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MARCH 2011

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30 When consumers retrench

In just a few years, consumers have gone from bubbly, even irrational, exuberance to penny-pinching thrift and caution. BedTimes examines what this means for mattress makers trying to design products and market to newly frugal shoppers.

59 ISPA Industry Conference & Exhibition

BedTimes provides your guide to the annual all-industry gathering of mattress makers, suppliers and retailers.


9 Company Profile

Pure LatexBLISS has a unique business model—no production facilities of its own, executives who are involved in every aspect of the company and an exclusive focus on all-latex beds. So far, doing it their way seems to be working.

13 Cost Management

Changes in the insurance marketplace have made product recall insurance more affordable for companies. Is it something you should investigate?

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17 Market Report

The bedding industry shook off the winter blahs during the January Las Vegas Market—showrooms were busy and a bevy of new product introductions tempted buyers.

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SABA: Our target is customer satisfaction

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Editor’sNote Winter blues cure: Bedding showrooms


hat’s the best way to shake off the winter blues? Apparently, it’s to take a trip to Las Vegas. The most recent Vegas furniture show was, by all accounts, a great market. Traffic was strong and moods were upbeat. As a whole, mattress makers rolled out the strongest lineup of new products in several show cycles. (See story on Page 17.) With the optimism and glitzy parties, it felt a little like 2007—those good times before the Great Recession. But if you looked a little closer, you could see how times have changed. Except for in the super-luxury segment, price points are generally lower, though bedding makers are packing value into products. Witness the return by many to two-sided mattresses and the inclusion of high-end components like latex, gel and wool into collections. Manufacturers are working hard to give retailers the tools they need— from iPhone apps to digital displays— to reach consumers who may have a bit more money to spend than they did in 2008 or 2009 but who also are demanding good reasons—strong value, unique product benefits, a “wow” factor—to part with their money. Because we aren’t back in 2007. And, in 2011, we’re dealing with a different consumer—one who is cautious about the overall economy and more careful with her own finances. (See story on Page 30.) There’s plenty of pent-up consumer demand out there. And the Vegas market shows how ready the mattress industry is to satisfy consumers.

Interzum Cologne issues Interzum Cologne is right around the corner. The world’s largest trade show of home furnishings components and equipment will be May 25-28 at Koelnmesse in Cologne, Germany. BedTimes will have three special issues—a preview in April, a show issue in May that will have bonus distribution on the show floor and a wrap-up in July. If you are a supplier showing new products in Cologne, send us the information by Tuesday, March 1, for inclusion in the April issue or Friday, April 1, to be part of the May issue. Of course, BedTimes staff will be at the show, covering all the big news and latest trends. Need to reach us? The International Sleep Products Association has installed an improved phone system, giving several members of the BedTimes staff new direct telephone numbers. Check the box to the left for your editorial and advertising contacts. We always want to hear from you. BT

Julie A. Palm BedTimes | March 2011 |


FrontMatter Consumers judge brands like people

Study: Companies should emphasize their warmth, competence


eople evaluate brands and businesses in the same way that they instinctively perceive and judge other people—in terms of warmth and competence. And these judgments are predictive of purchase intent and loyalty, according to a study by the Relational Capital Group and a team of researchers at Princeton University. The study evaluated the impact of perceptions of warmth and competence on purchase intent and loyalty using eight well-known brands: McDonalds, Burger King, BP, Shell, Tropicana, Minute Maid, Tylenol and Advil. A demographically balanced group of 1,042 U.S. adults participated in the survey, conducted in mid-2010. “This study shows that purchase intent and brand loyalty are heavily influenced by consumers’ perceptions of the warmth and competence of those brands,” says Nicolas Kervyn, a research fellow at Princeton University in Princeton, N.J. Chris Malone, chief advisory officer of the Relational Capital Group, says this insight has the potential to reshape the way companies manage and market their brands. The Relational Capital Group is a professional development and advisory services firm based in Newtown Square, Pa. “Since the emergence of mass market brands, products and services have been defined by their features and benefits,” Malone says. “This new study suggests that features and benefits are simply an incomplete subset of the broader categories of warmth and competence that consumers perceive and judge brands against.” Faces were the first logos According to Kervyn and co-researcher Susan Fiske, social psychologists believe that as

mans struggled for survival they had to develop an ability to make two kinds of judgments with speed and accuracy. The first was discerning the intentions of others toward them—their warmth. The second was to judge the ability of others to carry out their intentions—their competence. In studies across 36 countries, researchers have validated warmth and competence as universal dimensions of human social perception. Warmth includes traits such as friendliness, helpfulness, sincerity, trustworthiness and honesty. Competence is reflected in intelligence, skill, creativity, efficiency and effectiveness. The researchers reported a strong statistical correlation between perceptions of each brand’s warmth and competence and consumer intent to purchase. “These findings are consistent with other studies we’ve conducted that validate the influence and predictive power of warmth and competence on human behavior,” Fiske says. “In effect, it shows that people were the first brands and faces were the first logos.”

Falling short of expectations According to the research, all eight brands studied fell short of consumer expectations on two critical warmthrelated dimensions that are highly predictive of brand loyalty—“honest and trustworthy” and “acts with your best interests in mind.” “Without those traits, genuine human trust and lasting brand loyalty are impossible,” Malone says. “It seems that in the eyes of consumers, the policies and practices of many companies consistently suggest that the company is primarily focused on advancing its own self-interest and can’t be trusted to do what’s in the best interest of the consumer, especially when no one is watching.” Some highly successful companies, such as online retailer, have instinctively used warmth and competence to build legendary brand loyalty, Malone says. “But the warmth and competence model and its potential have been virtually unknown outside the field of social psychology,” he says. “Now companies and brands have the opportunity to consciously apply the model to build more durable and lasting consumer relationships.” BT

BedTimes | March 2011 |



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CompanyProfile ‘Virtual’ venture finding real success Pure LatexBLISS offers latex bedding through unique business model By Dorothy Whitcomb


urt Ling and Joe Hunt, founders of bedding company Pure LatexBLISS, think they have found a simple solution to providing high-quality products to a market where price matters and both retailers and consumers want to maximize the return on their investment. Although Ling’s the first to admit that “simple” isn’t synonymous with “easy,” he says the company they launched in August 2009 is well on its way to success. ‘Virtual’ by design Pure LatexBLISS is a sales and marketing enterprise that contracts with other companies to manufacture and ship its line of all-latex beds and sleep accessories. It has no manufacturing facilities of its own. Ling and Hunt, who are on the road four or five days a week, lease office space in Atlanta for the mailing address and boardroom it provides. The Internet, Ling says, provides all the infrastructure Pure LatexBLISS needs to run efficiently. Ling calls Skype, a software application that makes use of the Internet for voice calls and video conferencing, his company’s “most valuable tool.” He also uses to link as many as 20 people at one time for conference calls. Retail sales associates can access information about all Pure LatexBLISS products at, a website modeled after Wikipedia, the popular online encyclopedia. The site is designed to provide quick answers to customer questions about materials, construction and comfort options. It also provides more in-depth product information, links to company videos on YouTube and an archive of the daily tweets that Ling and Hunt send to retailers.

“Putting everything on the Internet is one of the biggest ways we have to connect people and build the brand,” Ling says. Running lean Ling and Hunt stay connected to the needs of dealers and consumers by spending time personally responding to calls on the company’s consumer and toll-free retail partner assistance lines seven days a week. “I take customer calls on rotation, as does everyone on our team,” Ling says. “It keeps us in touch with what’s going on and helps us plan for the future. The

Deeply involved Pure LatexBLISS founders Joe Hunt (left) and Kurt Ling take part in all facets of running their company, including answering customer phone calls. Their line includes four collections of all-latex beds.

average customer-care call is 25 minutes long and we never try to shorten them. Our intent is to build friendships and relationships.” Both Ling and Hunt are industry veterans who come from corporate backgrounds where senior executives don’t spend a lot of time answering calls from consumers or retail sales associates. Ling was at Maytag Corp. for 13 years before joining Simmons Bedding Co. in 1995. In 2005, he founded Customer Kinetics, a consumer experience company that he still runs. Hunt was with Simmons before joining Ashley Furniture, where he was vice president

of bedding. They say their decision to run Pure LatexBLISS as a lean company—they had only one full-time employee in the beginning—has been both exhilarating and exhausting. Although the company has since added six full-time employees, Ling says no one has time to spare. “I find myself in the middle of absolutely everything—some of which

BedTimes | March 2011 |



I have high skills to deal with and some of which I have no skills to deal with at all. Things come up daily that no one has the skill set to deal with,” he says, laughing. “Everything changes every month because our business changes. That’s beautiful because it’s energizing, but it’s also wearing.” If Ling and Hunt occasionally wonder what they’ve gotten themselves into, they say they have no misgivings about the product or value they offer. Ling calculates that by operating as a “virtual” company, Pure LatexBLISS has fixed costs that are 30% lower than its competitors. And those savings are passed on to dealers, he says. Results at retail Retailers seem to be listening. To date, Pure LatexBLISS has opened several hundred accounts in the United States alone. “Because we offer limited distribution, there are already 18 states with enough distribution so that we can’t open other retailers in those states,” Hunt says. It was early support from retailers that convinced Ling there was a market for the type of beds he wanted to produce. “When we talked to retailers, we had hands-down enthusiasm,” he says. “When we built the beds, people who had been in the industry for 30 years were blown away.” Part of the appreciation for the beds comes from the way they are marketed. The brand’s website,, “looks more like a website for an upscale spa or high-end cosmetic line than a mattress company,” Ling says. The Pure LatexBLISS product, Ling adds, is “for bedding enthusiasts for whom the bed is a throne and the bedroom the most important room in the house.” “Going to bed at night should be like taking a minivacation from the world,” he says. “Our beds deliver on that promise.” The latex line Pure LatexBLISS launched its product at

10 | BedTimes | March 2011

Beyond beds In addition to latex mattresses, Pure LatexBLISS offers removable pillow-tops, foundations, pillows and mattress protectors.

the Las Vegas Market in September 2009. The company has played outside the alllatex arena but has focused exclusively on all-latex products in its second year. “About 95% of our business comes from all-latex beds so we’re going with that,” Hunt says. At the most recent Las Vegas Market, Pure LatexBLISS rolled out the World’s Best Beds collection. The first model— Hunt says there will be more—is a 12-inch mattress made from four layers of Talalay latex. The mattress has a suggested retail price of $3,000 for queen size. The company offers a companion latex-enhanced, split-queen foundation, dubbed the World’s Best Foundation, for $1,499 in queen. The Latex Light collection is the company’s entry-level offering. The beds include a 1-inch polyurethane support base and a synthetic Dunlopprocess latex core topped with an inch of Talalay latex. A queen size has a suggested retail price of $1,499. The company’s Natural Talalay Latex collection features four mattresses, ranging in height from 8 to 12 inches. The mattresses have Talalay latex cores and pressure-relief layers over a 1-inch polyurethane foam stabilization base. Suggested retail prices are between $1,899 and $3,299 for queen size. The All-Natural Talalay Latex collection is for the “greener” buyer, Ling says. The three models feature OekoTex certified, all-natural Talalay latex in the core and pressure-relief layers. Retail price points range from $2,599 to $4,299 for queen size.

Pure LatexBLISS offers removable pillow-tops designed for use on their own mattresses, as well as other manufacturers’ beds. The company also provides foundations, pillows and mattress protectors. The company contracts with supplier Latex International to assemble its products at facilities in Shelton, Conn., and Wichita Falls, Texas. It uses WG&R Mattress Factory in Green Bay, Wis., for the same purpose. The company has domestic distribution centers in Jacksonville, Fla., and Phoenix. Product destined for the European market is assembled in Harrogate, England, and distributed through a center in France. The company has permanent showrooms in High Point, N.C., Las Vegas and England. Ling, who projects that Pure LatexBLISS will post $50 million in annual sales within five years, is encouraged by his company’s beginning. “Sales for our first year were twice what we projected and our takeoff internationally was much stronger than projected,” he says. European foothold François Duparc, the company’s general manager for France, Switzerland and the Benelux region, introduced Pure LatexBLISS in France a year ago. An exclusive agreement he negotiated with Maison de la Literia, the 200-shop chain that dominates the French bedding market, ensures a high profile for the brand in that country. Pure LatexBLISS expanded into Belgium at the end of 2010. Duparc hopes to open more than a dozen retail accounts there during the first quarter of this year. The company plans to expand into Holland and Switzerland during the first half of 2011 and into Germany in 2012. “Latex is well known in Europe and contributes about 20% of sales to the overall market,” Duparc says. “The problem with latex here is that there hasn’t been a lot of innovation. Talalay latex provides something new to say to retailers and customers.” BT


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CostManagement Could you benefit from product recall insurance? Changes have made policies more affordable By Matt McClellan


lthough product recalls such as those by automaker Toyota recently have received a lot of media attention, recalls are nothing new. “As far as consumer safety goes— whether it is consumer products or food products—there is certainly a much higher profile and increased number of recalls just because of the environment we’re in right now,” says Bernie Steves, managing director of Aon Risk Solutions Crisis Management Practice, part of Aon Corp., a global consultancy with headquarters in Chicago. “Clients are being faced with heightened risk and exposure. Fortunately, the insurance marketplace has learned over the years to respond in a more affordable fashion and with a broader scope of coverage than it has been able to in the past.” Smart Business, a Cleveland, Ohiobased publisher of local management journals, spoke with Steves about how product recall insurance can help your company should you find yourself facing a recall.

How often are products recalled? There have been many high-profile recalls—particularly in the automotive arena and specifically by Toyota— during the past 12 months. In fact, there have been more than 390 million individual cars, trucks or buses recalled since the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act was passed in 1966. There are a lot of recalled automotive products out there, whether they are vehicles or component parts. Generally, the products have safety-related defects or don’t meet federal safety standards. (According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission website,, there have been 11 recalls of mattresses or mattress covers/ pads since 2000, including six since 2008 for violations of federal flammability standards.) What’s new in product recall insurance? In the past, product recall insurance was a highly specialized type of insurance. It continues to be specialized, but the insurance marketplace

has gained considerable knowledge during the 10 years it’s been offering this type of coverage, identifying what the exposures are and refining how it’s underwritten. Previously, minimum premiums and minimum retentions came with six-figure price tags. That limited the number of companies that could afford to purchase the coverage. Today, with minimum premiums as low as $25,000 and deductibles starting at $50,000, it’s accessible to a much larger range of businesses, including small and midsize companies. How do these policies work? The recall of a product triggers the policies. Generally speaking, there does have to be potential for bodily injury or property damage to occur because of the product in question. One thing that has changed is the ability to include “impaired property” in your coverage. “Impaired property” includes defective products that make the end-product less useful. In other words, if the window doesn’t go up and down on a vehicle, it’s not really a safety issue, but there certainly is an impairment issue. How is a claim handled? There are a few ways the issuers of these policies can respond. We generally look at either first- or thirdparty losses under these policies. First-party losses are the losses that the insured themselves incur. For instance, consider a component part manufacturer that faces expenses to recall the product, such as notification, shipping and pulling stock back from its customers. Those expenses would be considered a first-party recall expense. They can be covered under the policy. The policy also can cover repairing, replacing or refunding those products.

