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Laser Cutter The

Sudden Service ™ Company

This equipment is protected by one or more of the following patents: US patents: 4,280,421; 4,432,294; 4,466,367; 4,644,883; 5,134,947; 5,159,889; 5,203,270; 5,522,332; 5,524,563; 5,562,060; 5,634,418; 5,647,293; 5,657,711; 5,743,202; 5,865,135; 5,899,159; 5,915,319; 5,918,560; 5,979,345; 6,035,794; 6,055,921; 6,202,579; 6,279,869; 6,295,481; 6,494,255; 6,802,271; 6,574,815 B2; 6,834,603 B1; 6,968,794 B1; 6,994,043B1; 7,100,525B1; 7,100,526B1; 7,210,181B1; 7,383,676 ; 7,383,780; 7,412,936; 7,543,364; 7,574,788 Foreign patents: 9-520,472; 0,537,323; 92,905,522.6; 96,936,922.2; 2,076,379; 2,084,055. Other U.S. and Foreign Patents Pending. Copyright 2009 Atlanta Attachment Co. 09089102709

Atlanta Attachment Company 362 Industrial Park Drive Lawrenceville, GA 30046 (770) 963-7369 • FAX (770) 963-7641

the Sewn Products Industry Worldwide!

“Atlanta Attachment Company has a Wide Range of Automated Sewing Equipment Produced in our Design, Manufacturing & Sales Facility. We are Dedicated to Building and Shipping Quality Products for the Sleep Products Industry and we Provide Sudden Service to over 90 Countries Worldwide.” President

* Contact sales for the recommended spare parts list and the model workstations covered.



Atlanta Attachment Company is the recognized sewn products industry leader in automated workstations, labor saving devices, folders and ergonomic risk reduction. The Company, founded in 1969, has made its policy of SUDDEN SERVICE™ a way of life in all aspects of operation. Our entire staff is dedicated to providing three-day shipments of most custom folders and attachments. Special gauge sets and other work aids are available in 10 working days or less. We moved to Lawrenceville, GA in 1978, and have expanded many times. In September of 2007, Atlanta Attachment Company proudly introduced its new 225,000 square foot facility.

Atlanta Attachment Company pledges unequaled service and support to our valued customers. We pledge to maintain inventories of the recommended spare parts for our automated workstations* and to ship those replacement parts within 72 hours. If the expendable replacement parts are not shipped within 72 hours they will be...

Free of Charge!

Certify your Peace of Mind Hickory Springs goes one step further for quality foam.

CertiPUR-US (CM) approved foams are: • Low emission (low VOCS). • Made without ozone depleters. • Produced without PBDEs. • Made without mercury, lead and heavy metal. • Made without formaldehyde. • Made without phthalates.

By complying with the CertiPUR-US (CM) voluntary testing, analysis and certification program, Hickory Springs confirms the proactive measures taken to verify that its flexible polyurethane foam not only provides durable comfort but is produced in a responsible, consumer-friendly manner.

How will CertiPUR-US benefit your company? • Focuses on current consumer concerns about foam involving health and indoor air quality. • Provides comfort and confidence, reassuring consumers about the foam in your sofa. • Provides a reference source website for your customer service staff. You don’t need an in-house expert on health regulations and concerns. • Demonstrates your commitment to a healthy home environment. Based on a similar program in Europe, CertiPUR-US provides added value to furniture manufacturers – and eventually consumers — offering peace of mind and answering questions typically asked by consumers. Hickory Springs is one of several founding members of the CertiPUR-US program, which was officially introduced in early 2009. To switch to Hickory Springs’ certified CertiPUR-US foam, call 1.800.438.5341 or visit Also see

PO Box 128, Hickory NC 28603

CertiPUR-US is a Certification Mark of Alliance for Flexible Polyurethane Foam, Inc. ©2009 Hickory Springs Mfg. Co.

DEC 2009

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26 Planning in uncertain times

There’s evidence that the deep recession has ended, but there’s disagreement about what kind of recovery lies ahead. Slow but sustainable? Strong but short-lived? U-shaped? W-shaped? How do businesses plan for a future that’s so difficult to predict?

34 Boomerang business

Forget thinking outside the box. Strategy expert Carol Ring says to come up with solutions to today’s toughest business challenges, you and your team need to fly like a boomerang.

55 Supplies Guide

BedTimes’ annual Supplies Guide is the mattress industry’s only comprehensive directory of products and services available to manufacturers of mattresses and other sleep products. Search by product category or by company—and keep it handy all year long.


15 Cost Management

The year is quickly coming to an end, but there’s still time to take advantage of many tax breaks, including several put into place to help businesses deal with the recession.

111 Marketing Report

When it comes to advertisements, the people who create them and the consumers that they’re trying to reach don’t always agree on what’s an effective message. A new poll reveals the disconnect.

5 Editor’s Note 7 Front Matter 9 Market Report

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This little piggy saved money, used technology to save the environment,

had a cleaner, safer plant and cried “Wee wee wee!” all the way home.

Yes, switching to SABA water-based adhesives can really do all that. Yes, really. When choosing an adhesive supplier, SABA understands that quality, service and cost are requirements of top bedding producers. SABA’s waterbased adhesives are second to none and our dedication to customer service is unmatched. Only SABA provides its customers with the most efficient application system on the planet ensuring the lowest possible adhesive cost per mattress produced. Now won’t everyone cry “Wee wee wee!” all the way home?

See for yourself first hand how the SABA foam bonding adhesive system can save you money! l l l l l

Enjoy 20 to 50% reduction in adhesive costs All application equipment provided at no cost to you Highest performing water-based adhesive Cleaner and safer working environment Monitor and control adhesive usage

Contact SABA today for a risk-free 30 day testing period.

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Since we began working with SABA our adhesive costs have come down almost 20%. Using their monitoring system we can now track our costs and make adjustments faster. We also don’t have all the messy overspray that wasted adhesive and caused problems for our operators. We are very happy with the professional service we have received and would recommend SABA to others in the bedding industry.

Shaun Pennington General Manager Diamond Mattress Co.

For sales inquiries, please contact: T 810 824 4964 F 810 824 4986 E W

SABA North America LLC 5420 Lapeer Road Kimball MI 48074 USA

SABA, dedicated to foam bonding Est. 1933: 76 years of strong bonds

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Editor’sNote Suppliers: BedTimes wants to hear your EXPO news


ou might have winter holiday plans on your mind right now, but before you know it will be spring and time for the International Sleep Products Association’s biennial ISPA EXPO. This time around it will be held March 3-6 in Charlotte, N.C. Suppliers will be rolling out a host of new machinery, components, supplies and services, many designed to improve mattress manufacturers’ efficiencies, increase their bottom lines and help them differentiate their product lines. BedTimes publishes three special issues around the show: the January preview; the March show edition, which has bonus on-site distribution; and the April wrap-up of what was new and exciting. We encourage suppliers to submit detailed information and highresolution images of their introductions for inclusion in any of those issues of the magazine. The easiest way to do that is to email them to The submission deadline for the January issue is quickly approaching: Dec. 1. The March deadline is Feb. 1 and the April deadline is March 1. Questions? Email or call 336-727-1889. Now is a good time to remind you that you can always find editorial deadlines for the next issue of BedTimes on this page, in the box to the left. I also encourage you to check our 2010 Editorial Calendar at There you’ll find our planned cover stories and product-specific features. for the coming year. If your company’s products or services fit well with one of the topics, let me know and we’ll

consider you for inclusion. Looking forward to 2010 The end of a year and the start of a new one can be a bittersweet time: We cherish the good things that have happened in the past 12 months but look forward to what the next 12 will bring. But I think I’m safe in saying that, for the mattress industry, saying goodbye (perhaps even good riddance) to 2009 will be a relief. It has been a most difficult year. We don’t have final figures yet, but it looks like we’ll end the year with double-digit declines in both the number of mattress units shipped in the United States and the dollar value of those units. The average unit selling price, which the industry had been working hard for years to increase, also will likely have declined. There are some manufacturers and suppliers that have done very well despite the challenges and we wish them continued success. Many companies that have struggled in 2008 and 2009 will end the year leaner, more focused and ready for a turnaround. On behalf of both groups, I say, “Happy New Year. Bring on 2010!” BT

Julie A. Palm BedTimes | December 2009 |



Innovation resurfaces Since 1905, Eclipse® International has set the bar for technologies that truly improve sleep quality, reduce back and neck pain, and virtually eliminate stiffness.* Clinical studies has proved it, our patents protect it, and the innovative features help our sleep products sell themselves. We are proud to introduce the latest evolution of Spinal Zone® Sleep Technology a patent-pending development that extends our proven lumbar support into the outer quilting. This full-depth support technology (from the core to the cover) GREATLY REDUCES BODY IMPRESSIONS and enhances mattress performance.

Patent-Pending Shading for emphasis only.

Join the world’s fastest growing bedding group today! Craftsman Quality | Affordable Value | Patented Features | Limited Distribution * Research results were documented in two separate scientific studies conducted by the Director of the Exercise Physiology and Human Performance Laboratory of West Virginia University.

A World of Sleep Since 1905

For licensing opportunities, contact: Stu Carlitz toll free: 800.634.8434 tel: 215.715.9677 Las Vegas Market Showroom: Building C, Space 1350

FrontMatter Manufacturers see brighter economic future Survey: Respondents are far less pessimistic than this time last year


anufacturers are increasingly optimistic about both the U.S. and global economies and a majority expect an economic turnaround in the coming year, according to the latest Manufacturing Barometer from global tax and business advisory firm PricewaterhouseCoopers. For the past four quarters, an overwhelming majority of survey respondents said the economy was declining. But in the third quarter of 2009, there was a dramatic turnaround, with only 23% of manufacturers believing the economy is declining. That’s down from 63% in the second quarter of the year— a 40-point drop. Thirteen percent said the U.S. economy is actually growing. Manufacturers have similar views about the global economy. Only 25% of respondents said things were continuing to decline, down from 66% in the second-quarter survey. Nearly a third (29%) view the world economy as growing, up 18 points over last quarter’s findings. And manufacturers are showing significantly more optimism about the coming 12 months. Just under half (48%) are optimistic about the U.S. economy’s prospects; only 13% are pessimistic. In the third quarter of 2008, 66% of respondents were pessimistic. Among those respondents doing business abroad, 45% are optimistic about the 12-month prospects for the world economy; only 13% are pessimistic. A year ago, 63% were pessimistic about the 12-month outlook for the world economy. “The upswing of optimism regarding the economy reflects an important shift in perspective and growing confidence by manufacturing executives at both a U.S. and global level,” says

Barry Misthal, PricewaterhouseCoopers partner and industrial manufacturing sector leader. Just how optimistic are these manufacturers? According to the survey, 57% expect positive growth in the coming 12 months, with 12% forecasting doubledigit growth (at an average rate of 2.2%). Forty-five percent predict singledigit growth. The employment picture Although manufacturers continue to expect layoffs during the next 12 months, they increasingly plan to hire and the rate of expected layoffs is notably lower than in the second-quarter survey. One-quarter of respondents plan to add workers, up 8 points from the second quarter and more than double the 12% reported during the same period in 2008. More than onequarter of manufacturers (28%) plan to reduce the number of full-time employees, a 2-point dip from the second quarter, and 47% expect staffing levels to stay about the same. Investing in capital & operations The survey results show a mixed picture when it comes to capital investments. Thirty-seven percent of manufacturers reported they are planning to make major new capital investments in the coming 12 months, up significantly over the second quarter’s 27%, but just slightly higher than the 34% recorded in third-quarter 2008.

The level of projected spending dropped sharply, from 6.2% of sales in the second quarter to 3.9% of sales in the third quarter. So, while more respondents are planning capital investments, they’ll spend more slowly. Looking ahead, more than twothirds of respondents (68%) plan to increase operational spending in the next 12 months, up 15 points over last quarter’s 53%. Respondents say they will focus expenditures on new product/ service introductions (40%), mergers and acquisitions (38%), and research and development (35%). Lessons from the economic crisis In this survey, PricewaterhouseCoopers also asked manufacturers a number of specific questions about the recession, including what lessons they had learned. In retrospect, the respondents said, more thorough planning in certain operational areas would have allowed their companies to better cope with a declining economy. Forty-two percent believe they should have focused more on mergers and acquisitions; 40% said the focus belonged on new products and services; and 30% believed more attention should have been devoted to research and development. BT

➤ About the survey PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Manufacturing Barometer is a quarterly survey based on interviews with 60 senior executives at large U.S. manufacturing companies. To read the complete third-quarter report, check manufacturing-barometer. For more information about other Manufacturing Barometers, including recent economic trend data and topical issues, check

BedTimes | December 2009 |


The Most Innovative, 100% Latex Foam Bedding Components, Made in the USA by the World’s Leading Latex Foam Manufacturer. • Family Owned. • Environmentally Conscious. • Use our Eco Footprint Research. • Exclusive Designs. • Most Experienced Design Team. • 100% Latex Foam. No Fillers. East: Latexco LLC • 975 Gerrard Road • Lavonia, Georgia 30553 • Phone 706 356 8001 • Fax 706 356 8444 Sales Office • Contact Kevin Callinan • Phone 866 528 3926 (LATEXCO) • Cell 203 444 3626 (FOAM) E-mail • Website West: Sleep Comp, a division of Latexco • 6725 8th Street • Buena Park, California 90620 • Phone 714 522 4991 • Fax 714 522 4900 Contact Roger Coffey • E-mail • Website


09-09-2009 09:05:32

MarketReport Many mattress makers return to High Point show Focus is on step-ups, value and ‘green’

By Barbara Nelles


ed by majors Simmons and Serta, a host of mattress makers returned to High Point Market for the first time in years, many to the market’s new bedding center at the International Home Furnishings Center. Most exhibitors reported that foot traffic was generally slow during the show, which was held in October in High Point, N.C. But, as one manufacturer said, “You can’t expect the bedding center to be an instant success, especially not in this economy. Awareness and traffic will grow over time.” Market officials reported registrations were down 1% from the spring 2009 and fall 2008 markets. Donna Zett, president of Five Star Mattress in Hoffman Estates, Ill., said the lack of walk-ins meant she and her staff were able to spend more time with existing customers. Still, she hopes “the High Point Market Authority comes up with a super innovative marketing strategy to drive traffic in the future.” Many of the busiest showrooms mailed invitations to retailers ahead of time and scheduled appointments or did on-the-street marketing during the show. And though traffic might have been light, exhibitors did report seeing

Promoting products Clockwise from left: Gerry Borreggine, president of Therapedic International; Herman Tam, group vice president of sales and marketing for Leggett & Platt; Ralph Rossdeutscher, president of Natura World; and Janet Stein, country manager for the United States for Hästens.

key dealers who were interested in writing orders. Some manufacturers said they were in High Point specifically to meet with regional retailers east of the Mississippi, who seemed to skip the Las Vegas Market in September. “You do get a different clientele here than in Vegas,” said Bob Naboicheck, president of Hartford, Conn.-based mattress and futon manufacturer Gold Bond. “All the major chains travel to Vegas, but there are more furniture store owner-operators from small and large chains that come to High Point. They get in their cars and drive here—from Ohio, Indiana, Florida, New York, New Jersey, etc.” Gold Bond was back in High Point for the first time in four years. Delivering value to retailers Coming just one month after the Las Vegas market, High Point product introductions were limited. But here’s some of what retailers could see during the show.

BedTimes | December 2009 |


MarketReport In an environment where many retail customers are struggling to stay in business, manufacturers continued to promote value pricing and higher margins. Gold Bond introduced an Americanmade plush futon with an 8-inch-thick visco-elastic and polyurethane foam core in a microsuede cover. It has a suggested retail price of $399 for a full size.* Several mattress makers said they’re emphasizing two-sided collections as a way to appeal to consumers. Gold Bond’s Anniversary Series has Belgian damask fabric, edge-to-edge coils and two sleep surfaces. It retails for between $599 and $999 and is selling well, Naboicheck said. “We give retailers higher margins and hit the right price points, all while offering consumers extra value for their hard-earned dollars,” he said. “They get twice as much bedding for their money.” Gerry Borreggine, president of licensing group Therapedic International,

which has headquarters in Princeton, N.J., said he sees growing interest in twosided mattresses. The company’s Innergy 2 two-sided line has been well received since its introduction earlier this year. “We like to say the collection gives you double the comfort and double the value,” Borreggine said. The high-profile, high-coil count bed set features specialty foam comfort layers. The styling is purposely a mix of “old and new,” with damask covers, blue accent colors and classic ticking designs with a touch of contemporary flair, Borreggine said. Matt Connolly, president of Eclipse International, a manufacturer and licensing group with headquarters in North Brunswick, N.J., was “pleased overall” with the market. Eclipse opened some new business and gained additional floor space with existing retailers, Connolly said, adding that “interest in two-sided mattresses is growing and is a full 50% of the company’s production.”

New EcoSleep makes H.P. debut

EcoSleep, a line of eco-friendly, roll-packed mattresses in a variety of constructions, made its High Point, N.C., debut after premiering at the Las Vegas Market in September. The line is manufactured by Durable Product Co. in Fort Atkinson, Wis., which is owned by Dave Young. He’s also chief executive officer of mattress kit supplier VyMaC Corp. and Verlo Mattress Factory Stores, a factory-direct chain. EcoSleep is “specifically geared to the Product premiere Mike Schweiger, LOHAS consumer,” Young said, explaining vice president of sales for EcoSleep, LOHAS stands for a consumer demographic, walked customers through the new Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability. line during the High Point Market. The company’s marketing message focuses on the fact the beds are American-made and have a “green” story. They are shipped compressed, rolled and boxed—reducing freight costs and environmental impacts. They also include natural or sustainable components such as Talalay latex, New Zealand wool, visco-elastic foam with bio-based and recycled content, and a patented base foam containing activated carbon to absorb off-gassing, according to the company. The beds’ EcoPur visco-elastic foam has content derived from castor oil, which Young said requires less energy to process than soy bean oil and reduces the need for deforestation. There are 15 EcoSleep models in a variety of constructions, including visco-elastic, Talalay latex, pocket springs and airbeds. Suggested retail price points range from $699 to $1,699 for a queen set.

10 | BedTimes | December 2009

Eastman House, Eclipse’s sister company, introduced assorted models with specialty foams and innersprings at price points from $799 to $1,299 in queen and “with nice margins for the retailer,” Connolly said. Atlanta-based Simmons, in High Point for the first time since 2005, added five models priced under $2,000 to its high-end Beautyrest Exceptionale line. The beds have subtle shades of plum and pewter on the stitching, tape-edges and coordinating foot protectors and pillow shams. All models are foam-encased and have coil-on-coil construction. Outside and around the corner sat the Simmons mobile showroom with its value-priced ComforPedic Loft foam bed collection. The traveling showroom, which launched a national retail tour after the Vegas market, has been a hit with dealers and its North American tour was extended by several weeks, the company said. International Bedding Corp., a Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based manufacturer, dropped the opening price point of its Europa pocket spring collection. The beds’ suggested retail prices now range from $599 to $2,999 for a queen set. They feature “a multitude of feels and a relaunched fashion-forward look” said E.B. Walthall, regional vice president of sales. Step right up Hickory at Home, the consumer products division of Hickory Springs Mfg. Co., which has headquarters in Hickory, N.C., continues to focus on helping retailers step up consumers to adjustable bed bases, said Niles Cornelius, general manager. Hickory’s newest models have the “aesthetics of a stationary base and more iPod-like controls,” Cornelius said. “Retailers can take a sale from $400 to $1,500 when they add in an adjustable base,” he explained. “The good news is consumers are ‘getting it’ when it comes to adjustables.” Leggett & Platt Consumer Products Group promoted its Retail Solution consulting and marketing program in a redesigned retail concept space within

Lenzing AG, A-4860 Lenzing, Austria

BOTANIC PRINCIPLES in Frankfurt Visit us at Heimtextil Hall 8.0, Stand H65

TENCEL® The New Age Fiber

TENCEL® – the natural fiber for bedding

Lenzing Fibers, Inc. 530 Seventh Avenue, Suite 808 New York, NY 10018-3508 Phone: 212-944-7898 Mail:

With TENCEL® fibers you can feel it right away that they come from Nature since botanic principles are applied throughout the complete manufacturing process. The water management of plants, closed circuits and sustainability are all important functions from Nature on which the TENCEL® production process is based. Thanks to its natural intelligent properties the fiber guarantees an optimum night’s sleep. Perfect moisture management, skin friendliness and an in-built feeling of freshness ensure a pleasant climate for sleeping. The naturalness accompanies you throughout the night.

World Leader in Cellulose Fiber Technology


its High Point showroom. The room resembled a retail store with a range of accessories, modular display units, banners and other point-of-purchase materials available from Retail Solution and in-house ad agency, Leggett & Platt Creative Services. “Our value proposition is we help retailers improve their performance in marketing to consumers,” said Herman Tam, group vice president of sales and marketing for the Carthage, Mo.-based company. “Emphasis must be placed on the emotional side of selling—not selling price and features—that’s the essence of this program.” Luxury rebounding? In a sign that the luxury market may be strengthening, both Shifman Mattress and Hästens made their first appearances in High Point. Shifman has been handcrafting tufted, two-sided mattresses and eight-way, hand-tied box springs in its Newark, N.J., factory for more than 100 years. It manufactures a custom line for Bloomingdale’s and distributes to a number of high-end furniture stores primarily in the Northeast. A top-of-the-line queen set retails for about $5,800. In High Point, the company met with retailers by invitation-only at a freestanding showroom. “We far exceeded our expectations here,” said Wayne Pezzino, Shifman national sales manager. “We recently completed a factory expansion and want to get our story out there to fine home furnishing retailers across the U.S.” Hästens, based in Köping, Sweden, also plans to increase U.S. distribution, said Janet Stein, Hästens country manager for the United States. The company introduced three beds to the U.S. market at its showroom in the IHFC Design Center. The 2000T II is a redesign of the original threepart innerspring bed that more closely resembles the top-of-the-line $69,500 Vividus bed. It has layers of horsehair, cotton, wool and flax and retails for $22,000 in queen. The Luxuria is a new design and is the company’s first

12 | BedTimes | December 2009

‘Green’ story Restonic added three models to its HealthRest brand, said Laurie Tokarz, executive vice president of Alliance Sleep Products, a Restonic licensee.

horsehair bed under $10,000. It retails for $8,150 in queen. “We’re celebrating the 30th anniversary of our blue-and-white check fabric, but the beds actually come in 21 colors,” Stein said. “When you own a Hästens you want the bed to show, so the only part you cover with a sheet is the top layer.” ‘Green’ going strong Restonic licensee, Alliance Sleep Products, which has factories in Buffalo, N.Y., and Fayetteville, N.C., introduced three models with a “green” story under the Restonic HealthRest brand. The Comfort Series collection includes three all-foam beds with bio-based content, retailing between $1,299 and $2,699 in queen sizes. “We add Talalay latex to the step-up model and additional latex and breathable open-cell visco to the top model,” said Laurie Tokarz, Alliance Sleep Products executive vice president. “The platform base is made from sustainably forested lumber.” At the Eclipse and Eastman House showroom, licensee Longevity Mattress, based in Sumter, S.C., introduced its Organic collection under the Eastman House Natural Latex umbrella. The three beds have matelassé border fabrics and soft knit tops with cashmere yarns. The opening price point has a Dunlop latex core and the two step-up beds have Talalay latex cores.

The beds were created in response to customer requests for solid latex, said Dwain Gambrell, Longevity Mattress owner. “We concentrate on being green in all that we do and take pride in recycling absolutely everything. Customers can’t believe how small the Dumpster is at our facilities.” The Eclipse licensing group also introduced the Organic Cotton collection, three beds with specialty foams containing soy-based materials, covers made from organic cotton and an encased innerspring unit with its patented Spinal Zone Sleep System. Hickory at Home debuted futons, mattresses and toppers with polyurethane foam carrying the Certi-PUR-US seal, a voluntary testing, analysis and certification program. “The seal confirms to our customers and consumers that proactive measures were taken to verify that our foam provides durable comfort and is produced in a responsible manner,” Cornelius said. Natural bedding maker Natura World, which has headquarters in Cambridge, Ontario, brought out a host of new accessories, with an emphasis on infant products. It introduced a breathable, reversible crib mattress with natural latex and coir, as well as two revamped, machine-washable top-of-bed baby lines—the Classic and the Organic— which include crib sheets, comforters and bumper pads. Natura also rolled out a compact, convertible pillow-blanket for travelers and a Gel Adjustable Contour pillow with foam, gel and an air bladder that has a suggested retail price of $140. Ralph Rossdeutscher, Natura president, also announced the launch of a new company, Gel Solutions LLC, formed after Natura’s recent purchase of NexGel and its gel beds. Gel Solutions introduced two new foam beds at the market, topped with one and two layers of honeycomb OrthoGel. There also is a new base for NexGel beds that knocks down for shipping via overnight delivery services. BT * All prices are suggested retail for a queen size unless otherwise noted.

