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oad behaviour’ becomes a dual concept in this issue as we make the transition from the realm of the costume drama that was Carnival Sunday to the bonding experience of the open road, where more reliable and expedient navigational possibilites now exist, thanks to an increasingly improved highway network. For the socaphiles set on a taste of the Jamaican leg, as it were, of the now year-round relay traversed by the global Carnival caravan, the urban expanse of Kingston remained ground zero when it came to feting to your heart’s content. And just as modern soca undergoes its perennial fusions and renovations — the genre is currently have a referential love affair with Afrobeat — the island’s seasonal itinerary saw the continued influx from twin-island republic soca party brands, and related interests, keen on extending

both the shelf-life and scope of their cultural export through ever-expanding regional channels. Let’s face it, Carnival is no longer confined to a singular destination and time frame, and at no other period has this change been clearer than here in 2016. There are also certain moments of our lives that we long for a break from it all. An intoxicating taste of freedom from the human condition. Summer, even with its extreme temperatures, remains the universal symbol for respite and adventure. And so bolstered by the ‘call of the wild’, we head to the southeastern parish of an exotic St Thomas — that sleepy territorial landscape typically overshadowed by its more luxe Portland neighbour — in pursuit of everything we love about the beginning of summer: a mojo-resetting palette cleanse, and the allure of travel!


Publisher Andrew Bellamy Design Director Daniel Ford Production Manager Reneé McFarlane Distribution Brian Bellamy Wesley Williams Photographers Brian Bellamy Tori Haber Jason Palmer Nicolina Diabo Dwayne Henry

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Ashlei Cameron (foreground) and Alison Melville were in high spirits on set at Reggae Falls.

Features 07. The Mas Effect 12. Carnival Destinations 15. Breaking Their Falls 23. Inside the Production Trailer 26. Road Trip essentials 30. Big Deal 32. Full of Majestí

Cover Photographer Daniel Ford Model Alison Melville Ashlei Cameron Hair & Make-up Dexter ‘3D’ Pottinger Swim suits Misim Beach Babe Accesories Majestí Co. Location Reggae Falls, St. Thomas


amaica’s appreciation of Carnival has come along way since it was first introduced to the island’s event landscape in the late 1980s/early 1990s by promoters The Oakridge Boys and bandleader Byron Lee. With varying degrees of niche interest over the next 20-something years toward the Trinbagonian imports of pretty mas, dirty mas, calypso, and soca — the movement is now rapidly morphing into a full-blown industry, with an accompanying seasonal calendar, that has started to lure and compete on the international stage. SLEEK now goes down memory lane as well as looks to a promising future in the company of three industry types helping to secure ‘The Land of Wood And Water’ as the next formidable Carnival destination.


jodi henriques costume designer

What distinguishes Trinbagonian and Jamaican masqueraders when it comes to their costuming demands or needs. Trinis like the appearance of band unity, and so most wear their costume as it was​originally meant to be wor​n. They are also spoilt for choice. Therefore​they expect a lot more when it comes to the concept and execution. Jamaicans are more inclined to do their own thing. Most likely to change up the original design of their costume packages and then there are those who prefer to maintain their individuality via homemade self-designs. Is the accessing of costuming materials for a piece easier or more difficult depending on where in the region you’re working? Being a designer living in Jamaica is challenging. I find very few materials here and if I do they are often overpriced and outdated. It’s very expensive for me to execute a design. I have to fly to New York City where it’s affordable, and up-to the-minute. I can find any and everything.

