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Automatic Vertical Handle

Sudden Service ™ Company

This equipment may be protected by one or more of these patents. Other patents may be pending: US patents: 4,280,421; 4,432,294; 4,466,367; 4,644,883; 5,134,947; 5,159,889; 5,203,270; 5,522,332; 5,524,563; 5,562,060; 5,634,418; 5,647,293; 5,657,711; 5,743,202; 5,865,135; 5,899,159; 5,915,319; 5,918,560; 5,979,345; 6,035,794; 6,055,921; 6,202,579; 6,279,869; 6,295,481; 6,494,255; 6,802,271; 6,574,815; 6,834,603; 6,968,794; 6,994,043; 7,100,525; 7,100,526; 7,210,181; 7,383,676 ; 7,383,780; 7,412,936; 7,543,364; 7,574,788; 7,647,876; 7,735,439; Foreign patents: 9-520,472; 0,537,323; 92,905,522.6; 96,936,922.2; 2,076,379; 2,084,055. Other U.S. and Foreign Patents Pending. © 2011 Atlanta Attachment Company 10122020911

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Mattress Production Industry Worldwide!

Manufacturing High Quality Products Since 1969 Atlanta Attachment Company is the recognized sewn products industry leader in automated workstations, labor saving devices, folders and ergonomic risk reduction. The Company, founded in 1969, has made its policy of SUDDEN SERVICE™ a way of life in all aspects of operation. Our entire staff is dedicated to providing three-day shipments of most custom folders and attachments. Special gauge sets and other work aids are available in 10 working days or less. We also offer a 72 Hours or FREE!* expendable replacement parts policy. Model



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By complying with the CertiPUR-US (CM) voluntary testing, analysis and certification program, Hickory Springs confirms the proactive measures taken to verify that its flexible polyurethane foam not only provides durable comfort but is produced in a responsible, consumer-friendly manner.

How will CertiPUR-US benefit your company? • Focuses on current consumer concerns about foam involving health and indoor air quality. • Provides comfort and confidence, reassuring consumers about the foam in your sofa. • Provides a reference source website for your customer service staff. You don’t need an in-house expert on health regulations and concerns. • Demonstrates your commitment to a healthy home environment. Based on a similar program in Europe, CertiPUR-US provides added value to furniture manufacturers – and eventually consumers — offering peace of mind and answering questions typically asked by consumers. Hickory Springs is one of several founding members of the CertiPUR-US program, which was officially introduced in early 2009. To switch to Hickory Springs’ certified CertiPUR-US foam, call 1.800.438.5341 or visit Also see

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CertiPUR-US is a Certification Mark of Alliance for Flexible Polyurethane Foam, Inc. ©2009 Hickory Springs Mfg. Co.

APRIL 2011

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18 Is your website lost in the Web?

You’ve poured money and time into your company’s website, but are potential customers searching the Internet for information and products finding it? BedTimes explains what you need to know about search engine optimization.

30 Shopping for a new bank

Are you seeking additional financing or refinancing, better credit card rates, more robust online banking options or other financial services for your small business? A banking expert walks you through the process of choosing a new financial institution.

51 Interzum Cologne preview

With Interzum Cologne, the world’s largest home furnishings components show just a month away, BedTimes gives you a sneak peek of exhibitors in the International Sleep Products Association’s Bedding Centre and other ISPA members showing at the fair.


7 Front Matter

Americans aren’t getting the uninterrupted, restful sleep they need— perhaps because almost all of them are using some type of electronic device—TV, computer, video game or cell phone—within an hour of bedtime at least a few nights a week, a new poll suggests.

15 Factory Direct

Consumers increasingly use smart phones to research product features, compare prices and look for good deals—all while standing in a store. How can your factory direct use the new technology to reach consumers visiting your showrooms?

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Editor’sNote Things move quickly on marketing front


t wasn’t all that long ago that a broad, well-planned advertising and marketing campaign included television spots (if your budget allowed and market reach required), radio, newspaper and magazine ads, and maybe some direct mail. Then came the Internet and websites. Then cell phones and text messages. Then Facebook, Twitter, smart phones, tablet computers, QR (or “quick response”) tags… The list goes on and on. As I write this, someone somewhere is creating the next technology that will dramatically change the way that you market your products and reach customers. As quickly as things are changing, by the time you read this column, you might be using that new technology. I exaggerate—but only a little. Complicating all of this is how these new technologies interact with each other and how consumers interact with them. Television, radio, newspapers, magazines, direct mail—these are fairly straight-forward media. You prepare a message for a potential customer, who then watches, hears or reads it. The communication is one-way and relatively isolated. You might create a multimedia campaign that crosses all of these channels, but the potential customer generally interacts with each one at a time. The newer digital media is a mash-up. Messages are shared across platforms, and not necessarily by you. A consumer may check your website on a smart phone, tweet

about your brand and then one of her followers might post a link on Facebook. Word spreads quickly and in ways you can’t predict. Digital media began with the Web and the Web remains critical to good marketing efforts. It’s not enough to have a well-designed, informative website or even a well-“liked” Facebook page. The Web is an increasingly crowded place and it’s far too easy to get lost. This month’s cover story examines the importance of search engine optimization. (See Page 18.) A good SEO effort means that when someone goes looking online for a mattress, she easily finds your brand—and a dealer who can sell it to her. Sounds simple. In reality, it’s anything but. In part, that’s because all of your competitors are trying to make sure that they are No. 1 in search engine results, too. SEO is a complex, quickchanging field. BedTimes wants to make sure that you’re keeping up. BT

Julie A. Palm BedTimes | April 2011 |



FrontMatter Electronics keeping Americans awake Too little sleep tied to TV, computers, games & phones, poll shows


n the National Sleep Foundation’s 2011 “Sleep in America” poll, 95% of the 1,508 people surveyed reported using some type of electronic device—TV, computer, video game or cell phone—within an hour of bedtime at least a few nights a week.

Poor sleep pervasive The new poll, released in March, found that 43% of Americans between the ages of 13 and 64 say they rarely or never get a good night’s sleep on weeknights. And 60% say they experience a sleep problem— snoring, waking in the night, waking up too early or not feeling refreshed when they get up in the morning— every day or almost every day. About two-thirds (63%) of Americans say their sleep needs are not being met during the week. Most say they need about 7½ hours of sleep to feel their best, but actually get about six hours and 55 minutes on average weeknights. Roughly 15% of adults between 19 and 64 and 7% of those 13 to 18 sleep less than six hours. In exploring the role of technology in poor sleep, the poll found that nearly everyone (95%) is routinely using some type of electronic device within that critical hour before turning in. The survey also identified important generational differences. About two-thirds of baby boomers (67%) and Generation Xers (63%) and half of Generation Zers (50%) and Yers (49%) watch TV every night or almost every night. Across age groups, roughly six in 10 (61%) say they use their laptops or computers at least a few nights

➤ The generations Generation Zers - 13-18 years old Generation Yers - 19-29 years old Generation Xers - 30-45 years old Baby boomers - 46-64 years old

a week within an hour before bed. More than half of Zers (55%) and slightly fewer Yers (47%) say they surf the Internet every night or almost every night within that hour. Zers (36%) and Yers (28%) are about twice as likely as Xers (15%) and boomers (12%) to say they play a video game within the hour before bedtime at least a few times a week. More than one in 10 (14%) Zers say they do so every night or almost every night before going to sleep. “This study reveals that lightemitting screens are in heavy use within the pivotal hour before

sleep. Invasion of such alerting technologies into the bedroom may contribute to the high proportion of respondents who reported that they routinely get less sleep than they need,” says Dr. Charles Czeisler, a professor of sleep medicine at Harvard Medical School and senior physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s Division of Sleep Medicine in Boston. There’s a significant age gap in nighttime cell phone use (both texting and talking). More than half of Zers (56%) and nearly half of Yers (42%) say they send, read or receive text messages every night or almost every night in the hour before bed, compared to 15% of Xers and just 5% of baby boomers. Cell phones also are disturbing sleep, especially among the young. About one in 10 Xers (11%) say they are awakened every night or almost every night by a phone call, text

BedTimes | April 2011 |



Better sleep tips from the Better Sleep Council

The Better Sleep Council, the consumer education arm of the International Sleep Products Association, knows the importance of a good night’s sleep to overall health and well-being. It offers consumers these tips for creating the right environment for sleep: 1. Make sleep a priority by keeping a consistent sleeping and waking schedule, including on weekends. 2. Create a bedtime routine that is relaxing. Experts recommend reading a book, listening to soothing music or soaking in a hot bath. 3. Create a room that is dark, quiet, comfortable and cool for the best possible sleep. 4. Evaluate your mattress and pillow to ensure proper comfort and support. If your mattress is 5 to 7 years old, it may be time for a new one. In general, pillows should be replaced every year. 5. Keep work materials, computers and televisions out of the bedroom. 6. Exercise regularly, but complete workouts at least two hours before bedtime. 7. If you sleep with a partner, your mattress should allow each of you enough space to move easily. A queen mattress is ideal for two people sharing a mattress. 8. Avoid eating, drinking alcoholic or caffeinated beverages or ingesting nicotine close to bedtime. These can lead to poor sleep, keep you awake or disrupt sleep later in the night.

message or email. About one in five Yers (20%) and Zers (18%) say this happens at least a few nights a week. “Over the past 50 years, we’ve seen how television viewing has grown to be a near constant before bed, and now we are seeing new information technologies such as laptops, cell phones, video games and music devices rapidly gaining the same status,” says Lauren Hale, associate professor of preventive medicine at Stony Brook University Medical Center in Stony Brook, N.Y. “The higher use of these potentially more sleep-disruptive technologies among younger generations may have serious consequences for physical health, cognitive development and other measures of well-being.” Youngest are sleepiest The two younger generations are sleepier than the two older groups, the poll revealed. Zers and Yers report more sleepi-

8 | BedTimes | April 2011

ness than both boomers and Xers. Those 13 to 18 are the sleepiest of all. Roughly one in five Zers (22%) and Yers (16%) are “sleepy” using a standard clinical assessment tool included in the poll. By comparison, one in 10 Xers (11%) and baby boomers (9%) were assessed as “sleepy.” Zers sleep an average of seven hours and 26 minutes on weeknights—about an hour and 45 minutes less than the nine hours and 15 minutes recommended by experts for this adolescent group. More than half of those 13 to 18 (54%) say they wake up between 5 a.m. and 6:30

➤ Learn more For more information on the 2011 “Sleep in America” poll, check the National Sleep Foundation’s website,

a.m. on weekdays—compared to 45% of Xers and boomers and 24% of Yers. “As children develop into their teenage years, their bodies are biologically predisposed toward later bedtimes,” says Amy Wolfson, a professor of psychology at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass., and an expert on adolescent sleep. “If they are required to get up before 6:30 a.m. to go to school, it’s impossible for teens to get the amount of sleep they need.” Interestingly, teens and young adults take the most naps. More than half of Zers (53%) and Yers (52%) say they take at least one nap during the work/school week compared to about four in 10 Xers (38%) and boomers (41%). Effects of sleepiness Among those whose daily schedules don’t allow for adequate sleep (about one-quarter of all survey participants), it’s their daytime mood that suffers most. When evaluating their day after getting too little sleep, more than eight in 10 (85%) say that it affects their mood. Almost three-quarters (72%) say it affects their family life or home responsibilities and about two-thirds (68%) say it affects their social life. For those who are employed and don’t get adequate sleep, about three-quarters (74%) of those over 30 say that sleepiness affects their work. About two-thirds (61%) say that their intimate or sexual relations are affected by sleepiness. Sleepiness also plays a role in unsafe driving practices. Half of Yers (50%) say they have driven while drowsy at least once in the past month. Four in 10 Xers (40%) and about a third of Zers (30%) and boomers (28%) also admit to driving drowsy at least once a month. An alarming number—about one in 10—Xers (12%), Yers (12%) and Zers (8%) say they drive drowsy once or twice a week. BT

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EmployeeRelations Reporting for duty: Military is good HR source of the military are trained to remain calm in the face of stress and to analyze and evaluate a situation before reacting. This leads to level-headed thinking and decision-making. Veterans arrive with the skills, personality and understanding to do a good job but often don’t know exactly where to put those skills to work. Caring companies like yours can help them refine and use their talents.

Veterans bring solid skills to your company

By Elaine Dumler


n recent years, there has been concern about new employees coming into the work force who may lack the loyalty, dedication and work ethic that employers have come to expect from earlier generations. Times may be changing. But there is an employee base that comes with many of those values intact— military personnel. In this time of economic fragility, hiring military personnel can help you save money by reducing recruiting and training costs. What makes a veteran such a sought-after employee? This is what many companies are finding: ➤ Workers who have served in the military have a history of commitment—to themselves, to each other and to an employer. This sense of loyalty fosters their need to go above and beyond when asked to complete

a project. They are used to reporting for work on time and know the importance of a professional appearance and demeanor. Military employees know how to take responsibility for projects, tasks and personal actions. They are trained to see things through to their conclusion. ➤ The military instills other values that are vital to a thriving business. These include resiliency, respect, patience, trust and honesty. Military personnel have served in an environment where leadership skills, such as being highly motivated and displaying an attitude of dedication, are mandatory. ➤ Veterans are medically and physically fit and ready for work, which translates into fewer sick days and injuries. They already have been screened for drugs and were drugfree while in the service. Members

Incentives for hiring The federal government is continually setting up programs that offer financial incentives for hiring veterans, especially wounded or disabled veterans. These employees may qualify for job training grants and special employer incentives. To find incentives for your business, check or When you employ someone in the National Guard or military reserves, it puts you in a unique position. You are eligible to sign a Statement of Support that sends a message to the employee that he doesn’t need to be concerned about his civilian job while serving. You may be nominated for awards given by the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve program, which is designed to recognize employers for their military employee practices. These range from the Patriot Award Certificate of Appreciation to the prestigious Freedom Awards given annually by the U.S. Secretary of Defense to the nation’s most supportive employers. Such awards and resulting media exposure can work for your bottom line. You can market your company as one that supports the men and women who serve their country through the military.