A new day is dawning for comfort and the environment...

...and BioFlex Hybrid foams are leading the way.

It’s your world. It’s your choice. Choose BioFlex™ Hybrid Foam made by Flexible Foam Products, Inc; it supports the American farmer, meets consumers concern for “greener” products and helps you make the responsible choice for our environment, while reducing the need for foreign crude oil.

BioFlex Hybrid Foam is made with a patented process called EnviroFlex Technology that improves the foam’s core structure, thus creating a more supportive, resilient and comfortable cushion. EnviroFlex is an award winning environmental process with independent lab testing to confirm its superior performance over conventionally produced foam cushion. 419.647.4191

CostManagement 7 year-end tax tips for 2009 Your company could reap benefits if you act quickly By J. Tol Broome Jr.


very year it happens: The months come and go, filled with the many distractions of running a business. Before you know it, it’s year-end and you haven’t done the tax planning you intended. This can be especially true for owners and managers of smaller companies. But it’s not too late to take steps that could result in significant tax savings for 2009. Following are seven tips. Unless otherwise indicated, these actions must be taken before Dec. 31 but you still can realize a full year of savings as long as you pull the trigger by that date. After all, a smaller check to Uncle Sam means more money for you to invest in your business. A reminder: These tax strategies may not be applicable to you and your company. Consult with your accountant or a tax adviser prior to year-end.


Capital expenditures This provision (Section 179 Expensing of Capital Expenditures) was included in the 2008 tax code and extended to 2009. While there are some restrictions, a company generally can write off its entire capital investment for new assets purchased, up to $250,000. Assuming a 39% marginal tax rate, this would mean tax savings of $3,900 for every $10,000 spent. If you have been putting off any fixed asset purchases, you might want to consider moving forward before Dec. 31. You can use this provision to save money even if you finance the asset purchase with a loan.


Bonus depreciation For businesses spending more than $250,000 on new capital

expenditures in 2009 or for those spending any amount on used assets, there is an added tax bonus. For used asset purchases and for aggregate asset purchases between $250,000 and $800,000, a company can take advantage of bonus depreciation, which allows additional Year 1 depreciation of 50% of the cost of the assets.

Alternative Minimum Tax credit carryforwards. This provision allows a business to obtain a tax credit for these “carryforwards,” even if the business loses money in 2009. While you will be required to forgo a portion of accelerated depreciation if you choose this option, it could mean significant cash back for your business now—instead of having to wait until you are again in the black.


Here’s an example: Let’s say a company purchases a total of $500,000 in fixed assets during 2009 and at least $250,000 of that is new equipment. The total tax deduction for 2009 would be $250,000 plus $125,000 (50% of the remaining $250,000), totaling $375,000. Both the capital expenditure and bonus depreciation tax breaks described here are slated to drop significantly starting in 2010, so now is the time to make needed fixed asset purchases.

Operating losses While many economists say that we’re reaching the end of the longest recession since the 1930s, the downturn has taken a serious toll on nearly all businesses. Many have suffered losses during the past couple of years as they have struggled to stay afloat in a raging economic storm. The Net Operating Loss Carryback provision could give much needed relief. It allows businesses with gross revenues of $15 million or less and with a loss in tax year 2008 to carry it back to prior years for a potential tax refund. And the normal “look-back” period (the period during which you can recapture taxes paid during profitable years) has been extended from two years to five years during 2009. You don’t have to wait until you file your 2009 tax returns to take advantage of this tax break because it applies to tax year 2008. Stay tuned to see if Congress extends this refund opportunity into the 2009 tax year.



AMT tax credits While most small businesses don’t have research-and-development tax credits, some do reflect

Employment tax credits The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 extended the Work Opportunity Tax

BedTimes | December 2009 |



Credit to Sept. 1, 2011, so companies have some time to take advantage of this one. The credit is offered for targeted employee groups, including qualified veterans, ex-felons, high-risk youths and some people receiving certain government benefits such as payments under the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program. The tax credit amounts to $2,400 for each new adult hired, $1,200 for a summer youth hired, $4,800 for each new disabled veteran hired and $9,800 for each new longterm family assistance recipient.


Pension & profit-sharing plans For 2009, the limits have been raised by $3,000 for qualified pension and profit-sharing contributions, such as 401k plans. An employer can contribute as much as 25% of the income of an employee, with a cap of $49,000. If you don’t have a plan in place, you can start one before year-end and deduct any amount that is contributed to the plan, regardless of the number of employees.


Debt income Prior to the passing of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, a business had to recognize income in the year in which the business cancelled or repurchased debt for an amount lower than the principal balance owed. However, the new Cancellation of Debt Income provision allows businesses to recognize that income over 10 years. Better yet, the tax is deferred entirely for the first five years and then recognized on a pro rata basis over the remaining five years. This is another provision that doesn’t expire in 2009. It runs until Jan. 1, 2011. What does this mean for your business? While you may not be successful in convincing a bank to settle for less than it’s owed, you might strike a deal with other creditors, particularly if your only alternative is bankruptcy. While bankruptcy leads to failure of the business and pennies on the dollar for some creditors, partial debt cancellation can provide tax-deferred breathing room for your business—and give hope to creditors for future repayment from cash flow generated after the economy improves. This year will go down as one of the most challenging for companies. Some smart year-end tax planning might reduce or even eliminate the check you write to the IRS, enabling you to end 2009 on a positive note as you head into 2010. BT

J. Tol Broome Jr. has spent 25 years working in commercial lending at various financial institutions and currently is an executive vice president and manager of the Specialized Lending Group at BB&T.

16 | BedTimes | December 2009

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SalesTalk From cronyism to collaboration: 5 eras of selling How much have your sales skills evolved? By Robert Harris


he art of selling has come a long way. If you look at the selling process during the past 60 years, it has evolved through five generations. We call these the “5 Cs.”


Cronyism The first era of selling, prevalent during the industrial boom following World War II, was what we describe as “cronyism.” The salesperson was essentially your buddy—someone you got to know well and liked. The salesperson would drop by every so often and take your order. Times were good and there was very little differentiation of product or focus on deeper buyer needs.


Commodity selling The second era took hold in the 1950s, extending into the mid-1960s. During this time, salespeople mainly sold on price with little product differentiation, which resulted in discounting and price wars. This approach is difficult because there is always pressure to cut margins.


Content selling This era of selling was the first to involve a strategic differentiation of one product from another. Starting in the 1960s and continuing into the 1980s, professional marketers—with the help of advertising agencies—created brand awareness and explained to customers why one product was superior to another. The goal was to educate buyers about the features and benefits of a specific product and then generate excitement about purchasing items with those features and benefits. The brand awareness and buyer sophistication created by content selling enabled salespeople to move away from

a commodity approach based on offering the lowest price and allowed them to charge a higher price with greater margins. Although this era marked the start of “professional” selling, there is a flaw with the features-and-benefits approach: It doesn’t take into account the unique and differing needs of customers. This approach is product-centric instead of customer-centric. Although content selling raised the likelihood of increased sales with some customers, it didn’t maximize success with all customers.


Consultative selling During the past 25 years, consultative selling has been very much in vogue. By the 1980s, companies realized there was a problem with content, features-andbenefits selling: You may be providing a benefit the customer doesn’t value or missing a benefit the customer wants. In consultative selling, the initial focus is on understanding the deeper needs and buying motives of the customer and then ensuring your product fits with those needs and motives. Given that customers value different things, this approach requires more product diversity, but also presents greater upsides on the sales front. However, consultative selling has its own drawback, which is particularly apparent in these tough economic times. When the entire focus is on meeting the needs of the customer, the very real needs of the supplying company are negated. The customers’ needs are critical, but if those needs are the only ones that matter, some excellent selling companies may be pushed out of business—and that indirectly hurts the customer that has benefited from a solid customersupplier relationship.


Collaborative selling In collaborative selling, there is a partnership between customer and supplier. Both companies realize that their long-term success is predicated on both of them staying in business—and this means that suppliers’ needs matter, too. We are in a well-documented economic climate of restraint and cutbacks. Sales volumes are down in almost all industries. Many suppliers find their revenues have dropped and they are being required to make some tough business decisions to survive. This is when the buying company’s role shifts. The buyer may be able to partner on matters that typically would be the sole responsibility of the seller. We are not suggesting that the buyer take a reduction in quality or service. That wouldn’t make sense. But there may be some opportunities when the buyer can be flexible in order to help the seller survive. This could include flexibility on payment terms, inventory levels and other items that help the overall bottom line of the seller without significantly impacting the business of the buyer. In effect, in collaborative selling, the buyer and seller become customers of each other. This approach has three primary goals for both companies: ➤ minimize short-term risk ➤ maximize long-term gain ➤ create value by partnering with each other. Creating value means recognizing the natural synergies that already exist between buyer and seller and jointly seeking new ways to add to each partner’s business success. When collaborating works best We realize that not all customers want to be partners. In fact, for many customers, consultative selling (with a focus solely on their needs) works just fine. For these customers, the salesper-

BedTimes | December 2009 |



son should continue to do what’s been working well. There’s no need to change a winning strategy. There are three factors that typically cause both buyer and seller to want to move from a consultative to a collaborative mode: ➤ The two companies (buyer and seller) already have a successful and trusting business relationship. ➤ Each company needs the other company to succeed in order for it to succeed. ➤ There is some element of risk threatening the welfare of one company that potentially could cause harm to both. When these three conditions are present, it’s in the best interests of both companies to partner with each other. Given their already trusting relationship, it should be relatively easy for the salesperson to articulate the need for

20 | BedTimes | December 2009

flexibility and joint problem-solving on matters that were traditionally the sole concern of one company. It’s also worth pointing out that the tables can turn. One company may be struggling today; the other may be struggling tomorrow. Working in a collaborative way builds a spirit of reciprocity that can help both partners as business cycles ebb and flow. Ramifications for your success What type of salesperson are you? Are you clinging to the old cronyism of “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”? Are you engaging in price cutting to secure business but significantly hurting your livelihood in the process? Are you still pushing the features and benefits of your products even though they aren’t compatible with the deeper needs of your customers?

We hope that you are engaged at a higher level of professional selling and are being consultative with your customers. But don’t stop there. These ideas can improve your relationship with key customers, significantly reducing the business risks inherent in today’s economy. BT Robert Harris is president of Robert Harris Resources Inc. and author of the book, Change Leadership: Inform, Involve, Ignite! Harris regularly presents to sales groups on “How to Influence and Get Buy-in” and “How to Build Trust in Relating to Their Needs.” This article is based on a presentation Harris co-presented earlier this year titled “How to Overcome Resistance and Move into a Collaborative Selling Mode.” For more information, contact him at or check


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LeadershipLessons Want to motivate your work force? You only need to use three tools By Larry Wilson


e all know that leaders are supposed to motivate their followers to perform at their very best. But the truth is that leaders can’t do that. Why? Because no one can truly motivate someone else. We can’t control others, except perhaps physically—and that’s clearly not the way to get optimal performance. My dictionary defines motivation as “the act of giving somebody reason or incentive to do something.” Leaders can occasionally do that. But in order to do so, we first have to accept this reality: People do things for their reasons, not ours. If you want to influence people to do a certain thing or move in a certain direction, it’s important that you first understand what it is that they want. Why do people play tennis or video games or bridge? Why do people learn a craft, study a musical instrument or go back to school to get another degree? Why do many of these same people regularly go to a gym to work out? People have various reasons for doing what they do, but there are three common factors they share when motivated to accomplish something: goal, feedback and reward. The good news for you, the leader, is that you only have to understand and focus on those three factors to motivate people to perform at higher levels. As a leader, you can’t motivate or influence people if they don’t have a meaningful, attainable goal. Too often people have a goal, but it’s too vague, too easy or, conversely, impossible. The solution is to have people regularly tell you what their goal is and what their targets are—today,

tomorrow, this week, this month. I’ve found that process itself can increase a person’s performance by an average of 20%. A second factor holding people back from reaching their full potential is the absence of clear, frequent and accurate feedback. What if you hit a golf ball and never saw where it landed? Or bowled and didn’t how many pins you knocked down? Or had no idea if the article you wrote was valued by anyone who read it? (That one hits close to home for me.) Here’s the thing: In the absence of feedback, people make stuff up and the stuff they make up is usually far from accurate or positive. Great feedback can improve performance—and the bottom line—by as much as 30%. As a leader you need to create a feedback system that gives people regular, timely and objective feedback about their performance that day, week or month. Better yet, have them create and monitor the system themselves. Now you’re influencing them to start motivating themselves. It can’t get better than that. Then there’s the reward factor.

People want recognition for their efforts, especially for their extra efforts. If they don’t feel appreciated, they’ll want more money. If they don’t get either, they’re likely to quit and leave or, worse yet, quit and stay. Praise and acknowledgment can increase a person’s potential by another 20%. And it doesn’t cost you anything to give it. Motivate yourself to give your people more reasons and incentives to do what’s right. That’s leading and that’s why others will follow you— because they want to, not because they have to. BT Larry Wilson is a pioneer in change management, leadership development and strategic thinking. He has founded the Wilson Learning Corp., Pecos River Learning and The Wilson Collaborative. Wilson works with companies to help them “create the organization that, if it existed, would put them out of business.” His clients include major mattress manufacturers and retailers. He can be reached at

BedTimes | December 2009 |


When the future is uncertain

26 | BedTimes | December 2009


Strategic planning for an unpredictable economic recovery

xecutives at a large technology giant such as Dell are looking at the same economic data that everyone else sees, which means they have, no doubt, been watching the first hopeful, although tentative, signs of a turnaround—from Wall Street’s best six-month run since 1933 to surveys showing the first increases in consumer confidence in nearly two years. So, if he were advising corporate leaders at the Texas-based computer manufacturer, would Lawrence G. Hrebiniak, a professor of management at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and author of the book Making Strategy Work, recommend that Dell rehire workers and ramp up its manufacturing? Not necessarily, Hrebiniak says, noting that top strategists at a company such as Dell need to understand their own special place in the computer market—and that the now-anticipated economic turnaround of 2009-2010 will not affect every product line in the same way. For example, in the case of Dell, the firm’s success is heavily weighted toward the businessto-business computer market and the initial

evidence is that business clients will be slower to resume purchases than consumers. “What they should be doing for expansion is assessing their consumer strategy to see whether they want to increase their consumer marketing. They have done that before with some retail stores and by working with Walmart,” Hrebiniak says. In the meantime, he adds, Dell could use the uncertainty of the economy right now as an excuse to go to its core business-tobusiness customers and offer special incentives for placing orders early, which could then justify an increased production schedule. The type of questions that Hrebiniak poses hypothetically for Dell focus on the same thorny issues that executives are facing in boardrooms everywhere as a stream of new economic data is—for the first time since 2007—holding out hope of a sustained economic recovery. At the same time, the new data offers no guarantees that there won’t be a sudden relapse or that the unusual nature of this particular recession, especially its lingering impact on unemployment rates, won’t quash the impact of any turnaround.

BedTimes | December 2009 |


What will recovery look like? Indeed, many experts at Wharton and elsewhere agree that the decision-making challenges facing corporate chief executive officers and their top strategists are in some ways more difficult in the second half of 2009 than they were during nearly two years of unmitigated recessionary times. That’s because managers must make risky decisions on issues such as increasing production back to pre-recession levels: Do it too soon and a company could waste millions on unsold inventory, while inaction could lead to significant lost revenue opportunities if the U.S. economic recovery is strong and takes place quickly. According to Peter Cappelli, Wharton management professor and director of the Center for Human Resources, “the big challenge is managing expectations.” “Good times may take some time to return and the path may be bumpy,” he says. “A bad scenario is if companies believe things are (back to normal) and then business hits a snag, requiring more cost cutting and layoffs. So the task is how to prevent companies from getting unreal expectations once business picks up.” But management experts say the current month-to-month economic uncertainty has an advantage, too, by making it a good time to focus less on short-term goals and more on the big picture. That includes shoring up relationships with existing customers, looking at shedding unproductive units while strengthening the core brand and putting an emphasis on branding and on research and development—areas that shouldn’t have been abandoned in the first place—in order to be ready with new products when the

recession is clearly over. “This is a moment when clients are re-examining what they need and they want value for their money,” says Wharton management professor Olivier Chatain. “Clients may be more willing to try new suppliers or switch suppliers, so companies themselves should be looking around for new clients.” Meanwhile, not everyone is optimistic about the extent of the economic recovery. Some worry there could be a backslide into what experts call a “double-dip” recession of renewed losses. San Francisco

continuing to cut back spending to the bare necessities. “Many companies used to depend on that type of consumer business, but I don’t see the environment getting better any time in the near future,” he says. MacMillan advises companies to consider the example of gasoline stations, which increasingly charge less for cash purchases than for credit, and develop similar strategies to lure customers who will pay with cash instead of plastic. He cites consumer electronics giant Best Buy’s aggressive move to open new niches in the crowded retail market, including targeting the growing Latino market, coming up with innovative uses of social media such as Twitter and offering lower priced, “private label” TVs. A recent report by Deloitte Consulting LLP titled “Here Today. Where Tomorrow? Taking Action in Uncertain Times” describes the current status of the U.S. economy as “lumpy and bumpy” and says that the uncertainly is causing too many executives at the more than 100 major companies it surveyed to fret about short-term issues and ignore big-picture strategy. Deloitte’s study warns that firms are fixating on “concerns like liquidity and customer retention, not worrying about forward-looking areas like talent, profitable growth and structural change.” Clearly, many executives are struggling to read the tea leaves of an economy that is finally posting some of its first, very tentative upbeat economic data in roughly two years. For example, July data showed an expected rise in new home sales—up 7.2% with the help of federal credits for first-time buyers and reduced in-

‘Good times may take some time to return and the path may be bumpy.’

28 | BedTimes | December 2009

Federal Reserve President Janet Yellen, in a speech near the end of the summer, warned of a less-thanrobust recovery that may be shaped more like a “U,” with an elongated bottom, than a “V,” which suggests a rapid recovery. Wharton finance professor Franklin Allen looks at the commercial and residential real estate markets as a barometer of economic recovery. So far that forecast remains cloudy. Allen advises CEOs to “be cautious and to hedge any big risks.” Wharton management professor Ian C. MacMillan suggests the problem is the American consumer, who still faces a crushing debt load and is

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terest rates—while a separate index showed home prices rising again, although still below the 2007 highs. There also is an upbeat tone to consumer confidence, which jumped at a larger-than-expected rate in August but it’s still well below the mark of a healthy economy. The biggest conundrum facing corporate strategists involves some grim forecasts regarding employment and the pace of rehiring when compared to other recent economic slowdowns. Right now, the U.S. unemployment rate remains near its recent peak, at 9.7%, and some experts are predicting a so-called “jobless recovery,” with many firms trying to do more with less and in no hurry to re-hire or fill positions that were slashed at the nadir of the recession. Consumer anger & anxiety The number and length of layoffs is not the only aspect of this recession and possible recovery that feels different from previous downturns. Even as the stock market and other economic indicators improve, many consumers remain bitter toward Wall Street and other corporations over reports of huge executive bonuses given rampant abuses in the home mortgage market and a $700 billion government bailout of financial institutions. That means that rebuilding consumer trust remains a top priority for corporate America—an area that company marketers should begin to work on immediately, regardless of the short-term outlook. “Some consumers are feeling that they can no longer trust the traditional ways of doing business. This (attitude) will stay with us for a long time,” predicts Yoram (Jerry) Wind, a professor of marketing at Wharton. “It’s an opportunity to build better and more trustworthy strategies with the customers—and now is the time to start.”

It’s an opportunity “to show clients that you love them,” adds Chatain, noting that he was surprised to read a recent article about credit card companies raising interest rates on longtime customers,

Indeed, several leading CEOs agree that the downturn has been a good time to refocus on customer relations, including what can be done to garner goodwill that might translate into dollars when spending finally picks up. For example, Carol Tome, Home Depot chief financial officer, told Fortune magazine that the leading home improvement chain recently launched the “power hour” for those times when consumer traffic is heaviest. During power hour, all employees are expected to be on the selling floor as a way to create a service-oriented environment that will ensure that customers keep coming back. Wharton’s Wind agrees that moves focused on building a closer relationship with core customers— either on the business-to-business side or rank-and-file consumers— are a critical priority that requires immediate attention, regardless of whether the so-called “green shoots” of mid-2009 are the real harbinger of an economic recovery or merely a false alarm.

The current month-to-month economic uncertainty has an advantage, too, by making it a good time to focus less on short-term goals and more on the big picture.

30 | BedTimes | December 2009

even after the bad publicity about executive compensation and government bailouts. “What they are doing is asking for customer disloyalty down the road,” he says. “If a firm can show its clients that it will help them through these difficult times, they will remember that. The small things can make a difference.” MacMillan suggests that some companies deserve credit for understanding the anxiety consumers are feeling as the recession drags on and for developing innovative programs in response. He cites Hyundai, which earlier this year launched its Hyundai Assurance Program to guarantee that car buyers could return vehicles without losing money if they are laid off within 12 months of making the purchase.

Long-term focus “The game is to change,” Wind says. “Those who succeed will be ones that focused on fundamental issues as the financial crisis and the recession intensified. If competitors are cutting back advertising or cutting their sales force, now is the time to increase or maintain them.” He also joins other experts in hailing the rise of social media, which happened concurrently with the recession, and says that some companies now may find popular Internet sites such as Facebook and Twitter to be valuable tools for reconnecting with customers and restoring loyalty, if handled in the right way. In addition, companies that have made steep cuts now have an opportunity to think strategically about their future, whether that means expanding into adjacent lines


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of business or opting instead for a tighter focus on the core market when the inevitable turnaround hits. “They can look at where the growth is going to be so that they think not only short term but also long term,” Hrebiniak says. For that reason, many experts say that it’s critical for businesses to maintain a viable research and development operation for the future, even if there is a short-term need to keep current production costs low. “One thing you definitely don’t want to do is cut R&D,” Chatain says. “If you do, you lose a lot of knowledge. You always want to have some new products in reserve so that when times are better, you are ready to hit the road running.” Greg Paw, president of Hankook Tire America, recently told a trade publication that Hankook’s strategy during the economic downturn has emphasized not cutting back on mar-

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32 | BedTimes | December 2009

keting and branding activities, as well as looking at ways to become more productive, especially through new technology. “Our focus is on efficiency,” Paw told Tire Review. For example, “we know that many dealers have reduced their inventories and are looking for smaller but more frequent deliveries. Our new Web-based ordering system is designed to reduce the amount of time a dealer needs to spend placing and tracking their orders.” Given this recession’s substantial layoffs and uncertainty about large-scale rehiring in the short run, Chatain suggests that another area of opportunity can be found in products or computing software that increase productivity. Companies that sell these types of products and services should be ramping up production and marketing now, he adds. For companies in industries that are more cyclical in nature, the deci-

sions become more difficult, Hrebiniak says. The $3 billion federal-funded Cash for Clunkers program that sparked a surge in automobile sales over the summer, with an estimate of more than 690,000 new vehicles sold, has now created something of a dilemma for American and foreign carmakers. No one can accurately predict whether that uptick in sales might continue, says Hrebiniak, and that means it’s difficult to manage both inventory and employment. But he notes that automakers can make better decisions if they look more closely at the data and understand the variations within the marketplace, such as what appears to be a long-term decline in demand for foreign luxury cars, as well as socalled “gas guzzlers.” Morris A. Cohen, Wharton operations and information professor, acknowledges that inventory man-

agement and hiring are the most difficult issues facing executives right now. The unique aspects of this downturn make it hard to use the normal predictors, such as advance orders of machine tools, as guarantees of a long-lasting turnaround. “(We are in) the worst downturn since the Great Depression, which means that perhaps what happened over the last 20 years doesn’t apply,” he says. “Maybe this is (like the) one-in-a-hundred-year flood. People are more risk averse. They are saying that just because it worked out this way the last three times, doesn’t mean it will work out this time.” BT Reprinted with permission from Knowledge@ Wharton (, the online research and business analysis journal of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

BedTimes | December 2009 |


Th ew 34 | BedTimes | December 2009

y a

e h t f o




Follow its flight pattern to creatively solve problems By Carol Ring Endless meetings. Stalled plans. Unresolved issues. Poorly recycled ideas. If you’re tired of getting nothing but blank faces when you ask your team for solutions to tough problems and want to go beyond ideas that only tweak an old idea, then it’s time for you and your company to start thinking in new ways. The way many people think today rarely allows employees to unlock the potential of their minds. Too often, they seem to be on autopilot, providing a knee-jerk response to any problem that may arise. The reason for that isn’t so much what they think as it is how they think. Companies have done so much process improvement and are running at such a fast pace that the truly visionary, entrepreneurial skill set isn’t highly valued. As a result, the corporate world has become an assembly line of production to get things out the door faster and cheaper. Because people are so focused on the problems, they rely on quick fixes or settle for the first solution, which often isn’t the best solution. Most people have trained their way of thinking to follow a straight line, rarely veering off a predictable path. They choose a solution because “It’s how we’ve always

done it.” Or they choose a solution because it’s the easiest or cheapest one. Such thinking is limiting. Often the best answer is not the first one or the obvious one—it’s the one that comes after some clear and original thinking. This can best be done through a process called Boomerang Think. The boomerang in business A boomerang is an Australian aboriginal tool and weapon that comes back to you if you throw it properly. It’s usually carved out of wood and consists of two wings connected at an angle. One side of the boomerang is slightly curved; the other side is flat. One of the secrets to a successful throw is the smoothness of the boomerang itself—the lack of burrs or extra weight along the wings. As the air travels faster over the surface of one wing than the other, the boomerang lifts. The angle of the two wings causes the boomerang to fly out straight for a distance, then turn to the left and return to the thrower. Just like the successful flight of the boomerang, Boomerang Think has special features and steps.