BedTimes | March 2011 |



Depending on the carrier, coverage can include third-party recall expenses, as well. For example, the insured is making widgets and sends them off to the customer, who comes back to the insured looking to be reimbursed for its own recall expenses. With third-party coverage, the same types of expenses can be

covered as for first-party coverage and the coverage can be extended to other elements of third-party financial loss, such as loss of profits. Product recall insurance policies also can cover defense costs. If the insured doesn’t believe that it is at fault for the problem, the policy will defend it against its customer. When considering product recall insurance, the No. 1 thing to do is make sure you’re working with a broker that is familiar with the marketplace. It is specialized coverage and a number of specialized carriers provide

it. It’s important that companies are working with brokerage companies that have the expertise globally and have access to the various markets that can put these programs together. BT Bernie Steves is managing director of Aon Risk Solutions Crisis Management Practice. Reach him at 312-381-4145 or Reprinted with permission from Smart Business Network. This article originally appeared in the November 2010 edition of Smart Business Detroit.

When considering product recall insurance, the No. 1 thing to do is make sure you’re working with a broker that is familiar with the marketplace.

14 | BedTimes | March 2011

The Most Innovative, 100% Latex Foam Bedding Components, Made in the USA by the World’s Leading Latex Foam Manufacturer. • Family Owned. • Environmentally Conscious. • Use our Eco Footprint Research. • Exclusive Designs. • Most Experienced Design Team. • 100% Latex Foam. No Fillers. East: Latexco LLC • 975 Gerrard Road • Lavonia, Georgia 30553 • Phone 706 356 8001 • Fax 706 356 8444 Sales Office • Contact Kevin Callinan • Phone 866 528 3926 (LATEXCO) • Cell 203 444 3626 (FOAM) E-mail • Website West: Sleep Comp, a division of Latexco • 6725 8th Street • Buena Park, California 90620 • Phone 714 522 4991 • Fax 714 522 4900 Contact Roger Coffey • E-mail • Website


09-09-2009 09:05:32

MarketReport Spirits high in Las Vegas as collections with style & substance greet dealers New springs, foam, artful designs & digital tools all vie for attention

(photos clockwise from left) Market premiere Breana (from left), Randy and Shaun Pennington of Diamond Mattress have growth plans and two new specialty sleep collections.

By Barbara Nelles


edding showrooms were bustling, new product introductions abounded and spirits were high at the winter Las Vegas Market. The mattress category received special treatment at the show. The market had a “Dream Big” theme and a number of special events, including a vacation giveaway and a Salute to Bedding reception, with entertainment and dancing held in the World Market Center’s courtyard, amid mattress displays from several vendors. “This is a very busy market. There’s a real resurgence of demand,” said Bob Naboicheck, president of mattress maker Gold Bond in Hartford, Conn. “All the majors are here, as well as retailers from the Northeast and from up and down the entire East Coast. Retailers are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.” After several furniture markets with a strong foam focus, innersprings regained the spotlight, although there was plenty of news in both core types. New collections and existing lines showcased encased coils, innovative spring unit designs, more and more memory foam and ever-“greener” latex. Also drawing attention at the market: body-impression solutions and two-sided mattresses, eye-catching fabrics in new cuts and colors, juvenile bedding, adjustables and accessories with a little extra.

Superior support Simmons’ Rolf Sannes explains the benefits of the new Beautyrest Smart Response Coil. New foam formula Serta’s Kelly Ellis shows off the iComfort Sleep System with gel-infused memory foam.

Springs bounce back Innerspring introductions—many with newly engineered coils—were stars at the January show. Traditional box springs with coils inside and eight-way, hand-tied box springs played a supporting role. Atlanta-based mattress major Simmons Bedding Co. showcased its new Beautyrest Smart Response Pocketed Coil in Beautyrest NXG and the new Beautyrest Elite line. Beds in the hybrid NXG line have suggested retail prices of $1,799 to $3,499 for queen sets.* The new Elite line has suggested retails of $1,099 to $1,999. The new Smart Response Pocketed Coil has a “dual-action design that functions like two coils to deliver improved motion separation and individualized back support,” said Rolf Sannes, Beautyrest brand director. Response from retailers to the new

* All prices are suggested retail for queen-size sets unless otherwise noted.

coil has been “enthusiastic, surprised and positive,” Gary Fazio, Simmons chief executive officer, said at a news conference. The introduction represents the start of a new corporate emphasis on accelerated product innovation, brand building and assisting retailers in improving profitability, Fazio said. Therapedic International, based in Princeton, N.J., added a proprietary,

BedTimes | March 2011 |



Doubly affordable Park Place’s David (left) and Jimmy Orders launched the Legacy collection to meet demand for two-sided beds at popular price points.

one-sided LFK innerspring with a “live wire” on top to create a more flexible, conforming feel to its Kathy Ireland Home by Therapedic beds. It also added an improved HourGlass Back Support posture pad to the beds. The collection retails for $599 to $1,999. Serta, with headquarters in Hoffman Estates, Ill., promoted the premium innerspring system in the top beds of its relaunched Perfect Sleeper line. The patented FlexZone Innerspring made of tempered steel provides flexible support where the body needs it most, according to the company. The new Perfect Sleeper

line contains 13 beds priced from $599 to $1,299. The bed has been branded the “official mattress” of the National Sleep Foundation and was designed with input from that organization. International Bedding unveiled IB Airsprung, a collection of innerspring beds created in partnership with the U.K. bedding brand. Some feature the exclusive Airsprung open-offset innerspring called Duraspring; others have wrapped coils. The top bed in the line has coil-on-coil construction. The foam-encased beds retail for $499 to $2,999 and have an elegant silver and white color scheme. IB Airsprung is manufactured and marketed in the United States by IB using “the same unique brand attributes and valued heritage that have made Airsprung one of the most successful bedding producers in the U.K.,” said Dan Hige, president and chief operating officer of IB, which has headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. IB also showcased its Dr. Breus Beds—launched in April 2010 and now sold at more than 800 locations— and its redesigned heritage brands American*Pedic and Classic. Sealy, headquartered in Trinity, N.C., rolled out the next-generation Posturepedic, which boasts a host of

new features, including a titanium-alloy innerspring unit. The bed’s quilt pattern highlights the center third of the mattress, which has proprietary CoreSupport, a reinforced zone with what Sealy describes as “power-packed materials” to support the heaviest part of the body. The new Posturepedic is backed by an “It’s Better on Springs” advertising campaign that includes three lighthearted television spots, one showing a succession of reclining, smiling couples exchanging knowing looks and satisfied sighs. The new Posturepedic line has suggested retails from $599 to $1,499. “We wanted to make innersprings relevant again because there is much going on in those beds…,” said Martha Bass, Sealy assistant marketing communications manager. Other Posturepedic features include wraparound LiftRight handles and a no-slip foundation fabric with raised grid to hold the mattress in place. Special display pillows have flap pockets to hold disposal pillow covers on the retail floor. Restonic extended its ComfortCare line with ComfortCare Select, which has Marshall coils and the company’s zoned, signature Marvelous Middle technology. Other features include rich fabrics, specialty foams and, in the upper price

Manufacturers dive into digital marketing I n marketing promotions and sales training, mattress makers are embracing the mobile Web, social media and other digital tools, in part to accommodate today’s always-online, comparison-shopping consumer. Incentives, information sharing, education and trivia questions are all part of Atlanta-based Simmons Bedding Co.’s online Beautyrest Pocketed Coil Club for retail sales associates. It’s a social network with tiered membership based on the number of coils a sales associate sells. To figure that out, associates can use the online Coil Calculator. Therapedic International added QR codes to Kathy Ireland Home by Therapedic mattress labels. “When you swipe the code, it takes you to a welcome video with Kathy Ireland,” said Gerry Borreggine, president and chief executive officer of the Princeton, N.J.-based mattress licensing group. “It’s as though our products can talk.

18 | BedTimes | March 2011

We’re doing things to catch consumers’ attention and help retailers distinguish our products on their floor.” Licensing group Restonic rolled out Web-based programs targeting specific audiences—from licensees to consumers. It has enhanced a LinkedIn group for licensees, built new content into its Restonic4Retail Twitter account and launched a Supporting Your Dreams contest for consumers. “We are inviting consumers to submit their dreams in written or video format. The grand-prize winner will have the opportunity to build the mattress of their dreams at one of our plants,” said President Ron Passaglia. Spectators can track contest progress on Restonic’s YouTube channel. Sealy looked for tongue-in-cheek ways to promote the launch of its new Posturepedic line and tag line, “Whatever you do in bed, Sealy supports it.” As part of the fun, a new application for Android and iPhone allows users

points, microcoils. The beds are priced from $699 to $1,999. North Brunswick, N.J.-based Mattress Development Co., owner of the Eclipse and Eastman House brands, added two new innerspring beds to fill top slots in the Ernest Hemingway collection. “All who have seen it love it,” Stuart Carlitz, principal of Mattress Development Co., said when speaking of the Literary collection. “We promote the collection, with its luxury coil-on-coil construction, as a high profit center for retailers.” The two new models retail for $3,500 and $3,999. They are hand-tufted and feature premium components, such as Talalay latex, organic wool and Pima cotton, encased coils and a trilevel steel edge support. Another introduction was the Eastman House Burgundy collection, which features coil-on-coil construction with encased coils, a coil box spring and linen upholstery fabrics. The beds retail for $999 to $2,999. Licensing group Englander, based in Olive Branch, Miss., introduced Tension Ease, a three-bed line with wrapped coils, foam encasement and comfort layers of visco-elastic or latex. Prices are $799, $899 and $999. Englander also offered the HealthWedge foundation, sold

separately for $150. The angled base slightly elevates the head and trunk to provide relief to sufferers of acid reflux. Foam forum Memory foam formulations and collections continue to make news. On the latex front, more mattress makers added beds with 100% natural latex cores. Regardless of type, foams had plenty of new cuts, contours, even adjustability and color. Serta introduced the iComfort Sleep System with gel-infused memory foam. The four beds are covered with ornately patterned super-stretch knits. The bed base and the angle-cut mattress border corners are covered in a contrasting, textural upholstery fabric. Retail prices range from $1,299 to $2,499. Tempur-Pedic, with headquarters in Lexington, Ky., introduced the Contour collection, which replaces three firm to medium-firm beds in its lineup. The beds have new fabrics with greater stretch and updated border styling. They retail for $1,799, $2,399 and $2,999. Luxury foam bed maker Magniflex, based in Prato, Italy, redesigned its Naturally Magniflex line to make it more appealing to North American consumers, said Stefano Marescotti, Magniflex

to photograph and frame anyone “in bed.” In the Trinity, N.C.-based company’s showroom, fortune cookies were prominent—with sayings already appended with the popular “in bed” joke. Kingsdown, which has headquarters in Mebane, N.C., showcased an iPad app and other interactive tools to assist at retail. The company also rolled out its revamped bedMATCH in-store diagnostic technology, which can be enabled to make recommendations across a retailer’s entire product line. “We are finding ways to improve sleep by making the diagnostic system available to all manufacturers,” said Frank Hood, president of Kingsdown’s Sleep to Live Institute, a research center in Joplin, Mo. “Our research shows that lying down on multiple beds is about as helpful as a coin toss when it comes to choosing the correct comfort level.” Spring Air International enhanced access to training information and its CSI Passport mattress selection tool by adding an iPad app and making all resources avail-

Regal redesign Kingsdown President Bob Hellyer discusses the company’s renewed focus on its legacy brand amid a new showroom.

chain development manager. The beds have quilted, zippered knit covers and provide “the supportive feel of latex” via a zoned, visco-elastic Geofoam core made with soy-based content, according to the company. They retail for $1,100 to $3,400. EcoSleep, a specialty sleep line made by Durable Products Co., in Fort Atkinson, Wis., concentrated on filling in upper price points with three new Eco beds—Plus, Luxe and Slumber—with 13-, 10- and 8-inch profiles, respectively. Retail prices are $999 to $1,499. The ticking is a four-way stretch knit con-

able online. “This is cool stuff designed to educate people,” said Rick Robinson, president of the Boston-based licensing group. “We’ve taken CSI to a handheld app. Consumers can download apps at home, too. Trainers can take iPads loaded with our apps on the road. Retailers can drop in their own bed assortment, customize screens and videos to their stores and project them onto digital displays.” Spring Air also has a new slogan and trade advertising campaign that leverages its heritage: “Trusted by millions since 1926.” As part of its Incredible Support initiative for retailers, Anatomic Global, with headquarters in Corona, Calif., previewed an application for tablet computers that puts support materials for its Comfort by Design product line at retail sales associates’ fingertips. In its Las Vegas showroom, it also illustrated its brand promise by inviting several artists to sculpt and paint. The winning artwork will be featured in future marketing materials.

BedTimes | March 2011 |



taining Lenzing’s Tencel yarns. Boyd Specialty Sleep added four beds to the Natural Flex specialty collection. Natural Flex Ultra has a higher profile and more luxurious fabrics and foams, according to the St. Louis-based company. The dramatically quilted covers have cashmere, natural cotton and Lenzing’s Lyocell yarns. The bed’s foam layers, which include Talalay latex, engineered latex and a tri-zoned FoamSpring base, all have extra breathability due to special “channel venting” contours, the company said. They retail for $1,499 to $2,999. Natura World expanded its product lineup with Natura Organics, a group of seven mattresses made with organic cotton and wool, coconut coir, all-natural Talalay latex and all-natural Dunlop-process latex cores. Cotton thread replaces Kevlar and liquid latex is used instead of typical adhesives to bind layers in place. Two top beds in the collection incorporate 7 pounds of organic wool, silk and cashmere. Prices are $1,999 to $5,350. “These beds feel awesome, and oh, by the way, they’re organic,” said Ralph Rossdeutscher, president of the Cambridge, Ontario-based company. Sleep On Green, an Italian producer with U.S. headquarters in Miami, made its Las Vegas debut at the winter market. The company’s all-natural mattress has layers of zoned 100% natural latex, coconut coir, wool and organic cotton fibers. The bed retails for $5,800 with a slatted birch bed base. Pure LatexBLISS added what it calls the World’s Best Beds to the top of its lineup. The initial offering retails for $4,499 and contains the most latex of all the Atlanta-based company’s beds. Pure LatexBLISS also added a new line of all-natural latex beds. They retail for $2,599 to $4,299. On the surface The problem of body impressions was tackled head on by some mattress producers, who unveiled new engineering and marketing messages. Others put a renewed focus on two-sided mattresses.

20 | BedTimes | March 2011

Second skin Springs Creative Product Manager George Booth says the company’s Sleepskin printed ticking is inspired by body-hugging athletic wear.