BedTimes | April 2011 |


EmployeeRelations No small commitment If you employ members of the National Guard or military reserves, you can lose them for a period of time when they get called up for service. This, admittedly, can be a huge burden on a company with a limited work force. It takes strong corporate commitment and organization to be able to cover the projects and work that needs to be completed, while holding open the deployed person’s job until he returns. Most employers who make a commitment to hire those in the National Guard or reserves are creative in the ways they extend support. Often, employers will provide supplements that make up the difference between military and civilian pay, set up programs to send care packages to their deployed

12 | BedTimes | April 2011

ee would send a care package every two weeks. When he returned, he was welcomed back with a luncheon. This is an employer who went above and beyond. Many companies are enjoying the advantages of putting our military veterans and personnel to work. Why not join them? BT workers and aid the families of deployed service personnel. For example, a Colorado police department had one of its officers deploy four times. That certainly created a hardship for the department, but it didn’t stop the department from showing support. The serviceman’s wife was having trouble making mortgage payments, so the department took up a collection to fill the gap until he returned. It set up a schedule so a different employ-

Elaine Dumler is an author, speaker, consultant and separations expert who helps military families transition through all phases of deployment. Her books, I’m Already Home: Again and The Road Home, provide resources and strategies for deployment and reintegration. She is committed to helping veterans get back to work through For more information, call 303-430-0592 or check

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FactoryDirect When shoppers are armed—with smart phones How to use the technology to your advantage By Barbara Nelles


y year-end, it’s expected that half of all Americans will own a smart phone. Many of them will use those phones to research product features, compare prices and look for good deals—and they’ll want to do that while standing in the mattress showroom of your factory direct. STORES magazine has labeled 2011 the year of “searchandizing” because consumers increasingly bring technology into the store with them and are continuing their research on a store’s products and doing price comparisons from store to store on the spot. The mobile Web—which includes smart phones, tablets like iPads and other hand-held devices—is adding new convenience, a sense of fun and a mandate for a seamless shopping experience from home to store to mobile device. Mobility also is adding convenience to the many stages of shopping. In the “old days,” say 2008, consumers researched a product online then went to a brick-and-mortar store to make a purchase. “Today’s path to purchase is no longer centered on the store,” says Laura Davis-Taylor, vice president of global retail strategy at Retail Media Consulting Inc. in Atlanta. “If you look at how people shop now, there’s preshopping—online research and consulting your network. There’s the in-store experience where you test the product. There’s the purchase, whether it’s in-store or online. And then there’s post-shopping—you get the product home, use it, reflect on it and share with your friends and network your impressions.” In a panel discussion at the Na-

tional Retail Federation’s Big Show in January, retail consultant Pratik Pal of Tata Consultancy Services in New York explained how mobile apps will allow consumers to merge their in-store and out-of-store shopping with a “universal cart” they take with them wherever they go; help improve the in-store experience by providing additional information, product location and product reviews; provide more customer relation management insights; and give new tools to sales associates. It’s all very complicated—and getting more so by the day. But consumers don’t seem to mind. In fact, 56% of smart phone owners say these devices make shopping more enjoyable, according to a 2010 study by global consultancy Accenture. A whopping 73% of smart phone owners would rather use their phone to handle simple tasks in a store than interact with an employee. Many major U.S. retailers have created their own smart phone apps and sites. They are feeding shoppers coupons, recommendations and advice personalized to a shopper’s preferences as she walks through a store. What is a factory direct with only a handful of locations to do? Consider arming your employees with handheld devices, tablets or smart phones that will enable them to be as knowl-

edgeable and helpful as possible. In Disney stores, associates are equipped with a modified iPod Touch, allowing them to complete transactions anywhere in the store and assist shoppers with the entire 5,000 SKU inventory. At Home Depot, associates now have hand-held devices that act as smart phones, walkie-talkies, inventory management tools and mobile credit card readers. At the winter Las Vegas Market, iPads and smart phones were just beginning to make supporting-role appearances in a handful of mattress manufacturers’ showrooms, with prototype apps for product education and brand messaging. Factory directs can anticipate more mobile support apps from vendors in the future. Factory directs can employ QR or “quick response” codes in your showrooms. These graphic barcodes, which can be deployed on print materials as well as screen media, are beginning to play an important role in retailing. Best Buy has added them to every shelf-edge label. Simmons Bedding Co. claims to be the first mattress major in the United States to

A whopping 73% of smart phone owners would rather use their phone to handle simple tasks in a store than interact with an employee. BedTimes | April 2011 |


FactoryDirect Raising the barcode Consumers can scan QR (or “quick response”) codes with their smart phones to learn more about products. (This one from the Better Sleep Council takes people to episodes of its ‘Suite 7’ Web series.)

use QR tags on beds. Other mattress manufacturers using them include Carolina Mattress Guild, Englander, Natura World and Therapedic International. Once the shopper scans a QR code with her smart phone, she “is taken to a website or some other mobile-enabled content and provided with information the retailer controls,” writes Jeff Weidauer, senior vice president of digital

16 | BedTimes | April 2011

shelf-edge services provider Vestcom International in Little Rock, Ark., in a blog post at “At the same time, a retailer can collect information on the shopper, such as where and when she scanned the code, how many codes she scanned and what actions she may have taken afterward. Interface this with a retailer’s loyalty database and the possibilities for connecting in a meaningful manner with the best shoppers become clear.” Factory directs can encode QR codes that will allow shoppers to automatically “like” them on Facebook. QR codes can take smart phone users anywhere on the Web you’d like them to go—to a great customer review of your brand or an article about your business in the local paper. QR

code scavenger hunts are a popular promotional tool. You can hide codes throughout a store and offer shoppers prizes or coupons. You can create your own QR codes—a relatively easy process. Find a tutorial on Mashable, “The next generation of smart phones will be equipped with NFC (near field communication) chips that have the potential of storing loyalty data, coupons and payment information so we’ll probably stop carrying around wallets,” says David Dorf, director of technology for hardware and software giant Oracle in a speech at the NRF Big Show. “The mobile phone will probably replace our house and car keys, as well.” BT




Pagina 2



Make your website front, center—and first Use the latest search engine optimization techniques to help customers find you 18 | BedTimes | April 2011

By Barbara Nelles

Is your website

—built several years ago and perhaps not frequently updated—languishing in an undiscovered corner of the World Wide Web? Have you redesigned your site—filling it with attractive product photos, engaging videos and well-written content—yet find it’s still being slighted by search engines? Either could be the case, say experts in the relatively new field of search engine optimization. Your website needs the right “front end” and “back end”—source code, architecture and content—plus regular tuneups to boost and maintain its popularity in search engine results, SEO experts say. Staying current with SEO trends is truly challenging, even for the experts. Search engine algorithms—the rules that determine how search engines crawl the Web and categorize search results—are constantly being tweaked. As this story was being written, Google announced major changes to its algorithm in an effort to downgrade low-quality websites called “content farms” from top search results. Despite the complexity, there are things business owners can track and even implement themselves.

BedTimes | April 2011 |


For instance, your site may not be showing up in searches if your content is stale. Many companies rarely update their sites, yet fresh, original content is what search engines crave. Make it a priority to regularly update your site: Post company news, create new videos, start a customer forum or blog, and add new product information or photos. The goal of any SEO effort is to

boost your site’s ranking in “organic” search results—the search results that occur naturally, not via paid-search advertising. According to a 2011 Forrester Research study, 85% of major companies are investing in organic search engine optimization this year. Jill Whalen, chief executive officer of High Rankings LLC, an SEO and search engine marketing company based in

Seeking help with SEO

If you’re serious about the complicated and ever-changing process of search engine optimization, you’ll likely need some outside help. Some SEO experts—or just SEOs as they call themselves—are employees of today’s new breed of Internet marketing agencies, which offer SEO, search engine marketing, Web design, content creation and social media management under one roof. Others are part of a loose network of specialists who refer work to each other. “There is a trend toward connected agencies—individuals or groups of consultants who have partnership networks with all the right people in these different functional areas,” says Douglas Karr, chief executive officer of Indianapolis-based DK New Media LLC, a digital marketing agency. Whether the SEO expert is part of a full-service agency or an individual consultant, be careful about whom you hire, says Julia Rosien, owner and chief idea officer of Social North, a social media and search optimization consultancy in Kitchener, Ontario. “An SEO company that uses ‘bad guy, black hat’ techniques to improve your rankings can actually harm your business,” she says. “You need to hire someone who explains how they work, what works and why.” “The SEO space and the whole online marketing world are ripe with a lot of shysters and folks who aren’t doing a great job,” Karr says. “Beware of the easy fix—$200 to buy 1,000 backlinks? Just say ‘no’.” “Recognize that good SEO is ongoing,” Karr adds. “Everything is constantly changing, from search algorithms to relevant keywords to competitors’ tactics. If your company is being solicited by an SEO firm that has a standard

20 | BedTimes | April 2011

Ashland, Mass., says that organic SEO is “simply making your website the best it can be for your users and search engines.” “You want to make your pages the best ones for those search queries that relate to what you offer,” she says. “If you do that, search engines will have no choice but to show your pages in the top results because of their mission to show the best to their users.” SEO done wrong is thinking too much about what search engines “like” and ignoring the needs of real people— that can ruin a visitor’s experience at your site and even make it unreadable. SEO done right will rapidly show results with improved search placement, says Julia Rosien, owner and chief idea officer of Social North, a social media and search optimization consultancy in Kitchener, Ontario. “But it takes three to six months for

project fee where they’ll optimize your site for a set fee and walk away, you may want to rethink the investment.” Karr recommends a subscription model rather than a one-time fee. “It can range from $1,000 to $10,000 a month and a lot gets done in those first few months,” he says. “If done right, you start seeing results within 90 days. So rather than spending $50,000 upfront for an SEO project, the consultant proves his worth and you decide whether to keep renewing.” SEOmoz, a Seattle-based developer of SEO software, offers an extensive list of SEO consultants in the United States and abroad on its website, marketplace/companies/recommended. Google Webmaster Central, a Google site with tips and tools for webmasters at webmasters, suggests using these screening questions when hiring an SEO consultant: ➤Can you show me examples of your previous work and share some success stories? ➤ Do you follow Google’s webmaster guidelines? ➤D  o you offer any online marketing services or advice to complement your organic search business? ➤W  hat kind of results do you expect to see and in what time frame? How do you measure your success? ➤ What’s your experience in my industry? ➤ What’s your experience in my country/city? ➤ What’s your experience developing international sites? ➤ What are your most important SEO techniques? ➤ How long have you been in business? ➤ How can I expect to communicate with you? Will you share with me all the changes you make to my site and provide detailed information about your recommendations and the reasoning behind them?

The social side of SEO

Search engine optimization is getting more social by the day, experts say. Search engines are tuned into chatter. They “see” all the people who talk about and link to your website and use the information to gauge your site’s popularity and importance to searchers. “I combine SEO efforts with very specific, targeted social media marketing or what I call ‘social validation’,” says Bill Hartzer, director of SEO at the Dallas-based Internet marketing agency Standing Dog. “It’s that human SEO factor that the search engines have been looking to include in their algorithms for a very long time.” In fact, if your company can’t afford an SEO overhaul and ongoing monitoring, the next best thing is to grab your keyword list and get more involved in social media, writes Kiran Bista in an article, “Nonprofessional SEO for Small Business,” at Search Engine Journal ( “In social media, mirror the keywords and phrases used on your website and you’ll get served up first by search engines,” says Julia Rosien, owner and chief idea officer of Social North, a social media and search optimization consultancy in Kitchener, Ontario. “Going social” will improve your company’s online visibility because “Google is nothing more than a popularity contest,” explains Douglas Karr, chief executive officer of Indianapolis-based DK New Media LLC, a digital marketing agency. “Your site’s popularity used to be all about how many backlinks it had. Now it’s starting to be about social,” he says. “So get the Facebook page up, interact with bloggers, start tweeting. Google wants to put the most popular ‘person’ at the top of the search engine results page.” Karr continues: “As a mattress manufacturer, I might sponsor or participate in a range of conferences—even a wedding-planning conference—to get related bloggers and other commentators talking about my company and linking to me.” “Social media can help get the word out about your website and its ‘amazingness,’ which in turn can help get links pointing to it,” says Jill Whalen, chief executive officer of High Rankings LLC, an SEO and search engine marketing company based in Ashland, Mass. “This means, however, that you really do have to have something worth linking to.” Rosien adds a word of warning: “Social media requires a commitment from your company, otherwise your dormant Twitter account or empty Facebook page will look like a failed project sitting in your front yard. You don’t want abandoned accounts to be what greets people the first time they encounter you online.”

keyword campaigns to show sustainable results, where you can see and understand traffic patterns and decide what needs tweaking,” she says. “It’s not about getting on the first page of search results—it’s about getting into the top three results in organic searches for at least some of your site’s keywords,” says Douglas Karr, chief executive officer of Indianapolis-based DK New Media LLC, a digital marketing agency. “Consumers are lazy. The first result gets up to 80% of all clicks.” Being at the bottom of Page 1 is not being search optimized. In the bedding industry, it’s not just

22 | BedTimes | April 2011

Getting started Launching an SEO project is time intensive—and it can be expensive. To start, learn a little about search optimization, beginning with some additional readings and free online tools and tutorials. (See story on Page 24.) “Understand that search engines are a little bit dumb,” Karr says. “They need our help understanding what we’re talking about and finding our sites.” To get a taste of how search engines “see” your website, try an instant SEO assessment. Go to WooRank ( or Website Grader ( and paste in your website’s URL. How many pages of your site do Google and Yahoo index? How many external links point to your website? What is its Google PageRank? You can download an SEO tool bar that allows you to view and compare the SEO of every Web page you visit. (See story on Page 24.) There are many SEO audit checklists available online. “Just Google it and print one out,” says Bill Hartzer, director of SEO at the Dallas-based Internet marketing agency Standing Dog. “They tell you all the different things you need to look at. If you have the time, you can learn to do it yourself—or you can pay someone to audit your site, usually for between $500 to $2,500 for a full audit.” “Regardless of whether you do SEO in-house or outsource it, you will have to be a big part of the process,” Whalen says. “You can’t just hire an SEO company and have them do things on your

Many companies rarely update their sites, yet fresh, original content is what search engines crave. retailers and mattress manufacturers who need to be search optimized in order to reach ultimate consumers, Rosien says. It’s component suppliers, too. “With SEO, you can help raise awareness about your features and benefits, educate the public and stimulate demand among retailers and consumers for your products,” she says.

behalf. SEO just doesn’t work that way.” An audit may reveal that your site isn’t coded correctly, Hartzer says. “Many companies have greatlooking websites that simply aren’t being found by search engines,” he says. “Technical issues and coding need to be addressed by an expert.”