How many costumes do you design now, on an annual basis, as opposed to when you first entered the scene? Right now, for this season, I’ve worked on/ working on five designs. Difficulties in sourcing raw materials, is the thing that holds me back from designing more. What areas of the local industry, do you see a need for improvement in order to render your design jobs at an optimal level? Customs. I’m not sure if it’s all the shiny sparkles, but customs always tries to kill me with overwhelming charges on stones and gems​, ​ma​ ss-produced in China on the cheap. Not to mention the new ban on feathers. How can you have a costume without feathers? Between the Ministry of ​H​ealth, ​Department of Customs​,​we need to figure something out, so that young entrepreneurs will continue to open and operate striving business here in Jamaica. From prototype to saleable piece, on any given day, what are the employment opportunities presented by the costume-making process? With fluctuations determined by which manufacturer is used, it can easily take about 50 people to help take my prototype to finished product on Carnival day. ​​A​fter I’m finished with the prototype, I send it to China via New York where a factory of about 30 workers sew the costumes together, and source the trimmings and embellishments. The completed costumes are then shipped to the country where the mas band is based, where team members then inspect and organise the costumes into distribution packages with all the requisite pieces — bodywear, feathers, arm/leg pieces, and so on — included. Artisans are also hired to assemble the plumes and feathered details.


Kurt Riley

Record producer/deejay In the studio, how can you tell that a mere beat could become a bonafide riddim? It is something I am not able to predict 70% of the time but there is such a thing when energy meets vibe and that you can’t go around.

money. Soca events are too expensive and the masses can’t partake but I understand. What you will get for $1000 you can expect to get the same for $6000. Remember Carnival is not Jamaica’s culture but a vibe that Byron Lee brought here and took it to the people. I wish Carnival was back to a people thing. Soca music and Dancehall has been a family for years. Put them back together and you will have more Jambe-An Riddim and vibe. Right now in Jamaica, especially outside of Kingston, there are soca parties all over and they’re pulling some 4000 to 7000 patrons. A particular soca event in the Hills of St Thomas pulling 6000 people, has offical Uk Soca djs who the promoter flew down. You waan see people going nuts.

What made you ultimately decide to collaborate with Charly Black, a dancehall artiste, on a crossover soca track, several years ago? It’s just the perfect timing... I think after all those years of linking, and the riddim did what it did on its own. The name of the riddim is “Jambe-An”. It’s me fusing Jamaica and Caribbean. “Jam” from Jamaica and “Bean” from Caribbean. Has additionally becoming a music producer changed the way you approach curating music at a event or on the air? Not reallly. I am a producer before I became a Dj and I’ve been working the best in the business, I just didn’t tell the masses. It’s is the producer side of me that makes me play the way I do.

What do you believe is the next step for Carnival in Jamaica? Take back Carnival to the people and let the magic explode.

Is 2010s soca’s steady fusion a key to the genre’s survival or even Carnival’s on a whole? Fusion is always good but don’t fuse and lose DNA of the music. They need proper videos too. Both are very much lacking because they allow themselves to lose focus on what is true to the soul and be influenced by the so called ‘pop market.’ You always have good songs but the videos can’t compete on a global level. t Paint us a picture of a local soca event 10 years ago and what are the stark differences to now? 10 yrs ago? Wow. Why not go a bit further. An event with 38,000 jumping, rag waving, ladies wining and any man can get a dance kinda party.? “Byron Lee’s Chuckkacove” in St Ann. Value for


ockino petrie

nestle brand manager What exactly is a corporate sponsor or brand seeking to achieve whenever it decides to partner with a leisure event? We seek to connect and engage with consumers as they incorporate our brand into their lives and one of the best ways to do this is within an actual consumption moment and these event provide a suitable platform. As the local soca landscape continues to evolve has the Nescafé customer changed as well? The Nescafé consumer is engaging, extroverted, whimsical, fun-loving – a true “life squeezer”; the consumer has not changed… the evolving soca landscape has merely given him/her more opportunities to enjoy different experiences in different settings.

It gives us the ability to engage and connect with consumers as they enjoy their life experiences. Could we see a soca themed commercial in Nescafé’s future, or even a niche range of products? This is an interesting concept perhaps will be further explored – who knows? And what of soca brand ambassadors for the coffee label? Not just yet – its not a part of our short-term promotional plans however where are consumers go then there we usually follow.