Comfort Solutions did both. The mattress licensing group, with headquarters in Willowbrook, Ill., has added even sturdier construction and created a new tag line for its Extended Life brand: “The No Sag Mattress.” The collection retails for $1,099 to 2,999. “What we’re saying with Extended Life is, ‘This is a bed that won’t leave a bad impression’,” said Owen Shoemaker, Comfort Solutions senior vice president. “Too many consumers have had bad experiences. It’s to the point that they come into stores saying, ‘I don’t want a pillow-top’. ” Comfort Solutions also rolled out a two-sided mattress collection, the Advantage. The three-model innerspring

Core adjustability Reverie’s Patti Ark highlights the mix-and-match latex cylinders in the new Comfort Sleep System mattress.

line retails for $799 to $1,499. “Our research showed that 46% of mattress shoppers think they’ve purchased a two-sided bed, but haven’t,” Shoemaker said. “While 74%, when shown a one-sided and a two-sided model, say they would prefer to own a two-sided bed. We think the public likes the idea of the ‘fresh side’ of the bed and with our Dual Seasons cover option, you can sleep on a cozier ‘teddy bear’ fabric in winter.” Diamond Mattress said it has “declared war” on body impressions and is building beds with a surface that survives extended wear, said Sean Pennington, vice president of the Rancho Dominguez, Calif.-based company. The fourth-generation family business made its furniture market debut in Las Vegas, saying it is primed for growth and moving beyond its roots as a regional manufacturer. “We’ve invested $1.5 million in our factory in the last two years and are in growth mode. We cut our own foam and make our own coils,” Pennington said. “Our goal is to have two to three factories in the next couple of years.” Diamond Mattress introduced two specialty sleep collections, neither with pillow-tops. Instead, the company offers Direct Contact technology, which puts stretch-knit covers directly over highperformance foams. The Cool Touch collection retails for $799 to $1,899 and has layers of open-cell memory foam over a CertiPUR-US-certified base foam. Hybrid beds have encased coils and foam. The company’s Ethos beds have a variety of constructions—a Talalay latex core or a combination of Talalay latex over polyurethane foam or hybrids with encased coils. They retail for $999 to $2,999. Park Place Corp., based in Greenville, S.C., highlighted its new two-sided Legacy program. The rich-looking beds retail between $399 and $899. Top models have visco-elastic comfort layers. “We have never stopped making two-sided beds,” said Park Place Vice President David Orders. “These are just good beds at popular price points—the


type of legacy product we have sold by the truckload through the years.” At Gold Bond, two Sacro-Support Encased Coil beds joined the company’s two-sided collection. The new beds retail for $799 and $899 and offer edge-to-edge support, with a border rod affixed to each encased coil. They sit on coil box-spring units, Naboicheck said. Fun with fabrics Throughout Vegas showrooms, there was greater use of dramatic accent colors, upholstery-grade fabrics, embroidery, and striking knit and quilt patterns. The hottest look in specialty sleep is textural, unquilted stretch knits with four-way stretch. At Kingsdown, ladies-in-waiting ushered visitors into the company’s new, regally appointed permanent showroom in the World Market Center. The mattress maker has redefined itself

22 | BedTimes | March 2011

Purifying pillow South Bay International’s Peter Tarquinio says the company’s new memory foam pillow made with bamboo charcoal has a number of health benefits.

as a portfolio of brands, which include Kingsdown, “My Side certified by Sleep to Live,” Sleeping Beauty and the diagnostic system bedMATCH. Three new Kingsdown collections—

King’s, Crown and Royal—were eyecatching with lush upholstered borders. Some beds have gold embroidery on burgundy velvet borders and thick quilted panels with large gold medallions and button tufts. The top King’s collection has coil-on-coil construction, double tufting and quilting. The Crown collection includes both all-foam models and tri-zoned innersprings. The Royal collection has wrapped coils and Omalon foam comfort layers. The beds start at $1,299 and top out at $13,999. “We have brought the Kingsdown name back full force,” said Bob Hellyer, president of the Mebane, N.C.-based company. “These are the first new Kingsdown collections in two years.” The redesigned Restonic HealthRest collection was all about texture. The group of all-foam and hybrid beds has quilted and unquilted panels with a popcorn-puckered knit design and

contrasting brown upholstered borders with a thick, nubby honeycomb appearance. They retail for $799 to $2,499. Sumptuous fabrics are always part of the story at E.S. Kluft & Co. The ultrapremium mattress manufacturer with headquarters in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., added a new colorway to the upholstery-grade fabrics adorning the Aireloom Preferred collection. The French blue Madeleine bed with delicate check fabric has 40 pounds of cotton in roll-edged, side-stitched and innertufted borders. It sits on an eight-way, hand-tied box spring. Retail prices range from $4,000 to $6,000. At Comfort Solutions, the Laura Ashley collection had a new brand positioning: “Beautiful and Smart,” as well as new fabrics in fashion-forward shades of mimosa, ocean, plum, steel and blush. The 12-bed collection retails for $699 to $2,199.

Stow it Boyd Specialty Sleep President Dennis Boyd demonstrates the snap-on drawers for the Bonus Base steel platform foundation.

Market visitors stopped short at Springs Creative’s Sleepskin display where they were greeted with a mattress cover sporting a bold guitar graphic. The Rock Hill, S.C., supplier introduced

ticking in a supple polyester Spandex, inspired by athletic apparel. The fabric works best with foam beds and can be custom designed with digital or transfer printing, the company said. “Companies are investing in expensive foams then covering them with thick fabrics that blunt the feel,” said George Booth, Springs Creative product manager. “It’s like putting oven mitts on to hold hands with your sweetie.” Classic Brands highlighted the new Posturetemp collection. The visco-elastic beds upholstered in a dimpled knit ticking were dressed with a fashionable accessory, a green paisley foot scarf. The new beds retail for $999 to $1,599 and were part of several new offerings from the Jessup, Md.-based foam bed producer. Seattle-based T3 Recovery Products, manufacturer of the T3 Recovery Mattress, the official mattress of the

BedTimes | March 2011 |



‘No Sag Mattress’ Comfort Solutions added sturdier construction and created a new tag line for its Extended Life brand.

Ironman triathlon, showed its feminine side in the Lux collection. The pale blue beds have plush pastel velour borders and swag, five zones of encased coils, a variety of premium specialty foams, including Tellalux “pillow latex,” and covers made with engineered fibers. The new beds fill price points from $1,399 to $2,299. Kid stuff Interest in products for infants and youth continues to grow and several producers brought out new juvenile bedding. Organic Mattresses Inc. introduced its first youth mattress, which retails for $995 in twin (mattress only). The core is Dunlop-process latex that meets the agricultural standard for certified organic latex sap, said Walt Bader, president and chief executive officer of the Yuba City, Calif.-based company. An adult bed, the Cascade, incorporates the same latex core, and at $2,795, represents a new opening price point for OMI. At T3 Recovery Products, Ironkids beds made their first appearance. Priced at $299 and $329, the beds’ foam cores feature layers of latex or visco-elastic and cores of polyurethane with plantbased content. The knit covers have kid-pleasing designs and carbon threads that promise tension relief. Glideaway, which has headquarters in St. Louis, added tangerine and lime velour covers to its Sleepharmony Jubilee juvenile mattress collection. The beds (mattress only) retail for $249 in twin size and come with a matching pil-

24 | BedTimes | March 2011

low. Cores are 3-pound memory foam over a high-density polyurethane foam core. South Bay International in Pomona, Calif., showed a new Viscokidz bed—a memory foam mattress with a zip-off “sleeping bag” pillow-top in brightly colored velour. It retails for $399 in twin (mattress only). Naturepedic launched a line of allergen-free youth mattresses with steel innersprings and organic cotton fill and fabric. The Chagrin Falls, Ohio-based producer of natural bedding offers waterproofing with Food and Drug Administration-approved food-grade plastic. Retail pricing opens at $699 in twin. The company also brought out new pillows retailing for $49 and mattress toppers retailing for $159—with organic cotton covers and organic cotton fill or washable, biodegradable polyactic acid fiber fill derived from corn. All products are domestically assembled by Amish craftspeople. The rise of adjustables With each recent furniture market, mattress makers have been putting more emphasis on adjustable bases and building more adjustable-compatible mattresses. Tempur-Pedic rolled out a new ad campaign promoting its Advanced Ergo Adjustable base, which is designed to handle the heaviest mattresses, said Kaci Prunty, retail marketing manager. It retails for $1,700 in queen size. Reverie introduced the high-end, adjustable base-friendly Comfort Sleep

System mattress with a core of patented latex cylinders that are color-coded, zoned and re-arrangeable. The bed, which retails for $4,000, works with any of Reverie’s adjustable bases and has a long life—both the zippered cover and the core cylinders are replaceable, according to the company. “This is a new and different product for specialty sleep retailers,” said Patti Ark, general manager of the Silver Creek, N.Y.-based sleep products importer. “The adjustability of both the core and base make it perfect for pregnancy, for those with shoulder, hip or back issues, for post-surgery patients, for any number of conditions.” Hollandia International and Therapedic continue to partner in the introduction of high-end adjustable bed sets built by Hollandia. The new iLight bed adds “mood ring” ambiance to the bedroom with built-in LED lighting in the headboard and night tables that changes hue with the touch of a button. The Hollandia Collection for Therapedic iLight bed has a Platinum-Luxe adjustable base. It retails for $18,000. “We want to make you smile when you go into your bedroom,” said Avi Barssessat, chief executive officer of Hollandia, based in Sderot, Israel. Vivon Life in Hayward, Calif., introduced the Vivon Prestige adjustable bed with all of the moving parts integrated into the mattress itself, plus a fully integrated massage system in partnership with Brookstone. The core is BioSense foam with bio-based content, green tea and charcoal. The adjustable mattress is available in three models, priced from $949 to $1,299. There are five Brookstone massage modalities and six motors in the queen size. Serta showed a new Ergomotion adjustable base with its gel-infused iComfort foam bed collection. The $1,500 base has massage capability and is attached to the mattress via Serta’s patented zipper system at the foot of the bed, said Johnny Griggs, vice president of sales for Santa Barbara, Calif.-based Ergomotion. “Retailers love walking up and seeing

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8 ch 16-1 r a M s u o v isi t us t r y t d e n I r u A s P S Be 2011 I Ex h i bi t i o n e h t t a d r e n c e a n r id a t o s e e o u r e f n o C lo b u rg , F c h n o l o g ie s . s r e t e P te i n St. v a t i ve o n n i r o the . No w.™ t x e N t ’s . . . Wh a e r a e W

The active system provided by Thermic™ is obtainable through a wide variety of fabric applications and qualified vendor resources.If you are looking for a way to help create a sleeping microclimate where deeper, undisturbed and more refreshing sleep is experienced, contact us for the “rest of the story.”

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Kids at heart Michael Stowe (left) and Mike Wilson test out the latest addition to Glideaway’s Sleepharmony Jubilee juvenile collection.

it’s adjustable but there’s no chrome bar, just this hidden zipper,” Griggs explained. E.S. Kluft & Co. rolled out the Luxury Latex collection, which has a “more pliable, conforming” Dunlopprocess latex core designed to work with adjustable bases, Kluft said. “There has been a real outcry for adjustable-friendly mattresses with a clean look that don’t buckle as they bend,” he said. Beds in the collection retail for $3,500 to $5,000. Accessories with something extra In an effort to diversify revenue streams, increase dealers’ profit margins and meet consumer demand for products that protect against bedbugs, allergens and germs, manufacturers continue to

roll out new accessories such as pillows, protection items and bases. South Bay displayed an unusual memory foam pillow the color of charcoal—because it contains charcoal from bamboo wood, which the company said helps the pillow absorb moisture, purify the air and prevent bacterial growth. It retails for approximately $130. At Cedar Grove, N.J.-based FabricTech International, the focus was on PureCare Celliant, a mattress and pillow protector line containing the performance fiber Celliant, which is said to increase oxygen levels and aid rest and recovery. A five-sided mattress protector retails for $119; pillow covers are $29. CKI Solutions, which is based in Fort Lauderdale, offered its Back to School Survival Kit retailing for $149 in twin XL. It includes a pillow encasement, quilted mattress topper and choice of a five-sided waterproof topper or total mattress encasement. The company addressed bedbugs with some new products. Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray is said to naturally repel bedbugs. The ActiveGuard Bed Bug Mattress Liner, which contains the insecticide permethrin, formerly was sold only through pest exterminators. It retails for $115 in queen. Leggett & Platt Consumer Products Group, with headquarters in Whittier, Calif., addressed germs with the SilverShell Anti-Microbial Mattress Protector. It retails for about $100 and contains “safe silver chemistry”—MicroSilver

‘Salute to Bedding’ The Las Vegas Market celebrated bedding with special events, including a performance of dancers.

BG—which is used in many other consumer goods, including skin care products. The company says the cover’s anti-microbial technology protects beds from 99.97% of bacteria, mold and mildew growth, even after repeated washings. Natura World added a gel pillow under the Sharper Image brand. It has layers of OrthoGel and memory foam and retails for $149. Boyd Specialty Sleep President Dennis Boyd designed the Bonus Base platform, a patent-pending, coatedsteel unit that assembles without tools. Available in a variety of sizes, it can be purchased with a fabric cover and retails for $59 to $149. The base provides 14 inches of storage space beneath a bed, for which Boyd created Hide-A-Way Drawers that attach to the base’s legs. A set of two retails for $49.99. BT


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Over 25 Y e a r s of Law Label E xcellence! Law Labels • IABFLO Compliant • Next Day, 2 Day and 3 Day service available • Approval Service ® • Printed on DuPont Tyvek Thermal Transfer Labels & Media • Labels & ribbons!

26 | BedTimes | March 2011

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The new frugality

Consumer shift: From spendthrifts to thrifty spenders By Patricia Comroe Frank


That was the Word of the Year for 2010, according to, which says austerity was the most searched-for word on the dictionary’s website last year. One definition: “enforced or extreme economy.” In a few short years, the economy 30 | BedTimes | March 2011

and consumer behavior swung from bubbly, even irrational exuberance to penny-pinching thrift and caution. The big binge is over. From governments to families, we’re on a financial diet. “Americans are suffering from FUD— fear, uncertainty and doubt,” says Pam Goodfellow, a senior analyst of

er behavior at BIGresearch in Worthington, Ohio. “And while economists may declare that the recession is officially over, the consumers don’t see that. The country’s in a psychological recession. ” Scott Hoyt, senior director of consumer economics at, says still-falling home prices and tight credit

are among the factors worrying consumers. “The consumer mindset is ‘improving, but still cautious,’ ” he says. “There’s improvement ahead in 2011, (an indicator is holiday sales were better than anticipated) but limited in the context of the depth of the downturn.” BedTimes | March 2011 |


Building brand loyalty in the face of fickleness With access to better information and fewer dollars to spend, consumers have become increasingly agile and fickle, ready to change their purchasing decisions in a flash. Given this, manufacturers must invest in brand loyalty programs to woo and win customers. Leveraging brand equity and product longevity is one way. Superior, white-glove customer service and satisfaction is another. Offer assurances of value and brand excellence and make it clear that saving a few bucks by buying unknown or inferior brands in the shortterm will cost consumers money and even impact their wellness in the long term. Customers want to be assured that their decision to buy your product is a wise one. Instilling buyer confidence is key. A strong Web and social media presence is mandatory as consumers increasingly use such technologies to research and narrow their buying choices. Favorable product reviews from satisfied customers influence consumers. Brand credibility must run through all marketing messages.

This, Hoyt says, is “no booming recovery.” Consumers aren’t buying that the recession over. In fact, they’re still not buying too much of anything. They’re paying closer attention to their wants versus their needs, often cutting discretionary spending to the bone. “While lenders have marginally loosened credit, lending standards are still extraordinarily tight,” Hoyt says. “It’s hard for consumers to get credit. And this has to be weighed against the consumer’s (lack of) willingness to use credit.” Consumer confidence remains shaky. A poll from Thomson Reuters and the University of Michigan in early January showed consumer confidence at 72.7, a dip of the monthly index from 74.5 in December. Economists had forecast a rise to 75.4. Some surveys show consumer confidence at its lowest point since the 1950s. Consumer behavior doesn’t necessarily follow economic forecasts or even data. The Great Recession, which officially began in December 2007, ended in June 2009. But when

32 | BedTimes | March 2011

asked recently on an Internet discussion forum if it feels to them like the recession is over, people responded: ➤ “With oil prices edging past $90 a barrel and forecast to be in triple digits next year, no, the recession’s not over. If ‘over’ means back to the boom times, then it probably never will be over.” ➤ “Doesn’t look like it’ll be over anytime soon, no matter what the official media says. Unemployment where I live ranges from 11% to 14% and, of course, that’s just the official numbers.” ➤ “Not over in my part of Colorado. In fact, it’s worsening. Several friends have lost jobs recently.