Your one-stop supplier for all of your bedding fastener needs.




Delivering high quality products when you need it, wherever you need it.

For top quality, reliability, and customer service, think... UPHOLSTERY TACKERS



1798 SHERWIN AVENUE, DES PLAINES, IL 60018 U.S.A. PH: 847-768-6139 • FAX: 847-768-7192



Keyword development If a website audit shows that the usability and architecture of your site are technically sound, then the next step in an SEO effort is to develop a list of core keywords and phrases. Rosien recommends that you outsource keyword research. “Find someone outside your business with a track record of success, then be prepared to sit down and work closely with that person,” she says. Hartzer explains: “Sometimes a business owner is too close to the product and they need an outside person. A good SEO (expert) will do research related to how people talk about your product or service and come up with a list of maybe 100 or more keywords and phrases. Then, they’ll work with you to

narrow down that list.” Bear in mind that different audiences may have different ways of thinking about and describing your products and services, the experts say. Your keywords need to reflect the way people talk about


and search for your products. Include your trademarked brands and product names, but don’t be overly brandcentric. Many potential customers will be doing broader searches and you need to target customers who aren’t looking for you.

➤ To learn more Reading ➤ Jennifer Kyrnin’s “95 Tips & Tricks for Powerful Search Engine Optimization” article at, ➤B  ill Hartzer’s “Social Media Informer” news aggregator, ➤ Douglas Karr’s “Marketing Tech Blog,” ➤ Jill Whalen’s “High Rankings Advisor” newsletter, ➤G  eorge Aspland’s “8 Necessary SEO Steps During a Website Redesign” article on Search Engine Land, ➤ S EOmoz’s “Beginner’s Guide to SEO,” beginners-guide-to-search-engine-optimization ➤G  oogle’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide” (type title into Google search engine and download the PDF)

Tools ➤ Download an SEO extension for your Web browser— ➤ Firefox – SEO Toolbar, ➤ Chrome – Chrome SEO, ➤ Internet Explorer – SEMToolBar, ➤ Download the “SEO Audit Checklist” at LunaMetrics, ➤ List your site at the Open Directory Project,, and the Yahoo Directory, ➤ Sign up for Google Webmaster Tools to receive site performance and analysis tools and notifications,

Training ➤ Take SEObook’s free seven-day training course, ➤ Attend the Search Marketing Expo SMX, held in cities around the world,

24 | BedTimes | April 2011

Some people may be using search terms that you don’t regularly use to describe your products, Rosien says. For instance, a latex provider ought to be aware that many people may search “foam” instead of “latex.”

“In developing keyword lists, you have to understand the stages customers go through while shopping,” Hartzer says. “There are certain keywords they’ll search when they know little about your product and, as their knowledge progresses, their terminology will progress.” When researching a keyword list, start with Google Adwords’ Keyword Tool ( You’ll need to create a Google account to log in. There you can type in the words and phrases that best describe your products and services and you’ll get a slew of recommendations and search statistics on the terms. (Whalen offers this tip when using the tool: To see the most useful results for each keyword you search, select “Exact” under “Match Types,” not “Broad.”) If you already do pay-per-click paid search campaigns with Google Adwords (the Bing/Yahoo version is called AdCenter), the program’s tracking features allow you to assess which words and phrases have brought the most traffic to your site. Be sure to include the best pay-per-click keywords and phrases in your core keyword list for organic search optimization. “The hardest part is choosing phrases,” Whalen says. “If you choose phrases that are too competitive (too many others have optimized for them), you may not stand a chance to rank for them unless you’re a huge brand. But if you choose those keywords that nobody searches for, while you may rank for them, you won’t receive any traffic.” “A few years ago you could rank for the word ‘mattress,’ but now it’s so saturated you have to look for the long-tail keywords,” Rosien says. A long-tail keyword is a word or phrase of any length that gets a small

c o o r d i n a t i n g m a t t r e s s t a p e, t i c k i n g & b o r d e r s in one convenient place Our mattress fabrics, borders, and tapes match like they’re made for one another – because they are! We have already color coordinated our fabrics and tapes for you. Contact us at 1.800.397.0090 or to find out how we can make your mattresses look their best.

6557 Flotilla St, Commerce CA 90040 616 S. 55th Ave. Ste 103, Phoenix, AZ 85043 Ph. 888.464.4275 Distributor for Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and California.

4101 S. NC 62 PO Box 39 Alamance, NC 27201 1-800-397-0090

amount of search traffic—but it’s valuable, targeted traffic. “Find the relevant terms that work for you—perhaps some of them have only 25 searches a month,” Karr says. “It’s possible that an SEO effort will not increase actual traffic to your site. But if they drive meaningful visits to your site—visitors who download your information, sign up for your newsletter or make contact with you—that’s all that matters.” Uncover the right long-tail keywords using suggestions in the Adwords Keyword Tool. Also, in a regular Google search, use the “Wonder Wheel” and “Related Searches” links for more keyword ideas. After you click “Search” click on the “More Search Tools” dropdown menu on the left-hand side of the screen. “The reason most companies can’t get SEO to work for them is because they’re shooting for much too competitive keywords,” Whalen says. “Big brands with a lot of marketing dollars can target highly competitive keywords, but small companies have to be more strategic in the keywords they choose.” Try to devise a list of unique yet relevant keyword combinations, Karr says. A mattress manufacturer may want to target health-related phrases like “bad back” and “back pain,” not just mattress terminology. “Mattress manufacturers ought to be generous and share new productrelated keyword lists with their retailers,” Rosien says. “In a consumer’s local search for a mattress, a manufacturer shouldn’t rank above their retailers in the search engine results page. So, when you roll out new product content and metadata to your site, roll it out to retailers, too.” More ‘on-page’ fixes In addition to optimizing the site content, there are other “on-page” factors that must be optimized in a successful SEO effort, writes Stoney deGeyter, president and chief executive officer of Canton, Ohio-based Pole Position Marketing, in an article for Search Engine Guide (, “15 Questions That Will Change the Way You Think About SEO Forever.”

26 | BedTimes | April 2011

“It’s not about getting on the first page of search results—it’s about getting into the top three results in organic searches for at least some of your site’s keywords. Consumers are lazy. The first result gets up to 80% of all clicks.’ The “title” tag, part of your site’s HTML source code, is most important of all. Does each page on your site have a descriptive, unique and keyword-rich title tag optimized for that particular page? (To see your website’s title tags, right click on any Web page in your browser and select “View Source.” You’ll see all the code behind the page. The title is the text enclosed within the HTML tags “<title>” and “</title>.”) “If you get nothing else right, get the title right,” deGeyter says. “That alone can work wonders in helping to get your pages to rank in the search results.”

“Internal linking” also is very important. It increases SEO and improves the usability of your site for visitors. If there is more information available to the reader at another page on your site, link to it. Make sure the “anchor text” in your link (it will normally appear underlined and highlighted in blue) is a keywordrich descriptor like “How to shop for a mattress.” Don’t use a phrase like “click here.” ‘Link building’ “Once your own site is in good shape, you turn to ‘off-page’ factors of SEO and that includes backlinks—links from other Web pages to yours,” Hartzer says. “Link building” or “linking campaigns” are the backbone of SEO because search engines want to give searchers the most popular sites for particular search terms. To see who is linking to your site, paste your website URL into Open Site Explorer ( Whenever it makes sense for your site’s content and purpose, ask manufacturing partners, customers and others to link to your website. But beware of unethical link building techniques such as purchasing links from low-quality websites called content and “link” farms. Major retailers JCPenney and were among two major retailers recently singled out for employing such techniques. As a result, Google pushed them way down in search rankings for many product search terms. BT

About the search engines estimates that Google captured 72% of the U.S. Internet search market in 2010, Yahoo had 14% and Microsoft’s Bing had 10%. Bing’s market share is climbing steadily in the United States and some smart phone and computer operating systems now come bundled with Bing as the default search engine. In North America, Bing’s search algorithm also powers Yahoo, and the two are often referred to as Bing/Yahoo. Searches in Google and Bing/Yahoo yield slightly different results. Good search engine optimization experts will take that into account. “For instance, Google has placed tremendous importance on integrating video in search results while Bing/Yahoo has an enormous relationship with Facebook,” says Douglas Karr, chief executive officer of Indianapolis-based DK New Media LLC, a digital marketing agency.











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There’s a lot to talk about in the GSG booth at Interzum... The GSG space will be bigger than ever with nearly 40 pieces of equipment, including over a dozen machines never shown in our booth at Interzum.

Gribetz International will display the most diverse lineup of quilters ever shown at one time in the world!

The Galkin EFS-100 semi-automatic serger/flanger utilizes an automatic turning arm and air flotation table for easy, precise mattress-panel flanging.

The Mattress Master Elite is the world’s most advanced semi-automatic tape edge machine. A wide range of product sizes can be assembled and the unique radial turning arm provides the smoothest turning movement.

interzum cologne 25 – 28. 05. 2011

GSG Stand C-020, Hall 9.1

Look for the most current show updates at our blog,

See the ingenuity of Naehtec – this new zipper machine splits your border, inserts a zipper and folds the material in place to hide the zipper from view.

GSG will have about a dozen machines focused on border production, including several new machines designed for high-fashion borders like these.

The PALS 2000 automatic border label sewing machine improves sewing quality, frees operators to multi-task and it’s very affordable!

See the easiest method to create ruffled pillowtops using the Porter PCL-1000. It automatically adds Cinch-Loc® drawstrings to your gussets.

...but the thing they’ll talk about the most will be our newest innovation, debuting in an exclusive, sealed room.

Contact your local GSG representative for your personal demonstration. 800-326-4742


A masterpiece of efficiency – the GS-15A flat goods cutter, from Gateway Systems, is capable of handling increasingly popular “stretch” materials.

A bank you can bank on 30 | BedTimes | April 2011

Now is a good time for small businesses to make a switch By J. Tol Broome Jr.


ne of the myths arising from the economic downturn is that banks have lost interest in lending to small businesses. The fact is that many banks are actively looking for opportunities to develop new client relationships. The primary cause of the Great Recession was that the huge housing bubble burst. In most areas of the country, developers overbuilt, residential real estate values plummeted and foreclosures reached record levels. As a result, banks are stuck with the residue (i.e., slowmoving housing inventory). As they work to reduce real estate exposure, banks are looking for other profitable sectors and a key focus for many is the small business arena. A recent article in the online business journal The Street ( described the availability of small business loans as “ample” and said, “banks are expanding small business operations to drum up new business.” Despite evidence to the contrary, many business owners remain skeptical about the willingness of banks to lend. Some have been declined for loans, while others may feel neglected by their current banker. If you count your business in either of these groups—or if you aren’t sure your bank is equipped to grow with you—now is the time to consider finding a new bank for your business.

Here are tips for seeking a new bank: Ask for input The first step is to see what options are available. Even the smallest towns typically offer several banking options. Start with a Web search of banks in the area to determine what each offers. Talk with your attorney and accountant to see which banks they would recommend as a good fit for your business. Another great source of information is other business owners, who can share experiences they have had with various banks. As you talk with other professionals and business owners, ask if they would be willing to introduce you to bankers. Lawyers and accountants typically deal with several banks and other business owners often have a close relationship with their own bankers. A warm referral is better than a cold call when meeting a banker for the first time.