In an entertainment arena where there is a high proliferation of energy drinks, what makes coffee and soca a perfect synergy for Nescafé?

10 | SLEEK


Destinations In our neck of the woods, the Carnivals of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago have always been the defining mainstays of what it means to play mas with authenticity and history firmly intact. Now birthright has given way to frequency and commercial success as the demand and appetite for soca and its costumed merrymaking has found mass-adoption in not only the jurisdictions of regional neighbours but in the cultural hotbeds of the more distant North American and European continents. SLEEK now takes a graphic census of Carnival’s growing world domination.

12 | SLEEK

December 26, 2015 January 3, 2016 St. Croix (Crucian Christmas Carnival) January 2 - February 10 Aruba February 5-9 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

April 14 - May 3 St. Marten

June 18 Philadelphia, PA

July 24 - August 2 Antigua

April 23 Tampa, Florida

June 25 Hollywood, CA (Los Angles Culture Festival)

July 27 - 31 Toronto (Caribana)

May 5-7 Bahamas Junkanoo (Nassau)

June 24 - July 5 St. Vincent & The Grenadines

February 6-9 Barranquilla, Colombia

May 5-8 Cayman Islands (Batabano)

February 8-9 Curacao (Fudeka)

May 27-29 Atlanta, Georgia

February 8-9 Panama

May 27-29 Orlando, Florida

February 8-9 Trinidad & Tobago

May 27-29 Pheonix, Arizona

February 8-9 Dominica

May 28-29 San Francisco, California

February 8-9 Ecuador

May 12-15 Berlin, Germany (Karneval der Kulturen/ Carnival of Cultures)

February 9 New Orleans, LA February 9 Haiti Kanaval February 23 Guyana (Mashramani) March 30 - April 3 Bacchanal Jamaica April 2- 30 St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Jun 2-5 Columbia, SC (Carolina’s Caribbean Culture Festival) Jun 9-11 Houston, TX Jun 11-14 Charleston, SC (Carifest) June 17-20 Bermuda Carnival

July 27 - August 1 Barbados (Crop Over)

August 5-7 Edmonton, Alberta, June 29 - July 4 Canada (Cariwest) Houston, Texas (Caribfest) August 5-6 July 3-4 Hamilton, Canada St. John, US Virgin Islands August 5-9 July 4 Grenada (Spicemas) Montreal, Canada (Carifest) August 7 Detroit, Michiga July 11 Baltimore/Washington, August 13 DC ONE Caribbean Jacksonville, Florida Carnival August 13 July 13-19 Chicago, Illinois (Windy St. Lucia (Lucian Carnival) City) July 15-16 Atlantic City, New Jersey July 23 - August 4 Nevis (Culturama) July 29-30 Rotterdam (Zomer Carnival) July 23 Jersey City, New Jersey July 25-26 Vancouver, BC

13 | SLEEK

August 21-27 Boston, Massachusetts August 24-29 Notting Hill (London, UK) September 15-18 Dallas, Texas October 5-9 Miami-Broward ONE Carnival, Florida

breaking their



n a not-for-long shiny, double-cab Toyota Hilux pickup truck destined for the gravity-defying ruins of the now Instagram-famous dam, Reggae Falls, which is tucked away in the sleepy parish of St Thomas, our latest cover models Alison Melville and Ashley Cameron are all set to answer the perennial call of summer. Wearing printed and saturated resort pieces dominated by the Simone Nielson-designed miSim Beach Babe label, and accessorized with the stackable metallic and beaded trinkets from the Majesti line of jewelry our water babes explore the destination’s infrastructure with SLEEK keeping up the pace!

15 | SLEEK

Reversible bikini by miSim BeachBabe. Bracelets by MajestĂ­.

Reversible bikini top and caftan by miSimBeachBabe. Bracelets by MajestĂ­.


Cover-up by NorBlack NorWhite, and bikini bottom by miSimBeachBabe. Bracelets by MajestĂ­.