Prices are going up and/or sizes are going down on groceries.” ➤ “No one I know cares about keeping up with the Joneses anymore, especially since the Joneses are bankrupt and their house has been foreclosed on. Excess just isn’t a status symbol anymore, at least not where I live.” Consumer behavior has been altered, perhaps forever, by the Great Recession. In an Advertising Age article “Marketers Fear Frugality May Just Be Here to Stay,” Nat Ives writes: “The heavy that America will eventually shake off recession but keep saving and spending more responsibly. We’ll borrow only when we must. We’ll pay bills and debts immediately. We’ll save up before we buy big things.” Sean Snaith, an economics professor and director of the Institute for Economic Competitiveness at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Fla., also thinks consumers have responded to their loss of wealth and equity in their homes—often their biggest nest egg—by saving more and spending less. But while the recession was bad, Snaith points out that it wasn’t a depression. “It’s more a mini-Age of Austerity,” he says. (There’s that word again.) Snaith doesn’t expect a continuing economic plunge, rather more of a “drift downward.” “There will be a pent-up demand to buy—to cut loose a little,” he says. What does this mean for producers of consumer goods such as mattresses and sleep accessories? Refocusing products and marketing messages to emphasize quality, lasting value and rewards while reestablishing brand loyalty to entice the new frugal consumer. Changing values Today’s consumers have a pent-up desire to shop, especially if given a compelling reason to do so. But they’re skittish, apt to suddenly











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change their minds about a purchase to chase a bargain, whether it has a lower price or offers better value. The key to unlocking bedding sales: tapping into consumers’ needs and providing them a reason to purchase based on the value and worth of the product. Henry Mason, head of research and analysis at, notes that the changing consumer mindset is part of a larger trend his firm calls the “Expectation Economy.” “This trend is driven not just by economic conditions, but by the emergence of experienced, wellinformed consumers who have a long list of high expectations that they apply to each and every good, service and experience on offer,” Mason says. This presents challenges to consumer brands. “Faced with so much choice— and with limitless information— consumers today expect, even demand, the best, whether that be the cheapest, the newest, the most fun, the most luxurious, the most authentic or simply the best value,” Mason says. “Therefore, any brand in any industry that falls short of ‘super’ brands will be at risk.” Mason points to a companion trend that his company has deemed “Pricing Pandemonium.” “Consumers have and always will love great deals and discounts, but technology is unlocking new ways for brands to offer these,” he says. “For example, furniture store One Kings Lane offers their members large, exclusive, time-limited discounts on home furnishings via daily emails. Consumers embrace the excitement and exclusivity of these offers, while brands can reach new customers or discreetly dispose of excess stock quickly and efficiently.” Minimalism goes mainstream Thriftiness—getting the most value for a dollar—is definitely in. One form the new frugality takes is simple living. The simple living trend is a mature one and was, in

34 | BedTimes | March 2011

its inception, an opt-in lifestyle. People embraced simple living by choice, not necessity. Duane Elgin was among the first to identify and popularize the trend with his 1981 book Voluntary Simplicity. Because of the recession and remaining high unemployment, today’s simple living often includes an element of necessity. Thirty years after Elgin’s classic book was

Selling to the post-recession consumer ➤ Thrifty shoppers want lasting value. Market based on product quality and brand longevity. Break down the return on investment over the life of a mattress. Testimonials from satisfied customers help build brand equity. ➤ Consumers still feel a lot of fear, uncertainty, insecurity and doubt. Craft marketing messages that communicate reassurance and calm. Be empathetic. Position sleep products as reliable and dependable. ➤ Consumers are fickle, looking for deals and using the Internet to search out product information and testimonials from other purchasers. Establish a strong Web presence to communicate information about your brand’s history and benefits. Develop a social media program to reach buyers. ➤ Tap the simple living trend and reach consumers who are fed up with too much stuff. Make your ads simple and uncluttered, too. Understand this group’s needs. They don’t want more things, but aren’t adverse to comfort. They will purchase goods that fit their lifestyle. ➤ Offer products for intergenerational living and smaller homes. Think multifunctional, space-saving and easy-to-move.

published, dozens of similar titles have appeared and sell briskly—The Joy of Less: A Minimalist Living Guide, Simple Home: Calm Spaces for Comfortable Living and even Frugillionaire: 500 Fabulous Ways to Live Richly and Save a Fortune. But even among the wealthy, the idea of simple living is gaining hold, say Paul Flatters and Michael Willmott of Trajectory Partnership, a London-based social analysis and forecasting firm. “Discretionary thrift is likely to feature heavily in the coming years, as the origination of the trend was based on dissatisfaction with excessive consumption and the personal and practical satisfaction associated with being more frugal,” they say. Trajectory Partnership’s findings indicate that thrift isn’t a transitory trend. “A period of cuts in public sector spending (expected to last at least until 2015) will create an austere climate in which thrift will be fashionable,” Flatters and Willmott say. “Ostentatious overspending will clash with this climate.” Companies trying to capitalize on the idea of simple living might want to include spare, serene images in their advertising. Copy can center on words such as “calm” and “simple.” A mattress maker may want to consider a tag line like “Well-crafted comfort.” Or consider breaking down for the consumer the cost of a mattress purchase over the lifetime of the bed: “Wouldn’t you spend $150 a year to ensure comfort, pleasure and restful sleep? Your new mattress: A luxury within easy reach.” (Figuring the cost of a $1,050 mattress over seven years.) It may not be a typical way to sell a mattress, but it may show value in a way that makes sense to consumers today. Seeking security The economic downturn and slow, faltering recovery have left consumers wary about their own security— and have them turning inward. For those fortunate enough not be facing “underwater” mortgages or

jump! Would the strength of an international brand with over 50-years of success help your company in today’s environment? If so, maybe now is a good time to make the jump.

For International licensing opportunities contact: Gerry Borreggine at 1-800-314-4433 or High Point Market Plaza Suites Building Suite 1-501

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the #1 brand alternative

foreclosure troubles, our homes are again the center of our universe. Faith Popcorn’s Brain Reserve, a trend-focused marketing firm in New York, calls this “retrenching” and defines it as “hunkering down and praying for survival. It’s driven by ‘cocooning,’ a retreat to the home to protect oneself from the harsh, unpredictable realities of the outside world.” The Brain Reserve argues that consumers place a premium “on brands that demonstrate empathy” and that understand “the consumer plight.”

‘The Great Recession and its effects on young people’s wages will affect how much home they can buy or rent for years to come.’

36 | BedTimes | March 2011

“The strategy is simple: Be with them when they’re down and they’ll remember you when they’re up,” according to Brain Reserve. To reach a retrenching audience, use images that show bedrooms as calm, secure places bathed in comforting colors or that make the bed—piled with plush, soft linens and pillows—the room’s centerpiece. Copy might say, “Peaceful serenity” or “Envelop yourself in comfort.” Family togetherness Economic necessity also is altering how we live together. Adult children are moving in with parents and parents are moving in with their adult children. The trend is fueled by high housing costs, rising health care and assisted living expenses, reduced retirement income and growing college debt. Sharon Graham Niederhaus, co-

author of the book Together Again: A Creative Guide to Successful Multigenerational Living says, “Between 2000-2007, the number of parents living in the homes of adult children increased 67% to 3.6 million. The most recent figures show 6.6 million households have adults and children living together.” This co-habitating offers interesting opportunities for mattress makers, who can meet the unique furnishing demands that multigenerational living requires. Mikael Ohlsson, president and chief executive officer of the Ikea Group in Helsingborg, Sweden, is well aware of this trend. “More families have joined Ikea’s mainstays of students and postcollege crowd, especially in the U.S. Many...families are bringing more generations together under one roof. For them, Ikea is offering more sofa beds,” Ohlsson said in an Associated

Press article. A strong seller is Ikea’s $599 sofa bed with ample storage. Shrinking homes After years of expanding footprints, the average home size may be shrinking. “The Great Recession and its effects on young people’s wages will affect how much home they can buy or rent for years to come,” according to a recent Wall Street Journal article, “No McMansions for Millennials.” The story quotes KTGY Group residential designer David Senden, “Not too many college grads can afford a lot of space in the city. Think lots of amenities with little tiny units.” For example, Senden points to a floor plan for a 350-square-foot studio apartment, “about as big as mom and dad’s great room.” Manufacturers seeking to take advantage of intergenerational households and smaller living spaces might

consider bringing new products market, especially those that are multifunctional. Maybe a new take on beds that pivot, swing or fold away while not in use? Innovations in futons and sofa beds? Improved portable air mattresses? Foundations with plenty of storage but made with lighter materials for easier moving? Consumers who’ve survived the Great Recession have been changed, in many cases, forever. They’re sticking closer to home, digging in for an uncertain future. They’re frugal, cautious and fickle in their buying decisions. Flexible and innovative mattress makers who meet these new needs and altered lifestyles can find new markets. Crisis is sometimes just another word for opportunity. BT A former advertising executive, Patricia Comroe Frank writes about consumer trends, lifestyle and changing social behavior from Beaufort, N.C.

A. Lava & Son Co. Introduces Our New Kit Line

xQ Centrix

Stretch K


& ck Ta





s Tick c i rgan Earth Be d


ue L Val

4800 S. Kilbourn Ave. Chicago, Il 60632

A. Lava & Son Co. Sewing Threads and Bedding Textiles

Ph: (800) 777-5282 Fax: (773) 254-0800

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ManagementIssues Cut through the information clutter

Whether a paper or electronic mess, it’s time for a cleanup By Barbara Hemphill


tatistics and experience demonstrate that 80% of what we have we never use. In a time when businesses desperately need to reduce costs and increase productivity, information clutter makes no sense. Consider: ➤ A company that employs 1,000 information workers can lose more than $5 million in annual salary costs because of time wasted looking for information, according to a study by IDC, a global marketing intelligence and advisory services firm with headquarters in Framingham, Mass. ➤ In a survey, 1,000 middle managers say they spend two hours a day searching for information and that half the information they find is of no value to them, according to a study by New York-based consulting firm Accenture. The computer, while touted as the ultimate organization tool, has allowed us to generate information as never before. In many ways, it simply has increased our ability to create a mess.  Whether it’s paper or electronic clutter, the results are the same. Being overloaded with disorganized information causes stress, leads to poor customer service and, ultimately, results in loss of corporate income. In recent years, a big contributor to information clutter has been departing workers. Most businesses don’t have a process for dealing with the information left behind when employees leave. And few people feel

like digging through the paper or computer files of a past employee, so time and money are spent recreating the information. Unnecessary duplication is a key contributor to poorly managed information. Not only does it take up space, it creates risk of legal liability. If there are multiple copies of the same document, how can you be sure the one you are retrieving later is the most recent?  Employee fear of discarding information is enormous. Whether it’s the fear of not being knowledgeable or the fear of being asked to produce information that can’t be located, the results are the same: overstuffed filing cabinets and hard drives. While there is no quick fix for years of postponed decisions, avoiding the problem in the future is significantly easier. Every company should hold an annual clean-out day—of offices and off-site storage facilities.

Another idea is to implement “The Originator’s Rule”: Whoever generates a document is responsible for its retention. Instead of five people on a project keeping everything, one person should be responsible for the master file. Other people can choose to keep a copy, but won’t do so by default just because they’re afraid to throw it away. If you don’t have them, create user-friendly guidelines for record retention and ensure that employees understand and implement them. Go a step further and identify an employee who will be responsible for overseeing the management of information. Before this article reaches your desk, new technologies will be available to store and easily retrieve electronic information. But don’t put the cart before the horse. Making the decision whether to go electronic or remain with paper should come after a careful analysis of what information is important to you and your company. BT Barbara Hemphill is one of the country’s leading productivity experts. As a speaker and consultant on organizing, Hemphill helps individuals and organizations create and sustain a productive environment. She is author of the best-selling Taming the Paper Tiger book series. In the recently released book, Bushido Business, Hemphill joins Stephen Covey, Tom Hopkins and Brian Tracy, sharing how they learned to be successful. For more information on Hemphill, check

BedTimes | March 2011 |


IndustryNews Tempur-Pedic sales up 33% for fiscal year S

pecialty bedding producer Tempur-Pedic reported net sales increased 33% to $1.105 billion in 2010 from $831.2 million in 2009. Sales in the fourth quarter of the year rose 20% to $292.7 million from $244.8 million in the fourth quarter of 2009. Looking at full-year results, the Lexington, Ky.-based company reported net sales increased 34% on a constant-currency basis. Net sales in North America increased 47%, while international net sales rose 9%. On a constant-currency basis, international net sales increased 11%. Earnings per share were $2.16 per diluted share for 2010, up from $1.12 per diluted share in the previous year. Tempur-Pedic reported net income of $157.1 million for 2010, as compared to net income of $85 million in 2009. Gross profit margin was 50.2% for 2010, compared to 47.4% for 2009. Tempur-Pedic attributed the gain to improved efficiencies in manufacturing and fixed-cost leverage related to higher production volumes, partially offset by higher commodity costs and geographic mix. Operating profit margin was 22.2% in 2010, compared to 17.4% in 2009. The company generated $184.1 million of operating cash flow in 2010, compared to $135 million in 2009.   “In 2010, we delivered strong financial results and, at the same time, executed well on our strategic growth initiatives. We strengthened the product range and greatly improved how well consumers understand and appreciate the unique benefits of Tempur-Pedic,” said Mark Sarvary, Tempur-Pedic chief executive officer.

Looking at fourth-quarter figures, on a constant-currency basis, net sales increased 21%. Net sales in North America rose 31%, while international net sales increased 1%. On a constant-currency basis, international net sales increased 6%. Earnings per share were $0.66 per diluted share in the fourth quarter of 2010, as compared to $0.38 per diluted share in fourth-quarter 2009. Tempur-Pedic reported net income of $46.3 million for the fourth quarter, compared to net income of $29.1 million during the same period in 2009. Mattress sales increased 20% globally—up 32% in the North America and down 1% internationally. On a constant-currency basis, international mattress sales grew 4%. Pillow sales increased 18% globally—up 31% in North America and 8% internationally. On a constantcurrency basis, international pillow

sales increased 11%. Gross profit margin was 51.9%, compared to 48.5% in fourthquarter 2009. Operating profit margin was 24.5%, compared to 19.3% in the fourth quarter in 2009. Tempur-Pedic generated $44.5 million of operating cash flow in fourth-quarter 2010, compared to $14.6 million during the same period in 2009. For 2011, Tempur-Pedic expects net sales to range from $1.23 billion to $1.28 billion and expects earnings per share to range from $2.60 to $2.75 per diluted share. “In 2011, we will implement the next phases of our plan to become the world’s favorite mattress and pillow brand,” Sarvary said. “We will continue to enhance our product range both in the U.S. and internationally, increase our investment in consumer communication and broaden distribution in all geographies.”

Wright brings top-of-bed production in-house Wright of Thomasville, a supplier of marketing services and support, has begun manufacturing top-of-bed branding items, such as pillow shams, foot protectors and embroidered labels. Production is being done at the company’s headquarters plant in Thomasville, N.C., through its Showroom Solutions division. As part of the expansion, the company has hired 12 additional employees. For the past 10 years, Wright had used an outside manufacturer for the products. Among other things, in-house production will allow Wright to offer customers quicker turnaround and the ability to manufacture smaller runs of product. “The bedding industry has become one of the most dynamic segments in the home furnishings industry and we felt that using our own people and equipment to handle these assignments would assure our customers the continued quality, service and value they have come to expect from Wright for the past 50 years,” said Greg Wright, Wright of Thomasville president and chief executive officer. “Because of changes in the industry, one of the most compelling challenges we wanted to address in the supply chain was the shorter turns many of our clients require today. We can better meet those challenges by having a captive unit dedicated to the needs of our clients.”