BedTimes | April 2011 |



Avoid problem banks While you’re conducting your research, check out the financial health of the banks you’re considering. One of the unfortunate consequences of the collapse of the real estate market has been a dramatic increase in bank failures nationwide. In 2008, there were several well-publicized failures of large banks, including Washington Mutual, Indy Mac and investment bank Lehman Brothers, but they were just the tip of the iceberg. In 2009 and 2010, more than 300 U.S. banks failed—a staggering number. And the current list of “sick” banks is reported to be in excess of 500. A troubled bank tends to be inwardly focused and many must shrink their loan portfolios to meet required capital levels, detracting from client service. How can you find out if a bank is in trouble? First, see if the institution received money from the federal Troubled Asset Relief Program and whether or not it has been repaid. Unpaid TARP funding doesn’t necessarily portend problems, but it is something to consider in your decision-making. Second, because many banks are publicly traded, you should be able to obtain the latest 10-Q information reflecting the bank’s financial performance. Recurring losses, low capital levels and a shrinking balance sheet could indicate significant problems.


Check your personal credit rating If you are a small business owner, a bank will consider you and your business alter egos and your personal credit rating will be closely scrutinized by a new financial institution. If you don’t pay your personal bills on time, the banker will assume that you will be late paying business obligations, as well. Credit scores are computed by three primary credit agencies: Equifax, Experian and Trans-Union—all can easily be checked online. Find out your personal credit score before you get too far down the path of seeking a new bank. The higher the credit score, the better. The average score in the United States is 693. Credit scores are determined by five weighted factors: timeliness of bill payment (35%), outstanding credit (30%), length of time the credit

32 | BedTimes | April 2011

has been active (15%), types of credit (10%) and acquisition of new credit (10%). If your score is low, it may be because of inaccuracies. If you find mistakes, the Fair Credit Reporting Act gives you the right to dispute or explain them. Even if there are no mistakes that cause your score to be low, you can strengthen it over time by focusing on improving the five score components.


Focus on cash flow If your credit score is solid, your next area of focus should be cash flow. Banks won’t loan money unless you can demonstrate an ability to repay it—and small business loans are repaid primarily from cash flow. Virtually every business suffered cash flow problems during the prolonged recession. Some companies failed, while others struggled to survive. The fact that you’re still in business provides some proof of the resiliency of your venture. A net profit is the best proof of positive cash flow, but there are other factors on which to focus. Not only do the inflows of the business need to cover all expenses, they also must meet all debt payments, as well as increases in inventory and accounts receivable not financed by trade payables. If your cash flow has been negative and you have been forced to use personal resources or support from outside investors to keep the doors open, don’t give up on finding a new bank. Analyze your business for potential cost savings,

debt retirement and inventory reductions to improve cash flow. A wellsupported analysis that demonstrates positive future cash flow as the economy improves could be the difference between a “yes” and a “no” if you seek new financing or refinancing.


Put it in writing While it may not be necessary to write a full-blown business plan, you should provide a synopsis of your business and the financial services you seek, particularly if loans are involved. The introduction should include a history of the business (longevity and reputation mean a lot to bankers), a list of major milestones, background and experience of the owners/key management and an explanation of the ownership structure. Following the introduction, include an analysis of your market and major competitors and explain what makes your business stand out. A SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) can be an excellent way to present this information concisely. If, like most businesses, you have been through a difficult period financially in recent years, explain how your company has survived and what you are focusing on to improve performance. This is a good place to summarize your cash flow analysis. Finally, you should outline the financial services you seek. If you are requesting a loan (even if it’s a refinance of existing bank debt), explain the terms you’re requesting and how the loan will improve your business. Bankers like to see specifics—it demonstrates that the owner has a good understanding of the impact of debt. Be an open book Along with your narrative, a banker is going to want to see financial records. Expect to provide at least three years of accountant-prepared financial statements or tax returns for the business, as well as current personal financial statements and tax returns for the owners. If you have interim financial statements (i.e., for the threeor six-month period following your fiscal year-end), include them. As the economy continues to recover, your


One-Stop Shop for ALL Expendable Parts Needs Atlanta Parts Depot, a division of Atlanta Attachment Company, has recently purchased the inventory of a major parts supplier and currently stocks over $5.5 million of spare parts.

• Needles • Hooks • Loopers • Spreaders • Knives & more A few of the product lines we handle: • • • • • • • • • • • •

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Contact a sales representative to negotiate a special discount when signing your annual expendable parts agreement. As the leading supplier of automated sewing workstations, we are proud to offer a 72 hours or FREE policy. AAC pledges unequaled service and support to our valued customers. We pledge to maintain inventories of the recommended expendable spare parts for our automated workstations and to ship those replacement parts within 72 hours. If the expendable replacement parts are not shipped within 72 hours they will be... Free of Charge! Contact sales for the recommended spare parts list and the model workstations covered. • Atlanta Parts Depot ® is a division of Atlanta Attachment Company ® © 2010 Atlanta Attachment Company. All rights reserved.


Atlanta Parts Depot ® 362 Industrial Park Drive Lawrenceville, GA 30046


interim financial information is likely to reflect corresponding improvement in your companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s performance. This will help build your case. Be prepared to provide additional information as requested by the banker as part of a loan application process. Follow-up information might include schedules of accounts receivable, inventory and accounts payable; checking account statements; and asset appraisals.


Ask about SBA loans The U.S. Small Business Administration guaranteed loan program is used by many banks to extend financing that otherwise might be considered marginal or even unacceptable. The way the program works is the bank extends the loan directly to the business with the SBA providing a guaranty for a percentage of the loanâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;as high as 85% for loans of $150,000 or less. The program has been expanded by the federal government to cover higher loan amounts (up to $5 million), reduce fees on a temporary basis and allow more flexibility in

refinancing existing debt. An SBA-guaranteed loan might be the best option for your business. A small business can qualify for a loan even with insufficient collateral, as long as cash flow can be documented to cover repayment. And the allowable loan terms are longer than those typically available for conventional loans. For instance, an equipment loan can be extended for as long as 10 years, compared to five to seven years for conventional financing. You will need to do some homework to find out which local banks participate in the SBA program. Rankings are published and can be found online. You also can contact the SBA directly and ask for a list of banks in your market. To learn more about the SBA, check


Become a multiservice client Just as you seek to cross-sell as many products and services as you can to your customers, banks focus on multiservice client relationships in their business develop-

ment efforts. In addition to loans and deposits, many banks offer dozens of financial services, including credit cards, debit cards, cash management, online banking and automatic bill pay. Some banks offer trust services, plan administration (such as 401k), brokerage and investments. Others sell insurance. Your new bank will want the opportunity to work with your business and with you personally. The more services you are willing to buy from your new bank, the stronger relationship you will have. Many banks are hungry to establish new small business relationships. Now might be the right time to find a new financial services provider for your business. BT J. Tol Broome Jr. has spent nearly 30 years working in commercial lending at various financial institutions and currently is an executive vice president and manager of the Specialized Lending Group at BB&T.

A. Lava & Son Co. Introduces Our New Kit Line

x Quilts x i r t n e C

Stretch K

& ck a T




cks i T anic

Org Earth Be d


ue L Val

4800 S. Kilbourn Ave. Chicago, Il 60632

34 | BedTimes | April 2011

A. Lava & Son Co. Sewing Threads and Bedding Textiles

Ph: (800) 777-5282 Fax: (773) 254-0800


Giving you peace of mind • 100% of our production is bedframe lumber. • You deal closely with the producer. • Our many fiber suppliers allow us to

guarantee your lumber supply without a glitch. They also enable us to choose the best price on raw materials.

• Our quality-control methods allow us to offer consistent thickness, width and length, along with a standard radius end.

• Our mill manager and quality controllers total over 50 years of experience in bedframe lumber manufacturing.

• Reliable just-in-time delivery.

Bois Le Roux Inc. Tel: 819-877-2092 • Toll Free from USA: 888-877-2098 • E-Mail: •

IndustryNews Culp reports overall sales dip; mattress segment up The High Point, N.C.-based textile supplier Culp Inc. reported net sales for the third quarter of its fiscal 2011 were $51.7 million, a 4.3% decline over the prior-year period. Sales in the mattress fabric segment totaled $28 million, an increase of 3.9% over $27 million in third-quarter fiscal 2010. Upholstery fabrics sales were down 12.5%. The company’s fiscal third-quarter ended Jan. 30. “Our mattress fabrics business has continued to deliver a consistent performance,” said Frank Saxon, Culp chief executive officer. “Sales were higher compared with a strong third-quarter period in fiscal 2010, even with the discontinuation of a product line since a year ago. On a comparable basis, we are pleased with the favorable sales trends in our continuing product lines, which were up 8%.” Saxon said profitability for the third quarter was negatively affected by higher raw material costs and noted that the company doesn’t expect improvement in global pricing trends for raw materials in the near term. Still, he said, the future of Culp’s mattress fabric segment looks good. “We have continued to enhance our capabilities in mattress fabrics and Culp is well positioned with a large and modern, vertically integrated manufacturing platform in the major decorative product categories. We have substantially

improved upon our supply logistics from pattern inception to fabric delivery,” Saxon said. “With the completion in the second quarter of our multiyear, $45 million capital investment initiatives, we are now more focused on product development and sales and marketing initiatives.” The company reported net income of $2.4 million, or $0.18 per diluted share, for its third quarter, compared to net income of $3 million, or $0.23 per diluted share, for the third quarter of fiscal 2010. On a pretax basis, the company reported income of $2.9 million compared with pretax income of $3.8 million for the third quarter of fiscal 2010. Culp said it strengthened its financial position during the third quarter with cash, cash equivalents and short-term investments building to $22.8 million. Total debt was $11.6 million. “Given the continued macroeconomic challenges in the U.S. and increased raw material costs we experienced, we are pleased with our results for the third quarter, even though they are down from last year’s strong third-quarter performance,” Saxon said. “For the year-to-date period, our sales and profitability are up over the prior year and we continued to report solid returns on our capital. Further, our net cash position is the highest in the company’s history, which is enabling us to pursue an aggressive growth strategy during these challenging times.”

Select Comfort: Fourth-quarter sales rise 9%


irbed manufacturer and retailer Select Comfort, with headquarters in Minneapolis, reported net sales of $148.7 million for the fourth quarter of 2010, an increase of 9% over the same quarter in 2009. The increase was driven by a 12% increase in same-store sales, offset by the impact of the closure of 24 stores in 2010. Net income for the quarter was $7.1 million, or $0.13 per diluted share, compared to net income of $35.3 million, or $0.69 per diluted share, in the prior-year period. Operating income increased by 53% to $11.5 million. Operating margin rose 220 basis points to 7.7%. Gross profit margins increased 10 basis points, from 62.9% in the prioryear period to 63% in fourth-quarter

2010. The company said the increase reflects a relatively stable cost structure and channel mix when compared to 2009. Sales and marketing costs in the fourth quarter increased 6% to $68.6 million, representing 46.1% of net sales. This compares to $64.8 million, or 47.5% of net sales in the prior-year period. Net sales for all of 2010 totaled $606 million, an increase of 11% over 2009. Net income for 2010 was $31.6 million, or $0.57 per diluted share, compared to net income of $35.6 million, or $0.77 per diluted share in 2009. Cash flow from operating activities was $71 million for 2010. This compares to $67 million, including a $26 million tax refund, for full-year 2009. At year-

end, cash and cash equivalents totaled $81 million as compared to $18 million at 2009 year-end. During the year, the company had no borrowings under its revolving credit agreement. “Our fourth-quarter and full-year performance demonstrate consistent execution against a focused set of priorities, as well as solid progress against our profit and sales growth goals,” said Bill McLaughlin, Select Comfort president and chief executive officer. “We are particularly pleased we have continued to increase profit margins and grow faster than the industry as we lapped tougher year-over-year comparisons. As we move into 2011, we’re confident we’ve built a solid financial and operational platform from which to accelerate growth and improve market share.”

BedTimes | April 2011 |



Amerigon offering climate-control technology


Interzum Preview

merigon, based in Northfield, Mich., will showcase its Climate Control Sleep System technology at the Interzum Cologne May 25-28 in Cologne, Germany. The system will available for sale to non-North American mattress manu-

facturers. It’s based on the same technology used in more than 8 million automotive seats worldwide and is the same thermo-electronic technology used in the YûMê bed that is sold exclusively through Houston-based sleep shop chain Mattress Firm. The heating and cooling technol-

ogy employs a low-noise, solid-state heat pump with integrated convection to blow conditioned air through the mattress via proprietary air-distribution methods. The system allows sleeping partners to maintain independent temperature control of their side of the bed. The Climate Control Sleep System is ideal for warm or cold climates, the company said. Because it creates a microclimate within the bed, it can lead to significant energy savings in home heating and cooling. The technology also has an “optimized footprint,” making it compatible with innerspring, all-foam and adjustable beds.

Short Bedding sales up in January Beginning the year on an up note, unit sales (mattresses and foundations) rose 3.4% in January 2011 when compared to the same month in 2010, according to the Bedding Barometer, a monthly report of U.S. mattress sales activity produced by the International Sleep Products Association. The wholesale dollar value of the units was up 3.3% over 2010. The average unit selling price dipped 0.1%.

40 | BedTimes | April 2011

Bodet & Horst stresses stretch with new knit M

Interzum Preview

attress fabric supplier Bodet & Horst, with headquarters in Elterlein, Germany, will feature its new Bielastic Comfort Streeetch fabrics at Interzum Cologne May 25-28 in Cologne, Germany. Bi-

elastic is inspired by nonconstricting athletic apparel that provides freedom of movement in every direction. The highly elastic double-jersey knit provides comfort, high performance and adaptability to the

body, the company said. It has 50% stretch side to side and longitudinally, with “a permanent restoring force.” Bielastic has been tested at Germany’s Textile Research Institute Thuringia-Vogtland.