Cover-up by NorBlack NorWhite, and bikini bottom by miSimBeachBabe. Bracelets by Majestí.

Reversible bikini top and caftan by miSimBeachBabe. Bracelets by Majestí.

Reversible maillot by miSim BeachBabe. Bracelets by MajestĂ­.

Reversible maillot by miSim BeachBabe. Bracelets by MajestĂ­.

Inside The Production Trailer SLEEK goes behind-the-scenes of our Reggae Falls fashion shoot, where Ashley Cameron and Alison Melville break character to give us the emoji-peppered deets into the music, hotspots, and outlook that define their contemporary island-girl lifestyle.




Biology Major and Chemistry Mtinor @ Howard university

How would you describe the All-Jamaican girl? An ackee and salt fish eating, coconut water drinking, conservative girl who has her head steadily placed on her shoulders but also who knows how to have fun and have fun well … aka Me! What’s your idea of the perfect summer? One that can be remembered in the next 10 years as if it was yesterday and making memories with the people you love. The concept of living-where-othersvacation - what’s the upside? And the down?

I love living where others vacation. The weather is good all year round, the beach is my backyard and I consume yummy cuisine daily. On the flip side, hmm (I have yet to come up with the flip side). Where are your top road-trip coordinates on the island? My top two road trip coordinates has got to be Villa Serene, Parottee Black River and 7 Mile beach Negril, Westmoreland. What’s shaping up to become your soundtrack of the summer? To be honest, I’m not a huge music fan so really it is whatever is playing on the radio.. lol

ALISON MELVILLE Hospitality & Tourism Management Major @ The University of the West Indies, Mona

How would you describe the All-Jamaican girl? The quintessential All-Jamaican girl is definitely adventurous, fun, down to earth, full of vibes! She’s certainly a strong person, prepared for most, anything (always has sunscreen ready just in case), she’s charming and really sweet *. Oh, she’s also watch out!

Where are your top road-trip coordinates on the island? My fave road trip picks would have to be: Appleton Rum Factory Tour, Floyd’s Pelican Bar again. San San or Frenchman’s Cove in Portland, Maiden/Lime Cay, Hollywell and Boardwalk Beach in Portmore.

What’s your idea of the perfect summer? My perfect summer is one where I’m in a bikini most times (by a pool, because I don’t really like the beach lol), hanging out with my friends... playing games and we’d definitely be drinking.

What’s shaping up to become your soundtrack of the summer? My summer playlist for sure has “Never Forget You” by MNEK and Zara Larsson; “One Dance” by Drake ft WizKid & Kyla; “Bend Down Pause” by Walshy Fire Presents Runtown- WizKid and Machel Montano; “Work” by Rihanna ft Drake; the whole TLOP album by Kanye West; I also love Justin Bieber’s album “Purpose” (it’s tr8 fire!!); “Ova Dweet” “Wicked Man Ting” by Popcaan; “Controlla” by Drake ft Popcaan; anything Kartel as well (cya go wrong wid di teacha!)

The concept of living-where-others-vacation what’s the upside? And the down? The upside to living where others vacation is waking up in paradise - every day is seemingly the perfect day for any adventure. Likewise, the downfall is also waking up in paradise sometimes (in my opinion) we’re a bit too chill. Oh, the heat too (it ain’t playin!!)