BedTimes | March 2011 |



Sealy ends 2010 with sales up 3.8% N

et sales in the fourth quarter of 2010 inched up 0.4% for bedding major Sealy when compared to the same period a year earlier, but the company ended the full fiscal year with sales up 3.8% over 2009. The Trinity, N.C.-based company

42 | BedTimes | March 2011

issued quarterly and year-end results for fiscal 2010, which ended Nov. 28. Net sales for 2010 increased to $1.219 billion from $1.174 billion in the prior fiscal year, a gain of 3.8%. Gross profit for 2010 was $509.5 million, or 41.8% of net sales, versus $487.5 mil-

lion, or 41.5% of net sales, in fiscal 2009. Sealy reported net income from continuing operations of $24.7 million and a net loss from discontinued operations of $38.4 million. Net loss for fiscal 2010 was $13.7 million. Adjusted EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) in 2010 increased 6.5% to $177.9 million, or 14.6% of net sales, from $167 million, or 14.2% of net sales, in 2009. “We were pleased to deliver positive year-over-year sales and adjusted EBITDA growth in 2010, despite a difficult retail environment,” said Larry Rogers, Sealy president and chief executive officer. “As we look forward into 2011, we are focused on a successful launch of the nextgeneration Posturepedic line, driving performance from our 2010 product launches, replenishing our innovation pipeline and making investments to strengthen our brand.” Looking at fourth-quarter figures specifically, Sealy’s net sales were $296.6 million, an increase of 0.4% compared to the same prior-year period. Total U.S. net sales decreased 3.6% to $224.6 million from the fourth quarter of fiscal 2009. Wholesale unit volume decreased 1.7%, while wholesale average unit selling price decreased 1.8% on a year-overyear basis. Sealy attributed the decline to lower Posturepedic sales, partially offset by the growth in its Sealybranded promotional line. International net sales increased $9.5 million, or 15.2%, from the fourth quarter of 2009 to $72 million. Excluding the effects of currency fluctuation, international net sales increased 11.4% from the fourth quarter of 2009. Sealy said promotional activity and strong sales of Stearns & Foster in Canada drove the increase. Gross profit for fourth-quarter 2010 increased by $1.5 million to $122.9 million from the prior-year

quarter. Gross margin increased by 35 basis points to 41.4%, driven primarily by gains in the company’s international businesses and increased operating efficiencies. U.S. gross profit margin decreased 72 basis points to 40.8%—a decline driven primarily by higher discounting on products at the end of their life cycle, an increasing mix of Sealy-branded promotional product and the impact of inflation on material costs, Sealy said. Offsetting the decreases were improvements in operational efficiencies and gains in the company’s international businesses. Net income from continuing operations for the fourth quarter was $0.03 per diluted share. Net loss from discontinued operations for the period was $0.03 per diluted share. During the fourth quarter, Sealy divested the assets of its manufacturing operations in France and Italy. In addition, the company discontinued manufacturing operations in Brazil. The company now is using licensing arrangements with third parties in those markets.

Short ChiliPad found in ‘Dream House’ Chili Technology’s ChiliPad is being featured in the “Dream House” TV series on the DIY Network. The current series, which began Jan. 9, follows newlyweds Natasha and Fred Ruckel as they build the log cabin of their dreams in New York’s Catskill Mountains. The finished home will include three ChiliPads in the home’s bedrooms. For more information about the show, check Chili Technology is based in Mooresville, N.C.


A photo cutline in “Product Watch” in the February 2011 issue of BedTimes was incorrect. It should have read: “ ‘People don’t want their expensive specialty sleep mattress to look like an innerspring bed,’ says Adam Lava, whose company, A. Lava & Son Co., constructed this cover for the Embody by Sealy line.” BedTimes regrets the error.

BedTimes | March 2011 |



Autism event raises more than $9,000


he third annual Ante 4 Autism poker tournament raised more than $9,000 for Autism Speaks, an organization whose mission is to increase awareness about autism and raise funds for research, family services and advocacy. Doug Krinsky, parent of a child with autism and sales manager for mattress licensing group Restonic, is organizer and co-host of the tournament, which was held during the Las Vegas Market in January. “We were very excited with the turnout this year and look forward to an even bigger event next January,” Krinsky said. “The furniture industry has a big heart when it comes to giving back and, once again, we were not disappointed.”  

44 | BedTimes | March 2011

Co-hosts, sponsors and supporters of the event included Joe Amato, Mattress Matters; Marv Beneteau, RMG; Stuart Carlitz, Eclipse International/Eastman House; Randy Coconis, Coconis Furniture; Kyle Doran, R&A Marketing; Scott Graham and Jerry Williams, PMD Furniture Direct; David Lively, the Lively Merchant; Phil Miner and Mike McQuiston, Symbol Mattress; Bob Quinn, Restonic; Mark Quinn, Leggett & Platt; David Wachendorfer, Tempur-Pedic; Binion’s; Mack Mattress Outlet; and Serta. Donations to the charity still can be made at the website or by sending a check made out to “Autism Speaks” to Doug Krin-

Big winners Tops in the Ante 4 Autism poker tournament were (from left) Tom Daley, third place; Jim Ralph, grand champion; Jerry Williams, second place; and Phil Miner, fourth place. Top winners graciously donated their winnings back to the charity, says organizer Doug Krinsky.

sky, 5405 Blackhawk Forest Drive, Westerville, OH 43082.

One-Stop Shop for ALL Expendable Parts Needs Atlanta Parts Depot, a division of Atlanta Attachment Company, has recently purchased the inventory of a major parts supplier and currently stocks over $5.5 million of spare parts.

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Contact a sales representative to negotiate a special discount when signing your annual expendable parts agreement. As the leading supplier of automated sewing workstations, we are proud to offer a 72 hours or FREE policy. AAC pledges unequaled service and support to our valued customers. We pledge to maintain inventories of the recommended expendable spare parts for our automated workstations and to ship those replacement parts within 72 hours. If the expendable replacement parts are not shipped within 72 hours they will be... Free of Charge! Contact sales for the recommended spare parts list and the model workstations covered. • Atlanta Parts Depot ® is a division of Atlanta Attachment Company ® © 2010 Atlanta Attachment Company. All rights reserved.


Atlanta Parts Depot ® 362 Industrial Park Drive Lawrenceville, GA 30046



McRoskey invites customers to sidle up to Pillow Bar


an Francisco-based luxury bedding producer McRoskey Mattress Co. has installed a Pillow Bar in its showroom in Palo Alto, Calif., allowing customers to create their own custom-made pillow. The Pillow Bar is a freestanding kiosk that holds all the components needed to make a pillow, including Hungarian goose down and 100% cotton sateen protectors with satin cording that can be monogrammed and scented with sachets. Customers can create the perfect pillow for themselves or customize one as a gift.  “The Pillow Bar is such a fun and rewarding experience,” said Jill Bibo, manager of the Palo Alto showroom. “Customers walk away in minutes, having created a custom-tailored pillow to meet their specific sleep needs.” The Pillow Bar offers pillows in traditional sizes, with prices starting at $185. Specialty options include the Dr. Mary Side Sleeper Pillow, a boomerang-shaped pillow developed for side sleepers by sports chiropractor Mary Collings; the Jetsetter Mini for travelers; and the Lucky Dog, a 23-inch round pet bed. What’ll you have? The Pillow Bar at McRoskey Mattress Co. allows customers to create pillows made of Hungarian goose down and 100% cotton sateen covers.

46 | BedTimes | March 2011

Spring Air joins SSA, plans special models B

edding licensing group Spring Air International has joined the Specialty Sleep Association and plans to develop a line of flagship Back Supporter models that will meet the criteria of the SSA’s Environmental & Safety Program. Rick Robinson, president of Boston-based Spring Air, said he expects the new Back Supporter beds to be available to retailers as early as the end of March. They will be showcased at the Las Vegas Market in August. “Our decision to join SSA and its Environmental & Safety Program is a statement of our company’s position on environmental respect, consumer health and safety and truth in product labeling,” Robinson said. “As a major trade and consumer mattress brand, we believe in being demonstrative about what we think is right and what we value.” The SSA Environmental & Safety Program provides a three-step seal and consumer disclosure label program to help consumers understand the environmental and safety attributes of participating manufacturers’ products.


Short Mattress sales end 2010 on up note U.S. bedding sales (mattresses and foundations) rose 7.3% in 2010 when compared to 2009, according to the latest Bedding Barometer, a monthly sales report from the International Sleep Products Association. The wholesale dollar value of those units increased 6.6% in 2010 over the previous year. The average unit selling price slipped 0.7%. The numbers come from the December Bedding Barometer, which showed December unit sales up 3.6% over December 2009, dollar value up 2.9% and the AUSP down 0.7% in the month-to-month comparison. The year-end numbers are preliminary. Final figures will be available in ISPA’s annual report, issued in the spring.

It’s likely you haven’t thought about that phrase since you were a kid. However, it’s shaping the way Pristine® manufactures bedding fabrics. Now that bed bugs are becoming a national epidemic, we’ve developed barrier fabrics used for mattress encasements and pillow covers that have been proven to effectively block bed bug bites. Pristine’s one-of-a-kind nonlaminated fabrics allow air and moisture vapor to pass through while also creating a barrier to bed bugs and irritating allergens.

Pristine is a registered trademark of Precision Fabrics Group, Inc.

To learn more about how Pristine® Bedding Fabrics can protect your bottom line, simply contact Traci Broughton, Pristine Product Manager at 1-888-733-5759 or email

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GSG previews machinery for Interzum Cologne G lobal Systems Group, the machinery division of Carthage, Mo.-based industry supplier Leggett & Platt, will introduce new pieces and demonstrate a wide array of mattress machinery at Interzum Cologne, set for May 25-28 in Cologne, Germany. “Mattress factory production methods are not the same as they were only a few short years ago,” GSG said in a news release. “Lean manufacturing, Kaizen methods and work-cell manufacturing are replacing traditional large batch manufacturing styles to improve efficiencies in response to new profitability concerns. New equipment from GSG has been designed to satisfy all your current needs.” Among the new machines GSG plans to introduce during Interzum are

48 | BedTimes | March 2011

a single-needle quilt machine; a more versatile panel cutter with automatic cut, trim and sew; zipper equipment; and what the company called “the fastest wrapping machine on the market.” “One GSG machine is so very different, so very innovative, full details will only be revealed at show time,” GSG said. Products to be on display, by brand: ➤ Gribetz International will show its top multineedle quilt machines for manufacturers still desiring high-speed production and versatile product changes. For those that still desire the ultimate in versatile production freedom, Gribetz will demonstrate the industry’s fastest and most versatile quilters—the B-45 border quilter, Reliance M4, Paragon M+ and Axiom.

➤ Porter International will demonstrate a wide selection of its equipment, including the three-in-one GPT-1000AP ruffler, FPT-1000 faux pillow-top machine and PFM-4000 flanger. Porter also will display the new PCL-1000, a Cinchloc® pillow-top machine used to create ruffled pillow-tops with the pull of a drawstring. ➤ Recently acquired by GSG, Galkin Automated Products will make its first appearance in the GSG booth. Galkin will demonstrate its belt-driven flanger, the X-5 high-lift flanger. For the first time at Interzum, the belt-driven X-5 will operate alongside Porter’s “walking foot” flanger, the PFM-4000, to allow mattress makers to better compare the two. Galkin also

will offer an updated semiautomatic EFS-100 serger-flanger with automated turning arm and automatic measure, as well as other sewing room equipment. ➤ The Mattress Master Elite is the latest addition to the semiautomatic tape-edge machines from Gateway Systems. “This is the only machine in its class that uses an engineered and optimized curved turning arm for a smooth motion turning the mattress during the taping operation,” GSG said. Gateway Systems also will display other cutting and sewing equipment. ➤ “There is a new interest in zippers throughout the mattress industry and Nähtec has new machines for the task,” GSG said. Two new systems, the NC 1009-5 and NC 2030, will be shown. Nähtec also plans to demonstrate a redesigned model of the KL 222 panel cutter with automatic cut,

trim and sew capabilities behind a Gribetz quilter. ➤ GSG’s European partners, Merello and Teknomac, will show alongside GSG. Merello will showcase its mattress packaging system, the ME-104, as well as several other pack-

aging solutions for bedding products. Teknomac will display another style of packaging machine, the TK306A roll-pack. Teknomac also will show specialized mattress equipment and a new single-needle quilt machine, the Motif.

Short Tempur-Pedic to repurchase shares The board of Lexington, Ky.-based bedding producer Tempur-Pedic has authorized a new share repurchase program of up to $200 million. Stock repurchases under the program may be made through open-market transactions, negotiated purchases or otherwise, at times and in such amounts as management and a board committee deem appropriate, the company said. “The new share repurchase program reflects our confidence in longterm growth opportunities and our commitment to increase shareholder value,” said Dale Williams, Tempur-Pedic chief financial officer. “With high returns on capital, we project operating cash flow will be far in excess of our modest capital needs over the next several years.”

BedTimes | March 2011 |



NewsMakers Simmons adds top-level product development job


immons Bedding Co. has appointed Jim Ruehlmann executive vice president of product development. In the newly created position, Ruehlmann is responsible for developing and executing the company’s new product creation and innovation agenda. He reports to Gary Fazio, chief executive officer of the Atlantabased bedding producer. “The addition of this executive-

level position and the restructuring of this function is a testament to Simmons’ commitment to ongoing innovation,” Fazio said. “Jim’s vast experience, coupled with a renewed focus on our processes, will help us to take our product development efforts to the next level and deliver the most innovative products to our retailers and, ultimately, provide a better sleep experience to consumers.”

IB taps Wozniak for marketing post

Bedding industry veteran Mark Wozniak has joined mattress producer International Bedding as vice president of marketing. Wozniak is responsible for managing the growth of IB’s brands and new product development, as well as all marketing and new business initiatives. He reports to Dan Hige, Mark Wozniak IB president and chief operating officer, and is based at the company’s corporate headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Before joining IB, Wozniak served as vice president of sales for Kingsdown and executive vice president of marketing for Comfort Solutions. Prior to that, he held a number of executive sales and marketing posts at Sealy. Earlier in his career, he worked for Burdines and other divisions of Federated Department Stores Inc. (now Macy’s Inc.) “Mark brings to our company a wealth of experience, talent and passion accumulated over his successful career,” Hige said. “Having worked with him for several years at Sealy, I’m familiar with his strong grasp of the retail environment resulting from his early experience at Burdines and other Federated divisions. He’ll form meaningful relationships, not just within our company, but with retailers.”

Ruehlmann has an extensive background in product development, marketing and merchandising consumer goods. He began his career at Procter & Gamble, working on brands including Ivory, Zest, Coast and Safeguard for more than a decade. He has held executive-level posts at Sealy, Mattress Firm, Chiquita Brands International, Evenflo, Sara Lee and Cincinnati Bell.

Sleep to Live Institute gets new president


ingsdown executive Frank Hood has been named president of the bedding maker’s Sleep to Live Institute, a sleep research center in Joplin, Mo. The Sleep to Live Institute studies the impact that environment, behavior and sleep equipment have on sleep quality. The 9,000-square-foot complex includes both engineering Frank Hood facilities and a sleep laboratory. As president, Hood is responsible for leading the Sleep to Live Institute and its ongoing developments and advancements related to the study of sleep. He also will collaborate with the Sleep and Wellness Board, a group of leading physicians and medical experts that specialize in sleep science. Hood previously served as senior vice president and chief information officer for Kingsdown and its Sleep to Live division. In those roles, he was responsible for overseeing all domestic and international marketing and public relations functions, as well as implementing the company’s domestic and international information technology efforts. Before joining the Mebane, N.C.-based bedding producer, he spent more than 20 years in senior-level IT posts for companies including Quiznos and Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corp.