BedTimes | December 2009 |


Step 1

Create a barrier-free environment for thinking As previously noted, for the boomerang to fly correctly, it needs a smooth surface. The same concept applies to brainstorming. You can’t have barriers impeding the flight of ideas. In many companies, as soon as you bring up a problem and potential solution, people quickly list all the reasons why it won’t work: “It costs too much,” “Top managers will never agree,” “It would take too long,” etc. When this happens, have everyone stop and write their concerns on sticky notes. Put the sticky notes on the wall and instruct everyone to forget about them for a moment. Often the solution you need is obvious, but you only see it when you’re issue-free. If you spend all your time talking about why you can’t do something, you’ll never move forward. So, allocate a certain amount of time for people to voice their concerns and get them out of the way. If you don’t allow people to voice them, then they’ll silently let the excuses simmer and block the group’s creativity. Remember, a boomerang won’t fly if you weigh it down.

Step 2

Dream about finding the best possible solution to the problem After you open your mind and toss the boomerang, you’re ready for the second step—starting to fly. This is when you have the opportunity to stretch your thinking and come up with that best possible solution. Have everyone think in terms of limitless opportunities. There are no boundaries. You may have to do this part in two phases. First, get people warmed up to the idea of thinking creatively. Then encourage them to take their thinking further. For example, if you ask people to describe the best possible airline flight, they’ll begin with “No lines at the gate,” “The plane leaves on time,” “My luggage doesn’t get lost,” etc.

36 | BedTimes | December 2009

Are those answers really describing the best possible airline flight? No. They are “warm up” answers that describe OK possibilities. After people are warmed up, they can think more creatively. For our airline flight example, they’ll eventually start giving answers such as “I’m in first class,” “I’m on a flight to Cancun for a month’s vacation,” “I’m sitting next to Tiger Woods.” These are the “stretch” answers that start to depict the best possible solutions.

Step 3

Stretch the solutions further The third step of the process occurs at the apex of the flight. This is when you list all the elements of the very best possible solution. Every time someone suggests a possible solution, ask “What would be even better?” Keep asking this question over and over until the answer is amazing. Using the airline flight example, the amazing answer might be, “I’m on a private jet flying to my vacation home in Cancun, where I’ll be spending six months working on my latest project from my home office, which overlooks the beach. With me on the plane are my family and my closest friends, including Tiger Woods.” That answer is quite different from wanting short lines and an on-time flight. Remember, if the answer is not amazing, then there’s still something better to consider.

Step 4

Break the solution apart to begin the implementation process Just as a boomerang comes back to your hand, you have to bring your best possible solution back to your current business situation. This is when you take your amazing idea and break it into steps. When you start to brainstorm about implementing the individual components, you may find that 20% of your idea won’t work. But accomplishing 80% of your best possible solution is far better than getting 100% of your

very first idea. Throw your boomerang Let’s look at how to use Boomerang Think for a specific business problem. Suppose you have to train 300 employees on a new technology. Your sticky notes might include “Not enough training rooms,” “Too expensive to rent additional training rooms,” “Not enough time to get everyone trained,” etc. Now that the issues are out of the way, you can begin to think about the best possible solution. In this case it may be to have all the training done in 30 days and to do the training in multiple locations around the city rather than in your single training room so you can train more people at the same time. With this best possible solution in mind, you then would break it down and assess the viability of each component. In this example, you may realize that some of your suppliers or customers have offices with training rooms. Could you use those? You’re also a member of a local business group and it has boardrooms that are free for members to use. Could you use those boardrooms as training rooms? After a few phone calls, you learn that you have multiple options that are either free or very inexpensive. This is the power of Boomerang Think. You would never have started the conversation by saying, “Let’s talk to our suppliers about using their space.” To get there, you have to fly far with a solution and then bring it back in for implementation. Throw the boomerang in your company today. The results will amaze you. BT Carol Ring, vice president of strategic initiatives at Rogers Cable, is a speaker, author and expert on Integrated LifeÔ. Ring is a co-author of Awakening the Workplace, Vol. 2 and is finishing a book on creativity, imagination and problem solving titled Who Hid My Crayons? For more information, contact her at 905-326-3251, or

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IndustryNews L&P: Sales still sliding, but earnings up Bedding industry components supplier Leggett & Platt reported that third-quarter sales from continuing operations were $810 million, 28% lower than the $1.13 billion recorded during the same period in 2008. The Carthage, Mo.-based company attributed the decrease to “continuing weak market demand and steel-related price deflation.” L&P said it is “making strategic progress amid economic turmoil” and is well-positioned to ride out the continuing downturn in demand. Since late 2008, the company has focused on improving margins through cost reductions and pricing discipline. Its third-quarter gross margin increased to 23.1% and the EBIT (earnings before interest and tax) margin was 11.7%. Net income was $54.3 million, an increase of 66% over the same period a year ago. “In 2008, our full-year EBIT margin, adjusted for unusual items, was 6.5% on sales of $4.1 billion. At the end of 2009, we anticipate an EBIT margin run rate (excluding the net LIFO benefit) between 81/2% and 9% on annualized sales of $3 billion,” said David Haffner, L&P president and chief executive officer. “That’s over 200 basis points of margin improvement despite a 25% decline in sales. We will

continue to focus on margins during 2010 and beyond.” Cash flow from operations was $142 million for the third quarter. Year-to-date cash flow from operations was $430 million, already exceeding the $250 million annual requirement to fund dividends and capital expenditures, the company said. Total sales in the residential furnishings segment, which includes bedding components, adjustable beds, foam and other bedding-related products, decreased $137 million, or 24%. Total sales in the industrial materials segment, which includes mattress manufacturing equipment, decreased $121 million, or 41%. “Our balance sheet and cash flow remain strong,” Haffner said. “We now expect our 2009 operating cash flow to exceed $500 million, in large part due to our efforts to optimize working capital. During the quarter we used $80 million to purchase another 4.4 million shares of our stock. At quarter’s end our net debt had declined to 23.7% of net capital, well below our long-term target range; we had virtually no short-term debt, but had $600 million available to us; and we have no significant long-term debt maturing until 2013.”

Select Comfort: Earnings increase in third quarter


inneapolis-based airbed maker and retailer Select Comfort announced a jump in income during the third quarter of 2009. Net income was $6.9 million, compared to net income of $1 million for the same period a year ago. Net sales totaled $147.5 million for the quarter, a decrease of 6% compared to $157.2 million for the same period in 2008. The company generated $17.4 million in cash flow from operating activities. Third-quarter results included a one-time charge of $3.3 million associated with terminated financing activities, the company said. The drop in net sales was partly attributed to a 14% reduction in retail stores compared to the same period a year ago. The company closed 14 stores during the third quarter and shuttered 65 earlier in the year. Select Comfort plans to close another six

stores by the end of 2009. Third-quarter gross profit margin was 63.4%, up from 62.2 % during the same period last year. The improvement is a result of new manufacturing efficiencies offset by more aggressive promotions to drive sales, the company said. Sales and marketing costs decreased by 20% to $66 million, or 44.8% of net sales, compared to $82 million, or 52.2% of net sales for third quarter 2008.

“Third-quarter results improved significantly as our focus on controlling costs, building our brand and preserving cash helped mitigate the impact of ongoing market volatility,” said Bill McLaughlin, Select Comfort president and chief executive officer. “While our business has begun to stabilize and we’re beginning to experience its longer term potential, economic and market conditions remain uncertain. see Select Comfort page 42

Company files shelf registration with SEC Select Comfort, an airbed producer and retailer headquartered in Minneapolis, has filed a shelf registration statement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that, if approved, would permit the company to issue as much as $50 million worth of registered equity securities. Select Comfort said shelf registration will allow it to raise additional capital and strengthen its financial position, but the company does not anticipate having to issue all $50 million in shares and other securities in the near term.

BedTimes | December 2009 |



Tempur-Pedic dismisses patent infringement suit


attress manufacturer TempurPedic, which has headquarters in Lexington, Ky., has voluntarily dismissed the patent infringement lawsuit it filed June 10 in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Virginia. The suit named 17 mattress companies, including majors Sealy, Serta and Simmons, as defendants. The suit alleged that the manufacturers were violating Tempur-Pedic Patent No. 7,507,468 (titled “Laminated Visco-Elastic Support”) that was issued to the company by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on March 24. Atlanta-based Simmons announced in a news release issued Oct. 28 that Tempur-Pedic decided to dismiss the suit following Simmons’ request that the Patent and Trademark Office re-examine the validity of the patent. The lawsuit was dismissed “without prejudice,” which means that Tempur-Pedic is not barred from suing on its patent at a later date. Rick Anderson, president of Tempur-Pedic North America, said in a statement that “requests for patent re-examinations are fairly common… the process can take three or more years to complete. Acting to eliminate the need for all parties to devote

Safe Storage

resources to this lawsuit during the review period seemed to be in the best interest of all.” Defendants named in the suit are Anatomic Global Inc., Bragada Inc., Carpenter Co., Classic Sleep Products, Englander Sleep Products, Essentia USA LLC, IR Specialty Foam LLC, Jeffco Fibres Inc., Sealy Corp., Serta Inc., Serta Restokraft Mattress Co., Sleep Products Inc., Simmons Bedding Co., Simmons Mfg. Co. LLC, Spirit Sleep Products LLC, WCW Inc. and World Sleep Products Inc. When contacted by BedTimes, a number of companies named in the lawsuit declined to discuss the dismal. Others, who said the original lawsuit had caught them by surprise and came at a time when the industry already was dealing with difficult economic condi-

tions, were pleased by Tempur-Pedic’s decision. “We’re pleased that Tempur-Pedic has made the decision to end this legal action,” said Steve Fendrich, Simmons president and chief operating officer. “We maintain that the ’468 patent is not valid and its review by the USPTO through the re-examination process remains pending.” “Obviously, we’re glad it’s over,” said Mike Zippelli, chief executive officer of Classic Sleep Products, which is based in Jessup, Md., “It was an enormous expense for all concerned.” “Dismissing the lawsuit was the right thing to do, although I don’t think this is the end of it,” said Vincent Simmons, chief executive officer of Bragada Mattresses in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. (Simmons is no relation to defendants Simmons Bedding Co. or Simmons Mfg. Co. LLC.)

Select Comfort from page 41 Therefore, we are planning and managing conservatively, while prepared to capitalize on growth as we see opportunities.” The company said it continues to operate under short-term waivers to comply with loan covenants associ-

ated with the $50 million available under its revolving credit facility and is negotiating with its lenders to secure a long-term financing agreement. Select Comfort also continues to evaluate financing alternatives beyond the recently announced agreement with equity firm Sterling Partners.

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DACS 42 | BedTimes | December 2009


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FTC issues product endorsement guidelines I

s your company paying bloggers or other social media to endorse your products? As of Dec. 1, you now have to disclose that compensation under revised U.S. Federal Trade Commission guidelines for the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising.

The revised guidelines require bloggers and others who endorse products or services to disclose any payments or other compensation— including free products—they receive for their opinions. The requirement also applies to comments on talk shows, views expressed

through social media and endorsements in traditional advertisements. Payments for research also need to be disclosed. If your company makes a claim of superiority based on a study, not only do you need to disclose the basis for the claim, you also must disclose any financial support you provided. The FTC warns that advertisers and endorsers that fail to make the disclosures or that make false, misleading or unsubstantiated claims, could be subject to fines of as much as $11,000 per violation. You can find a copy of the guidelines at /10/091005endorsementguidesfnnotice.pdf.

Short L&P is on Discovery TV Furniture and mattress components supplier Leggett & Platt is being featured on the Discovery Science Channel’s program, “Popular Science’s Future of...” Each episode of the TV series examines how one important characteristic of human life will fundamentally change within our lifetimes. L&P is featured in an episode about pleasure that debuted Nov. 2. The Carthage, Mo.-based company said it was chosen to appear on the program because of its “extensive research in ergonomics and sleep science.” Portions of the program are available for viewing on the Discovery Science Channel’s Web site, tv/pop-sci/pop-sci.html.

44 | BedTimes | December 2009

Tempur-Pedic sees improvements in third quarter exington, Ky.-based bedding producer Tempur-Pedic reported a 7% rise in net income to $25.7 million in the third quarter, compared to $24.1 million for the same period in 2008. Third-quarter revenue fell 11% to $224.1 million from $252.8 million in the third quarter of the previous year. On a constant currency basis, net sales declined 10%. Domestic net sales dropped 12%, while international net sales declined 10%. On a constant currency basis, international net sales declined 7%. Total mattress sales declined 14%. Domestic mattress sales fell 15% and international sales were down 13%. On a constant currency basis, international mattress sales declined 9%. Pillow sales were down 10% overall, dropping 9% domestically and 10% internationally. On a constant currency basis, international pillow sales declined 9%. Gross profits for the third quarter improved slightly, rising 1% over the same period in 2008 to $106.7 million. The company’s third-quarter gross profit margin was 47.6%, compared to 41.7% one year ago. The increase was a result of manufacturing efficiencies, lower commodity costs and improved pricing, but was offset by fixed costs and lower production volumes, Tempur-Pedic said. The company generated $55 million in operating cash flow. It also reduced its total debt by $54 million to $315 million and is well within its funded debt-to-EBITDA ratio as specified in its credit facility, according to the company. “Our 2009 strategic initiatives continued to generate improved results during the third quarter. While the macroenvironment

remains challenging, our sales have grown and our margins have improved,” said Mark Sarvary, Tempur-Pedic chief executive officer. “Our results continue to demonstrate the company’s strong cash flow. Through the first nine

Let us

months, we have reduced debt by over $100 million. Our recent product introductions and our new advertising campaign, combined with continued productivity improvements, will allow us to build on this performance.”

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Henkel Corporation 10 Finderne Avenue Bridgewater, NJ 08807 1.866.4HENKEL (443.6535)

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Hickory Springs launches challenge


ndustry components supplier Hickory Springs’ new EarthCare Challenge is a social media marketing campaign structured much like a reality-TV game show. The campaign’s goal is to educate consumers about how to live more sustainable lives while promoting the Hickory, N.C.-based company’s EarthCare Inside line. EarthCare Inside products feature Preserve foam with biobased content. The contest provides promotional opportunities for retailers and manufacturers who want to reach the eco-friendly consumer, the company said. A call for challenge entrants kicked off at the October High Point Market in High Point, N.C. On Dec.

46 | BedTimes | December 2009

1, the company chose six regional finalists who have embarked on a 45-day sustainable lifestyle makeover. A panel of “green” lifestyle experts are guiding the contestants in their makeovers. Each finalist’s progress is being chronicled in a variety of social media, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and at the EarthCare Inside Web site, The

public is invited to participate by voting for their favorite contestant and registering to win product discounts and prizes. “Our mission is to show consumers that positive change is possible—from the inside out—in your everyday life,” said Dwayne Welch, Hickory Springs vice president. “The aspiration to live greener lifestyles inspires people of all ages. The EarthCare Challenge is a chance to share real experiences within a community we’re creating with our partners in the furnishing industry.” In early 2010, the contestant who makes the most dramatic makeover will win a prize package that includes an eco-friendly furniture shopping spree.


Mesner reopens Denver mattress plant M

attress manufacturing veteran Les Mesner, a former Spring Air licensee, has repurchased and reopened a plant in Denver. The new Colorado Mattress Co. is now an independent producer serving a number of the plant’s former customers, including Yotes Inc., a 22-store

Mattress Firm franchisee. Mesner has rehired all of his former employees and outfitted the plant with “the latest in manufacturing equipment,” he said. “We are producing high-quality products for the ‘meat and potatoes’ price points,” Mesner said. “Without the

restrictions of a franchise organization, Colorado Mattress Co. can focus strictly on the needs of our customers.” The company has widened its distribution to cover the entire Midwest with a line of products with suggested retail price points ranging from $299 to $1,199 for queen size. “It feels good to be wanted by your former customers. It’s why we were able to reopen in the same building with the same people,” Mesner said. “We were home to a successful Spring Air franchise since 1949.”

Shorts Anatomic outfits hotel

Doesn’t your mattress deserve to be spoiled?

Anatomic Global is now the official mattress supplier to the Six Flags Great Escape Lodge & Indoor Water Park in Lake George, N.Y. The Corona, Calif.based mattress maker supplied 450 Ecomfort Harmony memory foam beds to the 200-suite hotel. The beds contain a percentage of bio-based visco-elastic foam and are covered in ticking containing bamboo. The bed sets are part of the theme park’s newly launched “green” initiative and are available for purchase directly from the hotel at $1,299 for a queen size.

Perfect Fit/Ironman partner Ideal Quilting’s in-house design team will wrap your mattress with the finest fabrics and custom quilting of the highest grade. We utilize the latest innovations and styles to pamper your mattress with unique, one-of-a-kind designs. For more information visit us at, contact us toll free at 1.877.748.8402 or email us at

48 | BedTimes | December 2009

Perfect Fit Industries, a manufacturer of bedding accessories based in Charlotte, N.C., has signed a licensing agreement with T3 Recovery Products of Seattle to produce and market the official bedding of Ironman. The initial line includes mattress pads and pillows. “Ironman T3 Recovery Products are designed to provide better sleep and faster recovery,” said Richard Brass, T3 Recovery Products president.

Mattress Firm moves into Wisconsin H

ouston-based bedding retailer Mattress Firm has signed a multiunit franchise agreement with Chuck Dawson, a former Sealy executive. Dawson will develop markets in two Wisconsin cities—Madison and Milwaukee—and plans to open several stores in 2010. This marks the retailer’s entry into Wisconsin, giving it a presence in 22 states. “For the past several years, we’ve concentrated primarily on opening new corporate-owned locations and acquisitions, while focusing on operations, training and the store experience,” said Gary Fazio, Mattress Firm chief executive officer. “We see this as the first in a series of development agreements as we look to aggressively build in franchising. Our team has developed a complete turnkey package—from operations to sales to store design—to assist franchisees as they work to build market leadership. We have the systems in place to grow the Mattress Firm brand with the goal of becoming a true national retailer with locations border to border and coast to coast.” Dawson is a mattress industry veteran who began his career as owner of Classic Mattress, a bedding chain in Florida. He spent more than 20 years in sales management positions at Sealy, most recently as senior vice president of national accounts. “I am extremely excited to be partnering with Mattress Firm on this new venture and look forward to leading the company’s plans to stimulate growth through franchising,” Dawson said. “I’ve had the privilege of working closely with the Mattress Firm team as part of my work at Sealy and have a great deal of respect for the organization and their business model.” Mattress Firm has more than 500 retail locations. It carries Sealy, Simmons, Sleep to Live and Tempur-Pedic brands.

Short Outlast unveils chilled sleep pad Outlast Technologies, a supplier of phase-changing fabrics, fibers and coatings based in Boulder, Colo., recently debuted the Space Ice Sheet sleeping pad in Tokyo. The pad helps regulate body temperature by incorporating Outlast technology with chilled gel packs, which are held inside the pad’s pockets. The gel packs can be refrigerated and reused multiple times. A layer of Outlast fabric lines the pad, ensuring that the sleeper stays at a comfortable temperature, the company said. The pad comes in two sizes, single and single short; a pillowcase also is available.

Innovations and technology for the future





BedTimes | December 2009 |



Spring Air adds South Korean licensee Bedding licensing group Spring Air International has signed a licensing agreement with BMB Co. Ltd., a mattress producer and distributor based in Kwangju, South Korea. The deal allows BMB to manufacture and import Spring Airbranded products for distribution throughout the country. The addition of BMB brings Spring Air’s total number of international licensees to 13 companies serving 32 countries. The mattress licensing group, headquartered in Boston, also has agreements with 13 U.S. manufacturers. BMB will offer Spring Air’s flagship Back Supporter and Chattam & Wells brands, as well as the Spring Air value line and other branded products, said Eric Spitzer, Spring Air senior vice president. “The overseas market is very interested in respected mattress brands that offer patented technologies, proprietary features and a range of innerspring and specialty designs,” Spitzer said. “We look forward to working with BMB and to expanding our presence in other important international markets.”

Zip up profits with our NEW Zipper Mattress Cover Program

Closing the deal Spring Air International and BMB Co. Ltd. signed their licensing agreement at Spring Air’s headquarters in Boston. Pictured (from left) are Young Gul Kim, BMB chief brand officer and executive adviser; Rick Robinson, Spring Air president; and Eric Spitzer, Spring Air senior vice president.

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A. Lava & Son Co. • Lava Wood Products • Pattern Designers, Inc.

50 | BedTimes | December 2009

Your Source for PP Nonwoven Fabrics Uni-Source Textile is a leading supplier, importer and manufacturer of nonwoven fabrics. Based in the heart of southern California, we have facility locations across Southern California and manufacturing plants overseas. Our success is being able to bring value, service and quality to the industries we deal with. A list of the following industries we specialize in working with and what we can do:

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Mattress Industry Furniture Industry Pillow Pockets Agriculture Industry Apparel Industry Packaging Industry Custom folding Medical Usage

WHAT WE CAN DO: • • • • • • • • • •

Nonwoven fabric weight .50oz ~ 8.0oz Nonwoven fabric in black, white and a variety of colors All sizes available from 3” ~ 126” Nonwoven fabric with FR or UV treated Next Day delivery service or will call Container pricing to your door Distributors welcome Italian Technology Machinery fabrics German Technology Machinery fabrics China Technology Machinery fabrics

VISIT US AT: WWW.UNISOURCETEXTILE.COM Orders by the roll or by the containers, no usage is too big or too small, we can mix specs for delivery. Custom cutting to size anyway you like onsite. Please give us a call to get more info or samples sent to you toll free at 1-888-UST-1689 or email at and ask for the sales and marketing department at ext. 116.

magazine AD.indd 3

1/23/08 2:11:44 PM


Bedding companies aid cancer research T

hree companies in the mattress industry recently worked to raise money for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, a pancreatic cancer advocacy group. Protect-A-Bed, a supplier of mattress and pillow protection products with headquarters in Glenview, Ill., and Houstonbased retailer Mattress Firm partnered during National Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month in November, donating a portion of the proceeds from every mattress protector sold through Mattress Firm to the advocacy group. “Protect-A-Bed is a long-time supporter of pancreatic cancer research,” said James Bell, Protect-A-Bed chief executive officer. “Joining forces with Mattress Firm and the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network for this special in-store promotion may help put researchers one step closer to finding a cure for one the deadliest forms of cancer.” On Oct. 15, mattress maker Tempur-Pedic launched a Tempur-Pedic Hugs Back fund-raiser for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. Net proceeds from sales of a limited edition My Tempur-Pedic Teddy Bear go to group. The teddy bear, retailing for $59, is filled with TEMPUR

71/2” H Continuous Units 8” H Pocket Units Reliable & Creditable Canadian Professional Manufacture Bonnells and Edge guards 4” H to 8” H Wires, Border-rods, Grids, etc.

foam and co-branded with the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. Purchasers also receive a “cause bracelet” to help spread awareness of the disease. The bears are available while supplies last at participating Tempur-Pedic retailers and on the company’s Web site. “Pancreatic cancer is one of the most aggressive forms of cancer, yet is under-funded and lacks the same extent of public awareness that other forms of cancer have—something that we at Tempur-Pedic hope to help change with this initiative,” said Rick Anderson, president of Tempur-Pedic North America.

Shorts Urner’s marks 90th anniversary Urner’s, which includes the Appliance Center, Big Screen City, Sofas Etc. and Z’s Please Sleep Center, celebrated its 90th anniversary by giving Tempur-Pedic mattresses and foundations to the Bakersfield Rescue Mission for use in its men’s and women’s dormitories. The store also donated Mitsubishi televisions and two home theaters. The donation is valued at $110,000. Urner’s, based in Bakersfield, Calif., opened its doors on Sept. 1, 1919, as Home Appliance Co. It was started by two local high school teachers-turned-entrepreneurs, Errol P. Janes and David E. Urner.

Shifman outfits N.Y. hotel Shifman Mattress Co., a manufacturer of high-end, handcrafted beds based in Newark, N.J., has created the Chatwal bed for a new Art Deco boutique hotel in New York’s theater district, the Chatwal New York. The 88room hotel will open in spring 2010. The Chatwal bed is a hand-tufted innerspring mattress with layers of natural cotton batting. Each bed requires eight hours to manufacture and involves 280 individual sewing operations.

