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Survey: Consumers want specifics about ‘green’ 17 steps to being a better sales rep

Innovative Technology for Model 1390B Auto-Pac Workstation

1392 GoldenEagle Quilter Model

Model 1366 Automatic Vertical Stitch Border Machine

Model 1347MGB Auto Faux Tape Edge with or without Binding

1355 Border Tacker Model

Model 1368 Foam Encased Gluing Workstation

4300 Automatic Vertical Handle Machine Model


Model 1335MG Pillow-top Gusset Ruffler Workstation

Sudden Service ™ Company

This equipment may be protected by one or more of these patents. Other patents may be pending. US patents: 4,280,421; 4,432,294; 4,466,367; 4,644,883; 5,134,947; 5,159,889; 5,203,270; 5,522,332; 5,524,563; 5,562,060; 5,634,418; 5,647,293; 5,657,711; 5,743,202; 5,865,135; 5,899,159; 5,915,319; 5,918,560; 5,979,345; 6,035,794; 6,055,921; 6,202,579; 6,279,869; 6,295,481; 6,494,255; 6,802,271; 6,574,815 B2; 6,834,603 B1; 6,968,794 B1; 6,994,043B1; 7,100,525B1; 7,100,526B1; 7,210,181B1; 7,383,676 ; 7,383,780; 7,412,936; 7,543,364; 7,574,788; 7,647,876; 7,735,439. Foreign patents: 9-520,472; 0,537,323; 92,905,522.6; 96,936,922.2; 2,076,379; 2,084,055. Other U.S. and Foreign Patents Pending. Copyright 2011 Atlanta Attachment Co. 11011040411

Atlanta Attachment Company 362 Industrial Park Drive Lawrenceville, GA 30046 (770) 963-7369 • FAX (770) 963-7641

the Sleep Products Industry Worldwide! Model 1306 Roll-Pac Workstation

Model 1365 Single Needle AutoTuft & Quilting

1345-2 Electronic Drive Tape Edge Workstation

1493 Automatic Panel Flanging & Cutting



1374 Decorative Stud Border Workstation Model

Model 4400 Double Overlock & Shirring Border Model 1337EHL High Lift Heavy Duty Flanger

Sewing Automation

Atlanta Attachment Company The Company that

Contact a sales representative today at 770-963-7369 to schedule an appointment to visit our showroom and take a tour of our facility. Website:


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See why so many leading bedding manufacturers (and consumers) prefer Preserve®, the first foam made with renewable resources. Choosing Preserve® foam delivers an unprecedented level of comfort and consistent support while conserving our increasingly scarce oil resources. As more consumers continue to demand products made with renewable resources, they’ll be inclined to buy Preserve for the same reasons. Made from a natural derivative that’s more sustainable than oil-based foams, Preserve® is one of an entire line of bedding products manufactured by Hickory Springs under the company’s environmental initiative, EarthCare Inside. For more details, call (800) 438-5341 ext. 4507 or visit

PO Box 128 • Hickory, NC 28603 (800) 438-5341 Ext. 4507 © 2011 Hickory Springs Mfg. Co.

MAY 2011

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20 Getting a real estate deal

The still-down commercial real estate market makes this a good time to renegotiate your lease or relocate to a new space. BedTimes gives you tips for getting the best deal.

29 Interzum Cologne guide

Interzum Cologne is the world’s largest furniture and bedding components show. The BedTimes guide focuses on the ISPA Bedding Centre and other International Sleep Products Association members exhibiting in Cologne, Germany, this month.


9 Company Profile

Sister companies American Law Label and Global Registration Services have carved out a unique niche, helping bedding and furniture companies comply with state labeling and company registration laws.

13 Plant Management

Are you a “top hand”? The kind of person others want to work with on the plant floor? Ideally, you have the skills you need to do your job—and, just as important, a professional attitude.

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Just like glue, we’re stuck on you.

We know that mattress manufacturers get stuck when looking for a foam bonding adhesive supplier that offers quality, service, selection and cost-effective savings all rolled into one. There’s no need to come unglued; just turn to SABA. SABA’s water- based adhesives are second to none.We offer a complete selection of adhesive technologies and we can help you determine which one will work best in your manufacturing environment. Since 1933, SABA has combined a world-class adhesive research and development team with application process engineering to provide our customers with the most effective and efficient foam bonding processes. Only SABA provides the most efficient application processes on the planet ensuring the lowest possible adhesive cost per mattress produced. So don’t come unglued; contact SABA today.

See for yourself first hand how the SABA foam bonding adhesive system can save you money! l l l l l

Enjoy 20 to 50% reduction in adhesive costs Zero capital outlay equipment options Highest performing water-based adhesive Cleaner and safer working environment Monitor and control adhesive usage

Contact SABA today for a risk-free 30 day testing period.

Call us at 810 824 4964

Email us at For sales inquiries, please contact: T 810 824 4964 F 810 824 4986 E W SABA North America LLC 5420 Lapeer Road Kimball MI 48074 USA

SABA, dedicated to foam bonding Est. 1933: 78 years of strong bonds

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Editor’sNote Mattress industry has tools to stop zombies


e’ve all seen them: Unkempt, mumbling, irritable, lumbering along with bags under their eyes, maybe a little drool at the corners of their mouths. They are the zombies, suffering from yet another night of restless, inadequate or otherwise poor sleep. The outward manifestations are unsightly but the inner physical manifestations can be far more serious: depression, high blood pressure, anxiety, apathy, weight gain, headaches, decreased brain function. Zombies are among us. Who can help? The mattress industry. Zombieitis can be caused by many things—excessive stress or anxiety, physical pain, too much caffeine, overeating, etc.—but a leading cause is trying to sleep an old, bad mattress. The Better Sleep Council is setting out to “Stop Zombieitis!” during Better Sleep Month this month. (See story on Page 82.) The tongue-incheek effort builds on the current widespread use of zombies in popular culture. It’s a fun, multipronged campaign with an emphasis on social media. The BSC can do much to “Stop Zombieitis!” but you can do your part, too. The BSC has created a robust toolkit with fact sheets, related research, campaign logos and posters, social media links and more—everything you need to spread the “Stop Zombieitis!” message on your websites, in your social media efforts and in your own marketing programs. If you’re a factory direct, use the information to draw customers into your store and into conversations about the important connection

between a good quality mattress, a good night’s sleep and well-being. The BSC couldn’t have made the “Stop Zombieitis!” tools easier for you to use. You can access them at our website (, on the website of our sister publication Sleep Savvy ( and the BSC’s site ( BedTimes on the scene To give you a better sense of what’s happening at furniture markets and other industry events, BedTimes is doing video reports. Associate Editor Barbara Nelles was behind the camera shooting the recent High Point Market in High Point, N.C. Her snappy video report features insights from industry insiders, plus looks at new mattresses and other product innovations. Check it out at Do you have ideas or suggestions for other video features? Email me at BT

Julie A. Palm BedTimes | May 2011 |














FrontMatter Survey: Americans not keen on ‘greenwashing’ Consumers want detailed, accessible information on environmental claims


ne more reason to avoid “greenwashing”: Americans will punish a company that they think is making misleading environmental or sustainability claims, a new survey shows. Nearly three-quarters of Americans surveyed (71%) say they will stop buying a product if they believe the producer isn’t being honest and more than one-third (37%) of those will boycott that company entirely, according to the “2011 Cone Green Gap Trend Tracker,” a report from Boston-based strategy and communications agency Cone. Only about one in 10 (11%) would continue to buy the product. Complicating matters though is the fact that Americans don’t always understand environmental marketing and advertising messages, the report shows. A whopping 97% of respondents (up from 90% in 2008) say they believe they know what common phrases such as “green” or “environmentally friendly” mean, yet their interpretations often are

inaccurate, Cone found. For instance, more than two in five Americans (41%) erroneously believe these terms mean a product has a positive or beneficial impact on the environment. Only 29% understand that these terms more accurately describe products that have less environmental impact than previous versions or competing products. “Consumers continue to be confused about environmental claims, often without realizing it,” says Jonathan

➤ About the survey The “2011 Cone Green Gap Trend Tracker” presents the findings of an online survey of a demographically representative sample of 1,040 U.S. adults. The survey was conducted by ORC International on March 7-8 for Cone, a Boston-based strategy and communications firm.

Yohannan, Cone senior vice president of corporate responsibility. “This creates a huge risk for consumer backlash. To overcome this gap between environmental messaging and consumer perception, companies need to provide detailed information in line with the Federal Trade Commission’s guidelines (and provide it) in a place where consumers are making purchase decisions.” A majority of consumers (57%) are distrustful of companies’ environmental claims and more than half (51%) are overwhelmed by the amount of environmental messages in the marketplace. Given this, it’s understandable that consumers are somewhat wary of general claims: ➤ 59% say it’s only acceptable for marketers to use general environmental claims if they are backed up with additional detail and explanation ➤ 23% say vague environmental claims should never be used ➤ 79% want detailed information readily accessible on product packaging ➤ 75% wish companies would do a better job helping them understand the environmental terms companies use. “As Americans continue to consider environmental claims when shopping, companies must be transparent to build trust—or face the consequences,” Yohannan says. “Puffery and generic claims alone aren’t going to cut it. Companies will be held accountable to ensure the claims are not only accurate, but also aligned with consumer perceptions.” The FTC has been cracking down on unsubstantiated environmental product claims and is considering revisions to its “Environmental Guides,” known also as “Green Guides.” For more information about the FTC’s guidelines, check bus42-complying-environmentalmarketing-guides. BT

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Sleep Science meets Sleep Fashion In our booth at Interzum Cologne You will be very welcome!


sleep recover perform

Hall 10.2 Booth E020-F021


W W W . B E K A E R T T E X T I L E S . C O M

CompanyProfile Label, registration enterprises find niche Ariz. ventures help mattress, furniture companies comply with state laws By Dorothy Whitcomb


fter rescuing American Law Label from near collapse and shepherding the company for 23 years, Rocco Bruno Jr., owner and president, is positioning the enterprise for expansion. The growth will be propelled, he says, by a new array of services offered by sister firm Global Registration Services, which Bruno also owns. The two companies, based in Tucson, Ariz., have roots in a Chicago commercial printing operation founded by Bruno’s grandparents in 1963. In 1985, his father, Rocco Bruno Sr., who then ran the company, was approached by a friend with the idea of printing law labels. The labels, required by 31 states and the District of Columbia, are used to identify the type of filling materials used in manufactured products. While the labels are most commonly found on upholstered furniture and bedding products, some states require that they be attached to products such as marine and fitness cushions, stuffed toys and cushioned baby equipment. Fifteen states also require manufacturers to be registered or licensed. “American Law Label was founded on a fluke. And by 1988, when I joined the company, the idea was all but abandoned,” Bruno says. Going west, going ‘green’ Bruno set out to revive the law label business his family briefly dabbled in. Working as the company’s sole employee for four years, Bruno quadrupled American Law Label’s annual sales. By 2008, when the company relocated to a 10,000-square-foot facility in Tucson, sales from printing law labels accounted for 90% of the company’s revenue. Bruno used the move west to “green up” production. By digitizing the

eration, he was able to shift away from traditional printing presses and toward a more efficient and environmentally friendly plant. “By not using conventional printing presses, we’ve eliminated the need for prepress equipment and chemicals,” he says. “We use only recycled papers and have no hazardous waste and no disposal costs.” Revamping the production process

Some of this anticipated growth would come from American Law Label’s expansion into foreign markets. Bruno has a team in China evaluating opportunities for his company to provide law labels and other services to the Asian market. “We already provide services to overseas clients through Global Registration Services,” he says. “The clients don’t necessarily purchase law labels from us,

Two companies under one roof Though they have their roots in Chicago, American Law Label and Global Registration Services are now run out of a facility in Tucson, Ariz.

also allowed Bruno to cut costs. That and the fact that it is less expensive to do business in Arizona than in Chicago, helped American Law Label ride out the recent recession. “From 2008 through much of 2010, we saw a decrease in our sales, but overall profitability wasn’t hurt because of the move and the change in our technology,” he says. “The last quarter of 2010 showed positive signs that sales are heading back upward and we’re anticipating 2011 to bring us back to pre-economic decline levels and perhaps our best year ever.”

however. If our research shows it to be viable, we can be operating somewhere in China by the end of 2011.” Another unmet need Like American Law Label, Global Registration Services came about almost by chance when a law label customer turned to Bruno for help in navigating the complexities of registering his products in various states. Recognizing that he had stumbled upon a need in the bedding and furniture industries, Bruno founded Global Registration Services in 2003 and has been steadily expanding

BedTimes | May 2011 |



its reach. Because there are no federally mandated tagging or registration requirements for new mattresses, state governments have passed their own laws and established their own penalties for noncompliance. The state agencies responsible for overseeing law labels and product registration vary, as do the forms states require manufacturers to complete. Many manufacturers, particularly those based overseas, find the process frustrating and time consuming. “Registration is the most often overlooked detail and the last detail attended to by overseas manufacturers,” Bruno says. “While American Law Label’s client base is mostly domestic, Global Registration Services’ comes entirely from overseas factories. They don’t know anything about these regulations and often can’t pay in U.S. funds. For $1,500, we can complete the forms, obtain registration numbers and print the required law label samples for them, often within a day.” Bruno takes great satisfaction from the fact that in eight years, Global Registration Services has registered close to 1,000 factories in China, India and Pakistan. “It’s very gratifying to know that we’ve made another step toward compliance,” he says. Passionate about compliance To Bruno, looking for ways to expand tagging and registration compliance is about much more than growing his business. He genuinely believes that compliance is a consumer health and safety issue and works hard to raise awareness about its importance in the bedding and furniture industries. He’s involved in both the International Sleep Products Association and the International Association of Bedding and Furniture Law Officials. Bruno believes that tagging and registration requirements should be controlled and enforced in a uniform manner by the federal government rather than being left to the discretion of the states. “The federal government abso-

10 | BedTimes | May 2011

It’s the law More than 30 states require labels that identify the type of filling materials used in manufactured products. American Law Label has been producing them since 1985.