Do you have news? Editorial deadlines for the Industry News and Newsmakers sections of the May issue of BedTimes are April 1.

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Boyd Specialty Sleep names regional VP M

attress maker Boyd Specialty Sleep has appointed Dan Mocias regional vice president of sales, responsible for the company’s specialty sleep and accent furniture divisions. “Dan has a wealth of experience and talent as a veteran of the home furnishings industry,” said Don Mocias Dennis Boyd, president of the St. Louis-based company. “We look forward to leveraging his expertise with both our customers and our sales staff.” Mocias, who is based in Claremont, Calif., is involved in the marketing and sale of Boyd’s specialty sleep products in the western United States. He also focuses on the design, manufacture and marketing of the company’s accent furniture products nationally. Before joining Boyd, Mocias served as vice president of sales for case goods producer Endura. Prior to that, he held sales and executive positions at Sommerton Furniture, Intercon and Custom Style Furniture.

Art Van Furniture hires director of Pure Sleep Art Van Furniture has hired Armando Murillo as director of development for Art Van Pure Sleep, the retailer’s stand-alone bedding stores and in-store mattress departments. It is a newly created position. Murillo reports to Steve Glucksman, vice president of strategic business development for the Warren, Mich.-based company. Murillo, a mattress and furniture industry veteran, has held senior positions with Sealy, Serta, and Palliser Furniture. Most recently, he was vice president of merchandising for retail chain Mattress Giant. “Armando knows the furniture and bedding industry inside and out. We look forward to his expertise as we take the Art Van Pure Sleep brand and business to the next level,” Glucksman said. The Art Van Pure Sleep brand was launched in 2009. It includes two freestanding mattress stores and 30 departments inside Art Van showrooms. A third Art Van Pure Sleep store is scheduled to open this spring in Troy, Mich.

52 | BedTimes | March 2011

Mattress Firm promotes Goodman, brings back Stork

Bedding retail chain Mattress Firm has promoted Jason Goodman to director of multichannel business development and welcomed back co-founder Paul Stork as manager of franchising. Goodman will oversee the multichannel sales department, as well as maintain oversight and overall responsibility of the franchising department. His added focus includes expanding and growing new revenue channels. Goodman has 14 years of experience in the furniture industry and has held several posts at Mattress Firm. Most recently, he served as manager of franchising and is credited with increasing the number of franchise locations from 52 to 78 in two years. “Jason has been a key player in expanding the Mattress Firm brand and, as we continue our strategy for growth, his role in the niche markets of franchise and external revenue streams will prove to be instrumental in establishing Mattress Firm as the No. 1 specialty mattress retailer in the nation,” said Steve Stagner, chief executive officer of the company, which has headquarters in Houston. Stork was one of three founders, along with Harry Roberts and Steve Fendrich, who started Mattress Firm in 1986. In his new role as manager of franchising, he will work closely with Goodman. He has day-to-day responsibility for assisting current franchise owners in the growth and development of their businesses and will pursue new franchise markets and implement best practices across the network. “I am excited to be back and see how much Mattress Firm has grown since it started,” Stork said. “I am particularly excited to be part of the franchising department because it gives me a chance to reconnect with old friends and business partners and interact with all functions of the company.” With Stork’s return, all three founders have rejoined the company. Roberts returned in January 2010 in a franchise development role and Fendrich returned as chief strategy officer in September 2010. “We are thrilled to have all three founders of Mattress Firm back with us in roles that are centered on our growth,” Stagner said. “You can feel their passion for Mattress Firm when they enter a room and they have a tremendous amount of industry knowledge that will help propel future growth.”

interzum cologne May 25 – 28, 2011

The future starts here

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Discover the broad range of industry applications only presented at interzum. • Discover the diversity of interzum • Leading global show for suppliers to the furniture and interiors industry • Worldwide innovations from international key brands • Central location in Europe

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Koelnmesse Inc. 8700 West Bryn Mawr Avenue Suite 640 North, Chicago, Illinois 60631 Phone 773-326 9920, Fax 773-714 0063

178x254_USA_ISPA Promotions 1

10.02.11 11:10


Spring Air honors licensee, sales reps S

pring Air East, led by President Bill Spudis, has earned the first Licensee of the Year Award from Boston-based licensing group Spring Air International. Spring Air also has honored eight salespeople for their work in 2010. All the awards were presented during the Las Vegas Market in January. The Licensee of the Year Award honors the best performance in sales, manufacturing quality and participation in the overall licensing group and was chosen by senior Spring Air staff. “As a new licensee in our group, Spring Air East had the difficult task of reinventing itself and redefining its organization in a short period of time,” said Rick Robinson, Spring

Air president. “But Bill Spudis and his team never hesitated to make the financial and emotional investments necessary for such a transition. As a result, their transformation and contribution to the Spring Air brand and company has been stunning.” Spring Air East is operated by Pennsylvania Bedding in Old Forge, Pa. Each Spring Air licensee set its own criteria for choosing its Salesperson of the Year and named the winning representative from its organization. Criteria included total sales, new account openings and percentage of Back Supporter sales to total sales, among other factors. The winning reps and their locations:

➤ Bob Coppola, Spring Air New England, Chelsea, Mass. ➤ Bill Furry, Spring Air Midwest, Columbus, Ohio ➤ John Lane, Spring Air Northern California, Fresno, Calif. ➤ Thomas Przylucki, Spring Air Texas, Carrollton, Texas ➤ Mike Reilly, Spring Air Southern California, Commerce, Calif. ➤ Ralph Rezac, Spring Air Midwest, Toledo, Iowa ➤ Bill Wallace, Spring Air South, Cameron, S.C. and Atlanta ➤ Lori Webster, Spring Air Mountain States, Salt Lake City. Spring Air International has 13 U.S. factories and operates in 33 countries.

Providing the Foundation for a Stronger Future for the Mattress Industry

For more information about the benefits of membership, visit

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“BedTimes is and always has been great! It is where I get my news!” “It’s a quick reference to find suppliers.” “Readable. Concise. Timely.” “BedTimes is my link to the industry.”

Contact Kerri Bellias, 336-945-0265 or


Protect-A-Bed names key accounts manager R ose Leahy has been promoted to key accounts manager for the retail division of Protect-A-Bed, a supplier of mattress and pillow protection products based in Northbrook, Ill. In her new position, Leahy is responsible for expanding relationships with retail partners and ensuring that the company’s goods and services consistently meet customers’ needs. “Protect-A-Bed has a long history of wonderful partnerships with our retail clients and supplying quality mattress protection products, along with a product training program,” said James Bell, Protect-A-Bed chief executive officer. “Rose has proven that she is an integral part of the team by building relationships with key customers. In her new position, she will expand these relationships and bring additional

resources to our customers.” Leahy has worked for Protect-ABed since October 2006 and has been involved in all aspects of the company,

including sales, training and marketing. She currently is earning an MBA at Strayer University in Philadelphia, where she is based.

Outlast strengthens marketing department Outlast Technologies, a supplier of heat-management and moisture-reduction technology based in Boulder, Colo., has promoted Ashley Tilman to marketing manager. Tilman has been part of the company’s marketing department since 2006, providing support for marketing, sales and public relations efforts, as well as managing Web and inside sales activities. In her new role, she is responsible for working with customers to educate their staffs about the key benefits of Outlast technology. She also will continue to support Heather Manuel, director of marketing for North America, by coordinating consistent branding efforts with Outlast customers and assisting with PR outreach to increase awareness for partner products. “Ashley’s dedication, strategic thinking and leadership abilities make her a great asset for this company and, ultimately, our customers,” Manuel said.

Catch your competitors napping. Some mattress manufacturers haven’t woken up yet to the fact that consumers want more than comfort and value… they want to feel they’re reducing waste and preserving our environment. That’s what SafeLeigh™ shoddy does. SafeLeigh is a unique blend of fire-retardant aramids, made with 100% recycled materials. It can differentiate your products and assure you of high quality and cost-effectiveness. SafeLeigh is another innovative solution from Leigh, the global leader in reprocessed fibers and textiles. Let’s catch your competitors napping — call (864) 439-4111 today.

Recycling Solutions for Generations Leigh Fibers, Inc. 1101 Syphrit Road, Wellford, SC 29385

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Tel: (864) 439-4111 — Fax: (864) 439-4116 e-mail: —

the ahhh factor

Bringing the unique feel of Talalay latex closer to the surface offers the “ahhh� factor that drives retail sales. At our design workshops, you can choose from eight firmness levels of classic Talalay, temperature regulating Celsion and progressive recovery NuForm, to build a line-up for any market. Contact Kevin Stein, Tom Eisenberg VP Marketing and R&D at: VP, Sales and Marketing 800-LATex-US, ext 347 800-LATEX-US, Ext 341


A&E Flame-Out速 has been engineered to save lives and money for 16 CFR 1633 compliance, so buyers can rest easier. And, because Flame-Out provides more yards per pound, each mattress costs less to manufacture. So you can protect families and your bottom line. For more information call 1-800-861-3256 or 1277AEIN-FlameOut Ad BedTimes.in1 1

11/3/09 8:26:15 AM

New strategies for reshaping your business

Renaissance Vinoy St. Petersburg Resort & Golf Club St. Petersburg, Fla. March 16-18, 2011

CONFERENCE SCHEDULE Wednesday, March 16 3-6:30 p.m. Registration 5-7 p.m. Welcome Reception & Exhibits Enjoy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres while you catch up with friends and make new connections at this funfilled conference opener in the Exhibit Hall.

Thursday, March 17 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Registration 7:30-9 a.m. Networking Breakfast & Exhibits Sponsored by Carpenter Co. 9-10:30 a.m. Opening Keynote Session “Blue Ocean: Navigating Your Way to Undiscovered Markets” How did Netflix successfully establish a new model for delivering movie rentals? How did Southwest Airlines open new markets by creating a different type of flying experience? These companies and others achieved industry dominance by using the “Blue Ocean Strategy,” first described in the ground-breaking book of the same name. The cornerstone of this approach is that lasting success comes, not by battling competitors, but by uncovering “blue oceans”—the untapped market spaces ready for growth. Speaker Dr. Roch Parayre, a fellow at the Aresty Institute of Executive Education at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and senior partner of Decision Strategies International Sponsored by Leggett & Platt 10:30-11 a.m. Break & Exhibits 11 a.m.-12:15 p.m. “Put Money in Your Pocket: Redesigning the Customer Experience” Businesses from hotels to car dealerships to hospitals have made

60 | BedTimes | March 2011

dynamic changes to their customer experiences, with excellent bottomline results to show for their efforts— improved sales and profits, higher customer satisfaction and enhanced employee engagement. Customer experience design applied to the mattress business can mean big gains for everyone—manufacturers, suppliers and retailers. Speaker Mike Wittenstein, “your authority on customer experience” Sponsored by Flexible Foam Products Inc. 12:15-1:30 p.m. Networking Lunch & Exhibits Sponsored by Carpenter Co. 1:30-2:30 p.m. “The Power of Social and Digital Media” Leveraging your social media presence is now more important than ever. Hear about the importance of using social and digital media, including technology such as Facebook and Twitter. Also learn why video is becoming the platform of choice to reach consumers. During this entertaining and informative presentation, you’ll find out how brands are embracing video, how to make video work for you and how video is communicating the messages of the Better Sleep Council and International Sleep Products Association. Speakers David Haas, director of technology solutions, Freeman Mark Quinn, segment vice president, Leggett & Platt 2:30-3 p.m. Break & Exhibits 3-4 p.m. “The Sustainable Mattress” Recycling continues to be an increasingly important issue for consumers, industry and government policymakers. This is especially true for the mattress industry, as more

communities are refusing used mattresses in landfills, charging large tipping fees for their disposal or considering requirements that the manufacturer be responsible for its discarded products. Hear about ongoing used mattress recycling efforts, new pilot programs, retailer involvement and other emerging trends in industry efforts to address mattress recycling issues. Speakers Joe Paviglianti, principal of SOLinc Steve Willis, vice president of continuous process improvement for Leggett & Platt Sponsored by American & Efird Inc. 4:30-5:30 p.m. ISPA Women’s Network Cocktail Reception Calling all women in the mattress industry! Enjoy a glass of wine and hors d’oeuvres to celebrate the new ISPA Women’s Network, a volunteer networking and professional group established to serve the growing number of women in all sectors of the industry. 5:30-7 p.m. Networking Reception on the Lawn After a busy day in educational sessions, unwind outdoors on the expansive lawn of the majestic Renaissance Vinoy St. Petersburg Resort & Golf Club. Whether taking part in lawn games or just kicking back with a cocktail, spend a fun evening with colleagues and friends. Sponsored by SABA North America LLC

Friday, March 18 8-9:15 a.m. Networking Breakfast & Exhibits 9:15-10:15 a.m. “What Do the Results of the Midterm Elections Mean for Business? New Congress, New Players, New Rules” Find out how the midterm election shake-up will change the way you

CONFERENCE SCHEDULE do business. Learn about the new players, find out about the direction Congress is likely to take on key issues and discover how this will impact the mattress industry. Edward D. Krenik, who was on the front lines of combating costly provisions of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, will give you an insider’s point of view. You’ll also hear about recent legislative and regulatory developments affecting the mattress industry. Speakers Edward D. Krenik, senior principal in Bracewell & Giuliani Chris Hudgins, ISPA vice president of government relations Sponsored by Jones Fiber Products Inc.

Moderator Don Hofmann, Louisville Bedding Co.

10:30-11:30 a.m. “Manufacturer-Retailer Panel: How Can We Work Better…Together?” Manufacturers and retailers will participate in this candid, wideranging discussion designed to get to the heart of the longstanding communication problem between the two industry segments. Hear what these executives have to say about the issues, the obstacles and their perspectives on how retailers and manufacturers can establish more productive, collaborative partnerships to grow the mattress business for all.

Panelists Mike Bookbinder, senior vice president of development for Comfort Solutions (King Koil) Barrie Brown, chief executive officer of et oyeblikk, Retail Strategies LLC and interim CEO of Mattresses Unlimited Karrie Forbes, vice president of marketing at Mattress Firm Tim Oakhill, executive vice president of marketing at Simmons Bedding Co. Sponsored by Therapedic International Noon-5:30 p.m. ISPA Golf Tournament (lunch included) Note: Program, speakers and schedule subject to change.

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Tradition. Innovation. Performance. W O R L D W I D E

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Dow Polyurethanes 4520 E. Ashman St. 9008 Building Midland, MI 48674 Phone: 800-447-4369

Dow Polyurethanes is the world’s largest producer of propylene oxide, propylene glycol and polyether polyols and is a leading producer of quality aromatic isocyanates, such as MDI and TDI. Dow’s polyurethane products enhance a broad range of applications, including construction, automotive, furniture, bedding, appliance, decorative molding, athletic equipment and more. The business provides key ingredients and solutions for rigid, semirigid and flexible foams; adhesives; sealants; coatings; elastomers and binders. Voranol™ Voractiv™ polyols exemplify Dow’s ongoing initiative to lead the industry in providing high-performance products that meet critical consumer needs. For more information, visit,, or

FXI Rosetree Corporate Center II 1400 N. Providence Road, Suite 2000 Media, PA 19063-2076 Phone: 610-744-2300 Fax: 610-744-2185 Fred Natrin FXI is a leading provider of innovation in foam products for the home, health care, electronics,

industrial, personal care and transportation markets. Products include finished goods, sub-assemblies, services and raw materials for original equipment manufacturers, fabricators and retailers. FXI innovations and products provide comfort for automobile passengers and protect fragile electronic components in shipment. Our products help consumers sleep sounder and furniture manufacturers create comfort.