United Feather & Borghese move into hospitality

Peter Jensen, VP/ Marketing & Sales (604) 351-3613 • Canada: T(604)267-1307 • F(604)267-1327 China: T86-21-13901616782 F86-21-55128718

52 | BedTimes | December 2009

Top-of-bed supplier United Feather & Down, with headquarters in Des Plaines, Ill., and Borghese, a New Yorkbased producer of personal care products, have introduced a line of bedding and spa accessories specifically for the hospitality industry. The collection is an extension of a similar consumer line launched in September. Items include a bed pillow, comforter, spa pillow, booties and spa body wrap in 300-thread count cotton fabrics incorporating aloe vera and embroidered with the Villa Di Borghese crest. Each item is paired with a sample-size skin care product.

Vi-Spring debuts in U.S.


uxury bed maker Vi-Spring, based in Plymouth, England, is now offering its product in the U.S. market through upscale retailer Chicago Luxury Beds. The Chicago store is the manufacturer’s sole U.S. distribution point. The brand also is sold in Asia and Europe. Vi-Spring handcrafts its line of

mattresses, bedsteads and accessories to order. Its mattresses contain natural fill fibers such as cashmere, mohair, cotton and lamb’s wool. Retail prices for the Vi-Spring range sold through Chicago Luxury Beds start at $4,575 for the Baronet Supreme in queen size. “In these demanding times, the

need for good, quality sleep is paramount. Our reputation for creating life-changing beds has been growing for some time now,” said Mike Meehan, ViSpring managing director. “We’ve had an increase in inquiries from across the globe. We’re very pleased to be working with Chicago Luxury Beds and to be taking the best of British craftsmanship to the United States.”

Shorts Novo Textiles adds Oodles Top-of-bed supplier Novo Textiles Co. has added Oodles extruded latex fill to its Novo Sleep Systems Novopure line of pillows and mattress toppers. The company, based in Surrey, British Columbia, mixes Oodles with lofty “cluster ball” polyester fill—a down alternative—to create a “floating foam” feeling. The new products introduce the Oodles technology to the Canadian marketplace, the company said.

L.A. lofts choose OMI OrganicPedic mattresses and pillows from manufacturer Organic Mattresses Inc. were chosen to furnish several apartment models in the Lofts @ Cherokee Studios in Los Angeles. The remodeled building, a former recording studio, has a star-studded history with artists from Frank Sinatra to Madonna recording there. OMI products can be found in the building’s Alice Cooper and David Bowiethemed model apartments. OMI is headquartered in Yuba City, Calif.

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A&E Flame-Out速 has been engineered to save lives and money for 16 CFR 1633 compliance, so buyers can rest easier. And, because Flame-Out provides more yards per pound, each mattress costs less to manufacture. So you can protect families and your bottom line. For more information call 1-800-861-3256 or 1277AEIN-FlameOut Ad BedTimes.in1 1

11/3/09 8:26:15 AM


2010 Supplies


2010 Supplies Guide

products & services

2010 Supplies Guide The BedTimes Supplies Guide—with information about a multitude of companies and the products and services they offer—is the bedding industry’s only comprehensive directory for manufacturers of mattresses and other sleep products.

Page 57 Products & Services Directory

Page 75 Company-by-Company Directory

An alphabetical, category-by-category listing of products and services offered by suppliers. Additional categories have been added this year.

An alphabetical listing of suppliers, including phone and fax numbers, email and Web addresses, and contact people for each company.

➤ BedTimes Supplies Guide Online The BedTimes Supplies Guide is printed each year in the December issue of the magazine. We know that mattress manufacturers turn to it often throughout the year when making purchasing decisions and we are proud to provide them with such a resource. The BedTimes Supplies Guide also can be accessed online at, where suppliers can update their information and listings at any time. We encourage manufacturers to note the Web address and visit the online guide often for the latest information from industry suppliers.

All information in the BedTimes Supplies Guide was provided by the supplier companies. Companies with full listings in the Company-by-Company Directory starting on Page 75 paid for complete listings in the online BedTimes Supplies Guide. Companies with abbreviated listings in that section are advertisers in this issue of BedTimes but did not purchase a complete listing in the online guide.

56 | BedTimes | December 2009

products & services

2010 Supplies Guide

Accessories - Hard Goods

Pillow Covers

Bed Bases/Rails

Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc. Glideaway Bed Carriage Mfg. Co. Hickory Springs Mfg. Co. Indratech LLC Leggett & Platt Inc.

Bed Frames

Glideaway Bed Carriage Mfg. Co.

Bed Legs

Costa International Ergomotion


C.J. Hodder Lumber Co. Costa International CPS Wood Products Leggett & Platt Inc.

Mattress Accessories BRK Group Costa International

Rollaway Beds

Glideaway Bed Carriage Mfg. Co. Leggett & Platt Inc.

Trundle Beds

Glideaway Bed Carriage Mfg. Co. Leggett & Platt Inc.

Accessories - Soft Goods Foot Protectors

Future Foam FXI Foamex Innovations MFI International-Competitive Crossborder Solutions Restonic Mattress Corp. Wright of Thomasville

Linens (Sheets/Comforters/ Duvets, etc.)

Airland Furniture (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. Bo Mei Changfu Dream World Design Interwoven Group Leggett & Platt Inc. Lenzing Fibers Montreal Fabrics Corp. Ltd. Priotex Restonic Mattress Corp. SOL Global

Mattress Pads/Toppers

A. Lava & Son Co. Airland Furniture (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. Albany Foam & Supply Inc. Amelco Industries Ltd. American Excelsior Co. Arpico-Richard Pieris Natural Foams Ltd. Bo Mei Changfu Boyteks Tekstil A.S. Carpenter Co. Costa International Deerfield Urethane Dream World Design Enkev Group B.V. Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc. Flexible Foam Products Inc. FR Systems International FXI Foamex Innovations Hickory Springs Mfg. Co. Ideal Quilting Ltd. Jeffco Fibres Inc. Latex Green (Pvt.) Ltd. Lebanon Apparel Corp. Leggett & Platt Inc. Lenzing Fibers MFI International-Competitive Crossborder Solutions Montreal Fabrics Corp. Ltd. Natura World Inc. Palmpring Co. Ltd. Restonic Mattress Corp. SOL Global Starsprings International Sunds Velour A/S

Mattress Protectors

Arpico-Richard Pieris Natural Foams Ltd. Boyteks Tekstil A.S. Dream World Design Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc. Glideaway Bed Carriage Mfg. Co. Herculite Products Inc. Ideal Quilting Ltd. Leggett & Platt Inc. Lenzing Fibers MFI International-Competitive Crossborder Solutions Montreal Fabrics Corp. Ltd. Natura World Inc. Restonic Mattress Corp.

A. Lava & Son Co. Arpico-Richard Pieris Natural Foams Ltd. Bo Mei Changfu Dream World Design Global Textile Partners Latexco LLC Lebanon Apparel Corp. Lenzing Fibers Montreal Fabrics Corp. Ltd. Natura World Inc. Restonic Mattress Corp. Sunds Velour A/S Uni-Source Textile Vintex Inc.


Albany Foam & Supply Inc. Amelco Industries Ltd. Arpico-Richard Pieris Natural Foams Ltd. Big Sky Bedding Consulting Carpenter Co. Dream World Design Federal Foam Technologies Inc. FR Systems International Fred Clark Felt Co. Inc. Future Foam FXI Foamex Innovations Glideaway Bed Carriage Mfg. Co. Jeffco Fibres, Inc. Latex Green (Pvt.) Ltd. Latex International Latexco LLC Lebanon Apparel Corp. Leggett & Platt Inc. Lenzing Fibers Montreal Fabrics Corp. Ltd. Natura World Inc. Restonic Mattress Corp. SOL Global Sunds Velour A/S Uni-Source Textile VyMaC Corp. Wright of Thomasville

Business Services

Advertising/Promotional Services

Lilly Management Group Printcraft Co. Inc. Sanitized AG SleepTrust, a division of Magi Seal International VyMaC Corp.

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2010 Supplies Guide

Business Services

products & services Consultants-Flammability

Better Sleep Council (BSC) National Cotton Batting Institute Sleep Products Safety Council (SPSC)

Big Sky Bedding Consulting Chilworth Pacific Fire Laboratories Law Offices of Joanne E. MattiaceLegal Label Inc. Lilly Management Group SGS U.S. Testing Co.

Banners & Posters

Engineering Services

continued Associations

Sanitized AG Wright of Thomasville


Lilly Management Group Printcraft Co. Inc. Sanitized AG SleepTrust, a division of Magi Seal International Wright of Thomasville

Commercial Quilters

CT Continental Ticking GmbH Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc. Ideal Quilting Ltd. Sedco Textile Supreme Quilting Ltd.

Computer Software

Big Sky Bedding Consulting Industrial Indexing Systems Inc. Integrity Software Solutions OHM Systems Inc. Vista Medical Ltd.


American Law Label Inc. Big Sky Bedding Consulting Chilworth Pacific Fire Laboratories Farnsworth Logistics Industrial Indexing Systems Inc. Integrity Software Solutions Kenn Spinrad Inc. Law Offices of Joanne E. MattiaceLegal Label Inc. Lilly Management Group Material Flow Technologies Inc. Natura World Inc. OHM Systems Inc. Printcraft Co. Inc. Restonic Mattress Corp. SGS U.S. Testing Co. SleepTrust, a division of Magi Seal International SOL Global

58 | BedTimes | December 2009

Big Sky Bedding Consulting Chilworth Pacific Fire Laboratories ESCO (Edge-Sweets Co.) Gateway Systems IDM Instruments Pty. Ltd. Industrial Indexing Systems Inc. Kenn Spinrad Inc. Lilly Management Group Material Flow Technologies Inc. SGS U.S. Testing Co.

Flammability Testing Services

Chilworth Pacific Fire Laboratories The Govmark Organization Inc. Intertek Milliken & Co. SGS U.S. Testing Co. TouchStone Systems & Services Inc.

Legal Services

Law Offices of Joanne E. MattiaceLegal Label Inc.

Licensing Groups

Natura World Inc. Restonic Mattress Corp. Sanitized AG SOL Global

Magazines/Publications BedTimes Printcraft Co. Inc.


Big Sky Bedding Consulting DACS Inc. OHM Systems Inc. Restonic Mattress Corp. Sanitized AG SleepTrust, a division of Magi Seal International Vista Medical Ltd. Wright of Thomasville

Pressure Mapping Vista Medical Ltd.

Preventive Maintenance American & Efird ESCO (Edge-Sweets Co.) Kenn Spinrad Inc.

Quality Assurance

Advanced Testing Instruments Corp. (ATI) Big Sky Bedding Consulting IDM Instruments Pty. Ltd. Intertek Kenn Spinrad Inc. Lilly Management Group OHM Systems Inc. Sanitized AG SleepTrust, a division of Magi Seal International Tietex International


Kenn Spinrad Inc.

Supply Chain Management Big Sky Bedding Consulting DACS Inc. Farnsworth Logistics Kenn Spinrad Inc.

Testing Services

Advanced Testing Instruments Corp. (ATI) Chilworth Pacific Fire Laboratories The Govmark Organization Inc. IDM Instruments Pty. Ltd. Intertek LA.P.I. (Laboratorio Prevenwione Incendi) Milliken & Co. Sanitized AG SGS U.S. Testing Co. TouchStone Systems & Services Inc. Vista Medical Ltd.

Transportation/ Logistics Services

Farnsworth Logistics

Warranty Services

SleepTrust, a division of Magi Seal International

2010 Supplies Guide

products & services

Waste Management

Northstar Recycling Group Inc.

Machinery/Fixtures Adhesive Machinery

Avery Dennison Fastener Division Birch Bros. Southern Black Bros. Co. Global Systems Group Komar Alliance P. Bjerre Inc. SABA North America LLC Simalfa UPACO Adhesives, a division of Worthen Industries

Bale Openers (Fiber/ Spring Units)

Allertex of America Ltd. Amelco Industries Ltd. Atlanta Attachment Co. Inc. Caudle Bedding Supplies Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc.

Global Systems Group Gribetz International P. Bjerre Inc. Piedmont Mattress Equipment (PME) Spuhl-Anderson Veysel Kutuklu Mattresses Machinery Co.

Baling Machines-Innerspring

Galkin Automated Products Gateway Systems Global Systems Group Gribetz International Nähtec P. Bjerre Inc. Piedmont Mattress Equipment (PME) Porter International

Border Machines

Burgess-Built Machinery Galkin Automated Products Gateway Systems P. Bjerre Inc. Piedmont Mattress Equipment (PME) Porter International

Amelco Industries Ltd. Piedmont Mattress Equipment (PME) Remex AG Spuhl AG Veysel Kutuklu Mattresses Machinery Co.

Border Measuring Machines

AIM Inc. Atlanta Attachment Co. Inc. Burgess-Built Machinery Caudle Bedding Supplies Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc.

Boxspring Machinery/Jigs Atlanta Attachment Co. Inc. D.R. Cash Inc.

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2010 Supplies Guide

products & services

Allertex of America Ltd.

Atlanta Attachment Co. Inc. Dunlap Sunbrand International N채htec

Cleaning Guns/Fluid

Eyelet Machines

Allertex of America Ltd. Atlanta Attachment Co. Inc. Avery Dennison Fastener Division Birch Bros. Southern Global Systems Group Industrial Indexing Systems Inc. Komar Alliance P. Bjerre Inc. SABA North America LLC Simalfa

Machinery/Fixtures continued Carding Machines

Cansew Inc. Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc. Komar Alliance New England Needles Inc.

Cloth Measuring Machines

Advanced Testing Instruments Corp. (ATI) Birch Bros. Southern Burgess-Built Machinery IDM Instruments Pty. Ltd. P. Bjerre Inc. Porter International

Conveying Equipment

Allertex of America Ltd. Atlanta Attachment Co. Inc. Baumer of America Inc. Birch Bros. Southern ESCO (Edge-Sweets Co.) Gateway Systems Global Systems Group Gribetz International Material Flow Technologies Inc. P. Bjerre Inc. Piedmont Mattress Equipment (PME)

Ergonomic Equipment

Costa International Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc.

Feeding/Winding Systems

Birch Bros. Southern Industrial Indexing Systems Inc.

Filling Machines

ABM International Inc. Amelco Industries Ltd. D.R. Cash Inc. Global Systems Group Grauff GmbH & Co. KG Gribetz International Industrial Indexing Systems Inc. P. Bjerre Inc.

Flange Machines

ABM International Inc. Atlanta Attachment Co. Inc. Caudle Bedding Supplies Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc. Galkin Automated Products Global Systems Group Piedmont Mattress Equipment (PME) Porter International

Allertex of America Ltd. Atlanta Attachment Co. Inc. Baumer of America Inc. Birch Bros. Southern Caudle Bedding Supplies Diamond Needle Corp. Dunlap Sunbrand International ESCO (Edge-Sweets Co.) Galkin Automated Products Gateway Systems Global Systems Group Grauff GmbH & Co. KG Gribetz International IDM Instruments Pty. Ltd. MFI International-Competitive Crossborder Solutions P. Bjerre Inc. Porter International

ABM International Inc. Baumer of America Inc. Bechik Products Inc. Caudle Bedding Supplies Dunlap Sunbrand International ESCO (Edge-Sweets Co.) FMA Trading LLC Grauff GmbH & Co. KG

Cutting Machines

60 | BedTimes | December 2009

Foam Cutting Equipment

Foam Fabricating Equipment Baumer of America Inc. ESCO (Edge-Sweets Co.) FMA Trading LLC

Garnett Equipment

Allertex of America Ltd. Naturalfelt Piedmont Mattress Equipment (PME)

Gluing/Bonding Systems

Handle Attaching Machines Atlanta Attachment Co. Inc. Burgess-Built Machinery Galkin Automated Products Global Systems Group Gribetz International N채htec P. Bjerre Inc. Porter International

Hemming Machines

Atlanta Attachment Co. Inc. Birch Bros. Southern Dunlap Sunbrand International Gateway Systems MAMMUT P. Bjerre Inc.

Hog Ring Machines

Atlanta Attachment Co. Inc. Costa International Froma General Trading LLC Global Systems Group Vertex Fasteners

HVAC/Dust Controls/Fans Atlanta Attachment Co. Inc.

Indexing Products

Global Systems Group


Amelco Industries Ltd. Leggett & Platt Inc. Remex AG Spuhl AG

Label Printing Equipment Black Bros. Co.

Label Sewing Machines

Atlanta Attachment Co. Inc.

products & services Burgess-Built Machinery Caudle Bedding Supplies Dunlap Sunbrand International FMA Trading LLC Froma General Trading LLC Galkin Automated Products Gateway Systems Global Systems Group Porter International

Lifting Solutions

Birch Bros. Southern Material Flow Technologies Inc.

Mattress Assembly Systems

Atlanta Attachment Co. Inc. Avery Dennison Fastener Division Caudle Bedding Supplies CT Continental Ticking GmbH Froma General Trading LLC Gateway Systems Global Systems Group Gribetz International MFI International-Competitive

u Sleep products

Crossborder Solutions P. Bjerre Inc. Porter International Vertex Fasteners


Costa International Froma General Trading LLC Galkin Automated Products Global Systems Group Inner Source Inc. Vertex Fasteners

Needle Looms

Allertex of America Ltd.

Packaging Machines

ABM International Inc. Advanced Testing Instruments Corp. (ATI) Atlanta Attachment Co. Inc. Baumer of America Inc. Birch Bros. Southern

• Best sales • Lasting results • Unmatched Comfort

2010 Supplies Guide

Froma General Trading LLC Galkin Automated Products Global Systems Group Grauff GmbH & Co. KG Gribetz International IDM Instruments Pty. Ltd. P. Bjerre Inc. Veysel Kutuklu Mattresses Machinery Co.

Panel Cutters

ABM International Inc. Atlanta Attachment Co. Inc. Caudle Bedding Supplies D.R. Cash Inc. ESCO (Edge-Sweets Co.) FMA Trading LLC Galkin Automated Products Gateway Systems Global Systems Group Gribetz International Industrial Indexing Systems Inc. P. Bjerre Inc. Spuhl-Anderson

AIR FLOW COMFORT PILLOW Blu’s exclusive open cell visco elastic memory foam is unlike any other foam in the world.

• The most breathable, comfortably cool Memory Foam ever • CoolMax fabric pillow cover • 100% Italian Visco Elastic Memory foam with Open Cell Technology • 5 year warranty • UPS delivery available


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2010 Supplies Guide

Machinery/Fixtures continued Quilting Machines

ABM International Inc. Atlanta Attachment Co. Inc. Caudle Bedding Supplies Diamond Needle Corp. Edgewater Machine Co. Inc. Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc. FMA Trading LLC Froma General Trading LLC Galkin Automated Products Global Systems Group Gribetz International Industrial Indexing Systems Inc. Inner Source Inc. MAMMUT MFI International-Competitive Crossborder Solutions P. Bjerre Inc. Sedco Textile


DACS Inc. Dunlap Sunbrand International Global Systems Group Gribetz International Material Flow Technologies Inc.

products & services MFI International-Competitive Crossborder Solutions N채htec New England Needles Inc. Porter International

D.R. Cash Inc. Galkin Automated Products Gateway Systems Global Systems Group Gribetz International


Tape-Edge Machines

Allertex of America Ltd. Caudle Bedding Supplies Froma General Trading LLC Grauff GmbH & Co. KG P. Bjerre Inc.


ABM International Inc. Allertex of America Ltd. Atlanta Attachment Co. Inc. Baumer of America Inc. Birch Bros. Southern Caudle Bedding Supplies Edgewater Machine Co. Inc. ESCO (Edge-Sweets Co.) Galkin Automated Products Global Systems Group Gribetz International P. Bjerre Inc.

Spring Coiling Machinery

Atlanta Attachment Co. Inc. Birch Bros. Southern Caudle Bedding Supplies Diamond Needle Corp. Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc. Galkin Automated Products Gateway Systems Global Systems Group N채htec Porter International

Bloomingburg Spring & Wire Form Co. Inc. CT Continental Ticking GmbH FMA Trading LLC Froma General Trading LLC Gribetz International Remex AG Spuhl-Anderson Starsprings International Texas Pocket Springs Veysel Kutuklu Mattresses Machinery Co.

Sewing Machines

Stapling/Tacking Machines


ABM International Inc. Atlanta Attachment Co. Inc. Birch Bros. Southern Caudle Bedding Supplies Dunlap Sunbrand International Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc. FMA Trading LLC Galkin Automated Products Gateway Systems Global Systems Group Globe Sewing Machine Co. Industrial Indexing Systems Inc.

62 | BedTimes | December 2009

Atlanta Attachment Co. Inc. Costa International Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc. Froma General Trading LLC Global Systems Group Gribetz International Inner Source Inc. Vertex Fasteners

Tables (Air/Cutting/Swivel) Atlanta Attachment Co. Inc. Birch Bros. Southern Caudle Bedding Supplies

ABM International Inc. Atlanta Attachment Co. Inc. Caudle Bedding Supplies D.R. Cash Inc. Diamond Needle Corp. Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc. FMA Trading LLC Froma General Trading LLC Galkin Automated Products Gateway Systems Global Systems Group Gribetz International Piedmont Mattress Equipment (PME) Spuhl-Anderson Veysel Kutuklu Mattresses Machinery Co.

Testing Equipment

Advanced Testing Instruments Corp. (ATI) Global Systems Group The Govmark Organization Inc. Gribetz International IDM Instruments Pty. Ltd. TouchStone Systems & Services Inc.

Tufting Machines

ABM International Inc. Atlanta Attachment Co. Inc. Avery Dennison Fastener Division Caudle Bedding Supplies Gateway Systems Global Systems Group Natural Felt Co.

Used Machinery

ABM International Inc. Allertex of America Ltd. Amelco Industries Ltd. Baumer of America Inc. Caudle Bedding Supplies CT Continental Ticking GmbH Dunlap Sunbrand International Edgewater Machine Co. Inc. Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc. Fred Clark Felt Co. Inc Galkin Automated Products Industrial Indexing Systems Inc. M.J. Pierce Distributor

conserving our environment

conservative with your bottom line

• utilizing green manufacturing methods since the 1980’s • pads are made from a host of manufacturing, mill, gin and even post-industrial waste • T-Bond FR quilt barriers are created from products only mother nature can provide • cotton and inherent FR rayon work together for a breathability and comfort • renewable products that are free of man-made petroleum-based products • costs that the competition only dreams of matching At Jones, green doesn’t mean just saving mother earth ~ it means saving you money, because anything else just wouldn’t be natural.


Manufacturers of T-Bond • Cotton Batting • Needle Pad • Stitched Pad • Synthetic Batting

877-685-5778 • •

2010 Supplies Guide

products & services


Adjustable Bed Mechanisms

Natural Felt Co. New England Needles Inc. Remex AG Sedco Textile

continued Used Machinery continued

Wrapping Machinery

Birch Bros. Southern Galkin Automated Products Global Systems Group Gribetz International P. Bjerre Inc.

Mattress MaterialsHard Goods Adjustable Bases

Ergomotion Glideaway Bed Carriage Mfg. Co.

Costa International Ergomotion Leggett & Platt Adjustable Sleep Systems Starsprings International Transfer Master Products Inc.

Airbed Components/Supplies Rapid Air LLC VyMaC Corp.

Boxspring Constructions AIM Inc. BarretteWood USA Inc. BLR-Bois Le Roux Inc. C.J. Hodder Lumber Co. CPS Wood Products Leggett & Platt Inc. Miller Wood Supply LLC Springco Texas Pocket Springs

Boxsprings-Formed Wire

AIM Inc. Airland Furniture (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. Bloomingburg Spring & Wire Form Co. Inc. CPS Wood Products Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc. Hickory Springs Mfg. Co. Leggett & Platt Inc. Montreal Fabrics Corp. Ltd. Springco Texas Pocket Springs


AIM Inc. CPS Wood Products Leggett & Platt Inc. Montreal Fabrics Corp. Ltd. Springco

64 | BedTimes | December 2009

products & services

2010 Supplies Guide



Cansew Inc. Costa International Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc. Froma General Trading LLC Leggett & Platt Inc. Vertex Fasteners

Corner Guards-Boxspring

A. Lava & Son Co. B.W. Enterprises Bechik Products Inc. Bloomingburg Spring & Wire Form Co. Inc. Costa International Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc. Froma General Trading LLC Inner Source Inc. Jomel Industries Inc. Leggett & Platt Inc. Montreal Fabrics Corp. Ltd. Wright of Thomasville

Dual Purpose/Furniture Components Costa International CPS Wood Products Fiber Conversion Inc.


Bechik Products Inc. Costa International Froma General Trading LLC Jomel Industries Inc.


A. Lava & Son Co. AIM Inc. BarretteWood USA Inc BLR-Bois Le Roux Inc. C.J. Hodder Lumber Co. CPS Wood Products Empire Wholesale Lumber Co. Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc. Leggett & Platt Inc. Miller Wood Supply LLC Montreal Fabrics Corp. Ltd.