lutely needs to be involved,” he says. “Some state lawmakers really don’t understand the health issues associated with poorly controlling filling materials. Often state programs are at the bottom of the barrel in terms of funding and many are barely alive.” Bruno also thinks the fraudulent sale of used mattresses as new and improperly labeled new products is a much larger problem than commonly recognized. New offerings In March, Bruno rolled out four new services through Global Registration Services that he hopes will advance compliance by bedding and furniture manufacturers worldwide. These services are integrated into a new website,, that also launched in March. The online Registration Center helps manufacturers, importers and retailers understand the intricacies of tagging and registration requirements. It explains the Uniform Registry System, what Uniform Registry Numbers convey and how they are used, and penalties for noncompliance. Armed with information, companies can then tackle the registration process themselves or

ask Global Registration Services for assistance. The company’s new License Management service allows manufacturers to designate the company as its agent for annual license renewals. Vendor Watch takes the concept of license management a step further by protecting retailers from the consequences of offering improperly tagged products for sale. “States with tagging laws have inspectors go through stores to check for law labels and to run registration numbers to make sure that the registration is valid,” Bruno says. “If there are any discrepancies, the product is pulled from the shelf and fines, which go to the stores, are issued.” With Vendor Watch, stores can reduce or eliminate this problem by accessing Global Registration Services’ real-time database to check the status of their vendors’ licenses. Although the company doesn’t charge retailers for this service, it does require them to direct their suppliers to sign up for its Certified Vendor program, for which the company does charge an annual fee. “Vendor Watch is very exciting because it allows us to move from working with one manufacturer at a time to hundreds,” Bruno says. “It provides new momentum for compliance in all areas of the bedding and furniture industries to come together.” Future growth Bruno expects the new products to drive Global Registration Services’ annual sales from under $500,000 to between $3 million and $5 million in two years and between $6 million and $8 million in four years. When he looks 10 years ahead, Bruno sees Global Registration Services and American Law Label as important players in the furniture and bedding industries. “We really want to make a difference,” he says. “We want to become a company that changes these industries through education and the reduction of noncompliance.” BT


PlantManagement Professionalism on the plant floor Skills matter, but attitude is the real key By Carl Potter & Deb Potter


s we conduct seminars and workshops in manufacturing facilities around the country, we often ask, “What are the barriers to a zero-injury job?” We get many different answers, yet the most common—and the one that everyone tends to agree with—is attitude. Exploring that answer further, we often hear that a professional attitude is what makes the true difference when it comes to creating a safe workplace. What is professionalism? Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines it as “the conduct, aims or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person.” Having a specific job title, obtaining certifications or gaining additional training doesn’t make you a professional. In other words, being professionally skilled and having a professional attitude aren’t the same thing. But having both of these traits—being skilled and behaving professionally—is highly desirable. We call those workers “top hands.” A top hand is an ideal worker— the one you want to work with every day on the plant floor. Then there’s the other kind of worker—the one who doesn’t have a professional approach to his work life. We’ve identified three kinds of behaviors to help you understand what a professional attitude is not. Do what you can to avoid these in yourself and others: ➤ Knowing it all Most workers are skilled and trained to do their jobs. Confidence is an important trait, but being arrogant to the point of not listening to reason from other qualified, trained professionals can

be dangerous. It’s difficult to teach someone when he says, “I know” every time you point out something that could be done differently or better. Each of us can become a “know it all” if we don’t listen and take constructive criticism. ➤ “You’re lucky to work with me” Work, by definition, is the use of energy in some form to produce something. When we work with someone who seems to have shown up only for a paycheck, it can wear those of us around her down faster than the work itself. This kind of person comes across as if we should just be grateful for her presence in the workplace. ➤ Who’s watching? We all know someone who seems to work hard when the boss is watching yet slacks off when no one in authority is around. This attitude can be exasperating. You never know what to expect. It all depends on who he thinks is watching. As Martin Luther King Jr. said, “It’s always the right time to do the right thing.” Behaving professionally includes being skilled in the job and having the right attitude. Regardless of your title or assigned job, there are three things you can do to become known as a top hand. 1. Do high-quality work What defines quality in your department? Is it a completed job with no rework required? Is it a neatly organized work site? Is it staying until the job gets done, no matter what? Understand what quality is and what it looks like in your specific arena and then make that your goal.

2. Be known as a contributor Make productive work one of your goals. What wastes time or causes work to be redone? Find ways to smooth out processes so you and your co-workers deliver products and services efficiently. 3. Focus on safety Safety is on the forefront of every professional’s mind. If the work is to be done productively and with high quality, it must be done safely. A professional is always concerned about the safety of everyone involved. BT Do you want to know more about what it takes to create a safe workplace? Check If you would like to learn more about having safety experts Carl and Deb Potter work with your company, call 800-259-6209 or check

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The revolutionary high density polyurethane foam gel, flexible, long lasting, fresh and extremely breathable. Breathability is unparalleled by most of flexible foams used to produce mattresses. Moreover, Watergel ® padding is ecological, noiseless and offers a relaxing “water effect” and an adequate support to the body.






latex foam

memory foam

For any technical or commercial information, please contact:




SalesTalk 17 habits of highly effective sales reps Put these simple strategies to work for you By Kelley Robertson


hat separates a topperforming sales rep from the rest of the pack? In most cases, it’s because he regularly follows a number of best practices. Here are 17 things you should be doing.


They set high targets and goals Top performers don’t wait for their manager to issue an annual, quarterly or monthly quota. They set their own goals—ones that are typically more ambitious than company targets. They plan They set not only their daily schedule, but also plan the coming week, month, quarter and year. Too many sales reps fly by the seat of their pants and consider only the day or week ahead. Look at the big picture.   They set objectives for every sales call It’s essential to know exactly what you want to accomplish before you make your call, whether you are speaking over the phone or meeting face to face.   They ask high-value questions It sounds simple but most salespeople actually ask feeble questions. Top performers are comfortable asking tough questions that make their prospects think. They know how to get to the heart of the issue.   They listen carefully Instead of just waiting for your turn to speak, listen to what your prospects and customers are saying. You can ask all the questions in the world, but if you don’t hear what people tell you, you won’t be able to present the proper solution.

2 3 4 5


They clarify the issue Many salespeople are quick to assume that they understand what their prospect or customer is saying. But people often are unclear when they speak. Top performers take time to fully understand and ask follow-up questions such as “What do you mean by that?” or “Can you clarify that for me?” They wait to make their presentation The majority of salespeople jump too quickly into their sales pitch. Top performers hold off on presenting their product, service, solution or idea until they know exactly what their customer or prospect needs. They are patient and wait for the right moment.   They begin every sales presentation with a brief recap This shows you understand your prospect or customer’s situation. A quick summary of your customer’s situation gives you the opportunity to ensure that your presentation addresses her key issues.   They know how to adapt their sales presentation Making changes on the fly is challenging but it’s also one way to stand out from your competition. Learn how to modify your presentation when a customer’s situation has changed from the time you initially met to the time you are officially presenting.





They know how to effectively position their product or service Most salespeople fail miserably at this. They talk and talk and talk—often about aspects of their product or solution that have little relevance to their customer’s situation. Their sales presentations focus on the customer Most sales presentations focus on the salesperson’s company, product or other trivial information that is of no interest to the customer.   They are prepared for potential objections Top performers anticipate objections and plan their response before talking with prospects or customers.   They always lay out the next steps Decision makers are busier than ever, which means they are more difficult to reach. Avoid losing contact with a prospect by agreeing on the next steps (they’ll provide you more information, you’ll get them an estimate, etc.) after every sales call.  

11 12


Top performers don’t wait for their manager to issue an annual, quarterly or monthly quota. They set their own goals. BedTimes | May 2011 |




They follow up Many a sale has been lost because the sales rep failed to follow up after the initial call. You can’t rely on your prospect or customer to call you. You need to take the initiative. They are always prospecting It’s not uncommon for sales reps to experience peaks and valleys in their sales. But because it’s usually the result of failing to regularly look for new business, it can be prevented. Eliminate the highs and


lows and schedule time to prospect for new business every week. They deal with the decision maker Meeting with people who have little or no buying authority is a waste of time. But many sales reps do it because it can be easier to connect with other people in the company. In the long run, they waste their time and don’t close the deal.   They look for ways to keep in touch with their customers A sale is not a one-



Top performers are comfortable asking tough questions that make their prospects think.

High tech fiber filling

time deal. To prevent a competitor from squeezing in, you need to find ways to keep your name in your customer’s mind. Top performers build this into their schedule and make it a priority. Incorporate these strategies into your routine and you’ll quickly become a top-performing sales rep, too. BT © 2011 Kelley Robertson. All rights reserved.   Kelley Robertson, author of The Secrets of Power Selling, helps salespeople master sales conversations so they can win more deals. Robertson conducts sales training workshops and speaks regularly at meetings and conferences. Call 905-633-7750 or email Robertson at

[In] eden is an innovative wadding with exceptional elastic properties. It offers top technical performances, better than any wadding or expanded material.

Made in Italy by Felts & Waddings

No. 071042.O


16 | BedTimes | May 2011

Via Maiano, 207 - 50013 CAPALLE, FIRENZE - ITALY Tel. +39 055 894071 - Fax +39 055 8951330 -

It’s not a miracle. It’s a Mammut! The new Mammut VMK Select. Automatic set-up of any needle position/plan as required by a selected pattern, program controlled and immediate.

Made in Germany Since 1880

VMK Select

The world’s first double chainstitch multi-needle quilter that turns more than a hundred needles into solists within a second. VMK Select offers highest efficiency for the smallest batch sizes and an endless array of new quilt patterns.


• Automatic change of any needle setting without set-up time • Highest efficiency even with smallest batches • Very precise sewing of difficult contours • Automatic top and bottom thread cutter • Very secure stitch formation with very fine needles • Excellent access to sewing units • Quick adaption to largest variety of filling thickness • „myMammut” programming software for independent creation of quilt designs • Sewing speed: max. 1600 stitches/min.

Contact us:

Mammut Germany: +49 2234 2180 | P. Bjerre, Inc.: +1 952 448 1935 |



Best biomechanical lying comfort Excellent bielastic behaviour High restoring force Impressive body-conformance


                      Â?    Â?Â?Â?Â? Â?­€‚€Â?Â?ƒÂ?‚Â?„   Â…  † ††† 

L ook at your lease

High vacancy rates make this a good time to negotiate or even move By Phillip M. Perry

20 | BedTimes | May 2011

Do you want to save money on your commercial real estate lease? Now is the time to negotiate a better deal, say real estate watchers. Despite the gradually improving economy, there’s still too much commercial space begging for tenants. That means your landlord may need you more The nationwide vacancy for industrial space has climbed to 10.4% in recent months, says Robert Bach, chief economist at Grubb & Ellis, a commercial real than you need your estate services company based in Santa Ana, Calif. That level is the highest since the second quarter of 2004 and far above the sector’s 8% “equilibrium rate”—the landlord. And that rate at which rents typically increase by no more than inflation. can translate into For office space, the vacancy rate has been running at 17.8%, the highest since the first quarter of 2005 and a hefty margin over that sector’s 12% equilibrium rate. As for lower rents or other retail space, vacancies have been averaging 11%, the highest level since the mid-1990s and considerably more than the sector’s 6% or 7% equilibrium rate. good deals, such as a renovation of your Don’t wait to negotiate If you’re looking to lower your real estate costs, the time to act is now. Most real space. estate observers say they don’t expect vacancy rates to go much higher. “Overall, vacancy rates for all commercial property types have peaked and are slowly trending downward,” according to a new 2011 forecast from Grubb & Ellis. “The deals are still there for tenants, particularly as you move down the quality spectrum,” Bach says. “But for the better properties—well located, strong trade areas, not a lot of competition—landlords can afford to be a little more choosy than they were six or 12 months ago.” Other observers agree. “While 2011 should continue to be a renter’s market, we seem to be at a turning point,” says Jeffrey Allen, director of operations at Trendant Consulting in Salt Lake City. “We expect to see a slow and steady decrease in vacancy rates through the end of the year.” The economic rebound has given landlords more of a psychological edge. And landlords who are less nervous about the future than they were a year ago will be less prone to deal. “Any given set of market conditions looks different on the way up versus the way down,” Bach says. In recent months, some landlords have become more restrained when it comes to lease modifications. They want to make sure that businesses are strong enough to thrive after the terms are changed. “More landlords are asking to see financial statements before lowering rent,” says Andy Fried, director of the Small Business Development Center at the Coles College of Business at Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia. “They figure the tenant who is really broke is not worth retaining anyhow. So there is not as much room to maneuver as a year ago.” All that said, the market remains favorable for negotiations. What steps can you take to capitalize? For starters, dust off your lease and take a fresh look at the numbers, even if your renewal date is some time down the road. Your first thought might be to ask for a reduction in your monthly rental rate. While that’s not out of the question, another tactic is more likely to bear fruit: Ask for free rent for a certain number of months. “Landlords don’t like to reduce rent,” Fried says. “Many landlords buy real estate for investment purposes so they want to keep what they call the ‘capitalization rate’ up. The higher the rent roll, the higher the value of the building.” To maintain their investment, landlords will often opt to grant free rental months rather than cut the official rental rate.

BedTimes | May 2011 |


Prepare yourself Knowing your market is key to successful lease renegotiations. Do your research. You’ll want to answer two questions: What rents are others paying? What space is available for you to move to? Here’s where the right help can make all the difference. “The No. 1 factor for successful negotiating is having a great real estate agent,” Allen says. “Go with the best commercial agent in your area. That person will know what’s negotiable and what’s not and will already have a lot of connections with business owners and will know their issues. It all stems from that.” How do you find the best agent? “It becomes pretty obvious once you start looking around and talking with other business people,” Allen says. “Call brokers and ask for the name of their top commercial real estate agents ranked by sales volume. Look at advertised listings and scout around for the ‘For Lease’ signs in your area. Whoever has the most signs is often the best agent.” More tips & tactics What are the best techniques for

negotiating a better deal? “The most important factor is strength of the tenant,” says Mike Parkinson, a director at Retail Focus, a global consulting firm. “A national or international tenant will have a much better negotiating position.” If you’re a tenant in a secondary market, making a threat to vacate at lease-renewal time frequently works. “You might also consider taking a lengthy lease term, say a minimum of five years with renewals,” Parkin-

son says. “Giving the landlord some certainty may encourage amenability to deals.” Here are some other tactics to consider: ➤ Find an alternative location Have a fallback space you could move into if your landlord balks at the new deal you propose. You can say something like this: “Look, we have a new deal at a new location, where those guys will pay for us to be there. Or we can do a deal with you at this new number.”

‘Overall, vacancy rates for all commercial property types have peaked and are slowly trending downward.’

➤ Consider a “blend and extend” deal If you have two years left on a five-year lease, try getting some immediate relief—in terms of free months of rent or a lower monthly rate—in exchange for signing a new five-year lease. (Only do this if you feel confident in your ability to fulfill a long-term contract.)