Shorts Transfer Master aids veterans After sponsoring a Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Contest for veterans of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, adjustable bed maker Transfer Master Products announced two winners of adjustable beds: Army veteran Donald Gene Swiney Sr. of Fort Rucker, Ala., who served during the first Gulf War, and Army veteran William Owens of Largo, Fla., who has done two tours of duty in Iraq. The contest was promoted on the Postville, Iowa-based company’s Facebook page and blog, where spouses, sweethearts, family members and others explained why their loved ones deserved a new bed. Winners were announced on “The Jim Bohannon Show” syndicated radio program. The company said nominations were so compelling, it decided to award two grand prizes.

Bodet & Horst has new number Mattress fabric supplier Bodet & Horst USA, which recently relocated to Greensboro, N.C., has a new office phone number, 336-510-4255. Karsten Siewert, Bodet & Horst vice president of sales and marketing, continues to be available via his cell phone at 336-710-0194.

BedTimes | April 2011 |



GSG unveiling ‘most radical machine’ at Interzum Interzum Preview

The machine, dubbed the V16, will debut at Interzum Cologne May 25-28 in Cologne, Germany. Demonstrations will be held in an enclosed room in the GSG booth, Hall 9.1, Stand C020. To schedule a time to see the V16 at Interzum, check GSG is keeping many details about the V16 under wraps until Inw w w. s t a r s p r i n g s . c o m | w w w. s t a r s p r i n g s . c o m | w w w. s t a r s p r i n g s . c o m terzum. It said its field tests indicate the new machine can “operate at speeds nearly twice as fast as average equipment of its kind.” In addition, the machine has a simplified ™ operating system to reduce labor, parts and maintenance requirements and features uniquely designed parts and assemblies to reduce “nonvalue Always in the zone added touches,” GSG said.


and overhead costs.” “This newest innovation has been in stealth development for over two years,” the company said in a news release. “The advanced design is the most radical machine since GSG introduced the Gribetz Axiom nearly 10 years ago.”

o satisfy the trend of optimizing production efficiency, Sunrise, Fla.-based machinery supplier Global Systems Group and its Gribetz International division have created “a unique machine designed for highspeed production that reduces labor

e n o Z e v i Act

Short ComforPedic dazzles at Oscars

s visit u et to g r o f Don’t zum 2011 5 .0 er at Int e 25.05-28 all h n g in lo us Co ill find w u o Y -044 10.1 B






w w w. s t a rs p r i n g s . c o m SWEDEN

42 | BedTimes | April 2011



Hollywood celebrities could test Simmons Bedding Co.’s ComforPedic memory foam mattresses and pillows during 2011 Academy Award festivities in February. The products were featured in the lounge at the W Hotel in Hollywood, visited by Oscar nominees and presenters. Celebrities who stopped by received a ComforPedic Free Spirit pillow; select Oscar presenters received ComforPedic Mystic bed sets. “We wanted to get the ComforPedic brand in front of an exclusive group of people in a big way,” said Scott Smalling, president of the Atlanta-based mattress maker’s Specialty Sleep Division. “This was a fun opportunity to share ComforPedic mattresses and pillows with a new audience.”

Sleep is a natural process, enjoy it, now and for ever!

We would like to welcome you at our booths during interzum 2011 Please visit us at G-026, G-059 and H-059 in Hall 10.2 and discover the future of mattress fabrics and DesleeClama solutions!



Belgium, Spain, USA, Brazil, Indonesia, South-Africa, Canada, India, Signapore, Romania,...

Discover our global presence on

by desleeclama


White Lotus hosts eco-friendly anniversary W

hite Lotus Home, a domestic manufacturer, retailer and distributor of hand-crafted natural and organic mattresses, pillows, bedding and hardwood furniture, is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a three-day Earth Weekend festival. The event will draw attention to the

importance of caring for the planet and being environmentally responsible, said the Highland Park, N.J.-based company. The festival kicks off April 8 with an event called Earth Hands: Highland Park. Hundreds of community members will be recruited to form a human chain through Highland Park and share

an eco-conscious message.  The next day the public is invited to a daylong “green” products expo at the company’s Highland Park facility and store. Consumer advocate and author Debra Lynn Dadd, whom The New York Times once described as “the Queen of Green,” will deliver a keynote address. There will be tastings of organic food and wine and displays of organic products, as well as educational sessions, crafts and a petting zoo. On April 10, the company will host an art exhibit with organic-themed artwork available for sale from various local artists. “For the past 30 years, White Lotus Home has provided natural and organic bedding and home furnishing products, which have helped ‘change the world while you sleep’, ” said Marlon Pando, White Lotus Home owner and president. “Our goal during the anniversary celebration is to inspire awareness and appreciation for the earth’s natural environment—a major principle that White Lotus Home has practiced since its formation.”

Short Ashley Furniture helps kids Ashley Furniture HomeStores, based in Arcadia, Wis., is extending its “A Hope to Dream” program, which provides new Ashley Sleep mattress sets to needy children. Since the program began in 2010, Ashley has made a $5 donation for every mattress purchased by customers at participating locations. The money goes toward purchasing new beds for children who are nominated by local community members. Thus far, the company has contributed 183 beds. The next round of beds will be awarded the first week of April.

44 | BedTimes | April 2011




The revolutionary high density polyurethane foam gel, flexible, long lasting, fresh and extremely breathable. Breathability is unparalleled by most of flexible foams used to produce mattresses. Moreover, Watergel ® padding is ecological, noiseless and offers a relaxing “water effect” and an adequate support to the body.






latex foam

memory foam

For any technical or commercial information, please contact:





Asheboro Elastics celebrates 25 years


ndustry supplier Asheboro Elastics Corp. is marking its 25th anniversary by introducing new company branding and hosting events to thank its employees. The new image includes a logo incorporating the company’s initials and tag line, “Narrow Fabrics. Infinite Possibilities.” The privately held company has worldwide distribution with manufacturing in Asheboro, N.C., and Central America. In addition to mattresses and home furnishings, AEC products are used in apparel, automotive, medical, military, public safety, recreational and technology applications. “When we started our company, we were in the insert elastic business. Now we make a wide range of narrow fabrics,” said Keith Crisco, AEC founding partner. “We’ve built our company over time by taking good care of our customers and diversifying our products to reach broader audiences. However, our mission, company culture and commitment to Asheboro haven’t changed.” Crisco’s sons, Jeff and John, and son-in-law Gifford Del Grande provide leadership in marketing and research and development. The 2004 acquisition of Southern Webbing Mills, a producer of mattress tapes, launched AEC into mattress components. The company said it has grown its mattress tape business by listening to the industry, broadening its product line and designing tapes in complex designs and new colorations. Looking ahead, the company is focusing on continued global expansion and customized products for current customers and niche markets. “We will continue to grow our market share here and in new markets,” Crisco said. “As we celebrate this anniversary, we’re envisioning our future.”

Shorts Paramount Sleep contributes to ‘Extreme Makeover’ show The ABC reality TV show “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” recently turned to Paramount Sleep to help furnish the Hill family residence in Virginia Beach, Va. The show aided the Hills, in part, because of their devotion to caring for foster and needy children. The Norfolk, Va.-based mattress maker donated seven bed sets—a king-size Boutique Hotel and six full-size Back Performance models. “While Paramount Sleep continues to add retailers across the country and more and more people are discovering the quality and value of our complete line of mattress products, we feel it’s our civic duty to help a local family in need,” said Richard Fleck, Paramount executive vice president of sales and marketing. At press time, the episode had not yet aired.

Glideaway lends a hand, too Specialty sleep provider Glideaway Sleep Products and retailer All American Sleep & Mattress in Georgetown, Texas, helped “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” outfit the home of Army Staff Sgt. Patrick Zeigler and his fiancée, Jessica Hansen, with four new SleepHarmony mattresses. Zeigler was among those wounded in a mass shooting at Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas, in 2009. “His story and recovery are inspirational,” said Ron Fredman, executive vice president of sales for St. Louis-based Glideaway. “Last December, our retail partner All American Sleep & Mattress contacted us with this fabulous opportunity. We were honored to participate in helping this heroic couple start a new chapter of their life together.” The episode aired Feb. 20.

46 | BedTimes | April 2011

It’s not a miracle. It’s a Mammut! The new Mammut VMK Select. Automatic set-up of any needle position/plan as required by a selected pattern, program controlled and immediate.

Made in Germany Since 1880

VMK Select

The world’s first double chainstitch multi-needle quilter that turns more than a hundred needles into solists within a second. VMK Select offers highest efficiency for the smallest batch sizes and an endless array of new quilt patterns.


• Automatic change of any needle setting without set-up time • Highest efficiency even with smallest batches • Very precise sewing of difficult contours • Automatic top and bottom thread cutter • Very secure stitch formation with very fine needles • Excellent access to sewing units • Quick adaption to largest variety of filling thickness • „myMammut” programming software for independent creation of quilt designs • Sewing speed: max. 1600 stitches/min.

Contact us:

Mammut Germany: +49 2234 2180 | P. Bjerre, Inc.: +1 952 448 1935 |



SSA adopts OekoT

New digs

Wright of Thomasville, a supplier of graphic and marketing services, has expanded its Showroom Solutions division into a freestanding 30,000-square-foot manufacturing and distribution center in Thomasville, N.C. The company also has hired 16 new employees. Wright of Thomasville recently began manufacturing top-of-bed branding items such as pillow shams, foot protectors and embroidered labels in-house. In the past, the items had been produced by an outside manufacturer. “There has been an immediate benefit to our customers as the additional space and people make it easier for clients to get a quick turnaround on product,” said Greg Wright, president and chief executive officer.

48 | BedTimes | April 2011

he Specialty Sleep Association has added Oeko-Tex certification to its Environmental & Safety Program. SSA’s three-tier label and seal program outlines requirements for natural materials and addresses carbon footprint monitoring, VOC emission assessments and other environmental and safety guidelines. Latex foams and textile components of mattresses that carry the Level II and III seals must meet the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Products that meet the OekoTex Standard 100 have been tested and found to be free of unsafe levels of more than 100 chemicals believed to be detrimental to hu-

-Tex requirement man health. These include lead, formaldehyde, heavy metals, carcinogenic dye stuffs and phthalates. Oeko-Tex also tests for color fastness and pH levels. “Consumers are concerned about the environmental and health safety of their sleep products and that they are made in ecologically responsible ways,” said Dale Read, SSA president. “We developed this comprehensive, three-level system to allow manufacturers and retailers to clearly convey these critical points through a comprehensive labeling system and easy-to-understand seals that help consumers identify the best product choices for them.”

Short Market visitors pick winner of Anatomic Global contest Corona, Calif.-based mattress maker Anatomic Global created a stir in its showroom at the winter Las Vegas Market when five artists sculpted and painted their interpretations of “Comfort by Design,” the name of the company’s new premium memory foam mattress line. Sculptor Alex Carbet and painters Diane Mifsud Giusti, Beti Kristof First place Alex Carbet earned $1,000 and a new foam bed for his sculpture. and Niki Sands created original artwork in front of showroom visitors, who were asked to choose their favorite. Carbet’s foam sculpture of a woman floating in a cloud was the winner, earning him $1,000 in cash and a foam bed valued at $3,000. Kristof’s painting of a woman unlocking the secrets of sleep was runner-up.

BedTimes | April 2011 |


In response to growing concerns in many healthcare and institutional settings over certain harmful or suspect chemical compounds, Vintex has introduced the Safe Guard Barrier Systems certification. This is your assurance that pillows, pads or mattresses covered with Vintex SoffTICK速 fabrics are manufactured to be free of lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic and phthalates. So, look for the Vintex name and rest assured that you have purchased the safest most durable product on the market. Made in north aMerica | www.vintex.coM | 1.800.846.8399

Interzum Preview A sneak peek of the show floor Interzum Cologne, the largest home furnishings components show in the world, provides an opportunity for mattress and sleep products manufacturers to see the latest innovations from industry suppliers. This year’s event will be May 25-28 at Koelnmesse in Cologne, Germany. On the following pages, you’ll find information about products and services available from exhibitors in the International Sleep Products Association’s Bedding Centre and other ISPA members showing at the fair. All information has been provided to ISPA by the companies. ISPA does not endorse companies, products or services. (List as of March 4.)

Agro International GmbH & Co. KG Senfdamm 21 D-49152 Bad Essen Germany Phone: 49-5472-94200 Fax: 49-5472-1577 Martin Mannel, sales manager Hall 10.1, Stand A071 Products: Springs Agro International GmbH & Co. KG is a family-run company that has become today’s market leader in the European production of spring cores. Qualified specialists have been creating intelligent innovations and customized solutions for more than 60 years. A work force of approximately 400 employees enables us to develop, produce and market the entire product range, including Bonnell, LFK and pocket spring mattresses. In Germany and throughout Europe, Agro is recognized as a top provider and a performance leader in the highquality product segment and as a bulk supplier. We supply renowned companies in the bedding sector worldwide with premium products and outstanding service.