Albany Foam & Supply Inc. Costa International Jomel Industries Inc.


Burgess-Built Machinery Costa International Jomel Industries Inc.

Head Boards

Ergomotion Wright of Thomasville

Hog Rings

A. Lava & Son Co. Costa International Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc. Froma General Trading LLC Inner Source Inc. Vertex Fasteners

BedTimes | December 2009 |


2010 Supplies Guide

Mattress MaterialsHard Goods continued Lumber

BarretteWood USA Inc BLR-Bois Le Roux Inc. C.J. Hodder Lumber Co. Cedrico Lumber CPS Wood Products Empire Wholesale Lumber Co. Leggett & Platt Inc. Miller Wood Supply LLC


Costa International Froma General Trading LLC Vertex Fasteners

Spring Units

Airland Furniture (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. Amelco Industries Ltd. Bloomingburg Spring & Wire Form Co. Inc. Costa International Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc. Froma General Trading LLC Hickory Springs Mfg. Co. Jeffco Fibres Inc. Jomel Industries Inc. Leggett & Platt Inc. Springco Spuhl AG Starsprings International Texas Pocket Springs


Albany Foam & Supply Inc. Avery Dennison Fastener Division Costa International Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc. Froma General Trading LLC Inner Source Inc. Leggett & Platt Inc. Vertex Fasteners

Tufting Buttons/Supplies

Atlantic Thread & Supply Co. Inc. Bechik Products Inc. Montreal Fabrics Corp. Ltd. Simpex International

products & services Ventilators

Bechik Products Inc. Burgess-Built Machinery Costa International Froma General Trading LLC Jomel Industries Inc. Simpex International


Hickory Springs Mfg. Co. Leggett & Platt Inc. Springco Spuhl-Anderson Texas Pocket Springs


A. Lava & Son Co. Albany Foam & Supply Inc. Cansew Inc. Costa International Froma General Trading LLC Jomel Industries Inc.

Mattress MaterialsSoft Goods Adhesives

A. Lava & Son Co. Albany Foam & Supply Inc. Bechik Products Inc. Costa International The Dow Chemical Co. Dunlap Sunbrand International Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc. Froma General Trading LLC Henkel Corp. Komar Alliance SABA North America LLC Simalfa UPACO Adhesives, a division of Worthen Industries


A. Lava & Son Co. AEP Industries Albany Foam & Supply Inc. B.W. Enterprises Costa International Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc. Hanes Industries Leggett & Platt Inc. Mid-South Extrusion, Inc. Uni-Source Textile

66 | BedTimes | December 2009


Albany Foam & Supply Inc. American Nonwovens Inc. Eagle Textiles Inc. Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc. Federal Foam Technologies Inc. The Felters Group Fiber Conversion Inc. Fred Clark Felt Co. Inc. John Marshall & Co. Ltd. Jones Fiber Products Co. Inc. Komar Alliance M Fibres Inc. National Cotton Batting Institute Natural Felt Co. Tintoria Piana U.S. Inc. William T. Burnett & Co.


Albany Foam & Supply Inc. Arch Chemicals Inc. Cansew Inc. Costa International Dunlap Sunbrand International Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc.


Allertex of America Ltd. Cargill The Dow Chemical Co. Dunlap Sunbrand International Eagle Textiles Inc. The Felters Group Henkel Corp. ICL-IP/Supresta U.S. LLC Sanitized AG SGS U.S. Testing Co. Tintoria Piana U.S. Inc.


Advanced Testing Instruments Corp. (ATI) Chemtick Coated Fabrics Inc. Deerfield Urethane FR Systems International Global Textile Partners Quilting Inc. Spec-Tex, Inc. Vintex Inc.

Cotton Pads-Resin Bonded

Albany Foam & Supply Inc. Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc. Fiber Conversion Inc. Hanes Industries

SoffTICK® mattress line is the talk

Vintex Vinny is at it again and boy, can he stand the heat. He’s got

This new addition to the

the NEW FB14-99 on his side – a Super Flame-Blocking, fluid barrier fabric like nothing else on the planet. It’s so strong it

amongst heroes and villains everywhere. How can something so

can protect a mattress core from flame penetration, it acts as a

North America – in the home of Vintex’s extrusion coated

permanent fluid barrier and it combats bacterial and fungal growth.

manufacturing technologies.


strong also be so soft? The secret is lurking somewhere in



2010 Supplies Guide

Mattress MaterialsSoft Goods

continued Cotton Pads-Resin Bonded continued

Industrias Marves S.A. de C.V. Jones Fiber Products Co. Inc. National Cotton Batting Institute Quilting Inc.

Dust Covers

Arpico-Richard Pieris Natural Foams Ltd. Bechik Products Inc. Costa International Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc. Inner Source Inc. Montreal Fabrics Corp. Ltd.

Edge Support

Bloomingburg Spring & Wire Form Co. Inc. Costa International Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc. Froma General Trading LLC Indratech LLC Jomel Industries Inc. Leggett & Platt Inc.


A. Lava & Son Co. Ateja Tritunggal PT Bekaert Textiles USA Inc. Blumenthal Print Works Inc. Bo Mei Changfu Bodet & Horst GmbH & Co. KG Boyteks Tekstil A.S. BRK Group Cansew Inc. Chemtick Coated Fabrics Inc. Costa International Creative Ticking Culp Home Fashions Eagle Textiles Inc. Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc. Fibertex Corp. Firegard Brand Products-Springs Creative FR Systems International Global Textile Partners Herculite Products Inc. Inner Source Inc. Interwoven Group Jones Fiber Products Co. Inc. Lava USA

68 | BedTimes | December 2009

products & services Maxime Knitting Mills Inc. Milliken & Co. Montreal Fabrics Corp. Ltd. Monks International N.V. Pratrivero S.p.A., parent company of Soltex Inc. Soltex Inc. Sunds Velour A/S Tietex International Ventex Fabrics Inc. Vintex Inc.


A. Lava & Son Co. American Nonwovens Inc. B.W. Enterprises Bo Mei Changfu Bruin Plastics Co. Inc. ChemTick Coated Fabrics Inc. Cosmo Hong Kong Ltd. Costa International CT Continental Ticking GmbH Eagle Textiles Inc. Enkev Group B.V. The Felters Group Fibertex Corp. Global Textile Partners Hanes Industries Herculite Products Inc. Hickory Springs Mfg. Co. Indratech LLC Jeffco Fibres Inc. Jomel Industries Inc. Jones Fiber Products Co. Inc. Leggett & Platt Inc. Lenzing Fibers M Fibres Inc. Maxime Knitting Mills Inc. Milliken & Co. Montreal Fabrics Corp. Ltd. National Cotton Batting Institute Natural Felt Co. Performance Fabrics & Fibers Pratrivero S.p.A., parent company of Soltex Inc. Precision Fabrics Group Inc. Soltex Inc. Tietex International Uni-Source Textile Ventex Fabrics, Inc. Vintex Inc. William T. Burnett & Co.


A. Lava & Son Co. Ateja Tritunggal PT

Bekaert Textiles USA Inc. Blumenthal Print Works Inc. Bo Mei Changfu Boyteks Tekstil A.S. ChemTick Coated Fabrics Inc. Costa International CT Continental Ticking GmbH Culp Home Fashions Eagle Textiles Inc. Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc. Firegard Brand Products-Springs Creative Future Foam Global Textile Partners Hanes Industries Herculite Products Inc. Inner Source Inc. Interwoven Group Jomel Industries Inc. Jones Fiber Products Co. Inc. Lucerne Textiles Inc. Maxime Knitting Mills Inc. Monks International N.V. Montreal Fabrics Corp. Ltd. Pratrivero S.p.A., parent company of Soltex Inc. Precision Fabrics Group Inc. Priotex Soltex Inc. Springs Creative Products Group LLC Tietex International Uni-Source Textile Ventex Fabrics Inc.


Albany Foam & Supply Inc. Allertex of America Ltd. American Nonwovens Inc. Arpico-Richard Pieris Natural Foams Ltd. Carpenter Co. Costa International Eagle Textiles Inc. Enkev Group B.V. Federal Foam Technologies Inc. Fiber Conversion Inc. Fibertex Corp. Fred Clark Felt Co. Inc. Hickory Springs Mfg. Co. Indratech LLC Jeffco Fibres Inc. John Marshall & Co. Ltd. Jones Fiber Products Co. Inc. Leggett & Platt Inc. Leigh Fibers Inc.

products & services Lenzing Fibers M Fibres Inc. National Cotton Batting Institute Natural Felt Co. Performance Fabrics & Fibers Tintoria Piana U.S. Inc. Ventex Fabrics Inc. Vita Nonwovens William T. Burnett & Co.


A. Lava & Son Co. B.W. Enterprises Bo Mei Changfu Costa International Eagle Textiles Inc. Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc. Hanes Industries Inner Source Inc. Jeffco Fibres Inc. Jomel Industries Inc. Montreal Fabrics Corp. Ltd. Uni-Source Textile


A. Lava & Son Co. Albany Foam & Supply Inc. American Excelsior Co. Arpico-Richard Pieris Natural Foams Ltd. Baumer of America Inc. Costa International Enkev Group B.V. Future Foam Hickory Springs Mfg. Co. Jeffco Fibres Inc. Jones Fiber Products Co. Inc. Latex Green (Pvt.) Ltd. Latex International Latexco LLC Montreal Fabrics Corp. Ltd. Radium Foam B.V.


A. Lava & Son Co. Albany Foam & Supply Inc. American Excelsior Co. BRK Group Cargill Carpenter Co. The Dow Chemical Co. Federal Foam Technologies Inc. FoamPartner-Fritz Nauer AG Future Foam FXI Foamex Innovations Hickory Springs Mfg. Co.

Huntsman Corp. Molded Applications Jeffco Fibres Inc. Latexco LLC Montreal Fabrics Corp. Ltd. William T. Burnett & Co.

FR Components

American Nonwovens Inc. Atlantic Thread & Supply Co. Inc. Bechik Products Inc. Cansew Inc. Carpenter Co. Chemtick Coated Fabrics Inc. Cosmo Hong Kong Ltd. Costa International Creative Ticking Culp Home Fashions Eagle Textiles Inc. Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc. The Felters Group Fiber Conversion Inc. Firegard Brand Products-Springs Creative FR Systems International Fred Clark Felt Co. Inc. Freudenberg Nonwovens Global Textile Partners Hanes Industries Hickory Springs Mfg. Co. ICL-IP/Supresta U.S. LLC Jomel Industries Inc. Jones Fiber Products Co. Inc. Komar Alliance Latexco LLC Leggett & Platt Inc. Lucerne Textiles Inc. Maxime Knitting Mills Inc. Milliken & Co. Montreal Fabrics Corp. Ltd. National Cotton Batting Institute Performance Fabrics & Fibers Pratrivero S.p.A., parent company of Soltex Inc. Precision Fabrics Group Inc. Quilting Inc. SGS U.S. Testing Co. Soltex Inc. Spec-Tex Inc. Sunds Velour A/S Tietex International Tintoria Piana U.S. Inc. Ventex Fabrics Inc. Vintex Inc. Vita Nonwovens

2010 Supplies Guide

Insulator Pads

Albany Foam & Supply Inc. Amelco Industries Ltd. American Nonwovens Inc. B.W. Enterprises BRK Group Costa International Enkev Group B.V. Feutre National Felt Inc. Fiber Conversion Inc. Fred Clark Felt Co. Inc. Froma General Trading LLC Indratech LLC Industrias Marves S.A. de C.V. Jeffco Fibres Inc. Jones Fiber Products Co. Inc. Leggett & Platt Inc. M Fibres Inc. Vita Nonwovens


American Law Label Inc. Big Sky Bedding Consulting Chicago Tape & Label Co. Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc. Froma General Trading LLC Integrity Software Solutions Label Prima Indonesia Law Offices of Joanne E. MattiaceLegal Label Inc. Printcraft Co. Inc. Sanitized AG Southern Label Co. Inc. Wright of Thomasville

Law Tags

American Law Label Inc. Big Sky Bedding Consulting Chicago Tape & Label Co. Law Offices of Joanne E. MattiaceLegal Label Inc. Printcraft Co. Inc. Southern Label Co. Inc. Wright of Thomasville

Lining Cloth

Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc. Global Textile Partners Jomel Industries Inc. Montreal Fabrics Corp. Ltd. National Cotton Batting Institute

Mattress/Polyethylene Film AEP Industries Arpico-Richard Pieris Natural Foams Ltd.

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2010 Supplies Guide

Mattress MaterialsSoft Goods

continued Mattress/Polyethylene Film continued

Federal Foam Technologies Inc. Huntsman Corp. Molded Applications Mid-South Extrusion Inc.

Mattress Covers

A. Lava & Son Co. AEP Industries Arpico-Richard Pieris Natural Foams Ltd. Bo Mei Changfu Bodet & Horst GmbH & Co. KG CT Continental Ticking GmbH Global Textile Partners Ideal Quilting Ltd. Interwoven Group Lebanon Apparel Corp. MFI International-Competitive Crossborder Solutions

70 | BedTimes | December 2009

products & services Montreal Fabrics Corp. Ltd. Pratrivero S.p.A., parent company of Soltex Inc. Soltex Inc. Sunds Velour A/S

Mattress Kits

A. Lava & Son Co. Enkev Group B.V. Ideal Quilting Ltd. Lebanon Apparel Corp. MFI International-Competitive Crossborder Solutions Quilting Inc. Sunds Velour A/S Supreme Quilting Ltd.


Costa International Froma General Trading LLC Global Textile Partners Lebanon Apparel Corp. Leggett & Platt Inc. Packaging Materials-Protective

AEP Industries American Excelsior Co. Costa International Enkev Group B.V. Leggett & Platt Inc. Materials Management Inc. Uni-Source Textile

Packaging Materials-Protective AEP Industries American Excelsior Co. Costa International Enkev Group B.V. Hanes Industries Leggett & Platt Inc. Materials Management Inc. Uni-Source Textile


Action Products Inc. Cargill

Quilt Backings

A. Lava & Son Co.



Needlepunch Nonwoven Fabrics

It’s in the


More than Five Decades of Excellence Experience the difference of cutting edge internal construction fabrics and a perfect order service promise from your first point of contact through manufacturing, delivery and beyond.

• Full menu of Needlepunch Nonwoven Fabrics for Furniture and Bedding • Converting Capabilities • Custom specialty fabrics

Call us directly 800.621.1273 option 16

2010 Supplies Guide

Mattress MaterialsSoft Goods continued Quilt Backings continued

B.W. Enterprises Big Sky Bedding Consulting Bo Mei Changfu Costa International Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc. Froma General Trading LLC Hanes Industries Inner Source Inc. Jeffco Fibres Inc. Jomel Industries Inc. Leggett & Platt Inc. Montreal Fabrics Corp. Ltd. Uni-Source Textile Vita Nonwovens VyMaC Corp.

Quilt Filler

Amelco Industries Ltd. Atlantic Thread & Supply Co. Inc. Costa International Federal Foam Technologies Inc. FoamPartner-Fritz Nauer AG Fred Clark Felt Co. Inc. Herculite Products Inc. John Marshall & Co. Ltd. Latexco LLC M Fibres Inc. Montreal Fabrics Corp. Ltd. Quilting Inc. Supreme Quilting Ltd. Tintoria Piana U.S. Inc.

Quilted Covers

A. Lava & Son Co. Bodet & Horst GmbH & Co. KG CT Continental Ticking GmbH Ideal Quilting Ltd. Interwoven Group Lebanon Apparel Corp. MFI International-Competitive Crossborder Solutions Montreal Fabrics Corp. Ltd. Natura World Inc. Quilting Inc. VyMaC Corp.


A. Lava & Son Co. Atlantic Thread & Supply Co. Inc. Bechik Products Inc.

72 | BedTimes | December 2009

products & services Bo-Buck Mills Inc. BRK Group Bruin Plastics Co. Inc. Cansew Inc. Chicago Tape & Label Co. Costa International CT Continental Ticking GmbH Eagle Textiles Inc. Komar Alliance Montreal Fabrics Corp. Ltd. Reliable Tape Products Simpex International

Textile Pads

B.W. Enterprises BRK Group Enkev Group B.V. Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc. Fiber Conversion Inc. Fred Clark Felt Co. Inc. Global Textile Partners Industrias Marves S.A. de C.V. Jones Fiber Products Co. Inc. M Fibres Inc. Montreal Fabrics Corp. Ltd. Quilting Inc.


A. Lava & Son Co. American & Efird Ashley Trading Co. Atlantic Thread & Supply Co. Inc. B.W. Enterprises Bechik Products Inc. Cansew Inc. Costa International Eddington Thread Mfg. Co. The Israeli Processing Co. Ltd. Komar Alliance Liberty Threads N.A. Inc. Reliable Tape Products


A. Lava & Son Co. Bekaert Textiles USA Inc. Blumenthal Print Works Inc. Bo Mei Changfu Boyteks Tekstil A.S. BRK Group Bruin Plastics Co. Inc. Chemtick Coated Fabrics Inc. Cosmo Hong Kong Ltd. Costa International Creative Ticking Eagle Textiles Inc.

Firegard Brand Products-Springs Creative FR Systems International Future Foam Global Textile Partners Hanes Industries Herculite Products Inc. Interwoven Group Jomel Industries Inc. Lampe USA Inc. Lava USA Lucerne Textiles Inc. Maxime Knitting Mills Inc. Montreal Fabrics Corp. Ltd. Monks International N.V. Performance Fabrics & Fibers Pratrivero S.p.A., parent company of Soltex Inc. Priotex Soltex Inc. Spec-Tex Inc. Sunds Velour A/S Uni-Source Textile Ventex Fabrics, Inc. Vintex Inc.


FoamPartner-Fritz Nauer AG FR Systems International The Felters Group Fred Clark Felt Co. Inc. Global Textile Partners John Marshall & Co. Ltd. Montreal Fabrics Corp. Ltd. Precision Fabrics Group Inc. Wright of Thomasville

Urethane Film

Deerfield Urethane


A. Lava & Son Co. Cansew Inc. Costa International Froma General Trading LLC Hanes Industries Komar Alliance Reliable Tape Products Uni-Source Textile


Carpenter Co. Enkev Group B.V. Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc. The Felters Group

products & services Fiber Conversion Inc. Fred Clark Felt Co. Inc Global Textile Partners Jeffco Fibres Inc. John Marshall & Co. Ltd. Latex Green (Pvt.) Ltd. Leigh Fibers Inc. M Fibres Inc. Montreal Fabrics Corp. Ltd. Natural Felt Co. Vita Nonwovens William T. Burnett & Co.

Parts/Supplies/Tools Bobbins

American & Efird Bechik Products Inc. Caudle Bedding Supplies Costa International Dunlap Sunbrand International Eddington Thread Mfg. Co. Edgewater Machine Co. Inc. Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc. Komar Alliance Maxime Knitting Mills Inc. New England Needles Inc. Porter International Sedco Textile

Cutting Blades

Baumer of America Inc. Caudle Bedding Supplies Diamond Needle Corp. Edgewater Machine Co. Inc. ESCO (Edge-Sweets Co.) M.J. Pierce Distributor

Disinfectants/Sanitizers Southern Label Co. Inc.

Hand Tools

Albany Foam & Supply Inc. Avery Dennison Fastener Division Costa International IDM Instruments Pty. Ltd. Simpex International


ABM International Inc. Caudle Bedding Supplies Costa International Diamond Needle Corp. Dunlap Sunbrand International New England Needles Inc.

Machinery Parts

Baumer of America Inc. Caudle Bedding Supplies CT Continental Ticking GmbH Diamond Needle Corp. Edgewater Machine Co. Inc. ESCO (Edge-Sweets Co.) Galkin Automated Products Globe Sewing Machine Co. IDM Instruments Pty. Ltd. M.J. Pierce Distributor


ABM International Inc. Caudle Bedding Supplies Costa International Diamond Needle Corp. Dunlap Sunbrand International Edgewater Machine Co. Inc. Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc.

2010 Supplies Guide

M.J. Pierce Distributor New England Needles Inc. Porter International Simpex International


ABM International Inc. Albany Foam & Supply Inc. Atlantic Thread & Supply Co. Inc. Cansew Inc. Caudle Bedding Supplies Costa International Diamond Needle Corp. Dunlap Sunbrand International Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc. M.J. Pierce Distributor New England Needles Inc.

Sewing Machine Parts

Caudle Bedding Supplies Costa International Diamond Needle Corp. Globe Sewing Machine Co. New England Needles Inc. Porter International Piedmont Mattress Equipment (PME)

➤ T he Supplies Guide Online Suppliers are able to update their listings and information throughout the year at our online BedTimes Supplies Guide, .

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2010 Supplies Guide

Mammut VMK Advanced Chainstitch Quilting System

Boost your productivity by 100%* We make your quilt production easier for your operator and more efficient for you!

HigHer production witH accurate pattern formation of any type at 1450 StitcHeS per minute. Significantly reduced downtime and juSt one operator: • Safe needle setting with Mammut´s unique Quick Change Needle and Looper System

• Fast and user friendly change of ticking or knitwear with specific Cloth Loading Mode

• Very handy loading of fill while machine is up and

just one operator with New Mammut Handling System

*Contact us and we will calculate your specific output advantage: Mammut Germany P. Bjerre USA

+49 2234 2180 / +1 952 448 1935 /



A. Lava & Son Co.

4800 S. Kilbourn Ave. Chicago, IL 60632 Phone: 773-254-2800 800-777-5282 Fax: 773-254-0800 Email: Web: Adam Lava See ad on Page 50

ABM International Inc.

18209 Chisholm Trail, No. 110 Houston, TX 77060 Phone: 281-443-4440 Fax: 281-443-4404 Email: Web: Neal Schwarzberger

Action Products Inc.

954 Sweeney Drive Hagerstown, MD 21740 Phone: 888-355-5366 800-228-7763 Fax: 301-733-2073 Email: Web: Michael Bredal

Advanced Testing Instruments Corp. (ATI)

203 Parksouth Drive Greer, SC 29651 Phone: 864-989-0566 Fax: 864-989-0567 Email: Web: Tim Ziegenfus

AEP Industries

125 Phillips Ave. South Hackensack, NJ 07606 Phone: 201-641-6600 800-477-AEPI, Ext. 4607 Fax: 201-807-2567 Email: Web: Liz Meza

Advance Fiber Technologies Corp. (AFT) 344 Lodi St Hackensack, NJ 07601 Phone: 201-488-2700 See ad on Page 107

AIM Inc.

502 S. Vista Ave. Addison, IL 60101 Phone: 630-458-0008 Fax: 630-458-0730 Email: Web: Constantine Grapsas

Airland Furniture (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd.

Shenzhen Danzutou Industrial Zone Buji, Longgang Guangdong 518114 China Phone: 86-75528749388 Fax: 86-75528748399 Email: Web: Allen Hang

Albany Foam & Supply Inc.

1355 Broadway Albany, NY 12204 Phone: 518-433-7000 800-235-0888 Fax: 866-844-3626 Email: Web: Tony Giacone

Allertex of America Ltd. 10620-A Bailey Road Cornelius, NC 28031 Phone: 704-895-5766 Fax: 704-895-5768 Email: Web: Alistair Deas

2010 Supplies Guide

Amelco Industries Ltd.

P.O. Box 22361 Nicosia 1520 Cyprus Phone: 357-22484444 Fax: 357-22481360 Email: Web: Andreas Georgallis See ad on Page 104

American & Efird Inc.

24 American St. Mount Holly, NC 28120 Phone: 704-827-4311 800-861-3256 Fax: 704-820-2857 Email: Web: Kevin Boye See ad on Page 54

American Excelsior Co.

850 Avenue H East Arlington, TX 76011 Phone: 817-385-3500 800-326-FOAM Fax: 888-352-9585 Email: Web: Ron Scheck

American Law Label Inc.

1660 S. Research Loop, Suite 110 Tucson, AZ 85710 Phone: 520-546-6200 888-LAW-LABEL Fax: 520-546-6203 Email: rbruno@ Web: Rocco Bruno Jr. See ad on Page 64

American Nonwovens Inc. 9141 Arrow Route Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 Phone: 909-466-8897 Fax: 909-466-9302 Email: Web: Diane Bighead

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2010 Supplies Guide

Arch Chemicals Inc.

5660 New Northside Drive Suite 1100 Atlanta, GA 30328 Phone: 800-491-8375 800-491-8375 Email: Web: Tom Robitaille See ad on Page 115

Arpico-Richard Pieris Natural Foams Ltd.

310 High Level Road, Nawinna, Maharagama Sri Lanka Phone: 94773958250 Fax: 94114622290 Email: Web: Januka Karunasena

Ashley Trading Co.