How a commercial real estate pro can help

Confused by your lease renewal options? Not sure about industry standards when it comes to commercial real estate? You might benefit from hiring a consultant knowledgeable about commercial real estate in your area. One good source is the membership list of the Counselors of Real Estate, which includes real estate, financial, legal and accounting firms that specialize in property lease negotiations. Check the website and click on “Find a CRE” to locate a counselor in your region. Another source of assistance is the International Tenant Representative Alliance at Business tenants often turn to their brokers for advice at lease renewal time. That can be smart because landlords often will avoid proposing questionable terms if they know experts will be perusing the fine print. Just the fact that you have a broker will encourage your landlord to offer a better deal. Remember that there are two types of brokers: tenant and landlord. The latter represents space marketed by property owners, so there can be a conflict of interest when it comes to lease terms. It’s smarter to use a tenant broker, who represents tenants exclusively. Ask potential brokers for references then call them for feedback. Did the broker pursue better lease terms tenaciously? Bring in a lease that was “on budget” in terms of needs? Complete the work on time?

22 | BedTimes | May 2011

➤ Watch your annual rent increases An annual rise of 3% seems to be the industry standard for rent increases around the country. A landlord might ask for a 4% increase in exchange for funding some improvements to your space. ➤ Negotiate rent escalations If you sign a three-year lease that comes with an annual rent increase, prolong when it takes effect. Maybe delay the rent escalation for two years and put a cap on it. Beware of a lease that describes increases as based on “fair market value”—that may be higher than you expect if vacancies decline in your market. ➤ Obtain the right of first refusal Make sure your lease includes a “first right of refusal” clause. This gives you the right to decline a renewal before the landlord offers the space to someone else. ➤ Secure termination powers Try to get an agreement in which either party can terminate the lease with 90days notice. Landlords don’t like it but in this market, it’s easier to negotiate exit strategies.

In response to growing concerns in many healthcare and institutional settings over certain harmful or suspect chemical compounds, Vintex has introduced the Safe Guard Barrier Systems certification. This is your assurance that pillows, pads or mattresses covered with Vintex SoffTICK速 fabrics are manufactured to be free of lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic and phthalates. So, look for the Vintex name and rest assured that you have purchased the safest most durable product on the market. Made in north aMerica | www.vintex.coM | 1.800.846.8399

➤ U.S. commercial vacancy rates 17.8%

Office space Retail space Industrial space

Knowing your market is key to successful lease renegotiations.

11% 10.4%

➤ Obtain the right to sublease One way to cushion your rental expense is to sublease part of your space to another business. This has to be negotiated upfront. Some leases prohibit the practice. Chances of success Your negotiating success will depend partly on the quality of the commercial property in the area in which you operate. “Landlords are well aware of the value of the best AAA sites,” Parkinson says. “While some of these landlords will offer incentives, these

rents are not very negotiable.” What about in less coveted areas? There, matters are different. “Landlords in secondary areas, such as some neighborhood strip centers and central business districts, are susceptible to tenant negotiations,” Parkinson says. “Possibilities may include a reduced rate for square footage, a cash contribution to ‘fit out’ (renovate) space, a rent-free period or a combination of all of these.” As the real estate observers suggest, it’s wise to go into negotiations armed with data on your operations and on rental rates for properties near your location. “In all cases, a healthy discussion with your landlord will usually produce results,” Parkinson says. “Remember that there can be no successful negotiation without compromise from both parties. The level of compromise is directly related to the amount of concession sought.” BT

Bäumer of America Inc. P.O. Box 18, 425 Route 202 Towaco, NJ 07082, USA Phone: +1 973 263 1569 Fax: +1 973 299 8587 Internet: e-mail:

EP OFS-H Twincut

„Expertise - customised solutions for the bedding industry.”

Hall 9.1 Stand No. A10/B11

34 | BedTimes | May 2011

Delivering comfort through design

Infinite advantages. • 45% saving on materials • 150% more coils • 25% taller un Infinity Sleep Support System key manufacturing features • Offers you premium coil count spring unit manufacturing with up to 60% reduction in your production or unit purchasing costs. • Fully Automatic Unit & Coil Production • Assembly Machine Productivity in excess of 200 units per 8hr shift. • Typical Coil Count USA Queen Size Unit 916 coils With 6 ¼” Unit Height • Multiple Unit Zoning Options Available As Standard The patented Infinity Sleep Support System uses Micro Gauge Wire™ to produce a unique spring unit with excellent durability and body conformity characteristics.

Bonnell Unit

Infinity Unit

Coil Count




Unit Height

5 3/4”


6 1/4”

Unit Weight




Comparison based on 150cm x 200cm unit

Delivering comfort through design Newline Industrial Estate, Newline, Bacup, OL13 9RW England. T: +44 [0] 1706 878 558 F: +44 [0] 1706 878 288 E: W:

LFK Unit

Where dreams are born... Interzum 2011

We would like to welcome you at our booths during interzum 2011 We welcome you at our booth G050-H059 in Hall 10.2. We also like to invite you at DC solutions booth G026 to take a look at our ready made covers. We would also like to welcome you at our special Limited Edition booth in Hall 10.2 G059!

Argentum+ by DesleeClama

Belgium, Spain, USA, Brazil, Indonesia, South-Africa, Canada, India, Signapore, Romania,...

Discover our global presence on

ISPA Exhibitor Directory

Interzum Cologne • May 25-28, 2011 • Cologne, Germany

BedTimes | May 2011 |


Welcome ISPA exhibitor at-a-glance guide The International Sleep Products Association encourages you to visit these ISPA member companies exhibiting at Interzum Cologne in Halls 9.1, 10.1 and 10.2. (See the floor plans starting on Page 44 for detailed location information.)



Agro International GmbH & Co. KG


Ateja Tritunggal


Bekaert Textiles NV


Bodet & Horst GmbH & Co. KG


Boyteks Tekstil AS


Chamay Mattress Manufacture Co. Ltd.*


CT Nassau/Continental Tape/Continental Ticking United States Ergomotion*

United States

Foshan Ruixin Nonwoven Co. Ltd. (Rayson Global)*


Galkin Automated Products United States Gateway Systems United Kingdom Gel Solutions*

United States

Global Systems Group United States

Gribetz International United States Lava Textiles

United States

Leggett & Platt United States Nähtec Germany Porter International United States This photo and others in this section courtesy of KÜelnmesse.


United States

Sunds Velour A/S


Therapedic International*

United States

Tietex International Ltd.* United States Tuodao Strong Nails Mfg. Co. Ltd.*


Wright of Thomasville*

United States * Exhibiting in ISPA Bedding Centre

30 | BedTimes | May 2011







Knit fabrics, woven fabrics, ticking



Knit fabrics, woven fabrics, ticking


E020, F021

Knit fabrics, ticking



Knit fabrics, woven fabrics, ticking


C020, D029

Knit fabrics, ticking



Knit fabrics, woven fabrics, mattress tape, ticking



Adjustable bases



Nonwoven fabrics, springs



Engineering services/consultants; machinery & fixtures; parts, supplies & tools



Engineering services/consultants; machinery & fixtures; parts, supplies & tools





Engineering services/consultants; machinery & fixtures; parts, supplies & tools



Engineering services/consultants; machinery & fixtures; parts, supplies & tools





Licensing opportunities, gel

Knit fabrics, ticking

Machinery & fixtures; parts, supplies & tools 9.1 (Also Halls 5.2, 7.1)

C010, C060, D010, D019, D069

Engineering services/consultants; machinery & fixtures; parts, supplies & tools



Engineering services/consultants; machinery & fixtures; parts, supplies & tools






Knit fabrics, FR components, ticking



Licensing opportunities, mattress materials



Knit fabrics, woven fabrics, nonwoven fabrics, FR components, ticking



Accessories, mattress materials



Accessories, labels, mattress materials



ISPA’s Bedding Centre in Hall 10.2 is a “show within a show,” focusing on equipment, components, supplies and services from some of the most innovative companies in the world. It’s a perfect place to start your visit to Interzum Cologne and a great place to learn more about ISPA.

(List as of 4/6/2011)

BedTimes | May 2011 |


Exhibitors ISPA members Agro International GmbH & Co. KG Senfdamm 21 D-49152 Bad Essen Germany Phone: 49-5472-94200 Fax: 49-5472-1577 Martin Mannel, sales manager Hall 10.1, Stand A071 Products: Springs Agro International GmbH & Co. KG is a family-run company that has become today’s market leader in the European production of spring cores. Qualified specialists have been creating intelligent innovations and customized solutions for more than 60 years. A work force of approximately 400 employees enables us to develop, produce and market the entire product range, including Bonnell, LFK and pocket spring mattresses. In Germany and throughout Europe, Agro is recognized as a top provider and a performance leader in the highquality product segment and as a bulk supplier. We supply renowned companies in the bedding sector worldwide with premium products and outstanding service.

For more than 35 years, Ateja Tritunggal has been a pioneer in fine interior fabrics, dominating market share locally and exporting worldwide. Annually, Ateja can produce more than 40 million linear meters. As an ISO 14001-certified company, Ateja has a great concern for environmental issues, emphasizing the use of recycled yarn and natural fiber. Natural gas is used as an energy source to reduce CO² emissions and many investments are being made to save water and reduce energy consumption. Currently, Ateja is an integrated company—from manufacturing yarn to providing cut-and-sew services to our customers.

Bekaert Textiles NV Deerlijkseweg 22 Waregem 8790 Belgium Phone: 32-566-24111 Fax: 32-566-24113 Lien Sinnesael, marketing & communications coordinator Hall 10.2, Stands E020, F021 Products: Knit fabrics, woven fabrics, ticking

Ateja Tritunggal Jl. Raya Batujajar KM 2.8 Padalarang Bandung, Jawa Bart 40561 Indonesia Phone: 62-22-686-6322 Fax: 62-22-686-6320 Rudy Zhu Hall 10.2, Stand D053 Products: Knit fabrics, woven fabrics, ticking

32 | BedTimes | May 2011

Bekaert Textiles NV was founded in 1892 by Ivo Bekaert and has been a member of Gamma Holding since 1992. Gamma Holding, headquartered in Belgium, is a multinational company with production units in nine countries worldwide, making it one of Europe’s largest textile groups. * Exhibiting in ISPA Bedding Centre

Bekaert is the leading specialist in manufacturing jacquard, dobby and knitted fabrics and is the market leader in the worldwide production and supply of mattress cover materials. Bekaert is a fully integrated group of companies providing spinning, polypropylene extrusion, preparation and dyeing of warp and weft, weaving, knitting and finishing. Bekaert employs 1,650 people worldwide with production amounts up to 180 million euro. Bekaert is at home in important world markets and has a long tradition of excellent customer service and support. Building on its experience, expertise and total quality management, Bekaert continues to develop innovative products.

Boyteks Tekstil AS 1 OSB 8. Cadde No: 60 38070 Kayseri Turkey Phone: 90-352-322-0588 Fax: 90-352-322-0589 Onder Honi, vice general manager Hall 10.2, Stands C020, D029 Products: Knit fabrics, woven fabrics, ticking

Boyteks Tekstil AS is the leading jacquard woven and knitted mattress ticking producer in the world. From the beginning, a success story has been created by supplying a wide range of products incorporating new trends, different designs, concepts and research-and-development studies. Boyteks reaches worldwide markets with high-quality goods, exceptional customer service and flexibility. Our performance products and

Edgewater Machine Company, Inc. Since


13-20 131st Street, College Point, N.Y. 11356 U.S.A. Phone: 718-539-8200 Fax: 718-358-4648 E-mail:

Tired of wasting time searching for the lowest prices available for your quilting machine’s consumables? We want our customers to know that we purchase and manufacture in large volume so that we can offer the consumables, tools, and spare parts you need at LOWER prices than our competitors! These include, but are not limited to: Shuttles, Design Cams & Computer Designs, Ratchets & Gearing, Knives & Hubs, Sharpening Stones, Needles for Chainstitch & Lockstitch (for Emco, Pathe, and Gribetz), Threading Hooks, Complete Emco Looper Assemblies, Spreaders, etc.

 

Exhibitors ISPA members innovative sleep technologies—from Oxygen Plus to Vitamin E to Biocare to Thermocool—are offered to all partners.

Chamay Mattress Manufacture Co. Ltd.* No. 256 Highway 325 Long Jiang, ShunDe Foshan City, Guangdong 528319 China Phone: 86-757-23221683 Fax: 86-757 23223490 Eric Ho, general manager Hall 10.2, Stand F067 Products: Knit fabrics, ticking

Chamay Mattress Manufacture Co. Ltd. has been a major producer of mattress ticking since 1986. We now offer a weaving (warp knitting, circle knitting, woven) machine, printing machine, washing machine, dyeing machine and finishing machine. We also have automatic plate machines. Our company’s objective is to provide the best service to our customers. Our main markets include Africa, Asia, Canada, China, the Middle East and the United States.

CT Nassau/Continental Tape/ Continental Ticking P.O. Box 39 Alamance, NC 27201-0039 United States Phone: 800-397-0090 Fax: 336-570-0680 Taber Wood, vice president of sales Hall 10.1, Stand A068 Products: Knit fabrics, woven fabrics, mattress tape, ticking Specialty mattress tapes have forever changed the way we look at

Foshan Ruixin Nonwoven Co. Ltd. (Rayson Global)* mattresses. CT Nassau offers more ways to differentiate your beds from all the rest by creatively combining both woven and knit top panel fabrics with decorative borders, handles and mattress tapes. All of our components are specially designed to work together as a color-coordinated unit to enhance your brand recognition on the retail floor.

Ergomotion* 19 E. Ortega St. Santa Barbara, CA 93101 United States Phone: 805-979-9400 Fax: 805-979-9399 Gui Peres, director of international sales & marketing Hall 10.2, Stand E060 Products: Adjustable bases

Ergomotion is a California-based company that specializes in adjustable bed technology. As one of the largest adjustable bed manufacturers in the United States, Ergomotion caters to the international market and is present in more than 20 countries worldwide. In the growing sector of adjustable beds, Ergomotion stands alone in providing a quality product with innovative design and excellent customer service. The company’s design team includes Chief Executive Officer Alain Clenet, whose experience in automobile technology combines classic and reliable construction techniques with the innovation and technological skill of Senior Product Designer Joe Ermalovich. The result is a top-of-the-line adjustable bed that fits your interior design as well as it fits your lifestyle.

Hongxing Village, Guanyao Shishan Town Nanhai District Foshan City, Guangdong 528237 China Phone: 86-757-85806388 Fax: 86-757-81192378 Deng Hongchang, manager Hall 10.2, Stand F063 Products: Nonwoven fabrics, springs

Foshan Ruixin Nonwoven Co. Ltd. (Rayson Global) is a leading manufacturer of nonwoven fabric and spring units for the furniture and bedding industries. Established in 1985, we are able to supply approximately 30 tons of nonwoven fabric and 3,000 spring units each day at competitive prices and with high quality. We carry a wide range of nonwovens (including FR, printed nonwoven and antislip) and springs (including Bonnell, continuous and pocket). We also extend our product line to finished mattresses. OEM accepted.