Ateja Tritunggal

Bekaert Textiles NV

Jl. Raya Batujajar KM 2.8 Padalarang Bandung, Jawa Bart 40561 Indonesia Phone: 62-22-686-6322 Fax: 62-22-686-6320 Rudy Zhu Hall 10.2, Stand D053 Products: Knit fabrics, woven fabrics, ticking

Deerlijkseweg 22 Waregem 8790 Belgium Phone: 32-566-24111 Fax: 32-566-24113 Lien Sinnesael, marketing & communications coordinator Hall 10.2, Stands E020, F021 Products: Knit fabrics, woven fabrics, ticking

For more than 35 years, Ateja Tritunggal has been a pioneer in fine interior fabrics, dominating market share locally and exporting worldwide. Annually, Ateja can produce more than 40 million linear meters. As an ISO 14001-certified company, Ateja has a great concern for environmental issues, emphasizing the use of recycled yarn and natural fiber. Natural gas is used as an energy source to reduce CO² emissions and many investments are being made to save water and reduce energy consumption. Currently, Ateja is an integrated company—from manufacturing yarn to providing cut-and-sew services to our customers.

Bekaert Textiles NV was founded in 1892 by Ivo Bekaert and has been a member of Gamma Holding since 1992. Gamma Holding, headquartered in Belgium, is a multinational company with production units in nine countries worldwide, making it one of Europe’s largest textile groups. Bekaert is the leading specialist in manufacturing jacquard, dobby and knitted fabrics and is the market leader in the worldwide production and supply of mattress cover materials. Bekaert is a fully integrated group of companies providing spinning, polypropylene extrusion, preparation and dyeing of warp and

* Exhibiting in ISPA Bedding Centre

BedTimes | April2011 2011 |3 BedTimes | April | 51

Interzum Preview weft, weaving, knitting and finishing. Bekaert employs 1,650 people worldwide with production amounts up to 180 million euro. Bekaert is at home in important world markets and has a long tradition of excellent customer service and support. Building on its experience, expertise and total quality management, Bekaert continues to develop innovative products.

Boyteks Tekstil AS 1 OSB 8. Cadde No: 60 38070 Kayseri Turkey Phone: 90-352-322-0588 Fax: 90-352-322-0589 Onder Honi, vice general manager Hall 10.2, Stands C020, D029 Products: Knit fabrics, woven fabrics, ticking

Boyteks Tekstil AS is the leading jacquard woven and knitted mattress ticking producer in the world. From the beginning, a success story has been created by supplying a wide range of products incorporating new trends, different designs, concepts and research-and-development studies. Boyteks reaches worldwide markets with high-quality goods, exceptional customer service and flexibility. Our performance products and innovative sleep technologies—from Oxygen Plus to Vitamin E to Biocare to Thermocool—are offered to all partners.

Chamay Mattress Manufacture Co. Ltd.* No. 256 Highway 325 Long Jiang, ShunDe Foshan City, Guangdong 528319 China Phone: 86-757-23221683 Fax: 86-757 23223490 Eric Ho, general manager Hall 10.2, Stand F067 Products: Knit fabrics, ticking

Chamay Mattress Manufacture Co. Ltd. has been a major producer of mattress ticking since 1986. We now offer a weaving (warp knitting, circle knitting, woven) machine, printing machine, washing machine, dyeing machine and finishing machine. We also have automatic plate machines. Our company’s objective is to provide the best service to our customers. Our main markets include Africa, Asia, Canada, China, the Middle East and the United States.

CT Nassau/Continental Tape/ Continental Ticking P.O. Box 39 Alamance, NC 27201-0039 United States Phone: 800-397-0090 Fax: 336-570-0680 Taber Wood, vice president of sales Hall 10.1, Stand A068 Products: Knit fabrics, woven fabrics, mattress tape, ticking

all the rest by creatively combining both woven and knit top panel fabrics with decorative borders, handles and mattress tapes. All of our components are specially designed to work together as a color-coordinated unit to enhance your brand recognition on the retail floor.

Ergomotion* 19 E. Ortega St. Santa Barbara, CA 93101 United States Phone: 805-979-9400 Fax: 805-979-9399 Gui Peres, director of international sales & marketing Hall 10.2, Stand E060 Products: Adjustable bases

Ergomotion is a California-based company that specializes in adjustable bed technology. As one of the largest adjustable bed manufacturers in the United States, Ergomotion caters to the international market and is present in more than 20 countries worldwide. In the growing sector of adjustable beds, Ergomotion stands alone in providing a quality product with innovative design and excellent customer service. The company’s design team includes Chief Executive Officer Alain Clenet, whose experience in automobile technology combines classic and reliable construction techniques with the innovation and technological skill of Senior Product Designer Joe Ermalovich. The result is a top-of-the-line adjustable bed that fits your interior design as well as it fits your lifestyle.

Specialty mattress tapes have forever changed the way we look at mattresses. CT Nassau offers more ways to differentiate your beds from * Exhibiting in ISPA Bedding Centre

52 | BedTimes | April 2011

Interzum Preview Foshan Ruixin Nonwoven Co. Ltd. (Rayson Global)* Hongxing Village, Guanyao Shishan Town Nanhai District Foshan City, Guangdong 528237 China Phone: 86-757-85806388 Fax: 86-757-81192378 Deng Hongchang, manager Hall 10.2, Stand F063 Products: Nonwoven fabrics, springs

Gel Solutions*

of automated systems to increase mattress production while decreasing operator effort. Galkin, part of the Global Systems Group, manufactures most mattress factory sewing equipment, such as binders, flangers, tape-edge machines and more. The unique designs of Galkin equipment provide GSG customers even more flexibility in deciding how to most profitably build their product.

8600 N. Central Freeway Wichita Falls, TX 76301 United States Phone: 801-808-9595 David Malpas, executive vice president of sales Hall 10.2, Stand F061 Products: Licensing opportunities, gel Pressure-relieving gel is the newest and most indestructible material in the mattress industry today. Come and see why!

Gateway Systems Foshan Ruixin Nonwoven Co. Ltd. (Rayson Global) is a leading manufacturer of nonwoven fabric and spring units for the furniture and bedding industries. Established in 1985, we are able to supply approximately 30 tons of nonwoven fabric and 3,000 spring units each day at competitive prices and with high quality. We carry a wide range of nonwovens (including FR, printed nonwoven and antislip) and springs (including Bonnell, continuous and pocket). We also extend our product line to finished mattresses. OEM accepted.

Galkin Automated Products 13800 N.W. Fourth St. Sunrise, FL 33325 United States Phone: 800-326-4742 Fax: 954-846-0381 Russ Bowman, president of sales Hall 9.1, Stand C020 Products: Engineering services/ consultants; machinery & fixtures; parts, supplies & tools Galkin Automated Products has been providing labor-reducing sewing equipment for more than 100 years. Innovation and ingenuity have lead Galkin to create a successful line

Unit 3 Northgate Terrace Northern Road, Industrial Estate Newark Notts NG24 2EU United Kingdom Phone: 44-1636-676194 Fax: 44-636-611367 David Elsdon, general manager Hall 9.1, Stand C020 Products: Engineering services/ consultants; machinery & fixtures; parts, supplies & tools Gateway Systems, based in the United Kingdom, is part of the Global Systems Group. Specializing in mattress-making solutions for more than 20 years, Gateway Systems offers compression tufting machines, handle systems, sergers, automated tape-edge machines, panel cutters/ slitting machines and border measure/ cut machines. Gateway’s Mattress Master Elite is the latest generation of automated tape-edge machines. See the Mattress Master Elite’s unique radial turning arm in action at Interzum Cologne.

Global Systems Group 13800 N.W. Fourth St. Sunrise, FL 33325 United States Phone: 800-326-4742 Fax: 954-846-0381 Russ Bowman, president of sales Hall 9.1, Stand C020 Products: Engineering services/ consultants; machinery & fixtures;

parts, supplies & tools Global Systems Group offers all the machinery required to assemble mattresses, box springs and other bedding-related products. The industry’s leading machinery manufacturers—Gribetz International, Porter International, Galkin Automated Products, Gateway Systems, Spuhl-Anderson and Nähtec—have been gathered into a single resource for the convenience

* Exhibiting in ISPA Bedding Centre

BedTimes| April | April2011 2011 |3 BedTimes | 53

Interzum Preview of the mattress producer. Mattress manufacturing methods have changed a lot in recent years. GSG has developed new, faster equipment in response to these changing needs. Our machines offer speed and versatility, but one machine will set the pace for all. GSG’s newest innovation will debut at Interzum Cologne.

Lava Textiles 55 Sleepy Time Drive Waterloo, SC 29384-5137 United States Phone: 864-998-4899 Ann Weaver, vice president Hall 10.2, Stand F010 Products: Knit fabrics, ticking

Gribetz International 13800 N.W. Fourth St. Sunrise, FL 33325 United States Phone: 800-326-4742 Fax: 954-846-0381 Russ Bowman, president of sales Hall 9.1, Stand C020 Products: Engineering services/ consultants; machinery & fixtures; parts, supplies & tools

Gribetz International is the world’s leading manufacturer of quilting machines and other equipment for the bedding and home textile industries. Gribetz offers a complete range of products designed to modernize and automate the handling, sewing, quilting and cutting processes. Gribetz has been a leading innovator in the mattress industry for 70 years and offers the most complete lineup of quilting machines around the world. Revolutionary quilting patterns and processes have been shaped by technology developed at Gribetz. Gribetz will demonstrate the most diverse lineup of quilters ever shown in one place at Interzum Cologne.

Lava Textiles is a third-generation, family-owned circular knitting company with production facilities in Wielsbeke, Belgium, and York, S.C. We specialize in knitted mattress fabrics in three-dimensional, four-way stretch and double knits in jacquard constructions. Through product development and our highly qualified team of designers, we strive to offer the leading edge in quality, innovation and design. Customers are serviced worldwide with strategically placed sales associates or through our sales offices. Lava will be introducing exciting novelties at Interzum Cologne (Hall 10.2, Stand F010), for which it has (once again) revolutionary new knitting machines developed by one of the leading circular knitting machine constructors, as well as new yarns and new finishings.

Leggett & Platt No. 1 Leggett Road Carthage, MO 64836 United States Phone: 417-358-8131 Mark Quinn, vice president of marketing for residential furniture Hall 9.1, Stands C010, C060, D010, D019, D069 (also Halls 5.2, 7.1) Products: Machinery & fixtures; parts, supplies & tools Leggett & Platt, which pioneered sleep * Exhibiting in ISPA Bedding Centre

54 | BedTimes | April 2011

technology when it introduced its bedspring more than 125 years ago, is an S&P 500 diversified manufacturer. Serving a broad suite of customers that comprise a “Who’s Who” of international companies, Leggett & Platt conceives, designs and produces a diverse array of products that can be found in most homes, offices and vehicles. Founded in 1883, the company is made up of 19 business units, 20,000 employee-partners and more than 140 facilities in 18 countries. Leggett & Platt continues to infuse its products with its trademark innovation, helping customers enjoy more comfortable lives.

Nähtec Carl-Zeiss-Str. 18 74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen Germany Phone: 49-7142-90410 Fax: 49-7142-904110 Volker Wissing, president Hall 9.1, Stand C020 Products: Engineering services/ consultants; machinery & fixtures; parts, supplies & tools Nähtec is one of Europe’s innovative technology leaders in bedding sewing applications. This Germany-based company is part of the Global Systems Group. Nähtec’s innovative mattress handle machines, zipper machines and other automated mattress sewing equipment are gaining popularity among GSG’s customers around the world. The creative engineers of Nähtec also can provide customized solutions to customers in need of specialized products. See Nähtec’s latest machines


Interzum Preview at Interzum Cologne in Hall 9.1, Stand C020.

Porter International 13800 N.W. Fourth St. Sunrise, FL 33325 United States Phone: 800-326-4742 Fax: 954-846-0381 Russ Bowman, president of sales Hall 9.1, Stand C020 Products: Engineering services/ consultants; machinery & fixtures; parts, supplies & tools

Porter International, part of the Global Systems Group, builds, sells and services sewing machines for the bedding and home textile industries. Specializing in sewingroom operations, Porter is the industry leader with more than 65 years of experience. Porter supplies the bedding industry with superior machines for flanging panels, border systems and multitasking assembly systems, such as the GPT-1000AP Ruffler. We fulfill our commitment to the modern factory through new product research, advanced technology developments, ergonomic designs and new ways to streamline the flow of goods through automation.

SABA 5420 Lapeer Road Kimball, MI 48074-1427 United States Phone: 810-824-4964 Fax: 810-824-4986 Jim Turner, president Hall 10.1, Stand D073 Products: Adhesives

Dedicated to foam bonding, SABA’s water-based adhesives are second to none. SABA has the right product to match your foam-bonding production process. Whether manual spray, roll coat or automatic spray, SABA has the solution. With the Access Adhesive Delivery and Monitoring System, SABA customers will experience the highest level of efficiency and control resulting in cost savings, better product quality, and a cleaner and safer plant. Only SABA provides its customers with the latest and most efficient application technologies, ensuring the lowest possible adhesive cost per unit produced. You do have access to SABA adhesives, right?

Sunds Velour A/S Navervej 3-5 DK-7451 Sunds Denmark Phone: 45-97141322 Fax: 45-97142827 Steffen Romer, vice president of sales Hall 10.2, Stand C029 Products: Knit fabrics, FR

components, ticking Sunds Velour A/S could be your future partner for mattress ticking, knitted textiles, ready-made zippered mattress covers and stretch sheets. Our knowhow and expertise with circular knitted tricot, double-jersey and velour fabrics dates to 1972 and covers all production processes, from knitting to dyeing to printing to finishing. The head of our

operation is based in Denmark and all production takes place in Ukraine at our 20,000-square-meter production plant that employs 650 people. Let Sunds help you turn your foam mattresses or pillows into an attractive commercial end-product. Meet us at Interzum Cologne Hall 10.2, Stand C029.