SABA North America LLC 5420 Lapeer Road Kimball, MI 48074 Phone: 810-824-4964 Fax: 810-824-4986 Jim Turner

Silver Sponsors

American & Efird Inc. P.O. Box 507 Mount Holly, NC 28120 Phone: 800-453-5128 Kevin Boye American & Efird Inc. is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sewing thread for the mattress industry. A&E features innovative sewing threads designed to improve efficiency and reduce total cost, including Flame-Out® FR, Magic® HP, Wildcat® Plus looper thread, Anefil® Poly STX highperformance quilting thread and a full range of other threads and prewound bobbins. A&E maintains a long-standing commitment to environmental health and safety, sustainability and social responsibility in all of its worldwide operations.

Atlanta Attachment Co. Inc.

SABA North America LLC is the global leader in the field of foam-bonding adhesives and we have a solution to match your production requirements. Our goal is to be more than just your adhesive supplier but rather your foam-bonding solutions partner. Our focus on process consultancy, application equipment, operator training and customer service is unmatched in the industry. What does this mean for you? You’ll get an optimized foam-bonding process resulting in improved product quality, cost savings and a clean and safer plant.

362 Industrial Park Drive Lawrenceville, GA 30046 Phone: 770-963-7369 Fax: 770-963-7641 Hank Little Atlanta Attachment Co. Inc. has been a supplier to the sewn products industry since 1969, providing customers more cost-effective methods of manufacturing. It is our goal to assist the bedding industry to be more competitive in this global environment. Our sleep products division offers a full line of products for producing mattresses,

Note: Company, product and service descriptions were provided by the companies. BedTimes does not endorse products or services.

62 | BedTimes | March 2011

SPONSORS & EXHIBITORS including equipment for making borders, panels, quilting, ruffling, tape-edge, tufting, springs, zippers, assembly, packaging and cutting nonwoven material. We also offer sewing attachments and folders, material handling and software for shop floor control and FR tracking. Atlanta Parts Depot offers one-stop shopping for replacement parts.

Carpenter Co. 5016 Monument Ave. Richmond, VA 23230-3620 Phone: 800-288-3830 Fax: 270-726-4147 Bob Steelman Carpenter Co. is the largest manufacturer of comfort cushioning

64 | BedTimes | March 2011

in the world. Since 1948, our focus has been on quality, technology and comfort. We manufacture a wide variety of polyurethane foam and polyester fiber comfort cushioning and often develop unique products to enhance your business. We are the world’s leader in research and development and continually strive to develop new products that meet our high standards, as well as those of our customers. You come in contact with Carpenter Co. every day. We make the carpet padding you walk on, the cushions you sit on and the bedding you sleep on.

Flexible Foam Products Inc. P.O. Box 126 Spencerville, OH 45887 Phone: 419-647-4191 Fax: 419-647-4192 Michael Crowell Flexible Foam Products Inc. is privately owned with more than 40 years of history serving our customers with the same personal comfort and luxury found in our products. Our longevity speaks well of the commitment to our customers and the quality of our work. Decades of experience provide Flexible Foam Products the ability to customize our products and our

SPONSORS & EXHIBITORS services to fit the needs of individual customers’ industries, including furniture, carpet cushion, packaging and automotive with a concentrated focus on bedding products.

Jones Fiber Products Inc. P.O. Box 13212 Memphis, TN 38113 Phone: 901-948-4469 Fax: 901-948-4123 Alan Posner Jones Fiber Products Inc. has been in the fiber business for more than 50 years. Our management team has more than 100 years of experience in the

mattress and fiber industry. With four locations across the United States, we can supply all your fiber needs. We offer a line of bonded, nonbonded, needle-punched and organic battings. We produce a wide range of fire barriers, including inherent and topically treated, to meet all mattress manufacturing needs. Our products are cellulosebased, which means they are natural and durable. Contact us today at 877-685-5788 or email us at

Leggett & Platt No. 1 Leggett Road P.O. Box 757 Carthage, MO 64836 Phone: 417-358-8138 Fax: 417-358-6257 Mark Quinn Leggett & Platt, which pioneered sleep technology when it introduced its bedspring more than 125 years ago, is an S&P 500 diversified manufacturer. Serving a broad suite of customers that comprise a “Who’s Who” of U.S. companies, Leggett & Platt conceives, designs and produces a diverse array of products that can be found in most homes, offices

In 1961, Bill and Tom Wright founded Wright of Thomasville on the idea that graphic communications was a creative medium and the belief that...

“a promise made is a promise kept”

Thank you for 50 Innovative Years Labels • Foot Protectors • Headboards • Bolsters • Handles • Corner Guards • POP Tel (800) 678-9019 • WRIGHT of Thomasville, Inc. • / WRIGHT of Hong Kong, LLC •

BedTimes | March 2011 |


SPONSORS & EXHIBITORS and vehicles. Founded in 1883, the company is made up of 19 business units, 20,000 employee-partners and more than 140 facilities in 18 countries. Leggett & Platt continues to infuse its products with its trademark innovation, helping customers enjoy more comfortable lives.

Bronze Sponsors/ Exhibitors Adfast Corp.

2570 Paulus St. St.-Laurent, Quebec H45 1G1 Canada Phone: 514-617-4696 Fax: 514-745-2969 Andre LeMay The expansion of our network of sales offices/warehouses and

the addition of assembly specialists is our key strategy. Adfast strives to position itself as the best supplier of assembly technologies in Canada and the United States, with offices in every major region. Indiana, Michigan and Texas are the next possible states for future offices/ warehouses. Our 10 locations and 25 assembly specialists make Adfast a strong player with incredible potential to grow. Adfast strives to be a challenging environment that attracts and retains the most talented individuals—experts at servicing our customers and solving assembly problems.

Coats North America 3430 Torringdon Way, Suite 301 Charlotte, NC 28277 Phone: 704-329-5800 Dave Anthony Coats North America is the world’s largest supplier of industrial sewing threads for the mattress industry. As new technological advances in the mattress industry demand better performance from components, Coats has used its own R&D discoveries to enhance machinery, fiber and chemistry for the mattress threads. We are proud of our tradition of landmark innovations, which have become global industry standards. Coats is

What’s Next. Now. © Springs Creative Products Group, LLC


Firegard® Green with Verifiber™ is our response to the growing demand for a cleaner world. Firegard® Green with Verifiber™ is a line of high-performance flame barriers – with all the comfort of Firegard – made without halogens or other potentially harmful chemicals that find their way into our soil, water and air. This makes Firegard® Green with Verifiber™ the most eco-friendly flame barrier line in the marketplace. The same technology can be found in Firegard® Heavy Duty barriers for latex beds as well. It’s What’s Next. Now.™ by Springs Creative. • 803-324-6513

66 | BedTimes | March 2011

You sleep better because we are FXI. Rest assured, our engineers and innovation specialists are creating new solutions and producing ground-breaking comfort technology every day. We are a company committed to introducing new possibilities in bedding that will uniquely revitalize your customers, and energize your business. We are FXI. We are the future. Š2010 FXI All rights reserved.

SPONSORS & EXHIBITORS synonymous with quality, reliability and satisfaction.

Henkel Corp. 10 Finderne Ave. Bridgewater, NJ 08807 Phone: 616-450-6185 Fax: 847-289-2493 Tim Brown Henkel Corp. is a global leader in the development of adhesive, sealant and surface treatment technologies. Our products are used daily in the manufacturing of durable, consumer and industrial goods. Our unique ability to

create solution-oriented adhesive technologies provides multiple options for their use in the mattress and sleep products industry. Such technologies include water-based contact and hot-melt adhesive products, which are environmentally and workplace friendly.

Hickory Springs Mfg. Co. P.O. Box 128 Hickory, NC 28603 Phone: 828-328-2201 Fax: 828-328-2103 Rick Anthony Hickory Springs Mfg. Co. is one of the nation’s leading suppliers to the bedding industry. Every Hickory Springs bedding component is


Henkel Has You COVERED.

constructed from top-quality materials in state-of-theart production facilities throughout the United States, including Micaville, N.C., Sheboygan, Wis., and Holland, Mich. To ensure the quality of its bedding components, Hickory Springs even draws its own tempered wire in a wide variety of gauges and conducts, which is rigorously tested throughout the production process. Hickory Wire Technology also is ISO 9001-certified. The company is headquartered in Hickory, N.C., and operates more than 50 facilities in 16 states.

Your TOTAL Source. Henkel’s DORUS® brand adhesives deliver reliable, efficient, high-quality bonds for foam and fabric bonding. Henkel creates advantage for the sleep products industry with solvent-less adhesive solutions that provide improved mileage, increased throughput, and ease of use in formulations that are both socially and environmentally responsible.

We Have You Covered Additionally, Henkel has a comprehensive range of adhesive and coating solutions for every aspect of mattress and furniture production, including: • Pocket Coil Adhesives • Coil Surface Treatments • Bed Frame Adhesives, and more… Let one of our application experts tailor a solution that will exceed your expectations.


1.866.4HENKEL (443.6535) Except as otherwise noted, all marks used are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Henkel and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and elsewhere. ® = registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. © Henkel Corporation, 2011. All rights reserved. 7088 (2/11)

68 | BedTimes | March 2011

To see how Henkel can create advantage for your business, visit us on the web at

SPONSORS & EXHIBITORS Latexco U.S. LLC 975 Gerrard Road Lavonia, GA 30553 Phone: 706-356-8001 Fax: 706-356-8444 Kevin Callinan Latexco U.S. LLC is a “green,” eco-friendly, family-owned company, offering a complete line of the highest quality (no fillers or glue seams!) latex bedding components made with 50-plus years of latex production experience. Latexco latex is the most durable, most consistent and the highest density/ quality domestically made latex available, leaving a small carbon

footprint due to its high natural content and low energy processing technology. Latexco utilizes the exclusive Latexco Belgium Latex Manufacturing Process. Exclusive components with more features and benefits are available to all mattress manufacturers. Latexco is the world’s largest latex bedding components manufacturer with six facilities on three continents.

SGS North America 1325 N. 108th E. Ave. Tulsa, OK 74116 Phone: 918-437-8333 Fax: 918-437-8487 Brian McDonald SGS Consumer Testing Services,

a division of the SGS Group, is the world’s leading verification, testing and certification company. The company’s comprehensive testing, product inspection, process assessment and technical services cover the entire supply chain—from product development to retailing for electrical products, wireless products, soft-line products, hard-line products and food products. SGS Group has more than 50,000 employees and more than 1,000 offices and laboratories in 140 countries. Let SGS’s ISO 17025-accredited laboratories assist you in all matters of flammability testing for virtually any product line.

save labor reduce waste create “less mess” increase productivity with a Black

Bros. Roll Coater

501 Ninth Avenue • Mendota, IL 61342 • (815) 539-7451 •

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SPONSORS & EXHIBITORS Springs Creative Products Group LLC 300 Chatham Ave., Suite 100 Rock Hill, SC 29730 Phone: 803-533-6522 Fax: 803-324-6950 George Booth Springs Creative Products Group LLC is a leading supplier of retail fabrics, packaged craft kits and home products to major retailers and manufacturers across the United States and Canada. Offering a wide array of component fabrics to manufacturers, Springs Creative’s Specialty Products Division delivers substrates designed

and engineered to meet customers’ specifications. From greige to finished, from wovens to knits, from apparel fabrics to flame barriers, Springs Creative adds value to endproducts. Among Springs Creative’s offerings are Firegard® flame-barrier fabrics, Thermic phase-change materials and Sleepskin™ mattress performance fabric. It’s What’s Next. Now. By Springs Creative.

Stork Twin City Testing 662 Cromwell Ave. St. Paul, MN 55114 Phone: 888-645-TEST Fax: 651-659-7348 Brent Larson Stork Twin City Testing operates

the only complete and independent bedding evaluation laboratory in the world. Our mattress testing capabilities include ASTM F1566 durability tests: Cornell evaluation, Rollator testing, firmness and impact. Our experts conduct advanced XSENSOR interface pressure imaging with live subjects. Large and small flammability tests available include the 16 CFR Part 1633 federal open-flame test, 16 CFR Part 1632 cigarette test, Boston IX-11 and several California TB tests, among others, as well as material properties and performance tests on foam, fabric, metals, wood and advanced material composites. Stork engineers


VyMaC_BedTimes_HalfHorizontal.indd 1

70 | BedTimes | March 2011

2/7/11 10:50:56 AM

Get all the support you need – Including service, Chemistry and reliability – with dow polyurethanes Support and reliability – these are two things you need in your flexible foam products and in your supplier relationships. Dow Polyurethanes offers both and more. We understand your challenges, because we’ve been serving your industry for more than 60 years. Our global footprint ensures a quality, reliable product supply and efficient delivery – no matter where your customers are located. And we never stop innovating to help customers like you differentiate your products. Let us know how we can support your success.

The DOW Diamond Logo and Human Element and design are trademarks of The Dow Chemical Company © 2011

® TM

SPONSORS & EXHIBITORS will work with you to develop a customized testing program.

Tietex International Ltd. 3010 N. Blackstock Road Spartanburg, SC 29301 Phone: 864-595-7778 Fax: 864-574-9440 Wade Wallace Tietex International Ltd. is a global manufacturer and marketer of nonwoven and traditional textiles. Our technologies in fiber and fabric forming enable us to develop unique solutions for the bedding industry. Our Mattress Solutions Group is the leader in FR performance fabrics and consulting for 16 CFR Part 1633 compliance. Our SleepFree family of FR solutions includes filler

cloths, prints, knit socks and comprehensive consulting and quality assurance assistance. In addition to the bedding industry, our advanced fabric products are used in athletic footwear, roofing, home furnishings and various technical end-uses.

VyMaC Corp. 201 N. Main St., Suite 5 Fort Atkinson, WI 53538 Phone: 920-568-3130 Fax: 920-568-3140 Dave Young At VyMaC Corp., we never lose sight of our principal business—the supply chain—empowering our


customers to focus on their business. Our state-of-the-art sewing equipment and world-class quality inspection program ensure that you receive consistent, high-quality sewn products that are delivered on time, every time. Specializing in mattress component sewing and cutting, our proven capabilities deliver quality, quick turnaround, competitive pricing and superior customer satisfaction. Contact us today for more information on our quilted rolls and raw cut panels, zipper covers, borders, foundation covers, serged panels, premium turnkey mattress kits and more.

PROVE IT! Protect your customers. Protect your brand. Trust the experts at SGS. Mattress Testing Services • • • •

Full Mattress & Upholstered Furniture Flammability Testing US & British Testing Capability ISO 17025 Accredited CPSIA Approved

For more information:

Call: 918-437-8334 e-mail: visit:

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conserving our environment

conservative with your bottom line

• utilizing green manufacturing methods since the 1980’s • pads are made from a host of manufacturing, mill, gin and even post-industrial waste • T-Bond FR quilt barriers are created from products only mother nature can provide • cotton and inherent FR rayon work together for a breathability and comfort • renewable products that are free of man-made petroleum-based products • costs that the competition only dreams of matching At Jones, green doesn’t mean just saving mother earth ~ it means saving you money, because anything else just wouldn’t be natural.