Galkin Automated Products 13800 N.W. Fourth St. Sunrise, FL 33325 United States Phone: 800-326-4742 Fax: 954-846-0381 Russ Bowman, president of sales Hall 9.1, Stand C020 Products: Engineering services/ consultants; machinery & fixtures; parts, supplies & tools Galkin Automated Products has been providing labor-reducing sewing equipment for more than 100 years. Innovation and ingenuity have lead

* Exhibiting in ISPA Bedding Centre

34 | BedTimes | May 2011

Exhibitors ISPA members Master Elite is the latest generation of automated tape-edge machines. See the Mattress Master Elite’s unique radial turning arm in action at Interzum Cologne. Galkin to create a successful line of automated systems to increase mattress production while decreasing operator effort. Galkin, part of the Global Systems Group, manufactures most mattress factory sewing equipment, such as binders, flangers, tape-edge machines and more. The unique designs of Galkin equipment provide GSG customers even more flexibility in deciding how to most profitably build their product.

Gel Solutions* 8600 N. Central Freeway Wichita Falls, TX 76301 United States Phone: 801-808-9595 David Malpas, executive vice president of sales Hall 10.2, Stand F061 Products: Licensing opportunities, gel

Gribetz International

Gateway Systems Unit 3 Northgate Terrace Northern Road, Industrial Estate Newark Notts NG24 2EU United Kingdom Phone: 44-1636-676194 Fax: 44-636-611367 David Elsdon, general manager Hall 9.1, Stand C020 Products: Engineering services/ consultants; machinery & fixtures; parts, supplies & tools

Gateway Systems, based in the United Kingdom, is part of the Global Systems Group. Specializing in mattress-making solutions for more than 20 years, Gateway Systems offers compression tufting machines, handle systems, sergers, automated tape-edge machines, panel cutters/ slitting machines and border measure/ cut machines. Gateway’s Mattress

and other bedding-related products. The industry’s leading machinery manufacturers—Gribetz International, Porter International, Galkin Automated Products, Gateway Systems, Spuhl-Anderson and Nähtec—have been gathered into a single resource for the convenience of the mattress producer. Mattress manufacturing methods have changed a lot in recent years. GSG has developed new, faster equipment in response to these changing needs. Our machines offer speed and versatility, but one machine will set the pace for all. GSG’s newest innovation will debut at Interzum Cologne.

Pressure-relieving gel is the newest and most indestructible material in the mattress industry today. Come and see why!

Global Systems Group 13800 N.W. Fourth St. Sunrise, FL 33325 United States Phone: 800-326-4742 Fax: 954-846-0381 Russ Bowman, president of sales Hall 9.1, Stand C020 Products: Engineering services/ consultants; machinery & fixtures; parts, supplies & tools

Global Systems Group offers all the machinery required to assemble mattresses, box springs

13800 N.W. Fourth St. Sunrise, FL 33325 United States Phone: 800-326-4742 Fax: 954-846-0381 Russ Bowman, president of sales Hall 9.1, Stand C020 Products: Engineering services/ consultants; machinery & fixtures; parts, supplies & tools

Gribetz International is the world’s leading manufacturer of quilting machines and other equipment for the bedding and home textile industries. Gribetz offers a complete range of products designed to modernize and automate the handling, sewing, quilting and cutting processes. Gribetz has been a leading innovator in the mattress industry for 70 years and offers the most complete lineup of quilting machines around the world. Revolutionary quilting patterns

* Exhibiting in ISPA Bedding Centre

BedTimes | May 2011 |


Exhibitors ISPA members and processes have been shaped by technology developed at Gribetz. Gribetz will demonstrate the most diverse lineup of quilters ever shown in one place at Interzum Cologne.

Lava Textiles 55 Sleepy Time Drive Waterloo, SC 29384-5137 United States Phone: 864-998-4899 Ann Weaver, vice president Hall 10.2, Stand F010 Products: Knit fabrics, ticking

Lava Textiles is a third-generation, family-owned circular knitting company with production facilities in Wielsbeke, Belgium, and York, S.C. We specialize in knitted mattress fabrics in threedimensional, four-way stretch and double knits in jacquard constructions. Through product development and our highly qualified team of designers, we strive to offer the leading edge in quality, innovation and design. Customers are serviced worldwide with strategically placed sales associates or through our sales offices. Lava will be introducing exciting novelties at Interzum Cologne (Hall 10.2, Stand F010), for which it has (once again) revolutionary new knitting machines developed by one of the leading circular knitting machine constructors, as well as new yarns and new finishings.

Leggett & Platt No. 1 Leggett Road Carthage, MO 64836 United States Phone: 417-358-8131 Mark Quinn, vice president of marketing for residential furniture Hall 9.1, Stands C010, C060, D010, D019, D069 (also Halls 5.2, 7.1) Products: Machinery & fixtures; parts, supplies & tools

Leggett & Platt, which pioneered sleep technology when it introduced its bedspring more than 125 years ago, is an S&P 500 diversified manufacturer. Serving a broad suite of customers that comprise a “Who’s Who” of international companies, Leggett & Platt conceives, designs and produces a diverse array of products that can be found in most homes, offices and vehicles. Founded in 1883, the company is made up of 19 business units, 20,000 employee-partners and more than 140 facilities in 18 countries. Leggett & Platt continues to infuse its products with its trademark innovation, helping customers enjoy more comfortable lives.

applications. This Germany-based company is part of the Global Systems Group. Nähtec’s innovative mattress handle machines, zipper machines and other automated mattress sewing equipment are gaining popularity among GSG’s customers around the world. The creative engineers of Nähtec also can provide customized solutions to customers in need of specialized products. See Nähtec’s latest machines at Interzum Cologne in Hall 9.1, Stand C020.

Porter International


13800 N.W. Fourth St. Sunrise, FL 33325 United States Phone: 800-326-4742 Fax: 954-846-0381 Russ Bowman, president of sales Hall 9.1, Stand C020 Products: Engineering services/ consultants; machinery & fixtures; parts, supplies & tools

Carl-Zeiss-Str. 18 74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen Germany Phone: 49-7142-90410 Fax: 49-7142-904110 Volker Wissing, president Hall 9.1, Stand C020 Products: Engineering services/ consultants; machinery & fixtures; parts, supplies & tools Nähtec is one of Europe’s innovative technology leaders in bedding sewing

Porter International, part of the Global Systems Group, builds, sells and services sewing machines for the bedding and home textile industries. Specializing in sewingroom operations, Porter is the industry leader with more than 65 years of experience. Porter supplies the bedding industry with superior

* Exhibiting in ISPA Bedding Centre

36 | BedTimes | May 2011

One-Stop Shop for ALL Expendable Parts Needs Atlanta Parts Depot, a division of Atlanta Attachment Company, has recently purchased the inventory of a major parts supplier and currently stocks over $5.5 million of spare parts.

• Needles • Hooks • Loopers • Spreaders • Knives & more A few of the product lines we handle: • • • • • • • • • • • •

Atlanta Attachment Company Cash • Gribetz Galkin • Brother Juki • Singer Mitsubishi • W&G Porter • Union Special Pegasus • United Yamato • Consew Pfaff • Schmetz Organ • Groz-Beckert Efka • SunStar Tajima • Meistergram

Contact a sales representative to negotiate a special discount when signing your annual expendable parts agreement. As the leading supplier of automated sewing workstations, we are proud to offer a 72 hours or FREE policy. AAC pledges unequaled service and support to our valued customers. We pledge to maintain inventories of the recommended expendable spare parts for our automated workstations and to ship those replacement parts within 72 hours. If the expendable replacement parts are not shipped within 72 hours they will be... Free of Charge! Contact sales for the recommended spare parts list and the model workstations covered. • Atlanta Parts Depot ® is a division of Atlanta Attachment Company ® © 2010 Atlanta Attachment Company. All rights reserved.


Atlanta Parts Depot ® 362 Industrial Park Drive Lawrenceville, GA 30046


Exhibitors ISPA members machines for flanging panels, border systems and multitasking assembly systems, such as the GPT-1000AP Ruffler. We fulfill our commitment to the modern factory through new product research, advanced technology developments, ergonomic designs and new ways to streamline the flow of goods through automation.

SABA 5420 Lapeer Road Kimball, MI 48074-1427 United States Phone: 810-824-4964 Fax: 810-824-4986 Jim Turner, president Hall 10.1, Stand D073 Products: Adhesives

Dedicated to foam bonding, SABA’s water-based adhesives are second to none. SABA has the right product to match your foam-bonding production process. Whether manual spray, roll coat or automatic spray, SABA has the solution. With the Access Adhesive Delivery and Monitoring System, SABA customers will experience the highest level of efficiency and control resulting in cost savings, better product quality, and a cleaner and safer plant. Only SABA provides its customers with the latest and most efficient application technologies, ensuring the lowest possible adhesive cost per unit produced. You do have access to SABA adhesives, right?

Sunds Velour A/S

Therapedic International*

Navervej 3-5 DK-7451 Sunds Denmark Phone: 45-9714-1322 Fax: 45-9714-2827 Steffen Romer, vice president of sales Hall 10.2, Stand C029 Products: Knit fabrics, FR components, ticking

103 College Road E. Princeton, NJ 08540-6611 United States Phone: 609-720-0700 Fax: 609-720-0797 Susan Mathes, executive administrator Hall 10.2, Stand F065 Products: Licensing opportunities, mattress materials

Sunds Velour A/S could be your future partner for mattress ticking, knitted textiles, ready-made zippered mattress covers and stretch sheets. Our know-how and expertise with circular knitted tricot, doublejersey and velour fabrics dates to 1972 and covers all production processes, from knitting to dyeing to printing to finishing. The head of our operation is based in Denmark and all production takes place in Ukraine at our 20,000-square-meter production plant that employs 650 people. Let Sunds help you turn your foam mattresses or pillows into an attractive commercial end-product. Meet us at Interzum Cologne Hall 10.2, Stand C029.

Therapedic International is a licensing organization with manufacturing partners in the United States and more than 20 international locations. We are a global brand partner with consumer products designer Kathy Ireland Home®. Our other brands target various segments of the bedding market, including: Memory Touch®, our visco foam line; PureTouch®, our latex brand; and BackSense with HourGlass Support®, our chiropractic series providing additional support in the shoulder, lumbar and hip areas. Therapedic expanded its product reach into the soft goods category, branding the Therapedic name for national specialty stores to include mattress pads, pillows, sheet sets, heated blankets and mattress pads.

* Exhibiting in ISPA Bedding Centre

38 | BedTimes | May 2011

Exhibitors ISPA members Tietex International Ltd.* 3010 N. Blackstock Road Spartanburg, SC 29301-5500 United States Phone: 864-595-7778 Fax: 864-574-9440 Wade Wallace, vice president of Mattress Solutions Group Hall 10.2, Stand E068 Products: Knit fabrics, woven fabrics, nonwoven fabrics, FR components, ticking Tietex International Ltd. is a global manufacturer and marketer of nonwoven and traditional textiles. Our technologies in fiber and fabric forming enable us to develop unique

Tuodao Strong Nails Mfg. Co. Ltd.*

solutions for the bedding industry. Our Mattress Solutions Group is the leader in FR performance fabrics and consulting for 16 CFR Part 1633 compliance. Our SleepFree family of FR solutions includes filler cloths, prints, knit socks and comprehensive consulting and quality assurance assistance. In addition to the bedding industry, our advanced fabric products are used in athletic footwear, roofing, home furnishings and various technical end-uses.

Zone B, Shatou Industrial Area Shatou, Jiujiang Town, Nanhai District Foshan City, Guangdong 528208 China Phone: 86-757-86906799 Fax: 86-757-86906802 Susan Guo, sales manager Hall 10.2, Stand F069A Products: Accessories, mattress materials Tuodao Strong Nails Mfg. Co. Ltd., established in 1990, is an excellent enterprise that specializes in the production of nails, staples

* Exhibiting in ISPA Bedding Centre

A. Lava & Son Co. Introduces Our New Kit Line

xQ Centrix

Stretch K


& ck a T




icks T c ani

Org Earth Be d


ue L l a V

4800 S. Kilbourn Ave. Chicago, Il 60632

40 | BedTimes | May 2011

A. Lava & Son Co. Sewing Threads and Bedding Textiles

Ph: (800) 777-5282 Fax: (773) 254-0800

Exhibitors ISPA members Wright of Thomasville*

and other furniture fittings. We insist on honesty and quality and seek continual innovation and improvement. Our company has become one of the leaders in this industry worldwide and we commit ourselves to making the industry develop faster. We are the best in setting standards for high-quality finished products that meet international standards. Our company offers favorable prices. We surely must be your best choice.

5115 Prospect St. Ext. Thomasville, NC 27360 United States Phone: 336-472-4200 Fax: 336-476-8544 Hall 10.2, Stand F069 Products: Accessories, labels, mattress materials We are a global, full-service graphics solutions provider. For 50 innovative years, we have partnered with our customers to develop award-winning results for their most difficult assignments. We continue that tradition by offering you a one-stop, turnkey solution

to any print challenge. We provide the capabilities you are looking for, produced using the most advanced print technologies available. Standing behind these capabilities is our highly skilled staff, who are eager to get to know you, your needs and goals. That is how we have remained industry leaders and that is how we deliver high-end solutions that exceed your expectations.

* Exhibiting in ISPA Bedding Centre


It’s likely you haven’t thought about that phrase since you were a kid. However, it’s shaping the way Pristine® manufactures bedding fabrics. Now that bed bugs are becoming a national epidemic, we’ve developed barrier fabrics used for mattress encasements and pillow covers that have been proven to effectively block bed bug bites. Pristine’s one-of-a-kind nonlaminated fabrics allow air and moisture vapor to pass through while also creating a barrier to bed bugs and irritating allergens.

Pristine is a registered trademark of Precision Fabrics Group, Inc.

To learn more about how Pristine® Bedding Fabrics can protect your bottom line, simply contact Traci Broughton, Pristine Product Manager at 1-888-733-5759 or email

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You are here Köelnmesse exhibit complex Hall 10.2 ISPA Bedding Centre

Halls 9.1, 10.1 & 10.2 ISPA Members

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Entrance to Halls 10.1 and 10.2 42 | BedTimes | May 2011

Where to find it Kรถelnmesse exhibit complex Hall 10.2 Escalator H

Passage 5 -10



Halle 10.1

Halle 10.1



Escalator C


ISPA Bedding Centre




F040 Bodet & Horst




Escalator Passage 4 -10







Passage 10 -11





C029 Sunds Velour

C020/ D029 Boyteks Textiles

E020/ F021 Bekaert Textiles

F010 Lava Textiles



Escalator Passage 10 -11

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44 | BedTimes | May 2011

Vita Foams

Hall 9.1 WC






E-064 Ergomotion

F061 Gel Solutions





Übergang Halle 10.1

Aisle E

Aisle E

6 x 2.5 15 sqm




ISPA Lounge





E060 Ergomotion





E064 ISPA Lounge

F063 Foshan Ruixin Nonwoven


E068 Tietex Int’l

F067 Chamay Mattress

F065 Therapedic Int’l


F069a Tuodao Strong Nails Mfg.