Therapedic International* 103 College Road E. Princeton, NJ 08540-6611 United States Phone: 609-720-0700 Fax: 609-720-0797 Susan Mathes, executive administrator Hall 10.2, Stand F065 Products: Licensing opportunities, mattress materials

Therapedic International is a licensing organization with manufacturing partners in the United States and more than 20 international locations. We are a global brand partner with consumer products designer Kathy Ireland Home®. Our other brands target various segments of the bedding market, including: Memory Touch®, our visco foam line; PureTouch®, our latex brand; and BackSense with HourGlass Support®, our chiropractic series providing additional support in the shoulder, lumbar and hip areas. Therapedic expanded its product reach into the soft goods category, branding the Therapedic name for national specialty stores to include mattress pads, pillows, sheet sets, heated blankets and mattress pads.

* Exhibiting in ISPA Bedding Centre

56 | BedTimes | April 2011

SLEEP SCIENCE COME SEE US AT INTERZUM 2011 Cologne Hall 10.2 Booth E020-F021

W W W . B E K A E R T T E X T I L E S . C O M

Interzum Preview Tietex International Ltd.* 3010 N. Blackstock Road Spartanburg, SC 29301-5500 United States Phone: 864-595-7778 Fax: 864-574-9440 Wade Wallace, vice president of Mattress Solutions Group Hall 10.2, Stand E068 Products: Knit fabrics, woven fabrics, nonwoven fabrics, FR components, ticking Tietex International Ltd. is a global manufacturer and marketer of nonwoven and traditional textiles. Our technologies in fiber and fabric forming enable us to develop unique

Tuodao Strong Nails Mfg. Co. Ltd.*

solutions for the bedding industry. Our Mattress Solutions Group is the leader in FR performance fabrics and consulting for 16 CFR Part 1633 compliance. Our SleepFree family of FR solutions includes filler cloths, prints, knit socks and comprehensive consulting and quality assurance assistance. In addition to the bedding industry, our advanced fabric products are used in athletic footwear, roofing, home furnishings and various technical end-uses.

Zone B, Shatou Industrial Area Shatou, Jiujiang Town, Nanhai District Foshan City, Guangdong 528208 China Phone: 86-757-86906799 Fax: 86-757-86906802 Susan Guo, sales manager Hall 10.2, Stand F069A Products: Accessories, mattress materials Tuodao Strong Nails Mfg. Co. Ltd., established in 1990, is an excellent enterprise that specializes in the production of nails, staples

* Exhibiting in ISPA Bedding Centre

2010 mattress industry

Annual Cost Survey for U.S. & Canadian Producers Make the most of your ISPA Membership… Participate in the Cost Survey! Benchmark your company’s operating expenses against your peers by participating in ISPA’s Annual Cost Survey. Participation is free and is a key ISPA member benefit funded by your annual dues. Your report is a valuable tool that will provide information to help you identify weaknesses, control costs, and improve financial performance. Find out what it takes to be considered a "high profit" firm, and whether your company falls in that category.

The survey closes on April 30th and results will be available in early July, so act now!

If you are a U.S. or Canadian manufacturer member and you have not received your questionnaire, please contact us right away. Call Jane Oseth at 571-482-5434 or email

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Interzum Preview Wright of Thomasville*

and other furniture fittings. We insist on honesty and quality and seek continual innovation and improvement. Our company has become one of the leaders in this industry worldwide and we commit ourselves to making the industry develop faster. We are the best in setting standards for high-quality finished products that meet international standards. Our company offers favorable prices. We surely must be your best choice.

5115 Prospect St. Ext. Thomasville, NC 27360 United States Phone: 336-472-4200 Fax: 336-476-8544 Hall 10.2, Stand F069 Products: Accessories, labels, mattress materials We are a global, full-service graphics solutions provider. For 50 innovative years, we have partnered with our customers to develop award-winning results for their most difficult assignments. We continue that tradition by offering you a one-stop, turnkey solution to any print challenge. We provide

the capabilities you are looking for, produced using the most advanced print technologies available. Standing behind these capabilities is our highly skilled staff, who are eager to get to know you, your needs and goals. That is how we have remained industry leaders and that is how we deliver high-end solutions that exceed your expectations.

* Exhibiting in ISPA Bedding Centre


It’s likely you haven’t thought about that phrase since you were a kid. However, it’s shaping the way Pristine® manufactures bedding fabrics. Now that bed bugs are becoming a national epidemic, we’ve developed barrier fabrics used for mattress encasements and pillow covers that have been proven to effectively block bed bug bites. Pristine’s one-of-a-kind nonlaminated fabrics allow air and moisture vapor to pass through while also creating a barrier to bed bugs and irritating allergens.

Pristine is a registered trademark of Precision Fabrics Group, Inc.

To learn more about how Pristine® Bedding Fabrics can protect your bottom line, simply contact Traci Broughton, Pristine Product Manager at 1-888-733-5759 or email

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NewsMakers Englander honors factories at ceremony

Kudos At an annual awards ceremony during the winter Las Vegas Market, mattress licensing group Englander honored two plants for their achievements. Kevin Toman, (first photo, right) president of the Olive Branch, Miss.-based company, presented John Hagglund, president of Englander Northwest in Tualatin, Ore., with the Manufacturing Excellence Award. President Terry Spears and Vice President Bob Ashburn of Englander Southeast in Rome, Ga., accepted the Outstanding Sales Achievement Award from Toman.

Wick joins IB as sales VP

International Bedding, with headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., has hired industry veteran Jeffrey Wick as northern regional vice president of sales, a newly created position. He is responsible for leading sales development efforts and managing Jeffrey Wick retail relationships for IB in more than 20 states. He is based in Summerfield, N.C., and reports to Dennis Straily, vice president of sales. Wick has an extensive background in mattress manufacturing and retailing. Most recently, he was principal

of the consulting firm Innovative Bedding Products, as well as vice president of national accounts for bed frame supplier Mantua Mfg. Prior to that, he spent 11 years with Sealy in a variety of sales and sales management posts, rising to vice president of department stores/national accounts. He began his career as a market representative for mattresses at May Department Stores Co., now part of Macy’s. “Jeff is another great addition to the talented team of sales professionals that we’ve been building,” Straily said. “His wide-ranging expertise includes sales, account management, market development and team leadership, among many other key industry skills. We look forward to cultivating Jeff’s talent and experience.”

Great Rates • Cranston Trucking Company • Great Service

GREAT DISCOUNTS NATIONWIDE 80% LTL Discounts for Bedding Manufacturers Moving Ticking Fabrics from the Carolinas. Call Today! 877-282-5282 (Applies on those shipments moving to Cranston Direct Delivery Areas.)

AZ • CA • CT • RI • MA • NC • SC Cranston Logistics and Consolidation Services Available Dianne Francin • •

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The Strongest Most Reliable High Speed Quilting Machines Built Since 1944

The Emco 9000 Series High Speed Double Lock Chainstitch Quilter Choose the machine that fits your needs. The Emco 9000 Series High Speed Chainstitch Quilter for High Volume Output TheQuilter Emcofor9000 Series High Speed or the Emco Tack and Jump Embroidery Lockstitch the Most Versatility. Whichever you choose you get the Double Chainstitch most reliable, strongest, longest lasting machines ever built. Lock With parts and serviceQuilter always available for our customers.

The Emco Tack and Jump Embroidery High Speed Lockstitch Quilter

Edgewater Machine Company, Inc.

13-20 131st Street College Point, New York 11356 U.S.A Phone: 718-539-8200 Fax: 718-358-4648 Email: Website:

ISPANews Better Sleep Council takes on ‘zombieitis’ A

tongue-in-cheek national campaign to “Stop Zombieitis!” kicks off May 1 as part of the Better Sleep Council’s annual Better Sleep Month. “Zombieitis is an insidious plague that threatens the very fabric of our society,” said Mark Quinn, BSC chairman and vice president of marketing for Leggett & Platt’s Residential Furnishings Segment. “It’s the root cause of decreased worker productivity, rising health care costs and strained interpersonal relationships.” According to sleep disorder experts, physical manifestations of zombieitis include irritability, depression, high

ISPA welcomes more than 80 members in 2010-11

The International Sleep Products Association reports that more than 80 companies in the mattress industry joined the association as members in 2010 and the first part of 2011. “We would not be where we are today without the dedication and trust of both our long-standing and new members,” said ISPA President Ryan Trainer. “Thank you for your loyal support and also to the many industry members who participate and support our programs.” Advanced Urethane Technologies Adfast Corp. Alhouda Alliant Insurance Services Inc. American Niagara American Plant & Equipment Inc. Apropa Machinery Ltd. Asheboro Elastics Corp. Automated Tag & Label B&C International/OS Depot Z.L. Latex Products Banks Machine & Tool Bavaria Wolltex/Carico International Bo Mei Bob Barker Co. Inc. Clearwater Fabrics Cornerstone Institutional (dba C3 Solutions) Cotton Clouds Futons Credo O.O.O. Demand Foam Cutting Domtar Inc. Earnhardt Mfg. P.T. Eternal Panelindo Persada Fine Cotton Factory Inc. Flexitex - Fabrica de Tecidos S.A. Foshan Quan Li Spring Hardware Factory Foshan Yuantian Mattress Machinery Co. Ltd.

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Four Seasons Stitching Furnistem Co. Ltd. Global Procurement Services Hot Melt Technologies Inc. Imperial Bedding Co. Industrias Marves S.A. de C.V. Info Retail Joao Oliveira Lda. JSP New Market Development Group Kayfoam Woolfson Ltd./ Kaygel King-Hughes Fasteners Latex Systems Co. Ltd. Lien A Co. Ltd. Mexican Manufacturers Inc. MicroClimate Solutions NVC Logistics Group OHCO Inc. Otto Bock Polyurethanes Pacific Spring Inc. Precision Blades Inc. Priotex Quilting Inc. Remex AG Residue Regency Pad Corp. Rock Island Industries S. Kaplan Sewing Machine Co. SC Invest Management SRL Selther Mfg. S.A. de C.V Shandong Helon Textile Science & Tech. Co. Ltd.

Shenzhen Vico Furniture Co. Ltd. Sleep Studio LLC SMI-ITS Spring Into Action SpringCo Inc. Squire Sleep Systems LLC Stein Fibers Ltd. Stepan Co. Superior Packaging Products Inc. Suzuran Bed (HK) Ltd. T.J. Beall Co. Technogel U.S. Thomson Research Associates Inc. Toyo Cushion Lanka (Pvt.) Ltd. Toyota Tsusho America Inc. Triskel Consulting Tuodao Strong Nails Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Unifi Inc. Uretek Inc. Vintex Inc. W. Silver Products Wenzhou Jiatai Latex Product Co. Ltd. World Wide Mattress Machinery Xsensor Technology Corp. Yekaterinoslavskie Mebelnie Masterskie

blood pressure, anxiety, malaise or apathy, weight gain, headaches, decreased brain function and circles or bags under the eyes. Zombies also can be identified by their unkempt appearance, unsightly drooling, frequent mumbling or moaning and a lumbering gait. While the pressures of modern society certainly contribute to zombieitis, poor quality bedding is a primary cause. “A majority of us are sleeping on old, lumpy mattresses that make it virtually impossible to get a good night’s sleep,” Quinn said. “Instead of investing in better beds, many people choose to rely on everything from prescription sleep aids to white noise machines and antisnoring devices. Unfortunately, these products fail to address the underlying problem.” The recent recession also has contributed to the increase in zombieitis. “Many consumers have postponed buying new mattresses because of uncertainties about the economy. But when you stop to think about it, sleep deprivation can lead to poor job performance and an increased risk of termination. So a new mattress might be one of the best investments a person can make in long-term job security,” said Ryan Trainer, president of the International Sleep Products Association. The BSC is ISPA’s consumer education arm. The highlight of Better Sleep Month will be “Stop Zombieitis! Day” on Friday, May 20. Special events will take place nationwide to raise awareness of zombieitis and how it can be cured with better beds. A consumer-oriented website,, has been set up for the campaign. Mattress manufacturers and retailers who would like to do tie-in campaigns can find toolkits on the websites and beginning April 20.

ISPAAdvocacy ISPA calls on state lawmakers to protect consumers


he International Sleep Products Association has begun a new campaign to protect consumers from unnecessary health and safety risks. Specifically, ISPA is leading efforts in several states to enact tougher laws to address the spread of bedbugs in used mattresses. The Florida Legislature is considering an ISPA-supported bill that will add new tools to combat the spread of bedbugs. The legislation would require renovators of used mattresses to sanitize their products prior to resale. Currently, no such requirement exists in the state. Legislation has been introduced in Connecticut that would require state regulators to inspect renovated mattresses for bedbugs prior to resale. Chris Hudgins, ISPA vice

president of government relations, testified at a recent hearing, expressing support for the bill and requesting that the state provide additional enforcement resources and safeguards to address renovated mattresses as a source of bedbugs. In Tennessee, Senate Bill 1073 would

require mattress renovators to register with the state, label their products and sanitize them prior to sale. ISPA also is leading and supporting efforts in New York and other states to enact tougher safeguards. Though bedbugs are the most recognizable threat from used mattresses, bedding may contain other hidden risks. Too often these mattresses don’t meet federal flammability requirements, meaning that families sleeping on unscrupulously renovated beds are needlessly exposed to fire risk. For more information about ISPA’s advocacy efforts on this issue, check If you live or have facilities in these states and are interested in supporting ISPA’s efforts, contact Hudgins at 703-6838371 or

Shorts Bedbug summit focuses on national plan The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency held its second Bedbug Summit Feb. 1-2. The first day of the meeting focused on new approaches to combating bedbugs. The second day laid the groundwork for creating a national bedbug strategy that will be developed in the coming months by EPA and a federal interagency working group. The working group is expected to hold meetings for stakeholders. To view presentations made at the summit or for other information, check

CPSC extends stay of enforcement for lead The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has extended the stay of enforcement of the third-party lead testing requirement for children’s products until Dec. 31. The notice announcing the stay was published in the Federal Register on Feb. 8 ( The stay applies only to lead testing and does not affect other CPSC requirements. The CPSC defines children’s products

as those products intended primarily for children 12 and under. At ISPA’s request, CPSC previously ruled that the internal components of all children’s mattresses are exempt from the lead testing requirements, as are most outer coverings of children’s mattresses.