P.O. Box 1480 Carbondale, CO 81623 Phone: 970-963-3535 Fax: 970-963-2819 Email: stuartsosonko@ Web: Stuart Sosonko

Ateja Tritunggal PT

Jl. Raya Batujajar KM 2.8 Padalarang Bandung, Jawa Bart 40561 Indonesia Phone: 62-226866322 Fax: 62-226866320 Email: Web: Fungdi Kurniawan

Atlanta Attachment Co. Inc. 362 Industrial Park Drive Lawrenceville, GA 30046 Phone: 770-963-7369 Fax: 770-277-4141 Email: Web: Hank Little See ad on Pages C2-1, 37

76 | BedTimes | December 2009

company-by-company Atlantic Thread & Supply Co. Inc.

8515 Kelso Drive, Units G & H Baltimore, MD 21221 Phone: 410-687-9424 800-287-4624 Fax: 410-687-1363 Email: Web: Vincent Diaz See ad on Page 31

Avery Dennison Fastener Division

224 Industrial Road Fitchburg, MA 01420 Phone: 978-353-2133 800-283-7996 Fax: 978-345-8157 Email: john.earley@ Web: www.fastener. John Earley


B.W. Enterprises

6371 Randolph Street Commerce, CA 90040 Phone: 323-727-6079 Fax: 323-727-9390 Email: Bob Wallace

Baron Styles Inc.

621 Getaway Drive Milton, WI 53563-8696 Phone: 608-868-3430 See ad on Page 102

BarretteWood USA Inc.

60 Abele Road, Suite 1106 Bridgeville, PA 15017 Phone: 412-914-0930 Fax: 412-914-0940 Email: mike.mcquiston@ Web: Mike McQuiston

Baumer of America Inc.

425 Main Road Towaco, NJ 07082 Phone: 973-263-1569, Ext. 2914 Fax: 973-299-8587 Email: Web: Terry Borchard

Bechik Products Inc.

1020 Discovery Road, Suite 150 Eagan, MN 55121 Phone: 651-698-0364 Fax: 651-698-1009 Email: Web: Bill Simon


501 Wythe St. Alexandria, VA 22314 Phone: 703-683-8371 Fax: 703-683-4503 Email: Web: bedtimes Julie Palm or Kerri Bellias

Bekaert Textiles USA Inc.

240 Business Park Drive Winston-Salem, NC 27107 Phone: 336-769-4300 Fax: 336-769-4301 Email: Web: Brandon Wells See ad on Page 97

Better Sleep Council (BSC)

501 Wythe St. Alexandria, VA 22314 Phone: 703-683-8371 Fax: 703-683-4503 Email: Web: Karin Dillner


2010 Supplies Guide

Big Sky Bedding Consulting

BLU Sleep Products


Blumenthal Print Works Inc.

Boyteks Tekstil A.S.

Bo Mei Changfu

BRK Group

83 Main St. Bloomingburg, OH 43106 Phone: 740-437-7614 800-959-0186 Fax: 740-437-7360 Email: Web: www.bloomingburg Vickie Schwarm See ad on Page 103

Bo-Buck Mills Inc.

Bruin Plastics Co. Inc.

BLR-Bois Le Roux Inc.

Bodet & Horst GmbH & Co. KG

Burgess-Built Machinery

6051 Hazelwood Drive Billings, MT 59106-9547 Phone: 406-465-2677 Fax: 866-223-2582 Email: Web: Tim Smith

Birch Bros. Southern

P.O. Box 70 Waxhaw, NC 28173 Phone: 704-843-2111 Email: Web: Cliff Birch

Black Bros. Co.

P.O. Box 410 501 Ninth Ave. Mendota, IL 61342 Phone: 815-539-7451 Email: Web: Frank Kobilsek See ad on Page 78

Bloomingburg Spring & Wire Form Co. Inc.

522 2eme Ave. Weedon, QC J0B 3J0 Canada Phone: 819-877-2092 888-877-2098 Fax: 819-877-2386 Email: Web: Martin Leroux See ad on Page 17

1597 Cunford St. Laval, QC H7S 2B4 Canada Phone: 866-973-7614 See ad on Page 61

P.O. Box 13395 New Orleans, LA 70185 Phone: 504-822-4620 Fax: 504-822-2147 Email: randy@blumenthalprint Web: www.blumenthalprint Randy Wiles Changshu156-1 Haiyu Road North 215500 China Phone: 647-686-5626 051251536891 Fax: 905-553-1412 Email: Web: Lei Ping P.O. Box 692 Chesterfield, SC 29709 Phone: 843-623-2158 800-690-7474 Fax: 843-623-6849 Email: andrew.maner@ Web: Andrew Maner

Gewerbegebiet 9 D-09481 Elterlein Germany Phone: 49-373496970 Fax: 49-3734969710 Email: Web: Gerd-Hermann Horst

OSB 37 Cadde No. 4 Kayseri 38070 Turkey Phone: 90-532-274-3193 See ad on Page 108 1 OSB 8 Cadde No. 60 Kayseri 38070 Turkey Phone: 90-352-322-0588 Fax: 90-352-322-0589 Email: Web: Onder Honi See ad on Pages 24-25 8357 Loch Lomond Pico Rivera, CA 90660 Phone: 562-949-4394 800-576-8273 Fax: 562-685-0130 Email: URL: Carter Bucklin See ad on Pages 46-85 P.O. Box 700 61 Joslin Road Glendale, RI 02826 Phone: 401-568-3081 800-556-7764 Fax: 401-568-0019 Email: Web: Steve Angelone 114 Bowes Road, Bldg. 11 Concord, ON L4K 1J8 Canada Phone: 905-761-9475 Fax: 905-761-7603 Email: Web: Garry Burgess

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2010 Supplies Guide


company-by-company Cargill

C.J. Hodder Lumber Co.

300 Weyman Plaza, Suite 240 Pittsburgh, PA 15236 Phone: 412-884-9100 800-958-9888 Fax: 412-884-8886 Email: Calvin Hodder

Cansew Inc.

111 Chabanel W., Suite 101 Montreal, QC H2N 1C9 Canada Phone: 514-382-2807 800-361-7722 Fax: 514-385-5530 Email: Web: Allan Schachter

15407 McGinty Road MS 69 Minneapolis, MN 55391 Phone: 877-POLYBiOH Fax: 952-742-6909 Email: Web:

Carpenter Co.

5016 Monument Ave. Richmond, VA 23230-3620 Phone: 270-303-6852 800-288-3830 Fax: 270-726-4147 Email: bob.steelman@ Web: Bob Steelman

Caudle Bedding Supplies P.O. Box 753 216 Russell Walker Ave. Randleman, NC 27317 Phone: 336-498-2685 Fax: 336-498-7519 Email: Web: Grover Hancock

Cedrico Lumber

39 Rue St. Jean Baptiste St. P.O. Box 477 Price, QC G0J 1Z0 Canada Phone: 418-775-7516 Fax: 418-775-7678 Email: marieclaude.poulin@ Web: Marie-Claude Poulin

save labor reduce waste create “less mess” increase productivity with a Black

Bros. Roll Coater

501 Ninth Avenue • Mendota, IL 61342 • (815) 539-7451 • 78 | BedTimes | December 2009




2010 Supplies Guide

Central Bedding Components

P.O. Box 2469 Cleburne, TX 76033-2469 Phone: 817-645-7666 See ad on Page 13

ChemTick Coated Fabrics Inc. P.O. Box 930 Hicksville, NY 11802-0930 Phone: 516-997-0900 1-800-CHEMTIK Fax: 516-997-1090 Email: Web: Richard Cohen

Stand Out Ad:Spotlight idea

company-by-company Chicago Tape & Label Co.

Colchones Jiron S.A.

834 E. Milwaukee St. P.O. Box 147 Whitewater, WI 53190 Phone: 262-473-4242 800-776-7046 Fax: 262-473-3522 Email: Web: Kristy Enger See ad on Page 80

Chilworth Pacific Fire Laboratories

125 mts. Norte de Iglesia Catolica San Sebastian Costa Rica Phone: 506-2217-1000 See ad on Page 84

Cosmo Hong Kong Ltd.

2401 B. Talley Way Kelso, WA 98626 Phone: 360-423-1220 Fax: 360-578-7662 Email: Web: Ken Fuglee 10/20/09

8:32 AM

U.S.: Starensier Inc. 10 Mulliken Way Newburyport, MA 01950-4007 Phone: 978-462-7311 Fax: 978-465-6223 Email: Web: Herb Pilkington

Page 1

helping you stand out in the crowd creative label solutions that leave a lasting impression

phone (262) 473-4242 (800) 776-7046 fax (262) 473-3522 (800) 776-7044 P.O. Box 147, Whitewater, WI 53190

80 | BedTimes | December 2009

2010 Supplies Guide

Costa International

7272 N.W. 78th Terrace Miami, FL 33166 Phone: 305-885-9761 Fax: 305-884-1803 Email: Web: Daniel Vazquez See ad on Page 112

company-by-company Culp Home Fashions

7209 U.S. Highway 158 Stokesdale, NC 27357 Phone: 336-643-7751 888-235-9899 Fax: 336-643-7570 Email: Web: Michael Cottonaro


CPS Wood Products

755 Division St. Cobourg, ON K9A 3T1 Canada Phone: 905- 373-0761 800-461-1919, Ext. 2221 Fax: 905-373-0149 Email: Web: Shawn Hicks

Cranston Trucking Co. P.O. Box 6073 High Point, NC 27262 Phone: 336-887-9712 See ad on Page 92

Creative Ticking

1675 Garfield Drive Gastonia, NC 28054 Phone: 704-861-1536 Fax: 704-865-2493 Email: Web: Steve Gravlee

CT Continental Ticking GmbH

Friedenstr 49 47623 Kevelaer Germany Phone: 49-2832-5050 Fax: 49-2832-505101 Email: Web: Klaus Schreiner See ad on Page 40

82 | BedTimes | December 2009

Dongguan Hengchang Quilting Machinery Factory Xialingbei Industrial Zone Liaobu Town DongGuan City 523411 China Phone: 86-769-8330-7931 See ad on Page 65

The Dow Chemical Co.

5559 National Turpike Louisville, KY 40214 Phone: 502-366-0407 Fax: 866-927-9034 Email: Web: Amy Cash-Titus

Dow CIG North America 4520 E. Ashman St. P.O. Box 1206, 9008 Midland, MI 48642 Phone: 989-832-1426 800-441-4369 Fax: 989-832-1465 Email: Web: Dow Customer Information Group/ Dow Polyurethanes


Dream World Design

D.R. Cash Inc.

900 Port Centre Parkway Portsmouth, VA 23704 Phone: 866-400-8107 Fax: 866-401-8107 Email: Web: Gary Smith See ad on Page 42

Deerfield Urethane

8 Fairview Way South Deerfield, MA 01373-9674 Phone: 413-665-7016 800-644-0116 Fax: 413-665-6000 Email: Web: Neil Toomey

Diamond Needle Corp.

60 Commerce Road Carlstadt, NJ 07072 Phone: 201-507-1771 800-221-5818 Fax: 201-507-1715 Email: Web: Abe Silberstein See ad on Page 103

215 W. 500 N. North Salt Lake, UT 84054 Phone: 801-797-8137 800-955-1322 Fax: 801-973-6575 Email: laurie@dreamworlddesign. com Web: www.dreamworlddesign. com Laurie Stevenson

Dunlap Sunbrand International

P.O. Box 751 Hopkinsville, KY 42241-0751 Phone: 978-777-7554 866-350-4374 Fax: 978-777-7558 Email: jmacgilvary@ Web: Jay MacGilvary



Eagle Textiles Inc.

P.O. 1121 Columbus, GA 31902 Phone: 770-502-9752 Fax: 706-243-4849 Email: Web: Bill Maher

Eclipse International

1375 Jersey Ave. North Brunswick, NJ 08902-1621 Phone: 732-628-0800 See ad on Pages 6, 94

Eddington Thread Mfg. Co.

3222 Knights Road Bensalem, PA 19020-2819 Phone: 215-639-8900 Email: Web: Keith Keppeler

Edgewater Machine Co. Inc.

13-20 131st St. College Point, NY 11356 Phone: 718-539-8200 Fax: 718-358-4648 Email: info@edgewatermachine. com Web: www.edgewatermachine. com Roy Schlegel See ad on Page 101

Empire Wholesale Lumber Co.

3677 Embassy Parkway Akron, OH 44333 Phone: 330-665-7800 800-755-7077 Fax: 330-665-7899 Email: ghousos@ Web: www.empirewholesale. com George Housos

Enkev Group B.V.

P.O. Box 3 De Toek 2 1130 AA Volendam Netherlands Phone: 31-299-364355 Fax: 31-299-368409 Email: Web: Marc Dokter

Enriquez Materials & Quilting Inc.

6557 Flotilla St. Commerce, CA 90040 Phone: 323-725-4955 Fax: 323-725-0005 Email: silviae@enriquezquilting. com Web: Silvia Enriquez See ad on Page 110


55 Castilian, Suite 148 Goleta, CA 93117 Phone: 805-688-3151 888-550-ERGO Fax: 805-968-0653 Email: Web: Kelly Clenet

ESCO (Edge-Sweets Co.)

2887 Three Mile Road N.W. Grand Rapids, MI 49534 Phone: 616-453-5458 Fax: 616-453-6227 Email: Web: Jennifer Petzak


Farnsworth Logistics

2010 Supplies Guide

Federal Foam Technologies Inc.

600 Wisconsin Drive New Richmond, WI 54016 Phone: 800-898-9559 Email: Web: Greg Windsperger

The Felters Group

P.O. Drawer 228 5965 Hwy. 221 Roebuck, SC 29376 Phone: 864-699-2855 877-257-5337 Fax: 864-574-5245 Email: Web: Kim Van Voorhis

Feutre National Felt Inc.

820 Notre Dame St. St. Narcisse, QC G0X 2Y0 Canada Phone: 418-328-3344 800-463-3843 Fax: 418-328-8598 Email: Web: Michel Doucet or Eric Doucet

Fiber Conversion Inc.

21 E. Elm St. Broadalbin, NY 12025 Phone: 518-883-3431 Email: Nick Poot

Fibertex Corp.

1345 Queen Anne Road Teaneck, NJ 07666 Phone: 201-862-1920 Fax: 201-852-1986 Email: Web: Ernest Elias

2700 Moreland Ave. S.E. Atlanta, GA 30315 Phone: 404-925-4803 866-553-6816 Fax: 866-553-6817 Email: Web: Michael Francis

BedTimes | December 2009 |


2010 Supplies Guide

Firegard Brand ProductsSprings Creative

300 Chatham Ave., Suite 100 Rock Hill, SC 29730-4040 Phone: 803-324-6513 800-533-6522 Fax: 803-324-6950 Email: george.booth@springs Web: George Booth

Flexible Foam Products Inc.

220 S. Elizabeth St. Spencerville, OH 45887 Phone: 419-647-4191 Fax: 419-647-4202 Email: Web: Mike Crowell See ad on Page 14

84 | BedTimes | December 2009

company-by-company FMA Trading LLC

6720 Cypresshead Drive Parkland, FL 33067 Phone: 954-415-9023 Fax: 954-509-9064 Email: Web: David Behar

FoamPartner-Fritz Nauer AG

Oberwolfhauserstrasse 9 CH-8633 Wolfhausen Switzerland Phone: 41-55-253-63-63 Fax: 41-55-253-63-74 Email: rita.kollbrunner@ Web: Rita Kollbrunner

FR Systems International 8-9 1060 Meyerside Drive Mississauga, ON L5T 1J4 Canada Phone: 905-670-7990 877-727-7965 Fax: 905-670-8004 Email: Web: John Lungul

Fred Clark Felt Co. Inc.

6305 Industrial Road Beaumont, TX 77705 Phone: 409-842-5080 Fax: 409-842-2973 Email: Joe Ramirez

2010 Supplies Guide

Freudenberg Nonwovens 3500 Industrial Drive Durham, NC 27704 Phone: 603-879-0936 Fax: 413-669-1336 Email: james.frasch@ Web: James Frasch

Froma General Trading LLC

P.O. Box 114060 Dubai United Arab Emirates Phone: 971-43479192 Fax: 971-43477884 Email: Web: Harry/Hirendra Vyas

Future Foam

1610 Avenue N. Council Bluffs, IA 51501 Phone: 712-323-9122 Fax: 712-323-0158 Email: Web: Ken Conaway

FXI Foamex Innovations

Rose Tree Corp. Center II 1400 Providence Road, Suite 2000 Media, PA 19063-2076 Phone: 610-744-2300 Email: Web: Fred Natrin See ad on Page 43


Galkin Automated Products 97 Otis St. West Babylon, NY 11704 Phone: 631-643-5432 877-GALKIN-3 Fax: 631-643-1472 Email: Web: John Reppucci

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company-by-company Gateway Systems

Unit 3 Northgate Terrace Northern Road, Industrial Estate Newark Notts NG24 2EU United Kingdom Phone: 44-1636-676194 800-326-4742 Fax: 44-1636-611367 Email: Web: David Elsdon

Glideaway Bed Carriage Mfg. Co.

8226 Lackland Road St. Louis, MO 63114 Phone: 314-426-3999 800-428-5222 Fax: 314-426-4676 Email: Web: Larry Bourneuf

Global Systems Group

P.O. Box 757 Carthage, MO 64836 Phone: 954-846-0300 800-326-4742 Fax: 954-846-0381 Email: Web: Russ Bowman See ad on Paged 38-39, 89, C3

Global Textile Partners

107 Grand St., Second Floor Gloversville, NY 12078 Phone: 212-812-7342 800-290-5020 Fax: 518-725-5205 Email: kenmazer@globaltex Web: www.globaltextilepartners. com Ken Mazer

Globe Sewing Machine Co. 5900 Maurice Ave. Cleveland, OH 44127 Phone: 216-741-2580 800-938-2580 Fax: 216-441-1545 Email: Web: Peter Baszuk

Goldberg Supply Co.

42-44 162nd St. Flushing, NY 11358-4125 Phone: 718-321-9930 See ad on Page 115

The Govmark Organization Inc.

96 Allen Blvd., Suite D Farmingdale, NY 11735 Phone: 631- 293-8944 Fax: 631-293-8956 Email: Web: Bobby Brown

Grauff GmbH & Co. KG Gewerbestrasse 75 75015 Bretten Germany Phone: 49-7252-94170 Fax: 49-7252-941717 Email: Web: Joachim Grauff

Gribetz International

13800 N.W. 4th St. Sunrise, FL 33325 Phone: 954-846-0300 800-326-4742 Fax: 954-846-0381 Email: Web: Russ Bowman

Liberty Threads, N.A., Inc. Proudly Presents


Attention All Mattress Manufacturers We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the newest member of the Liberty Threads “Ultraflow” TM quilting and sewing thread family.

PATENT PENDING Advances in fiber and process development have made the UFB thread the leading edge technology with many advantages over existing F/R threads: 1. UFB is a natural color versus the yellowish fibers currently available 2. UFB can be dyed in any shade 3. UFB quilts and sews like the bonded nylon used previously 4. UFB has no significant adverse effect on equipment 5. UFB leaves no residue or fly waste on the equipment 6. UFB has superior tested sewing performance in stitch formation 7. UFB is recognized under UL Category Code PHIX2 With each shipped order you will find enclosed a copy of the UL file number and a copy of the Certificate of Manufacture that will assist each mattress producer with their accountability requirements. Please feel free to contact Liberty Threads at the numbers listed below for samples and pricing. Thank you for your interest, support and consideration in reviewing and use of the newest recognized FR thread technology available for the Open Flame Resistant Mattresses. Email:

41-43 Meadow Street P. O. Box 719 Winsted, CT 06098

Life, Happiness and the pursuit of LI BERTY !

Liberty Threads, N.A., Inc.

Ph: (877) 659-9996 (860) 379-2920 Fx: (860) 379-2925

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Hanes Industries

500 N. McLin Creek Road P.O. Box 457 Conover, NC 28613 Phone: 800-438-9124 828-464-4673 Fax: 828-464-0459 Email: guy.ruff@ Web: www.hanesindustries. com Guy Ruff

Henkel Corp.

One Henkel Way Rocky Hill, CT 06067 Phone: 860-571-5100 866-4HENKEL (866-443-6535) Fax: 847-289-2493 Email: adhesives.inquiries@ Web: bonding Tim Brown See ad on Page 45

Herculite Products Inc.

P.O. Box 435 Emigsville, PA 17318 Phone: 717-764-1192 800-772-0036 Fax: 717-764-5211 Email: Web: Leslie Haddad

Hickory Springs Mfg. Co.

P.O. Box 128 235 2nd Ave. N.W. Hickory, NC 28603 Phone: 828-328-2201 Fax: 828-328-5501 Email: Web: Rick Anthony See ad on Page 2

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company-by-company Huntsman Corp. Molded Applications 2190 Executive Hills Blvd. Auburn Hills, MI 48326 Phone: 248-322-7300 Fax: 248-322-7303 Email: robert_g_sawitski@ Web: Robert Sawitski


ICL-IP/Supresta U.S. LLC

622 Emerson Road, Suite 500 St. Louis, MO 63141 Phone: 314-983-7545 800-666-1200 Fax: 314-983-7610 Email: Web: Mike Goode

Ideal Quilting Ltd.

875 Fenmar Drive North York, ON M9L 1C8 Canada Phone: 416-748-8402 877-748-8402 Fax: 416-748-8403 Email: Web: Nick Rossini See ad on Page 48

IDM Instruments Pty. Ltd. 10-11 Colrado Court Hallam, VIC 3803 Australia Phone: 61-3-9708-6885 Fax: 61-3-9708-6770 Email: idm@idminstruments. Web: www.idminstruments. Tommy Halmos

Indratech LLC

2735 Paldan Drive Auburn Hills, MI 48326 Phone: 248-377-1877 Fax: 248-377-1889 Email: surendra.khambete@ Web: mattresses.html Surendra Khambete

Industrial Indexing Systems Inc.

626 Fishers Run Victor, NY 14564 Phone: 585-924-9181 Fax: 585-924-2169 Email: Web: UpgradePackages/ tabid/140/Default.aspx Marketing director

Industrias Marves S.A. de C.V.

Boulevard Industrial 200 Col. Eduardo Ruiz Uruapan, MICH 60130 Mexico Phone: 52-452-527-5800 Fax: 52-452-527-5819 Email: Web: Alfonso Martinez

Inner Source Inc.

Unit 7, 2220 Argentia Road Mississauga, ON L5N 2K7 Canada Phone: 905-567-5003 Fax: 905-567-1348 Email: Web: Cordell Robson

Integrity Software Solutions Unit 21, 6195-168th St. Surrey, BC V3S 3X9 Canada Phone: 604-574-7900 866-676-2364 Fax: 604-574-3400 Email: Web: Bill Seres

For long lasting value, genuine parts & service is your best bet. The performance and lifespan of your machine is determined by the maintenance you put into it. Genuine parts from Gribetz and Porter are engineered to optimize machine performance. Get the most out of your equipment, by putting the best back into it. Don’t gamble with low grade generic parts.



954-846-0300 SYD-REN


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2107 Swift Drive, Suite 200 Oak Brook, IL 60523 Phone: 630-481-3100 800-966-5253, Ext. 115 Fax: 630-481-3101 Email: jeannette.emmons@ Web: Jeannette Emmons

Interwoven Group

3314 16th. Ave. S.E., Suite 203 Conover, NC 28613 Phone: 828-464-8499 866-924-1654 Fax: 866-628-1652 Email: svandyke@ Web: Sandy Van Dyke

The Israeli Processing Co. Ltd. P.O. Box 33 Yavne 81100 Israel Phone: 972-8-9439021 Fax: 972 8 -9438738 Email: Web: Israel Oron


James Cash Machine Co. Inc.

100 Outer Loop Louisville, KY 40214 Phone: 502-361-1726 Web: www.jamescashmachineco. com See ad on Page 47

Jeffco Fibres Inc.

12 Park St. Webster, MA 01570-0816 Phone: 508-987-6600 800-225-7352 Fax: 508-943-5511 Email: Web: Jeffrey Lonstein

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company-by-company John Marshall & Co. Ltd. P.O. Box 8332, Riccarton Christchurch 8004 New Zealand Phone: 64-3-3412004 Fax: 64-3-3416538 Email: Web: Peter Crone See ad on Page 18

Jomel Industries Inc.

140 Central Ave. Hillside, NJ 07205 Phone: 973-282-0300, Ext. 106 Fax: 973-282-7627 Email: Web: Phil Iuliano See ad on Page 53

Jones Fiber Products Co. Inc.

Keynor Inc.

8563 Selkirk St. Vancouver, BC V6P 4J1 Canada Phone: 604-267-1307 See ad on Page 52

Komar Alliance

1200 Arthur Ave. Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 Phone: 847-437-4000 800-USA-SEWS Fax: 847-437-0693 Email: Web : Jonathan Feldman or Herman Tannenbaum See ad on Page 117


P.O. Box 13212 1184 Channel Ave. Memphis, TN 38113 Phone: 901-948-4469 877-685-5778 Fax: 901-948-4123 Email: Web: Alan Posner See ad on Page 63

LA.P.I. Laboratorio Prevenwione Incendi

Kabelwerk Eupen AG

Label Prima Indonesia

Malmedyer Str. 9 Eupen 4700 Belgium Phone: 32-87597800 See ad on Page 73


Kenn Spinrad Inc.