Aisle F

Aisle F

F069 Wright of Thomasville



ISPA Bedding Centre

C060/ D069 Leggett & Platt

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* Leggett & Platt companies include: - Galkin Automated Products - Gateway Systems - Global Systems Group - Gribetz Int’l - Nähtec - Porter Int’l


C010/ D019 Leggett & Platt

D010 Leggett & Platt

East Entrance

C020 Leggett & Platt*









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Where to find it Köelnmesse exhibit complex Übergang Halle 9

Hall 10.1

Passage 5 -10

A071 Agro Int’l


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Passage 4 -10




Halle 10.2

Escalator D






A068 CT Nassau







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Giving you peace of mind • 100% of our production is bedframe lumber. • You deal closely with the producer. • Our many fiber suppliers allow us to

guarantee your lumber supply without a glitch. They also enable us to choose the best price on raw materials.

• Our quality-control methods allow us to offer consistent thickness, width and length, along with a standard radius end.

• Our mill manager and quality controllers total over 50 years of experience in bedframe lumber manufacturing.

• Reliable just-in-time delivery.

Bois Le Roux Inc. Tel: 819-877-2092 • Toll Free from USA: 888-877-2098 • E-Mail: •

ISPA The voice of the mattress industry The International Sleep Products Association The International Sleep Products Association represents mattress manufacturers and suppliers of bedding machinery, equipment, components, supplies and service in more than 50 countries around the world. ISPA has been dedicated to protecting and enhancing the growth, profitability and stature of the mattress manufacturing industry for nearly 100 years. ISPA now represents nearly 700 members, ranging from multinational mattress manufacturing companies to small, family-owned operations. This diversity gives ISPA strong credibility and influence as the voice of the sleep products industry. ISPA provides a wide range of legislative, informational and educational services. It offers a forum where members stay connected, address common issues and achieve shared goals. Many of these services are exclusive to ISPA members; others increase overall consumer and media awareness of the industry’s contributions to health and quality of life. ISPA services include: ➤ Advocating policies that help the mattress industry ➤ Educating consumers and increasing mattress sales through the Better Sleep Council ➤ Seminars for members on regulatory developments, manufacturing issues and other key topics ➤ Exhibit and advertising opportunities that showcase the latest machinery, supplies and services ➤ Mattress industry forecasts and reports on sales, costs, wages and salaries ➤ I ndustry news, developments, tools and resources that help members remain competitive, including the association’s flagship publications BedTimes and Sleep Savvy magazines ➤ Networking opportunities at the ISPA Industry Conference and Exhibition, ISPA EXPO and other events. ISPA publishes a variety of resources aimed at keeping industry manufacturers, suppliers and retailers abreast of industry and business news, consumer trends and attitudes, product innovations and more. ISPA publications include BedTimes magazine, Sleep Savvy magazine, ISPA Advocacy Connection e-newsletter, the Manual of Labeling Laws and Registration Requirements, Sleep Products Voluntary Dimensional Guidelines and the annual BedTimes Supplies Guide (also available online at ISPA members depend on ISPA’s BedTimes Bulletin weekly e-newsletter for up to-the-minute information about the mattress industry and the association. The newsletter will get

48 | BedTimes | May 2011

a makeover in summer 2011. With revamped content, a new look and a new name, the ISPA Insider will continue to be your weekly source for association and industry updates. For more information about ISPA, visit us during Interzum Cologne in Hall 10.2, Stand E064 or check To join the dynamic worldwide community of ISPA members, visit

Better Sleep Council & Sleep Savvy magazine Established in 1979, the Better Sleep Council is ISPA’s consumer education arm. The BSC is devoted to educating the public about the importance of sleep on a quality mattress and its connection to good health and wellness. One way the BSC educates consumers about the value of sleep systems and the sleep environment is through its Better Sleep Guide. The guide offers simple solutions for a better night’s sleep and provides tips about when to replace a mattress, shopping for and purchasing a new mattress. More resources are available to consumers at In 2002, the BSC launched Sleep Savvy magazine, targeted to the mattress retail community. Sleep Savvy reaches more than 23,500 mattress retailers in the United States and Canada to help them better understand consumer trends and attitudes, offering successful selling ideas, business insights and tips on helping customers make the sleep-health-mattress connection. Mattress manufacturers also are subscribers and fans of Sleep Savvy, showcasing the magazine among their retailers. To read complete issues of Sleep Savvy, check

Sleep Products Safety Council The Sleep Products Safety Council is ISPA’s safety division. Its mission is to provide consumer information, support research and promote activities that advance the safety of sleep products. Since 1986, the SPSC has taken a leadership role in funding groundbreaking research into the causes and dynamics of open-flame mattress fires. The SPSC also works with scientists and regulators to develop methods for testing the fire performance of mattresses. The SPSC embodies the mattress industry’s longstanding commitment to making mattresses that will provide a safe and restful night’s sleep. For more information, check

ISPA Earth: Mattress Industry Sustainability Initiative ISPA Earth is a multifaceted effort to improve the environmental impact of the mattress industry’s operations and products and to raise the public’s perception of our overall social responsibility. As “green” manufacturing and sustainability become recognized as critical to society’s future, the mattress industry is seeing more attention toward “going green” by nongovernmental organizations, consumer advocates, environmentalists and the government. ISPA has taken the lead for the industry and continues to work hard to improve options for responsible disposal and recycling of used mattress components on a national scale.

BedTimes magazine As the only trade and business journal dedicated exclusively to the mattress industry, BedTimes focuses on topics most important to mattress manufacturers and suppliers around the globe— new products, legislative and regulatory updates, business issues, manufacturing and marketing trends and more. BedTimes reaches nearly 4,000 mattress industry professionals around the globe every month and covers major industry events, including ISPA EXPO, the Las Vegas and High Point furniture markets and Interzum Cologne. Its December issue features the BedTimes Supplies Guide, the only comprehensive listing of suppliers for the mattress industry. The Supplies Guide also is available online, where it is updated year-round, at ISPA members receive discounted advertising rates in the magazine. To read complete issues, check

ISPA Statistics ISPA is the exclusive source for current and historical data on business activity in the mattress industry, consumer data and other information that influences the manufacture and sale of mattresses. This information is provided free to

ISPA members and survey participants. Reports include annual forecasts, as well as the monthly and quarterly Bedding Barometers. ISPA also periodically surveys mattress industry manufacturing costs and employee/executive compensation. The reports generated from these surveys help manufacturers determine whether they are competitive with their peers. Finally, ISPA makes available to its members other data-based reports that keep them updated on industry trends and other information that can help their businesses. All of these publications are easily accessible online via ISPA’s website at

ISPA EXPO Every two years, ISPA EXPO offers mattress manufacturers and suppliers the largest and most comprehensive trade show in the mattress business. ISPA EXPO features hundreds of exhibitors from around the world showcasing the latest mattress machinery, components, parts, supplies and services. The event includes an unparalleled lineup of educational, social and networking opportunities. ISPA EXPO 2012 will be March 14-17 in Indianapolis, U.S. For more information, check

For more information International Sleep Products Association 501 Wythe St., Alexandria, VA 22314-1917 Phone 703-683-8371 Fax 703-683-4503 At Interzum Cologne, visit us in Hall 10.2, Stand E064.

Great Rates • Cranston Trucking Company • Great Service

GREAT DISCOUNTS NATIONWIDE 80% LTL Discounts for Bedding Manufacturers Moving Ticking Fabrics from the Carolinas. Call Today! 877-282-5282 (Applies on those shipments moving to Cranston Direct Delivery Areas.)

AZ • CA • CT • RI • MA • NC • SC Cranston Logistics and Consolidation Services Available Dianne Francin • •

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CLAIM YOUR TERRITORY TODAY AND ENJOY OUR ARSENAL OF BEDDING BRANDS Since 1905, Eclipse® International has set the bar for technologies that truly improve sleep quality, reduce back and neck pain, and virtually eliminate stiffness.* Clinical studies has proved it, our patents protect it, and the innovative features help our sleep products sell themselves. We are proud to introduce the ERNEST HEMINGWAY COLLECTION of fine bedding – featuring supple leather foundation detailing, hand stitching and tufting, top quality comfort and exceptional support. Call today to learn how you can grab a stake in our bedding family.


Stu Carlitz | toll free: 800 BEDSHOP (233-7467) mobile: 215.715.9677 e-mail:

A World of Sleep Since 1905

Craftsman Quality | Affordable Value | Patented Features | Limited Distribution

“I still need more healthy rest in order to work at my best. My health is the main capital I have and I want to administer it intelligenty.”

* Research results were documented in two separate scientific studies conducted by the Director of the Exercise Physiology and Human Performance Laboratory of West Virginia University.

IndustryNews Gov’t launches consumer product safety database T

he U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has created a new online consumer product safety database at Consumers can use the database to submit reports of harm or risks of harm from products and to search for safety information on products they own or are considering buying, the CPSC said. The database, which went live March 11, was mandated by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008. Following procedures set up by the law, the CPSC will review all online reports and has five business days to transmit qualifying reports to the manufacturer. Manufacturers then have 10 business days to respond and provide comments. At the end of the 10-day period, if all requirements are met, the report and the manufacturer’s com-

ments will be posted on the website. “It is important that consumers provide CPSC with information that is true and accurate to the best of their knowledge,” the CPSC said. “Reports lacking required information will not be published. Similarly, information in a report…determined to be materially inaccurate within the 10 days (it is) provided to manufacturers to respond will not be published. Reports that potentially contain confidential information will have such information taken out before the report is posted.” Manufacturers can register through the website’s Business Portal so that they can receive copies and respond to reports about their products in a timelier manner via email. “We will continue to accept written, phone and fax reports, as we have

for decades,” said CPSC Chairwoman Inez Tenenbaum. “What is new and significant is that we are launching an up-to-date system for letting consumers review safety reports alongside manufacturer comments about those reports.” The International Sleep Products Association and other manufacturing groups have been critical of some components of the database and support changes to the law that would tighten consumer reporting requirements and make the process less onerous for manufacturers. (See story on Page 85.)

Canada requires reporting of worldwide safety incidents


attress manufacturers that sell products in Canada should pay particular attention to a reporting provision of the recently enacted Canada Consumer Product Safety Act, according to the International Sleep Products Association. The law reforms product safety procedures in Canada. It contains mandatory incident reporting and recordkeeping requirements, authorizes stiffer penalties and gives the government stronger powers to recall products. One provision that ISPA says warrants particular attention from the mattress industry is the mandatory incident reporting obligations, which require retailers, manufacturers and importers to report product safety incidents that occur anywhere in the world to Health Canada within two days of a company “becoming aware” of an incident, if that product is sold in Canada. Manufacturers or importers must follow up with a report within 10 days, confirming details of the incident and outlining intended corrective action. The requirements take effect June 20. Health Canada is formulating policies and guidance

regarding provisions of the new law. ISPA says critical questions for the mattress industry to have clarified include: ➤ At what point does a company “become aware” of a safety incident? ➤ Do the worldwide reporting obligations extend to those with a licensing or contractual relationship with the product?  ➤ When is a product sold outside Canada no longer the same product sold in Canada? ➤ Do incidents reported to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission automatically trigger a company’s obligations to report to Health Canada, even if the regulatory standard for the product differs in Canada and the United States? ➤ What exactly is a reportable incident? ISPA recommends that its members who make or sell mattresses in Canada—or that are related to companies that make or sell mattresses in Canada—consult with qualified legal professionals in Canada to determine whether the new law imposes additional legal requirements on their companies.

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Sealy sales drop 2% in 1st quarter Mattress major Sealy, with headquarters in Trinity, N.C., said its net sales declined 2% to $305.5 million in the first quarter of fiscal 2011, compared to the same period in 2010. Gross profit decreased by $14.4 million to $118.5 million from the prior-year quarter. Gross margin decreased by 382 basis points to 38.8%. U.S. gross profit margin decreased 432 basis points to 37.9%. Sealy attributed the decrease in gross margin largely to costs related to the launch of the company’s redesigned Posturepedic line, which began shipping during the first quarter. Increased raw material costs and other inflation also cut into gross margins, as did an increase in sales of its Sealy-branded promotional line of products, the company said. Income from operations for the fiscal first quarter decreased by $17 million to $19.7 million. The decrease was driven primarily by the decline in gross profit. Net income from continuing operations for the period was $0.1 million or $0.00 per diluted share, compared to $8.3 million or $0.04 per diluted share in

54 | BedTimes | May 2011

the prior-year quarter. “Our first-quarter results were consistent with the expectations and objectives that we established,” said Larry Rogers, Sealy president and chief executive officer. “The first quarter results reflected the financial impact of the significant strategic investments in our product portfolio, as we launched the Next Generation Posturepedic line in late January 2011. This launch represents a refresh of approximately 50% of Sealy’s entire product portfolio. Retailer and consumer feedback on the product rollout, the new advertising campaign and the messaging has been overwhelmingly positive. We remain confident in our ability to execute our plan and expect the strategic investments made in the first half of 2011 to drive improved financial performance.” Total U.S. net sales decreased 3.1% to $238.7 million from the first quarter of fiscal 2010. Wholesale unit volume decreased 1.3%, while wholesale average unit selling price decreased 1.9% on a year-over-year basis. Sealy attributed the decreases in unit volume and AUSP

to slower sales and heavier discounting on Posturepedic products at the end of their life cycle in advance of the introduction of the new Posturepedic line. In addition, the growth of Sealy-branded promotional products contributed to the lower AUSP, as the value-priced products made up a larger portion of total sales. International net sales increased $1.3 million, or 1.9%, to $66.8 million when compared to the first quarter of fiscal 2010. Excluding the effects of currency fluctuation, international net sales decreased 2% from the first quarter of fiscal 2010. Sealy said the decrease was primarily due to lower sales volumes in Canada, partially offset by strong growth in South America.