OSHA withdraws musculoskeletal proposal Following opposition from manufacturers, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration has withdrawn its proposal to require the reporting of musculoskeletal disorders. The proposed regulation, announced in March 2010, would have required manufacturers to report “disorders of the muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, joints, cartilage and spinal discs” among workers. The requirement was seen as a possible precursor to the development of a national ergonomics standard. The move follows OSHA’s recent reversal of a proposed workplace noise exposure rule, which the International Sleep Products Association and other groups had opposed.

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UpClose Industry veteran Lilly still going the distance Former CEO of Serta finds new challenges in consulting firm By Dorothy Whitcomb


d Lilly has been running—literally and figuratively—for most of his life. As a track star in high school and college, he piled up an impressive string of victories. As a corporate executive charged with leading whole teams to victory, his eye was seldom off the finish line. In business as in track, agility, the ability to act strategically and endurance over the long haul lead to success. A look back at Lilly’s long career in the bedding and furniture industries proves the point. After leaving the Army and working at Philadelphia department store Strawbridge & Clothier for nine years, Lilly joined mattress maker Sealy in 1978. He worked there for 11 years in senior corporate and sales management positions. Landing the Sears account was a highlight of his time with the company. “I was a good salesman and I was able to convince them that we could, as a single mattress supplier, provide all of the services that three suppliers could,” Lilly says. “The next year, Sealy was chosen as Sears’ Vendor of the Year out of 12,000 vendors.” Lilly worked his way up to senior vice president of national account sales for both Sealy and its Stearns & Foster brand. But when the company asked him to move to Cleveland in 1989, he declined and joined Townhouse Penthouse Industries, a Northbrook, Ill.-based manufacturer of privatelabel upholstered furniture. “TPI had 14 plants and, in 1989, a volume of about $350 million a year,” Lilly says. “Being the vice president of marketing was a great opportunity.” Lilly sees all of those positions as preparation for the career

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Garden getaway Ed Lilly enjoys both working in and just enjoying the garden he tends with his wife, Nancy. ‘It gives you time to yourself and allows you to see things in new ways while accomplishing something very satisfying,’ he says.

challenges that lay ahead. “I learned the business from the bottom up,” he says. “There’s a real advantage to knowing something inside out. It helps you create strategies that actually work. You grow into responsibility.” In 1990, Lilly was appointed president and chief executive officer of Serta and, in 2001, was named chairman of the board. When he joined the company, Serta’s sales volume was about $240 million annually. Ten years later, U.S. sales had tripled and Serta was the second-largest mattress producer in the country. “Being president and CEO for 14 years was the greatest accomplishment of my life,” he says. “Staying that long doesn’t happen these days and was a reflection of what we accomplished. It was very satisfying.”

Lilly left Serta when National Bedding Co.—the largest Serta licensee— acquired control of the corporate entity in 2004. “I wasn’t ready to retire. The offense and defense of business was still in my blood, but I had no interest in ever working for another corporation,” Lilly says. In 2005, he founded Lilly Management Group, a consulting firm that provides management and development services to the bedding industry. Staffed by former Serta executives, LMG leverages the talent and experience they once used to triple Serta’s business to help other mattress companies grow theirs. Although LMG has evolved in a different direction than Lilly originally imagined, he is pleased with what his team has accomplished. “We have worked with about 350 clients over five years,” he says. “The bulk of our business comes from suppliers and smaller manufacturers. We really duplicate what larger manufacturers do for themselves.” The bulk of LMG’s business comes from corporate communications, branding and FR programs, but it offers a broad range of consulting services, including strategic planning, procurement, best practices and crisis communications. In the garden Lilly’s wife, Nancy, is a master gardener and he is her willing apprentice. “Gardening is good for you,” he says. “It gives you time to yourself and allows you to see things in new ways while accomplishing something very satisfying. We go out in the morning with coffee or at night with wine and just look at the garden. It changes all the time.”

Going the distance “I ran five days a week for 40 years—11 miles in a Philadelphia snowstorm once,” Lilly says. Although he stopped for a while in his 50s, Lilly has returned to the sport and finds it a great way to control stress and stay healthy. Home away from home The Lillys travel to their second home in Santa Fe, N.M., frequently. They love the mountains, the city’s vibrant art scene and attending productions of the world-famous Santa Fe Opera. “We go to the opera as many as five times a season,” he says. “One of my favorite memories is of taking my 14-year-old granddaughter to see backstage at the Santa Fe Opera House.”

Out of necessity… It was need that drew Lilly to woodworking; it’s passion that keeps him interested. “When you’re in retail, you don’t make a lot of money, so you make what you need,” he says. “I’ve been woodworking since early in our marriage and still find making something beautiful and functional out of nothing very pleasing.” Outlook Although the recession has made growing his firm more challenging, Lilly is a realist. “You have to live in the environment that you live in. I’m one of the fortunate few who have had the opportunity to control my own destiny,” he says. “I don’t need business for fulfillment as much as I used to. I’m much more driven by the process than the end result.” BT

➤ Bio in brief Name Ed Lilly Company Lilly Management Group Title Founder and partner Location St. Charles, Ill. Education Lilly earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from St. John’s University in New York Age 67 Family Lilly and his wife, Nancy, have been married for 42 years. They have three children and five grandchildren.

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ManagementIssues Does your conversational style need a conversion? Why you should try interacting instead of just transacting By Marty Stanley


hen you talk to people face to face are you focused on the transaction or your interaction? There’s a difference. In a transactional encounter, you go through the motions to get the discourse done. Maybe you’re daydreaming, texting at the same time or even talking on the phone to someone else. The bottom line is that you’re not engaged in the process or with the other person. In contrast, interaction occurs when two people are engaged in a dialogue and actively participating in the exchange. Think about the last time you went out to eat. When you ordered, was the waiter friendly, knowledgeable and quick? Did he show authentic interest and offer assistance in assuring that you had a good dining experience? Will you go back? Will you tell your friends? Real interaction is noticeably different from a typical transaction and today, it’s rare. Ask yourself: When you’re talking to people, are you clear about the purpose of the conversation? Are your thoughts, words and actions aligned with that purpose and the outcomes you seek? If you’re focused on the transaction, there can be a tendency to treat the conversation in a matter-of-fact way—cover all the bases and move on to the next topic, person or activity. Your attitude can be interpreted as, “I don’t have time for you or what is important to you.” During these challenging economic times, when companies are doing more with less, employees can suffer fatigue, increased absenteeism, low morale and diminished productivity or quality of work. All of these impact the end-

user or consumer of your products or services. There is a lot of talk about “employee engagement.” If you want to foster employee engagement, take a look at the quality of conversations you’re having with them. Are they transactional or are you really interacting? How do you move from transaction to interaction? It’s all about the level of participation in a conversation. Are you actively listening? Or are you thinking about what you’re going to say next or, worse, editorializing in your mind about what the other person just said? Good managers and leaders understand that conversations require participation—it’s more than exchanging facts. If you’re looking for improved employee engagement or increased customer retention, an easy and costeffective place to start is by examining your conversations. Are you talking about things that are relevant and important to the other person? Chatting about the weather or sports scores is OK, but unless you’re a meteorologist or coach, you’ll get more mileage with an interaction that is focused on the person, her work or her purchase. A good interaction is heartfelt.

It comes from a place of caring and wanting to be of service or making a difference. It’s about leaving the other person feeling glad he had the interaction with you. Even difficult conversations can be authentic and leave a person feeling respected. How do you start? One conversation at a time. Begin by really listening to the conversations that you’re having with people. Are you approaching it like a transaction or an opportunity for interaction? Do you care enough about yourself, your company and the people with whom you interact to have authentic conversations? If not, you may be missing out on an opportunity to make a difference in someone else’s life. It’s a choice. And you can choose to change it with your next conversation. BT Marty Stanley, president of Dynamic Dialog Inc., is an author, speaker and facilitator who helps organizations create their “new normal.” Contact Stanley to speak at your next meeting or to facilitate visioning, planning and teambuilding sessions at 816-822-4047 or For more information, check

There is a lot of talk about ‘employee engagement.’ If you want to foster employee engagement, take a look at the quality of conversations you’re having with them. BedTimes | April 2011 |


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software solutions Creators of Freedom for Bedding Focused Technology

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Classifieds For Sale TAPE-EDGE MACHINES, MULTINEEDLE AND SINGLENEEDLE QUILTERS, long-arm label machines, sergers, etc. Contact Victor LeBron, American Plant and Equipment. Phone 864-574-0404; Fax 864-576-7204; Cell 864-590-1700; Email; Web REBUILT AND RECONDITIONED MULTINEEDLE QUILTING MACHINES. Specializing in PATHE precision parts and service. Technical consultants. SEDCO. Phone 201-567-7141; Fax 201-567-5515. Quilters: Four available, including two tack-and-jumps. Also: Panel cutters: James Cash, Gribetz Tape-edge machines: James Cash, Spuhl-Anderson Tape masters, serger-flangers, rufflers, crate openers. All are serviced and ready to go. Contact Pete Sasser, Worldwide Mattress Machinery Inc. Phone 864-285-4454; Fax 864-699-9424; Email; Web

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TheLastWord Clutter could doom career


f you have a messy workspace, you may be doing damage to your career, according to a recent survey conducted on behalf of OfficeMax, an office supply retailer based in Naperville, Ill. More than half (53%) of respondents say they think negatively about co-workers who have cluttered desks. About 40% assume that their messy colleagues lack skills in other aspects of their job and 13% have a lower overall opinion of less-than-organized co-workers. More than one-third (33%) are more charitable, believing their co-workers are simply overworked and don’t have time to clean up. “The condition of your desk can shape your boss’ and co-workers’ perception of you and your work habits,” says Peter Walsh, an organizational expert and creator of the Peter Walsh You•Organized line of organizational tools. “If there’s no semblance of order and purpose, it’s easy for people—particularly your boss—to think that

Startup lessons learned


mall business owners acknowledge making a number of mistakes when launching their ventures. The top missteps: ➤ Underestimating monthly expenses (32%) ➤ Hiring the wrong people (20%) ➤ Not knowing how to market and sell the product (18%) ➤ Not securing enough financing (18%). The results are part of a phone survey of 501 small business executives conducted in January by Hiscox, an international insurer with headquarters in Bermuda. The research also highlights the gaps in knowledge small business owners face when starting out. These include not understanding enough about the impact of taxes (33%), financing and credit (26%), and hiring and firing (24%). “People who take the leap often have great energy and passion for their area of expertise. They have a clear goal, but as they embark on their journey they may not foresee the bumps along the highway,” says Kevin Kerridge, a small business insurance expert at Hiscox USA. “Cash flow, human resources, marketing and insurance issues can seem boring, but are hugely important.”

72 | BedTimes | April 2011

you are not on top of projects and that you’re overwhelmed.” Those surveyed have good intentions of cleaning up: 45% would like to tackle their workspace, 36% want to tidy their computer files and 28% need to organize their email. Kelton Research conducted the online OfficeMax survey.

BIG number



That’s the price of a new bed being offered by a British designer who might very well have secured the title “world’s most expensive bed” with a canopy bed carved from ash, cherry and chestnut woods, festooned with Italian silk curtains and gilded with solid 24-carat gold leaf. If you buy one of the two beds that Stuart Hughes plans to make with Italian production partner Hebanon by Fratelli Basile Interiors, you can add a little bling by incorporating diamonds into the headboard. Each handcrafted bed is expected to take three months to make, giving purchasers plenty of time to pick out the perfect—and presumably also pricey— mattress to go along with it.

You’ve got to see “the V” Dubbed the “V16,” it’s the most radical machine we’ve introduced in nearly 10 years. It’s a “must see” for anyone in the mattress industry.

You can only see “the V” in an enclosed, special-purpose room demonstration at Interzum, May 25-28, 2011, at the GSG booth in Hall 9.1 Stand C-020.

Contact your local GSG representative to schedule your personal demonstration.




That’s the sound of your product snoozing on a container ship halfway around the world. Eventually – maybe in 8 weeks, or maybe 10 weeks, or maybe 12 weeks, you’ll take delivery. Maybe you’ll get what you expect. Maybe the quality will be acceptable. Maybe the real cost is worth the wait. That’s a lot of maybes – enough to put your customers sound asleep and your sales in a coma.



ECo Fa B R I C S ,

CoT To N S ,







P o Ly E S T E R S ,



ST I TC h B o N d S ,

wa R P k N I T S ,


Tietex International Ltd., 3010 North Blackstock Rd., Spartanburg, SC 29301, Ph. 864.574.0500, Fax 864.574.9490,

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