P.O. Box 22526 Philadelphia, PA 19110-0526 Phone: 215-545-3460 800-373-0944 Fax: 800-636-0944 Email: Web: Randy Weinstock See ad on Page 102

Via della Quercia, 11 59100 Prato Italy Phone: 39-57457532 Fax: 39-574575323 Email: Web: Massimo Borsini Durikencana 2/8 durikepa West Jakarta 11510 Indonesia P.O. Box 7620, JKBTN 11076 Indonesia Phone: 62-215688196 Fax: 62-215636081 Email: Web: Santoso Oei Hwie San

Lampe USA Inc.

3660 N.C. Highway 770 Stoneville, NC 27048 Phone: 336-932-2718 800-758-1646 Fax: 800-793-2340 Email: peterschoubben@ Web: Peter Schoubben


2010 Supplies Guide

Latex Green (Pvt.) Ltd.

Lenzing Fibers

P.O. Box 14 Seethawaka Industrial Park Block E4 Avissawella Sri Lanka Phone: 94-364270660 Fax: 94-362233416 Email: Web: Ananda Jayatilleka

Latex International

510 River Road Shelton, CT 06484 Phone: 203-924-0700 Fax: 203-924-0699 Email: Web: Kevin Stein See ad on Page 29

Law Offices of Joanne E. Mattiace-Legal Label Inc.

58 Stroudwater Place Westbrook, ME 04092-4044 Phone: 207-856-1700 877-481-0734 Fax: 207-856-1001 Email: Web: Joanne E. Mattiace

Lebanon Apparel Corp.

70 Thornhill Drive Lebanon, VA 24266-6093 Phone: 276-889-3656 Fax: 276-889-2830 Email: Web: Jeoff Bodenhorst Jr.

Leggett & Platt Adjustable Sleep Systems

530 Seventh Ave., Suite 808 New York, NY 10018 Phone: 212-944-7898 Email: Web: Nina Nadash See ad on Page 11

Liberty Threads N.A. Inc. P.O. Box 719 Winsted, CT 06098-0719 Phone: 860-379-2920 Fax: 860-379-2925 Email: Web: Robert Hegan See ad on Page 87

Lilly Management Group

Ladkrabang Ind. Estate, EPZ 1 111 Chalongkrun–Lamphatew Bangkok 10520 Thailand Phone: 66-23260886 See ad on Page 93

No. 1 Leggett Road Carthage, MO 64836 Phone: 417-358-8131 800-888-4569 Fax: 417-358-1189 Web: Brian Croft

2580 Foxfield Rd., Suite 304 St. Charles, IL 60174 Phone: 630-377-2424 800-409-0976 Fax: 630-444-1470 Email: Web: www.lillymanagement Ed Lilly

Latexco LLC

Leggett & Platt Inc.

Lucerne Textiles Inc.

Latex Systems Co. Ltd.

975 Gerrard Road Lavonia, GA 30553 Phone: 706-356-8001 866-528-3926 Fax: 706-356-8444 Email: Web: Kevin Callinan See ad on Page 8

Lava USA

55 Sleepy Time Drive Waterloo, SC 29384 Phone: 864-998-4892 Fax: 864-998-4892 Email: ann.weaver@ Web: Ann Weaver

No. 1 Leggett Road P.O. Box 757 Carthage, MO 64836 Phone: 417-358-8131 Fax: 417-358-6996 Web: www.beddingcomponents. com Perry Davis

Leigh Fibers Inc.

P.O. Box 1132 Spartanburg, SC 29304-1132 Phone: 864-439-4111 800-274-7707 Fax: 864-439-4116 Email: Web: George Martin

2 Richmond Square, No. 216 Providence, RI 02906 Phone: 401-490-2527 Fax: 401-490-2529 Email: Web: Steven Glantz


M Fibres Inc.

500 Keele St., Unit 401 Toronto, ON M6N 3C9 Canada Phone: 416-763-5770 Web: Michael McKenna

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M.J. Pierce Distributor

Mantua Mfg. Co.

23 Shawmut Ave. Danvers, MA 01923 Phone: 978-774-7868 866-774-7888 Fax: 978-774-7884 Email: Michael Pierce

450 N. Lake St. Aurora, IL 60506 Phone: 630-264-6700 Fax: 630-264-6760 Email: Web: Steve Arrigo

E. Stutznaecker GmbH & Co. KG Max-Planck-Str. 3 50858 Koeln Germany Phone: 49-22342180 Fax: 49-2234218288 Email: Web: Peter Poulsen See ad on Page 74

Maxime Knitting Mills Inc.

828 Deslauriers St. St. Laurent, QC H4N 1X1 Canada Phone: 514-336-0445 Fax: 514-336-7458 Email: Web: Lorne Romoff See ad on Page 32

C ranston tr uCking C ompany



Cranston Logistics Services

Serving 48 States and Canada

Your Best Move in Transportation

● vanCouver

P.O. Box 51367 Piedmont, SC 29673 Phone: 864-269-9104 Fax: 864-269-9106 Email: Web: Austin Jones

Material Flow Technologies Inc.


Materials Management Inc.

7900 Northfield Road Walton Hills, OH 44146-5525 Phone: 800-333-8333 See ad on Page 119

LTL • Expedited • Truckload • Rail

Special Programs for the Bedding Industry

● Calgary ● regina

● seattle

● winniPeg Montreal ● ● Boston

● san FranCisCo

● salt lake City

● CHiCago

A Division of Cranston Print Works Company

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new york ◆●

★ West Greenwich


los angeles ◆ Vernon ● ◆ La Mirada ● san Diego ● ◆ PHoenix ★ Terminal Locations Container Divisions ◆ Distribution Service Centers ● Major Markets Served ■ Cranston Direct Service ■ Cranston Extended Service

Detroit toronto ●●


● Houston Dallas

Greenville ● ★ Sumter Atlanta ★ Charleston


Houston ●

Dianne Francin

Industry Specialist 877-CTC-5282 877-282-5282


Offer your sleep a natural side

Located at the heart of the largest reserve of latex in the world. We manufacture a unique range of high value added natural latex cores and sheets. Our French-Thai expertise, combine with your bedding market experience, is the answer to people concern about comfortable and environmental friendly products

“Natural Latex provides a Healthier, more regenerative night’s sleep” Latex Systems Co.,Ltd. (Factory & Office)

Ladkrabang Industrial Estate, Bangkok Thailand. Tel : + 66 2 326 0886 - 7, Fax : + 66 2 326 0292 Email :, website : Agent for North America: Crismor International, Inc Tel: 951-369-4971 Email:

7 zone for perfect body’s adjustement

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MFI InternationalCompetitive Crossborder Solutions

company-by-company Mid-South Extrusion Inc.

2015 Jackson St. Monroe, LA 71202 Phone: 318-322-7239 800-256-7239 Fax: 318-325-7524 Email: emaunz@mid Web: www.midsouthextrusion. com Eric Maunz

9570 Pan American El Paso, TX 79927 Phone: 915-858-0971 866-918-2260 Fax: 915-858-0971 Email: Web: Paola Ramos See ad on Page 114

Middleburg Yarn Processing Co. Inc. 909 N. Orange St. Selinsgrove, PA 17870 Phone: 570-374-1284 See ad on Page 79

Miller Wood Supply LLC

1912 N. Weller Ave. Springfield, MO 65803 Phone: 417-832-1178 877-832-1178 Fax: 417-883-4674 Email: Steve Farrar

Milliken & Co.

920 Milliken Road, M-179 Spartanburg, SC 29303 Phone: 888-723-2876 888 723-2876 Fax: 864-503-2743 Email: Web: Paul Loadholdt

Solid Heritage New Innovation Since 1866, the tradition of quality continues. Now is your opportunity to join the newest ultra premium bedding group in the U.S.A., featuring...

• NEW Triple Coil-On-Coil™ sleep system • Advanced spring designs • Luxurious natural materials • Hand tufting

For more info, contact: Matt Connolly tel: 718.708.3028

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company-by-company Montreal Fabrics Corp. Ltd.

84 Notre Dame W., 4th Floor Montreal, QC H2Y 1S6 Canada Phone: 514-288-6231 800-361-4634 Fax: 514-844-4018 Email: Web: Joseph Fattal

Monks International N.V.



Carl-Zeiss-Str.18 74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen Germany Phone: 49-7142-90410 800-326-4742 Fax: 49-7142-904110 Email: Web: Volker Wissing or Russ Bowman

Grote Molstenstraat 21 8710 Wielsbeke Belgium Phone: 32-056-67-16-00 Fax: 32-56-66-66-66 Email: Web: Kristel Bisschop

2010 Supplies Guide

National Cotton Batting Institute 4322 Bloombury St. Southaven, MS 38672 Phone: 662-449-0000 Fax: 662-449-0046 Email: Web: Fred Middleton

Natura World Inc.

One Natura Way Cambridge, ON N3C 0A4 Canada Phone: 519-651-1891 800-215-3002 Fax: 519-651-1842 Email: Web: Michael Pino See ad on Page 81


TO THINK ABOUT FLAMMABILITY TESTING Quality expectations and regulatory requirements become more complex and stringent everyday. Failure to comply could result in unexpected cost’s, create an unfavorable brand image and most important, harm end users. SGS maintains accredited labs across the country and our experienced technical experts can help you meet your flammability testing needs. SGS is the world’s leading Inspection, Verification, Testing and Certification Company. So when you need to be sure, trust the experts. For more information visit or call 800-777-TEST

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Natural Felt Co.

21817 88th Place S. Kent, WA 98031 Phone: 503-320-9403 Email: Web: Terri Treat

New England Needles Inc.

P.O. Box 1429 Burlington, CT 06013 Phone: 860-673-3233 800-243-3158 Fax: 860-675-9130 Email: Web: www.newenglandneedles. com Thomas Lees See ad on Page 33

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company-by-company Northstar Recycling Group Inc.

89 Guion St. P.O. Box 1450 Springfield, MA 01102-1450 Phone: 413-263-6000 888-394-1300 Fax: 413-263-6050 Email: Web: www.northstarrecycling Seth Goodman


OHM Systems Inc.

10250 Chester Road Cincinnati, OH 45215 Phone: 513-771-0008 Fax: 513-771-0101 Email: Web: Catherine Anbil See ad on Page 119


P. Bjerre Inc.

P.O. Box 127 Carver, MN 55315 Phone: 952-448-1935 Fax: 952-448-1955 Email: Web: Peter Poulsen

Visit: | | P: (336)769-4300 | F:(336)769-4301

2010 Supplies Guide

Pacific Spring Inc.

6418 E. Washington Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90040-1820 Phone: 626-272-8882 See ad on Page 112

Palmpring Co. Ltd.

196-5 Geumhyen-Li, Gasan-Myeon Pochun-Si Kyounggi-Do 487813 South Korea Phone: 82-31-541-2784 Fax: 82-31-541-8997 Email: Web: Kim Dae-Seob

Performance Fabrics & Fibers

181 U.S. Highway 521 Andrews, SC 29510-5476 Phone: 843-221-4121 Fax: 843-221-4122 Email: Web: Richard Turner

Piedmont Mattress Equipment (PME)

P.O. Box 873 Randleman, NC 27317-2673 Phone: 336-799-4450 Fax: 336-799-4451 Email: cricket@piedmontmat Web: www.piedmontmattepuip. com Cricket (Bobby) Laughlin Jr.

Plastic Monofil Co. Ltd. 28 Industrial Drive Milton, VT 05468-3234 Phone: 800-893-7977 See ad on Page 59

Porter International

13800 N.W. 4th St. Sunrise, FL 33325 Phone: 954-846-0300 800-326-4742 Fax: 954-846-0381 Email: Web: Russ Bowman

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company-by-company Pratrivero S.p.A.-Parent company of Soltex Inc.

Fr. Pratrivero 51 13835 Trivero Italy Phone: 39-015-7388880 Fax: 39-015-779175 Email: Web: Paolo Barberis Canonico

Precision Fabrics Group Inc.

301 N. Elm St., Suite 600 Greensboro, NC 27401 Phone: 336-510-8029 800-284-8071 Fax: 336-510-8002 Email: lisa.kale@precisionfabrics. com Web: Lisa Kale

Printcraft Co. Inc.

259 City Lake Road P.O. Box 477 Lexington, NC 27295 Phone: 336-248-2544 Fax: 336-248-8174 Email: Web: Marvin Smith


02080 Ocean Ave., Suite 6E Brooklyn, NY 11230 Phone: 718-339-2963 Fax: 718-339-6221 Email: Web: Mark Yerud


6025 Lee Highway, Suite 425 Chattanooga, TN  37422 Phone: 423-899-0444 See ad on Page 71

P.T. RubberFoam Indonesia

Kawasan Industri Sentul Jl. Olympic Raya Blok 85 Kel. Sentul, Kec. Babakan Madang Kab Bogor, Jawa Barat 16810 Indonesia Phone: 62-2153662190 See ad on Page 20


Quilting Inc.

7600 Industrial Parkway Plain City, OH 43064 Phone: 614-873-6667 800-358-0153 Fax: 614-873-6669 Email: Web: Dave Pritchett See ad on Page 16


Radium Foam B.V.

P.O. Box 929 6200 AX Maastricht Netherlands Phone: 31-43-328-8767 Fax: 31-43-325-60-16 Email: Web: Hanco Van Hoeve

Rapid Air LLC

P.O. Box 20810 Milwaukee, WI 53220 Phone: 262-787-2500 Fax: 262-787-2899 Email: Web: Susan Hrobar

Reliable Tape Products

3300 E. 50th St. P.O. Box 58261 Vernon, CA 90058 Phone: 323-588-8044 800-2RELIABLE Fax: 323-588-1406 Email: Shirley Chua


2010 Supplies Guide

Remex AG

SOL Global

Morgentalstrasse 4A P.O. Box 34 CH9323 Steinach Switzerland Phone: 41-714470047 Fax: 41-714402212 Email: Web: Bernhard Graf

Restonic Mattress Corp. 737 Main St. Buffalo, NY 14203 Phone: 847-231-1440 Fax: 716-608-1421 Email: Web: Ron Passaglia


SABA North America LLC

5426 Lapeer Road Kimball, MI 48074-1427 Phone: 810-824-4964 Fax: 810-824-4986 Email: jim.turner@saba-adhesives. com Web: Jim Turner See ad on Page 4

Sanitized AG

405 N. Main St. Fountain Inn, SC 29644 Phone: 864-373-4012 Fax: 344-271-619 Email: darrell.burnette@sanitized. com Web: Darrell Burnette

Sedco Textile

1 Johnson Ave. Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632 Phone: 201-567-7141 Fax: 201-567-5515 Email: Ralph Slater

SGS U.S. Testing Co.

1325 N. 108th E. Ave. Tulsa, OK 74116 Phone: 918-437-8333 800-777-TEST Fax: 918-437-8487 Email: Web: J. Brian McDonald See ad on Page 95


15 Lincoln St. Hawthorne, NJ 07506 Phone: 973-423-9266 973-423-9266 Fax: 973-423-9264 Email: Web: Harry Bajakian See ad on Page 113

Simpex International

2348 Lucerne Road, No. 236 Montreal, QC H3R 2J8 Canada Phone: 514-795-6023 Fax: 514-227-5416 Email: simpexinternational@ Web: Andrei Shevchenko

SleepTrust, a division of Magi Seal International

1065 Clarke Road London, ON N5V 3B3 Canada Phone: 866-228-7070 Fax: 519-455-4233 Email: Web: Brad Geddes

Sleep Products Safety Council (SPSC)

501 Wythe St. Alexandria, VA 22314 Phone: 703-683-8371 Fax: 703-683-4503 Email: Web: Ryan Trainer

800 Denow Road, Suite C-337 Pennington, NJ 08534 Phone: 908-410-1257 Fax: 609-737-3633 Email: Michael Pino

Soltex Inc.

50 Commerce Center Greenville, SC 29615 Phone: 864-234-0322 800-488-5355 Fax: 864-297-0312 Email: Web: Larry Starkey

Southern Label Co. Inc.

5624 Clifford Circle Birmingham, AL 35210 Phone: 205-836-8080 888-829-8080 Fax: 205-833-5598 Email: Web:

Spec-Tex Inc.

P.O. Box 8636 Coral Springs, FL 33075 Phone: 954-796-7641 866-477-3289 Fax: 954-796-7643 Email: Web: Howard Goldberg


650 W. 20th St. Hialeah, FL 33010 Phone: 305-887-3782 Fax: 305-887-3784 Email: Carlos Luna

Springs Creative Products Group LLC

454 S. Anderson Road, Suite 400 Rock Hill, SC 29730 Phone: 803-324-6702 Fax: 803-324-6926 Web: John Harvey See ad on Page 44

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Spuhl AG

Gr端ntalstrasse 23 9300 Wittenbach Switzerland Phone: 41-71-292-13-12 Fax: 41-71-292-11-24 Email: Web:


13800 N.W. 4th St. Sunrise, FL 33325 Phone: 954-846-0300 800-326-4742 Fax: 954-846-0381 Email: Web: Russ Bowman

Starsprings International

company-by-company Supreme Quilting Ltd.

12-14 Goldthorne Ave. Etobicoke, ON M8Z 5S8 Canada Phone: 909-557-0875 Fax: 416-534-2887 Email: bedmansteveholder@ Web: Steve Holder


Therapedic International

103 College Road, Second Floor Princeton, NJ 08540 Phone: 609-720-0700 See ad on Page 22

Box 44 S524 21 Herrljunga Sweden Phone: 46-513-17800 Fax: 46-513-17802 Email: Web: Nils Eric Stjerna See ad on Page 49

Texas Pocket Springs

Subinas Confort S.L.

Tietex International

Ugaldeguren III P-28 Vizcaya Zamudio, 48170 Spain Phone: 34-944538821 See ad on Page 116

Sunds Velour A/S

Navervej 3-5 Sunds DK-7451 Denmark Phone: 45-97141322 Fax: 45-97142827 Email: Web: Steffen Roemer See ad on Page 118

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460 County Road No. 318 Keene, TX 76059 Phone: 817-645-7666 972-740-1485 Fax: 817-645-7242 Email: Web: Martin Wolfson 3010 N. Blackstock Road Spartanburg, SC 29301 Phone: 864-574-0500 800-845-3694 Fax: 864-574-9490 Email: Web: Wade Wallace See ad on Page C4

Tintoria Piana U.S. Inc.

220 S. Erwin St. Cartersville, GA 30120 Phone: 770-382-1395 Fax: 770-382-6457 Email: Web: Andy Hollis

TouchStone Systems & Services Inc.

1817 Porter St., S.W. Wyoming, MI 49519 Phone: 616-532-0060 Fax: 616-532-0447 Email: Web: Jayma Kamerling

Transfer Master Products Inc. 505 W. Williams P.O. Box 917 Postville, IA 52162 Phone: 563-864-7364 800-475-8122 Fax: 563-864-7674 Email: Web: Aaron Goldsmith


Uni-Source Textile

4177 Rowland Ave., Unit A El Monte, CA 91731 Phone: 626-279-9995 888-UST-1689 Fax: 626-602-9882 Email: johnson@unisourcetextile. com Web: Johnson Leung See ad on Page 51

UPACO Adhesives, a division of Worthen Industries

4105 Castlewood Road Richmond, VA 23234 Phone: 804-275-9231 Fax: 804-743-8366 Email: sadams@upaco-richmond. com Web: www.worthenindustries. com Steve Adams

The Strongest Most Reliable High Speed Quilting Machines Built Since 1944

The Emco 9000 Series High Speed Double Lock Chainstitch Quilter Choose the machine that fits your needs. The Emco 9000 Series High Speed Chainstitch Quilter for High Volume Output TheQuilter Emcofor9000 Series High Speed or the Emco Tack and Jump Embroidery Lockstitch the Most Versatility. Whichever you choose you get the Double Chainstitch most reliable, strongest, longest lasting machines ever built. Lock With parts and serviceQuilter always available for our customers.

The Emco Tack and Jump Embroidery High Speed Lockstitch Quilter

Edgewater Machine Company, Inc.

13-20 131st Street College Point, New York 11356 U.S.A Phone: 718-539-8200 Fax: 718-358-4648 Email: Website:

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Ventex Fabrics Inc.

P.O. Box 1038 Great Falls, VA 22066 Phone: 703-406-4030 800-800-3994 Fax: 703-406-4588 Email: hmurphy@ventexfabrics. com Web: Harrison Murphy

company-by-company Veysel Kutuklu Mattresses Machinery Co.

Nato Yolu Caddesi Emek Mahallesi No. 19 Y. Dudullu, Sarigazi 34785 Istanbul Turkey Phone: 90-216-466-3690 90-542-323-1088 Fax: 90-216-466-3689 Email: Web: Yener Kutuklu

Vertex Fasteners

3714 Jarvis Ave. Skokie, IL 60076 Phone: 847-329-8530 Fax: 847-329-8529 Email: Web: Tom Fowler See ad on Page 21

Vintex Inc.

1 Mount Forest Drive Mount Forest, ON N0G 2L2 Canada Phone: 519 323-0100 800-846-8399 Fax: 519-323-0333 Email: Web: Jim Merrill See ad on Page 67

Vista Medical Ltd.

Unit 3, 55 Henlow Bay Winnipeg, MB R3Y 1G4 Canada Phone: 800-822-3553 800-822-3553 Fax: 800-664-2044 Email: Web: Andrew Frank

Baron Styles, Inc

Custom Quilting & Sewing We do it all . . . Call Today for a Quote!! ◆ All Natural - Mattress Kits - 1633 Certified ◆ All Natural - Mattress Pads ◆ Mattress Quilting - Tack & Jump Available ◆ Sheet Sets - Custom Sizes & Shapes ◆ Magnetic Mattress Pads and Accessories ◆ International Shipping Available

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Baron Styles, Inc 621 Gateway Drive • Milton, WI 53563 Phone (608) 868-3430 • Fax (608) 868-3481

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2215 Shore St. High Point, NC 27263 Phone: 336-431-7187 Fax: 336-431-0693 Email: Web: Dennis St. Louis

VyMaC Corp.

201 N. Main St., Suite 5 Fort Atkinson, WI 53538 Phone: 920-568-3130 Email: Web: Mike Schweiger


William T. Burnett & Co.

P.O. Box 5758 Statesville, NC 28667 Phone: 704-500-1285 800-342-3771 Email: Web: Henry McRee

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Wright of Thomasville

P.O. Box 1069 Prospect Street Ext. Thomasville, NC 27361 Phone: 336-472-4200 800-678-9019 Fax: 336-476-8554 Email: Web: Don Wright See ad on Page 70

Wolf Corp.

P.O. Box 11306 Fort Wayne, IN 46857-1306 Phone: 260-749-9393 See ad on Page 116

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EmployeeRelations Making sure your employees are recognized, rewarded

recognition is done with the employee in mind and not as leverage that only benefits the company.

5 big mistakes to avoid

Mistake 3 Not using a strategy An organized approach is great, but the system won’t last if it’s not tied into a strategy based on the company’s core values and goals. Strategic planning is a leadership function that allows all employees to understand where they fit into the scheme of things and how their performance directly affects the company. Once everyone begins to see that they are all on the same team and marching in the same direction for the same reasons, synergy happens and your combined recognition efforts yield much more than the sum of the individual parts.

By John Schaefer


rank was at the end of his rope. It was time for a new job, one that would let him use all of his talents, creativity and experience. The exit interview was uneventful and then he was free. His manager was baffled. How could Frank leave? He was on the fast track, with great potential and numerous promotion opportunities. He was a key member of the team. What went wrong?  Sound familiar? This vast divergence between employee satisfaction and management appraisal is quite common, as well as confusing and expensive to companies. How could an employee be so unhappy while his manager thinks everything is fine?  There are five big mistakes that– when addressed properly—will reduce unnecessary turnover and immediately improve morale, productivity

and profits. With some minor changes in managers’ communication styles, employees will want to bring their “A game” to work every day. Mistake 1 Not being believable All executives claim to value their people, but are employees getting the message? Recognition programs, incentives, bonuses and quick emails saying “good job” are common in most companies, but often are seen as manipulative by the very employees they’re meant to encourage and reward. Why? There’s a fine line between employees feeling appreciated and thinking that you’re just “throwing them a bone.” Unfortunately with staffing down and workloads up, it’s easy for a manager’s recognition efforts to be perceived as just going through the motions and not coming from the heart. Managers need to make sure their interactions are seen as genuine and that all positive

Mistake 2 Not being organized This mistake relates to the number of disjointed programs companies use to recognize and reward their people. Each program has its own history, function, creator and responsible party, so even if they’re working, there’s no easy way to tell. With such a mishmash, it’s impossible to properly train your management team how to use the programs correctly and effectiveness suffers. By organizing all of your employee communications, training, recognition and performance processes into one system, you’ll be able to understand and control costs, manage and rate results, and get the most for your investment in your people.

