prior to joining ISPA, Uusimaki and existing clients. I look forward to worked for the Washington Speakers Bureau representing thought leaders, meeting the industry and learning how the ISPA team can better serve their authors, journalists and other promineeds during these changing times.” nent figures in business, government, sports and entertainment. Her focus Uusimaki lives in Alexandria, Va., was on customer growth and retenwith her husband and two children.

Providing the Foundation for a Stronger Future for the Mattress Industry

For more information about the benefits of membership, visit

44 | BedTimes | November 2010

Shorts Industry Conference sponsorships available

The ISPA Industry Conference and Exhibition, coming up March 16-18 in St. Petersburg, Fla., is a unique opportunity for industry suppliers to showcase their products and services to mattress manufacturers and for finished product manufacturers to position their brand in front of key bedding retailers. There are exhibit and sponsorship options to fit every budget—all will help you highlight your company. Sponsorships are sold on a first-come, first-served basis, so don’t delay. For more information, contact Kerri Bellias, ISPA vice president of sales, at 336-945-0265 or Or check

Make plans to participate in ISPA’s Interzum Efforts are under way to help members of the International Sleep Products Association reach mattress buyers from around the world through ISPA’s Bedding Centre at Interzum Cologne May 25-28 in Cologne, Germany. To provide the most affordable access to the show, ISPA and show organizer Koelnmesse are

ng up to offer turnkey booths with pavilion services in the ISPA Bedding Centre. To help with planning, ISPA needs to know as soon as possible which companies are interested in participating. For more information, contact Catherine Lyons, ISPA senior vice president of finance and operations, at or 703-683-8371.

ISPA board OKs new group, among other actions The board of the International Sleep Products Association met in mid-September in Charleston, S.C., to discuss a number of industry initiatives. Among other things, the board: ➤ Approved the formation of a new industry group to be called the ISPA Women’s Network, which will hold a kickoff meeting during ISPA’s Industry Conference and Exhibition March 16-18 in St. Petersburg, Fla. ➤ Discussed the Better Sleep Council’s efforts to become active in social media, including the new “Suite 7” Web series ➤ Approved a multiyear strategy for improving state law label efforts in light of the current bedbug crisis in the United States ➤ Provided feedback on ISPA’s ongoing efforts to improve the recycling of used mattresses ➤ Discussed pending regulatory proceedings by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and their possible impact on mattress manufacturers.

Your Best Bet in the Bedding Business

To Reach Manufacturers

● The only magazine devoted exclusively to the mattress industry – since 1917

● Reaching manufacturers that account for more than 95% of the total U.S. mattress volume

● Widely viewed by readers and advertisers as “the Bible of the bedding industry”

● Read by the key decision makers – over 90% have purchasing responsibility

For information, contact Kerri Bellias, Vice President of Sales • (336)945-0265

BedTimes | November 2010 |


AdvertisersIndex A. Lava & Son Co. Steve Appelbaum 800-777-5282 (800-777-LAVA)


Amelco Industries Ltd. Andreas Georgallis 357-22-484444 Atlanta Attachment Co. Inc. Hank Little 770-963-7369


C2-1, 37

Bloomingburg Spring 36 & Wire Form Vickie Schwarm 740-437-7614 BLR Martin Leroux 819-877-2092 Boyteks Tekstil AS M. Nebi Dogan 90-533-685-6041



Costa International Daniel Vazquez 305-885-9761


Diamond Needle Corp. Abe Silberstein 800-221-5818


Duroflex International George Mathew 415-990-4343


Edgewater Machine Co. Inc. Roy Schlegel 718-539-8200


46 | BedTimes | November 2010

Enkev Marc Dokter 31-299-364355


Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc. Silvia Enriquez 323-725-4955


Global Systems Group Russ Bowman 954-846-0300


Hengchang Machinery Factory Ren Ying 86-769-83307931


Hickory Springs Mfg. Co. Rick Anthony 828-328-2201


John Marshall & Co. Ltd. Peter Crone 64-3-341-2004


Kenn Spinrad Inc. Randy Weinstock 800-373-0944


Pacific Spring Inc. Victor Nguyen 626-272-8882


P.T. Dunlopillo Indonesia Sham Bharwani 62-21-3858626


P.T. RubberFoam Indonesia Andreas Janssen 62-21-53662190


Quilting Inc. Mark Gibney 800-358-0153


SABA North America LLC Jim Turner 810-824-4964


Simalfa Darren Gilmore 973-423-9266


SpringCo. Inc. Carlos Luna 305-887-3782


MPT Group Ltd. Andrew Trickett 44-1706-878558


Starsprings International 50 Kai Christensen 46-513-17800 Subiñas Confort S.L. 29 Javier Subiñas 34-94-416-04-40 23