Southerland to offer Sharper Image beds


outherland Inc., a mattress producer with headquarters in Nashville, Tenn., has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with the Sharper Image branding company to produce a new line of mattresses, the Sharper Image Personal Choice Sleep System. “The Sharper Image brand stands for innovation, quality and styling, which is why it is such a good fit for our company,” said Southerland President David Corbin. The customizable memory foam beds have a patent-pending design that has been in development since 2009, Corbin said. It is a different construction than that of the Sharper Image bed previously marketed by Cambridge, Ontario-based Natura World, he said. According to Southerland, the new sleep system has been “thoroughly vetted” in multiphase consumer research and the concept received a high “intent-to-purchase score” in a study of more 1,000 consumers. It also received high ratings from participants during in-home trials. Beds will begin shipping to retailers in the United States and Canada during the third quarter.

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IndustryNews highpointMARKET

Henkel Has You Covered.

Henkel’s DORUS® brand adhesives deliver reliable, efficient, high-quality bonds for foam and fabric bonding. Henkel creates advantage for the sleep products industry with solvent-less adhesive solutions that provide improved mileage, increased throughput, and ease of use in formulations that are both socially and environmentally responsible.

We Have You Covered

Additionally, Henkel has a comprehensive range of adhesive and coating solutions for every aspect of mattress and furniture production, including: • Pocket Coil Adhesives • Coil Surface Treatments • Bed Frame Adhesives, and more… Let one of our application experts tailor a solution that will exceed your expectations.

Call us today!

1-866-4HeNKel (443-6535) To see how Henkel can create advantage for your business, visit us on the web at

56 | BedTimes | May 2011

Except as otherwise noted, all marks used are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Henkel and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and elsewhere. ® = registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. © Henkel Corporation, 2010. All rights reserved. 6991 (12/10)

Your ToTal Source.

Paramount enlists sleep expert, Australian major for new lines

Aussie-American partnership Allyn Beard, (left) managing director of A.H. Beard in Padstow, Australia, and James Diamonstein, president of Paramount in Norfolk, Va., celebrate their new licensing deal.


attress producer Paramount brought out two new collections during the April High Point Market— one a collaboration with sleep expert Dr. James B. Maas and one the result of a licensing deal with Australian bedding major A.H. Beard. Sleep for Success was designed in conjunction with Maas, co-author of the new book Sleep for Success! Everything You Must Know About Sleep But Are Too Tired to Ask. The beds are offered in three models—for stomach, back and side sleepers—and retail at a single price point, $2,499 for a queen set. “The beds are designed to solve the five core sleep issues people have—waking up feeling unrested, sleeping too hot or too cold, disturbed sleep from allergies, motion transfer and muscle soreness,” Maas said. The multilayered mattresses have high-density polyurethane foam cores with soy-based content, encased microcoils topped with Talalay latex, and super-soft quilted latex and Celliant fiber in the panel quilt. The top four players in the National Hockey League and the National Basketball Association sleep on the beds, as does the entire Orlando Magic NBA team, Maas said. In other news, Paramount has signed a licensing deal with Australian mattress brand A.H. Beard, based in Padstow, to manufacture and market a collection of highend innerspring beds. The beds were presented in two colorways—silver and cream—to gauge dealer reaction. Mattress fabrics are luxurious Belgian damasks. Comfort layers include organic wool and specialty foams. Some bed bases have upholstered pull-out drawers. “Demand for our products has moved far beyond the mid-Atlantic,” said James Diamonstein, president of Paramount, based in Norfolk, Va. “We are designing lines to fit lifestyles. We are already shipping product across the country.”



8515 Kelso Drive Baltimore, MD 21221-3140

Phone: 410-687-9424 Toll Free: 800-287-4624

Fax: 410-687-1363 Toll Free Fax: 888-473-8008 Copyright ©2006, Atlantic Thread & Supply Company, Inc.

IndustryNews highpointMARKET

Comfort Solutions returns to High Point


attress licensing group Comfort Solutions made its first appearance at the High Point Market in more than 10 years, setting up shop for the April show in a 5,500-squarefoot space in the International Home Furnishings Center in High Point, N.C.

“Our success in Las Vegas brought us back to High Point,” said Owen Shoemaker, senior vice president of product development and marketing for the Willowbrook, Ill.-based company. “We wanted to continue our momentum and catch any retailers that we may be missing in Las Vegas.”

Visitors to the new showroom could check out the company’s redesigned Laura Ashley collection with new top-of-bed accessories in three vivid colorways. The company also emphasized its Sleep ID line and the BodyMatch technology that supports it. Sleep ID’s high-end Delta Z series has a top that allows w w w . s t a r s p r i n g s . c o m | w w w . s t a r s p r i n g s . c o m | w w w . s t a r s predesigned r i n g s . c zippered om consumers to change the bed’s specialty foam comfort layers. The zip top helps prevent product returns, allows for customization of each side of the bed and creates an opportunity for after-market comfort-layer replacement sales, Shoemaker said. Dear customer Sleep ID software has been upgraded with new visuals and evaluaThis year we have something new up our tion tools related to individual body sleeves. A product that comes with alignment that make it even more valuable as a tool in the mattressunique properties and exlusivity. fitting process, Shoemaker said.

-Do you want a new product, exclusive for you and your market? Meet us at Interzum2011 in Cologne to make sure that you are the first on your market to discover the news! This might be the opportunity you have been waiting for. Best regards Starsprings s isit u t to v e g r 1 t fo Don’ rzum 201 8.05 e 2 t n 5 I at ll 5.0 gne 2 d us in ha o l o C n fi l il You w -044 B 1 . 0 1

w w w. s t a rs p r i n g s . c o m SWEDEN

58 | BedTimes | May 2011



highpointMARKET Short Hickory embraces ‘big box’ Hickory at Home, the consumer products division of Hickory Springs Mfg. Co., is offering “a ‘big box’ alternative to the big box stores,” said Niles Cornelius, general manager of the Hickory, N.C.-based company. Prepackaged boxed sets of pillows, sheets, goose-down comforters or other items from the company’s Final Touch line can be shipped directly from Hickory’s warehouse to vendors or to consumers’ homes. “No new bed sale is complete without new sleep accessories and the ‘big box’ concept makes it easier for retailers and for consumers to complete this necessary purchase,” Cornelius said. Hickory at Home introduced the concept at the April High Point Market in High Point, N.C.


Boyteks plans for second decade of growth


ustafa Yildirim, general manager of mattress ticking and upholstery supplier Boyteks with headquarters in Kayseri, Turkey, said continuous investment—in research and development, staff training, equipment and new technology—is the secret to his company’s successful first decade and will be the foundation of growth in the next 10 years. The company was founded in 2000. In 2009 alone, Boyteks increased its woven mattress fabric production by 25%, knit mattress fabric by 15% and upholstery fabric by 10%. In 2010, knit mattress fabric production was boosted by another 50%, Yildirim said. Despite the global economic crisis, the company has continued to expand distribution and now has customers across the globe, he said. Plans are under way to open sales offices in additional international markets. Boyteks also is considering establishing overseas manufacturing facilities. The company’s goal is to create fabrics that help “provide impeccable sleep quality the world over,” Yildirim said. Boyteks has a “universal collection, as well as region-specific collections” that are adapted to local tastes. This month, Boyteks is putting the focus on its “nature-inspired” products and new technologies at two trade shows, Evteks held May 18-22 in Istanbul and Interzum Cologne held May 25-28 in Cologne, Germany.

60 | BedTimes | May 2011

highpointMARKET Short CKI spray addresses bedbug jitters Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based Cadence Keen Innovations (dba CKI Solutions), a supplier of mattress and sleep-related accessories to retailers and the hospitality sector, introduced Stop Bugging Me at the April High Point Market in High Point, N.C. The bedbug-killing spray is available in countertop displays containing fulland travel-size bottles. The company said the product is a lab-tested insecticide that is safe for use around children and pets. It’s meant to be applied to mattresses, bedding, carpets, upholstered furniture, clothing and luggage. The product literature states it will kill 100% of bedbugs and their eggs within 15 minutes.

IndustryNews highpointMARKET

Comfortaire unveils new ‘total store concept’ I n April, airbed maker Comfortaire, a division of Park Place with headquarters in Greenville, S.C., cut the ribbon on a new High Point Market showroom at the International Home Furnishings Center in High Point, N.C. The company, which introduced the airbed concept in 1981, offers a core group of seven airbed models. “This is a business that is driven by technology and ours is head and shoulders above the rest,” said Jimmy Orders, Park Place president. “This ‘total store concept’ is just the next step in Comfortaire’s evolution.” The showroom was filled with new display options for retailers. Glass partitions, textural room dividers and wall graphics were interspersed with flat-panel screens playing video

FR Materials (Fire Retardant) Barrier / Filler Cloth / Thread

Quilt Backing Filler Cloth Flange Mattress Bags Staples & HogRings Insulator Pads Threads Adhesives Ticking Staple & HogRing Guns Springs

Warehouse / Showroom Miami, FL 33166

62 | BedTimes | May 2011

loops—all designed to create a sense of relaxation and of privacy. Graphics employed large-scale lifestyle imagery and messaging—“The Mattress as Individual as You”—that underscores the brand’s customization and personalization promise. The total store concept is flexible and “rearrangeable,” said Comfortaire President David Karr. Retailers could start with as few as two beds and point-of-purchase materials for about $2,000 or have a more elaborate setup with multiple beds and the larger store fixtures.

Showing off David Karr, president of Comfortaire, highlights the ‘total store concept’ the company displayed in its new High Point, N.C., showroom.

Productos Retardantes de fuego (fibra / hilo / tela no-tejida) Tela No-Tejida Grapas Bolsas Plasticas Pegante Hilos Malla Plastica Cintilla de Cierre Pistolas para Grapas Telas Resortes

Tel.: 305 885-9761 Fax: 305 884-1803

What’s Next. Now.

The first performance fabric for better sleep. e tch™ r t S d i ng F l u C omf o rt i c u d I n t ro Im p ro ve d Fo r

Performance fabrics have improved our lives everywhere but the most important place – where we sleep. Sleepskin™ changes that by being scientifically developed to help you perform sleep better. And the better you perform at night, the better you’ll be able to perform during the day. Sleepskin™ also opens an entirely new world of design expression. It’s What’s Next. Now.™ by Springs Creative • 803-324-6505

Patent Pending


highpointMARKET Shorts Shifman: Cézanne is ‘work of art’ Luxury producer Shifman Mattresses unveiled the Cézanne, the top model in its top-of-the-line, ninebed Masters collection, at the April High Point Market in High Point, N.C. The innerspring bed is truly “a work of art” and is “designed with

95% natural materials,” including layers of pashmina cashmere, cotton and latex, the Newark, N.J.-based company said. The two-sided, handmade mattress sits atop an eight-way, hand-tied box spring with solid-brass corner guards. Both are covered in damask. The Cézanne has a suggested retail price of $7,399 for a queen set.

Carolina brand marks anniversary

In celebration of its 20th anniversary, regional mattress maker Carolina Mattress Guild in Thomasville, N.C., is offering its Platinum Edition collection. The three-bed group is available in 2011 only. It debuted during the April High Point Market in High Point, N.C. Each bed has encased coils, layers of latex and memory foam, silk and wool fiber fill. The ticking is a creamy white knit with contrasting Wedgwood blue, microdenier fabric in the gusset and foundation border. “Color is back—in furniture, in upholstery,” said Kathy Grigg, Carolina Mattress Guild owner and vice president. “People want to see color in their lives and everyone who comes in has been drawn to this bed.”

Classic opens new showroom Classic Brands cut the ribbon on a new showroom in the International Home Furnishings Center during the April High Point Market in High Point, N.C. The Jessup, Md.-based company said the 3,600-square-foot space better

64 | BedTimes | May 2011

highpointMARKET Shorts accommodates its multiple product lines with a more fluid, open layout. The company also has relaunched its website,, with a new color scheme and easier navigation. The site has an expanded “Sleep Library” containing facts about sleep and health, as well as detailed product information. It links to the company’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts, in addition to a new sleep tips blog.

Jamison adds to TLC Mattress producer Jamison Bedding, with headquarters in Brentwood, Tenn., has added four models to its TLC collection of specialty beds featuring Talalay latex. They debuted at the April High Point Market in High Point, N.C. The additional beds are

constructed around the company’s proprietary high-resilience foam “Marriott core” and are topped with varying amounts of latex. They are available in dual-comfort versions to meet sleep partners’ differing needs. The smooth, seamless cover is a stretch knit that zippers on the underside of the bed.

Red, red roses bloom at IB

Everything was coming up roses at International Bedding’s showroom during the April High Point Market in High Point, N.C. The Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based mattress producer embraced the red rose—Airsprung’s iconic motif—in a dramatic new branding program for its licensed line of Airsprung beds. The artwork, which was developed by the 130-year-old U.K. brand based in Trowbridge, England, was adapted by IB for the American market, said Mark Wozniak, IB vice president of marketing. Top-ofbed items in silver-gray suede contrasted with vibrant rose photographic insets. Coordinating point-of-sale materials included banners and posters with close-up lifestyle photography of women in repose blanketed with rose petals. IB’s Airsprung slogan is “Beautiful Beds at Comfortable Prices.”

BedTimes | May 2011 |


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Gold Bond augments two-sided collections M

attress producer Gold Bond has added “dramatic new entries” to its longstanding Heirloom line, said Bob Naboicheck, president of the Hartford, Conn.-based company. The two-sided innerspring mattresses are upholstered in fabrics with wool and silk yarns and sit on “old-school, real-coil box springs,”

Naboicheck said. The Heirloom collection includes seven beds, retailing for between $1,099 and $2,499 for a queen-size set. Also new is Gold Bond’s Camelot bed, part of its Sacro-Support Encased Coil line. The new bed is a two-sided box pillow-top with an 18-inch profile.

It’s covered in a stretch knit with rayon yarns and a medallion motif. The bed’s plush surface is quilted with super-soft foams. It retails for $1,199 in queen size. The new offerings were shown during the April High Point Market in High Point, N.C. “We continue to manufacture a highquality product. It’s one reason we are gaining market share and our bedding business is way up in what has been a difficult first quarter for the economy as a whole,” Naboicheck said.

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Mattress and sleep products maker Natura World has created a turnkey warranty support program for independent retailers. The Cambridge, Ontariobased company has taken responsibility for managing all aspects of warranty claims—from answering consumer phone calls to arranging for product repair or replacement. Participating retailers need only to supply customers with Natura’s toll-free phone number. Trained Natura World customer service representatives field the calls and handle the rest, the company said. “We believe this program solves a common problem smaller retailers have,” said Ralph Rossdeutscher, Natura World president. “They must dedicate so much of their time to sales to generate revenue, yet they also want to be helpful to their customer with warranty issues. With our program, they can now rest assured that their customers’ needs are being handled.”