Mistake 4 No management buy-in Even if you fix the first three mistakes, your best efforts are likely to fail if you don’t have strong, honest and consistent support from the very top. Companies could use a message from a top executive to not only launch any new program, but then to continue to demonstrate his passion and dedication to the goals and objectives over time. Employ-

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Your best efforts are likely to fail if you don’t have strong, honest and consistent support from the very top. ees are quick to see through any signs of the company being disingenuous. Poor upper management involvement is the No. 1 sign that you’re using recognition as a manipulative lever, not an appreciation boost. To keep top executives intrigued, managers should show that program enhancements have significant and measurable results, not just emotional hype. Mistake 5 Not following through Any program—no matter how exciting, rich, well organized or effectively supported—will lose its momentum over time if it’s not fully integrated into

your company’s performance management system. This is by far the most overlooked weakness in many recognition strategies. A quality reporting system, along with an empowered team prepared to manage the information, are critical to keeping your program relevant, fresh, interesting and profitable. The true test of a well-functioning recognition strategy is that you can quantitatively prove to your chief financial officer that it’s turning expenses into profits over time. These five mistakes are quite common and costly, but relatively easy to avoid with some simple com-

munications training and the ability to look at programs with an open mind. Address each mistake in order, gain support and then develop a measurable set of initiatives that will make the best use of your company’s dollars. The good news is that today’s tools and technology make it easy to develop, measure and analyze an effective recognition strategy. BT John Schaefer is a consultant with more than 20 years of experience helping companies realize and react to what he calls the “employer/employee disconnect.” Schaefer is the author of The Vocational Shrink—An Analysis of the Ten Levels of Workplace Disillusionment and creator of The Vocational Shrink game and the management training program called “Why Should Supervisors Care?” For more information, check


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Our West Coast Distributor


Advance Fiber Technologies Corporation 344 Lodi Street Hackensack, NJ 07601-3120 (201) 488-2700 (800) 631-1930

fax (201) 489-5656 email

NewsMakers Wright reorganizes top management Wright of Thomasville, a supplier of graphics products and services based in Thomasville, N.C., has made changes to its management team and has announced the retirement of Tom Wright, who co-founded the company 48 years ago. He has stepped down as chairman of the board, but retains a seat on the board and the title chairman emeritus. The former vice president of sales and marketing, Don Wright, was elected to succeed Tom Wright as chairman of the board. He also was named chief marketing officer. Greg Wright, formerly vice president of information services, was named chief executive officer. Ron Wright, previously president, is now chief operating officer. Doug Wright retains his post as chief financial officer. “These internal moves will better position Wright of Thomasville for future growth as we look to expand our product and service offerings to our existing markets, as well as give us a foundation for growth in new markets through acquisition opportunities,” Tom Wright said.

Spirit Sleep creates top sales post


pirit Sleep, an importer of Chinesemade compressed, rolled and boxed mattresses based in Asheville, N.C., has promoted Joe Shingary to director of sales, a newly created position. He previously was a sales representative. He reports to Mike Cianciarulo, Spirit Sleep chief executive officer. Before joining Spirit Sleep when the company was formed two years ago, Shingary spent 12 years as a sales representative for Klaussner Home Furnishings. Prior to that, he worked in his family’s retail home furnishings business. As director of sales, Shingary is

responsible for hiring and supervising Spirit Sleep’s national sales team, strategically expanding U.S. distribution of its product line and building brand recognition. “We have a product and story unlike any other bedding company,” Shingary said. “We’ve had great success thus far with some of the largest retailers in the U.S. and look forward to even greater success in 2010.” “Joe will do a great job helping to grow the Spirit Sleep brand. He’s one of the most enthusiastic, hard-working and upbeat people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with,” Cianciarulo said.

Short Two added to CPSC The Senate has unanimously confirmed Robert Adler, a Democrat, and Anne Northup, a Republican, to fill positions on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Their confirmations restore the CPSC to a five-member board. Adler most recently served as

professor of legal studies and the Luther H. Hodges Jr. Scholar in Law and Ethics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Kenan-Flagler Business School. Northup previously served as a representative to the U.S. House from Kentucky and also was a state representative in Kentucky.

David Sherman, Sealy VP, dies


avid Sherman, vice president of tax and internal audit for mattress major Sealy, died Oct. 17 after being struck by a car while bicycling in Greensboro, N.C. He was 55. Sherman worked for Sealy for more than 11 years and was a key contributor to the company’s financial improvements, a news release from the Archdale, N.C.-based manufacturer said. He played a significant role in Sealy’s mergers and acquisitions and financial transactions, including its initial public offering and recent refinancing, the company said. Sherman was an avid athlete and competed in many marathons and cycling events. He also was a musician who learned to play the violin as an adult. He spent summers working in the U.S. national park system. He enjoyed travel and, as a young adult, lived in Africa and Europe. Sherman was born in Washington, D.C., and received a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in accounting and taxation from the University of Tennessee. Police charged Grayson Dawson, 48, with felony hit-and-run, misdemeanor death by motor vehicle and driving while license revoked. Dawson, a resident of Eden, N.C., was released on bond. Police said Sherman was hit head-on. Witnesses reported that a silver Dodge Durango made a Uturn and left the scene. Authorities seized a 1998 Dodge Durango with a damaged windshield and hood from Dawson’s residence. Sherman’s survivors include his wife, Ann; daughters Rebekah and Elizabeth; and a sister, Laurie Pearl. His family requests that any donations made in his name go to the Greensboro Symphony or New Garden Friends Meeting in Greensboro.

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MarketingReport What ads are resonating with consumers? Survey shows advertisers are often off base


dvertisers spend a good deal of time and money creating and placing ads they think are effective. But the consumers those ads target don’t necessarily agree, according to a recent LinkedIn Research Network/Harris Interactive poll. The online poll surveyed 2,025 adult consumers and 1,015 executives from corporations who are involved in making decisions about advertising and executives from ad agencies. Harris Interactive is a global market research firm; LinkedIn is an online business network. Which ads are effective? When the survey explored the effectiveness of different types of ads,

advertisers and consumers agreed in some cases but not in others. ➤ While more than half of advertisers (53%) believe ads that make people stop and think are effective, just three in 10 consumers (30%) agree. ➤ Half of advertisers (51%) think ads that give people new information are very effective, but just 29% of consumers think so. ➤ One-quarter of advertisers (26%) think ads that are integrated into the feel of the program—with the same tone of the program during which the ad appears—are very effective, compared to just 7% of consumers. ➤ Nearly a quarter of advertisers (24%) say ads portraying a “before and after” scenario are very effective,

Luxuries for less

but only 13% of consumers agree. ➤ One in five advertisers (21%) say ads that reinforce a message already known are very effective, compared to 10% of consumers. ➤ Consumers and advertisers both like ads that are amusing—34% of consumers and 41% of advertisers say entertaining ads are very effective, and one-third of both consumers (33%) and advertisers (32%) say funny ads are very effective. But the findings sound a cautionary note: Just one in 10 consumers (11%) and 14% of advertisers say ads that don’t take themselves seriously are effective. ➤ Consumers and advertisers both think scary ads don’t work—two in five consumers (41%) and one-third of advertisers (32%) believe that scary ads are not at all effective.

Ads for a bad economy Advertisers are using a variety of strategies to address consumers’ financial challenges in a tough economy, but which ones are working? ➤ Three in five advertisers (61%) say they are using a valueproposition strategy—promoting sales, coupons and discounts—and almost three in five consumers (57%) say this strategy works very well or well to persuade them to buy products and services. ➤ Two in five advertisers (39%) are using empathy—contending that companies understand what consumers are going through. But only one-quarter of consumers (24%) say empathy works very or somewhat well and one-third (33%) say it does not work at all. ➤ One-quarter of advertisers (25%) say they are using cheerleading— “We‘ve made it through tough times before, we‘ll do it again and we can help you do it.” Almost two in five

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consumers (38%), however, say these types of ads don’t work at all. ➤ One strategy that advertisers may want to use more is “luxuries for less.” While fewer than one in five advertisers (18%) say they are using this approach, one-third of consumers (34%) say these types of ads work very well or well in selling products or services. ➤ There is a generational divide among consumers, with those age 18-34 more likely to say each of these four strategies works very well or well. In particular, more than half of 18-34 year olds (51%) say “luxuries for less” works very well or well, compared to just 19% of those 55 and older. What it all means Advertisers and the consumers they are trying to reach see the world

Great value

differently, but the LinkedIn/Harris poll suggests something of a conver-

gence, according to Marianne Foley, senior vice president of strategic initiatives at Harris Interactive. “While the order of magnitude differs, advertisers and their audiences tend to agree on what is most effective and what is least effective.” The most important finding is that in this current economic environment, messages that talk money are of paramount interest to consumers, Foley says. Clearly, emphasizing value or “luxuries for less” appeal to consumers more than empathy and cheerleading—themes that advertisers are using. “This is an incredibly valuable piece of information for advertisers to know right now,” Foley says. For more information about the poll, Harris Interactive or LinkedIn, check or BT

Pacific Spring Inc. An American company importing springs from Cambodia 6.5” H 312 Bonnel units 7” H 336 Bonnel units 8” H pocket units

Pacific Spring Inc. Victor Nguyen, VP of Marketing & Sales 6418 E. Washington Blvd. Commerce Ca. 90040 Tel: (626) 272-8882 • Fax: (626) 226-4166 Email:

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The best value on the planet. Maximize Efficiency. Bonds Instantly. No Over Spray. Simple System. Indoor Air Quality Certified.



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Visit us online at 15 Lincoln Street Hawthorne, New Jersey 07506 USA Vor Eiche 10 CH-8197 Rafz Switzerland



Tel: 973.423.9266 Fax: 973.423.9264

Tel: ++ 41(0) 43 433 30 30 Fax: ++ 41(0) 43 433 30 33



ISPANews ISPA clarifies Sept. Bedding Barometer numbers


he September edition of the Bedding Barometer from the International Sleep Products Association showed unit shipments of mattresses in the United States rising 7.6% in September 2009 over the same month in 2008. The dollar value of shipments dipped 2.3% year-over-year and the average unit selling price fell 9.2%. The report also showed 2009 third-quarter results: units down 10.3%, dollars down 13.4% and the average unit selling price down 3.5% To create the Bedding Barometer, 18 U.S. mattress producers report monthly sales data to consultants retained by ISPA. The consultants aggregate and analyze the data, routinely following up with companies to confirm that information has been reported accurately and consistently. In 2008, the reporting companies represented 45.5% of unit shipments for the entire bedding market and 56.3% of the wholesale dollar value of those shipments. The companies reflect a cross-section of the industry but they do not, as a group, represent a statistically balanced sample of the industry. Nevertheless, the Bedding Barometer provides in-

114 | BedTimes | December 2009

sight into how the mattress industry is performing. ISPA noted that the September data reflected anomalies in information from one or more of the companies that distort the year-overyear comparisons and diminish the report’s effectiveness as a reflection of the entire mattress market. In an effort to explain the anomalies while protecting the confidentiality of the underlying company data, ISPA discussed in general terms in the September edition how growth rates based on the reported data would be affected if data for the company or companies whose data contained the anomalies were omitted from the year-overyear comparisons. ISPA was later asked to further clarify the information in the September Bedding Barometer. Concerns about company confidentiality continue to limit the detail ISPA can provide, but the association has recalculated the September numbers, excluding the information from the company or companies that contained anomalies. Doing that, unit shipments rose 3.6% for the month, the dollar value of shipments declined 3.5% and the

average unit selling price dropped 6.8%. For the third quarter, units fell 7.5%, dollar value dropped 14.6% and the average unit selling price declined 2.6%. For more information, check

Short Serta rejoins stats program Beginning in January, bedding major Serta will report its sales data for inclusion in statistical reports issued by the International Sleep Products Association. Data from the company, based in Hoffman Estates, Ill., will be used to compile ISPA’s monthly Bedding Barometer and the annual Mattress Industry Report of Sales and Trends. Serta stopped reporting its data when the company resigned its ISPA membership several years ago. “We at Serta realize the importance of accurate industry data,” said Bob Sherman, Serta president. “I am confident that including Serta’s numbers in the ISPA reports will improve the reliability and coverage of this useful industry resource.”

Transport company offering Retail Solutions E

stes Forwarding Worldwide, a partner with the International Sleep Products Association in providing discounted transportation, shipping and freight handling services to ISPA members, is offering its Retail Solutions program. “We have the ability to manage the complexity of the retail supply chain end-to-end,” said Scott Allen, director of Retail Solutions for the Richmond, Va.-based company. “Our proven track record of outstanding customer experience, combined with our superior technology, gives us an enormous advantage. Because our objective is to focus on your needs, we design and implement shipping services tailormade for you to improve your supply chain visibility, your data quality and integrity. Ultimately, by optimizing your transport planning, we improve your cost-saving goals.” The Retail Solutions program is designed for a range of companies—from

nationwide retailers with many locations to small, owner-operated stores. “One of the things we specialize in is launch and replenishment,” Allen said. “We’re very familiar with in-store logistics and we know what needs to be done and the proper place for deliver-

➤ Learn more To learn more about the program with Estes Forwarding Worldwide, check or call Debbie Brown at 888-378-3724, Ext. 2924 and mention that you are an ISPA member. To enroll, complete the form found at and fax it to 804-233-8520. For information about other ISPA Member Discount Services, check the ISPA Web site,

ies within stores. We have the ability to work across multiple trading partners and also make deliveries from distribution points to the consumer. ” The company offers an added benefit, its White Glove/Interactive Delivery Service. “Our customers can schedule their own appointments and upgrade their service level around their requirements,” Allen said. ISPA members receive a discount on qualifying shipments. To learn more about Estes Forwarding Worldwide, check or call Debbie Brown at 888-378-3724, Ext. 2924 and mention that you are an ISPA member. To enroll, complete the form found at and fax it to 804-233-8520. ISPA has additional shipping and freight Member Discount Services partnerships with FedEx and YRC Worldwide (New Penn, Roadway, USF Holland, USF Reddaway and Yellow).

In a recent, independent study: 92% of female mattress customers polled said that the Purista™ freshnessenhancing treatment was a feature they desired in their mattress. Contact us today to learn more about how the Purista™ brand can become a part of your polyurethane and latex foams solution.

Learn more at or call 800.491.8375

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Classifieds For Sale

For Sale TAPE-EDGE MACHINES, MULTINEEDLE AND SINGLENEEDLE QUILTERS, long-arm label machines, sergers, etc. Contact Victor LeBron, American Plant and Equipment. Phone 864-574-0404; Fax 864-576-7204; Cell 864-590-1700; Email; Web REBUILT AND RECONDITIONED MULTINEEDLE QUILTING MACHINES. Specializing in PATHE precision parts and service. Technical consultants. SEDCO. Phone 201-567-7141; Fax 201-567-5515. TAPE-EDGE MACHINES, QUILTERS & MISCELLANEOUS SEWING MACHINES. Contact Frank Carlino, U.S. Mattress Machinery. Phone 815-795-6942; Fax 815-795-2178; Email

EMCO Compustitch Quilter with Quilt Rack and Catwalk and Gribetz cutter; National serger and Table 1; Union Special serger and Table 2; Porter 1000 serger and table; Porter tape-edge. Many other miscellaneous items available. Call Troy at 815-343-9984 for more details.

We manufacture wooden box-spring flat frames and foundations custom sized to your specifications. Foundation kit options available. Wood components for flat frames, foundations, pallets or packaging, including grooved stock cut to the size you need. Assembly available for most items. Foundations can be covered and bagged to be ready to sell. Ask about your specific needs. Email inquiries to AUTOMATIC BORDER MACHINE. 2003 Atlanta Attachment 33200A1Y90. Standard and continental; sew miters and join. Like new. Reduced now to $49,000. Contact Tom Metcalfe in Bluefield, Va. Phone 276-326-1898.

Help Wanted Innovative new mattress company based in Atlanta is looking for a sales director. Established relationships with key retail accounts is crucial. Initial focus on the Southeast. Great opportunity to join a small and dynamic team with great potential for growth. Send resume in confidence to or fax to 770-964-4660.

Industrias Subiñas s,l. Innerspring’s



1959, is an Spanish

company with 3 different facilities selling all over the world. “We produce Bonnell, LFK and Pocket units with the latest

Swiss technology using the finest tempered wire for reliable support”, said Javier Subiñas





For further information please contact us: Phone: +34 976 12 61 98 Fax:

+34 976 14 48 07 (Mrs. Sanjuan)



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Calendar 2010 January

Jan. 24-27 Interiors Birmingham National Exhibition Centre Birmingham, England Phone 44-121-780-4141 Fax 44-121-767-3825


Feb. 1-5 Las Vegas Market World Market Center Las Vegas, U.S. Phone 888-416-8600 Fax 702-599-9622 Feb. 2-6 Istanbul Furniture Fair CNR EXPO Istanbul Istanbul, Turkey Phone 90-212-465-74-75 Fax 90-212-465-74-76 Feb. 3-5 Australian International Furniture Fair Sydney Exhibition Centre Sydney, Australia Phone 613-9654-7773 Fax 613-9654-5596


➤ March 3-6 ISPA EXPO Charlotte Convention Center Charlotte, N.C., U.S. Phone 703-683-8371 Fax 703-683-4503

March 9-12 International Furniture Fair Singapore/ ASEAN Furniture Show Singapore Expo Singapore Phone 65-6569-6988 Fax 65-6569-9939 March 19-22 ZOW Shenzhen Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center Shenzhen, China Phone 60-3-2094-2880 Fax 60-3-2094-2881 March 27-30 Interzum Guangzhou/ China International Furniture Fair China Import & Export Fair Pazhou Complex Guangzhou, China Phone 86-20-8755-2468 Fax 86-20-8755-2970


April 17-22 High Point Market International Home Furnishings Center & other locations High Point, N.C., U.S. Phone 336-869-1000

Down under The Australian International Furniture Fair will be Feb. 3-5 in Sydney.

Rest assured we supply everything you need to create a better mattress. • • • •

Sewing Thread Adhesives Zippers Mattress Tape

America’s Premiere Supplier to the Mattress Manufacturing Industry


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ISPAAdvocacy Fire code officials reject retrofit sprinkler requirement The International Code Council has rejected a proposal to create a model code that would have required mattress and upholstery companies to retrofit their existing manufacturing, warehouse and retail locations with automatic sprinkler systems. The ICC develops model residential and commercial building codes that officials can adopt for their states and municipalities. The International Sleep Products Association and other trade groups testified in opposition to the requirement and encouraged their members to urge their local code officials to oppose the change. By a 7-5 vote, the ICC rejected the proposal. ISPA expects that proponents of the rejected proposal will appeal the action when the council meets next year. ISPA will continue to oppose the requirement. Separately, the ICC approved a code change that would require new and remodeled mattress factories and storage facilities over 2,500 square feet and retail stores over 5,000 square feet to install a sprinkler system. If the ICC includes either of these changes in its final model code, local officials would need to adopt the updated ICC code in order for the requirements to become law in a specific jurisdiction.

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CPSC considers rules on product registration


ection 104 of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act requires manufacturers of durable infant and toddler products to provide registration cards with their products—and collect and maintain consumer information obtained from these cards for use in the event of a product recall. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has requested public comment and has held hearings on the draft regulations. The proposed rule defines a durable infant or toddler product as a product that is intended for use or that may be reasonably expected to be used by children age 5 and under. Under the proposal, manufacturers of these products must distribute a standardized, postage-paid registration card, allow consumers to register their products through a manufacturer’s Web site and maintain records for at least six years, among other things. It is unclear whether the proposed rules would apply to mattresses. The International Sleep Products Association has submitted comments to the CPSC urging it to exclude mattresses from the scope of the regulation. Barring that, ISPA requests that the CPSC allow mattress manufacturers to meet any Section 104 product labeling requirements by using existing 16 CFR Part 1633 labels.

Calif. releases Green Chemistry draft


he California Department of Toxic Substances Control has issued a new draft proposal on regulating chemicals in consumer products. The document lays out principles and responsibilities of manufacturers under the department’s Green Chemistry initiative. The initiative seeks to establish a science-based program for developing a priority list of chemicals used in consumer products that are of high concern because of their possible environmental or public health threats and create a process for regulating them. The draft also summarizes the requirements for chemicals used in consumer products, including mattresses. Under the proposal, manufacturers would submit data and register the chemicals they use or intend to use in their products and consider safer alternatives. All chemicals would be subject to further regulation, including the possibility of product labeling, chemical restrictions and end-of-life collection or recycling requirements. It is unclear when a regulation would be finalized. The International Sleep Products Association is working with industry colleagues in California to express concerns about the Green Chemistry program.

Short ISPA requests 1632 changes The International Sleep Products Association has formally requested that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission make several changes to the 16 CFR Part 1632 cigarette mattress standard. In a letter, ISPA requested that the CPSC change 1632 to allow for pooled testing, permit centralized record keeping and reduce the number of mattress surfaces that must be tested from six to two. These changes were developed in consultation with ISPA’s Sleep Products Safety Council and Government Relations Committee.

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March 3-6, 2010 Charlotte Convention Center, Charlotte North Carolina, USA

Shift into high gear! l




See the latest machinery, products, services, and supplies to give you the competitive edge Make and maintain important business connections from around the world

Wednesday, March 3, 5:00pm-6:30pm

Welcome Reception

“The Carolinas, From the Mountains to the Coast” Be sure to attend this fun, interactive kick-off event! Enjoy food, drinks, and fun. Test your skills against your friends and colleagues in Nascar remote control racing, basketball hoops, Wii™ games and more. Back by popular demand, the Insomniaczzz, the ISPA Industry Band, will also be on hand to entertain!

Stay updated with quality, industry-specific educational programming

Friday, March 5, 7:45am-10:00am

Get the inside track on important trends and industry news

A blend of mystery, humor, psychology and intuition, Craig Kargas dazzles the mind and challenges you to question what is real and what is unreal, what is possible and impossible. ...don’t miss it!

ISPA Industry Breakfast

Featuring Illusionist Craig Kargas

Exhibiting companies scheduled to participate (as of October 1, 2009)


ISPA EXPO is the only trade show in the world devoted exclusively to the mattress industry!

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TheLastWord Mattress recycling is a dirty job


e has poured asphalt, mucked hog pens, built houses out of manure bricks, cleaned out alligator ponds and emptied septic tanks. In this season’s TV series “Dirty Jobs,” host Mike Rowe enters the world of mattress recycling. The episode, which premiered Oct. 6, starts with Rowe picking up stained and beat-up mattresses from homeowners eager to part with them. With his char-

acteristic sense of humor, Rowe makes a good case for replacing an old mattress, talking to viewers about bed bugs, dust mites and other pests and allergens that can accumulate in mattresses over the years. Then he heads to a recycling facility, showing how mattresses are being kept out of landfills and broken down for raw materials. And, of course, he gets dirty while doing it all. “Dirty Jobs” episodes repeat

Sleep Shorts Study: Women sleep better than they think Older women think they sleep fewer hours and more poorly than older men, but they actually sleep better than their male counterparts, according to a study conducted by researchers at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and published in the journal Sleep. Researchers studied more than 950 people age 59 to 79, using a device to objectively measure sleep cycles. They also asked participants to keep a subjective sleep diary. In their diaries, women reported a 13.2 minute shorter total sleep time and 4.2% lower sleep efficiency than men. But they actually slept 16 minutes longer and had a 1.2% higher sleep efficiency. “The difference between subjective and objective sleep quality arises not because women are more likely to be complainers, but because men strongly overestimate their sleep duration,” says lead researcher Dr. Henning Tiemeier.

Sleep Council: Kids need sleep education Children often get lessons about healthy eating, the importance of exercise and other wellness topics in schools, but there is little or no attention paid to the vital role of sleep. The Sleep Council in North Yorkshire, England, is hoping to change that and has started a campaign that, among other things, is encouraging people to sign a petition asking the government to “teach sleep” to schoolchildren. “Daytime tiredness in young students is a real problem, so schools need to provide more formalized information about the benefits of sleep as part of an ongoing compulsory health education,” says sleep expert Kath McGrath, author of the Sleep Council’s new “Goodnight Guide for Children.” You can download a copy of the guide and learn more about the Sleep Council’s efforts at

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regularly on the Discovery Channel. You also can watch portions of the episode at dirtyjobs or download the entire episode for $1.99 at iTunes.

BIG number



That’s the annual cost, per employee, of unscheduled employee absences, according to the International Public Management Association for Human Resources in Pittsburgh.

Quotable “There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned recession to make you run a better business.” — Millard Drexler, chairman and chief executive officer of J. Crew Group

So, what does long-term value look like, you ask? It’s the satisfied look on your face when you start up your machine and it’s making you a profit on Day 1 or Day 1,000. Equipment from Global Systems Group has a proven reputation for longterm reliable performance. Hundreds of satisfied bedding manufacturers around the world choose GSG machinery because their experience has proven that GSG equipment is the best long-term value.

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