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Welcome to the Sleek & Sassy Exclusive Balanced Macros Recipe Book! This book was created as a way to show you HOW to add delicious meals to your HEALTHY lifestyle. The recipes in this book are designed to go with the Balanced Macros Meal Plan.


Eating breakfast within 30 minutes of waking revs up your metabolism and helps you become a fat burning machine for the rest of the day! Having quick and easy breakfasts is especially important because life is busy!


When it comes to dinner, being prepared is KEY! It often seems easier to just stop and grab something on the way home! However, even the best fast food or take out options are void of a lot of necessary nutrition. So ditch the take out and be prepared with healthy, make-ahead options instead!


It's important when it comes to snacks to have healthy options prepared. If we don't, it's easy to fall off track and end up buying something that isn't healthy or isn't budget friendly!

Sse oct 2017 recipe book balanced  
Sse oct 2017 recipe book balanced