24 | SLEEK




nspiring the late literary icon Jack Kerouac’s landmark work On The Road - there is nothing quite like the pull of the endless ‘asphalt ribbon’ with your day ones that can turn an ordinary drive out into the next great expedition. St Thomas, one of the more culturally misunderstood parishes on our fair isle becomes the sightseeing canvas, where we are reminded of the undeniable environmental beauty here at our disposal. The four-wheel drive capabilities of the Toyota Hilux pickup truck, our rough-and-tumble means of steer, SLEEK makes pit stops at Reggae Falls, and Longboarder Bar & Grill. 26 | SLEEK

Location: Longboarder Bar & Grill 27 | SLEEK




es, we know its way too early for you to process anything at this ungodly hour. You must have hit ‘Snooze’ on your alarm more times than you care to remember. Why did you ever come up with this crazy idea to call the squad together for a much-needed sojourn out of town? We know its difficult, but keep your eyes on the prize — think of the overarching attractions of your final destination, that possessed such a pull factor a mere 24 hours ago. That right there is the vision board that you’ll need to keep front and centre, in your mind’s eye, in order to make it out of your cocoon of a bed and into the awaiting before-dawn car pool, brimming with fellow passengers and the bulk of day’s supplies. And speaking of supplies, SLEEK compiles a survival kit of essentials.


We love highways as much as the next guy. Who wouldn’t want to cut their travel time in half, if they could? But with that being said, bear in my mind that inclement weather, side-road potholes, and steep climbs remain hallmarks of the road trip experience therefore your ride will need to be equipped to roll with the punches. You can go the SUV route or take our lead with a pickup truck such as our ready-for-anything red Toyota Hilux. Trust us, your future self will be glad you did!


This is where we are going to need you to choose very carefully, because upon your tenth “Are we there yet?” query after only being on the open road for, at best, a hour and a half, your tolerance levels will begin to

28 | SLEEK

drop. Invite only the bona fides you’d be able to stomach as a shipwrecked castaway on the desert island of your dreams. Yes, it’s that serious.


You’re gonna be glad that you worked out those playlists from the night before. You already know no one likes a break in transmission. Be prepared to lip-synch to the death as here sits the domain of the at-the-top-of-your-lungs sing-alongs and off-key mobile karaoke.



Battery packs? Check. Charger cables? Check. Did someone say selfie? Aren’t your followers due an update in your latest Snapchat saga? The GoPro is in the bag, right? You get the idea. Don’t be left wanting.


portability. In comes fast-food giant KFC’s Big Deal combo which keeps three pieces of chicken and a side of french fries anchored in a carton that allows you to eat in one-go or to store some for later. We’re sure the Big Deal Boss and recording artiste Christopher Martin would agree that this plan is a foolproof winner!

The thirst is real, people. Ensure there’s enough H2O onboard to keep the entire party hydrated. So another case of WATA? Yes, please! Upon arrival, whip up a refreshing cocktail that will have you and your chums mellowed out for whatever’s next. Our pick: A name-that-tini with our fave vodka brand Absolut.


The road trip is the antithesis of the anti-social video-gamer. At the next pit stop, go old-school and play a round of cards or dominoes. Adding mucho dinero to the stakes — we’ll leave all up to you!

Anyone’s who has ever tried eating a casual meal in a moving vehicle understands the need for 29 | SLEEK

It was only natural after releasing his hit tune “I’m a Big Deal” that an eventual partnership between the Big Deal singer himself, Christopher Martin and KFC Jamaica would materialise. With the catchy new ad recently out, and the original song still carrying air play some 17 months after its release towards the end of 2014, it’s strictly Big Deal Business between the two Jamaican household names. With the launch of the ‘2016 Big Deal’ campaign, Chris Martin and Busy Signal were called to collaborate again having dropped their latest track “Steppin” together in March 2016. Both would work with producer Bambino to develop the song that would form the radio and accompanying television ad. “Working with Chris has been great! Once Chris took ‘BIG DEAL’ to another level with his hit song, we just knew we had to do something with him at some point.” said Tina Matalon, Marketing Director of KFC Jamaica. Matalon continued, “Chris Martin is an incredible talent and a really positive person who speaks to good values. He represents Jamaica in such a big way and we have so much more to look forward to from him in his growing career. It’s the type of message we have 30 | SLEEK