Facebook fans sweet on Carpenter Valentine’s Day contest


or Valentine’s Day, Richmond, Va.-based industry supplier Carpenter Co. sponsored the “SleepBetter Love Nest Makeover” survey and contest on its Facebook page. The campaign generated more than 3,200 entries and 5,000 “likes” in just three weeks. The randomly

selected contest winner, Jennifer Barnett of Nashville, Tenn., won new pillows and a mattress topper. “We reach out to Americans wherever they are to get them thinking about prioritizing healthy sleep, including improving their sleep environment,” said Dan Schecter, Carpenter vice president of consumer products and creator of “A large amount of discussion about health and sleep is happening on Facebook and is right in the middle of that conversation. Valentine’s Day always provides a fun starting point to discuss romance and sleep, so we conducted a holiday-themed contest and survey that generated some buzz.” Carpenter is following up its Valentine’s Day effort with a product sampling and review program for its Beyond Down pillows at the “Modern Mom with Brooke Burke” website. Comments from the site’s readers, which number close to 2 million, can be found at sleep-better.

highpointMARKET Short Crystal sparkles at Zedbed Foam bed maker Zedbed, which is based in GrandMere, Quebec, introduced the Crystal collection during the April High Point Market in High Point, N.C. The three mattress models feature layers of latex and memory foam over a pressure-relieving core. The beds provide sparkle and glitz with molten silver-colored stretch-knit covers in an ornate pattern, a waterfall edge and light gray suede borders. Suggested retail prices for queen sets range from $1,899 to $2,899.

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Boyd introduces luxury-look Planet Sleep


attress producer Boyd Specialty Sleep, with headquarters in St. Louis, has introduced the three-model Planet Sleep memory foam collection. According to the company, Planet Sleep offers a high-end look, excellent comfort, standout point-of-purchase materials, eco-friendly features and the opportunity for high profit margins. The beds have suggested retail prices from $1,299 to $1,999 for a queen-size set. The beds feature Boyd’s patentpending Stay-Cool memory foam, with channel venting and zoning for enhanced lumbar support. The support base is Boyd’s patent-pending FoamSpring polyurethane foam, also with channel venting and zoning. Covers are made with bamboo rayon yarns.

70 | BedTimes | May 2011

The POP program includes matching headboards and foot protectors, coordinated pillows and a minimattress display that helps retail sales associates explain product features and benefits. “We believe this specialty line delivers the ‘complete package’ to retailers who want luxury memory foam products that are demonstrably different,” said Dennis Boyd, Boyd Specialty Sleep president. “These beds incorporate from 4 to 7 inches of our exclusive open-cell memory foam layers, feature densities of up to 7 pounds and total mattress profiles of up to 13 inches.”

Planet Sleep POP The point-of-purchase materials for Boyd Specialty Sleep’s Planet Sleep collection include coordinated headboards, foot protectors and pillows, as well as a minimattress that can be used to explain mattress features.



Sealy hosts ‘Pillow Talk’ series

Building on its “Whatever You Do in Bed, Sealy Supports It” marketing campaign, the mattress major hosted “Pillow Talk” educational seminars for retailers during the April High Point Market. Logan Levkoff, a relationship expert, sexuality educator and author, offered advice and shared insights from recent Sealy research on how to approach intimate subject matter during the mattress sale. Levkoff said that one question many consumers may want answered, but are afraid to ask is—“Is it better on springs?” Yes, it is, according to Sealy research: 68% of men and women rate an innerspring mattress as the best sleep surface for sex. The seminars provided pointers on how male sales associates ought to approach delicate subject matter with female shoppers, including using “softer” words (such as “intimacy,” “connection” and “relationships” rather than “sex”) when talking to women, paying attention to consumers’ body language to determine how the conversation should proceed and giving the customer the freedom to consider her purchase privately. The seminars were held at Sealy’s showroom in Trinity, N.C., just outside High Point.

New spot For the April High Point Market, foam bed producer Anatomic Global doubled its showroom size in the International Home Furnishings Center in High Point, N.C., to about 2,800 feet. The additional space allows the company to ‘put the focus on all three of its product areas,’ said David Farley, chief executive officer of the company, which has headquarters in Corona, Calif.

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Wright rolls out design collaboration tool W

right of Thomasville, a provider of graphic products and services, has launched Design Wright Now, a Web-based design collaboration tool that enables company designers to work with customers online, in real time. The tool speeds up the design process by as much as 50% and may

provide a cost savings to customers, according to the company. Comfort Solutions, International Bedding and Kingsdown all have worked with Wright of Thomasville using the new online tool. “In the old days, you sent an email with a design as an attachment, which

the client might have trouble opening or take a day or two to review,” said Greg Wright, Wright of Thomasville president and chief executive officer. “Customers would then communicate their revisions and the project would go back into the design department. Three weeks could pass with no firm decisions being made. Design Wright Now allows us to set a meeting, log on and begin working collaboratively with our clients. The ability to immediately review revisions and get commitment from the marketing team dramatically reduces turnaround on a project.”

Deep Sleep Cradled in Canadian Comfort

Design Wright Now The new collaboration tool from Wright of Thomasville allows its designers to work directly and in real time with mattress manufacturers on projects.

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U.S. bedding sales dip Sales of beds fell in February in the United States, but the value of those mattresses and the average unit selling price both were up significantly, according to the Bedding Barometer, a monthly sales report from the International Sleep Products Association. Unit sales (mattresses and foundations) dropped 3% in February 2011 when compared to the same month a year earlier. The wholesale dollar value of those units rose 4.9% and the AUSP jumped 8.1%.

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There’s a lot to talk about in the GSG booth at Interzum... The GSG space at Interzum will be bigger than ever with nearly 40 pieces of equipment, including over a dozen machines never shown in our booth at Interzum.

The Galkin EFS-100 semi-automatic serger/flanger utilizes and automatic turning arm and air flotation table for easy, precise mattress panel flanging.

The Mattress Master Elite is the world’s most advanced semiautomatic tape edge machine. A wide range of product sizes can be assembled and the unique radial turning arm provides the smoothest turning movement.

interzum cologne 25 – 28. 05. 2011

GSG Stand C-020, Hall 9.1

Teknomac will display their popular roll pack machine, the TK306. Merello will display a variety of their packaging systems including the new ME-105 which wraps up to 5 units per minute!

Look for the most current show updates at our blog,

See the ingenuity of Naehtec - this new zipper machine splits your border, inserts a zipper and folds the material in place to hide the zipper from view.

GSG will have about a dozen machines focused on border production, including several new machines designed for high-fashion borders like these.

Porter International’s popular GPT1000AP 3-in-1 ruffling machine has new updates - more user-friendly and secure controls, and more diagnostic capabilities for your mechanics.

Gribetz International will display the most diverse line up of quilters ever shown at one time in the world!

... but the thing they’ll talk about the most will be Gribetz’s newest innovation, the V16™, debuting in an exclusive sealed room.

Contact your local GSG representative for your personal demonstration. 800-326-4742


NewsMakers Natura promotes ‘Dr. Lisa, Sleep M.D.’ two to sales VP joins Carpenter team C

Mattress and sleep accessories producer Natura World has promoted Mark Dentale to vice president of sales for the East Coast and Jim Lambert to vice president of sales for the West Coast. The promotions recognize the significant sales-building accomMark Dentale plishments already made by both men, according to the Cambridge, Ontario-based company. Dentale, who is based in Northport, N.Y., is a 28-year veteran of the mattress and home furnishings industries. He joined Natura in 2010 as a regional sales manager. His background includes senior sales roles at Ashley Furniture, Sealy, SimJim Lambert mons Bedding Co. and Spring Air. Lambert is based in Cypress, Texas. He joined the company in 2009 as territory sales manager for that state. He has more than 30 years in the industry and has held executive sales positions at Sealy, Serta, Simmons and Tempur-Pedic. “Mark and Jim have made tremendous contributions to our company in growing their regions and territories in relatively short periods of time,” said Ralph Rossdeutscher, Natura World president. “The key component in that success is their ability to work with new and existing dealers to help them get the most value and opportunity from their Natura relationship. In these new roles, they will be resources for more of our dealers and sales associates in helping us to continue to build our brand.”

omponents supplier and sleep accessories producer Carpenter Co. in Richmond, Va., has tapped Dr. Lisa Shives, also known as “Dr. Lisa, Sleep M.D.,” as a sleep expert for its educational website, related marketing campaigns and product development. Dr. Lisa Shives “Lisa Shives is just what the doctor ordered, so to speak,” said Dan Schecter, Carpenter vice president of consumer products. Shives is responsible for providing medical insights and offering tips for improving sleep health at the Facebook page, as well as for conducting original research and helping shape and endorse new SleepBetter product introductions.   “The SleepBetter product development process has evolved to a point where it increasingly translates data from sleep studies into technology-advanced bedding products,” Schecter said. “This evolution created the need for an experienced physician as part of our team. Dr. Lisa is a leader in the burgeoning sleep medicine subspecialty and has thousands of her own patients. We are particularly excited by her interest in helping conduct original sleep studies and in participating in our new product development process.” Shives is board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and the American Board of Sleep Medicine and is the founder of Northshore Sleep Medicine in Chicago. She has served as a spokeswoman for the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and is a contributor to CNN’s medical blog, “The Chart.”

Boyd hires industry veteran Clark

ing for mattress maker Southern Dreams. Prior to that, he was a sales and marketing executive for Paramount. His background also includes nearly two decades at Sealy as a national account executive and territory manager, as well as management and ownership positions at two food companies. “John has a wide-ranging background with primary experience in the mattress and food industries,” Boyd said. “His expertise in marketing, sales and sales management will be very valuable to the further development of our southern region and the growth of our company overall.”

Boyd Specialty Sleep, a maker of specialty mattresses and sleep-related products, has named John Clark regional vice president of sales, a newly created post. Clark is based in Winter Haven, Fla., and is responsible for sales and sales development for sleep products and the company’s accent furniture line in 10 southern states and western Pennsylvania. He reports to Dennis Boyd, president and founder of the St. Louis-based company. Previously, Clark was vice president of sales and market-

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Anti-Defamation League honoring industry players


he Anti-Defamation League, a New York-based human rights organization, will present its American Heritage Award to Gary Fazio, chief executive officer of Simmons Bedding Co., and Kathy Ireland, chief executive officer and chief designer of Kathy Ireland Worldwide, a design and marketing company that licenses mattresses, home furnishings and other products. Pasquale Natuzzi, president and chief executive officer of leather upholstery producer Natuzzi, will be presented the Lifetime Achievement Award. The three will be honored at a dinner at the Grand Hyatt New York on June 23. The American Heritage Award is a tribute to “business leaders who in their careers and their communities personify America’s democratic ideals and serve as a shining example to others for their leadership, dedication and energy,” according to the organization. Fazio has served on the AntiDefamation League’s National Home Furnishings Industry board for nearly 15 years. He has 38 years of experience in mattress manufacturing and retailing and joined Atlanta-based Simmons in 2009. Previously, he was CEO and then chairman of retailer Mattress Firm. Prior to that, Fazio spent 20 years at Sealy, where he rose to corporate vice president and general manager of the domestic bedding group. He and his wife, Annette, sponsor various academic scholarships at North Carolina State University and Ohio State University. Ireland presides over the Los Angeles-based design and marketing firm she founded in 1993. According to Forbes magazine, the Kathy Ireland Worldwide umbrella of licensed products—which includes everything from gardening supplies to mattresses—grosses more than

78 | BedTimes | May 2011

Kathy Ireland

Gary Fazio

$1.5 billion annually in retail sales. Ireland, a former model and actress, also is a published author of inspirational and children’s books. Her company aids a range of nonprofits with an emphasis on those that support women, children, health, education and the environment. The dinner is an important fundraiser for the Anti-Defamation

League, whose mission is to fight anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry and to defend civil rights. Last year’s event raised more than $1 million and attracted more than 600 attendees. Individual tickets for this year’s dinner are $700. Tables are $5,500. For more information, contact Beth Katznelson at 212-885-7885 or

Bedding veteran Magnusson dies

Robert Magnusson, former head of Simmons Bedding Co., died in early March. He was 79. After graduating from high school in 1949, Magnusson enlisted in the Navy for three years. He attended the University of Idaho and graduated from the University of Illinois. His first job was for Shell Oil in Chicago. He then worked for Uarco Business Forms, which led to a job at the chemical company Celanese. He entered the bedding industry when he became vice president of Stearns & Foster. He was named president of Simmons in 1979 and was named chairman and chief executive officer 10 years later. He retired in 1993. Magnusson was honored by the City of Hope in 1988. Survivors include his wife, Kathleen; daughters Kelly and Mary Rose; son Norman; sister Louise Edwards; six grandchildren; and several nieces and nephews. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to an educational endowment fund. For more information, contact Kristi Thelen at UBS financial services at 404-760-3050.

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ISPANews Association names new officers, board

The International Sleep Products Association elected a new chairman, as well as new officers and trustees during an annual meeting in March. Gerry Borreggine, president and chief executive officer of licensing group Therapedic International, is serving a one-year term as ISPA chairman. He replaces Don Wright, chairman and chief marketing officer of Wright of Thomasville, a supplier of graphic and marketing solutions. “I am proud of the achievements we have made during my term to restore ISPA’s fiscal health by trimming expenses and increasing effectiveness, efficiency and revenues,” Wright said. “Moreover, we stabilized the organization during a time of unexpected leadership change and refocused our priorities on core principles.” ISPA President Ryan Trainer said he was grateful for Wright’s stewardship and welcomed Borreggine’s agenda for the future. “The changes at ISPA over the past year or so really

are transformational to make the organization much more vital to the business interests of our members,” Trainer said. “We are making significant investments as well to improve our communication with members, including enhancements to our website, a greater footprint in social networking and a facelift for our industry publications.” During the board meeting, Ron Passaglia, president and CEO of Restonic, was elected vice chairman. Trustees elected to new two-year terms include Aslan Cohen, Spring Air Mexico; Bill Creekmuir, Simmons Bedding Co.; John Larsen, Lady Americana/Sound Sleep Products; Kathryn Roedel, Select Comfort; Scott Veitzer, Omaha Bedding Co.; and Brandon Wolf, Wolf Corp. Trustees re-elected to additional two-year terms include Rick Anderson, Tempur-Pedic; Michael Crowell, Flexible Foam Products; Eric Hinshaw, Kingsdown; Ralph Rossdeutscher, Natura World; and Dean Woods, C.J. Hodder Lumber Co.