New England Needles Inc. Thomas Lees 800-243-3158


Therapedic Sleep Products Gerry Borreggine 800-314-4433


OHM Systems Inc. Catherine Anbil 513-771-0008


Tietex International Ltd. Wade Wallace 800-843-8390

Latex Systems Kitti Charoenpornpanichkul 66-2-326-0886, Ext. 204


Classifieds For Sale TAPE-EDGE MACHINES, MULTINEEDLE AND SINGLENEEDLE QUILTERS, long-arm label machines, sergers, etc. Contact Victor LeBron, American Plant and Equipment. Phone 864-574-0404; Fax 864-576-7204; Cell 864-590-1700; Email; Web REBUILT AND RECONDITIONED MULTINEEDLE QUILTING MACHINES. Specializing in PATHE precision parts and service. Technical consultants. SEDCO. Phone 201-567-7141; Fax 201-567-5515. TAPE-EDGE MACHINES, QUILTERS AND MISCELLANEOUS SEWING MACHINES. Contact Frank Carlino, U.S. Mattress Machinery. Phone 815-795-6942; Fax 815-795-2178; Email Spare Parts for Spuhl F65 Coiler and Spuhl AM115 ASSEMBLER. For more information, call Doug at 204-772-0000 or email

Investment Opportunity Mattress Manufacturing Investor Wanted. Nashville, Tenn. area. $50,000 to $98,000 needed or will offer equity for machinery. Contact

Place your classified ad today! Reach mattress industry professionals around the world with your advertising message through the BedTimes Classifieds. Rates: $3 per word for the first 100 words and $2.50 thereafter; minimum charge of $75. “Blind” box number: $50 per insertion. Ad copy and payment must be received by the first of the month preceding publication. Send ads and payment to BedTimes Classifieds, 501 Wythe St., Alexandria, VA 22314-1917. Contact Debbie Robbins, advertising production manager, for additional information. Phone 336-342-4217; Fax 336-342-4116; Email

Pacific Spring Inc. An American company importing springs from Cambodia 6.5” H 312 Bonnel units 7” H 336 Bonnel units 8” H pocket units

Pacific Spring Inc. Victor Nguyen, VP of Marketing & Sales 6418 E. Washington Blvd. Commerce Ca. 90040 Tel: (626) 272-8882 Fax: (626) 226-4166 Email:

BedTimes | November 2010 |


TheLastWord Bedbugs dampen dating scene Widespread bedbug infestations have kept countless people up at night, caused temporary business closures and changed people’s travel habits. But here’s an area we didn’t expect to be touched by the annoying insects: dating. Yet, a poll by, a dating application for Facebook, shows that singles have bedbugs on the brain: ● 56% would leave their date if they noticed bedbug bites on his or her skin ● 45% would use bedbugs as an excuse to get out of a bad date ● 47% would ask if their date had bedbugs before going back to his or her place ● 45% would cancel a date if someone admitted to a bedbug infestation ● 35% have changed their usual dating spots because of a fear of bedbugs. “I never imagined using the words ‘bedbugs’ and ‘dating’ in the same sentence but with the recent widespread infestation, many singles are taking extra precautions,” says Clifford Lerner, chief executive officer of New York-based SNAP Interactive Inc., creators of “While asking about bedbugs may create a slightly awkward and embarrassing first encounter when meeting a date, our survey shows many singles believe it’s necessary.”

Safety first, workers say


ore than eight out of 10 workers (85%) rank workplace safety first among labor concerns—ahead of family and maternity leave, the minimum wage, paid sick days, overtime pay and the right to join a union, according to a study conducted by the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago. “Public Attitudes Towards and Experiences with Workplace Safety” draws on dozens of surveys and polls conducted by the research center and was done on behalf of the Public Welfare Foundation, a Washington, D.C.based organization that supports efforts to strengthen workers’ rights. The study found that about 12% of workers reported an on-the-job injury during the past year and 37% have required medical treatment at one time for a workplace injury. “Unsafe working conditions end up costing the public dearly,” says Robert Shull, program officer for workers’ rights at the Public Welfare Foundation. “But no matter what the cost to the general public, the workers and their families pay the highest price.” The report is available at images/pdf/100827.norc. public_attitudes.pdf.

Lack of sleep can make kids fat later Y

oung children who don’t get a good night’s sleep are at risk of being overweight or obese as they get older, according to a new study. Researchers at the University of Birmingham in England studied 1,930 youths age 1 month to 13 years who were divided into two groups— younger (1 month to 59 months) and older

48 | BedTimes | November 2010

(5 years to 13 years). Their parents or other caregivers recorded details about the children’s sleep patterns. Participants were weighed at the beginning of the study and again later. The researchers, who presented their results at a recent British Sleep Society conference, found that younger children of normal weight who missed getting sound nighttime sleep were more likely to become overweight later. Overweight children were more likely to become obese. In older children, lack of sleep wasn’t as-

sociated with eventual weight gain. “In this context, we do not mean total sleep deprivation, but partial chronic sleep deprivation, perhaps having one or two less hours sleep than we need each night,” says Dr. Shahrad Taheri, one of the researchers and a senior lecturer in endocrinology at the University of Birmingham. A lack of sleep creates a hormonal imbalance that signals to the body that it is starving, Taheri says. This leads to cravings for fatty and sugary foods and, in turn, weight gain.

WOW! Did you see that?

You will in 2011.

N o b o d y d re a m s i n b l a c k a n d w h i te . why sleep that way?


ECo Fa B R I C S ,

CoT To N S ,



P o Ly E S T E R S ,


ST I TC h B o N d S ,

wa R P k N I T S ,


Tietex International Ltd., 3010 North Blackstock Rd., Spartanburg, SC 29301, Ph. 864.574.0500, Fax 864.574.9490,

BedTimes Nov 2010  

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