at our core as well so, it just made sense to get together!” For Martin, working with KFC Jamaica has also been a wonderful experience. “When I sang I’m a Big Deal, it was just great that KFC has a meal called Big Deal, it’s word sound power, and when you put things in the atmosphere it blossoms and this is the fruit.”, said Martin. As for the message behind the original hit song, for Martin, it was never about feeling full of himself, but had to do with empowering an individuals’ sense of self, “Nothing to do with money or fame or vanity, this has to do with self-worth and believing in yourself. I just want more people to believe that and believe in themselves”. KFC’s popular BIG DEAL meal has been Jamaica’s favourite for decades. Three pieces of delicious KFC Chicken available in all three flavours: Original Recipe, Hot ‘n’ Spicy and KFC Jamaica’s very own signature BBQ sauce; is served with fries and a 457mL drink and is available at all 34 KFC restaurants islandwide.

31 | SLEEK

Full of Majestí If jewellery line Majestí has its way this summer, then everything that glitters from your wrist will, indeed, be gold. Think: lustrous shades of mirrored and brushed rose and yellow. Not to mention, silvers and malas. This season, complete your next look to the hot-ticket beach party or to hang at the squad’s chill spot, with layers of cuffs and beads from the collection of this burgeoning bijoux brand. SLEEK gets hands-on with some of our favourites.



3 4



7 8



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Destiny Kinghandle Juliet Kinghandle (Yellow Gold) Roman Kinghandle (Rose Gold) Jade X Kinghandle Roman Kinghandle (Yellow Gold) Spear Kinghandle Peasant Kinghandle Juliet Kinghandle (Silver/Yellow Gold) Spear Kinghandle (Silver) Mamba Kinghandle (Rose Gold)

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Like a moth to the flame, once ‘pan knock’ just know we’ll be there. Why? What’s a party without an accommodating wingman, especially one who indulges you with photos? See where we’ve been since the last time you caught up with us. Who knows? Your next profile pic may be just a page-turn away!

A sea of jewel-tones flowed through Kingston as revellers soaked up intoxicating soca beats and danced with abandon. The 2016 Road March, the jewel in the Bacchanal crown, complete with an electrifying performance by soca king Machel Montano, was a technicolour whirlwind with thousands of people rocking and gyrating in the streets. Not even the rain could stop partyers from ‘celebrating the legacy’ that is Jamaican carnival.

SunNation’s Sunrise Breakfast Party is one of the few good reasons to get up before dawn. Party-goers kicked off the New Year with music from artistes such as Farmer Nappy and Elephant Man. Of course there was no shortage of yummy breakfast foods to fuel the fun.

It’s a good thing everyone had their coolers. I Love Soca, the coolest cooler party around, turned the heat all the way up with a thrilling live performance from Kerwin Du Bois. This Carnival Wednesday event was an absolute dream for socaphiles.

Some secrets are so good you have share. Mona Bowl at the University of the West Indies was transformed from sporting centre to a glittering bastion of glamour as white clad picnic-goers flocked to Diner en Blanc’s second staging. The global event brought out Jamaica’s finest for a sophisticated evening of food, fun and of course, fashion.

Dance poolside with friends or spend the day at work? The choice is a very easy one. Scorch _uck Work encouraged revellers to take a ‘much-needed’ break from the office on Carnival Friday, grab some premium liquid courage and work their waistlines instead.

Ladies in bright, modern florals and gentlemen in crisp button-down shirts feted Easter Monday against the green backdrop of the Pavilion Gardens at Hope Gardens for Caesar’s Army Boozé. With premium liquor and food at their fingertips and soca beats pounding through the air Boozé kept patrons entertained in style from day to dusk.

Normally it’s considered impolite to talk about a woman’s age, but when you’re 90 and looking this good, it’s time to flaunt it. St Andrew High School – one of the top all-girl schools in the Corporate Area – held their 90th anniversary Homecoming Gala, a classy, all-inclusive event at Devon House where everyone turned out in their ‘Sunday best’.



SLEEK "Taking the Plunge"  
SLEEK "Taking the Plunge"