Chairman: ISPA a re-energized, inclusive association EDITOR’S NOTE: Gerry Borreggine, president and chief executive officer of Therapedic International and the new ISPA chairman, began his career in 1977 as an executive with sleep products retailer 40 Winks and joined Therapedic in 2003. He became active in ISPA more than 20 years ago when he was the first retailer asked to join the board of the Better Sleep Council, ISPA’s consumer education arm. By Gerry Borreggine


here is a renewed spirit at the International Sleep Products Association. It’s apparent at the headquarters in Alexandria, Gerry Borreggine Va., and it’s also apparent in the voices and on the faces of the membership. The members of the association, like ISPA staff, have a

general sense of optimism regarding the work that’s being done on behalf of the mattress industry. That sense of good feeling seems to be genuine and rooted in tangible building blocks, which have been laid as the foundation for future success. Much of the success of the past 1 ½ years is due to the work of Don Wright, immediate past chairman, and ISPA President Ryan Trainer. Wright and Trainer have led the turnaround and set a path for the association to follow. Wright directed ISPA’s return to its core mission, re-established its credibility within the industry it serves and, most importantly, helped the association regain its integrity. Trainer has assembled an efficient and dedicated staff that is leaner, but not meaner, and which already is engaging our membership. The new ISPA is an inclusive association, not an exclusive one. But the success of the association will be predicated on how well it is able to communicate

its goals and value proposition to the membership. It’s critical that the membership understands the effort that is taking place—much of it behind the scenes— on behalf of the industry. ISPA will continue to act as an “insurance policy” for its members and erect a first line of defense for the industry, especially as it relates to government policy that affects the mattress industry. We need a strong voice in Washington, D.C., and in state capitals where legislation threatens the economic recovery of our members. ISPA has always operated as the third-party advocate for the industry. It has been a steady insurance policy, protecting not only our members, but the entire industry. As chairman, my job will be to communicate our value proposition to both our current membership and prospective members. I promise to work tirelessly to that end.

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BSC campaign to put an end to ‘zombieitis’ T

he Better Sleep Council is waging a national campaign to “Stop Zombieitis!” It kicked off May 1 as part of the BSC’s annual Better Sleep Month. “Zombieitis is the catch phrase we coined to describe the many manifestations of sleep deprivation,” said Mark Quinn, BSC chairman and vice president of marketing for residential furniture at Leggett & Platt. “Symptoms include irritability, depression, high blood pressure, anxiety, malaise or apathy, weight gain, headaches, decreased brain function and circles or bags under the eyes. Those suffering from zombieitis also can be identified by their unkempt appearance, unsightly drooling, frequent mumbling and/or moaning and a


82 | BedTimes | May 2011

lumbering walk or slow gait.” While the pressures of modern society contribute to zombieitis, poor quality bedding is a primary cause. Support for the “Stop Zombieitis!” campaign will come from national trade and consumer advertising, public relations, special events, social


media outreach programs and instore merchandising materials. The campaign is expected to run through the remainder of 2011. The highlight of Better Sleep Month will be “Stop Zombieitis! Day” on Friday, May 20. Special events will take place nationwide to raise awareness of zombieitis and how it can be cured by sleep on a good quality mattress. A consumer-oriented website,, has been set up for the campaign. Mattress manufacturers and retailers who would like to do tie-in campaigns can find toolkits on the websites,, and


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Lava, the oldest knitting company in the mattress ticking business, is present again at the Interzum fair with several innovations : a new yarn never used before in mattress ticking, a new treatment, new qualities, new designs, new colours and a new 3D imitation border fabric. However the most exciting novelties would have to be our 2 completely new innovative products, where once again, we have designed and built a different type of knitting machine together with one of the leading circular knitting machine constructors. We have worked together with this machine constructor for several years to develop these 2 innovations and can now proudly present the first fabrics produced on these first ever built machines ! Already at Interzum in 2007 we were the first to have and show such a machine-novelty : a double knit, double jacquard (Patent Nr US 7,536,879B2) called our "LUXE" quality and this is still unmatched today by any of our competitors. We repeated again at Interzum in 2009 where we introduced our "AIRTEX" quality which is also still unrivaled. Thanks to these innovations, Lava is a successfull producer of knitted mattress ticking with 75 knitting machines, offering a full pallet of knitted constructions and compositions, with production facilities in Wielsbeke, Belgium and York, SC, USA. We welcome you at Interzum at our booth in Hall 10.2, nr F-010 to view these novelties ! Interzum, 25-28 may 2011, Germany.



TEL.: +32 (0) 56/60.21.41

FAX: +32 (0) 56/60.32.19


ISPAAdvocacy Lawmakers considering fix to CPSIA


he U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee recently circulated a discussion draft of legislation to amend the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 The proposed changes would reduce or eliminate many existing and prospective labeling, testing and certification requirements for mattresses. The International Sleep Products Association has been lobbying for such changes to reduce manufacturers’ compliance costs. Among other things, the proposed legislation would alter the CPSIA by: ➤ Reducing the maximum age for defining a “children’s product,” currently age 12 ➤ Making the lead requirements pro-

spective instead of retroactive and create exemptions for certain metals and de minimus uses ➤ Clarifying that third-party testing requirements apply only to children’s product safety rules and not to general product safety rules such as 16 CFR Part 1632 and Part 1633 ➤ Restricting the current product certification requirement and additional testing requirements to children’s products safety rules ➤ Creating an exemption from the phthalates requirements for inaccessible components ➤ Creating a process for exempting products from tracking label requirements.

Short R.I. takes up producer responsibility legislation Legislation has been introduced in Rhode Island that would require mattress manufacturers and retailers to participate in an “extended producer responsibility” program that would require them to pay for the collection and disposal of their products at the end of their useful lives. The International Sleep Products Association opposes the legislation and is working to defeat the measure. For more information, check advocacy.

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IndustryConference Sleep products industry gathers in St. Petersburg


eautiful weather and a timely, dynamic program that focused on new opportunities greeted the 200-plus mattress manufacturers, suppliers and retailers at the ISPA Industry Conference and Exhibition March 16-18 in St. Petersburg, Fla. Two evening parties—a Welcome Reception sponsored by Carpenter Co. and a Networking Reception sponsored by SABA North America LLC—gave everyone a chance to unwind and connect with colleagues. The new ISPA Women’s Network hosted an inaugural cocktail party sponsored by Wright of Thomasville. (All photo identifications are left to right.)

Ron Passaglia, Restonic, and Hank Little, Atlanta Attachment Co.

Kärin Mahoney, International Sleep Products Association; Vicki Fishman, Wright of Thomasville; and Corrie Doty and Mara Moeller, both of Flexible Foam Products Inc.

Paul Hauser, Leggett & Platt, and Jim Nation, Five Star Mattress.

Isabel Cardoso, Devan Chemicals, and Sally Carroll, Tietex International Ltd.

Jimmy Bush, Hickory Springs Mfg. Co.; Mike Schweiger, VyMaC Corp.; and Eric Freeman, Leggett & Platt.

Jim Turner, SABA North America LLC, and Bob Paust, Atlanta Attachment Co.

Al Klancnik, Serta; and Richard Ayers and Alan Posner, both of Jones Fiber Products Inc.

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Sessions focus on ways to reshape your business


itting for an event set on the Gulf waters, keynote speaker Roch Parayre opened the ISPA Industry Conference and Exhibition in St. Petersburg, Fla., by exploring the “Blue Ocean Strategy” based on a book by the same name. Old models of business strategy were based on warfare—on battling and eliminating competition. But too often that leads only to wounded companies on both sides of the frontline. A more effective paradigm is exploration, said Parayre, a fellow at the Aresty Institute of Executive Education at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Stop bloodying the waters by beating up on competitors in terms of price and

“me-too” product launches and start exploring uncontested “blue waters.” “You beat your competitors by staying away from others and finding new waters teeming with opportunities,” he said. When thinking about how your company can be more innovative, don’t stop at product development. Innovation often means a new way of doing business. “If you were a new player entering the market, would you constitute your business the way it exists today?” Parayre asked the audience. “If you wouldn’t enter the market the way you’re currently playing, why are you playing that way?” The question to ask yourself is not only, “What should my company

be doing?” but “What should my company stop doing?” What product are you offering that is virtually indistinguishable from your nearest competitor? What are you trying to do that someone else is doing better and at a lower cost? Drop those products. Get out of those businesses, Parayre said. Do something different—that no one else is doing well. “Don’t go after your competitors in areas where your competitor does well, or even OK,” he said. “Pick an area where they are terrible, an area where everyone else is terrible.” Parayre rattled off a list of companies that have found unique ways to innovate—ways that reshaped entire industries and made the companies

Refer a new member to ISPA and receive a $100 Gift Card!

Don’t leave money on the table and your industry colleagues in the dark! MBER? E M W E N A WHY REFER More members mean: stronger advocacy efforts better networking opportunities easier industry communications more cohesive industry you earn $100 and industry recognition Contact us today for more details at Follow us on Facebook!

88 | BedTimes | May 2011

*a new member is defined as any qualifying organization that has not been an ISPA member for the past 36 months

market leaders: Dell (designed a whole new business model), WalMart (networked its supply chain and stores), FedEx (redefined service), Lexus (took customer experience to a new level). More ideas Other conference speakers and panels picked up on the idea of using new strategies to reshape your business. ➤ Customer experience expert Mike Wittenstein focused on redesigning the customer experience, reminding manufacturers and suppliers that such efforts aren’t solely the responsibility of retailers. “Eighty percent of companies think they offer their customers a great customer experience but only 8% of customers agree,” Wittenstein said. “That’s pretty fertile ground for improvement.” A key to providing an excellent customer experience is to “make sure that what customers want most is what you do best” and that requires listening. Social media is an easy way to start figuring out what

‘You beat your competitors by staying away from others and finding new waters teeming with opportunities.’ customers want, Wittenstein said. ➤ In their talk, “The Power of Social and Digital Media,” David Haas and Mark Quinn delved deeper into ways that companies can leverage new media like Facebook and Twitter to build their brands and reach consumers. Sites like YouTube have made video an increasingly important part of marketing campaigns, they said, pointing to the recent “Suite 7” Web series done for the Better Sleep Council as an example of how companies can use video to their advantage. Haas

is director of technology solutions at Freeman and Quinn is vice president of marketing for residential furniture at Leggett & Platt. ➤ In a panel discussion, retailers and manufacturers teamed up to talk about ways that the two segments of the industry can better work together. The spirited discussion included Tim Oakhill, executive vice president of marketing at Simmons Bedding Co.; Barrie Brown, chief executive officer of et oyeblikk, Retail Strategies LLC and interim chief executive officer of Mattresses Unlimited; and Karrie Forbes, vice president of marketing at Mattress Firm. The discussion covered everything from the industry’s response to bedbugs to consumer perceptions of warranties. But the talk often returned to the allimportant concept of determining and meeting consumers’ needs. “The key is to think about what consumers really want,” Brown said. “We have to come up with ways to be faster and more responsive. We have to do what’s relevant to the consumer.”

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TheLastWord Women powering the Web

When it comes to the use of social media

and online shopping, “women rule the Internet,” says Aileen Lee, a partner in Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, a venture capital firm with headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif. Lee was writing in a March 20 posting on “Comscore, Nielsen, MediaMetrix and Quantcast studies all show women are the driving force of the most important Net trend of the decade, the social Web. Comscore says women are the majority of users of social networking sites and spend 30% more time on these sites than men; mobile social network usage is 55% female, according to Nielsen,” Lee writes. “In e-commerce, female purchasing power is also pretty clear. Sites like Zappos (more than$1 billion in revenue last year), Groupon ($760 million last year), Gilt Groupe ($500 million projected revenue this year), Etsy (over $300 million in GMV last year) and Diapers ($300 million estimated revenue last year) are all driven by a majority of female customers,” Lee continues. “According to Gilt Groupe, women are 70% of the customer base and they drive 74% of revenue.”

96 | BedTimes | May 2011

BIG number


That’s the number of smart phone users who have accessed a QR (quick response) code. More than half (53%) have used the barcodelike images to secure a coupon, deal or discount on a product or service. According to a new survey from MGH, an integrated marketing communications agency in Ow-

ings Mills, Md., smart phone users also have used the codes to access additional information (52%), enter a sweepstakes (33%), sign up to receive more information (26%) and access video (24%). Important for marketers, 70% of smart phone users say they plan to use a QR code in the future.

Enough sleep + less stress = weight loss


eople wanting to lose weight are more likely to do so if they sleep more than six hours a night and lower their stress levels, according to a new study from researchers at health care organization Kaiser Permanente. “This study suggests that when people are trying to lose weight, they should try to get the right amount of sleep and reduce their stress,” says lead author Dr. Charles Elder, an investigator with the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research in Portland, Ore., who also leads Integrative Medicine at Kaiser Permanente Northwest. “Some people may just need to cut back on their schedules and get to bed earlier. Others may find that exercise can reduce stress and help them sleep. For some people, mind/body techniques such as meditation also might be helpful.” About 500 participants from Kaiser Permanente in Oregon and Washington took part in the study, which measured whether sleep, stress, depression, television viewing and computer screen time correlated with weight loss. All participants attended weekly meetings at which they were weighed and advised to reduce calorie intake by 500 calories per day; adopt a low-fat, low-sugar diet; increase physical activity to 180 minutes a week; and keep daily food records. Participants also were asked to report levels of insomnia, stress and depression and to record how much time they slept and spent watching television or using a computer. Researchers found that sleep and stress levels were good predictors of weight loss; depression and screen time were not. People with the lowest stress levels who also got more than six hours—but not more than eight hours—of sleep were most likely to lose at least 10 pounds. The research was published in the International Journal of Obesity.

You’ve got to see the V. Gribetz International’s new, high-volume quilt machine: the V16™ It’s uniquely designed for today’s popular lean initiatives in mattress manufacturing, and Gribetz® has planned a unique approach for its debut at Interzum. We’ve dedicated 300 m2 (3200 ft2) to showcase the V16 so you can fully absorb the impact this could have on your business. It will be more than your typical product demo; it will be a distinctive, immersive experience. Explore this new Gribetz quilter like never before. We suggest you approach the V16 with an honest assessment of how your mattress operation runs. You’ll certainly leave with a new perspective of how it could be.

You can only see “the V” in an enclosed, special-purpose room demonstration at Interzum, May 25-28, 2011, at the GSG booth in Hall 9.1 Stand C-020.



Contact your local GSG representative to schedule your personal V16 experience.


Introducing Clings.

Say bye-bye to the slipping, sliding, bed-making blues.

Now you can sing a happier tune. with Clings, mattresses finally behave themselves. No more shifting and shuffling. No more wobbling and wiggling. Simply apply our proprietary fabric to the mattress bottom or to decking – either way, the mattress snuggles neatly to the foundation. Bed linens and dust ruffles stay tucked. and bed makers everywhere thank you.









Tietex International Ltd., 3010 North Blackstock Road, Spartanburg, SC 29301, 864.574.0500


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