Manufacturers of T-Bond • Cotton Batting • Needle Pad • Stitched Pad • Synthetic Batting

877-685-5778 • •

SPONSORS & EXHIBITORS Wright of Thomasville P.O. Box 1069 Thomasville, NC 27361 Phone: 336-472-4200 Fax: 336-476-8554 We are a global, fullservice, graphics solutions provider. For 50 innovative years, we have partnered with our customers to develop award-winning results for their most difficult assignments. We continue that tradition by offering you a one-stop, turnkey solution to any print challenge. We provide the capabilities you are looking for, produced using the most advanced

print technologies available. Standing behind these capabilities is our highly skilled staff, who are eager to get to know you, your needs and goals. That is how we have remained industry leaders and that is how we deliver high-end solutions that exceed your expectations. (The following were late additions)

Silver Sponsor

Therapedic International 103 College Road E. Princeton, NJ 08540 Phone: 609-720-0700 Fax: 609-720-0797 Gerry Borreggine Therapedic International is a licensing organization with manufacturing


partners in the United States and more than 20 international locations. We are a global brand partner with consumer products designer Kathy Ireland Home®. Our other brands target various segments of the bedding market, including Memory Touch®, our visco foam line; PureTouch®, our latex brand; and BackSense with HourGlass Support®, our chiropractic series providing additional support in the shoulder, lumbar and hip areas. Therapedic expanded its product reach into the soft-goods category, branding the Therapedic name for national specialty stores to include mattress pads, pillows, sheet sets, heated blankets and mattress pads.



PSA GPS70300

PSA DM70259

APO 7852

APO GR70174

No cracking noise Quick set Available in: 1 side application 30.8 lbs / 14 kgs Non-toxic 35.2 lbs / 16 kgs No fumes 330 lbs / 150 kgs Very flexible Strong bonds Increases production efficiency No ventilation required

EVA AL70264

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Website: email:

Sudden Service ® Company


Atlanta Attachment Company

362 Industrial Park Drive • Lawrenceville, GA 30046 • (770) 963-7369 • FAX (770) 963-7641

©2011 Atlanta Attachment Company


SPONSORS & EXHIBITORS Bronze Sponsors/ Exhibitors Black Bros. Co.

501 Ninth Ave. Mendota, IL 61342 Phone: 815-539-7451 Fax: 815-538-2451 Kristin White Black Bros. Co. has developed an international reputation for innovative engineering, quality manufacturing and dedicated support. For more than 125 years, Black Bros. equipment has been proudly identified as the finest available. Our machines are known for their high productivity and extreme durability.

Today, Black Bros. continues to provide manufacturers worldwide with the highest quality coating, gluing and laminating equipment. Whether you are interested in single machines or complete systems, Black Bros. has the experience and technology to build outstanding equipment, ranging from laminating machines, adhesive spreaders, hot-melt coaters and presses that are designed and tested to meet your exact needs.

Waterton Polymer Products Ltd. 136 East South Temple, Suite 925 Salt Lake City, UT 84111 Phone: 801-364-1804 Fax: 801-363-1703 Brad Sitton Waterton Polymer Products Ltd., a

manufacturer of proprietary structured gels, is pleased to announce the introduction of TemperGel… advanced sleep comfort. Offering superior pressure reduction, proper spinal alignment, excellent air flow and a massaging feeling, TemperGel is the perfect sleeping structure. As technology advances from health care arenas to consumer products, Waterton is properly positioned to transfer this technology. They have 20-plus years of experience in working with major medical companies to design true performance-based sleep surfaces for acute care and long-term care. Now, with TemperGel, they are bringing this experience to the consumer mattress industry.

Plenty of products & services on display A

n important part of the International Sleep Products Association’s Industry Conference and Exhibition is the exhibits from bedding industry suppliers offering their newest products and services. Marke sure to check them out.

Accessories Wright of Thomasville Adhesives Adfast Corp. Dow Polyurethanes Henkel Corp. SABA North America LLC Box Springs Hickory Springs Mfg. Co. Business Services VyMaC Corp. Wright of Thomasville Chemicals Dow Polyurethanes Henkel Corp. Springs Creative Products Group LLC Computer Software Atlanta Attachment Co. Inc. Consultants - Business Stork Twin City Testing Consultants - Quality Assurance/Supply Chain Management Stork Twin City Testing Engineering Services Atlanta Attachment Co. Inc.

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Fabrics - Knit Springs Creative Products Group LLC Tietex International Ltd. Fabrics - Nonwoven Hickory Springs Mfg. Co. Leggett & Platt Tietex International Ltd. Fabrics - Woven Springs Creative Products Group LLC Fibers Carpenter Co. Jones Fiber Products Inc. Flammability Testing Services SGS North America Stork Twin City Testing Foam - Latex Flexible Foam Products Inc. Hickory Springs Mfg. Co. Latexco U.S. LLC VyMaC Corp. Foam - Polyurethane (including visco) Carpenter Co. Dow Polyurethanes Flexible Foam Products Inc.

FXI Hickory Springs Mfg. Co. VyMaC Corp. Frames – Box-Spring Leggett & Platt FR Components American & Efird Inc. Carpenter Co. Jones Fiber Products Inc. Leggett & Platt Springs Creative Products Group LLC Tietex International Ltd. Insulator Pads Jones Fiber Products Inc. Labels Wright of Thomasville Licensing Therapedic International Machinery & Fixtures Atlanta Attachment Co. Inc. Black Bros. Co. Leggett & Platt Mattress Kits VyMaC Corp. Mattress Materials - Gel Waterton Polymer Products Ltd.

Mattress Materials Hard Goods Leggett & Platt Wright of Thomasville Therapedic International Parts, Supplies & Tools Atlanta Attachment Co. Inc. Black Bros. Co. Pillows Carpenter Co. Latexco U.S. LLC Pressure Mapping Stork Twin City Testing Spring Units Hickory Springs Mfg. Co. Tape - Mattress VyMaC Corp. Thread American & Efird Inc. Coats North America Ticking Springs Creative Products Group LLC VyMaC Corp. Tietex International Ltd. Wool Carpenter Co.

Just like glue, we’re stuck on you.

We know that mattress manufacturers get stuck when looking for a foam bonding adhesive supplier that offers quality, service, selection and cost-effective savings all rolled into one. There’s no need to come unglued; just turn to SABA. SABA’s water- based adhesives are second to none.We offer a complete selection of adhesive technologies and we can help you determine which one will work best in your manufacturing environment. Since 1933, SABA has combined a world-class adhesive research and development team with application process engineering to provide our customers with the most effective and efficient foam bonding processes. Only SABA provides the most efficient application processes on the planet ensuring the lowest possible adhesive cost per mattress produced. So don’t come unglued; contact SABA today.

See for yourself first hand how the SABA foam bonding adhesive system can save you money! l l l l l

Enjoy 20 to 50% reduction in adhesive costs Zero capital outlay equipment options Highest performing water-based adhesive Cleaner and safer working environment Monitor and control adhesive usage

Contact SABA today for a risk-free 30 day testing period.

Call us at 810 824 4964

Email us at For sales inquiries, please contact: T 810 824 4964 F 810 824 4986 E W SABA North America LLC 5420 Lapeer Road Kimball MI 48074 USA

SABA, dedicated to foam bonding Est. 1933: 78 years of strong bonds

ISPANews BSC’s ‘Suite 7’ Web series gets attention


here was an impressive review of “Suite 7”—the Web series sponsored by the International Sleep Products Association’s Better Sleep Council— in The New York Times Jan. 16: “You might not expect a Web series produced as a promotional tool for the Better Sleep Council to be very interesting, but ‘Suite 7’ at is worth checking out. The freestanding episodes… all revolve around the same bed, situated in the hotel suite of the title,” the article said. “What the council’s money has bought is the participation of recognizable performers like Milo Ventimiglia (“Heroes”) as a skeptical best man and Illeana Douglas as an actress on location debating whether to have sex with her

co-star. (Mr. Ventimiglia also directed his episode, while Ms. Douglas wrote hers.) Best, so far, is the more sober, 11-minute “Good in Bed,” starring Jaime Murray (“Dexter”) and Eddie McClintock (“Warehouse 13”) as a divorcing couple brought together, for a moment at least, by that magical bed.” Since mid-December, the “Suite 7” episodes have entertained millions across multiple Web and social media platforms and pointed consumers to information about the importance of a quality mattress to a great night’s sleep. To see episodes of “Suite 7,” check the BSC’s microsite at or and click on the “Watch” tab.

Look for ISPA on Facebook

The International Sleep Products Association has launched a Facebook page, as well as companion pages for the Better Sleep Council and the ISPA Women’s Network. ISPA is encouraging members to check out the pages and “like” them. On ISPA’s Facebook page, you’ll find: ➤ Photos and video from industry events and efforts, like the BSC’s “Suite 7” Web series and the latest performance of industry band the Insominaczzz ➤ News and notes of interest to the industry ➤ Information about ISPA and its projects ➤ Links to sites of interest to the industry and much more. “Facebook users are already using the Internet to connect with friends and colleagues,” said Mary Helen Uusimaki, ISPA vice president of membership and communications. “Why not allow them the opportunity to connect with ISPA in a fun, new, engaging way?” Among other membership and communications goals, the Facebook pages allow ISPA to: ➤ Generate buzz and excitement about ISPA and its members ➤ Deliver content, information and entertainment as it happens. “The beauty of social media is that you can talk in ‘real time’ rather than during a scheduled communication,” Uusimaki said. ➤ Increase traffic on ISPA’s Web site,

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Classifieds For Sale TAPE-EDGE MACHINES, MULTINEEDLE AND SINGLENEEDLE QUILTERS, long-arm label machines, sergers, etc. Contact Victor LeBron, American Plant and Equipment. Phone 864-574-0404; Fax 864-576-7204; Cell 864-590-1700; Email; Web REBUILT AND RECONDITIONED MULTINEEDLE QUILTING MACHINES. Specializing in PATHE precision parts and service. Technical consultants. SEDCO. Phone 201-567-7141; Fax 201-567-5515. TAPE-EDGE MACHINES, QUILTERS AND MISCELLANEOUS SEWING MACHINES. Contact Frank Carlino, U.S. Mattress Machinery. Phone 815-795-6942; Fax 815-795-2178; Email

Place your classified ad today!

Reach mattress industry professionals around the world with your advertising message through the BedTimes Classifieds. Rates: $3 per word for the first 100 words and $2.50 thereafter; minimum charge of $75. “Blind” box number: $50 per insertion. Ad copy and payment must be received by the first of the month preceding publication. Send ads and payment to BedTimes Classifieds, 501 Wythe St., Alexandria, VA 22314-1917. Contact Debbie Robbins, advertising production manager, for additional information. Phone 336-342-4217; Fax 336-342-4116; Email

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Calendar March


March 1-5 Malaysian International Furniture Fair Putra World Trade Centre & Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Phone 603-9282-2888

May 25-28 Interzum Cologne Koelnmesse Cologne, Germany Phone 49-221-821-0

March 3-5 Guangzhou International Sleep Industry Exhibition China Import & Export Fair Pazhou Complex Guangzhou, China Phone 86-20-28314758 or 86-20-28316878

June 2-4 China International Furniture Exhibition Shanghai New International Expo Center Shanghai, China Phone 86-21-50550628

March 11-14 Vietnam International Furniture & Home Accessories Fair Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Phone 84-8-3836-4682

July 21-24 Furnitex Melbourne Exhibition Centre Melbourne, Australia Phone 613-9654-7773

➤ March 16-18 ISPA Industry Conference & Exhibition Renaissance Vinoy St. Petersburg Resort & Golf Club St. Petersburg, Fla., U.S. Phone 703-683-8371




Aug. 1-5 Las Vegas Market World Market Center Las Vegas, U.S. Phone 888-416-8600


April 2-7 High Point Market International Home Furnishings Center & other locations High Point, N.C., U.S. Phone 336-869-1000

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Interzum Cologne The world’s largest show of furniture components and machinery will be May 25-28 in Cologne, Germany.

TheLastWord Study: People’s beds not best for pets


leeping with your pets can make you vulnerable to serious illness, according to new research. “There are private places in the household and I think our pets should not go beyond (being) next to the bed,” says Bruno Chomel, a professor of veterinary medicine at the University of California-Davis. “Having a stuffed animal in your bed is fine, not a real one.” Nearly two-thirds (60%) of U.S. households include a pet and, depending on the survey, between 14% and 62% of people report letting their dogs and cats sleep in bed with them. Chomel and Ben Sun, chief veteri-

narian at the California Department of Public Health, undertook a comprehensive search of medical journals to determine the risk of getting sick from sleeping with a pet. Diseases that have been transmitted from pets to people include Chagas disease, worms, cat scratch disease and even bubonic plague. “The risk is rare, but when it occurs it can be very nasty, especially in immuno-compromised people and the very young,” Chomel says. The research has been published in Emerging Infectious Diseases, a journal of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control

The sick aren’t staying home


choo! Nearly three-quarters (72%) of workers go to work when they’re ill, according to a new survey. Workplace pressures may be to blame—more than half (55%) of respondents in the survey say they feel guilty if they call in sick. But going to work when you’re under the weather may not be helping anyone. More than half of workers (53%) say they’ve gotten sick from a co-worker who refused to stay home and 12% think they’ve picked up a bug while commuting to and from work on public transportation. Rosemary Haefner, vice president of human resources at, a job and human resources website, offers these tips for staying well at work: ➤ Keep your germs to yourself If you are sick, stay home. If you absolutely must go to work, keep away from others so you don’t spread your sickness. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer frequently. ➤ Maintain balance With many people facing heavier workloads and longer hours, you may be feeling maxed out. Manage your stress and stay healthy by taking a break during the day, exercising or even practicing yoga or meditation. ➤ Make other arrangements If you’re concerned about taking days off work, talk to your manager or human resources department. If necessary, offer to telecommute, delegate or make other arrangements, but try to get as much rest as possible so you can quickly get back on your feet.

and Prevention. BedTimes thinks this is a good promotional opportunity for mattress makers who also produce pet beds: “Buy a new mattress and get a free pet bed for Fido or Fluffy.”

Ultramarathoner touts sleep Dean Karnazes, who’s been called “the fittest man in the world” by Men’s Fitness magazine and who’s deemed himself “Ultramarathon Man,” knows a bit about the importance of good health. You’ve got to be feeling pretty well to run 50 marathons in 50 states on 50 consecutive days—his latest accomplishment. Getting sufficient rest is especially essential to feats like that and Karnazes is promoting restful sleep, specifically McRoskey Mattress Co., based in San Francisco. In issuing 11 tips for health and fitness, Karnazes devotes the first three to sleep, saying: 1. “Go for comfort and coolness. It is a huge part of a good night’s sleep, with less turning and tossing. That is why I sleep on a McRoskey mattress. It fits my body and helps me sleep cooler. 2. “Good sleep means more energy, increased focus and less fatigue in everyday and athletic activities. 3. “Good rest helps muscles repair, speeds recovery and improves performance.” The value of a good mattress reappears on his list at No. 10, when he talks about staying injury-free: “Take care of your neck and back. I sleep on a McRoskey. There are no pressure points and my neck and back are supported.”

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interzum cologne 25 – 28. 05. 2011

That’s the sound of your product snoozing on a container ship halfway around the world. Eventually – maybe in 8 weeks, or maybe 10 weeks, or maybe 12 weeks, you’ll take delivery. Maybe you’ll get what you expect. Maybe the quality will be acceptable. Maybe the real cost is worth the wait. That’s a lot of maybes – enough to put your customers sound asleep and your sales in a coma.



ECo Fa B R I C S ,

CoT To N S ,







P o Ly E S T E R S ,



ST I TC h B o N d S ,

wa R P k N I T S ,


Tietex International Ltd., 3010 North Blackstock Rd., Spartanburg, SC 29301, Ph. 864.574.0500, Fax 864.574.9490,

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